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Ethan: So, sweetie, how's it going? Are you going to be able to finish your work and get up here soon?

Gwen: Oh, honey, I don't know. I am really swamped.

Ethan: Oh.

Gwen: Well, uh, when does Martin and Pilar's ceremony start?

Ethan: I don't know. It keeps getting delayed.

Gwen: Well, that's odd. Don't really see Pilar having last-minute jitters. Do you?

Ethan: Well, something's up. But at least you haven't missed it. I mean, you are going to be able to get up here eventually, right?

Gwen: Sweetheart, I just -- I don't know. You know, Mr. Collier's really piled on the work here and there seems to be no end to it.

Theresa's voice: There is no end to it, Gwen. I'm going to make sure Collier keeps you at work till dawn so I can have Ethan all to myself. Before this night is over, I'll convince him to come back to Crane Industries and work with me.

Sam: Noah, can I get you some coffee, something to eat?

Noah: Not now, Dad.

Sam: All right, what's wrong?

Noah: Look, I have to talk to you...about Fancy.

Rachel: Knock, knock.

Fancy: Hello, Great-Aunt Rachel.

Rachel: "Aunt" will do nicely, Fancy. Are you all right?

Fancy: Thanks for checking on me, but my eye is fine. I'm not in any pain.

Rachel: I wasn't asking about your eye. I was asking about your heart.

Miguel: Maria's just so big.

Tabitha: Oh, my, yes. She's even beginning to talk.

Tabitha: Well, at least one good thing came out of your abandonment of the darling child.

Miguel: Abandonment?

Tabitha: Oh, did I say that? Oh, so sorry. I'm sure chasing all over the world after Charity was well worth missing this little one's formative year.

Endora: Whee!

Tabitha: And to every cloud, there's a silver lining. The four of us have made such a happy home together. Kay and Tabitha -- two unwed mothers and their fatherless little girls. It is a pity that there isn't a man around sometimes, you know? Two mommies -- a bit confusing for the girls, don't you think?

Fox: Come on, Kay, I mean, you're not making any sense. Why haven't you told Miguel that we're engaged yet?

Kay: It's complicated.

Fox: Not to me.

Kay: Fox, didn't you see his face? I mean, he was really hurt when Maria called you daddy.

Fox: Yeah, and he better get used to it, too. You know, when we're married, I'm going to be Maria's stepfather. The sooner that Miguel knows which way the land lays, the better. Kay, please tell him that we're engaged --

Kay: I will.

Fox: Unless there's some other reason why you're not telling him.

Fox: Kay, do you still want to be with Miguel?

Pilar: That's all I am to you -- a duty, an obligation. Not a wife, not a lover. You're only marrying me because you think you owe me?

Martin: No, Pilar, let me explain --

Pilar: No, Martin, there's nothing to explain. This ceremony is cancelled. I don't want you to make vows to God that are lies. This marriage is over!

Chris: What is it? What's wrong?

Sheridan: Look.

Sheridan: I had no idea this man was so badly hurt. What if he dies? Doctor, will he be ok?

Doctor: I'm cautiously optimistic, but I can't make predictions.

Sheridan: Can he speak to us?

Doctor: No, he's in no shape to talk to anyone. He's stable for the moment, but we'll have to watch him closely.

Sheridan: He might know where my son is.

Doctor: Well, you'll have to wait. Now, please, both of you step outside. We need to work here.

Chris: Sure.

[Phone beeps]

Chris: It's the police. They can't find Otto or his car. He's disappeared.

Sheridan: How could they not find him? We're on an island.

Chris: Don't worry, they'll find him.

Sheridan: Maybe not. Otto has my father's money and organization working behind him. That man in there might be our only hope.

Chris: We don't even know who he is.

Sheridan: I can't shake this strange feeling that he's very important to me.

Fancy: Oh, Aunt Rachel. Noah and I -- we're over. It's all over.

Rachel: Oh, tell me what happened.

Fancy: Oh, so much. It's about this woman from Noah's past -- Maya. Something happened with them, and he won't tell me what. I can't be with a man who keeps secrets from me. I can't. I won't.

Sam: What about Fancy?

Noah: Well, it's about the accident.

Sam: It was no accident. Are you finally going to tell me what you know about that girl Maya?

Noah: Yes, look, because -- because Fancy is my life, and she's hurt because of me. I got to get this off my chest, even though Fancy says it's through.

Sam: She ended it?

Noah: Because I wouldn't tell her the truth.

Sam: Then I don't blame her. Secrets and lies will kill any relationship.

Noah: But I'm going to be honest with her, and with you. Look, Fancy needs to know that -- that I love her, that there has never been nor will ever be a woman that means as much to me as her.

Paloma: Miguel?

Miguel: Paloma.

Paloma: Dios!

Miguel: My God, look at you. You're gorgeous.

Paloma: Oh, so are you.

Miguel: You've grown up into such a beautiful girl.

Paloma: Girl?

Miguel: Sorry, woman.

Paloma: That's better. Isn't Maria adorable?

Miguel: Yeah, she is. You know, it kills me I haven't been here to see her grow up, though.

Tabitha: Yes, you have sacrificed so much in your quest for dreary -- for darling Charity. Even though she made it perfectly clear that she really didn't want to see any more of you.

Miguel: Yeah.

Paloma: Was it worth it?

Miguel: What?

Paloma: I mean, everybody knows how much you love Charity, but Maria's your own daughter. Shouldn't you be here in Harmony with Kay?

Miguel: Paloma, people don't ask blunt questions like that.

Paloma: I do. Maria's my niece and she's growing up without a father.

Tabitha: Things have changed so much, Paloma. Modern men like Miguel have thrown off any idea of old-fashioned responsibility when it comes to their children.

Miguel: No, I haven't.

Tabitha: I remember a time when -- when a man would leave himself very open to criticism if he put a bun in a young lady's oven and then left her in the lurch.

Paloma: Tabitha.

Tabitha: Well --

Paloma: But she -- she does have a point.

Paloma: I don't mean to upset you, Miguel, but Kay is doing everything for Maria. I mean, I -- I know you love this Charity.

Miguel: She's the love of my life, Paloma.

Paloma: But are you the love of hers? Miguel, she's been running away from you ever since she left Harmony. And while you've wasted years, you've lost precious time with Maria you'll never get back.

Kay: Fox, no. I do not want to be with Miguel. Yes, I loved him, but we have been very open and honest with each other from the beginning. And that Miguel -- it's over, it's over. I just -- I just don't want to hurt him any more than I have to. And I think when he finds out we're engaged, it's going to really hurt him. I mean, he lost Charity and I'm afraid that he's going to feel like he's losing Maria now, too.

Fox: Kay, you know, he's got to find out someday.

Kay: I know.

Fox: Then why not tell him now?

Kay: Maybe it's because sometimes I don't believe it myself.

Fox: Believe what?

Kay: All of this. That someone like you is actually considering marrying someone like me.

Fox: Like you?

[Sighs] I knew you were nuts, but I didn't actually think that you were crazy. I mean, I'm the lucky one. Baby, you're the most amazing person I've ever met. I mean, look at you. You're smart, you're beautiful, you're sexy, and you're loving -- very loving -- and you're a great mother.

Kay: But you can have any woman in the world.

Fox: No. You could have any man you want. But listen, I've got to pinch myself to make sure that I'm not dreaming that you picked me.

Kay: You know what I mean. You're a Crane.

Fox: And you're a Bennett. I don't want anyone else.

Kay: Well, then we both lucked out and have just the person we want.

Fox: You got that right.

Martin: Pilar, please, you can't call off the ceremony.

Pilar: I can and I will. I am not a duty. I am a woman, the woman I thought you loved. All your promises, your vows, your words were all lies! You still want to be with your whore!

Martin: No.

Pilar: Every time I turn around, you're in her arms. Well, you know what? Enough. Stay with her. Oh, my God. God, was there ever a more foolish woman in the world than I? All those years that I waited for your return, all those years that I prayed and lit candles -- keeping our marriage alive, teaching our children to never give up hope because you would come back to us. What a fool I was. And I -- I even thought that wherever you were, Martin, you were thinking about me and dreaming about me the way I was dreaming about you. But you weren't, were you? Because you were too exhausted from bedding your whore!

Martin: Come on, you've got this all wrong. I promise you, you do.

Pilar: Have I? You tell me -- what is this?! What is that?! On the very night that we are to recommit ourselves to each other and to God, you sleep with your slut. I hate you. Oh, God, I hate you! Well, go on. Go on. Live in sin with that tramp, and may God have mercy on your souls!

Sheridan: How's he doing?

Doctor: Not very well.

Nurse: It's so sad.

Sheridan: He has to regain consciousness. He might be the link to finding my missing son.

Doctor: He's very weak. Whoever held him captive treated him very badly.

Sheridan: Do you have to keep his whole face covered like that?

Nurse: It's his eyes.

Doctor: When we exposed his eyes to the light before, we may have damaged his sight.

Chris: God, no. Permanent damage?

Doctor: I hope not. But for now we need to keep his eyes covered and away from the light, watch him closely.

[Pager beeps]

Doctor: Excuse me, I need to see another patient.

Sheridan: Do we have to leave?

Doctor: No, but please, this man needs rest to recover his energy. Don't stimulate him.

Sheridan: If only he could speak to us.

Chris: You heard what the doctor said. We should wait.

Sheridan: He may know where Marty is.

Chris: Sheridan, what's wrong?

Gwen: So, what has that little witch Theresa done to try to pull you into her web?

Ethan: Listen, will you stop worrying about Theresa? I love you, remember?

Gwen: So you say.

Ethan: Are you at least going to make it up here for the reception?

Gwen: You know, honey, really, I'm going to try to, but I'm -- I'm up to my eyeballs in work here.

Mr. Collier: Gwen, I need to go over the file on the Libyan oil leases.

Gwen: Right away.

Mr. Collier: Thank you.

Gwen: Ok, honey, I got to go, ok? I'm going to call you back, but I love you, though, ok? Bye.

Theresa: Oh, hi. What are you doing here? Did you need something?

Ethan: No, no. I am just leaving, actually.

Theresa: Oh, you know, I -- well, I wanted to apologize, Ethan, for putting pressure on you to come back to work.

Ethan: Theresa, forget about it. It's over, ok?

Theresa: Yeah, it's just -- you know I'm in way over my head at Crane and I just was wondering if you could give me some advice on some of this paperwork that I am trying to get through.

Ethan: Please, please don't start this again, ok?

Theresa: But I just -- I just need a few minutes of your time. Please?

Pilar: I believed you. I had faith in you. I thought you were the most wonderful man in the world, a man like no other. How stupid I have been. My God, I -- I gave you chance after chance to be truthful, to choose between me and this slut.

Pilar: I believed you when you said that I was the one you loved. I believed you. Isn't that stupid? Because I thought that you were a man of honor!

Martin: I am a man of honor.

Pilar: Kissing another woman, having sex with her?

Martin: Look, we didn't have sex.

Pilar: My God, for years, everyone in this town pitied me. "Please Pilar, move on." But I couldn't. I couldn't. Because I believed in you. I wasted my life waiting for a man who had moved on! How stupid. Aren't I stupid, Martin?

Pilar: Even when I found out that you had been in her bed for years, I forgave you. I forgave you, and you still went back to her. And on the very day that we are going to have the renewal of our vows, you slept with her behind my back in our marriage bed! I'm going to burn that bed and I'm going to grind the ashes into the ground with my heel!

Miguel: You're right. I do feel guilty about all the time I lost with Maria. And I didn't even think about it until I got home and saw Maria and Kay and held her in my arms. You know, when I was out searching the world for Charity, she was all I could think about. And maybe you all think she was running from me, but to be honest, I don't think Charity even knew I was looking for her.

Tabitha: Oh, well, I find that hard to believe.

Miguel: It's true. I chased Charity from country to country all over the world. And every time I thought I was getting close to finding her, something happened, some -- something weird.

Paloma: Why weird?

Miguel: It's hard to put a finger on it. For instance, this one time in London, I had an address for Charity. It was a sure thing. I knew she was staying there.

Miguel: 49 Carnaby Street. I know Charity's living there, but where's the house? I've searched the neighborhood three times. Excuse me, ma'am?

Woman: Hi.

Miguel: Do you know where I can find 49 Carnaby Street?

Tabitha: [British accent] 49. Hey, now, are you pulling old Bessie's leg, young man, eh? 49. It used to be down the bottom of this street here, when I was just a slip of a girl. But one night, it just disappeared. Bloody jerries got it with a direct hit.


Miguel: I'm sorry. My information must have been wrong. Thank you.

[Tabitha laughs]

Tabitha: [Normal voice] I was the one who made sure that Miguel never found that dimwit Charity. Of course, Miguel will never know that.

Tabitha: Thank you, my little witchling. Oh, dear, poor Kay. You remember that shadow that she saw in the bowl? Yes, it was coming between her relationship and Fox. I think it was Miguel all the time.

Tabitha: Oh, Endora, not in front of the mortals. Ahem. Oh, there's a funny smell in here. Oh, I -- I think it's Maria. She needs changing.

Paloma: Come on, hermanito, I will show you how it's done.

Tabitha: Are you showing me another vision, Endora? Things don't look too bad for Fox and Kay right at the moment.

[Tabitha gasps]

Tabitha: Great Lucifer's pantyhose. Oh, Endora. If you're right, this could be the beginning of a horrible nightmare for Fox and Kay.

Sam: Look, if you love Fancy this much, it'll work out. You'll see. She's right. You have to be honest with her. I mean, look at Ivy and myself. Look, that's the only basis for a true and lasting relationship.

Noah: Yeah, but it took you and Ivy years to find your way back to one another. I mean, I don't want to miss out on one single day of my life with Fancy.

Rachel: Oh, Fancy, please don't act in haste. Give the man a chance.

Fancy: A chance? I have given him the chance to be honest over and over again and he's still lying to me. You know what it's like in this family -- secrets, deceptions. You never know if anyone's showing you their public face or their private face. And I can't bear that. I won't. It's over with Noah.

Rachel: You know, when I was hiding in his house for all those weeks, I overheard a lot of things and I saw a lot of things. And one thing that I learned -- Noah Bennett loves you with all his heart.

Fancy: So he says. But if he does, why can't he be open and honest with me? He's holding back about Maya. Why can't he just tell me what happened?

Rachel's voice: And Maya's holding back about Noah, as well. From what I overheard her say on the phone before Alistair's party, oh, she still has feelings for him. And the two of them are mixed up in something nasty. Should I tell Fancy?

Rachel: Forget about Maya. I mean, we all have pasts. Just trust in his love for you.

Fancy: What if he loves Maya more?

Rachel: If you love him, then you fight for him, or else live with regret for the rest of your life.

Chris: Sheridan, what's wrong?

Sheridan: Nothing. I'm just a little startled. When I touched this man, I had a vivid memory of Luis. Isn't that strange? As if this poor soul could trigger my memory.

Chris: It's just your mind playing tricks on you. You said before you had a feeling that Luis was leading you back to Marty, and you just associate this man with Marty, too.

Sheridan: I suppose so. Please, God, let this man be the one that gives me back my son.

[Luis groans]

Sheridan: Oh, I hope I didn't wake him. The doctor said he needs his rest.

Chris: Well, maybe he heard the names Luis and Marty and he's reacting to it. Or maybe he had contact with Luis when he was searching for -- for Marty.

Sheridan: Do you think so?

Sheridan: Sir, do you know where my son Marty is? Who are you?

[Luis groans]

Pilar: Why did you come back if all you wanted to do was hurt me?

Martin: Please listen --

Pilar: Don't! Don't you dare touch me. You save your touches for her.

Martin: Just please try to understand. Katherine was waiting for me at the house. She wanted me to make love, but I refused.

Pilar: You've said that already. What you haven't said is why are those scratches on your back?

Martin: I --

Pilar: Why couldn't you throw her out? Why didn't you call the police?

Martin: Police?

Pilar: Well, she broke into our house, didn't she, into our bedroom?

Martin: I couldn't do that.

Pilar: Of course not. Because Katherine always comes first.

Martin: That's not true.

Katherine: Yes, it is, Martin.

Martin: Katherine, please!

Katherine: Tell her the truth. The reason that I come first, that I will always come first, is because he loves me, Pilar. He doesn't love you.

Pilar: Oh, my God, I hate you, woman! I hate you! Oh, God, I hate what you've done to my life!

Pilar: I'll kill you! I swear to God I'll kill you!

Katherine: Oh. More violence, Pilar? That's how you always end a discussion?

Martin: Katherine, please be quiet. Pilar, I'm sorry.

Pilar: Leave me alone! What did I do to deserve this? Why did you do this to me?!

Martin: It's not what you think.

Pilar: Then what is it?! Please -- please, help me understand. Explain to me why you were with that whore on the very day that we are going to renew our vows!

Ethan: Look, let's get something straight right now. I'm not coming to work for you.

Theresa: No, I know, I know. I totally know that. It's just I'm really in a jam here and I just need your help for a little bit.

Ethan: Theresa, it's not ethical.

Theresa: Ethical? Ethan, I just -- I need your advice, that's all. If only because I am your daughter's mother.

Ethan: Gwen is Jane's legal mother.

Theresa: I am her biological mother, Ethan. God gave her to me.

Ethan: Theresa, I don't want to --

Theresa: I don't want to fight, ok, I don't. I just -- please, I need a few business pointers, that's all. Now can I show you --

Ethan: Theresa, whoa, I'll think about it, ok? I will think about it. Right now I want to go and check on Jane, though.

Theresa: Ok, wait, um -- you'll be back, right? You know what I can do? Actually, I've got all these questions. I can just organize them out for you. Is that ok?

Ethan: All right, all right.

Theresa: All right.

Theresa: He'll be back. He can't help it -- and love me.

Sheridan: Sir, please, who are you? Do you know where my son Marty is?

[Luis groans]

Sheridan: Oh. He's unconscious.

Chris: Maybe it was too much for him. We're going to have to do what the doctors say and wait till he's a little more stronger.

Sheridan: I know as soon as he recovers he'll lead us to Marty.

Otto: Good luck, Sheridan. Luis will never recover. He'll never leave this hospital alive.

Fancy: I should fight for Noah?

Rachel: Absolutely. If you want him, just grab him and hold on and never let him go.

Fancy: How can I trust him if he won't tell me the truth?

Rachel: Perhaps he has a very good reason for not telling you what he knows about this other woman. But he loves you. You can't lose that. Believe me, I've lived a life without love and I know how precious it is. But if you need to know what Noah is hiding, he will tell you in his own good time. But in the meantime, do not let this marvelous man slip through your fingers just because you're unwilling to bend. You're going to end up hating yourself. Now go to him. Find Noah. Go right now and find him.

Fox: Ah, we have a glittering future ahead of us.

Kay: "Glittering"?

Fox: Hmm.

Kay: We are so lucky.

Fox: I know. You know why? It's honesty. We don't have any secrets between us. I mean, look around us, at Coach and Dr. Russell and my mom and my dad, Theresa and Ethan. Their lives were wrecked by secrets, and they'll destroy any relationship.

Kay: Well, some secrets have to be ok.

Fox: Well, I will allow the occasional white lie just to spare my feelings, but that's it. You swear?

Kay: Swear.

Fox: All right.

Kay's voice: Tabitha's wrong. Love can beat anything -- planets, the dark side, even secrets. Nothing will come between us. Nothing.

Tabitha: I know Kay always wants to lose weight, but this is ridiculous. I don't know. How can Miguel be the shadow that's going to destroy Fox and Kay's relationship if he's isn't even going to stay in Harmony?

Miguel: Hey, what's happening with Mama and Papa and their ceremony? I mean, I haven't tried to see them yet because I want to surprise them, but what's with all these delays?

Paloma: I don't know, but something's going on.

Miguel: I'm sure if there's a problem, they're going to work that out.

Paloma: I don't know why love has to be so hard. Ever since I came to Harmony, every couple I know has been through hell.

Miguel: I know what you mean. You know, I love Charity so much and looking for her has been so hard, but that's over now. I think it's time I take charge of my own life.

Paloma: What do you mean?

Miguel: Well, maybe I'm growing up. You know, all this time I've been looking for Charity, and who knows? Maybe she doesn't want me after all. I think I got to get back to basics, the things I know are true, like my daughter. I love her so much and I want to be the best father I can be to her. I want to raise her, I want to guide her in life, I want to teach her what I know.

Tabitha: Did I hear you right, Miguel? Did you say that you were going to stay in Harmony?

Miguel: Yes. I'm back, for good.

Tabitha: Oh.

Martin: Pilar, I don't know what to say.

Pilar: Why is that? If you really loved me, you'd know what to say. You would tell me that Katherine means nothing to you. That I'm the woman you want spend the rest of your life with.

Katherine: But that wouldn't be true.

Martin: Stop it, Katherine!

Pilar: No. She's right. She's right. She has your heart. But me? I'm just a duty, a burden. She's the one you love, isn't she?

Pilar: You can't speak. You can't tell me that you love me because that would be a lie. And you can't tell your whore that you want to be with her because you want to spare my feelings. So you stand there and you say nothing. You're not a man. You're weak. You're a coward.

Sam: Noah, talk to me, all right? How can I help you?

Noah: You know how there are some things I haven't told you about Maya?

Sam: Well, that's been pretty clear from the get-go. So how can I help? I mean, do you need police help?

Noah: No -- well, maybe. But first, I just need you to hear me out.

Fancy: Noah. They told me you were in here.

Noah: Fancy, I --

Sam: Yeah, yeah. You know, we can finish this up later. Right now, you need to talk to this woman you love. All right? Good luck.

Fancy: I thought maybe you'd left.

Noah: No. But I can if you want me to. You know, I don't want to upset you.

Fancy: No, don't go. Wait.

Noah: Is there something you need or -- or help? Do you need some help or --

Fancy: Yes, there is something you can help me with.

Noah: A chair or -- or something to drink?

Fancy: No. I'll tell you what I need. This.

Kay: That's for you. And that's for you. And that's for you. And that's for you. I am going to tell Miguel that we are engaged right away, I promise.

Fox: Good. Listen, I hope you don't think I'm some insecure jerk worrying about your old boyfriend.

Kay: He was only my boyfriend. Anyway -- anyway, I'm going to tell him about our engagement, and then we can start planning our wedding. Ooh. Anyway, I don't want you to worry about him, ok, because he's only in town for a couple of days, and then he'll be off searching the world for the love of his life, Charity, again.

Paloma: You're staying in Harmony?

Miguel: Yes, I've made up my mind.

Paloma: Que maravilla! That's wonderful news!

Tabitha: Oh, dear. Your auntie Kay is in for heaps of trouble, sweet pea. And she has no idea the sky is about to fall in on her.

Theresa: Mm-hmm. Where is Ethan? Should've been here a long time ago.

[Phone rings]

Theresa: Collier.

Mr. Collier: Mrs. Crane, don't get angry again.

Theresa: Oh, my God. Gwen's left the office. She's on her way to see Ethan, isn't she?

Mr. Collier: No, that's not it. Look at the screen on your phone. I sent you a photo.

Theresa: Bitch.

Pilar: I have spent more than half my life alone, waiting for a man who doesn't exist. You've made my life a joke.

Martin: Pilar, no, let me explain.

Pilar: No, please. No more. No more words, no more explaining. I don't want to be the object of your pity. I'm done. I am so done. It's over.

Pilar: And you. If this sad excuse of a man is what you want, then you can have him. I don't want him. I never want to see him again.

Sheridan: Doctor, is there any way to speed up the healing process? This man might know where my missing son is.

Doctor: I need time, Mrs. Boothe. Can't rush these things.

Chris: Sheridan, come on, there's nothing else to be done here. Let's go for a walk. Let's try and figure out some other way to find Marty.

Sheridan: All right.

Sheridan: He may be the key to finding my son. He must be.

Chris: Aren't you coming?

Sheridan: I just have the weirdest feeling that if I leave this man, I'll never see him alive again.

Chris: Don't you think you're overreacting a little?

Sheridan: It's been known to happen before.

Otto: You're much brighter than I gave you credit for, Mrs. Boothe. Luis is dead.

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