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Whitney: Chad, how did you get in here? And where are your clothes?

Chad: Why? Does seeing me like this upset you, Whit?

Whitney: No, it excites me.

Whitney: Chad, I miss being with you so much.

Chad: That's why I'm here -- because I want to be with you. I want to show you how much I love you.

Whitney: I love you, too, Chad. God, I love you.

Whitney: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, what is wrong with me? God, why do I keep dreaming about making love to Chad? I have to fight my urges. I have to fight wanting to be with Chad.

Chad: I'm not afraid to tell the truth. I want to be with Whitney no matter what anybody says. You know, it's just too bad you're not man enough to tell everybody you want to be with Theresa.

Ethan: Don't say I didn't warn you, man.

Gwen: Both of you, stop it! Stop it! Oh, well, if you came here to see how well Chad did your dirty work, you're going to have to wait until after Ethan kills him. And then we may just kill you!

Gwen: You know, this is your fault! This is all your fault.

Sheridan: Hearing your voice, touching you, seeing you again. I can't believe you're really here.

Luis: And that we're together again.

Sheridan: I'll get you some water.

Chris' voice: Luis has no idea that Sheridan is married to me now. She hasn't the heart to tell him.

Luis: Thanks.

Luis: What?

Sheridan: Just having you here -- it's a dream come true. No, it's -- it's a miracle, a true miracle.

Luis: No, the miracle was coming out of that hellhole and having you be there for me.

Luis: My one true love.

Sheridan: I am here for you, my love.

Tabitha: Good evening, all. Ah, it seems my humble little abode is social central this evening.

Kay: Tabitha, you're back.

Tabitha: Mm-hmm.

Fox: Hi, Endora.

Kay: Miguel, we didn't hear you come in.

Miguel: Oh, I knocked, but no one answered the door, so I just let myself in. I wanted to say good night to Maria, if that's ok.

Kay: No, of course it's ok.

Fox: Don't ever feel like you have to ask to come to see your own daughter. You're welcome here any time, day or night.

Tabitha: I'll have another key made for you, dear.

Miguel: Thank you, everybody.

Tabitha: Oh, it's our pleasure.

Miguel: Oh, Kay, I wanted to show you a present I got Maria.

Kay: Oh, a charm bracelet. Thank you. That's so sweet.

Tabitha: Oh, sweet.

Fox: Totally.

Miguel: It has a charm on it from every country I was in while I was looking for Charity.

Kay: Well, thank you. Thanks. I'm sure she's going to love it when she's older.

Miguel: I got the charm because I wanted Maria to know that even though I was far away, she was always in my thoughts and my heart.

Tabitha's voice: I detest sweet sentiment.

Tabitha: What a sweet sentiment.

Miguel: It's true.

Fox: I think about Maria all the time and she's not even my daughter.

Kay: Wow, these earrings are beautiful. It's going to be a long time before she can wear those.

Miguel: Actually, Kay, I bought those for you.

Tabitha: One small step for Kay and one giant leap for the dark side.

Whitney: God, help me. Please help me, God. I keep having impure thoughts of my half-brother Chad. Explicit thoughts of him and I making love, and how good it feels to be with him. And I have tried to stop. I want to stop. But nothing seems to work.

Whitney: Look, I left Harmony so I wouldn't have to be tempted to be with him, but my sick desires have followed me here. They're still in me, God, and the more I try to fight them, the worse they get. So please, please tell me what to do.

Whitney: Ok, I'll just go to confession. I'll go to confession and then maybe I'll be able to get some sleep. Or maybe I'll come back here and keep having the same sick dream of making love to Chad over and over again. Oh, God, I can't get to confession fast enough.

Gwen: Honey, please stop fighting with Chad.

Ethan: He's not going to say what he did and get away with it.

Chad: It was the truth. You love Theresa more than Gwen.

Gwen: How dare you send Chad here to cause trouble between me and Ethan?

Theresa: Look, they're good friends, so I thought if Ethan heard the truth from Chad, he would listen to him.

Gwen: No, the truth is, you are a shameless bitch. You used Chad.

Theresa: I didn't mean for them to fight, Gwen.

Gwen: And you know what? You're shameless and stupid.

Theresa: Ethan and Chad, stop, please! Gwen is not worth this.

Gwen: [Grunts]

Gwen: Ethan, stop -- stop.

Gwen: Oh -- Ethan!

Theresa: Oh, my God.

Gwen: Ethan? Ethan, honey, are you ok? Ethan?

Luis: How long have I been here?

Sheridan: Since earlier tonight.

Luis: Before that, I was Alistair's prisoner.

Sheridan: That's right. We found you just before the place exploded.

Luis: Marty?

Sheridan: Otto took him away before the explosion.

Luis: I'm sorry.

Luis: I was -- I was so close to bringing Marty home, just like you wanted.

Sheridan: I'm sorry. I never should have insisted that you leave Harmony alone.

Luis: It's not your fault. Yeah, you had every right to be angry with me for not trusting you in the first place about Marty.

Luis: I knew once I brought him home, things would be ok between us.

Luis: Our love is stronger than hurt, anger -- stronger than anything.

Chris' voice: You may love Sheridan, Luis, but she's my wife now. My wife.

Kay: I love the earrings, Miguel. Thank you.

Miguel: I wanted to get you something nice. I mean, I never forgot how hard it was for you to raise Maria all by yourself.

Fox: You know, Kay always said you were a standup guy, Miguel. I agree with her 100%. Baby, you're going to have to wear those earrings next time I take you to the Seascape.

Kay: Yeah, definitely.

Miguel: Is it ok if I go up and see Maria?

Kay: Yeah, absolutely. You're her father.

Miguel: Thank you. Oh, hey, I don't know what room Maria is in now.

Kay: I'll show you.

[Endora babbles]

Tabitha: Time for me to do what I'm paid for. Come on. Fox, how about a nice cup of tea in the kitchen?

Fox: Sounds great.

Tabitha: Yeah, go ahead.

Tabitha: I'll stir up doubts in his mind about Kay and if she really loves him. Come on.

Whitney: Hello? Hello, I'm here for confession, please. Hello? Damn it. Oh, God, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. No one here for me to unburden myself to, so -- I'll pray again. Heavenly Father, how can I become a nun now when all I do is dream about making love to Chad? I mean, it's bad enough that I have carnal thoughts, but mine are of my brother. And I want to be with Chad even though I know it's wrong. I want us to share a life together. I want us to raise our son together and be happy, no matter how unholy it may be. Oh, God, please help me with these unnatural thoughts. God, work a miracle, please.

Whitney: God, is that you?

Gwen: Ethan, honey, please. Ethan. Chad, call an ambulance. Ethan?

Theresa: No, wait, wait. No, no, it's ok. He's coming to.

Gwen: Ethan.

Ethan: What -- what happened?

Gwen: Ok, you hit your head when you fell down.

Ethan: You son of a --

Theresa: No, no, no, no, no. Please -- listen, there's no reason for you to fight Chad.

Ethan: Yeah, there's plenty of reason. You should've heard what he was saying.

Theresa: Look, I never meant for this to happen.

Gwen: What did you think would happen when you sent Chad here to tell Ethan our marriage was a sham and he should just leave me for you, huh?

Ethan: Answer the question, Theresa.

Gwen: Honey, she can't answer the question because she knew exactly what would happen. She didn't care that her little plan would destroy a friendship. All she cared about was yet again trying to get you back.

Theresa: I never meant to hurt him.

Gwen: You know, you are psycho. And you are an idiot for going along with her.

Ethan: She's right about that.

Gwen: You know, you say you love Ethan. When are you going to realize that the only thing you ever do is hurt him?

Chris' voice: I don't want to intrude on Sheridan's reunion with Luis, but he needs to know that things are different now, that Sheridan is married to me.

Sheridan: You said before that Marty was at Father's compound. By the time I got in there, he was gone. So was Beth. Do you know where Otto took them?

Luis: No, I don't. I'm sorry. I was so close to bringing him -- bringing him back to you just like you wanted.

Sheridan: What happened?

Luis: [Sighs] Like I said, I was -- I was in the same room with Marty. I even had our son in my arms.

Luis: Something hit me from behind. Sorry, so sorry.

Sheridan: You did the best you could. Thank God you're here to tell me about it.

Luis: Yeah, but Marty --

Sheridan: It's ok. We'll find our son. Sooner or later, we'll find Marty.

Luis: Together, we can do anything.

Whitney: God, is that you? Is this my miracle?

Mother Superior: No, Whitney, it's me.

Whitney: Oh, Mother Superior. I'm so sorry. I thought that --

Mother Superior: I'm sorry to disappoint you. I was up late praying when I heard someone in here. What has you hoping for a miracle?

Whitney: Well, I'm -- I'm still having the dreams about my half-brother -- dreams where my passion for him wins out over the fact that I know it's a sin. But they're so powerful, Mother Superior, and so explicit.

Mother Superior: You've suffered from your feelings for your half-brother ever since you came here.

Whitney: I've prayed non-stop to overcome them, but, if anything, they've only gotten stronger.

Mother Superior: You must have faith, Whitney. Trust that God will give you the strength to cast out these taboo feelings.

Whitney: I'll try.

Mother Superior: Good. I'll leave you to pray.

Whitney: Thank you, Mother Superior. Good night.

Mother Superior: Good night.

Whitney's voice: Heavenly Father, I still need your help to overcome my desire to be with Chad, to raise our son together as a family. Please help me be strong.

Whitney: Did you forget to tell me something, Mother Superior?

Whitney: Hello? Who is that? Who's there? This can't be happening. But it is. Oh, my God, it is.

Theresa: I don't only hurt Ethan, Gwen. I love him. I went down to Bermuda to talk to Julian, to convince him to take Ethan back into the Crane family after you and your mother sold him out to the tabloids.

Gwen: A, we didn't, and B, you came back pregnant with Julian's son.

Theresa: I was willing to die when I thought that Ethan shot Julian at the cannery.

Gwen: And it's too bad Alistair stopped you from being executed.

Theresa: The point is, I love Ethan. I offered to make you co-CEO of Crane Industries so that you could have the dream that Gwen robbed you of -- so that dream could come true.

Ethan: That is not love. That is you bribing me in hopes of getting close to me again.

Theresa: Ethan, we're as close as any two people could be. I gave you a daughter.

Gwen: Because you killed our Sarah and you sacrificed our unborn son so your daughter with Ethan could live -- a child you conceived because you drugged him!

Theresa: Oh, he knew it was me, Gwen. He even said it was the best sex he ever had.

Gwen: Please. You are such a vicious bitch, I'd like to rip your tongue out and choke you.

Ethan: Don't. She's not worth it.

Gwen: Well, how about that, Theresa? My husband finally sees you for the malignancy that you really are. And guess what? Ethan's my husband, and he's not going to leave me for you, no matter who you send over here to brainwash him.

Theresa: Yes, he will, Gwen.

Gwen: Ugh.

Ethan: No, I won't.

Theresa: Ethan, everyone in this room knows that you love me. And eventually that love is going to bring you back to me.

Gwen: Well, my goodness, so much for your promise to God to leave Ethan alone if he didn't die after you poisoned him. Now get the hell out of here, you adulterous little bitch, and you leave me and my husband and my daughter alone.

Theresa: Jane is my daughter.

Chad: Oh, Theresa, come on. Let's -- let's just go.

Theresa: No, I'm not going to go anywhere, Chad.

Sheridan: Once you're well, we'll start to look for Marty again. You found him once, so that proves that my father isn't infallible.

Luis: I had him. I had him in my arms, Sheridan.

Sheridan: That must've been so wonderful.

Luis: Everything that happened after that is a blur. I remember being kept in the dark, being beaten. I was pretty much left alone up until the explosion. I remember you.

Luis: Heard people talking. They were saying I probably wasn't going to make it. I knew I had to hold on so I could come back to you.

Sheridan: And you did.

Luis: You gave me the will to live -- you and only you.

Miguel: I can't believe how big she is.

Kay: I know -- it amazes me, too.

Miguel: You're so beautiful. Yes you are, just like your mommy. Look at that face. I think she's going to plot and scheme like you used to when she gets older.

Kay: [Laughs] I hope not. Ugh, I still cringe at some of the stunts I've pulled over the years.

Miguel: Hey, not all of your finagles were that bad, Kay. That party you planned for me in ninth grade? That party was the bomb.

Kay: Oh, yeah. Playing "Pin the Tail on Reese" was definitely a stroke of genius, if I do say so myself. But I did do a lot of things that I'm not too proud of.

Miguel: However Maria was conceived, neither of us would trade that for anything, Kay. You made a good life for yourself...and Maria. I'm glad you found Fox to share that with. I guess he's the love of your life.

Tabitha: Wasn't it glorious seeing Kay and Miguel together again?

Tabitha: Oh, sorry, I -- I didn't mean that the way it sounded.

Tabitha: Of course, obviously Kay and Miguel aren't "together" together. But, you know, when Kay accepted your marriage proposal, it was just minutes before she heard that Miguel was back in Harmony. What a difference a day might have made.

Fox: Excuse me?

Tabitha: You're very secure, Fox. It's impressive. Some men would be quite unnerved to see their prospective bride reunited with the father of her child. And in Kay's case, of course, el hunko Miguel happens to be her first love.

Tabitha: Oh, sugar?

Fox: No.

Tabitha: More milk?

Fox: No.

Tabitha: Oh, Kay and Miguel, Miguel and Kay. Even as children, they were inseparable. I remember seeing them in the Bennett backyard after school every day, playing house. It was the sweetest thing.

Tabitha's voice: Oh, gag me.

Tabitha: And Kay would pretend to be a housewife, and Miguel a businessman. And they'd use all the neighborhood cats and dogs as their children. Fluffy was just a kitten then. She loved being dressed up in pink booties and bonnets.

[Hissing sound]

Tabitha: Oh -- oh. There's Fluffy. It's time for her dinner. Coming, Fluffy! Oh -- oo. This is a big one, isn't it? O Fluffy! Come on, kitty, come on, kitty. Come on, kitty.

[Fluffy growling]

Tabitha: Oh. Ah. That should keep her quiet, huh?

[Laughs] Now, where was I? Oh, yes, sometimes I'd have to help and play nanny. So -- play nanny to Miguel's and Kay's furry little children so they could sit on the swing and hold hands. Oh, they were the sweetest couple.

Fox: Must've been pretty fun for Kay.

Tabitha: What?

Fox: It must've been fun for Kay. I'm glad that she had such a good friend in Miguel.

Tabitha: Indeed.

[Muttering] Well, that was a bust.

Tabitha's voice: No, it's not good, Endora, it's bad. I have to find a way to make Fox doubt his relationship with Kay so she's Miguel's for the taking. Otherwise the bod could go back to searching for Charity. And if they ever connect, we're kaput.

Luis: How'd you manage to find me?

Sheridan: It was an accident. I came to Hawaii looking for Marty.

Luis: How did you know I was following his trail?

Sheridan: I didn't. I thought you were dead. Stabbed to death in Tangier.

Luis: You're kidding.

Sheridan: No. Either my father paid off half the FBI or they fell for his ruse because the DNA and dental records supposedly matched the body we buried in Harmony.

Luis: Damn Alistair for putting you through that.

Sheridan: Not just me. Everyone thinks you're dead. Your whole family is devastated.

Luis: Oh, my God. Poor Mama. She's still grieving over what Alistair did to Antonio.

Sheridan: Shh, calm down. Put your energy into getting better, not getting angry with my father.

[Luis sighs]

Luis: I'm sorry. I was so close to bringing Marty back.

Luis: We would've had everything we ever dreamed of.

Sheridan: It can still happen. Once you're well, we can look for Marty again. And when we find him together, he will never lack for love -- our love.

Gwen: Either you walk out of here right now or I'm going to throw you out piece by piece.

Theresa: Please, Ethan, get our daughter and come with me.

Ethan: You heard her. Take Chad and get out of here.

Theresa: Ethan --

Ethan: Theresa, get out!

Gwen: God, I hate her.

Ethan: I can't believe that she got Chad to come here and say those things.

Gwen: Well, I mean, I guess once you've had a son with your sister, urging a husband to leave his wife isn't really that big of a deal.

Ethan: I'm sorry that Chad upset you, really.

Gwen: Well, it was at Theresa's urging, you know?

Ethan: I don't know who the hell she's going to send next -- a platoon of marines?

Gwen: Well, I think we should get Jane and get out of here before we find out.

Ethan: Honey, how can we just get up and leave town? I mean, you just got a new job here.

Gwen: I will find another one somewhere else.

Ethan: Yeah, well it's bad enough that you're the one that had to go back to work. I mean, I should be the one supporting Jane and you.

Ethan: Honey, you can't get work as a lawyer till your contract with Crane expires. And until then, believe me, I'm happy to support us.

Ethan: Well, I hate not working.

Gwen: Well, sweetheart, then get another job doing something else.

Ethan: What?

Gwen: I don't know, but the point is, we need to get away from Theresa, even if both of us need to get part-time jobs so one of us is always with Jane.

Ethan: Well, I would feel better knowing that we had a job waiting somewhere for us before we leave Harmony.

Gwen: Then fine -- then fine. Get something else, be my guest.

Ethan: All right, all right. I'm going to find work outside of this town, and then we're going to pack up and we're going to leave Harmony.

Gwen: And Theresa.

Theresa: Chad, thanks for helping me.

Chad: You kidding? Think I made things worse.

Theresa: No. Ethan's still in love with me, right? I can get him back.

Chad: If you think you can be with Ethan after what went down in there, I have to believe I can still be with Whitney.

Whitney: Oh, my God.

Whitney: What is going on? Is this some kind of visitation or something? I -- I have to get Mother Superior.

Man's voice: Whitney, don't leave. I have come to see you.

Tabitha: Spot more tea, dear?

Fox: Oh, no -- no thanks.

Tabitha: [Sighs] Oh. Did Kay ever tell you about the time that she and Miguel played Romeo and Juliet?

Fox: No, she didn't.

Tabitha: Ah, there's so much you don't know, isn't there?

Fox: I'd love for you to enlighten me.

Tabitha: Well, let me think now. Well, Kay and Miguel were sophomores at Harmony High. And as a matter of fact, I was the costume consultant. Now, I'll never know why their drama teacher thought that I was an expert on Renaissance clothing.

Tabitha: [Clears throat] Anyway, the whole town was packed into the school gym. Kay was a beautiful, voluptuous Juliet. And Miguel made a huge impression in his purple tights and gold jacket. Their performance was -- well, the audience was mesmerized. Footballers wept openly and unabashedly. And Pilar was so distraught she pulled great clumps of her own hair out. And Dr. Eve Russell gave grief counseling after the death scene for those who needed it.

Fox: You're kidding.

Tabitha: No, no, I'm not kidding. Oh, Kay and Miguel's performance was really profound and very moving. I think it's because they have such deep feelings for each other that it -- it just seemed to -- seemed so true to life, you know? I have a photograph. Would you like to see it?

Tabitha: Oh, there they are. Look at that. Ah, Kay and Miguel.

Fox: Well, they were a great-looking couple.

Tabitha: Oh, yes, they were and they always will be.

Fox: All right, thanks for the tea, Tabitha. I'm going to go check on Kay and Miguel, make sure they got Maria to bed.

Tabitha: Sorry, dear. Just call me the dark side Dolly Levi. Somehow I have got to find a way to get Kay and Miguel together.

Endora: Kay?

Tabitha: Yes, yes.

Miguel: I mean it, Kay. I'm glad you found Fox. I can see how he'd be the love of your life.

Kay: I'm sorry things didn't work out for you and Charity.

Miguel: Every cloud has a silver lining.

Kay: What do you mean by that?

Miguel: Because I didn't find Charity, I'm back here now, where I probably should've been all along, with you and Maria.

Kay: We do have a beautiful daughter.

Miguel: And Maria has a beautiful mother.

Chris' voice: Sheridan is so consumed with Luis, it's like I never existed.

Luis: I hate that I wasn't able to get Marty and bring him back to you.

Sheridan: Give yourself credit for finding him, Luis. You proved that my father can be beaten at his own game.

Luis: It's hard to believe even a terrible creature like your father would fake my death, put you and my family through that.

Sheridan: Words can't even describe how awful it was. I almost lost the will to live.

Luis: No.

Sheridan: For anything, I held on because of you.

Luis: Me?

Sheridan: You're always alive in my heart. I never forgot you, even for a single moment.

Tabitha: Don't you start with me, young lady. I went along with your pairing of Fox and Kay.

[Endora babbles]

Tabitha: Yeah, as long as the situation allowed it. But in case you missed the memo, things have changed now. If we can get Miguel to couple with Kay, then the dark side will avert certain doom. And that, of course, will be good for us.

Tabitha: Yes, and with good reason. You weren't around when Charity was a constant threat. I tried everything to get rid of her. I tried smothering her, drowning her, burning her alive, burying her under an avalanche. Even -- even electrocuting her didn't work. But don't you worry, my little one, I'm not going to let anything bad ever happen to you. And if I have to break Fox's heart to keep you safe, then so be it.

Kay: Gosh, Maria is just the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. I don't know if I will ever be able to thank you enough for our daughter.

Miguel: I should be thanking you for being such a good mother.

Kay: Well, now that you're back, I guess we'll have the rest of our lives to thank each other. I'm just so happy that she's going to have both of her parents to raise her.

Ethan: First, I've got to figure out what I can do besides practice law, then we have to decide where we're going to move to so I can start looking for work there, Gwen.

Gwen: Why are you making this so complicated? You know, just -- I don't care what you do, where you do it. Get a job, go on welfare. Just get me and Jane the hell out of here, away from Harmony and away from Theresa.

Theresa: I hate that I messed up your relationship with Ethan.

Chad: Hey, don't blame yourself, ok? I always thought Ethan should be with you. And it's for sure he does, too, or he wouldn't have gone off on me like he did.

Theresa: Thanks, Chad. And you know, I got to tell you that I believe Whitney belongs with you and Miles. I do. You know, I know that most people think that it's wrong, and I did at first. But, I got to tell you, for some reason -- I can't really explain it, but I think that it is right for you all to be together.

Chad: Time is running out, though. Whitney is getting ready to take her final vows.

Theresa: Well, we've got to find a way to stop that from happening. We've got to make Whitney realize that her place is with you and Miles.

Whitney: You know me?

Man's voice: Yes, Whitney, I know both you and your heart.

Chris' voice: I'm Sheridan's husband now. Her future is with me, not Luis, and it's high time he knew it.

Chris: Ahem.

Sheridan: Chris!

Chris: Sheridan. How's our patient?

Luis: Are you my doctor?

Chris: No.

Luis: Then who are you?

Chris: Sheridan, why don't you tell Luis who I am?

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