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Paloma: Ma, what is taking you so long? I want to see you in your wedding dress.

Pilar: Patience, Paloma. Almost ready.

Paloma: Ok, but I'm sure you look... beautiful. Mama, you look like a queen.

Pilar: Oh, thank you.

Paloma: I can't wait to see Papa's face when he sets eyes on you.

Father Lonigan: I sense your torment, Martin. I remember how you told me that Katherine begged you to break your promise to Pilar so you could return to Katherine. I will ask you again. Are you having second thoughts about renewing your marriage vows to Pilar?

Katherine: If I can't get Martin to call off this ceremony, I hardly think that Pilar's going to be canceling it. This is the day she's been living for. This is her dream come true.

Rachel: I don't agree.

Katherine: Rachel, don't be ridiculous. Pilar loves Martin with her whole heart.

Rachel: And she wants the same thing from him. Pilar wants Martin to love her with his whole heart, too. Katherine, no woman wants to be second choice. There's still time for you to go to Pilar. Just tell her that you both know where Martin's heart lies, no matter what words he utters. Tell her--oh, tell her whatever it takes to make her stop this ceremony. If not, you're resigning yourself to a life of loneliness and heartache. I mean, is that what you want?

Kay: Fox, you are so amazing. You know, not many guys would pick up the phone in the middle of the day just to say I love you.

Fox: Well, I might as well admit, it wasn't completely spontaneous. When I heard you talking about Miguel earlier, it just made me realize how connected you're always going to be to him and--

Kay: Is that what's bothering you? Honey, the only reason that Tabitha and I were even talking about him is because of his parents' vow renewal ceremony today. You're gonna go, right?

Fox: You bet. See you later.

Kay: I love you. Bye.

Kay: What?

Tabitha: So blasť. You and Fox act as if you don't have a care in the world. Like everything's just hunky-dory.

Kay: Yeah, well, it will be once the damn planets are aligned.

Tabitha: You've got bigger problems than Mars and Mercury, my dear. They could all line up like the army drum and bugle call and you still have to deal with the dark side. Not to mention Fox's mommy dearest. Let's not forget her.

Valerie: Ivy, are you ok?

Ivy: Oh, Valerie, help me, please. These pigeons are eating me.

Valerie: Ugh, could you move a bit?

Ivy: Yeah, I'll try--I'll try. Oh. Oh.


Valerie: Ivy!

Theresa: Yeah, keep her as busy as you can, ok? If she wants to run to the post office to mail a letter, you send somebody else. If she wants to dash out for a cup of coffee, order in, ok? Do not, I repeat, do not let Gwen leave the office.

Mr. Collier: Yes, ma'am. Anything for Alistair's wife.

Theresa: Great. Well, there had to be some perk to marrying that evil old goat. And there is one. The only perk I've ever wanted.

Maya: Yeah, I'm looking at him right now. He's crushed.

Woman: Excellent. It means he hasn't told the girlfriend the whole story about you two.

Maya: That's easy for you to say. You don't have to watch his heart get shattered and know it's all because of you.

Woman: Stop being such a softie, Maya. You know where that gets you in this world.

Maya: I can't help it. I still--

Woman: I know. You still love him, truly the most dangerous of all 4-letter words. Be glad Noah hasn't spilled the truth about your past with him, unless you'd rather see him dead than heartbroken.

Fancy: Oh, Noah, why can't you just be straight with me?

Sheridan: I just want to see my little boy. All I want is 5 minutes with him, that's all I ask, and then you can do whatever you want with me.

Otto: Any sign of the husband? He's certain to come to her rescue. When he does, capture him. Then we can eliminate both of them.

Sheridan: I haven't done anything to you. Why won't you let a mother be with her son?

Chris: They're not even listening. They're just biding their time before they kill her. I've got to get her out of there.

Valerie: Oh, my God, Ivy.

Ivy: Oh, give me your hand. I don't know how much longer I can hold on.

Valerie: Stop kicking so I can reach you.

Ivy: Don't tell me to stop kicking! You're not the one hanging 22 stories above the ground!

Valerie: Actually it's 21. There's no 13th floor.

Ivy: Shut up, and give me your hand.

Valerie: I'm trying. Is this really worth it to keep Fox and Kay apart?

Ivy: Oh, yes, I will do whatever it takes to keep my son from marrying that--

[Screams] Ah!

Valerie: [Gasps]

Kay: I don't care how much Ivy or the dark side work against me and Fox. We've already made it this far. Nothing's going to break us up.

Tabitha: For someone who's inherited her mother's special gifts, sometimes you're as naive as a newborn kitten.

Kay: Ugh.

[Phone rings]

Kay: Hello?

Miguel: Kay, it's me--Miguel.

Noah: Hey, Fancy, just listen to me.

Fancy: Can you please give us a second?

Nurse: Sure.

Fancy: No more, Noah. Just leave me alone. The chauffeur's supposed to be here to take me home.

Noah: No, wait, Fancy, you need to give me a second, all right?

Fancy: Why? So we can go around in circles again? No thanks. Either you love me enough to be honest with me about your old girlfriend or you don't. Your actions make your feelings very clear.

Noah: No, Fancy, listen. I--I love you, all right? I do. That is exactly why I can't tell you everything.

Fancy: Oh, please stop it. I wasn't born yesterday. I know when a relationship is over.

Noah: No--no, don't say that, ok? Can't we just forget about my past with Maya and--and concentrate on the future--on our future together?

Sheridan: Have you ever lost someone that you love? Don't you have any children of your own?

Chris: There's only one way to get to her in time.

Sheridan: I know you can't be so cold-hearted.

Otto: It would appear that your groom has decided to forfeit your life to save his own.

Sheridan: Haven't you heard a word that I've said?

Otto: What kind of a man abandons his own wife in her time of need? You married a coward.

Sheridan: Chris is no coward. He would never abandon me to a pig like you.

Otto: Then where is he? Surely he would have ridden to your rescue if he had any intention of doing so.

Sheridan: Chris isn't afraid of you or your thugs. In fact, you know what? I hope he doesn't come to my rescue. I hope he saves himself so that when all this is over, he can rescue Marty and take care of him.

Chris: [Grunts]

Chris: [Grunts]

Sheridan: Oh, my God, Chris!

Otto: Get him!


Sheridan: Chris--Chris, be careful.

[Men grunting]

Chris: There we go. We gotta hurry.

Otto: Don't let them get away.

Sheridan: I can't believe you did that. You're bleeding.

Chris: It's nothing. Did they hurt you?

Sheridan: No--no, I'm fine.

Chris: We gotta get out of here.

Sheridan: Not without Marty.

Chris: We can't get him now, Sheridan. They're right on our heels.

Sheridan: He's somewhere in this house.

Otto: This way!

Chris: There's no time.

Sheridan: No, Chris, we've got to get back to the nursery.

Chris: Someone's coming. Come on, let's go.

Pilar: So you think that your father will still like the dress, huh?

Paloma: It's not the dress, Ma. When he sees you, he'll know he's the luckiest man in the world.

Pilar: Ay, Paloma. I have dreamed about this day since you were a little girl. Ah! If only Miguel were here. Then everything would be perfect.

Paloma: I'm sure he would come if he could. It'll be perfect anyway, Ma.

Pilar: You're right. You're right, mija, it will be. Because today your father and I are starting over. He's going to put the past behind him and start a new future with me.

Father Lonigan: Right now Pilar is upstairs dressing for what she believes will be the second happiest day of her life, the first one being the day you married her.

Martin: I know that, Father. No one knows as well as I what today means to her. I'd do anything not to cause her a moment's sadness.

Father Lonigan: Even marry her when your heart belongs to another woman?

Rachel: [Sighs] Katherine, please, go now. Find Pilar and tell her you need to speak to her.

Katherine: Rachel--

Rachel: Katherine, now, before it is too late.

Katherine: It's not going to make any difference. I've already talked with her.

Rachel: And obviously you failed to get your point across. Come on, you know I'm right. No woman wants to spend her life with a man who wishes he were with someone else.

Katherine: Rachel, it sounds good on paper, but the reality is not that black-and-white. Martin loved Pilar before he fell in love with me. He's an honorable man. And if the truth be told, Martin and I hurt Pilar terribly even though it was unintentional. How can I go to her now, today, when her dream is about to come true? How can I knowingly destroy them? I'm not cut out this way.

Rachel: Well, then obviously you are cut out to be a lonely, bitter, old woman who just doesn't have it in her to fight for the love of her life. If you can accept that, who am I to say that you can't? But I'll just tell you this. I'm glad it's you and not me that has to spend the rest of her life knowing that the man she loves is making love to another woman every night.

Theresa: Hi.

Ethan: Theresa, you never spelled out the obstacles for getting this whole project started off the ground.

Theresa: Ok, I--where do you want me to start, you know? With the fact that no two people I talked to shared the same vision? Or with the phone call that I received from the zoning board chair telling me that we will need a next-to-impossible variance in order to break ground.

Ethan: All right, all right, who's the current chairperson?

Theresa: Ethan, you know what? No, no, no, I can't--it's ok, sweetie pie. No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, sweetie. You know what? I don't want you to worry about this, ok, because you told me that you don't want anything to do with me or Crane Industries ever again.

Ethan: Theresa, it doesn't mean I'm not interested, ok? This happens to be my brainchild, remember?

Theresa: I know that, I know that, and I think it's a brilliant plan. I always have. That's why I want to see it come to fruition, you know? But really, don't even give it another thought, ok, because I'm sure that there are other people on staff who will help me execute it.

Ethan: Theresa, I'm just saying if you want to run any new ideas by me or anything, I'm open to that, especially when it comes to this rezoning problem. Now what did they say about this?

Jane: Uh-oh.

Theresa: Uh-oh, ok, all right, Ethan, this area over here.

Ethan: Uh-huh.

Theresa: Right here. This is the one that we want, you know, to rebuild. It's ok, sweetheart. Apparently, it is not zoned residential.

Ethan: It doesn't matter, ok? You want to--you want to take burned-out wasteland and turn it into affordable housing for people who can't afford good housing, Theresa.

Theresa: Yeah, and I know that, Ethan, and you know that--

Ethan: It doesn't matter. There's a way around it-- Harmony building code, section 102. Yeah, it states that if a property has not been commercially used for 10 years, you don't need a variance to rezone it.

Theresa: Wow.

Ethan: Yeah, I remember Alistair and his cronies were bound to put up the exact same roadblock. I looked it up, I found a way around it. I have documentation on it somewhere.

Theresa: Oh, Ethan, that--that would be great. It really, really would be. It's just--you know what? I will not drag you into doing something that you obviously don't have time for. So why don't you just go back to playing house hubby, and I will figure this out on my own.

Noah: Fancy, look, you know that I love you, and I believe that you love me, too, even though you are hurt and you're angry. But look, don't let this one little thing ruin what we have together.

Fancy: Keeping secrets is anything but little, Noah.

Man: Car's out front, ma'am.

Fancy: Good-bye, Noah.

Noah: Don't go, ok, not yet.

Man: Ms. Crane would like to leave, sir. Now.

Fancy: Just get me home, please.

Maya: You look terrible. Is everything all right?

Noah: No, everything's not all right, Maya. I just lost the woman that I love. You know, I need to talk to you.

Maya: You're hurting me, Noah.

Noah: Hey, are you are telling me everything?

Maya: About what?

Noah: Are you telling me everything you know about the people who are after us? Do you know who they are or where I can find them, because so help me if you do, I want to know right now.

Ivy: Oh.

Valerie: Take my hand, Ivy.

Ivy: I can't. I'm using both of them to hold on to this ledge. Oh, God, I'm going to die.

Valerie: Just hang on with your right hand and give me your left, trust me.

Ivy: Oh, trust you?!

Valerie: Doesn't seem like you have much choice right now, do you?

Ivy: Oh, oh.


Valerie: Oh, my God, you're heavy.

Ivy: Oh, God. Not one word. Oh, oh. Oh, ah!


Valerie: If I were you, I would lay off manipulating my children's love lives.

Ivy: Well, you're not me, Valerie, and I'm not manipulating anything. I'm just trying to protect them. I need to talk to Fox right now.

Valerie: Now?

Ivy: Yes, now.

Valerie: But--

ivy: Oh, don't worry about me. You just concentrate on getting Miguel back on the phone, and let me work on Fox.

Valerie: I'd still be on the phone with Miguel if you hadn't cut us off.

Ivy: Just get Miguel on the phone and get him back to Harmony.

Ivy: Valerie, thank you for saving my life.

Valerie: Any time.

Ivy: Yeah, and you're doing a good job with Miguel. Just finish it by convincing him to come back here to Harmony.

Valerie: I'll try my best.

Ivy: No--no, do better than that.

[Door closes]

Valerie: I'm glad Ivy thinks this is all worth it. I am seriously starting to have my doubts.

Miguel: What's going on up there, Kay? Is there something you're not telling me about Maria?

Kay: No, everything's fine. Why?

Miguel: Because-- Kay, I'm sorry. I can't stay on. I got another call coming in. It could be about Charity.

Kay: Wait, Miguel, I just wanted--

Miguel: Take care.

Kay: [Scoffs]

Tabitha: Maria's daddy, I take it?

Kay: Yeah, and just the same as ever. He didn't get two words out before he hung up to take another call that might have been about Charity. God, some things never change.

Tabitha: Well, that doesn't mean that he's not going to be a major obstacle to your future with Fox.

Kay: You know what, Tabitha? That's ridiculous, ok, because he doesn't care about me, and I don't care about him. And I'm sick and tired of all your dire warnings. Nothing is going to get in the way of my happiness with Fox.

Fox: You say you're over Miguel, Kay, but are you really?

Sheridan: That's it! That's the door to the nursery.

Chris: Keep your voice down. It might be a trap.

Sheridan: I know that's it. Marty's in there, I just know it.

Pilar: Oh, I feel like a bride in her twenties.

Paloma: I've never seen you more beautiful or happy, Ma.

Pilar: Thank you, mija. This truly is the happiest day of my life. After today, I will have everything I've ever wanted. Of course, except for Antonio and Luis.

Paloma: Yeah, I know. But hey, I have something for you to carry during the ceremony. Let me get it. It's back at the house.

Pilar: Well, Palomita, don't take too long. We don't have a lot of time, ok?

Paloma: No, I won't be late.

Father Lonigan: You must be truthful, not only with me but more importantly to yourself and to Pilar. Are you thinking of calling off today's ceremony?

Martin: I'll tell you exactly what I told Katherine. Pilar is my wife, the mother of my children. She's been hurt enough by my actions.

Father Lonigan: Which does not answer my question. We both know what a proud woman Pilar is. She would not want you to marry her out of some sense of guilt over past wrongdoings. Is that why you're staying with her, Martin? Are you renewing your vows out of sense of responsibility or love?

Rachel: Katherine, if you really love Martin--

Katherine: You know I do. He's the only man I've ever loved.

Rachel: Then do something about it. Don't spend the rest of your life knowing that someone is living with somebody else when he should be living with you and not Pilar.

Katherine: Rachel, I'm not you. I can't just walk in on Pilar and dash all her hopes and all her dreams.

Rachel: Is it better to do nothing? Just let her marry a man that you know is in love with you? Now, if you think about it, stopping this ceremony is not only the best thing for you and Martin, but it's the kindest act you can do for Pilar. But then again you're right. You're not me. You have to do what you feel is right for yourself.

Mr. Collier: Excuse me, I don't mean to interrupt, but do you have the 2005 numbers on that--that project?

Gwen: I do. Actually it's right here, Mr. Collier.

Mr. Collier: Oh, great, excellent. And you'll have the revised numbers by the end of the day?

Gwen: Absolutely, not a problem.

Mr. Collier: I appreciate it.

Gwen: Ok, I need to work fast if I'm going to make it to the ceremony at all. I'll be damned if I'm gonna leave Ethan alone there with Theresa.

Ethan: Listen, Theresa, if you don't mind, no more references to Mr. Mom, please.

Theresa: [Chuckles] I--I'm sorry. You're right, that was just not nice. Of course that was offensive. I mean, you've always been the breadwinner of the family and--

Ethan: It's only for a little while, all right? Gwen wanted to get back into her career. I'm fine with it.

Theresa: Well, of course, Ethan. I mean whatever, you know, works. It's between you and Gwen.

Ethan: Hi, yeah, this is Ethan Winthrop. I was wondering if you could send the nanny up to the library so she could watch Jane for a while. Thanks so much.

Theresa: Why did you just do that? I mean, our daughter's being a perfect angel.

Ethan: She is an angel, but I can concentrate on work a little better when I know someone is watching her. Now listen to me. Theresa, I know this project inside and out, all right? All these little problems you're having, I can work them out in no time flat, all right?

Man: Are you sure you wouldn't be more comfortable in bed, ma'am?

Fancy: I'm--I'm fine, Robards. Thank you.

Robards: You're welcome.

Fancy: Oh, Noah, why couldn't you tell me the truth? Why does it have to be like this?

Noah: Dammit, Maya, I did what you asked. I kept the truth from Fancy, and now I have lost her.

Maya: I'm sorry you're so upset.

Noah: Look, I want to know if there is something you are keeping from me. I want to find the people who beat you up, the scum who almost killed Fancy with their car, the creep who put a bullet on her pillow in some pathetic attempt to scare me off. They are going to be sorry they ever involved Fancy in this. Dammit, I am going to make someone pay for what they are costing us.

Maya: Look, if you want to hit somebody, hit me. This is all my fault.

Noah: No--no, it's not. Right? Because you don't know who these people are any more than I do... do you? Maya? Have they gotten back in contact with you? Do you know how to reach these people?

Maya: Noah, you're scaring me.

Noah: You will have no idea what scared is, if you don't level with me right now.

Tabitha: What part of the dark side's ammo don't you understand, dear? You sold your soul to the dark side to make Miguel love you not so many years ago.

Kay: Oh, don't remind me of that, please. Anyway, for starters, that was puppy love. I didn't know what real love was until I met Fox.

Tabitha: Yes, well, all I'm saying is you're getting in way over your head here, dear. Not you, sweet pea. No, I'm talking to Aunty Kay right now. All I'm trying to do, Kay, is help you protect your interest.

Kay: No, you're trying to ruin my day, not to mention my entire life.

Tabitha: That's not so. I'm trying to make you see what's inevitable down the road for you and ivy's son.

Kay: Yeah, well, you know what? Fox and I--we're doing fine and we're going to stay that way, right, honey? Yes.

Tabitha: Don't say I didn't warn you, Kay.

Ivy: Oh, sweetheart.

Fox: Mother, what are you doing--what the hell happened to you?

Ivy: Oh, yeah, I'm--I'm a little bit of a mess, aren't I?

Fox: Well, you're--

ivy: Yeah, it's just one of those days, you know, you know? How's your day going?

Fox: Fine, and yours?

Ivy: Great--great, you know, perfect. Now that Sam and I are officially engaged, it's perfect. And you and Kay... how's everything with you?

Fox: Kay and I are doing great. Why wouldn't we be?

Ivy: It's just that--no, no. I'm happy everything's going great. Yeah.

Fox: What? What were you just about to say?

Ivy: Nothing. What would I know about you and Kay?

Fox: I'm not sure, but you're engaged to her father. Is there something going on I don't know?

Ivy: Oh, Fox, you know, I am sure it's absolutely nothing.

Fox: What?

Ivy: Well, honey, I--you know, you know what? I'd rather not say it because I am sure I am blowing this whole thing out of proportion.

Fox: Mother, come on, no fair. Finish what you were saying.

Ivy: Ok. Well, I am sure Kay has told you how she just can't seem to get enough of those photos she keeps at her dad's.

Fox: No, not really.

Ivy: Oh. Well, they're--they're baby photos mostly... of, you know, Maria when she was an infant with Kay and Miguel. I asked her why she just doesn't want to take them over to Tabitha's, but she just doesn't want to. Actually, I have a couple of them here.

Fox: What--what--why do you have pictures with you?

Ivy: Because I was going to blow them up and have them framed. I know how much they mean to her.

Fox: All right, can I see them?

Ivy: Oh, sure, of course. Yeah. Ah, there.

Fox: Wow. They really were a family.

Ivy: Well, I'm sure you and Kay have worked past all that old baggage. Good for you.

Valerie: Come on, Miguel, pick up the phone.

[Phone ringing]

Miguel: Bueno.

Valerie: Miguel, it's me again from Crane Industries.

Miguel: Oh, right.

Valerie: I'm sorry about earlier. I just wanted to make sure that you understood how important it was to your sister that you come back to Harmony, if only for a visit.

Miguel: I don't get this. Theresa and I spoke.

Valerie: That was earlier, I believe. She really, really made your presence here sound urgent.

Miguel: I don't get it. I just talked to my daughter's mother and everything's fine on that end.

Valerie: All I know is your sister was very adamant. She wants you to come home and she'll do whatever it takes to get you here, including sending the private plane to pick you up.

Miguel: That's crazy.

Valerie: I'm--I'm just following orders. She also told me to tell you that you could pick up your search for Charity after your visit here. So where should I tell the Crane pilot to pick you up?

Sheridan: My son is in there, I know it.

Chris: Even if you're right, we don't know if he's alone.

Sheridan: You're right. Beth could be in there, too. Come on, let's go inside.

Chris: I just want to be extra careful.

Chris: You do it.

Chris: He's not here.

Sheridan: These things, these are boy's things.

Chris: They're not necessarily Marty's.

Sheridan: Yes they are. I gave this to him. I gave this to him before anyone believed that he was my son. Beth must have brought it with them when she kidnapped him. He's here, Chris. Marty is somewhere in this house.

Father Lonigan: When you came to confession, when you and Pilar were thinking about renewing your marriage vows, you told me something I haven't forgotten.

Martin: I told you that I hadn't been able to put my feelings for Katherine behind me.

Father Lonigan: You also told me that you were going to try, that you were going to pray to God to have them lifted. Have you been successful, Martin? Or are you still harboring deep feelings for Katherine?

[Door opens]

Pilar: Did you forget something, Palo-- I thought you were going to leave the house before the ceremony.

Katherine: I changed my mind, Pilar. I need to talk to you now.

Gwen: [Sighs] Oh. Farley, would you mind coming in here for a moment, please? Ok, now I can make it in time to Pilar and Martin's ceremony and be able to stop whatever Theresa has planned for Ethan. Hi, I just wanted to let you know I'm gonna head out for the day, ok?

Farley: But Mr. Collier told me to give you these when you finished the report.

Gwen: I'm sure they can wait till tomorrow.

Farley: I don't think so. He said that he needs them all done today.

Gwen: Dammit.

Farley: Excuse me?

Gwen: Nothing, nothing at all. Thank you.

Ethan: See what I mean? I mean, if you make this a 3-story complex instead of going for the 5, Alistair and his cronies--they--they can't have a thing to say about it.

Theresa: Simple, yet brilliant. You know what? I never would have thought of this on my own.

[Phone rings] Excuse me.

Ethan: Do you need to take that?

Theresa: Um, you know, it's just a text message.

Ethan: Anything important?

Theresa: Oh, no, nothing that concerns you. All right, so anyway, I was thinking over...

Tabitha: You've endured the wrath of the dark side before, Kay.

Kay: What are they gonna do, huh? Send demons to suck everyone's house under the ground if Fox and I plan to get married?

Tabitha: Don't mock them. They could do worse than that this time around.

Kay: Just stop, Tabitha, it's not working, ok? I am not afraid of anything they or poison Ivy throw at me. Fox and I love each other enough to battle anyone who gets in our way.

Tabitha: Why do I think that Romeo and Juliet felt the same way?

Kay: Ok, I'm not having this conversation anymore. Ok, let's go, sweetheart. We've got a vow renewal ceremony to get to.

Tabitha: Yes, this is one event I wouldn't want to miss either. Oh, you go on ahead, Kay.

Kay: Ok.

Tabitha: Yeah, Endora and I will catch up. Come on, my little one. I sometimes think that you're a little angel. Anyone would think so. Actually you're just the opposite, aren't you? Hey. Come along, my little sweet pea. We are going to stir up some fun. Aren't we, huh? Come on.

Ivy: What's wrong?

Fox: Nothing.

Ivy: Oh, I knew I shouldn't have shown you those. Fox, honey, really. Don't read more into Kay's obsession with these than there really is.

Fox: I mean, there's nothing I can do about it. Miguel is Maria's biological father, so--

Ivy: Oh, please, he hasn't been around in ages. These were taken right after the baby was born. Well, it's just that these probably are the only pictures she has of the 3 of them together.

Fox: No, I--I get that. What I don't understand is why is she keeping them at her father's house? I mean, why not bring them over to Tabitha's? Have them with her there.

Ivy: Because you're there. Oh, I did not mean that the way it sounded.

Fox: No, it's--it's all right. I was just thinking the same thing. I mean, Kay wouldn't go around looking at these in secret if it wasn't something really important to her.

Ivy: Fox, I'm sure you're mistaken. Why would Kay hide anything from you?

Fox: Right.

Miguel: I don't know what to say.

Valerie: Say yes. Come back in time for your parents' vow renewal ceremony and you can go back to your search right afterwards. Oh, and I'm also instructed to tell you that you have full power of Crane Industries at your disposal if you need it. You will be coming back to Harmony, won't you, Miguel?

Noah: Ok. Maya, what are you keeping from me, all right? Have these people gotten in contact with you? I mean, why are you looking like this?

Maya: Because they keep calling me.

Noah: I knew it. Where are they? I mean--how do I get in--where do I find them?

Maya: I don't know. They call me on my cell phone and there's no caller id.

Noah: Well, why didn't you tell me this before?

Maya: Because I didn't want to get you more involved. I was trying to protect you. I don't want to drag you back into all this again.

Noah: Well, it's a little late for that, don't you think, Maya? I mean, not only are we in danger, but now Fancy's in danger, as well. Look, give me your cell phone. Come here.

Maya: Why? What good is that gonna do?

Noah: The next time those goons call, they're gonna realize that they dialed the wrong number. Nobody threatens the woman that I love.

Fancy: I loved you, Noah. I never loved anyone the way I loved you.

Otto: Morons! Find that couple before they escape the grounds, and whatever you do, they can never see the nursery.

Chris: We can't stay. They'll be looking for us here.

Sheridan: But Marty--

Woman: Frere Jacques, Frere Jacques, dormez-vous

Sheridan: Someone's in there.

Woman: Dormez-vous; sonnez les matines; sonnez les matines; ding, dong, ding; ding, dong, ding

Chris: Is that Beth's voice?

Sheridan: I can't tell. But whoever it is, it sounds like they're singing to a child. Oh, my God, Chris, my son is on the other side of this door.

Woman: Sonnez les matines; sonnez les matines; ding, dong, ding

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