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Sheridan: Thank you for making me something to eat. I didn't realize how long I had been at that computer trying to figure out where Father's henchman, Otto Krause, was hiding Beth and Marty.

Chris: Look, I know how important it is to you to find your son with Luis. It's important to me, too.

Sheridan: Thank you for understanding.

Chris: And I remember being afraid that I had lost James for good until I tracked him down here to Harmony, so I know how you feel. And I promise you, we won't stop until we find him and bring him home to you.

Julian: Theresa, now listen to me. You are not thinking clearly.

Theresa: No, I'm not going to rest, Julian, until I'm Ethan's wife--until we are family with Jane and little Ethan! What could be clearer than that?

Julian: I can't let you leave like this. You might do something you'll regret.

Theresa: What I regret is losing Ethan to Gwen in the first place. I'm the love of his life, he's the love of mine, and he's married to Gwen, a woman he doesn't even love!

Julian: That's not true! He loves Gwen very much!

Theresa: No, he pities her, Julian, because she's as sterile as a box of band-aids!

Julian: Theresa...

Theresa: He doesn't love her, Julian, not the way that he loves me.

Julian: It doesn't matter. He is married to Gwen. He is not leaving her for you.

Theresa: Then I will find a way to break them up. I will do whatever I have to do to make Ethan mine again.

Ethan: I love you so much.

Gwen: I love you. And tonight has been amazing.

Ethan: Mm-hmm. I completely agree with you.

Fancy: Why do I keep feeling I'm in danger of losing Noah? I can't take any chances.

Fancy: I'll see you later, Grandfather. I have to find Noah and make sure he and our relationship are all right.

Noah: Out with it, Maya. Why are you back in my life all of the sudden? And don't lie to me, all right? Don't tell me you're in Harmony by accident.

Maya: You're right. I'm here in Harmony to see you. The last few years have been empty without you.

Maya: I'm here because I still love you.

Noah: You've got to be kidding.

Maya: I want you back. Please give me another chance. Give us another chance. I'll die if you don't.

Kay: Why is my life so complicated?

Tabitha: I'm hardly the one to ask, Kay. What with Norma, Edna, the boys in the basement, you, and your insipid cousin Charity. I haven't had time to stop and smell the wolfsbane in ages.

Kay: All I've ever wanted is to get married, have a family, and live happily ever after. And now, Fox can make that dream come true. He wants to propose to me, and put this ring on my finger. But I can't let him, or I'll lose him.

Tabitha: Yes, I know, dear. I'm sorry the--the planets are aligned in such a way that if you accept Fox's proposal tonight, you as a couple are doomed.

Kay: Well, isn't there something you can do to help me?

Tabitha: Have you forgotten what happens every time you ask me to help you? You just get deeper and deeper in trouble.

Kay: Well, I'm desperate, ok? All I can think about is him putting this ring on my finger.

Tabitha: Oh. Well, try to think about something else then. Think about your sister living a life as a drug-addled whore, or your mother living a lie with that Hastings chap.

Kay: Oh, this ring--it gets more beautiful every time I see it.

Tabitha: Yes, well, you'd better take it off. Because if Fox wakes up and sees you wearing it, he'll pronounce you're engaged, and that will be the end of you as a couple.

Kay: Well, I don't want that.

Tabitha: Well, just take it off and put it in the damn box, dear.

Kay: Fine. Uh-oh.

Tabitha: No. Now, don't tell me you've got it stuck on your finger.

Kay: Ok, I won't tell you, but it's stuck.

Tabitha: Oh, Kay! Pull it off, go on! Pull it. Pull it harder.

Kay: I'm pulling! Ow!

Tabitha: Come on, let me try here. Ooh!

Kay: Ow!

[Fox groans]

Kay: Why did you let go?

Tabitha: Look. Fox is waking up. Lose it, lose it, or you're going to lose your future with him.

Tabitha: You tried on the ring and got it off before. What's the problem now?

Kay: I don't know. My fingers are swollen. Maybe I'm allergic to something I ate at dinner.

Tabitha: Oh! You'll be dining alone soon if Fox wakes up and sees that ring on your finger. Pull it off, Kay!

Kay: I'm pulling it! It's stuck! Can you get the sandman to make a house call?

Tabitha: What? And spend the week vacuuming up after him? Not bloody likely. No, we'll have to think of something else. I know. I'll just cut it off.

Kay: My finger? I don't think so.

Tabitha: Well, you'll still have 9 left.

Kay: Ugh. Get Endora. She'll know what to do.

Tabitha: Oh--oh. Endora, darling, will you please Fox from waking up? We can't let him see that ring on Kay's finger. Hurry, child, hurry. Work your magic.

Sheridan: Oh, sorry.

Chris: Hi.

Sheridan: Eve, what are you doing here?

Eve: Well, I'm just looking for Julian. You know, he called me to say he was on his way back from the hospital seeing Alistair, and I haven't seen him. So I thought maybe he was in the library having a nightcap.

Sheridan: Julian went to see Father in the hospital?

Eve: Well, it was for appearances sake, because Alistair's still unconscious.

Sheridan: Well, we were just heading into the library ourselves.

Chris: You know what? I've just remembered--I've got to help James with some counting project for nursery school tomorrow.

Sheridan: They give out homework in nursery school these days?

Chris: Can you believe it? It's quite a rough world, huh? Can I meet you back at the B&B later?

Sheridan: Of course. I'll do some more research, and then I'll see you there.

Chris: Ok, great.

Sheridan: Drive safely.

Chris: Will do. Dr. Russell.

Eve: So things are going very well with you and Chris?

Sheridan: Amazingly well.

Eve: Oh, honey, I am so happy for you.

Sheridan: I still can't believe it. You know, after I lost Luis, I thought that I would never be happy again. But Chris proved me wrong. He's taught me how to live, how to love again. And he's promised to help me find my son. We have a lead on where Father might be hiding him.

Eve: Oh, sweetheart, that's wonderful.

Sheridan: Mm-hmm, it is. If all pans out, I'll get my son back.

Eve: Oh, Julian and I will have our fingers crossed for you.

Sheridan: Thank you. Well, let's go in the library and see if Julian's in there decompressing after seeing Father.

Eve: Honey, I've been looking all over for you.

Julian: Sorry, my love, I--I was on my way up to bed. Theresa was in the nursery, and we came down here to talk.

Sheridan: Theresa, you seem upset.

Julian: Please, don't encourage her. She knows that Ethan wants to take Gwen and Jane and leave Harmony.

Sheridan: Oh, the transfer.

Eve: What transfer?

Theresa: Gwen made Ethan ask Julian to transfer him to the ends of the earth just so I lose any chance of getting him back.

Julian: They want some relief from the stress that Theresa's causing.

Theresa: No, Julian. Gwen is desperate to hold onto Ethan and steal my daughter in the process. Please help me. Please help me convince Julian not to accept Ethan's transfer out of Harmony. Look, Ethan and I love each other. We belong together, and I can't live without him any more than he can live without me.

Gwen: You up for more of a good thing?

Ethan: Yeah, am I ever.

Gwen: Mmm. Well, allow me.

Ethan: Mmm. No, no, no, no. Turn around.

Gwen: Oh.

Ethan: Allow me.

Gwen: Lucky me.

[Ethan and Gwen laugh]

Ethan: You ready?

Gwen: Oh--so good.

Fancy: Hello? Anybody home? If Noah's not here, where is he? Why can't I shake the feeling that he's in danger?

Noah: Oh. Look--what was that about?

Maya: I told you, I missed you.

Noah: Yeah, well, I missed you too, Maya. But look, after everything that happened in that attic, you know. I mean, seeing that guy shot, and dying--letting you convince me to--to leave him there, not to call the police. I never--I never forgave myself.

Maya: Or me.

Noah: Look--I've moved on, Maya. I'm happy now, with someone else.

Maya: As happy as you were with me?

Kay: [Mumbling] Did Endora's spell work?

Tabitha: What?

Kay: [Normal voice] Did Endora's spell work?

[Fox snores, then mumbles]

Tabitha: Yes.

[Endora babbles]

Tabitha: Shh, shh. Yes, yes, it worked. It worked. Fox is in slumberland. Thank you, Endora. But I do get the feeling that he's ready to relocate. So get that ring off your finger, Kay. He's going to wake up soon. And if he sees you wearing his ring, he will think that the engagement is--is fait accompli. Oh--and then, the planetary pox on your happiness will kick in and there will be no wedding and no honeymoon and no sappily ever after, either.

Kay: Endora, I need more time. Zap him again, will you?

Endora: Zappity!

Kay: Whew.

Tabitha: Well, watch out there. That's a fresh batch of martimmies, thank you very much!

Kay: Whoo--I'm hoping the ice will shrink my finger. Mmm. Timmy invented one heck of a drink. Mmm.

[Endora babbles]

Tabitha: Focus, Kay. Fox is starting to wake up again.

Kay: Endora, do something.

Tabitha: Good thinking, Endora.

Kay: Ah. The box--

Tabitha: Oh, yes, the box--the ring. Quick!

Fox: What are you doing?

Fancy: Oh, shoot. Noah's cell is off. Ok, think. If Noah didn't come home after I left the Blue Note, then maybe he's still there. There's only one way to find out. I just hope my feeling that I'm losing Noah is wrong.

Noah: Maya, I don't want to hurt you. But the truth is, I'm totally into the woman I'm seeing right now. All right? What we have together is great, and it gets better every day. Now, I won't do anything to hurt my relationship with her.

Maya: I'm glad you found love again. But it can't compare to what we had. It just couldn't.

Noah: I would be lying if I said it didn't compare.

Maya: But Noah, we shared everything.

Noah: Yeah, everything. And it wasn't all wine and roses, Maya.

Maya: That man in the attic?

Noah: I was wrong to let you call the shots after that.

Maya: I said I was sorry.

Noah: I can accept your apology, but I can't do anything to hurt Fancy, ok? I love her way too much. She loves me, too.

Maya: I know.

Noah: You know? Oh, my God. I mean, you're the one who's been spying on Fancy and me, scaring her? Oh--why, Maya? What do you want?

Tabitha: Oh, Fox, you're awake, dear.

Fox: Yeah.

Tabitha: Mm-hmm.

Fox: How long was I out?

Kay: Not long.

Tabitha: No, not long at all.

Kay: You must have been really tired. You were out.

Fox: Yeah, I was out.

[Fox whistles] You don't seem too tired, though.

Kay: What are you talking about? What?

Fox: I'm talking about you.

Kay: Hmm?

[Endora babbles]

Fox: You ran upstairs to Maria, you left me at the Seascape. You ran out on me. If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were avoiding me.

Tabitha: No, Fox --

Kay: Avoiding you?

Fox: Yeah.

Tabitha: You are a wag, Fox.

Fox: I'm a what? I'm a--right, yeah. Why are you avoiding me?

Kay: I'm not trying to avoid you. It's just Maria was crying before, and--

Tabitha: Oh, yes, yes! I think I hear her crying again now.

Fox: I don't hear anything. I don't hear anything at all.

Tabitha: Well, Kay does, don't you, dear?

Kay: What? Yes, yes--Mommy's coming!

Fox: I got to tell you, I don't--I don't hear anything.

Tabitha: Oh, well--well, that's because our gender is much more attuned to these things than yours, dear.

Fox: A-ha. You know what? I'm just going to go up there with you--

Kay: No, no, no, no, no! Stay here. Just stay here. Keep Tabitha and Endora company.

Fox: But I think--

Kay: Thank you.

Theresa: Help me, please. Help me convince Julian not to accept Ethan's transfer out of Harmony. Tell him that Ethan has to stay here with my child.

Sheridan: I don't think that's wise, given everything that's happened.

Eve: I agree with Sheridan.

Theresa: I--I just--I don't understand. I don't understand how you can't see my side. I know you both know about true love. Right? Your relationship with Luis, your relationship with Julian. True love brought you guys together and kept you together, despite every single thing that happened!

Eve: But Theresa, this isn't the same situation. Ethan is happily married to Gwen and he loves her.

Theresa: No, he's not happily married to Gwen! And no, he does not love her. He loves me! And I love him!

Sheridan: [Sighs] Theresa, Ethan loves Gwen, and you know that.

Julian: That's what I told her.

Theresa: Not the way that he loves me.

Sheridan: Maybe that's one of the reasons why Ethan wants to leave Harmony. So that he can make your life easier, less stressful so you can focus on protecting little Ethan from Father.

Eve: Right, and when Alistair dies--

Julian: Soon, we all hope.

Eve: ...Then you can find yourself a new love.

Theresa: "A new love"? I don't want a new love, I just--I want Ethan. And Gwen knows that we belong together.

Eve: Well, I dare say Gwen would disagree.

Theresa: Well, then she would be lying to you.

Sheridan: So you still think that fate will bring you and Ethan together?

Theresa: Absolutely.

Sheridan: Theresa, that's not true. Every time you and Ethan have tried to come together, something tears you two apart. I think that's the message that fate is trying to send you. That you and Ethan just don't belong together.

Theresa: Wow, I can't even believe that you're saying this, Sheridan, to me. After everything that happened with you and Luis. Fate brought you guys together.

Sheridan: That's true, up to a point. Luis is beyond my reach now, just as Ethan is beyond yours. I had to move on, and so do you. And it wasn't easy for me, just as I'm sure it won't be easy for you, but you have to try.

Julian: Chris brought happiness to Sheridan. Once you're free of Father, I'm sure there's someone out there other than Ethan who can bring happiness to you.

Eve: At least just be open to the possibility.

Theresa: No, the only man that will make me happy is Ethan.

Julian: Even though he's a married man with a wife and a child to tend to? I mean, what kind of respect do you have for him?

Theresa: You know, Julian, Ethan is too good for his own good. He only married Gwen out of guilt for getting her pregnant, Julian. And as for Jane--she's my little girl with Ethan.

Eve: When you tricked him into committing adultery.

Theresa: Because I needed to be pregnant--

[Eve sighs] ...To get my son back, Dr. Russell! Yes, my son that Gwen stole from me! And--and I thought that I miscarried their embryo.

Eve: Their embryo that you tricked the hospital into implanting in you instead of Gwen and Ethan's chosen surrogate.

Theresa: Because I didn't have a choice!

Julian: No, that's no reason; that's just an excuse for bad behavior!

Theresa: No, Julian!

Sheridan: I'm afraid so, Theresa. Look, when there's true love between two people, schemes and tricks can't bring them together--in bed or in life.

Theresa: You know what? I just--I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I'm here. But I'm--I'm not going to listen to any more of this.

Sheridan: Theresa, we're just trying to help you.

Theresa: No! No, you're not trying to help me. You're against me, and I'm going to prove you wrong! I will stop Ethan from leaving Harmony!

Julian: I don't have a good feeling about this.

Eve: Neither do I.

Sheridan: I'm afraid Theresa's going to have to learn the hard way when it comes to Ethan.

Gwen: Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.

Theresa: Julian and Sheridan and Dr. Russell all think that it would be best if Ethan left Harmony with my daughter. But we belong together. We love each other. And we need to live close together... until we're finally together.

Gwen: Mmm.

Ethan: You like that?

Gwen: Yes, I do.

Ethan: So do I.

Gwen: Mmm.

Ethan: Mmm. Hi.

Gwen: Hi. Mmm.

Ethan: Hmm.

Gwen: [Laughs] Ooh.

I just want to live while I'm alive

Ethan: I love you so much, Gwen.

Gwen: Hmm. Mmm.

[Gwen giggles]

Ethan: It's been too long.

Gwen: Yes, it has been.

[Knock on door]

Tabitha: Oh. Now, there's always something going on here. Now what's this?

Endora: Bye, bye!

Fancy: Hi.

Tabitha: Oh, it's you, Fancy. Hello.

Fancy: Hi.

Tabitha: Oh, well, come in. If you're looking for your brother, he's in there talking to Endora.

Fancy: Um--actually, I'm looking for Noah. I checked next door, but no one's home. Do either of you know where he is?

Tabitha: Oh, sorry, dear. I don't.

Fox: No, I--I don't have a clue.

Fancy: Oh, thanks. I'll go back to the Blue Note. Maybe Noah's still there.

Tabitha: Oh, well, good luck finding him. I'm just going to go upstairs and check on Kay with Maria.

Fox: Right-O.

Fox: What are you doing? I thought you were going back to the Blue Note.

Fancy: Oh, I was afraid to say anything in front of Tabitha, but I'm afraid something bad has happened to Noah.

Fox: Something bad? Like what?

Fancy: I'm not sure. Twice now, I've had this weird feeling that our relationship's in danger.

Fox: What? Come on, that--that guy's crazy about you.

Fancy: Well, maybe there's someone out there who's crazy about Noah.

Fox: "Someone out there"?

Fancy: Yeah. Noah and I are being spied on.

Fox: Whoa, hold on a sec. Spied on by a woman?

Fancy: I'm not sure, but I don't want to take any chances. I can't lose Noah, Fox. I just can't.

Noah: Answer me, Maya. All right? Why are you following Fancy and me? What do you want?

Maya: I just wanted to see how you were doing, if you were happy.

Noah: I'm fine. I told you that.

Maya: Oh. Right.

Noah: Look, Maya, if you want something, you don't need to spy on me. You just need to ask me.

Maya: You know me so well.

Noah: Well, I know that you're stalling.

Maya: I'm sorry, but this is hard. It's been hard for me since we split up.

Noah: Yeah, it was hard for me, too, Maya. I mean, at first, I blamed you for turning my back on that dead guy and then not calling the police. Then later, I blamed myself. But look, ultimately, it was my choice, ok, and I made the wrong one.

Maya: I'm sorry you had to drop out of school and keep your family in the dark.

Noah: I couldn't very well tell them the truth, now, could I?

[Noah chuckles] Well, it's make money gambling, right? Being on the payroll would have--would have made me an easy mark to track down.

Maya: Thank you for keeping quiet and protecting our secret. My family would never have understood.

Noah: Mine wouldn't have either.

Maya: I'm sorry. I'm sorry you got in so deep. But you did, and I can't change the past.

Noah: Ok. So, why are you here now?

Maya: It's a matter of life and death.

Noah: "Life and death"? Come on, Maya, what's the deal? You're not auditioning for "Law & Order--S.V.U."

Maya: I'm desperate for you to help me.

Noah: You come here out of the blue and you want my help?

Maya: I told you, I'm desperate!

Noah: Look, Maya, if--if it's money you want, I'm working as a bartender now, ok? Every dime I have goes to help my father with expenses.

Maya: I don't want your money. I need your help. Please, Noah, don't turn your back on me now, not after everything we meant to one another. Please, say you'll help me.

Fox: All right. So other than these bad feelings you've been having, things between you and Noah are fine, right?

Fancy: He thinks they are, but--

Fox: Let me ask you a question--is this one of those "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" things?

Fancy: Hmm, maybe.

Fox: Yeah, I've never really gotten those things. Because why, though?

Fancy: Well, while Noah was tending bar earlier tonight at the Blue Note, I bumped into a woman on my way to the ladies' room. We got to talking and I wound up wondering if Noah will ever commit to me and want to settle down.

Fox: Did this woman know Noah?

Fancy: Know Noah? No.

Fox: No?

Fancy: No.

Fox: No! So, why let her get to you?

Fancy: I don't know. Maybe because Noah was not taking any of my hints about getting engaged.

Fox: Yeah, well, being dense in the hint department isn't only a guy thing. Kay's been pretty thick tonight, too.

Fancy: How so?

Fox: Well, I took her to the Seascape, right, to have a romantic evening so that I could propose to her.

Fancy: Right.

Fox: Yeah. Well, every time I tried to pop the question, she either did or said something crazy.

Fancy: Describe "crazy."

Fox: Ok. Uh--changing the subject, camping out in the ladies' room, talking on the cell phone, leaving me alone at the Seascape. Then I come back here by myself, right, and it's like we're playing hide-and-seek or something.

Fancy: But Tabitha said Kay's upstairs with Maria.

Fox: Yeah! Exactly!

Fancy: Well, it's cold and flu season. Kay's probably too focused on Maria's health to focus on you.

Fox: Let me tell you something, Fancy, the baby's not sick.

Fancy: Well, I'm sure that Kay is desperate to keep her well. Her mother said something about Maria having pulmonary problems when she was born.

Fox: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. It was a lung thing. She's fine now.

Fancy: So Maria's probably prone to viral infections. I'm sure Kay is just being extra vigilant, that's all.

Fox: Right. Ok. Well, what do I do about popping the question, though? You see?

Fancy: Take Kay away to someplace romantic where she can focus on you.

Fox: Ah, yeah. No, you know what? That's perfect. That's what I'm going to do.

Fancy: Yeah.

Fox: Hey, that's a great idea. I know this great little inn up in the mountains. It's perfect.

Fancy: Yeah.

Fox: Of course.

Fancy: Mm-hmm.

Kay: Oh, hey, Fancy. Tabitha said you were here. Hi.

Fancy: Hi, Kay. Um, Fox tells me you've been worried about Maria.

Kay: I--I was, but she seems to be fine now.

Fancy: Oh, that's great. Isn't it, Fox?

Fox: Yeah. Yes, great.

Fancy: Well, I need to go.

Kay: Oh. Bye.

Fancy: Bye.

Kay: Bye.

Fancy: Good luck.

Fox: Oh, thank you.

Fancy: Bye.

Kay: Why was Fancy wishing you good luck?

Fox: Well, she was actually hoping that you would accept my proposal.

Kay: Proposal?

Tabitha: Proposal?

Kay: Look, I have a million things to do. Can your proposal wait?

Tabitha: I'm sure it can. Oh.

Fox: Actually, no, it can't. Listen, what I was going to ask you was--

Kay: Oh, my God!

Fox: Whoa! What happened?

Kay: Oh, my God! Oh, my God, I lost my hearing! I'm deaf!

Tabitha: Oh, Endora, the things our Kay does so she doesn't have to say "I do."

[Tabitha chuckles]

Eve: So Julian says your Aunt Rachel may have given you a lead on Marty's whereabouts? That one of Alistair's henchmen may be keeping Beth and Marty from being found?

Sheridan: Mm-hmm--Otto Krause. We know he's a U.S. citizen, so we're trying to learn his whereabouts by the use of his passport.

Eve: Well, you know, of all people, Julian and I know how important it is for you to find your son and bring him home.

Sheridan: Thank you, Eve.

Julian: Is Chris coming back to help you this evening?

Sheridan: I doubt it. He remembered something he had to do with James.

Eve: Is everything all right?

Julian: Well, aside from the headache I have from listening to Theresa, I'm fine. Why do you ask?

Eve: You know, nothing suspicious happened going to or coming from the hospital?

Julian: No. Why?

Eve: I don't know. It just occurs to me that what Alistair said before he had his stroke might be true--that the person who stabbed him and the person who tried to smother him may be the same person who tried to shoot you at the cannery back then.

Julian: Well, perhaps but not necessarily true. Father's enemies list numbers in the thousands. Any number of people could have tried to kill the old goat.

Eve: Well, whether it was one person or several, there haven't been any arrests. So that means that whoever tried to kill you and Alistair is--is still out there and able to strike again.

Chris: How can you be so cruel?

Alistair: Because people like you make it so easy. Your past is filled with ugly, festering secrets about ready to erupt. Now, of course, you don't want any of your beloved ones to know how stained your moral fiber really is. But the truth will come out, Chris, if I have anything to say about it. And your past is going to completely destroy any relationship you think you're ever going to have with Sheridan.

[Alistair laughs]

Chris: We'll see who has the last laugh, Crane.

[Fox gasps]

Fox: What's with all the drama, huh?

Kay: I can't hear you! What are--what are you saying?

Fox: Really?

Kay: Don't you believe me?

Fox: Well, call it a hunch, if you will, but no, I do not believe that you all the sudden just went deaf.

Kay: Oh--oh, my God! I'm cured! It's a miracle!

[Kay chuckles]

Fox: Great. Great. Listen, what I was going to ask you was if you wanted to go away with me tonight.

Kay: That's what you wanted to propose?

Fox: Yeah! Yeah, there's this beautiful little country inn up in the mountains I wanted to take you to. It would be just you and me. It would be romantic. That is, if you'll take care of Maria.

Kay: You don't mind, right?

Tabitha: Well, actually, I--

Kay: Thanks!

Fox: Then it's all set!

Kay: Oh! I can't wait to be in a romantic, cozy little hideaway.

Fox: Yeah, it'll be fun. But you know what we should do? We should probably swing by the hospital and get your ears checked first, just in case.

Kay: I'm fine.

Fox: Right, you're fine--the miracle.

Kay: Hallelujah!

Fox: Yeah. Listen, I'm going to call the inn and see if I can get a room. Ok?

Kay: Ok.

Fox: All right.

Tabitha: Honestly, Kay, every time Endora and I save you from one disaster, you land yourself in another!

Kay: What now?

Tabitha: Why do you think Fox wants to take you away?

Kay: Because he loves me.

Tabitha: And?

Kay: He wants to be alone with me.

Tabitha: Because?

Kay: Oh, no!

Tabitha: Yes, that's right. He's determined to propose to you tonight, come hell or high water. And if you take that chance, you and he will be doomed!

Noah: Maya, you say you want me to help you?

Maya: Yes.

Noah: Ok, help you how? Look, any help I give you, it can't end up hurting Fancy.

Maya: Noah, I realize--

[Noise] Oh, no! They're getting closer.

Noah: Who?

Maya: I have to go!

Noah: Maya? Wait, Maya! Look-- you there, stop! Fancy? What--what are you doing here?

Fancy: What about you, Noah? Why did I find you in a dark alley talking to someone?

Noah: Uh--is it really that dark?

Fancy: Who was it, Noah? Who were you talking to?

Julian: I really appreciate your concern for my safety, but I've had security increased here at the mansion since this room was ransacked and since you caught that person trying to smother Alistair.

Eve: Well, what about the threat to Alistair?

Julian: I think it's diminished now that he's incapacitated.

Sheridan: I agree. Now that Father can't hurt anyone, I think whoever tried to kill him is hoping that nature finishes the job. And if Father does die, I've come to believe that Otto Krause will no longer have any reason to hide Beth and Marty. So either she'll be on her own and easier to find or we'll trace Marty down through Otto. Bottom line is, for the first time in a long time, I have hope that Chris and I will find Marty and bring him home.

Eve: You have a lot of faith in Chris, don't you, Sheridan?

Sheridan: I had my suspicions at first, but now I trust him completely. The man is too honest to have any secrets.

Chris: I hope you die, Alistair, so my secrets die with you.

Gwen: Hmm.

Ethan: Hmm.

Gwen: Maybe it's knowing we're taking Jane and leaving Harmony, but being with you tonight has been one for the record books.

[Ethan and Gwen laugh]

Ethan: The record books--I agree with you. And you know, I--I love you. I know I tell you a lot, but I love you so much.

Gwen: Honey, I love you. I love only you, now and always.

Ethan: Hmm.

Theresa: As God is my witness, I will not let Ethan leave me-- ever.

On the Next Passions:

Katherine: I still love Martin. I want him back.

Pilar: I don't think I could stand having you taken from me again.

Fancy: I don't know what I would do if I lost you.

Noah: Look, you're not going to lose me.

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