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Miguel: Kay.

Kay's voice: Why did I want Miguel to kiss me when I love Fox?

[Kay laughs]

{Kay: Oh, you're up.

Fox: Got me there. So, where have you been?

Kay: I was -- I was just downstairs finishing up Maria's laundry, that's all. }

Fox's voice: If Kay lied to me about Miguel, is she lying to me about us?

Pilar: Theresa, I was almost asleep. What is it that you just had to tell me?

Theresa: Um, Sheridan called.

Pilar: Oh?

Theresa: And she's on her way back to Harmony with Chris. She wants us to meet her at the cottage.

Pilar: Well, I'm glad that she's home, but why does she have to see us tonight? Oh, my God, do you think she found Marty?

Theresa: I don't know, Mama. I mean, she sounded really happy, and she said that we're not going to believe what she's going to tell us.

Luis: I can't believe I'm finally home again after all this time.

Sheridan: Well, I haven't -- I haven't been here since just after you left. The cottage came to represent everything that I lost -- you, Marty, any chance at being happy again.

Luis: Where did you go?

Sheridan: The B&B. I wanted to keep myself busy, so Sam let me manage it. And that's where I met Chris.

Luis: Wow. You know, I'm sorry I made a mess of everything. I should have just trusted you about Beth and Marty. If I had, maybe we'd be raising our son right now, and maybe even a second child on the way.

Sheridan: We can't change the past. It's a new beginning for both of us.

Luis: Yeah. Sorry I couldn't carry my new bride over the threshold.

Luis: I promise you I will make it up to you in bed tonight.

[Suitcase hits floor]

Fancy: Ugh. Noah's voicemail again. If he's still with Maya, where could he be?

Sam: I don't know. At least we know from the surveillance tapes that Maya and Noah weren't hurt in that explosion at her mother's restaurant.

Fancy: Yeah, I'd hate to think what could've happened afterwards.

Sam: Obviously something did, or else he would've called us by now.

Fancy: Well, we can't wait any longer. We have to do something. I have a really bad feeling that Noah's in big trouble.

Maya: Noah, you cannot try to escape. We are being held by the FBI as terrorists.

Noah: Maya, I don't have a choice. You heard what Agent Morrison said, that the real terrorists, whoever they are -- they can kill Fancy. They're assuming that she knows about that guy getting killed in the attic over whatever was in that trunk. But Fancy doesn't know a damn thing. I have to protect her.

Maya: Try to get word to your father. I -- just don't try to escape. You're only going to get yourself killed.

Noah: It's a risk I am willing to take. I love Fancy, and I'm not going to let these terrorists or whoever they are hurt her.

Maya: Listen to me, Noah. You can't try to escape.

Noah: Listening to you is what got us here in the first place, Maya. If I had called the police the night we saw Lena's partner get shot in the attic, then none of this would be happening. We wouldn't be the guests of the FBI right now, and Fancy's life wouldn't be in danger.

Maya: Getting yourself killed is not going to help Fancy, and that's what's going to happen if you try to escape.

Noah: I don't know how to explain this better. I do not care about my own life. The only thing I care about is making sure that Fancy is safe.

[Door opens]

Scott: What are you terrorists plotting now?

Noah: Oh, for crying out loud, we are not terrorists.

Scott: Yeah, we hear that a lot.

Maya: Well, it's the truth.

Noah: Look, this whole "threat to America" thing is just beyond insane.

Scott: Well, insane or not, you have no one to blame but yourselves.

Noah: Look, there's no need to recap, ok? I get it. We were wrong not to go to the police when we saw that guy get murdered in the attic -- blah, blah, blah.

Maya: Agent Morrison, this is all my fault. I begged Noah to be quiet. Please, just hold me and let him go.

Noah: Don't waste your breath, Maya. Actually, Agent Morrison, you walked in on us when we were discussing helping the bureau locate Lena, the woman you say is the head of the terrorist cell, just like you asked us to.

Scott: I hope this means you've both decided to cooperate.

Maya: We couldn't possibly --

Noah: Refuse the FBI.

Noah's voice: Come on, chump, buy the lie so I can get out of here and get to Fancy.

Fancy: Ok, I'm a Crane and you're the chief of police. Between the two of us, there has to be a way to track down Noah.

Sam: Well, I've given him ample time to go get Maya, bring her back so we could settle this. I'm afraid I have to bring him in for questioning.

Fancy: Perfect.

Sam: Yeah, hey, this is Chief Bennett. I want you to put an APB out on my son Noah and Maya Chinn. Ok, I want you to bring them in for questioning about the explosion at Sally Chinn's restaurant. Yeah. Noah, 6'2", approximately 180 pounds, blue eyes, wavy brown hair. Maya Chinn, 5'6", weight approximately 110, 120 pounds, long brown hair, brown eyes. More than likely they're in my son's 1965 white four-door Buick, license plate number CRG 702. Call me soon as you get something. Thanks.

Fancy: Oh, thank you, Sam. Thank you so much.

{ Kay: I love seeing you bond with Maria.

Miguel: I love being with her. I just -- I'm sorry I missed out on all those years.

Kay: Yeah, Maria and I are sorry, too, but you're back now. And that's all that matters, right?

Miguel: Do you forgive me?

Kay: Yeah, I think that was a yes.

Miguel: What about you? Do you forgive me for leaving you to go off and look for Charity?

Kay: Well, it was hard at first. You know, we had been in each others lives for so long. But now that you're back, of course I forgive you.

Miguel: Thanks, Kay. Sometimes, like now, I look at you and Maria and wonder why I ever left. }

Miguel: Kay.

[Kay laughs]

Kay: Hey. What's wrong? Can't you sleep?

Fox: Not really.

Kay: Well -- I know of a way to relax you.

Fox: Listen, maybe later.

Kay: Ok. So, what were you looking at?

Fox: Nothing special, unless I missed something.

Pilar: No se, Theresa. I mean, what could Sheridan have to tell us that can't wait till morning?

Theresa: I don't know, Mom, but she -- she sounded happy, like she was completely overjoyed.

Pilar: Oh, God. It has to be about Marty, then. Oh, Heavenly Father, please let it be so. Let Sheridan be bringing back little Marty.

Theresa: Wouldn't that be incredible?

Pilar: Yeah, a miracle really. If only Luis were here to celebrate with Sheridan.

Theresa: Damn Alistair for having him killed.

Pilar: But you know what, at least now your brother can rest in peace knowing that Marty is back with Sheridan.

Theresa: If Marty is back, Mama.

Pilar: Well, I mean, what else could it be?

Theresa: I don't know. Maybe -- maybe Chris asked Sheridan to marry him and she accepted.

Pilar: Well, I mean, Sheridan probably knows that we'd be happy for her. But to ask the entire family to meet her at the cottage where she and Luis shared all those happy memories? No. No, Sheridan's news is -- it just can't be about Chris. It has to be about something else. It just -- what?

Luis: Did your back give out with that all heavy luggage, Chris?

Chris: No, I just lost my grip for a moment.

Luis: Oh. I'm sorry I'm not helping you. I'm just not 100% yet, you know?

Chris: It's ok, Luis. It wasn't your fault.

Sheridan: Chris understands that you're doing the best you can under the circumstances. We all are.

Chris: Where do you want your luggage?

Sheridan: In the bedroom. It's through there.

Luis: Put mine in the bedroom with Sheridan's, too, please.

Sheridan: Chris would be happy to. Wouldn't you?

Chris: So Luis can share your bed? No, Sheridan, that's out of the question.

Luis: Where do you get off saying that I can't sleep with my wife?

Sheridan: Look, you know what? You're tired after such a long flight. Chris didn't mean we can't sleep in the same room together.

Chris: Yes, I did.

Luis: I don't get it.

Chris: Well, it's quite simple, really.

Sheridan: Chris!

Chris: I'm concerned about you, Luis. You came pretty close to dying in Hawaii. And now that you're back home, you should have yourself looked at by a doctor, maybe check into a hospital for a few days' rest.

Sheridan: You know what? He's right. I'll call Eve, let her know that we're back. We'll just catch our breath and we'll get to the hospital. You don't even need to even unpack.

Luis: Yeah, I don't mind seeing Eve, but I don't want to see her tonight. I just want to go to bed, ok?

Sheridan: Chris and I are ok with that. Aren't we, Chris?

Luis: Well, then, Sheridan, will you help me undress?

Sheridan: Of course.

Theresa: I still think Sheridan and Chris are coming back engaged.

Pilar: Could be. They were getting closer before they left to go find Marty. And Sheridan adores little James. So I can see how Sheridan would agree to marry him now that Luis is gone.

Theresa: It is hard to imagine Sheridan with anyone else besides Luis.

Pilar: I know, I know, especially at the cottage where they shared so many happy memories.

Theresa: It's their special place, Mama.

Pilar: Yeah. Well, maybe now Sheridan will find happiness there again with Chris.

Theresa: Well, I'm going to contact Miguel and Paloma and tell them to meet us there.

Pilar: Ok. I'll go find your father and tell him.

Theresa: Oh, no. No, no, no. I don't even know how you can think of including him after the way he treated you tonight, Mama. Carrying on with Katherine again, and on the day that you were supposed to renew your vows?

Pilar: Theresa, your father is still part of this family, and he deserves to know. Besides, Sheridan said she wanted everyone here.

Theresa: Seeing Papa is only going to hurt you, Mama.

Pilar: Well, I can't avoid him forever, ok? I'm bound to run into him sooner or later, so I just might as well get it over with.

Theresa: I don't know how you do it. I don't know how you can face him, knowing that he is in love with another woman.

Pilar: You do it.

Theresa: That's different.

Pilar: Let's not do this, ok? Let's not argue. I'm going to go change, find your father, and tell him.

Theresa: Mama. I wish you'd let me take better care of you. Why don't you and Paloma move into the mansion for good? And Miguel. And let's just rent out that house.

Pilar: That house is our home, Theresa, and I would not trade it for anything, Martin or no Martin.

{Pilar: If this sad excuse of a man is what you want, then you can have him. I don't want him. I never want to see him again. }

Martin: I just have one more chance to make things right with Pilar.

Martin: Pilar? Is that you?

Katherine: Martin, I thought I heard you come in.

Martin: Katherine, what --

Katherine: Just in time to eat.

Miguel: God, I need to stop thinking about Kay all the time. She's in love with Fox. She's going to marry him. She loves him and he loves her. Don't pick up on Daddy's mood, ok? You stay happy. Ok? Stay happy. And learn from my mistakes so you grow up to know yourself and know what you want in life and who's the best person to give that to you.

[Maria cries]

Miguel: Shh. Don't do what I did, ok, and run off and look for something that was here under my nose all along.

Kay: I'm confused. You said you weren't looking at anything special unless you've been missing something?

Fox: That's right.

Kay: What -- I don't get what you're saying.

Fox: Look out the window. Take a look for yourself.

Kay: My old swing. You saw me on it earlier.

Fox: With Miguel pushing you.

Kay: I can explain.

Fox: Ok, let's hear it. Why did you lie to me, Kay? Why did you say you were downstairs putting the laundry in when you're downstairs with Miguel?

Martin: Katherine, what are you doing? You shouldn't be here.

Katherine: Come, darling. Come and eat before it gets cold. I made you corned beef and cabbage just the way you like it.

Martin: Didn't you hear what I just said?

Katherine: You don't have to worry about Pilar interrupting us. She stated clearly that she doesn't want to see you anymore.

Martin: No, no, she was upset thanks to you telling her that we made love hours before we were to renew our vows.

Katherine: Martin, if she didn't believe that you were faithful --

Martin: Which -- no, I was.

Katherine: Then she doesn't love you. Now, come on, darling. Come on, eat. Come on.

Martin: You know, once -- I hope that once Pilar calms down, she'll change her mind, she'll come back to me.

Katherine: No, you don't.

Martin: Yes, I do.

Katherine: Martin, don't lie to yourself. Now, come on, darling, eat something. Look, you and I both know that we should be together the way that we'd always planned.

Martin: Katherine, I care about you, but this is --

Katherine: You love me.

Martin: All right, fine. I love you. But Pilar is my wife. I love her and our children and I still want us to be a family.

Katherine: Because of the -- how much you robbed them of when you left town with me years ago. I know.

Martin: Yes, and I think that I can still make up for some of the hurt I caused Pilar if she'll let me.

Katherine: Martin, what part of Pilar saying that she didn't want to be with you did you not understand?

Martin: She was upset.

Katherine: Honestly, Martin -- darling, listen to me. Stop waiting for something that isn't going to happen. Pilar doesn't want you anymore. I want you. You want me.

Martin: Katherine.

Pilar: Well.

Martin: I don't --

Pilar: Oh, I should've known.

Martin: Pilar, you're back.

Pilar: Yeah, to find you shacked up with your whore in our family home?

Martin: No, no, no, I didn't know that she was --

Pilar: You didn't know what, that I'd catch you? Well, I did. Wait. Wait, wait, wait. How dare you. You cooked for my -- for your lover, using my kitchen? And you served them on my dishes? Damn you, Katherine! Damn you both straight to hell!

Fancy: What is taking them so long to find Noah and Maya? You gave them detailed descriptions. You even told that dispatcher person what Noah's car looks like.

Sam: Fancy, try to relax. Have a drink. We'll hear something soon.

Fancy: No, I don't want a drink. I want to know that Noah's safe.

Sam: I do, too. Noah's my son.

Fancy: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I snapped at you. It's just that --

Sam: We both love him.

Fancy: More than I've ever loved anyone. And Noah swears he feels the same way about me, even though he had a thing for Maya once. Why did she have to come back into his life and complicate things anyway?

Sam: I'd like to know that, too.

Fancy: I wish we'd hear something.

Sam: I'm sure --

[Phone rings]

Sam: Yeah? Ok. Thanks.

Fancy: What is it? Was that word on Noah?

Scott: I'm glad you've decided to cooperate.

Noah: We'd be stupid not to.

Scott: Yeah, you would.

Noah: Look, so you want us to help you find Lena, right, the woman you say is the head of this terrorist cell?

Scott: That's right.

Noah: Well, we'll do our best.

Maya: How? Agent Morrison knows that Lena always contacts me. I have no way to get in touch with her.

Noah: Maya, we -- we don't have to worry about that. That doesn't matter. Once Lena realizes that we're picked up by the FBI for questioning, she'll come looking for us.

Maya: That's what I'm afraid of.

Noah: Don't you think that we're more valuable to her alive rather than dead? So, um -- so you're going to release us so that we can make contact with her, right?

Scott: Yeah, you'll be released, but you'll each have to wear a wire. The word's come down to make this an airtight case against Lena. Agents will be tailing you at all times, both for your safety and to keep an eye on you.

Noah's voice: That's what you think.

Noah: All right. Well, let's get this ball rolling.

Scott: I'll make the arrangements.

Noah: Move! Get over there. Come on. It's a change of plans. Either we walk out of here or they carry you out.

Noah: Clock's ticking. Now, do you lead us out of here or does your widow get a condolence call from the president?

Scott: You'll never get away with this, Bennett. Even if you kill me, there are a dozen agents outside who will stop you.

Noah: That's not an answer.

Maya: Noah, I told you trying to escape was a terrible idea!

Noah: Agent Morrison here left me no choice. I have to protect Fancy. Now, you are going to lead us out of here so I can do it.

Scott: Even if I walk you outside and let you use my car to get away, do you really think that'd be the end of it? Every agent in the northeast would be on your tail.

Noah: And we all know how fast you people in Homeland Security respond to a crisis.

Scott: It's not just us. Lena and her people will be after you and Fancy. Chances are they'll find you first and kill you both, that is after they torture you.

Noah: Not if Fancy and I disappear together first.

Scott: Yeah, it'll never happen.

Noah: Don't bet on it, all right? Now, you are going to take us out of here. Say that you're taking us to meet Lena. I don't care. But lead me to Fancy or I will kill you.

Maya: Noah, please don't make this any worse than it already is.

Scott: She's right, Bennett. You better quit while you're ahead.

Noah: Move, now.

FBI agent: Drop it!

Noah: This isn't happening. No, get out of our way.

FBI agent: Not an option.

Noah: If you don't move, I will kill him, I swear.

FBI agent: Well, since you put it that way -- fine, go, but she stays here. Go on, walk out of here. Leave Maya to take the rap for both of you. Your ex should be good for something, right?

Fancy: Was that headquarters calling? What did they say?

Sam: One of my officers spotted Noah's car across town, miles away from the explosion.

Fancy: Wait, why would Noah go there when he was supposed to come here?

Sam: I'm going to find out.

Fancy: Well, what are we waiting for? If your people Noah's car, we should be able to find Noah.

Sam: Let's go.

Kay: I'm sorry I lied to you.

Fox: I don't want an apology. I want to know why you weren't honest with me.

Kay: I don't know. I don't know. I really did go downstairs to put the clothes in the dryer, and then that's when I ran into Miguel.

Fox: Ok.

Kay: And, I don't know, we just started talking about old times, and then somehow we ended up outside my house. Growing up, we used to play in the backyard all the time, so it's not a big deal that he was pushing me on the swing.

Fox: I believe you.

Kay: You do?

Fox: You and Miguel go way back. And you have a child together, so you've got a lot of catching up to do.

Kay: You're right, we do.

Fox: Kay, I would've understood if you just would've been honest with me.

Kay: I just didn't want to upset you.

Fox: Lying is what upsets me, you know, especially when it's about something so trivial. It makes me suspicious that you're hiding bigger stuff from me.

Kay: No. No, I'm not, I promise. I love you, only you.

Fox: I love you, too. So please don't lie to me anymore.

Kay: I won't. I promise.

Fox: You're going to have to do better than that.

Fox: That's better.

Fox: Now, that's more like it.

Pilar: You two disgust me.

Martin: Now, Pilar, this wasn't what it looked like. I came home hoping to find you, but she was here instead. And I never asked her to cook for me, she already had.

Katherine: I'm so sorry, Pilar. I only cooked enough for the two of us.

Martin: Katherine, stop.

Pilar: Wait, if she was here without your permission, you should've just thrown her out along with her food!

Martin: I was trying to get her to leave and then you came here.

Pilar: Oh, my God. Please, please, I have caught you together so many times, I'm surprised you have any excuses left.

Martin: It's the truth.

Pilar: Look, Martin, really, I don't care anymore one way or the other. But the fact that you would use our family's home to be with your whore, it just makes me sick!

Martin: Pilar, wait.

Pilar: Get off of me, please! What?

Martin: Did you come here to see me?

Pilar: Yes, Martin, as a matter of fact, I did.

Martin: Is it to change your mind and renew our vows?

Pilar: Well, what do you think?

Martin: Well, I was hoping that you had.

Pilar: Theresa called. She said that Sheridan is coming back to Harmony tonight and she wants all of us back at the cottage. She has something she wants to tell us. I don't know what it is. Theresa is gathering up Paloma and Miguel and I. Oh, my God, I'm such an idiot. Like a fool, I offered, "oh, I'll go get Martin."

Martin: I'm glad that you did. I'm anxious to hear what Sheridan has to say.

Katherine: Well, maybe -- maybe they found Marty.

Pilar: Yeah, you think?

Martin: Listen, Pilar, thank you for inviting me in when you had plenty of reasons not to.

Pilar: Well, technically, you're still part of the family, aren't you?

Martin: I'm hoping to be more.

Pilar: Ooh, be careful. You don't want to hurt your whore's feelings.

Katherine: I'll follow in my car.

Pilar: Actually, Katherine, you're not going anywhere. Sheridan didn't ask Theresa to include you, so stay away, please.

Katherine: Sheridan is my daughter, Pilar.

Pilar: Yeah, she is, huh? And how a slut like you could have a sweet soul of a daughter like Sheridan is something I will never understand. Now, clean up that mess or I'll wipe the floor with you.

Sheridan: There. Comfortable?

Luis: Something's not right.

Sheridan: Do you need another pillow?

Luis: It's you, Sheridan.

Sheridan: Excuse me?

Luis: I need you in bed with me.

Sheridan: You need your rest, Luis.

Luis: I need you more. Sheridan, it's our honeymoon. I want to make love to you.

Sheridan: Are you going to behave yourself or do I have to call Eve to come give you a sedative?

Luis: Oh, come on. All right, I'll go to sleep. But our honeymoon begins the minute I wake up.

Sheridan: Good night, Luis.

Chris: It's about damn time. What took you so long? Did he try and make love to you?

Sheridan: Not -- not yet.

Chris: Not yet? What is that supposed to mean?

Sheridan: Luis thinks that we're married so it's our wedding night, and he's determined to --

Chris: I will not let Luis make love to you just to keep this ruse going.

Sheridan: I wasn't planning to.

Chris: You weren't planning to pretend to marry him either, but you did.

Sheridan: That was different.

Chris: You know, just stop it. Enough is enough. When Luis' family arrives here tonight and sees that he's alive and well, and he tells them that you're married, you'd better set the record straight and tell them that we're already married.

Sheridan: Please, Chris, not tonight.

Chris: If you don't say it, I will.

Sheridan: Please don't cheat Luis and his family out of a happy homecoming by announcing that we're married. At least let them have their miracle tonight.

Chris: I'm sorry. I've run out of patience.

Sheridan: Why are you being so arbitrary?

Chris: Why are you dragging your feet?

Sheridan: I told you -- because Luis and his family deserve to --

[Knock on door]

Pilar: Hi, Sheridan.

Theresa: Hi, Sheridan.

Pilar: So good to see you.

Sheridan: Good to see you.

Theresa: Oh, welcome back.

Sheridan: Thank you.

Theresa: Thanks.

Sheridan: Miguel! You're back!

Miguel: Hi, Sheridan. I came home to see my parents renew their vows, but --

Sheridan: I know, I heard, and I'm sorry. Please, come and meet Chris.

Theresa: Look, I did try to get a hold of Paloma, but we're just going to have to tell her what's going on.

Pilar: Ok, so don't keep us in suspense any longer. Did you find Marty?

Sheridan: Chris and I found that Father had provided a safe haven for Beth to raise my son, but they were both gone before we had a chance to rescue Marty.

Pilar: Oh, what a shame.

Sheridan: It was. But the trip was hardly a waste. We found that my father was hiding more than Beth and Marty under his roof. I asked you all here so that you could see for yourselves.

Theresa: Well, see what?

Sheridan: Follow me and I'll show you.

Sheridan: Brace yourselves.

Sheridan: Now, be quiet. You can stand over there.

Pilar: Oh, my God, Luis!

Fox: I love you, Kay.

Kay: I love you, too.

Kay's voice: Miguel, why do I see you when I make love to Fox?

Noah: Let her go.

FBI agent: Not a chance. She can take the heat for both of you. The ladies will love having an exotic woman like Maya in the stir with them.

Noah: Damn it!

Scott: Turn around.

Scott: You're in even bigger trouble now, my friend.

Maya: Please don't hurt Noah. He didn't shoot anyone. He put the gun down on his own.

FBI agent: He shouldn't have had it in the first place.

Scott: Turn around. You're going straight to a federal detention center.

Noah: Look, haven't either of you ever been so crazy in love that -- that nothing else matters? That whenever you eat or sleep or dream, it's always about that one special person? That's what Fancy Crane is to me. I love her, and that's why I am willing to risk anything to keep her safe. She means everything to me. There has got to be something that I can do to help keep her safe.

Scott: There is one thing.

FBI agent: But we seriously doubt you'll want to do it.

Noah: I'll do anything. I will do anything to keep Fancy safe.

Fox: You were really something there towards the end.

Kay: I was?

Fox: Yeah. It's like you were on overdrive.

Kay: What can I say? I was inspired.

[Maria cries]

Kay: Oh, that's Maria.

Fox: That's ok. I'll get her.

Kay: What is wrong with me? Why was I thinking about Miguel when I was making love to Fox? Get over it, Kay. You've got to stop fantasizing about Miguel. You are engaged to Fox.

Pilar: I can't believe you're actually alive. Is it you, mijo?

Theresa: This is a miracle.

Miguel: It is a miracle.

Luis: Hey, Miguel. You find Charity?

Miguel: No, but it's ok. I found there's no place like home.

Luis: You can say that again. Where's Paloma?

Theresa: Oh, I couldn't get a hold of her, but she's not going to believe this.

Pilar: You know what? We all need go to church and give thanks for this amazing blessing.

Luis: Yeah, huh? Put in a good word for Sheridan and Chris. They're the ones that rescued me. They dragged me out just before the explosion.

Pilar: Oh, my God, were you hurt?

Luis: Some. A little. Alistair's goons were using me as a human punching bag and -- but I'll be fine. I'll be 100% in no time.

Martin: So, how did you end up Alistair's prisoner?

Sheridan: It's a long story. I'll fill you all in when we get back into the living room.

Pilar: Ok. You rest, mijo.

Theresa: Bye, Luis.

Luis: Bye.

Pilar: We'll see you tomorrow, ok?

Luis: Ok. Wait, wait. Did Sheridan tell you?

Sheridan: No, not yet.

Miguel: Tell us what?

Luis: Well, after everything that Sheridan and I have been through, I wasn't taking any chances this time. Sheridan and I got married in Hawaii.

Martin: Whoa, congratulations!

Miguel: Way to go, bro!

Theresa: It's about time.

Pilar: Yes.

Chris: Well, Luis is not the only one with an announcement to make.

Fancy: I don't understand.

Sam: I don't either. Dispatch said that Noah's car was spotted across town. Then I got an update saying it was here, which it is.

Fancy: Well, why would Noah come here when he was supposed to meet us at the mansion?

Sam: Noah? Maybe he just wanted to shower and change. Ivy? Noah?

Fancy: Well, maybe the shower's running and he can't hear us.

Sam: Let's go check it out.

Fancy: Noah?

Sam: The shower's not running.

Fancy: Well, no wonder he can't hear us. Noah's door is closed.

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Chris: Tell them, Sheridan. If you don't, I will.

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