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Fox: Kay.

Miguel: It's been a long time, Kay.

Kay: You have no idea how many times I've imagined this moment.

Tabitha: [Chuckles] Victory's at hand. Oh, with Miguel into Kay, we of the dark side don't have to worry about a union between Miguel and Charity -- little miss goody two-shoes herself. I don't know why I ever doubt the power of young people's roiling hormones. They always work -- leading the most innocent of youth down the darkest of paths.

[Chuckles] Nine out of 10 witches recommend succumbing to passion as a surefire way to end happiness and bring on heartbreak. Any minute now and they will be at it like rabbits. But just in case they need a little more encouragement, I'm here with my magic brew. Ha ha! Ah, this should do the trick. Oh, oh, drat. I got so carried away, I put in the left eye of the newt instead of the right eye. Oh, I hope it doesn't muck up my spell. No, they're so hot to trot, I don't think they're even gonna need my magic potion.

Theresa: Did I just hear that right, Ethan? Did you just say that you wanted to talk to me about coming back to work at Crane Industries?

Ethan: You heard correctly.

Theresa: I'm shocked. I mean, I am. Because you were really adamant before. You said you didn't want anything to do with me ever again.

Ethan: I know, Theresa. Will you just hear me out for a minute, ok?

Theresa: Ok, yeah, I mean, I'm dying to hear this.

Ethan: I received a late-night visit from an FBI agent.

Theresa: You're kidding?

Ethan: No, they want me to come back to work at Crane Industries because they want me to help them with an investigation that they have launched into some of Alistair's illegal activities.

Theresa: Well, God knows that Alistair had his finger in a lot of dirty dealings, but why would they approach you to help them?

Ethan: You didn't send them to me? This wasn't your idea at all?

{Scott: I'll meet with Mr. Winthrop right away.

Theresa: And when you do meet with Ethan, agent Morrison, don't mention that I suggested the FBI make him its point man at Crane.

Scott: Very well, Mrs. Crane. I'll leave your name out of it. }

Theresa: Of course not. Are you kidding, Ethan? I have no idea that they were involving you.

Ethan: But you knew that they were pursuing a case against Alistair, right?

Theresa: Well, yeah, of course. I mean, yeah, they came to me. They wanted my permission to have access to go through all of, you know, Alistair's files and his computers and stuff like that, you know. But no. I -- honestly, I had no idea that they were gonna, you know, come to you for help. I cross my heart, Ethan.

Fancy: Oh, what is keeping Noah? He should be here by now.

Noah's voice: This is Noah. Leave a message.

Fancy: Oh, Sam, have you heard from Noah in the last half hour or so?

Sam: No, I haven't.

Fancy: Well, he called a little while ago and said he was on his way over. He's decided to level with me about the whole sketchy history with Maya.

Sam: Well, it's about damn time.

Fancy: I know, but he should be here by now. I'm getting nervous.

Sam: Have you tried calling him on his cell phone?

Fancy: Yeah, a couple of times. I just get his voice mail. What could be keeping him?

Maya: Wait. Noah, you can't tell Fancy or anyone else what's going on.

Noah: Maya, I barely know what's going on, ok? But I'm not gonna let my girlfriend be the victim of these creeps that you got us involved with.

Maya: But, Noah, it's dangerous.

Noah: Like it's not dangerous already, Maya? You were beaten up on the wharf. I've been threatened within an inch of my life. And Fancy -- look, she's gonna lose the sight in one of her beautiful eyes because -- because of these people, all right? I am sick of the lies and threats from people I don't even know.

Maya: Please, Noah.

Noah: Maya, no. I'm going to tell the truth. It's coming out tonight whether you like it or not.

Woman: Hands in the air. You're under arrest.

Maya: Oh, thank God. I thought she was someone else.

Noah: I know exactly who you thought she was. Listen, whoever you are, you've got the wrong --

Woman: I said hands in the air where I can see them. Not one move or I'll shoot.

Noah: Ok, who are you? What's the --

Woman: FBI.

Noah: Well, now I know you really got the wrong people. We haven't done anything.

FBI agent: If you are Noah Bennett and she is Maya Chinn, there is no mix-up. I have warrants for your arrest. I'm taking you both in.

Noah: Look, I'm telling you there's been some kind of mistake, all right? We haven't done anything.

FBI agent: Homeland Security will be the judge of that.

Noah: Homeland -- what are you talking about? What is going on?

FBI agent: We have reason to believe that you're both up to your ears in terrorist activity.

Noah: Terrorist activity? Look, I'm sorry, I -- you've really got the wrong people here.

FBI agent: Hey, no more talking.

Noah: Look, if you know that I am Noah Bennett, then you know that my dad is the chief of police in Harmony, and he is actually right inside there. We can go in and talk to him. He will straighten out the whole thing.

FBI agent: You got a problem hearing, buddy? I'll make the suggestions around here, not you.

Noah: Ok, but he's --

FBI agent: Move another inch and I'll cuff you.

Noah: All right.

FBI agent: All right, hands behind your head. Both of you. We're going downtown.

Noah: You've been awfully quiet during all this. Oh, Maya, tell me you don't know what's going on. Maya.

Maya: I'm sorry, Noah. I didn't want you to get involved in any of this.

Noah: Maya, what the hell is going on?

FBI agent: I said move.

Fancy: You are sure that no one was in Sally Chinn's restaurant when it exploded?

Sam: Positive.

Fancy: Still, I can't help thinking that it's all related somehow. I mean, Sally Chinn is Maya's mother. What if the people who set the bomb were trying to scare Maya or her mother or Noah? What if they were trying to kill them? I want to go to the site.

Sam: Fancy, there is nothing there. All right? The whole place burned to the ground. Trust me. My men went through it. No one was inside.

Fancy: I can't just stand around doing nothing, waiting.

Sam: Are you sure you were supposed to meet him here and not at my house?

Fancy: Yeah, I'm pretty sure.

Sam: Well, maybe you got your wires crossed. Look, I'm gonna go to my house and wait for him there.

Fancy: Ok, I'm coming with you.

Sam: Let's go.

Tabitha: Hosannas to the dark side, they're gonna kiss. And I didn't even have to finish my magic potion. Who'd have thought being around Miguel would make Kay forget Fox so soon? Fox, the man she supposedly loves.

Kay: I'm sorry, I can't do this.

Miguel: I'm so sorry. I don't know what got into me.

Kay: No, no, no, it's ok. I -- it's my fault for letting you think that it was ok, you know. I -- I am engaged to Fox. I love him. We're gonna get married.

Miguel: I know. Really, Kay, it's my fault. I -- you're just so -- God, I don't know. I've never looked at you this way before. You've changed so much from the girl I left. You're a grown woman. A very beautiful woman.

Kay: You think so?

Miguel: I know so.

Kay: You never said that to me before.

Theresa: Well, it's not as if I was shocked when the FBI came to see me. I mean, everyone knows that Alistair had his hand in all sorts of nefarious activities.

Ethan: No, that didn't exactly come as a shock.

Theresa: Well, did they, you know, tell you specifically what they were looking for? Because they were -- they were vague with me.

Ethan: I got the feeling that it's a pretty big deal. As a matter of fact, I think they consider Alistair, your husband, to be a threat to national security.

Theresa: Well, I always knew that Alistair was an evil bastard. Guess I just didn't know how evil. Anyway, I told the FBI that I would help them any way that I can. And thank God you said yes. Because if anyone can get to the bottom of Alistair's illegal activities, it's you.

Ethan: Theresa, that's why I came over here tonight. I wanted you to hear this from me and not the FBI. I'm turning them down. I am not gonna come to work for you.

Tabitha: Oh, don't toy with the boy, Kay. A minute ago, you were ready to be ravished. And then, all of a sudden, you remembered Fox and sprouted a conscience. Get over it, girl. And -- and -- and what about you, Miguel? What kind of a man are you? Don't -- don't put up with this kind of a tease. Roll back the tape. Resume lip lock positions. Come on, Miguel. This is no time to be a gentleman. Kiss the girl.

Kay: You know it's -- it's true what they say. Real life's a lot stranger than fiction.

Miguel: Yeah.

Kay: A choice there, a missed moment here. It's -- timing is everything.

Miguel: I don't follow.

{Kay: Oh, did you see that? Miguel hit a home run.

Simone: No -- no, you don't know that yet. They could throw him out on third.

[Men cheering]

Kay: They overthrew the ball! They overthrew the ball! Come on, Miguel! Come on! Whoo!

[All cheering]

Kay: Ah! Whoo! Good job! Ah! Ah! You did it, you did it! You broke the tie score! We're plant champions. Oh, my God.

Miguel: It's yours. You keep it.

Kay: What, me? Are you kidding?

Miguel: No. No way. You're the best cheerleader a guy could have. You're my biggest fan.

Kay: Oh -- oh, my God.

Miguel: It's yours.

Kay: Wow, thank you. This means so much to me.

Miguel: I gotta go. The guys want to celebrate.

Kay: Yeah, sure.

Simone: So you were right, Kay. He won the game.

Kay: Simone, he gave me the winning ball. I -- I think he's starting to like me more than a friend.

Simone: Yeah, I don't think he meant it romantically, Kay.

Kay: Of course he did. Why else would he give me a treasure like this?

Simone: 'Cause you're buddies. Because you shadow him like you're Robin and he's Batman. Because you're always around, Kay.

Kay: Oh, thanks for boosting my ego, Simone.

Simone: I'm just trying to be straight with you. I don't want you to take Miguel's being nice to you as something more than it is.

Kay: Ok, maybe he doesn't feel that way about me right now, but someday he will. I know he will. And that day will be the happiest day of my life. Come with me. I want to show you something. }

Fox: Oh, Kay.

FBI agent: Both of you, sit down.

Noah: Will somebody tell me what is going on? Please? Like now.

Scott: And what have we here?

Noah: The wrong people is what you have here.

FBI agent: They may not be high up on our terrorism list, but they are crucial links.

Noah: Terrorists? Look, she's making a huge mistake.

Scott: I know him. His father's the newly reinstated chief of police here in Harmony.

Noah: I tried to tell her that, but she wouldn't listen. Can I call him now, please?

Scott: How did a guy like you get mixed up with such ruthless, violent, evil people?

Noah: What? I didn't, that's how.

FBI agent: He's lying. He's in with them up to his eyeballs.

Noah: Look, you're making a huge mistake, ok? Tell them, Maya. Tell them that this is all a gigantic misunderstanding.

Maya: I can't, Noah.

Noah: What? Why not?

Maya: Because it's the truth. I'm sorry. I meant what I said about not wanting you to get involved. But you are.

Theresa: You can't say no, Ethan. You've got to say yes, ok? This is the FBI we're talking about, ok? They need your help to solve a crime.

Ethan: I don't buy it. I don't buy it. Not that it isn't flattering to think I'm some kind of vital element in this whole thing, but I'm not. 'Cause even when Alistair thought I was his grandson, he never confided in me. He never trusted me with any sensitive information like bank account codes or computer codes or anything like that.

Theresa: Ethan, you're being way too modest, ok? You're minimizing what your role could be in this. All right? You were Julian and Alistair's right hand. You were their confidante for a while.

Ethan: A very short while.

Theresa: Yeah, still, you learned so many things. Ethan, you're a brilliant legal mind. I mean, surely, you can help them find what they're looking for?

Ethan: Theresa, why do you care so much about this? What difference does it make whether I help the FBI or not?

Theresa: They're a government agency. You know what? They're gonna make you take this job. It's like how they subpoena people to court, you know, when they don't want to testify.

Ethan: No, they can't do that. Even in these times, an innocent person still has the right to privacy and the right to decide how he or she wants to live their own life. And no one can coerce me into doing anything I don't want to do. Theresa, look, I am gonna -- I am gonna cooperate with the FBI as much as I can. But where I draw the line is coming back to work at Crane Industries. Won't do it.

Theresa: It's not gonna look good if you refuse. They're gonna jump to the wrong conclusion. You know, they're gonna assume that you are somehow involved with Alistair's illegal dealings. Ethan, they could arrest you. They could throw you in prison.

Ethan: No, Theresa, they won't do that, ok? And by the way, that's a risk I'm willing to take.

Theresa: Well, I think you're making a huge mistake.

Ethan: I don't think so. And in spite of your protest, Theresa, I do know you pretty well. And even if you didn't have anything to do with the FBI approaching me, I know that you would use my proximity to you to try to come between Gwen and me. And I won't have that.

Theresa: Wow. I just can't believe how little you think of me.

Ethan: Theresa, whatever I think is based upon past experience. Let me make something very clear and hopefully it's the last time. I value my marriage. I love my wife. I will not do anything to put that at risk. And nobody and nothing, including the FBI, is gonna make me waver on that. Do you understand me?

Theresa: I certainly do.

Ethan: Good.

Miguel: What are you doing?

Kay: You'll see.

Kay: Remember this?

Miguel: An old baseball? Sorry, it doesn't ring any bells.

Ivy: Huh, what have we here? What a cute couple they make. And they don't even know it yet. I wish Fox could see this.

Kay: It's the ball from your game-winning home run senior year. The one that got Harmony regional championship.

Miguel: Wow, but how --

Kay: You -- you gave it to me after the game. You said I was your biggest fan.

Miguel: You kept it all these years?

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Miguel: I don't get it. Why do you have it buried out here?

Kay: Well, I kept it in my room for years, but after my family moved into their new house, I don't know -- I was just looking at it one day. And I remember hearing somewhere that if you bury a gift from someone you care about, the feelings will be returned and grow. But you know what? It's probably one of those silly old wives' tales because nothing happened except that it got dirty.

Miguel: I'm so sorry, Kay. I know I hurt you so much without even meaning to.

Kay: You know what, it's ok. It's water under the bridge or over the dam or whatever the heck that is, you know. We were kids back then. Things have changed. We've grown up and matured. Ancient history.

Miguel: See, I didn't forget everything we used to do.

Ivy: Oh, the power of first loves. They have a way of staying alive against all odds.

[Door opens]

Ivy: Sam, honey, what's -- what's wrong?

Sam: Have you seen Noah?

Ivy: No, I haven't. What's the problem?

Fancy: I'm really worried about him, Mother. He called and he told me he was on his way over to the mansion to talk to me, but he didn't show up.

Sam: And he told us he was finally going to come clean about this whole mess with Maya Chinn. But he won't even answer his cell phone.

Ivy: Well, that's -- that's hardly ominous.

Fancy: I know, but I've got this eerie feeling. I think something bad has happened to him.

Noah: Maya, you got me mixed up with people who are terrorists?

Maya: I'm sorry, Noah.

Noah: Damn it, Maya, you --

Scott: Sit down and shut up! Anything else you say can and will be used against you in a federal court. Set up the tape recorder. Let's get their confessions.

Noah: Confessions? There is nothing to confess. I --

FBI agent: Do either of you recognize this woman?

Noah: Yeah, that's the woman who was threatening Maya and me and my girlfriend. I met her once on the Harmony wharf when she threatened me about going to the police. Why? Who is she?

Scott: You tell us.

Noah: I don't -- I don't know. I mean, I only met her that once and she had this, you know, she had this really secretive way about her. I mean, I called her the dragon lady behind her back, but I never did find out who she was working with or for or -- you knew, didn't you? Wait, you knew all along who she was and what she was into. Tell me, Maya. Tell me who she is.

Maya: I met Lena in college. It was before I ever met you, Noah.

Scott: What was your relationship to her?

Maya: I did odd jobs for her to pay for school. And I had a feeling what was going on was questionable. But she never told me anything. And before I knew it, I was being used by them.

FBI agent: Them? You said you were working for the woman -- Lena.

Maya: Yes, but over time, her friends, too. I wanted to stop, but they wouldn't let me.

Noah: They? Who are they? What are their names?

Scott: Nice act, Bennett. But as far as we can make out, you already know all the answers.

Noah: I don't, ok?

Scott: What else do you know about these people?

Maya: Only that they're dangerous and ruthless and that they just live to bring harm and death to other people. They don't care who or how many people die. Especially when there's people that could cause trouble for them. That puts you and me and Fancy at the top of their list, Noah.

Noah: Are you telling me that you knew there was a threat to Fancy's life all along? I trusted you, Maya.

Maya: I am so sorry.

Noah: Well, sorry doesn't cut it, all right? I don't care about you and me, all right? I care about Fancy. I'm not gonna let anyone hurt her. I'm not gonna allow it.

Scott: You're hardly in a position to allow much of anything, Mr. Bennett. You're in this mess up to your neck.

Noah: Oh, come on, that's crazy. I don't know anything. I don't even know what you're looking for.

FBI agent: Well, maybe I can jog your memory. Do you remember a particular night when you were still in college? A night when you and your accomplice were witness to a murder in the attic of a building? Does that ring a bell, Mr. Bennett?

Noah: I wanted to call the police. I did. But Maya was terrified. She begged me not to.

Scott: Not good enough.

Noah: Wait. Did you know? Did you know that this guy was a terrorist?

Maya: I thought he might be. I didn't know what was going on that night. I still don't. But I knew they were bad people. Please try to understand, Noah. Please don't be angry with me. Please.

Sam: Still no answer?

Fancy: Just his voice mail. Where is he, Sam? He said he was coming right over to see me. I know he's in some kind of trouble.

Sam: Listen, why don't you go back to the mansion and I'll wait here for him.

Fancy: You'll call if he shows up?

Sam: Of course, ok. You do the same. And in the meantime, I'll call the station and I'll have a couple of cars out looking for him.

Fancy: Oh, thank you, Sam.

Ivy: Bye.

Fancy: Bye.

Ivy: Do you think she has a reason to worry?

Sam: What do you think? I mean, what's -- what's this curse that seems to hang over my family? It's like, right when things seem to be falling into place, something happens. I mean, here is Noah who has finally found the love of his life in a beautiful woman who seems to love him as much as he loves her. And they're really working hard at their relationship. Look, I even told Noah that he has to be completely honest with Fancy if their relationship is going to move forward. And now?

Ivy: Maybe he's just stuck in traffic, Sam. Maybe it's nothing to worry about.

Kay: Not so high, Miguel.


Ivy: I wouldn't worry about that either. They're just fooling around. It's probably just a trip down memory lane.

Sam: Just a little surprised, that's all. I mean, Kay is engaged to Fox. I just wouldn't want her to do anything to jeopardize the relationship. You know what? I should go talk to her.

Ivy: No, no, don't do that. You know Kay. If she thinks you don't trust her and you just go butt in, she is gonna be very upset.

Sam: Yeah, you're right.

Ivy: Ooh, it's cold, you know. Oh, I forgot my sweater in the living room.

Sam: I'll go get it for you.

Ivy: Oh, thanks.

Ivy: Pick up, pick up. Oh, Fox. He's probably sleeping. Come on, Fox. It's time to wake up and smell the coffee.

[Phone ringing]

Fox: Hello?

Ivy: And now he is up and wondering where Kay is. Perfection.

Fox: Kay? Where are you?

[Kay laughing]

[Kay continues laughing]

Ivy: Mission, as they say, accomplished.

Theresa: Damn it, Ethan. I don't know why you always do that. I don't how you could walk away from our love to stay with that conniving, lying bitch.

Fancy: Have you seen Noah?

Theresa: You, uh, you didn't catch up with him yet?

Fancy: No -- no, he's either with his ex-girlfriend or he's in serious trouble or both. I can't even get through to him on his cell phone.

Theresa: Oh, that's not good, Fancy.

Fancy: What happened to you?

Theresa: Oh, what happened to me? Let me just tell you one thing, ok? Don't let any one man own your heart because when they let you down, it really hurts.

Fancy: Where is all this coming from? Not an hour ago, you were busy making plans for your future with Ethan.

Theresa: Well, not anymore. Look, it's your life, Fancy. And trust me, I've never been one to heed anyone's advice, but I'm going to tell you this for your own good. If you love Noah half as much as I have loved Ethan, then you need to get out while you're still in one piece.

Fancy: Why would I get out when I love him?

Theresa: Fancy, you told me you were worried about his ex, right?

Fancy: And you told me I shouldn't worry about her, that she is his past and I am his future.

Theresa: I was wrong, ok? It's the ex's that do you in. See, I always refused to accept what Ethan's relationship with Gwen meant, and as a result, I just -- I want to curl up and die. So please do not stick your head in the sand like I have.

Noah: How can I forgive you for getting me and the woman I love mixed up with terrorists?

Maya: I'm so sorry.

Noah: Oh, for the last time, Maya. Sorry just doesn't cut it.

Scott: I hate to break up this little love fest. But we don't have time for your movie-of-the-week theatrics. We need your help to catch the so-called dragon lady before her people wreak more havoc than they already have.

Noah: Ok, so what is it that you think we can do?

Scott: Uh, you tell us. You're the one that's been in contact with her.

Noah: Look, I only saw her once at the wharf, like I said.

Scott: And you expect us to believe you don't have a phone number or her address?

Noah: I don't.

Maya: I don't either.

FBI agent: Right.

Maya: It's the truth. She always called me. I never initiated any contact with her.

Scott: Well, the one thing we know, she is still in town, which means you two better come up with a way to lure her back out into the open.

Noah: Us? Look, I wouldn't have the slightest idea where to begin. And besides, that sounds a lot like your job. Why would I want to do your dirty work for you?

Scott: Because if you don't, you two are going to spend the rest of your lives in jail.

[Kay and Miguel laughing]

Ivy: Oh.

Sam: There you go.

Ivy: Thanks.

Sam: Still at it? I'm gonna go talk to her.

Ivy: No, Sam, please. You want Kay to think you don't trust her?

Sam: Of course not, but --

Ivy: Well, then leave them alone. Kay has good judgment. And I'm sure her relationship with Fox is strong enough. It will survive a little midnight swing with Miguel.

Sam: Well, I hope so. I'd hate to see her blow things with Fox when she's so happy. You know what? Miguel really never loved her.

Ivy: Oh, I don't know, people change. You're right, though. I'm sure Miguel just thinks of Kay as a friend. Although they do have a child together, so there is no reason they wouldn't be close.

Sam: Look, I have to make some calls about Noah, all right?

Ivy: Hmm, I'll be right here.

Ivy: Oh, I -- I thought Kay was out here.

Miguel: She went in. It's just me.

Tabitha: You better get busy, poison Ivy. Kay has just gone back inside to be with Fox, and neither one of us can abide that... albeit for entirely different reasons.

Kay: Oh, you're up.

Fox: Got me there. So where have you been?

Ivy: I hope you don't mind some company. I've had a little trouble sleeping lately.

Miguel: I know the feeling.

Ivy: Oh, a young guy like you? Come on, you should be sleeping like a baby.

Miguel: I do usually.

Ivy: Well, maybe it's just the newness of being back home.

Miguel: Yeah, probably.

Ivy: How is it? Being back home, I mean.

Miguel: It's great. I mean, seeing Maria is amazing.

Ivy: Oh, yeah, I can imagine. Fox always says that Maria is like a gift from heaven. Oh, I probably shouldn't have said that.

Miguel: No, it's ok. I can totally see how Fox would be crazy about her. Maria's an angel.

Ivy: You have a very generous soul, Miguel. I think most young men would be a little competitive. Good for you.

Miguel: You, too.

Ivy: Excuse me?

Miguel: You and Sam. Seems like everything is working out for the two of you.

Ivy: Yeah -- yes, I couldn't be happier. He was my first love, you know.

Miguel: Everyone knows.

Ivy: Yeah. Well, there is something about the first person who stirs those feelings in you, you know. It might seem like puppy love at the time. I don't know, but somehow a bond is formed in those meant-to-be relationships that can never, ever be broken. That's how it was for Sam and me. I can't speak for everyone else.

Kay: I was -- I was just downstairs finishing up Maria's laundry, that's all.

Tabitha: Huh. Now that is what we call a bold-faced lie. Now Kay wouldn't be fibbing like that if she didn't feel guilty about Miguel. I told her her engagement to Fox wouldn't last very long. Even I didn't think it would begin to crumble this soon.


Fancy: Ethan was here when I left. What did he say that shook you up this way?

Theresa: Fancy, it isn't really -- it's what he has been saying all along, you know. He's not gonna come back to work at Crane Industries. He's never gonna leave Gwen, no matter what.

Fancy: He here to tell you that? Did you try to trick him into working with you?

Theresa: Just -- look. The bottom line is Ethan is like my fatal flaw. He's like this addiction for me, but I don't have this, like, 12-step program to kick him, you know. Even though I know he is hazardous to my health. So could you just take my word for it, please? And don't let any man -- even Noah -- break your heart like Ethan's broken mine.

Ethan: Oh, I hate hurting Theresa. I just don't know how else to get through to her. My marriage has to come before anything else, even my own feelings. Yeah. Honey, I'm home.

Noah: This Lena, she told me that Maya and I had to help her find out who killed her accomplice that night in the attic.

Scott: And have you?

Noah: No. You know, I have no idea how she even expected me to find this person. And now you guys are doing the same thing -- expecting me to perform the impossible and track her down. I don't even know where to start.

Scott: And your friend here?

Maya: I have no idea.

Noah: Look, this is such a crock, ok? If these people are so dangerous, you're the FBI, you find 'em.

Scott: You were there the night of the murder, Bennett. I know you don't want the past raising its ugly head, but it has. And I think you know a lot more than you're letting on.

Noah: I don't, ok? Why didn't you tell me about this before so I could've steered clear of you?

Maya: I wanted to. I almost did, but I thought it would be putting you in even more danger.

Noah: Than I'm in right now? Well, that's just terrific logic, Maya.

Scott: Well, for once I agree with you. Seems like your ex-girlfriend hasn't done you any favors. There is no extricating now. You're both in extreme danger. So are your families and friends.

Noah: Not Fancy.

Scott: Your current girlfriend? I wouldn't bet on it.

Noah: Look, you gotta let me out of here. I gotta go make sure she's safe. I have to protect her.

Scott: Sorry to subvert your heroic instincts, Bennett, but you're not going anywhere -- at least anywhere you want to go.

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Sheridan: I have something to tell you. It's very important.

Fancy: Do you even love me at all?

Paloma: What I want is to find these missing paintings.

Whitney: Oh, my God.

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