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Fancy: Oh.

Maya: Oh.

Fancy: Uh...

Maya: Excuse me.

Fancy: No, I am sorry. I did not see you.

Maya: It is all right. You seem a bit preoccupied.

Fancy: I guess I am.

Maya: Let me guess. You are thinking about a man.

Fancy: How did you know?

Maya: I just know a man could do that to you.

Noah: Ah, so what if it's my night off, man? Of course I will tend bar while you take a break. Plus Fancy is in the ladies' room, and she takes forever.

Man: Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

Noah: No problem. Have fun.

Fancy: A man really can get under your skin, especially a man you are in love with.

Maya: Hmm, I know. I know what you mean. Loving a man is a wonderful thing. But when your heart tells you he is the one, the fear of losing him can rattle even the most confident woman.

Fancy: You have got that right. I have never let a guy get under my skin before, but the one I'm with now sure has. What I feel for him is something new, something different and special. Something I do not want to lose.

Maya: I felt that same way about a man once. It was a long time ago, but I remember that feeling like he was here now... in this very room.

Sheridan: So that is Otto Krause? That is the man Father has guarding Beth and Marty.

Chris: Well, we think.

Sheridan: Well, it has to be. Aunt Rachel said that she overheard Father talking to Otto about his guests and a paternity secret. So now all we have to do is find Otto and we will find Beth and Marty.

Julian: My father is notorious for compartmentalizing information, so only he has all the facts. What we have to do is we he to find some other files to learn more about Mr. Krause and where Father has him stationed.

Sheridan: Keep searching. We have to find my son.

Chris: We will not give up. Not until Krause leads us to Marty.

Kay: Ah! Fox is still at the Seascape. I rushed out of there before he could propose to me. Oh! All I have to do now is avoid him until the planets realign themselves, and then our relationship will be safe.

Tabitha: Your course of action could be a minefield, Kay.

Kay: Why?

Tabitha: I've been keeping an eye on Fox, and your beau--he has recovered the engagement ring from that fattening dessert you ordered and he is absolutely determined to propose to you tonight.

Kay: You mean he is coming here?

Tabitha: Duh, as you young people would say.

Kay: What am I going to do?

Tabitha: Ah, is your mother's amnesia catching, or what? You're gonna avoid him just as you said you would.

Kay: But if he is on his way here, I cannot just run and hide out and leave you with Maria. I need a plan.

Tabitha: Yes, yes, well, I know. We'll just have to stall him.

Kay: Stall him how?

Tabitha: I do not know!

Kay: You know what? Maybe he decided he wasn't going to do it tonight. He gave up, he went home, and he'll ask me tomorrow.

Tabitha: Yes, well, fine, fine. That way we could think of a way for you to avoid his proposal until it is astrologically safe for you to accept it.

Kay: Perfect... as long as he does not show up here tonight.

Fox: Sorry, Fancy. I know Tabitha's living room isn't as romantic as the Seascape, but I am proposing to Kay tonight... no matter what.

Theresa: Do not worry, my little angel. It is not going to be long before your mommy and daddy are finally together. I am so close to proving that that mean blonde lady who insists that she is your mother ruined your daddy's life. Once Alistair recovers from his stroke, he will tell Ethan how it was Gwen and Rebecca who outed him as a Bennett to the tabloids. Your daddy is going to hate her, and he is going to come back to us for good.

Gwen: Yes! Oh, I cannot wait to take Jane and leave Harmony for good!

Ethan: Honey, I know you are anxious, and that is great, but it might take some time to get the transfer. And I have not even talked to Julian yet about this.

Gwen: Honey, I know--I know that you have a contract you need to honor, and I certainly do not want you to do anything to put your career in jeopardy. But you know that the longer we stay in this house with Theresa in my face all the time--you know, it puts a strain on our marriage. And I really just think the best thing for us to do is just leave Harmony, put Theresa behind us.

Ethan: I know you hate Theresa, Gwen.

Gwen: Hate her? Oh, my God. Try loathe and despise.

Ethan: I get it. I get that you want to get away from her. I'm just wondering if that is all this is about.

Gwen: Honey, what else would it be about?

Ethan: That is what I'm asking you right now. Is your wanting to leave harmony about more than just Theresa?

Gwen: Why else would I want to leave my family and friends, other than get away from Theresa? Ethan, think about the horrible things she's done to us, the incredible hell she has put us through. You know, you just take one of those things, and it is bad enough. But when you combine all the things she has done to us, really, I am surprised there's not some human rights group waiting outside with a helicopter to whisk us away from her.

Ethan: Ok. I do--I understand. I understand you, and I will go talk to Julian, ok, and see if a transfer is possible.

Gwen: Well, what if it is not, you know? What do we do then?

Ethan: If it is not, then we will have to wait until my contract is up.

Gwen: You know what? I am sure that there will be another position open for you somewhere else in the company just so we can get out of here.

Ethan: I know. I am committed to relocating. I am. I am just saying if it is not doable right now, we might have to wait a month, maybe two.

Gwen: Honey, I really do not want to wait that long. I just really want to put some time and some space between us and Theresa right now.

Ethan: I know you do. I will stress the urgency to Julian when I talk to him, all right? You sit tight. I will be right back.

Gwen: Ok.

Fancy: I do not want to seem nosy.

Maya: No. Please, sit down.

Fancy: I'm just curious if you and the man you loved are still together.

Maya: Unfortunately, we are not.

Fancy: Oh, I am sorry. Now that I know how incredible true love really is, I do not want to lose it. And my guy, he is incredible, too. And the connection we have--he is the one for me. I know he is.

Maya: I see. And this man of yours, he feels the same way about you?

Fancy: I think so. But I am not sure. I know he loves me, but whenever I get on the subject of marriage, he gets off at the next stop.

Maya: Some men can never commit. They just do not have it in them. They go from one woman to the next, and it never ends. But I'm sure your man is not that way.

Fancy: Would I know if he were?

Maya: Just look at the other parts of his life. I'm sure your man exorcised any wanderlust a long time ago, that he settled down after finishing his education and getting his degree. I'm sure your man has a good job in his chosen field, and his commitment to his work will reflect how committed he will be in his personal life.

Fancy: Um, actually, my guy has not settled down yet. He switched majors in college, then dropped out of grad school.

Maya: Oh.

Fancy: Since then, he has moved around a lot, so he hasn't really committed to a career.

Maya: Oh. Well, all men are different. Just because your man has not been able to commit to much of anything does not mean he will not be able to commit to you.

Fancy: I wonder.

Noah: [Sighs] All of Fancy's talk about marriage and commitment got me thinking about you.

[Voice-over] "Noah, when you told me last night that I was the love of your life, I knew you meant it heart and soul. I was especially touched when you said that if, for some reason, our relationship were to end, that you would never love another woman the way you love me."

Kay: Ok, look. If Fox calls, just tell him I am sick and that I am highly contagious and that I will call him when I feel better, because by then Maria and I can be in hiding somewhere until it is safe for me to come back and accept his proposal.

Tabitha: Ok, ok. Will do.

Fox: Kay?

Tabitha: Oh. Oh, suffering succotash, hide in the kitchen. Quick, quick.

Fox: Tabitha. Mail.

Tabitha: Oh.

Fox: Yeah. Uh, where is Kay?

Tabitha: Kay?

Fox: Yeah, Kay. You know, the tall, pretty one that lives here. The girl I'm in love with. Maria's mom.

Tabitha: Uh--uh--uh--oh, that Kay.

Fox: Exactly.

Tabitha: Uh--I haven't a clue, dear.

Fox: She was just here.

Tabitha: Was she?

Fox: Uh-huh, and you were talking to her.

Tabitha: Oh, was I?

Fox: Yeah, she was here when I walked in and now she's--now she's gone. Listen, what was the emergency?

Tabitha: Emergency?

Fox: Yeah, a waiter at the Seascape, he said that she left due to an emergency. I was just wondering...

Tabitha: The waiter said that?

Fox: Listen, uh, why--why do you keep repeating everything I say?

Tabitha: Repeating everything?

Fox: This is weird.

Tabitha: Weird?

Fox: I'm going to go check the kitchen.

Tabitha: Kitchen?

Kay: Wooh, ooh. No, no, no, no, don't go outside. I will freeze to death without my coat. What am I going to do?

Tabitha: Endora, Endora, we have got to do something to stop Fox from finding Kay. Ok?

Fox: Kay? Kay. Well, that's weird. Guess my eyes are playing tricks on me. Coulda swore I saw Kay in here just a minute ago. It's not like she just disappeared.

Tabitha: Oh, that was pretty close, Endora.

Kay: What do you mean, "was?" He is going to come in here any second and propose to me. We have to do something, quick.

Tabitha: We just did something quick.

Kay: We have to do something else. If he asks me to marry him, it will ruin everything.

Fox: Kay! 

Fox: Kay, are you in the living room?

Kay: He's coming! Do something to get me away from him.

Tabitha: Endora, Endora, think of something.

Fox: Kay, are you out here?

Kay: No!

Fox: Where is Kay? I thought I heard her out here.

Tabitha: Why would you think that?

Fox: Because you were talking to her.

Tabitha: Me? No, no, no--I--I'm talking to Endora.

Fox: Huh. Yeah, I've had too much to drink; I'm going to go back in the kitchen. Kay? Damn. Kay, are you in the living room? Kay? There you are. I knew you were here somewhere.

Ethan: Sorry, can--uh, can I come in?

Julian: Yes, yes, Ethan. What can I do for you?

Ethan: I need to talk to you for a moment, please.

Julian: Uh--fine. I'll be in the solarium if you need me.

Chris: No, Julian, stay right here. Sheridan and I can use a break.

Sheridan: No, we have to keep... maybe you're right. Maybe we'll have better luck if we clear our heads and take a break.

Ethan: I want to be transferred to another Crane office somewhere away from Harmony.

Sheridan: What?

Julian: You can't be serious.

Ethan: Look, Gwen and I, we had a really long talk. She really feels that the situation with Theresa has gone from bad to worse. Between Theresa harassing her constantly and the fact that she's made no secret that she wants me back. Gwen and I don't get a moment's peace. And that's not a good environment to raise Jane in. So, Gwen feels, and I'm inclined to agree with her, that we are not going to have a normal life unless we're far away from Harmony and Theresa.

Theresa: It won't be long, sweetheart. I'm going to get your daddy back. And we will be the family that fate intended us to be.

Gwen: What are you doing in here?

Theresa: Putting my daughter to bed.

Gwen: Well, legally Jane's my daughter.

Theresa: Yeah. Look, I know you've been pretending that Jane is your daughter for a while now, but that is not going to last too much longer. Because once I prove to Ethan that it was you and Rebecca who outed him as a Bennett to the tabloids, your entire world is going to come crashing down. Ethan is going to leave you; he's going to come back to me along with my daughter.

Gwen: That's never going to happen.

Theresa: Yeah, it will, Gwen. You know it will.

Gwen: Closing the door, what are you going to do, you going to try and kill me again?

Theresa: Well, you know, I actually--I think about that all the time. I do, but--look, you know you're finished. Sooner or later, one way or another, Ethan will learn that it was you and Rebecca who leaked information to the tabloid revealing his true paternity, proving that he is not a Crane and ruined his life.

Gwen: Well, you know that. And I know that. But I will be damned if Ethan will ever know that.

Theresa: It's too late.

Gwen: Actually, you're too late. See, my secret is safe. And it's safe because of Ethan.

Fox: What's going on?  Why are you trying to avoid me?

Kay: Going on?

Fox: Oh, not you, too.

Kay: Me, what? I just got here.

Fox: You weren't here before?

Kay: No, I just walked in.

Fox: Yeah, but I could've sworn that I...

Kay: What?

Fox: Nothing. Nothing. Oh, look, the waiter at the Seascape said that you left because of an emergency. What was that all about?

Tabitha: It was me. I was not feeling too well after my trek back from your family's grand abode. I'm better now, but Kay was kind enough to interrupt her date to come and check up on me.

Fox: Well, good, I'm glad you're feeling better. And I am glad we're back together. Listen, there has been something I've been trying to ask you all evening. Listen, I have to ask you a question. It is a really important question.

Noah: [Voice-over] "Noah, you swore if we were ever apart and you met another woman, that no matter how beautiful or how nice she was, you could never feel for her what you feel for me. You vowed never to love another woman the way you love me. And I take comfort in your promise, knowing that I am and always will be the great love of your life." Yeah, you were my great love. But you're gone.

Maya: Sorry if I upset you... with my whole take on men. I'm a bit down on the whole love thing these days. So, just forget what I said. I'm sure the man you love will commit to you.

Fancy: Well, I know my guy was able to commit to a woman before.

Maya: He was?

Fancy: Mm-hmm. He had a great love before we met. I don't know what happened between them, but I know he was completely into her.

Maya: Did he tell you that?

Fancy: No, I found a letter she had written him. In it she said he told her that he would never love another woman the way he loved her. And if their relationship ever ended, any woman he met afterwards would never--

Maya: Would never mean to him what she did.

Fancy: That's exactly what she wrote. How did you know that?

Julian: Ethan, I understand you and Gwen wanting to raise Jane away from Theresa, because sadly, it probably is the only way you two will ever have peace in your lives.

Ethan: Then you'll see what you can do?

Julian: I'm not sure how quickly a move at your level could be accomplished, but I will do my best.

Ethan: Thank you, Julian. Thank you.

Julian: Anything for you, Ethan, you know that.

Sheridan: Ethan. Are you sure about leaving Harmony? This is your home. Your friends and family are here. Gwen's, too

Ethan: Sheridan, I know. I know it is going to be hard on us. But it's going to be harder if we stay here. You know Theresa; she's relentless. And my hope is once Gwen and Jane and myself are gone, Theresa will be able to free herself and little Ethan of Alistair. And then she'll be able to move on... and be happy with someone else.

Sheridan: So are you saying that this move is more for Theresa than it is for Gwen?

Ethan: I'm not sure about that. All I know is Gwen wants it, Theresa needs it, I need it, too.

Sheridan: Because you still have feelings for Theresa?

Ethan: [Laughs] I suppose there's no secret in that anymore.

Sheridan: Then I don't think leaving Harmony will do you any good.

Ethan: Why not?

Sheridan: Look, Ethan, I know that you love Gwen, but if you still have feelings for Theresa, then you could move to Minsk and she'll still be in your heart.

Ethan: Are you suggesting that Gwen and I actually stay here?

Sheridan: All I am saying is that there is no way you're going to get away from Theresa if you carry her in your heart.

Theresa: Ok, how can Ethan help you keep your secret safe that's about him when he doesn't even know what the secret is?

Gwen: Oh, you'll see. Believe me, you will see. The truth is, Theresa, Ethan is never going to find out that my mother and I are the ones who tipped the tabloids. I've made sure of it.

Theresa: And people say I'm conniving.

Gwen: Theresa, because you are. You and my mother are exactly alike in that way, ok? Because it was entirely her idea to tip the tabloids from your computer. Because let's not forget here that you also knew the truth about Ethan's paternity and I did not want to go along with it, but I agreed because I was desperate to stop you from stealing Ethan away from me. And you of all people know what it's like to be in a desperate situation. Listen, not a day goes by I don't regret turning Ethan's life upside-down, but you drove me to it, just like you're driving me to do what I'm going to do now.

Theresa: What are you talking about?

Gwen: You'll find out soon enough. The bottom line is I am not going to lose Ethan to you. Not now, not ever. And if I have to keep it a secret what I did, if I have to live with the guilt and the regret in order to keep Ethan, I'm gonna do it. Because I hate like hell lying to him, but I'd hate it a lot more if I had to lose him.

Theresa: Gwen, you are going to lose Ethan. The truth always comes out. Alistair will recover and he'll tell Ethan what you did. And even if Alistair doesn't recover, well, I'll find the proof and just tell Ethan myself.

Gwen: See, Theresa, I'm not going to let that happen.

Theresa: You can't stop it, Gwen. But you know what you can do? You can give Ethan up now. You can step aside now before things get any worse. And you'll never have to tell him what you did. You can save yourself in Ethan's eyes.

Gwen: Oh, sweetheart, I do not need saving.

Theresa: Oh, but you do, Gwen. Yeah, you really, really, really do. Look, deep down in your heart, you know Ethan's going to be mine again. You might as well make it easier for all of us and just let me have him now.

Fancy: How do you know what my boyfriend's ex wrote to him?

Maya: Who hasn't written something like that? If a man tells a woman that he'll never love anyone as much as he loves her, it just seems he'd go on to say that no other woman would ever mean as much to him as she did. Right?

Fancy: Right. You must think I'm a total flake. First I bump into you, then I talk your ear off about my boyfriend.

Maya: I don't mind. Sometimes it's easier to talk to a stranger.

Fancy: You do seem to get where I'm coming from.

Maya: I know it must be hard for you knowing about this other woman in your boyfriend's past, knowing he gave his heart to her before he opened it to you. Of course, assuming he really gave his heart to her and wasn't just stringing her along. You never know with a man, do you?

Fancy: I thought I did.

Maya: Forgive me for being blunt, but after hearing about this other woman, I have to wonder if your boyfriend won't commit to you because he's afraid to or if it's because he's still committed to this other woman.

Fancy: But he said he hasn't seen her in years.

Maya: That doesn't mean that she still isn't in his heart.

Fancy: He has kept her letter.

Maya: Look, if he hasn't seen her in years, he probably didn't mean what he said about never loving anyone as much as her. Promises rarely mean the same s thing to men as they do to us. But I'm sure your boyfriend's different. I need to be on my way. It was nice to have met you.

Fancy: You, too. Noah is different. Promises mean everything to him. Noah is definitely a man of his word. At least he has been so far.

Fox: So the question that I have to ask you.

[Baby crying]

Kay: Maria's awake. I have to go to her.

Fox: I'll go with you.

Kay: No, no, no.

Tabitha: No.

Fox: Why?

Kay: Because she gets really excited when she sees you and I might not be able to get her back to sleep.

Fox: Yeah, I suppose you're right. I'll just wait here for you.

Kay: No! No! No, I mean--you don't have to. It might take me awhile to get her back to sleep.

Tabitha: She could be up there for hours.

Kay: Yeah, and I would feel really bad just having you wait here for me.

Fox: Yeah. Look, here's the thing, though, what I want to talk to you about is really, really important. So I don't care how long I have to wait. I'll wait here all night if I have to.

Tabitha: Oh, my devil.

Fox: Ok?

Ethan: Look, I know what you're saying. I appreciate your concern, but I love Gwen and I'm committed to Gwen. It's just that a part of me will always love Theresa, too.

Sheridan: I understand.

[Sighs] If you have to leave Harmony with Gwen, I'm going to miss you both very much. But I know that you need to do what you think is best.

Ethan: What other choice do I have?

Sheridan: You know the answer to that. Whether you do it or not is up to you.

Theresa: You know I'm going to get Ethan back, so isn't it just easier for you to step aside now before Ethan learns what you and Rebecca did and how you destroyed his life?

Gwen: You're insane if you think I'm just going to hand my husband over to you.

Theresa: Well, let's not make this about me, Gwen, when this is really about Ethan. You did a nasty, nasty thing to him. You took away his name, his identity, his entire future when you cost him his destiny as a Crane. Now, unlike you, I have never intentionally hurt Ethan because I love him.

Gwen: You've never intentionally hurt Ethan? Are you kidding me? You have done far worse and then some to Ethan and to me. You are responsible for the death of my daughter, my unborn son. You poisoned my husband. You almost killed him. So the one thing that I did that I regret pales in comparison to the horrendous things you've done to us.

Theresa: I don't think Ethan's going to see it that way.

Gwen: I think he might, and that's a chance I'm willing to take.

Theresa: Ok, ok. But don't say that I didn't give you a chance to spare you and Ethan a lot of heartache by bowing out of his life now.

Gwen: You are so mental, it's frightening.

Theresa: Look, we live in the same house, Gwen, so I'm going to be watching your every move. You make a mistake, I'll be there to exploit it. I will bring you down, Gwen, and soon.

Noah: Fancy, hey. Here you are. I was wondering what happened to you.

Fancy: I ran into someone and we started talking.

Noah: Ah, an old friend?

Fancy: No, I never met her before, but she seemed to know what I'm feeling.

Noah: Hmm. Feeling about what?

Fancy: Relationship stuff.

Noah: Ah, what's there to feel, huh? I love you and we are happy. Everything's fine. Everything's perfect. Perfect relationship. Are you ok? Did this woman say something to upset you?

Fancy: No. She just got me thinking.

Noah: What's there to think about? Everything's fine, all right? Look, I love you.

Fancy: I love you, too.

Noah: So, ah...

Fancy: So... I think I'm going to go to the hospital and check on Grampy.

Noah: Ok. Do you mind if I don't come with you?

Fancy: No, I understand.

Noah: All right. Well, call me when you're finished, all right, and we'll meet up.

Fancy: Uh-huh.

Noah: Bye.

Fancy: Ok.

Kay: Maria, was that you crying before, sweetheart? Or was that Endora using her magic? Either way, you're asleep now. Sweet dreams.

[Sighs] How am I gonna get out of this mess?

[Sighs] What should I tell Fox? You know what? I'm just gonna tell him the truth... at least part of it. I'll just say that if we get engaged now, our relationship will be doomed. He's going to want to know why, though. I'll just say that if he loves me, he has to trust me. What have I got to lose? Except Fox.

Tabitha: Fox has been pretty quiet, Endora. I hope he's not angry because Kay's avoiding him. Oh, you go in here for a minute. Ok. We'll know soon enough.

Kay: Ok. Fox, don't get up, ok? There's something important that I have to tell you and if I have to look at you to do it, I'm going to lose my nerve, so...

Tabitha: No wonder. Kay, Kay, can I have a moment with you, please?

Kay: No, no, no, not right now. Sorry about that. Ok, when I was upstairs checking on Maria, I decided that there's something that you should know, something that I've been putting off telling you because it sounds--it just sounds crazy. Look, Fox, I love you. And I want to marry you. And I cannot wait until the day that you ask me to be your wife. I cannot wait until you're a father to Maria and hopefully to our children one day. But the thing is, it just can't be right now. And I know that that sounds absolutely nuts, but you just have to understand, and I'm sorry that I didn't tell you this before. It's just--I don't know, I'm just hoping that you understand and that you're willing to wait. Fox... are you willing to wait, or are you mad at me? Fox?

Sheridan: There it is, Otto Krause's passport application.

Julian: So he's a U.S. Citizen.

Chris: And there will be a record of what countries he's been to and when.

Sheridan: Well, keep searching. If Krause has been holding Beth and Marty for awhile, then the last country he went to has to be the same country he's in now.

Julian: Once you find Otto Krause, you'll find your son... my nephew.

Chris: Well, knowing what country Krause is in is a huge lead, but we still have to narrow the search down from there. And that might prove to be difficult.

Julian: Yes. That's right.

Sheridan: Why?

Julian: Because Father pays thousands of people for their silence, if not to outright lie about his dealings. Getting them to be candid about Krause's whereabouts could prove to be... most frustrating.

Chris: Even so... I promise you I'll find Marty and bring him home to you, Sheridan. You have my word.

Sheridan: Thank you, Chris. Thank you.

Kay: Hey, I understand if you're upset, but please just don't leave me hanging like this. Say something.

Tabitha: Don't get your hopes up, Kay. Fox is fast asleep.

Kay: What?! Fox?

[Snaps] Ugh.

[Sighs] Well, I guess it's best he didn't hear what I said. It's not like I can explain why I said it.

Tabitha: Right.

Kay: Oh, my gosh.

[Moans softly] Oh, it is so beautiful.

Tabitha: Well, I prefer black onyx, black pearls, and the like, but it is lovely, dear.

Kay: He knows me so well. This is exactly what I would've picked out.

Tabitha: Yeah, no doubt Fox wants you to be his lady love.

Kay: That's what I want more than anything. Tabitha, I have been waiting for this night my entire life. Having the man of my dreams propose to me and slip this beautiful ring on my finger, ah... that moment was here and I had to run from it. The thing I want most in the world, and I can't have it.

Tabitha: At least not for now.

Kay: Isn't there some way for it to happen?

Tabitha: I'm sorry, dear. If you get engaged to Fox now, you're going to lose him forever.

Kay: [Sighs] Some day. Some day soon.

Fancy: That was the strangest feeling. Like Noah's slipping away from me. I'm losing him. I'm being ridiculous. Noah just told me he loves me. Everything's fine.

Noah: This part of my life is over and done with. Fancy, I thought you were going to see your-- Maya.

Maya: Noah. It's been a long time. Too long.

Theresa: I'll be watching you, Gwen. And waiting for you to trip up or... just waiting for Alistair to recover to tell Ethan how you and your mother cheated him out of his own destiny. Now, however this plays out, you're never gonna be free of me.

Ethan: Hi. I thought you might be in here.

Gwen: What did Julian say?

Ethan: [Sighs] He said he understood, and he said he's gonna get on it right away. And it shouldn't be long before we find an opening.

Gwen: That's wonderful. This is so wonderful.

Ethan: Yeah.

Theresa: An opening? What are you talking about?

Gwen: Oh, just talking about the fact that we're leaving Harmony.

Theresa: For vacation?

Gwen: No, for good. We're gonna move far away from here, move out of the mansion, far away from Harmony, far away from you.

Theresa: No.

Gwen: Yeah. Theresa, Ethan and I are finally going to be free of the stranglehold that you've had on our happiness. We are gonna finally be able to live with some peace and quiet, somewhere where you cannot terrorize us any longer. And there's not a damn thing that you can do about it.

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Fancy: Are you really the monster Noah says you are? A monster who ruins people's lives?

Maya: The way things ended between us, so much was left unfinished.

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