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Tabitha: Isn't it sweet that Fluffy and Endora were cuddled up napping together like that?

Fox: Yeah, except for when Fluffy tried to scratch me for tucking in Endora.

Tabitha: I think it's sweet that Fluffy is so protective of our little lamb.

Fox: Is there a window open? It's like a draft in here.

Kay: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Fox, your shirt is ripped.

Fox: I thought that I felt something in Endora's room.

Tabitha: Well, just don't-- don't take your jacket off at work and no one will notice.

Fox: Ah, good idea. I'm going to go change. I'll be right back, ok?

Kay: Aw, what was that for?

Fox: Because I love you. Because out of all the women in the world, you're the only one for me.

Kay: Aw, and you are the only man for me.

Kay: What?

Tabitha: Kay, how can you say that to Fox, that he's the only man for you, when only just a few minutes ago you said you thought Miguel was the shadow that we saw looming over you and Fox at the altar?

Kay: Yeah, well, I say a lot of things, ok? Most of them are wrong or stupid. Or both, according to you.

Tabitha: Well, maybe in this case you're right. Maybe Miguel is a threat to your future with Fox.

Kay: Yeah, well, how could he be unless I still love Miguel?

Tabitha: Do you, Kay? Does Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald still have a hold on your heart?

Man: Miguel, tienes una llamada por telefono.

Valerie: Miguel comes to phone?

Man: Si.

Valerie: You have to tell him it's urgent that I speak to him.

Man: Miguel, ven a hablar con esta mujer.

Ivy: Valerie, Valerie, did you really find Miguel?

Valerie: He's in Mexico. I'm waiting for him to come to the phone.

Ivy: Say or do anything! Just get him back to Harmony. Oh, Kay's first love is my best hope to stop her from marrying Fox.

Noah: Fancy, look, about my past with Maya-- can we just not get into that right now? I mean, you're about to come home from the hospital. You should be focusing on getting better, not on heavy-duty topics like my past with Maya.

Fancy: You promised to tell me everything about her.

Noah: Look, get your strength back first, ok? You don't need to be worrying about what happened in the past.

Fancy: Stop trying to put me off. I want to know everything you've been keeping from me.

Maya: Don't let Fancy talk you into telling the truth, Noah. We'll all live to regret it.

Pilar: Gracias, Palomita. Thank you so much for helping me get ready for the ceremony. Not only are your father and I starting over, but in a way, we are, too, you know. I know how upset you were that I sent you to live in Mexico with your tia Maria. And for you to be here today just--God bless you, my angel.

Paloma: I know renewing your vows to Papi means the world to you.

Pilar: It does. It's a dream come true. I just hope your father is as excited as I am.

Paloma: I'm sure recommitting himself is all he thinks about.

Pilar: And I'm sure it's all Katherine thinks about, too.

Katherine: Martin, I know you feel guilty leaving Pilar all those years ago to protect me.

Martin: You're damn right I feel guilty.

Katherine: Well, can you see how this guilt is driving you to renew these vows when you know that's not what's in your heart?

Martin: I want to make Pilar happy. I want to make up for walking out on our marriage and leaving her to fend for herself and for our children, to make up for her not having the love that she craved from a husband who wasn't there.

Katherine: It's all true and very noble, Martin. But how can you make someone happy when you're not happy?

Martin: I'll be happy with Pilar.

Katherine: Happier than you'd be with me?

Ethan: Oh, there's my good, clean girl. And mommy Gwen--she knew just how to feed you, but I watched very closely and I know how to do it now.

Theresa: Hi.

Ethan: Hi.

Theresa: Am I interrupting or--

Ethan: No, no, not at all. Jane just finished eating.

Theresa: Hello, baby. Wow. You are getting so big.

Ethan: Listen, Theresa, if you're here to campaign to lure me back to Crane, then forget about it because I'm done with it.

Theresa: Oh, no, no. I know that. I totally got that. Actually, I'm here to invite you and Jane to my parents' vow renewal ceremony. It's kind of short notice, I know, because it's today. It's at the mansion. Jane is their grandchild, so I just know my mother would be really, really happy to have her.

Gwen: Does Pilar really want Jane there, or do you want Ethan there to be close to you?

Sheridan: Otto Krause.

Otto: At your service.

Sheridan: Where's Marty? I want my son back.

Chris: Now, Krause!

Otto: That's out of the question. You'll never see Marty again.

Sheridan: No!

Paloma: Mami, are you crying?

Pilar: Si, mija, but they're happy tears. They are. I have waited and prayed for this day almost as long as you've been alive. When your father disappeared, I became--I don't know--kind of numb inside, you know? And I took comfort in the hope that one day he would come back to me. And now, after hundreds if not thousands of candles, he's come back. My husband is back home and he's anxious to, you know, make up for all the lost years because of Alistair and--and Katherine.

Paloma: I hope renewing your vows to Papi is the fresh start you want it to be.

Pilar: It will be. It will be. I know it will be. The ceremony and our lives together are-- they're my dream come true.

Martin: Please stop. Whether I'd be happier with you than with Pilar is irrelevant. I'm going to renew my vows and spend the rest of my life making up for the years that I abandoned her and my family. I mean, Pilar and I were-- we were happy before I left, and we'll be happy together now.

Katherine: Even though you love me?

Martin: I love Pilar, too. And I owe her. I owe both her and the kids for what my leaving Harmony to protect you cost them.

Katherine: I know you want to do the right thing, Martin. But is living a lie the right thing?

Martin: What lie? I do love her.

Katherine: Not to the depth and the passion that you love me.

Martin: No, really, Katherine, you have to stop saying this.

Katherine: Martin, tell me the truth. Tell me that you can stop the feelings you have for me, that you can just ignore the passions that we have for each other. Tell me that.

Martin: I know I can't.

Katherine: Darling, it's all right. We didn't plan on falling in love. But we did. We fell desperately, passionately in love with each other. Martin, don't deny that. Don't deny everything that we have to be with Pilar. Please?

Theresa: Hi, Gwen.

Gwen: Well, you look really surprised to see me.

Theresa: I do?

Gwen: Yeah, how come?

{Theresa: Now, keep Gwen busy because I'm off to see Ethan. I don't want her showing up and ruining my day.} Well, I wasn't sure how you were going to react to seeing me because I know I'm not your favorite person.

Gwen: That's right, you're really not.

Theresa: I know. Yeah, you know, I came here actually to invite Jane to my parents' vow renewal ceremony. And my mother would just love to have her.

Gwen: Then how come Pilar didn't call us herself?

Theresa: Because she's busy.

Gwen: Or--I mean, why are you here, you know, behind my back, asking Ethan and Jane to go to the ceremony, unless of course you just want Ethan all to yourself as usual?

Sheridan: Give me my son.

Otto: That's impossible. You'll never see your son again.

Chris: Damn it, Krause, just do it!

Otto: I don't take orders from you, Boothe.

Sheridan: As Alistair Crane's daughter, I am ordering you to get Marty and give him to me.

Otto: I only take orders from Mr. Crane.

Sheridan: My father is in a coma right now, so I'm in charge. Give me my son!

Otto: I know Mr. Crane is in a coma. But his orders still stand, and you will never see your son again.

Sheridan: Look, if it's money you want, just name your price and I'll pay it. You can be set for life.

Otto: Your father has already seen to that. Now, if you will excuse me, I have things to do.

Chris: We're not leaving without Sheridan's son.

Otto: Actually, you are. I'm in the main room with two special guests. Please, come and show them the hospitality they deserve.

Chris: You won't get away with this, Krause. People know that Sheridan and I are in Hawaii.

Otto: Doesn't matter. The game's over, and you lost.

Sheridan: I did not come all this way to leave without my son. Now give me Marty back!

Sheridan: Chris!

Kay: Trust me, Tabitha, I'm over Miguel.

Tabitha: Are you, Kay? You know, first loves always hold a special place in one's heart. One of my first loves was an Egyptian priest in the cult of the dead. He had the cutest asp.

Fox: God, could you imagine the gossip around the office if I would have worn that shredded shirt in today?

Kay: Well, I'm sure we give the executive suite enough to talk about already.

Fox: All right, goodbye, ladies. Oh, look at you. You are so cute. How can I leave without playing with you just a little bit?

Kay: Say hi.

Fox: Ok, you and me go play in the living room.

Kay: You want to go?

Fox: Just for a bit, and then I'll go to work, ok?

Kay: Go with Fox, yeah.

Fox: All right. Come on. Come on.

Kay: Aw.

Fox: All right.

Kay: Bye. I love him, and I can't wait to marry him.

Tabitha: So you think that Miguel wasn't the shadow that we saw looming over your future with Fox, huh?

Kay: Well, it could be, but not because I still have feelings for him.

Tabitha: Ah. Well, now I know you're lying. I mean, what woman, apart from Simone, wouldn't want to be with Miguel?

Kay: Would you please just stop looking for trouble?

Tabitha: I'm not, Kay. I'm trying to help you avoid it. At great personal risk, I might add.

Kay: Ok, well, if you want to help me, maybe you could get out your astrological charts and tell me when the planets are going to be aligned so I can finally accept Fox's proposal.

Tabitha: Yeah, I'd be happy to, dear.

Kay: Thank you.

Tabitha: Ah. Now, let's see what's what.

Singer: When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars

Singers: This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius age of Aquarius Aquarius

Tabitha: Aha.

Kay: What?

Tabitha: Just as I thought. The planets are still days away from getting back in alignment, and you cannot accept Fox's proposal until that time.

Kay: Darn it. I am tired of waiting to get married.

Tabitha: Are you, Kay? Are you? Or are you just anxious to tie the knot with Fox before Miguel comes back to town, huh?

Kay: Now, why would you think that?

Tabitha: Well, if Miguel gives up his search for Charity, he may just want to get back with you.

Man: Miguel, telefono.

Valerie: Hola. Miguel, por favor.

Man: Si, un momento.

Ivy: What's going on?

Valerie: I asked for Miguel and he told me to wait a minute.

Ivy: We finally did it. We found Miguel. Now we just have to get him back to Harmony.

[Phone rings]

Man: Un momento, por favor.

Miguel: Bueno? Si.

Miguel: Un momento.

Man: Ay, yi, yi. Uh, sorry, no Miguel.

Valerie: But you just told me he was there. Hello? Hola? Hola? The line just went dead. We were so close.

Ivy: Oh, now we're never going to find Miguel.

Valerie: Unless--

Fancy: I want to know the truth. Tell me what you've been keeping from me.

Noah: Fancy, please, let's just get you home first, ok? After you rest, we can take it from there.

Fancy: We can do that. Or we can do something else.

Noah: What, you want to get some food on the way back to the mansion, or--

Fancy: I'd rather you repeat what you said to me last night.

Noah: Last night?

Fancy: When you told me everything that happened to you and Maya.

Noah: You heard that? I thought you were asleep.

Maya: Oh, my God. If Fancy knows everything, we're all as good as dead.

Theresa: Nothing's going on here. I just came to invite Jane. So, you know, you've got a suspicious mind if you're thinking otherwise.

Gwen: Yeah, where you're concerned, you bet I do.

Theresa: Look, my mom's been very busy. She's planning the vow renewal ceremony, so she didn't have a chance to call you. It must have slipped her mind. That's why I'm here. I came to invite Jane in person.

Gwen: Right, which you did, so, you can leave.

Theresa: Are you in a hurry? Because it seems like I'm keeping you from something, you know? Why are you dressed like that, anyway?

Gwen: Because I got a job, Theresa, not that it's any of your business.

Theresa: Really?

Gwen: Yes, and don't even tell me you're going to try and have me fired so you can force Ethan to go back to work for you, because it won't work.

Theresa: I know, Gwen. Ethan made it very clear to me that he wants nothing to do with me or Crane Industries anymore.

Ethan: That's right.

Theresa: I lost. I thought that having all the money and power would bring you back to me, and I was wrong.

Gwen: It's not like you to give up.

Theresa: You know, I didn't come here to fight over Ethan. I didn't. I really just came here to invite Jane to my parents' vow renewal ceremony. And, look, if you weren't working, love to have you, too. But since you are, it would be great, you know, if Ethan could at least bring Jane.

Ethan: It's up to you. If it upsets you too much, I won't go, even if it upsets Pilar.

Theresa: Is it ok if Ethan and Jane come to the ceremony?

Noah: So, you remember what I said about my past with Maya, how what happened way back then isn't over?

Fancy: I know you told me about your past. But I was too groggy to remember what you said.

Maya: We're getting a second chance, Noah. Don't blow it. What fancy doesn't know can't hurt her.

Fancy: So, what did you say to me? What kind of trouble did you and Maya get mixed up in?

Noah: Whoa--trouble?

Fancy: Maya was mugged the other night. You started to tell me why a couple of times. The last was when that car plowed into the diner and--

Maya: Don't do it, Noah. Don't tell Fancy anything.

Fancy: Please, tell me what's going on. Help stop my imagination from working overtime.

Noah: Maybe when you're stronger.

Fancy: Oh, for God's sake, Noah, tell me what happened with you and Maya! Tell me why your past with her has come back to haunt you.

Noah: Fancy, look, I--I'm not entirely sure of that myself.

Fancy: You must have some idea.

Noah: Yeah, I have some kind of idea, but telling you would only raise more questions than answers.

Fancy: At least we wouldn't have this secret between us. I hate secrets, Noah. And you keeping things from me means you don't trust me.

Noah: No, it means that I am trying to protect you, Fancy.

Fancy: From what?

Noah: From getting hurt again or worse.

Fancy: I don't have the energy or the strength to argue with you, so I'm only going to say this once. Our relationship can't go on if you're going to keep secrets from me. Now tell me the truth, or we can't be together.

Paloma: Now that your hair is done, I'm going to finish your nails and then I'm going to start with your makeup, ok?

Pilar: Whatever you say, mija. I have never felt more beautiful.

Paloma: Papi will be amazed.

Pilar: I hope so. I can't wait to be standing on the aisle and looking down at your father at the altar, knowing all the happiness that lies ahead of us. After we renew our vows, no one will come between my husband and me. No one.

Katherine: We can't help it that we're soul mates, Martin, any more than Luis and Sheridan could. Do you remember them in Puerto Arena? They were so in love and so devoted to each other. It's the same for us.

Katherine's voice: Our passion is so much more than just the physical. We're kindred spirits. We're two halves of the same whole. We complete each other just being together.

Martin: I do love being with you-- talking, laughing, reading the paper, taking a walk. Some of my most intimate moments are seared in my brain forever.

Katherine: Oh. Oh, Martin. Oh, God. Oh, Martin.

Sheridan: Chris! Chris, be careful! Chris, stop it! We've got to find Marty! Chris, no! Oh, my God! Chris!

Chris: Let's get out of here.

Sheridan: Hurry, we have to find my son.

Man: Mr. Krause, are you all right, sir?

Otto: Never mind me. Sheridan and Boothe just got away. We have to find them before they find our guests.

Ethan: Look, like I said, it's up to you whether I take Jane to the mansion or not.

Gwen: It's ok. Take her. Just because we have problems with you doesn't mean we should cause your mother any upset on her big day.

Theresa: Thank you, Gwen. Really, thank you. You have no idea what this is going to mean to them. And, you know, I know they'll feel bad that you couldn't make it, but when I tell them that you're working, they're going to totally understand.

Maya: Oh, Noah, don't tell Fancy about the past. If you do, we'll all lose our lives.

Fancy: You know how important honesty is to me, that sharing my life with someone means sharing everything, good and bad. We promised to be true to each other, to trust each other with the truth.

Noah: I know, but--

Fancy: Keep your word, Noah. Tell me what you've been trying to tell me for days now. If you don't, we can't be a couple.

Noah: If you knew what was at stake, you wouldn't say that, Fancy.

Fancy: I know what's at stake. We are. If you can't be honest with me, I can't be with you. I can't and I won't.

Valerie: Line's still dead.

Ivy: Damn the Mexican phone company! We were so close to reaching Miguel.

Valerie: Well, I've done everything I can think of to get in touch with Miguel, so unless a miracle happens-- oh, my God. This could be it.

Ivy: What?

Valerie: The lead we've been looking for. It's another phone number on Miguel.

Kay: Look, ok, even if Miguel is the shadow over my relationship with Fox, it is not because I still love him.

Tabitha: Oh, really?

Kay: Yes, really. I mean, Miguel could be a problem for Fox and me for a lot of other reasons.

Tabitha: Name one.

Kay: I don't know. Miguel could be jealous that Maria thinks of Fox as her dad now. Or he could feel threatened that Fox can provide for Maria in a way that he can't.

Tabitha: I said name one reason.

Kay: The point is it doesn't matter if Miguel is the shadow or not because I love Fox and I want to be with him.

Tabitha: Now, say, just for argument's sake, that Miguel comes back to Harmony and he tells you that he still loves you and he wants to be with you. What would you do then?

Kay: You know what? I'm not even going to go there because that's not going to happen. I mean, Miguel has been chasing after Charity for years now. And not one time, not one time has he come home to see his daughter. So why would he just come back to Harmony and assume that Maria and I would just be waiting to make room for him?

Tabitha: Don't ask me. You mortals are harder to read than a doctor's handwriting.

Kay: Ok, well, then just leave me alone about Miguel.

Fox: Kay, what's going on?

Kay: Tabitha and I were just talking.

Fox: About Miguel.

Kay: Well, he is Maria's dad.

Fox: He's also your first love.

Kay: So?

Fox: So, is the real reason we're not engaged because you're waiting to hook up with Miguel?

Pilar: Wow, Paloma, look at that. They look great. Oh, if anybody sees me, they'll think I'm a lady of leisure, like Katherine.

Paloma: Oh, my God, I'm sorry.

Pilar: Palomita, what? Is something wrong?

Paloma: No. I'm just worried I'll make a mistake.

Pilar: Paloma. I think it's more than that. Tell me what's bothering you.

Katherine: Oh, Martin, how can you live the rest of your life with Pilar when you love me with the passion, the same passion that I love you with? We're soul mates, Martin. We're the perfect fit in every way.

Martin: Oh, Katherine.

Katherine: Make love to me, Martin. Make love to me. Make love to me.

Katherine: What is it? What is it, Martin?

Martin: It's Pilar.

Katherine: Oh, no.

Martin: Right now she's at the mansion getting ready to renew our vows, and here I am about to make love to you.

Katherine: That should prove something to you. You need to call off the ceremony.

Martin: No, I won't do it, Katherine. I can't ever disappoint Pilar again. I have to be there for her, for our kids, for our grandchildren. I'm sorry.

Katherine: Martin, no. No, you can't go. You can't turn your back on what we have!

Martin: I have to.

Katherine: Martin, it won't be the same with Pilar. You can't make her happy if you're miserable.

Martin: Yes, I can! I have to for her sake. Katherine, please, stop wasting your time holding out for me. Find someone else to love, someone who will love you half as much as I do.

Katherine: Martin, I can't lose you! I can't!

Martin: Katherine, it's over between us!

Katherine: No!

Martin: No, don't think of yourself as a loser in this. Don't think that you're a loser at all. Think of it as a chance to find someone else to be happy with, someone else you can love.

Katherine: Martin, how can you talk like this? I don't want anyone else. I want you.

Martin: You can't have me. I'm going to be with Pilar, and you have to accept that. You will find another man who will love you. But not me. I'm already married.

Katherine: Yes, you are. In your heart and in your soul, you are married to me.

Martin: This has to end.

Chris: Sheridan, this way.

Man: Where'd they go?

Second man: You don't suppose they found his room, do you?

Otto: Oh, God, I hope not. Come on.

Chris: Shh, I think I hear them.

Sheridan: Yeah, only they're not behind us.

Chris: No, they're not.

Chris: Otto and his men are in there.

Otto: Sheridan and Boothe are still at large inside the compound. Under no circumstances can they be allowed to find this room. So keep our guests occupied. Come on.

Sheridan: Did you hear what Otto said?

Chris: "Keep our guests quiet."

Sheridan: That means Beth and Marty must be in that room.

Paloma: Nothing's the matter, Mama. I just want you to look your best for Papa today. I'm going to do your makeup, ok?

Pilar: Paloma, sit down. You don't have to hide your feelings from me. I understand.

Paloma: You do?

Pilar: Yeah. I know how close you are to Katherine. When I sent you to live in Mexico with tia Maria, she helped raise you, along with your father.

Paloma: Yes, tia Ellie-- Katherine--has been like a mother to me.

Pilar: I know. I know. And because of that, I understand that-- well, I guess there must be some part of you that wishes your father was exchanging vows with Katherine and not with me.

Katherine: Martin, I know you want to do the right thing. It's part of who you are, and I love you for it. But if leaving Pilar all those years ago cut her to the quick, staying with her now when you love me will devastate her.

Martin: Not if I push my feelings for you aside.

Katherine: How do you do that? How do you lock your feelings away?

Martin: I did what I had to do to survive Alistair the same as you. And I'll do what's necessary to be a good husband to Pilar, a good father to my children. Katherine, I hate hurting you. I hate thinking about everything that we'll miss out on together. But I've hurt Pilar so much, I've missed out on so much of her life that I'm going to have to spend the rest of my life making up for it. And you, Katherine-- you have to forget about me because we can never be together again.

Katherine: Martin, please, please, please don't turn your back on us.

Martin: I'm sorry, Katherine. I have to. I'm going back to my wife.

Kay: Wait, you think that I'm stalling our engagement because I'm hoping Miguel will come back to Harmony and ask me to marry him?

Fox: Are you?

Kay: No! No, honey. No, not at all. Tabitha and I were just trying to figure out when's the earliest I could accept your proposal.

Tabitha: Unfortunately, my planetary charts were being very vague as to how much longer Mercury will be in flux.

Fox: What does any of this have to do with Miguel?

Kay: Oh, his name just came up because of Maria and the vow renewal ceremony.

Tabitha: Yeah, precisely.

Kay: And I was just telling her that even if he did come back and say that he wanted to be with me, I would never want to be with him because you are the love of my life.

Fox: Good answer.

Kay: No, it's the truth.

Fox: Relax, Kay. I believe you. Listen, I've got to get going to the office, ok?

Kay: Ok.

Fox: Here we go.

[Maria cries]

Fox: Oh, sorry, I got to go. I'll see you at the mansion tonight, ok?

Kay: Ok. I can't wait.

Fox: All right, bye.

Tabitha: Fox tried to hide it, but he was really quite rattled when he heard you mention the M word.

Kay: Yeah, well, he shouldn't be because even if Miguel was here, I would still want to be with Fox.

Tabitha: If you say so, dear.

Kay: I just did.

Tabitha: And I was just agreeing with you.

Kay: Oh. I thought you were making a little dig about Miguel being the shadow we saw tearing apart my relationship with Fox. You know, but how could that happen anyway? Because Miguel is off God knows where chasing after Charity. And he even told me that he's not going to come home anytime soon. So, no, he is no threat to me and Fox. No threat at all.

Ivy: How did you get Miguel's cell phone number?

Valerie: Oh, I had Crane security establish a location for the number we just called in Mexico. Then they ran a search of all cell phone calls to and from that location in the last few hours. Of all those calls, they were traced back to Mexican cell phone owners, except for one, which was traced back to a disposable cell phone.

Ivy: Oh, the kind Miguel would buy because he's on the move all the time.

Valerie: Exactly, which is the number I'm calling right now.

Ivy: Oh, and with any luck, Miguel will answer it.

Miguel: Hello?

Valerie: Hello. Am I speaking to Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald?

Miguel: Yes. Who is this?

Valerie: I work for your sister Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald-Crane. She needs you to come back to Harmony right away. You need to come home as soon as possible.

Noah: Please, don't let this one little thing come between us.

Fancy: This one thing? You make it sound like no big deal, and it's huge. My eye is messed up because your past with Maya came back to haunt you.

Noah: I'm sorry.

Fancy: Sorry doesn't cut it. Look at me, Noah. Look at me. This happened because you didn't tell me the truth when I first asked you to. Now, tell me about your past with Maya and what happened that made people want to hurt you, or we are finished.

Theresa: Oh, your grandparents are going to be so happy to see you. And your daddy. Yes.

Ethan: Ok, Jane's all set. I just have to change and we can go.

Theresa: Ok.

Gwen: Well, sweet pea, we are going to have so much fun seeing our family and friends, aren't we? Yes.

Theresa: Well, you're--you're going to go to the ceremony?

Gwen: Well, of course I am, with my husband and our daughter.

Theresa: What about your job, Gwen?

Gwen: Well, like you said, you know, family comes first. You know, it comes before work, anyone, anything else, and I'm never going to let anyone come between my husband and my daughter and myself ever again.

Sheridan: Did you hear what Otto said about their guests? Marty must be in here.

Chris: Who else could it be?

Sheridan: Oh, my God.

Sheridan: Marty's bedroom. We found him. We finally found my son.

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Otto: There's no escape.

Sheridan: Let me go!

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