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Fancy: I am asking you for the full story about your so-called ex-girlfriend Maya. If she is really ancient history like you said, you wouldn't have called me by her name just now. So, either you tell me all about Maya right now, or you say good-bye to me forever.

Maya: I called for an appointment. It should be under "Maya."

Woman: Ah, I see you booked yourself for our complete platinum package. Better known to us as "The Works."

Maya: Yes. Um, how long does that take, because I need to be somewhere later--

Woman: Don't tell me. You got a big date planned with a special guy. Don't worry, we'll get you out of here in plenty of time.

Maya's voice: Only one catch. Noah doesn't know we have a big date tonight. Well, he will soon enough.

Ivy: [Gasps] Damn it, I'm never gonna be any good in the kitchen.

Valerie: Maybe this isn't a good time.

Ivy: Oh no, this is a perfect-- this is a ducky time, Valerie. When were you going to tell me about Fox and Kay?

Valerie: Sorry, it's been crazy at work with Alistair in the hospital.

Ivy: I don't care. You were supposed to call me the minute you heard anything.

Valerie: You couldn't have done anything more than I could have.

Ivy: Oh, you know, if I hadn't just happened to call my jeweler, and he hadn't accidentally dropped that Fox bought an engagement ring, I wouldn't have even known that Fox is going to propose to Kay if he hasn't already.

Valerie: Look, Ivy...

Ivy: We had a deal, Valerie. You were supposed to be my eyes and ears concerning my son. Or--or don't you care or aren't you interested in a brilliant career at Crane anymore?

Valerie: Of course I am. I don't want Fox proposing to Kay anymore than you do. Part of our deal is that I get to be Mrs. Fox Crane.

Ivy: Well, that is never going to happen unless we can find a way to come between those two. I just hope Fox hasn't popped the question already.

Valerie: Well, I wouldn't count on that. When Fox bought that ring, he was bound and determined to ask Kay to marry him. I wouldn't be surprised if Kay is wearing that diamond ring already.

Tabitha: Mewling maggots, Kay. Please don't tell me you've accepted Fox's marriage proposal.

Katherine: Do you want to pull the thing?

[Gasps] What, did you find out where Marty is being held?

Sheridan: Somewhere in Hawaii. I'm gonna get my son back. I'm finally gonna have my little boy.

Katherine: Oh, Sheridan.

Gwen: Honey, I can't believe that we're actually, really going to India.

Ethan: We're going to India. It's true.

Gwen: Just promise me one thing though, ok? Do not tell Theresa where we're going, or she will move heaven and earth to try and stop us.

Pilar: Theresa? Theresa, what happened to you?

Theresa: What?

Pilar: Come.

Theresa: Mommy, it's Ethan. He's moving to India. And he's going to take Jane with him. And I am never going to see him again.

Noah: It's hard to explain.

Fancy: Obviously.

Noah: Fancy, Maya was a part of my past, ok? And what's important is that you are my present and future.

Fancy: We don't have a present or future if you can't be honest with me about someone you admit you loved. Why is it so damn hard? Because you still love her?

Noah: No--

Fancy: Then tell me, unless you've learned nothing at all from your own family's secrets. Level with me about Maya. What is so deep and intense about your past with her that you don't trust me to understand? Don't you see? You not telling me allows my imagination to run wild. Oh, my God. Have you been lying to me about all of it? Are you still involved with Maya?

Kay: I couldn't have picked out a more perfect ring myself.

Tabitha: You could be smiling at your own death warrant, missy. Please tell me you didn't accept Fox's marriage proposal.

Kay: Relax, ok? I just wanted to try it on again.

Tabitha: After that last call last time, you want to tempt fate again? Fox is coming! Get that ring off this instant.

Fox: All right. Are we all set?

Kay: You bet.

Tabitha: Tell him you can't go away with him, Kay.

Kay: Let's go. I can't wait to be alone with you.

Tabitha: Not only is she dancing near the flame; she is wearing flammable clothes. The dark side doesn't like being teased like this, Endora. No.

Ivy: Ok. There may still be a way to keep Fox from proposing to Kay. If he had already, she would have shared the news with her father.

Valerie: How do you know she hasn't?

Ivy: I just talked to Sam. He would have said something.

Valerie: So, he hasn't popped the question formally. By night's end, he will.

Ivy: Oh, not if I can help it. And if you knew me better, you'd know I can.

Theresa: If Ethan moves to India, Mom, I'm never going to see him again.

Pilar: It seems that's exactly why he's doing it, Theresa.

Theresa: But he would be making the biggest mistake of his life. He's in love with me. And now Gwen is forcing him to leave the home that he loves to move to another continent.

Pilar: Well, some might say that he is doing it because of you, not Gwen.

Theresa: Then they would be wrong.

Pilar: Or maybe you're just too emotional to see what others do? God, I hate to see you suffering like this. Is there anything I can do for you?

Theresa: No. Mother, there is nothing that you can do. But I've got to fix this. I've got to find Ethan and I've got to convince him that he would be making a disastrous mistake.

Gwen: You pinch me so I know I'm not dreaming?

Ethan: You are really excited, aren't you?

Gwen: More like floating on cloud 9. Honey, we are going somewhere halfway across the world-- somewhere where Theresa will never be able to interfere in our lives ever again. Thank you so much. You are the best husband in the whole wide world.

[Woman singing in foreign language]

>> Love is ecstasy

[Woman singing in foreign language]

>> Love is agony

>> Na na na na na na na na na

>> Hey! Hey!

>> Na na na na na na na na na

>> Hey! Hey!

>> Listen to this tale of love and rivalry

>> See the path where two

[Indistinct] Stroll

>> How the troubles meet the lovers' ecstasy

>> Eternity of fears

>> Turning joy to tears

>> Then it shapes into agony

>> Ecstasy, agony love and rivalry ecstasy, agony love and rivalry

>> Hey!

>> Ey ey ey ey

>> Ya!

>> Tree of life teaches love won't survive many breaches tree of life knows true faithfulness love will grow

>> If her love is completely intertwining

>> Then a perfect love they are defining

>> Don't worry, Gwen

>> You've got your man

>> Just tie the knot so walk the lifetime path

>> Tree of life blesses

[Man sings in foreign language]

>> Lovers who make vows of yeses

[Man sings in foreign language]

>> If you tie it just right

[Woman sings in foreign language]

>> You will be lovers for life

[Woman sings in foreign language]

>> Uh-oh, uh-oh

>> Uh-oh, uh-oh

>> There's another woman in the room

>> Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

>> She may bring the couple down in ruin

>> Nah, nah, nah nah, nah, nah, nah

Ethan: Theresa

>> There's another woman in the room

Ethan: What's going on? Are you mad?

Theresa: No

>> No

Theresa: No, I'm glad

Gwen: What?

>> No

>> No, no, she's glad

Gwen: Are you crazy?

Theresa: Well, maybe.

>> Ecstasy, agony love and rivalry ecstasy, agony love and rivalry

>> Who says bye-bye? Who gets the guy? Who says bye-bye? Who gets the guy?

>> Who says bye-bye?

>> Who gets the guy? Who gets the guy?

>> I've had enough of your meddling what is this madness you're peddling? Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh who says good-bye? Who gets the guy? Who says good-bye?

Theresa: Ethan loves me can't you get it straight? It's destiny, Ethan it is our fate

>> Uh-uh, uh-uh uh-uh uh-uh, uh-uh

>> No, no no, no, no, no, no no, no no, no, no, no, no no, no no, no, no, no, no no, no no, no, no, no, no no, no no, no, no, no, no

Ethan: I just came here to renew my vows

>> No, no no, no, no, no, no

Ethan: Look at the passions I've aroused

>> No, no no, no, no, no, no

>> Who says bye-bye? Who gets the guy? The one he came with, the one who's so sly. Who says bye-bye? Who gets the guy? The one he came with, the one who's so sly. Who says bye-bye? Who gets the guy? The one he came with, the one who's so sly. Who gets--who gets the guy?

Gwen: Get lost, Theresa.

>> Hey, hey

>> Tree of life knows true faithfulness love will grow

[Man sings in foreign language]

>> Ah ah ah ah

[Woman sings in foreign language]

>> Love is ecstasy

Sheridan: And a car will be waiting for us at the airport? Great. Thank you very much. Where are Chris and James?

Katherine: Oh, they're in the kitchen making cocoa. Chris wanted to give us some privacy.

Sheridan: Oh.

Katherine: Then, you're all set?

Sheridan: As much as I can be. I even booked an out-of-the-way hotel just in case Father's henchmen are keeping an eye out for me.

Katherine: Oh, please, please be extra careful. This is a very emotional time for you. You mustn't let your excitement and your eagerness to find Marty blind you to any danger.

Sheridan: Mother, don't worry about me. I'm not afraid. I'd walk through fire to get my son back.

Katherine: I know you would. Oh, you know, Martin would be so thrilled to see Luis' little boy.

Sheridan: Did you tell Martin you want him back?

Katherine: Yes, I did.

Sheridan: And?

Katherine: I still don't know how he feels. Pilar was in the next room. She was--I think she was trying on a dress for the renewal of their wedding vows.

Sheridan: Oh, Mother.

Katherine: Do you think I'm a terrible person?

Sheridan: No. No. I've come to realize that real love isn't like a fairy tale. It's not simple or without victims.

Katherine: No. You know, Martin is the only man who makes me feel like... to give him up forever...

Sheridan: Mother, you don't have to explain.

Katherine: I just hope that Pilar can handle it if he should choose me.

Pilar: Do you remember what we were supposed to do tonight?

Theresa: No.

Pilar: Oh, your Christmas present to me. Luxurious treatments at the spa downtown, remember?

Theresa: [Whispering] That's tonight. No, I can't go, Mom.

Pilar: Ok. It's all right. It's too bad because I really was looking forward to some rare mother-daughter time together.

Theresa: How about another time, Mama, please?

Pilar: I don't know, I'm going to be busy, you know, with the renewal ceremony stuff.

Theresa: It's just I don't think I'm going to be very good company. I can't really, you know, think about anything else except for Ethan and Jane moving to India.

Pilar: Well, then all the more reason, you know? It will help take your mind off of Ethan and everything else you can't control. And if you still want to talk to Ethan, you can do it tomorrow.

Theresa: Ok. Yeah, yeah, I'll go. Besides it's not gonna help me take my mind off Ethan and Jane. I don't know if I can do that.

Noah: Look... I told you, Maya is my ex, ok? There is no way we're still involved.

Fancy: Then why didn't you tell me about her before now?

Noah: Fancy, there's a lot of things I haven't told you about me, ok? That doesn't mean that they're important, you know? I--look I never told you that I was allergic to peanut butter. I never told you that my father--

Fancy: This is totally different, and you know it. Maya is the one who wrote the love letter who carry around in your wallet, isn't she?

Noah: What? My wallet? You looked in my wallet?

Fancy: It's not the way it sounds.

Noah: What? I'm sorry; here you are, acting so high and mighty about secrets, and you're snooping around behind my back and never even telling me what you find? When did you find this so-called love letter?

Fancy: Oh, just answer the question, Noah. Was it from Maya or not?

Noah: No, I'm sorry. You just lost your own argument. And I'm not explaining anything to you. At least not until you tell me how long you've been holding that one from me.

Chris: I'm sorry. I guess you're more appealing to James than my hot chocolate.

Sheridan: Oh, that goes both ways, no offense to your cocoa.

Chris: I was saying, James, that we are taking a little trip out of town. And you get to stay with Martin and Pilar. Remember I told you that Sheridan had a little boy just about your age? Well, we're hoping to come back with him.

James: You're not going to leave me anymore, are you?

Ivy: So, there is still time to stop Fox from proposing to Kay.

Valerie: Well, there is always the tried and true. I could find Fox and tell him there is an emergency at work.

Ivy: Do you think that would be enough? You said he was so caught up in buying that engagement ring for Kay that he can't even concentrate on business.

Valerie: Do you have any other ideas?

Ivy: No, you're right. Do it. Just do it. I cannot believe it has come to this. I will not let Fox end up with the wrong woman. I don't care what I have to do to prevent it.

Fox: All right. So, I'm going to give the inn one more call and make sure they have everything set up the way that I want it.

Kay: What thing?

Fox: You'll see. You'll see.

Tabitha: I am warning you, Kay, you've got to stop this before it's too late.

Kay: You're not going to talk me out of it. I am going to a romantic b&b with Fox. Besides, we don't for sure that he's going to propose to me tonight.

Tabitha: Of course we do. You are walking on very thin ice here, young lady. If Fox goes down on bended knee, and you've had more than two sips of champagne, do you really think you'll be able to say no?

Kay: Oh, my God. You're right. I'm not going to be able to say no.

Tabitha: No.

Kay: What do I do?

Tabitha: Well, you've got to come up with an excuse why you can't go.

Kay: Like what? We're practically out the door.

Tabitha: Well, let me--say you're sick. Hey, sweet pea, we need your help here, ok?

Tabitha: Oh, thank you, my little witchling. That's perfect.

Kay: Watch it.

Tabitha: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You've got to look flushed. This pain is nothing, nothing compared to the pain that you're going to feel if you wake up tomorrow morning and realize you've lost Fox forever. Here, give me that. Ok, that should do it. Open up.

Fox: All right, everything at the inn is all set. What's the matter?

Kay: I don't feel so good.

Fox: Really?

Kay: I got the chills and then I started sweating.

Fox: Yeah?

Kay: I got hot and then cold and then hot.

Fox: Let me check your temperature. Oh, my God, 108. 108? We got to get you to the hospital. You could die from this.

Pilar: I've never been in such a fancy place, Theresa.

Theresa: That's why I got you the gift certificate, Mama. You should come to places like this all the time.

Pilar: I would, if you came with me. I mean, that's the best part about this, is spending time with you.

Theresa: Thanks, Mama.

Woman: Let me guess. You have a date with someone you're crazy about tonight?

Maya: Is it that obvious?

Woman: With this job, you get to recognize the dreamy looks of women in love. New relationship?

Maya: Actually, no. But I'm planning on rekindling an old one.

Noah: It's kind of hypocritical, don't you think? Accusing me of withholding a deep, dark secret when you've been hiding one yourself? At least mine isn't a total invasion of privacy. How could you rifle through my wallet?

Fancy: It's--it's not like that.

Noah: And I was having a tough time coming up with an explanation.

Fancy: It was during the tsunami. We'd come close to death. And you'd left me for a few minutes to go get us some blankets. Your wallet was just lying there, and...

Noah: And you just had to take a look.

Fancy: We were just starting out. I didn't know how I felt about you. I knew it was wrong, but I felt so--so insecure.

Noah: Yeah, and reading that letter make you feel more secure?

Fancy: No. No. It made me feel worse. Now, I feel even worse than I did then. It was Maya who wrote you the letter, right, Noah? The letter you carry around every day of your life? Why is it so hard for you to talk to me about her?

[Gun shot]

Noah: Hey, let's--let's just call it a draw, ok? Let's just try to move on and forget that this horrible night ever happened. Get down. They're shooting at us!

Noah: Stay down, ok?

Fancy: What was that? Is someone shooting at us?

Noah: Hey, don't move, don't move.

Fancy: Do you see anyone?

Noah: Yeah. It's ok. It was just a car backfiring.

Fancy: Oh, my God, the way you reacted. You scared me to death.

Noah: Yeah, um, I'm sorry. It was just that--hey, as long as you're safe, right? What?

Fancy: A normal person's first instinct would be that those sounds were a car backfiring or maybe fireworks, but you thought someone was trying to kill us, that--that we were being shot at.

Noah: It's no big deal, ok?

Fancy: Oh, yeah. Like--like you calling me "Maya" is no big deal. You're lying to me again, Noah. Does what just happened have something to do with your past with Maya? What's this deep, dark secret you're so afraid to tell me about? It's as if you're really afraid for our safety.

Sheridan: Sweetheart, I will always want you with me, even when Marty comes home. In fact, I bet the two of you are going to become best friends.

Chris: Do you hear that, sport? You guys are going to be like two peas in a pod. You're going to have somebody who's your own age who you can hang out with all the time. What do you say you give Sheridan a good night kiss and I'll take you to bed?

Sheridan: Good night, sweetheart.

Chris: Good night, guys.

Katherine: Good night.

Sheridan: I meant what I told him. I love that child as if he were my own.

Katherine: I can see that.

Sheridan: I don't know how I would have gotten through these past months without Chris or James. Not that they're replacing Marty or Luis. It's just...

Katherine: Darling, you don't have to explain a thing. Because God willing, soon you're going to be back here with Marty.

Sheridan: God wills it. I know he does. If his will is enough.

Pilar: I can feel all my muscles relaxing already. What about you?

Theresa: Yeah. Yeah, I guess.

Pilar: I can't wait to get our massages. I've always wondered what--what a massage feels like.

Theresa: Oh, Mama, you are going to love it, ok? It's--they're very addictive.

Pilar: You're not even trying to get your mind off Ethan, are you?

Theresa: I was actually thinking about Alistair. Look, you know what? I think it's almost time for a massage, so you want to go ahead and then I'll meet you in that relaxation room, ok?

Pilar: Ok. Ooh, it's hot in here.

Theresa: I'll see you in a little bit. What was I thinking marrying a man 3 times my age? What good could possibly come of that stupidity?

Woman: Don't feel blue, honey. There's usually a platinum and gold silver lining to that kind of setup.

Theresa: Oh, I am so sorry. I--I--I thought I was alone in here.

Woman: No. But that's ok. It's a good thing I'm here. Listen to me, honey. Take a page from my book.

Theresa: Do I know you?

Woman: Let me introduce myself. My name is Hannah Nicola Smythe.

Gwen: Honey, this is going to be so wonderful. Just you and me and Jane for the first time.

Ethan: Look, I'm looking forward to it, too, but listen to me. Our lives are going to be very different. You know that?

Gwen: I know that. But I think it's one of the best things about this trip. Everything I have ever read about India is fascinating and exciting. I cannot wait to learn everything there is to know about the culture. And, I mean, with Theresa out of the mix, I have no doubt in my mind that you and I will be able to handle anything.

Theresa: What are you doing, Ethan? Why are you riding off into the sunset with her? What about us? What about fate?

[Woman singing in foreign language]


Fox: Tabitha, look, we got to go. We got to go to the hospital. 108, you know? She's going to get consumed by this fever.

Tabitha: Hang on. Hang on, Fox. You must be reading it wrong. Her temperature is high, but it's not that high. Can you see this? Mercury says 100, not 108.

Fox: I saw 108 on that thing.

Tabitha: You know, my best advice is just to take two aspirin. And if that doesn't work, then a call to the doctor might be in order. But I'm afraid it does mean you'll have to postpone your little overnight out of town.

Fox: Yeah, of course, that's a given.

[Knock on door]

Valerie: Fox, are you here? It's Valerie.

Kay: Great.

Tabitha: Come in, dear. The door's open.

Valerie: Fox, I really--Kay, are you all right?

Tabitha: Well, anyone can see she is not up to snuff, dear.

Fox: Yeah, we were going to go away for the weekend, but we're gonna have to postpone at least until tomorrow.

Valerie: Oh, well then my timing is not so bad then. I really need you back at the office tonight.

Fox: I'm thinking maybe that waits until tomorrow, too.

Valerie: I am afraid not. Some of Alistair's old cronies are trying to price-gouge new homeowners down in New Orleans.

Fox: Why does that not surprise me? All right. I'll put an end to that right now. Look, you don't mind if I leave for a bit?

Tabitha: Of course she doesn't. Don't worry, Fox, I'll keep an eye on her.

Fox: Ok. Hey, listen, if your fever does go up, you call the emergency room and you call me, ok? You promise?

Kay: Promise.

Fox: All right. Feel better.

Valerie: I was thinking we could call the Houston office, have them stop all mortgage applications until we look it over.

Fox: Ok.

Kay: Perfect. Now he's off with sneaky Valerie. How much do you want to bet she created this whole crisis just so she could be alone with him?

Tabitha: If she did, my hat is off to her. The last thing you need is to be holed up in some romantic hideaway with loverboy. You'll never have the will power to refuse his proposal.

Kay: Oh, man, am I depressed. I hope you have a tub of ice cream in the freezer because I'm gonna eat the whole thing.

Fox: You know, Valerie, on second thought, I think I'm gonna take my own car. So, I'll just meet you at the office.

Valerie: Oh, ok.

Fox: All right.

Ivy: Well, at least you kept him out of Kay's clutches for the night.

Valerie: And it's obvious he hasn't proposed yet. No sign of the ring on Kay.

Ivy: Let's just keep it that way.

Kay: Oh, my God, would you look at that?

Tabitha: What?

Kay: Ivy and Valerie are together. I knew Ivy never accepted me with Fox. And now, I am positive that she has Valerie doing her dirty work for her.

Tabitha: Yeah. I'm not exactly surprised.

Kay: And what--what does Valerie get out of it? She's already on her way to a cushy executive career at Crane Industries.

Tabitha: Did it ever occur to you that she might want the golden boy all to herself?

Kay: Yes, it has. You know what? But it's--it really hurts that Ivy would rather see her son with someone like Valerie than me.

Tabitha: But what are you going to do, dear?

Kay: I have no idea. I've got the boys in the basement working against me on one hand, and now, I've got Ivy and Medusa herself teaming up against me on the other. How am I supposed to survive that?

Noah: Where do you get this stuff, Fancy? Your imagination is running wild.

Fancy: I wouldn't have to use my imagination if you told me about you and Maya.

Noah: Look, what if I told you that the less you knew the better?

Fancy: I'd say you were full of it.

Noah: Fancy, I'm just trying to protect you.

Fancy: Oh, like you tried to protect me a second ago from a car down the street backfiring? I don't need that kind of protection. And I don't need to be treated like some slow-witted child who wouldn't understand the truth if she saw it.

Noah: Ok. You're just--look, you're turning this into an issue of trust when--when that's not what it is at all. Look, Fancy, you're just jealous.

Fancy: What?

Noah: Yeah, ok? I mean you got to face it, babe. You are a princess through and through. And it's hard for you to deal with the fact that anyone might have meant anything to me before I met you.

Fancy: Oh, that is so not true. And I won't let you spin this around so I am the guilty one. If not telling me about Maya means so damn much to you, then fine. I hope your secret keeps you warm at night.

Noah: That is ridiculous, Fancy.

Fancy: Call it whatever you want. Either you love me enough to come clean about this woman or you don't. So, are you going to tell me about you and Maya or am I walking out of your life when I walk through that door? It's up to you.

Kay: Look, I have got to get to Fox and let him propose to me before Valerie gets her hooks into him.

Tabitha: Beware of your wishes. They could turn to fishes.

Kay: What? What--what--what does that mean? Why are you talking like that?

Tabitha: Oh, all it really means is "be careful what you pray for, Kay." If you let Fox propose to you, you're inviting unspeakable pain and suffering into both of your lives. And do you really want to thumb your nose at the boys in the basement?

Katherine: You're certainly not taking very much.

Sheridan: Well, I hope we won't be gone very long.

Chris: I'll take good care of her.

Katherine: I know you will. And I'm gonna be praying that the next time I see you both, you'll have my grandson.

Chris: Well, you won't be the only grandparent who would be thrilled. Won't it be something if we surprise Martin and Pilar at their vow renewal ceremony by having a certain young man walk down the aisle behind them?

Sheridan: Good luck with whatever happens.

Katherine: Thank you, darling. God speed.

Chris: Bye-bye, Katherine.

Katherine: Bye.

Gwen: Hello? Oh, that's great. We'll be there shortly. Thank you.

Ethan: Well?

Gwen: That was the airport. The Crane jet is fueled up and ready for takeoff. We just all have to get ready and then we're on our way to the airport. We're never gonna have to see Theresa ever again.

Theresa: No offense, Ms. Smythe, but you don't know me and my husband.

Hannah: Well, then let me tell you what I do know, honey. Every married woman in this country has rights. All she's got to do is familiarize herself with them.

Theresa: You make it sound really simple.

Hannah: Simple, no. But it's not so complicated either. Trust me, if it were, I wouldn't be able to handle it. Have you checked into what's legally yours in the event that your marriage comes to an end?

Theresa: Well...

Hannah: You really should, you know. You should know upfront what you got coming to you.

Woman: You are very tense. Try to relax.

Maya: That's easier said than done.

Woman: Nervous about your big date tonight?

Maya: It's more than a big date. Tonight will determine my entire future.

Fancy: Will you tell me the truth about Maya or not?

Noah: Why can't we just move on?

Fancy: I can't live with any secrets, Noah, I just can't. I'm sorry.

Noah: Please don't--

Fancy: I never wanted to say this, Noah. I honestly didn't, but... it's over between us. It's really over.

On the Next Passions:

Ethan: Theresa is not going to come between us anymore, Gwen.

Theresa: Maybe I do have more power than I think.

Fox: I'm marrying Kay and that's final.

Fancy: It's over for us.

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