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Sam: Now, let's get this straight. Thanks to Theresa, I'm chief of police again. And I'll turn this town upside down to help the FBI investigate Alistair's sick empire. But I won't stop there. I'm going to find out about that attack on Maya and that car that crashed into the diner.

Noah: Dad, look, that's not --

Sam: Now, you need to tell me -- you don't think for a second that I believe that Maya was simply mugged. And we all know that that car crash was deliberate. I'm going to find out the truth. But if you already know what it is, I'd rather hear it from you. Noah, you need to tell me, all right? You may think that you can handle this, but you can't. Now spit it out. What's this information that you're holding from me?

Fancy: From me, too.

Noah: I thought you were going to take a shower.

Fancy: I was, but I wondered what was keeping you. Sounds like you're keeping secrets from everybody.

Sam: Now, you need to tell us. All right? What is this information that you're holding from us?

Maya: I never should have come back to Harmony. I've put Noah and Fancy in danger. But maybe if I'm gone, they'll leave Noah and Fancy alone.

[Knock on door]

Maya: Just a sec.

Woman: Going somewhere? Forget it. Leaving Harmony won't keep Noah safe.

Maya: Leave him alone.

Woman: You have a job to do, Maya, and you're screwing it up. Do what we want or there will be trouble, more trouble than you could ever imagine.

Ethan: You know what? I can feel the tension all up and down your spine here. You've got to relax.

Gwen: That's easy for you to say.

Ethan: Well, I know you've had a rough week. It kills me to see you working so hard, you know that?

Gwen: You know, to protect our family and keep our family together, honey, I don't mind. And I know you're going to find another job soon. Believe me, I want to do whatever I have to do to make sure that you never have to go back to work at Crane.

Ethan: It's not going to come to that.

Gwen: It would really, really hurt me to see you working with Theresa every day.

Ethan: Honey, listen, I made you a promise, didn't I?

Gwen: Yeah.

Ethan: Hmm? There's nothing that can take me back to Crane Industries. Nothing.

Scott: You have the bureau's thanks, Mrs. Crane. Giving us complete access into Crane Industries will help us with our investigation into Alistair Crane's illegal activities. You're not only helping put an end to decades of crime and corruption, you may literally be helping us save lives.

Theresa: Well, thank you, Agent Morrison. But, please, think nothing of it. I'm simply doing what any law-abiding citizen would do. And now that I'm running the empire, I want to put a stop to all illegal activities at Crane. And I know that Ethan Winthrop will be a tremendous help to your investigation. He was lead counsel at Crane Industries. He grew up heir to the whole firm. He has intimate knowledge of the workings of the company and the entire Crane family.

Scott: Well, Mr. Winthrop will be invaluable to us if he agrees to help.

Theresa: Oh, he will. Uh, he's a real-life Dudley do-right, and he's always wanted to stamp out corruption at Crane.

Scott: I'll go talk to him right now. For our investigation to be successful, we'll need him back working immediately.

Theresa: Well, perfect. Just remember, don't mention my name. He can't know that I suggested you bring him in.

Scott: Don't worry. Mr. Winthrop will never know.

Luis: Surprised, Sheridan? Justice of the Peace can marry us right here and now.

Justice of the Peace: There's nothing I like better than marrying two people in love.

Luis: You hear that? Sheridan, it's time to start living the dream. The future awaits, Mrs. Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Sheridan: Luis, I --

Luis: I know, I know. I wish I could get down on one knee and propose again, but I'm kind of stuck here in this bed, you know? Sheridan, this is all we've been thinking about for years. Come on. Let's do it right now.

Luis: Marry me.

Sheridan: I can't, I'm sorry. I -- I can't do this.

Woman: Let's get something straight, honey. You owe us, and we always get paid. We're better than the IRS. You were told to get Noah to help you, told to get him involved, and you failed.

Maya: I tried. You know I tried. He doesn't want any of this.

Woman: Want? Who cares what he wants? He has no choice -- that is, if he wants to keep breathing. The decision has been made. We need Noah involved, and it's your job to see that he is.

Maya: I can't! Don't you get that? Noah's a good guy. He was only involved in this in the first place by accident. I can't pull him in any deeper.

Woman: Spare me your squeamishness. Just do it.

Maya: He has been hurt enough already, and so has the woman he loves, and she doesn't even know anything. He doesn't deserve this. I'll do anything if you -- you just leave him alone.

Woman: How noble, sacrificing yourself to protect the innocent boob. But it won't work. We need Noah. I don't care what you have to do to get him. Use his love for the Crane girl, his old love for you. Your body, if you have to. Use whatever is necessary, but get him onboard now.

Fancy: Tell us your secret, Noah.

Noah: Look, I -- I thought you said that we were past that, that you wouldn't ask me to.

Sam: Noah, if it's the kind of information that's going to get you killed, well, then you need to tell us and you need to tell us right now.

Noah: You're right. It's -- it's time, you know, it's way past time.

Fancy: You know I'm not pushing you. I meant what I said. If there's something you don't want me to know about, that's fine. But I've been worried about you, Noah. And now I hear your father's worried, too. You're in some sort of danger.

Noah: Maybe, but --

Sam: Oh, come on, Noah, out with it. How do you expect me to uphold the law in this town when my own son won't level with me?

Noah: Look, it's about Maya.

Sam: That's a given, isn't it?

Noah: Look, Dad, it's just really hard for me to talk about, you know? It's, uh -- it's personal.

Fancy: Personal?

Noah: Yeah, you know, it's -- I just can't really talk about it.

Sam: Noah, you've got to.

Fancy: How personal? Oh, don't tell me -- you're still in love with her.

Noah: What? No, no, Fancy, come on. That's -- that's not what it's about, ok? Look, Maya is the past. You are the woman that I love. You and only you.

Fancy: Thank God. I think I can handle anything else, but knowing you still loved Maya -- or any other woman -- that would just about kill me, after I killed her first.

Noah: Look, that is the one thing that you never have to worry about.

Sam: So what do we have to worry about? What's the secret about you and Maya?

Theresa: Hmm, champagne. This is exactly what I need to toast to my success. I cannot wait to watch the FBI talk Ethan into coming back to work at Crane Industries.

Theresa: Oh, my God.

Theresa: That's so wrong. I can't watch this.

Theresa: That should be me. I should be in your arms, Ethan.

Ethan: I love you. I love you, only you.

Theresa: You make me really, really happy, you know.

Ethan: Yeah?

Theresa: Mm-hmm, and this is the way it's supposed to be.

Ethan: I thought I knew what love was all about, you know? I didn't. You're the only woman that I've ever really loved.

Theresa: Make love to me -- again and again --

Ethan: And again?

Theresa: And again.

Ethan: I'm not going to make love to another woman except you ever again.

Gwen: Ethan.

Theresa: You'll be making love to me, Ethan. Soon.

Sheridan: Luis, I -- I can't marry you. Please don't make me.

Luis: Make you?

Chris: Sheridan, I'm glad you've come to your senses.

Luis: I understand, totally.

Sheridan: You do?

Luis: Of course I do. Sheridan, come on. I'll always know what you're thinking. It's that connection we share. You haven't had time to plan. I know it's always been your dream to have this fairy-tale wedding in front of your friends and family. Trust me, I want it, too. As soon as we get back to Harmony, we are going to have the biggest, most incredible wedding that that town has ever seen. Right now I just want to make it legal.

Sheridan: Luis, I don't know what --

Luis: I know. When I left town, it wasn't exactly on the best terms.

Sheridan: I know, and I'm sorry. That was all my fault.

Luis: No, no, no. I just want you to know -- the whole time, whenever I was looking for Marty, I was just thinking about finding him so that I could make you happy. Then I got captured. God knows how much time I spent alone in the dark. The only thing that kept me going was the thought that you and I were going to be together as husband and wife. Oh.

Sheridan: Luis, are you all right?

Luis: Oh, I'm fine, I'm fine. I'm just -- I'm a little tired. I'm a little tired, but I just -- I want you to know that in my -- my heart we have always been husband and wife. I don't want to waste one more minute without that. I want to make it legal right now. Sheridan, please, marry me.

Gwen: Ethan.

Ethan: I love you so much.

Gwen: I love you.

Theresa: That's a lie.

Theresa: Yeah, well, no wonder Alistair's so addicted to those secret cameras, because you learn so much. Knowledge is power.

[Gwen laughs]

Ethan: Wow.

Gwen: Well, on a scale of one to 10, I would have to give that a 9.7. 9.8.

Ethan: 9.8 -- how about a 10, huh? Where's my 10?

Gwen: You always have to have a goal to strive for.

Ethan: Would the judge panel want some more champagne?

Gwen: Oh, I would love to, but I have to get up early. Mr. Collier is really cracking the whip.

Ethan: Well, you know, it's not always going to be like this. I'm going to get a job soon, and I'm going to be the one supporting my family, ok?

Gwen: I know you are.

Theresa: You'll have a job, Ethan. Soon.

Gwen: I have every faith. If it weren't for your strength, I wouldn't even be able to get through the day. You know, Theresa's obsession with you has only gotten stronger since she married Alistair. I really think she's sick. She's getting more and more like him every day.

Theresa: The hell I am.

Gwen: You know, now that she has the power of the Crane empire behind her, there's no telling what she'll do. You know, she's like an infant with a machine gun.

Ethan: You know what, we're going to beat her at her own game.

Gwen: You bet we will. You're going to get a fabulous new job somewhere else, and there's going to be no way she can force you to go back to work at Crane.

Theresa: You want to bet?

[Knock at door]

Ethan: All right, who could that be at this hour?

Ethan: Yes?

Scott: Mr. Winthrop, ma'am, I'm Agent Scott Morrison of the FBI.

Gwen: The FBI?

Ethan: What can we do for you?

Scott: We need to talk. It's important.

Gwen: About what?

Scott: About the Cranes.

Theresa: Yeah, let's just see how smug you are, Gwen, when you realize that your husband is coming back to work with me.

Sheridan: Luis, I -- I don't know what to say.

Luis: I know, it's a hospital room. Not very romantic. Maybe we could have some flowers sent up.

Sheridan: No, I -- I don't need flowers.

Luis: But I want it to be romantic. Even though I know we're having another wedding soon, I -- Chris, what do you think?

Chris: Uh, what I think is that we should --

Sheridan: Well --

Doctor: What's -- what's all this?

Luis: Hey, doc. Congratulate me. We're getting married.

Doctor: Married? Congratulations, but I thought --

Sheridan: I know, I know, it's really sudden. Luis just asked me. This is the Justice of the Peace.

Doctor: And you're getting married right now?

Justice of the Peace: Yes, and can we get on with it? I'd like to get home to my wife at some point tonight.

Luis: Yeah, well, it's just going to be another couple minutes.

Doctor: Uh, maybe more than a minute. I understand you plan to get on a plane for Harmony, and I need to make sure you're ok to make that long trip. You're extremely weak, and I may not be able to allow it. I suppose I could come back after the ceremony and examine --

Sheridan: No!

Luis: Sheridan?

Sheridan: I mean, no, I -- we'll wait. Take your time. Luis' health is more important. We'll wait right outside.

Luis: Oh, hey. Don't you worry, though. Nothing's going to stop us from getting married.

Justice of the Peace: I better call my wife and tell her I'm going to be late. Excuse me.

Sheridan: Ok.

Chris: Well?

Sheridan: What am I supposed to do?

Chris: Is there any question? You can't go through with this. I'm married to you. I'm your husband, remember?

Sheridan: I know.

Chris: You've got to tell him. You can't let him go on living in this fantasy.

Sheridan: I know, but I hate this. I mean, you heard him. I'm what kept him going all those months when he was locked in the dark being tortured. I'm what kept his hope alive.

Chris: He's a tough guy.

Sheridan: But he's hurt and he's -- he's weak. His eyes are filled with hope. When he finds out about us, he will have nothing left.

Sam: Now, come on, son. Now, what's this secret you're keeping about Maya? Or should I do a few laps in the pool while you make up your mind?

Fancy: He'll tell you.

Noah: Dad, it's complicated.

Sam: I'm good at complicated. Now, you guys got involved in something and it spun out of control.

Noah: I know.

Sam: Listen, you're in way over your head here, ok? Talk to me. I'm your father. Now, something's going on, and I won't let it go on any longer.

Noah: No, you're right.

Sam: Listen, go get Maya. Bring her back here so we can settle this.

Noah: All right. I'll try. I mean, I'll call her. I will. You're right, this has gotten way out of hand. It'll be good to get this out in the open once and for all.

Woman: Convince him, seduce him, drug him -- I don't care. Just get Noah working with you.

Maya: I can't. I can't do this.

Woman: You mean you won't.

Maya: Noah's not part of this, and he never was. And he doesn't deserve to get mixed up with the likes of you.

Woman: Watch your mouth. Besides, he's not completely innocent. He was with you that night in the attic when the package disappeared. He saw my associate murdered.

Maya: And he wanted to go to the cops. He's the son of a cop. That was his first reaction. And it was all I could do to talk him out of it. He wants to go to the cops now, too.

Woman: That can't happen.

Maya: I don't know if I can talk him out of it, especially with you trying to drag him further into this.

Woman: You'll find a way, or you know what happens.

Maya: Please --

Woman: I've given you an order. Bring Noah in or suffer the consequences.

Woman: Such a pretty face. It'd be a shame if anything happened to it. You don't want bad things to happen to you, do you? Or to anyone close to you?

Scott: Our investigation of the Crane empire has been going on for years. Now that Alistair Crane has been incapacitated, it's time to strike.

Gwen: Ok, um, how exactly?

Scott: I'm not at liberty to discuss the details of the investigation, but, Mrs. Winthrop, it's very serious. I'm not only speaking of financial irregularities -- though God knows there's a million of those -- but truly criminal activities. Lives may be at stake worldwide. Alistair Crane has been using his legitimate business empire to mask an even greater empire of evil.

Ethan: I know this. I've known this for a long time. It's just that nobody has ever been able to come up with any proof.

Scott: Well, we can't take the chance of Alistair coming out of his coma. We've got to act fast right now while his defenses are down so we can uncover as much damaging evidence as possible. Now, I know you were raised as a Crane.

Gwen: But -- but my husband is nothing like Alistair. He never was. His wife, maybe.

Ethan: Gwen.

Scott: Not to worry, Mrs. Winthrop. We don't suspect your husband of being involved in anything criminal. You're in the clear.

Ethan: Ok. But why are you telling us about this investigation? And why are you telling us in the middle of the night?

Scott: Because we need your help to bring down Alistair Crane.

Theresa: Yes! Look at Ethan's face. That is beautiful. He is hooked. It's only a matter of time before he's working side by side with me.

Chris: Sheridan, you can't go through with this for one more minute. You've got to tell Luis the truth. We're married. You love me. I know you love me.

Sheridan: I know I have to tell him. But it's so hard. I can't bear to see him hurt anymore. My God, when I think about what he's been through --

Chris: Even so, he deserves to know the truth. And for God's sake, Sheridan, this isn't playacting. That Justice of the Peace is a court officer. If you get married here today, you're committing a crime. It's bigamy.

Sheridan: I know, and I'll tell him, I promise.

Sheridan: Doctor, how is he?

Doctor: I'll tell you, Mrs. Boothe --

Sheridan: Shh.

Doctor: I was very concerned when I heard he wanted to make this trip. I didn't think he'd be ready for something like that for weeks. But he's so happy now, so positive, it's giving him strength.

Sheridan: And why is that, Doctor?

Doctor: His love for you has given him a will to live like I've never seen, Mrs. Boothe.

Sheridan: Please don't call me that. He might hear you.

Chris: He will very soon.

Doctor: He'll be able to make the trip to Harmony. He'll be fine as long as he stays this happy and positive. Now, I don't know what's going on with you three, nor do I want to. But unless you keep his spirits up, his condition could turn critical very quickly. Not to alarm you, but I've seen dozens of patients die once they've lost the will to live.

Nurse: Doctor, we need you in E.R.

Doctor: Oh, be right there. You remember what I said. Luis will be fine as long as he stays this happy.

Sheridan: You heard the doctor. What am I supposed to do now? I can't tell Luis that we're married. I can't.

Chris: But you can't go through with the ceremony. You're married to me.

Luis: Sheridan? You can come back in now. Let's get married.

Noah: All right, I'll call her.

Sam: Look, I want you to go get her and bring her here so we can settle this once and for all.

Noah: Ok. But I need a chance to talk it through with her first before I bring her over.

Fancy: But why?

Noah: Look, you don't know her, ok? I mean, she's determined not to let anyone know about this, especially the police.

Sam: Well, you better make it quick. I'm giving you a chance to bring her over here so we can sort this out. But I'm telling you, if she drags her feet, I might be forced to bring you both in for questioning.

Fancy: Noah.

Noah: I hope it won't come to that. But you're right, this has gotten way out of hand. And, listen, Fancy, I want you to hear all of it, ok? I agree with you. I want honesty in this relationship.

Maya: So I suppose I have no choice in this.

Woman: You never did. I'm quite serious about this, Maya. Get Noah involved immediately, or else. Your own safety should be quite enough incentive to make you accede to my wishes. But if not, remember, you have friends and family. Your mother's in town, is she not?

Maya: Stop it!

Woman: The human body can be so weak in so many ways, so susceptible to injury or death.

Maya: I said stop it!

Woman: Then --

Maya: I got it, all right?

Woman: Don't test me.

[Phone rings]

Maya: Hello?

Noah: Maya, it's me, Noah. Listen, we have to talk.

Maya: Yeah, Noah. I want to talk to you, too.

Noah: So I'll come over to your hotel.

Maya: No. How about -- meet me at my mom's restaurant. Sally Chinn's House of Noodles? I was just about to go there.

Noah: Ok, I'll -- I'll see you there.

Woman: Good girl, Maya. Go meet Noah and do whatever you have to to convince him to help you.

Maya: Like I have a choice.

Luis: Hey. Where's the Justice of the Peace?

Chris: He'll be back in a minute.

Luis: The doc said I was a-ok to fly.

Sheridan: Yes, he -- he told me.

Luis: In a few minutes we'll be man and wife. And, Sheridan, I promise you, as soon as we get back to Harmony, we're going to have the wedding of your dreams. I just -- I really want to marry you today. Can you do that for me? Chris, can you go tell the Justice of the Peace that we're ready?

Sheridan: I'll -- I'll get him.

Luis: Oh, damn. I don't have a ring.

Sheridan: Oh, well, then maybe we should wait.

Luis: No, no, no. Nothing is going to stop us from getting married. Hey, maybe they have something down in the gift shop. Can you go? I mean, I would go but, you know.

Sheridan: I'll see if they have something. Be right back.

Chris: I'm going to go with her.

Luis: Could you stay? I'd like to talk to you.

Chris: What about?

Luis: You and Sheridan have been spending a lot of time together. You're good friends?

Chris: You might say that.

Luis: I need to ask you something. Something important.

Scott: It's imperative you help us bring down Alistair Crane. Will you cooperate?

Ethan: Yes. Of course I'll cooperate with the FBI. I mean, since I left the Crane family, Alistair's done nothing but work to ruin me.

Gwen: So has his wife.

Ethan: I have no loyalty to them, and I've always had my suspicions about how Alistair conducts business for years. Look, I would like to help. I really want to cooperate, but frankly, I don't know what you want me to do. Like I said, I'm out of the loop. How can I help the FBI?

Scott: Very simple. We have one request to make of you.

Ethan: Name it.

Theresa: This is it. You help the FBI, and the FBI helps me get you back forever.

Luis: So, would it be fair to say that you and Sheridan have become close?

Chris: That's one way of putting it.

Luis: Oh. You and I, we don't know each other from a hole in the wall. But you've taken good care of Sheridan. It means a lot to me.

Chris: Does it?

Luis: Of course. Sheridan is the love of my live. Like they say in soap operas, she's my soul mate. I used to laugh at that, you know, and then I realized what it meant. I don't mean to bore you with the details, but Sheridan and I -- we're going to have children together. We're going to grow old together, and it's all been possible because of you. If you hadn't found me, I'd be dead. Chris, I -- I owe you my life. I owe you my life with Sheridan. Because of you, I'm going to marry the woman that I love. Can I ask you one last favor?

Chris: That depends.

Luis: Will you -- will you take part in this wedding? Would you be my best man? Please say yes. It would mean a lot to me and Sheridan.

Justice of the Peace: All set?

Sheridan: Where did you get those?

Justice of the Peace: The florist shop in the lobby. You can't have a wedding in Hawaii without leis.

Sheridan: Oh.

Justice of the Peace: Is everything ok?

Sheridan: Yeah, fine. I'll be in in just a second.

Sheridan: The gift shop didn't have any rings. What am I supposed to do? Oh, no. But I have no other choice. I can't break Luis' heart.

Justice of the Peace: And now, for the blushing bride --

justice of the Peace: There we go. Aren't they a handsome couple?

Luis: Did you find a ring?

Sheridan: Mm-hmm.

Luis: Ah. Go ahead, give it to Chris. He's going to be my best man.

Sheridan: That's all there was.

Luis: Perfect. We're all set.

Gwen: Please don't keep us in suspense. What exactly do you want my husband to do to help bring down Alistair's empire?

Scott: As a former employee, Mr. Winthrop has an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the company, at least the legal side that Alistair wanted the world to see. You know the staff, procedures, security considerations -- the works.

Ethan: Yes, it's true. I know quite a bit. I was lead counsel. But, frankly, keep in mind that there's only so much I can divulge due to lawyer-client privilege.

Scott: Well, that's not a problem for what we want from you.

Ethan: All right, sir, but what do you want?

Scott: We want you to go back to work at Crane Industries.

Gwen: Oh, no. Absolutely not.

Theresa: Bingo! I got to make sure Ethan's new office is all ready.

Justice of the Peace: By the powers vested in me by the state of Hawaii, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride. Mahalo.

Luis: Kiss me, Sheridan. Make me the happiest man in the world.

Luis: Not like that. Come on, like you mean it.

Luis: Thank you. Trust me when I say that you have just married two people who will stay together forever.

Justice of the Peace: I'm glad to hear it.

Luis: And you, Chris, shake my hand. Oh. Without you, none of this could have been possible. I just want to say thank you for being my best man, and I'm sure Sheridan thanks you, too. Sheridan, come here, beautiful. Give me another kiss.

Sam: Worried?

Fancy: Can you blame me?

Sam: Listen, don't worry, ok? When Noah comes back with Maya, we'll be able to sort this whole thing out.

Fancy: I hope so. I've been trying to get the truth out of Noah for days now. I just can't shake this funny feeling.

Sam: What feeling?

Fancy: That whatever the secret is, it will ruin my relationship with Noah.

Noah: Maya.

Noah: Ok, let's get this over with. We have to tell the truth, the truth about everything that happened in the attic and everything else. God, you're not going to like this. The time for secrets is over.

Noah: Maya! Maya!

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Sheridan: No!

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