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Tabitha: Alistair. Cocky son of a gun. He was so smug about terrorizing his guests, he completely forgot that he was the intended murder victim. I wonder how many more attempted or successful murders will take place tonight.

Julian: How's it going?

Eve: I removed the knife, sutured the wound. He's hanging in there, but he's lost a lot of blood.

Julian: Meaning?

Eve: Meaning it's too soon to tell whether he's going to survive. And even with all this medical equipment he has stowed at the house, he needs to be in the hospital. I've never met anyone with such an intense will to live.

Julian: No, it's not a will to live. That's a will to commit as many atrocities in a single lifetime as possible. That's what keeps Father going.

Sheridan: I'm afraid you're right.

Chris: From what I've heard about his past and what I've seen here myself tonight, it's as if your father intentionally invites these attempts on his life.

Sheridan: You think so?

Chris: It's as if he's trying to show everybody that he can survive whatever the people who hate him have in store for him.

Katherine: Well, someday it has to catch up with him. It's going to be tonight or another time. Imagine a world without Alistair's cruelty.

Martin: Everyone in this room has good reason to want him dead.

Pilar: The question is, who was pushed further than the rest of us beyond their breaking point? I mean, really, who was pushed that far, to want to stab Alistair?

Eve: Well, if Alistair comes to, we'll all find out.

Rachel: Oh, I never meant for all of this to happen. Oh. It just went too far. Oh, God, I'm sorry! Oh, I'm so very sorry.

T.C.: Ooh. Nobody's leaving here tonight, or at least until the morning.

Simone: Maybe it'll be better if he doesn't see us together.

Rae: You sure you'll be ok?

Simone: He's my father. Maybe if I can talk to him alone I can try to make him understand.

Rae: If you need me --

Simone: Daddy?

T.C.: Sugar bear. Oh, honey, I was so worried about you.

Gwen: Alistair knows what we did, and if he lives he is going to tell Ethan.

Rebecca: Yeah, if he lives. The old goat could still kick the bucket.

Gwen: Well, not if Eve has anything to do with it. You know, as we speak, she's trying to save his life, which I can't believe.

Rebecca: Oh, I know. They all take that damn hypocritical oath when they become doctors.

Gwen: So help me, if Alistair tells Ethan we were the ones who emailed the tabloids about his paternity, my marriage is going to be over and I am going to lose Ethan to Theresa.

Ethan: I was just getting some water.

Theresa: Don't rush off.

Ethan: I got to get back to Gwen, Theresa.

Theresa: I -- I heard what you said earlier tonight when you found me lying on the floor when you thought that I was dead. You said that you were never going to leave me again, that you had left me too many times before. Doesn't that tell you that you love me? Can you listen to your heart, Ethan, please, and leave Gwen and just come back to me? Please?

Ivy: Ok. Nobody followed us. I checked.

Kay: Good, because I need to speak to you about what Alistair is going to say if he recovers.

Ivy: He talked to you, too, didn't he?

Kay: He knows, Ivy. I don't know how he does, but he knows everything.

Ivy: It was you, wasn't it? He threatened to go public, and you tried to kill him.

Kay: Me? I thought it was you.

Ivy: Oh, please. If it had been me, the result would be far different.

Kay: We're finished, aren't we? When he regains consciousness, he is going to tell everyone that you hired David Hastings to pretend to be my mom's first husband.

Ivy: And you kept your mouth shut.

Kay: Oh, God.

Ivy: I don't even think God's going to help us now. If the truth comes out, I will lose Sam, and you will lose Fox forever.

[Door opens]

ivy: Sam and Fox. How long have you been standing there?

Kay: It's not what you think.

Sam: What's wrong? You both look like we caught you with your hand in the cookie jar.

Ivy: No, no, no, no, no, no. Silly, we're just having some girl talk and you startled us.

Fox: We just wanted to update you on Grandfather's condition.

Ivy: Oh, please, tell me he's taken a turn for the worse.

Sam: Ivy.

Ivy: Sorry, Sam, it's the way I feel. I just wish whoever tried to stab him had had better aim.

Fox: Yeah, well, we all do, but unfortunately for us they didn't. According to eve, he's more than holding his own.

Kay: How are the roads? Can we leave here and go home?

Sam: No. They're not going to send any work crews out till the morning.

Fox: Hmm. Well, I guess until then you're all stuck here.

Kay: But, I mean --

Sam: I know what you're thinking. Same thing I'm thinking.

Fox: As soon as Alistair wakes up, the first thing he's going to do is point the finger at whoever tried to kill him.

Sam: And the second would be to carry out his mission tonight. He's threatened to expose everyone's secrets tonight. I'm sure when he wakes up, he'll do just that.

Fox: Well, I mean, look, I already know I've been fired. I don't know what else he can do to me.

Sam: Well, in a way, Fox, we're the lucky ones. I mean, Alistair's already done the worst to us. I'd hate to be someone he's holding something personal over. I mean, just imagine what they're going through right now, waiting for the bomb to drop, knowing that when it does, their life, maybe the lives of the people they love, are going to shatter into a million pieces.

Rachel: All I wanted was to avenge Alistair for hurting the people I love. Oh, and now I've put him in even more danger.

Tabitha: Now, why is she crying? That is not a good sign. Though I love a good bloodbath, I'd really rather be home with my Endora right now. But how? The roads are thoroughly impassable. I need a little privacy to make a little magic. Enough secrets will come out tonight without my revealing I'm a witch. Oh, I'd be burned at the stake before sunup.

[Rachel cries]

Katherine: Did you hear that?

Pilar: What?

Martin: I didn't hear anything.

Katherine: It sounds like someone is crying.

Sheridan: Wait. I hear it, too.

Pilar: Where is it coming from and who could it be?

Katherine: It sounds like -- no, no, it can't -- it can't be.

Martin: Who do you think it is?

Katherine: No one. I -- I don't know. I -- I think it's one of those voice tapes on a loop, one of Alistair's cruel, sick jokes.

Sheridan: I don't understand, Mother. Who can't it be?

Simone: I was afraid you'd still be mad at me.

T.C.: Honey, I am not mad at you. Now that I've found out that that unspeakable nastiness wasn't your fault, I'm not angry with you.

Simone: I don't know what you mean.

T.C.: Honey, you're not a lesbian. Ok, you never were. It was Alistair. Alistair paid some woman to seduce you.

Simone: Daddy, no.

T.C.: Yes. Alistair tried to do it. He tried to make me upset. He tried to get me so upset that I would just go off, but, honey, you are just as normal as us.

Simone: Daddy, I don't know what you're talking about, but you're wrong. I really am attracted to women.

T.C.: No. No -- no, you're not, because that degenerate woman, she brainwashed you, sweetheart. She was paid by Alistair to make her twisted move on you.

Simone: You don't mean Rae.

T.C.: Rae? Oh, so that's her name. Yeah, because that's the email that Alistair sent to me about you and Rae. Honey, it was so disgusting to see that. You were scammed. Do you understand that? I know that you could never commit an abomination against nature on your own.

Simone: So Rae was paid to come on to me?

T.C.: Yes. Alistair paid her. And, honey, I am so sorry that you had to be exposed to all that filth. Sweetheart, in time, you will heal.

Simone: Daddy, no! I -- I don't know what you saw on that email, but you're wrong. Rae is not like that.

T.C.: How would you know, huh? You didn't even know that she took money from Alistair Crane. Seems to me you don't know too much about this Rae. You know, come to think of it, she could've been the woman that was trying to kill Alistair tonight.

Simone: Daddy, just because she is gay doesn't make her a killer. Alistair probably faked what you saw. Rae fell in love with me because of me!

T.C.: If she cared so much about you, then why did she take money from Alistair?

Simone: I don't know that she did.

T.C.: Well, I'll bet she probably just wigged out and tried to kill him.

Simone: Daddy, that is not right at all! You are the one that gets angry and flies out of control all the time. You just -- you're just trying to point the finger at Rae because -- because you are the one who tried to kill Alistair!

Simone: That is why you are making up these stories about Rae. You're just trying to deflect suspicion away from yourself.

T.C.: What the hell are you talking about?

Simone: You are the one with the out-of-control temper. You tried to kill Alistair!

Eve: What's going on here?

T.C.: I was just trying to put your daughter at ease. You're not a lesbian.

Eve: Oh, T.C. Oh.

T.C.: She's not. She was tricked by Alistair. That woman brainwashed you. Alistair tricked you into some unnatural relationship to try to get me upset and break up my family. But there's nothing wrong with our little girl, nothing that a good boyfriend couldn't fix.

Simone: Stop it, Daddy! I'm not gay because of Rae. Ok, I was already attracted to women. Rae is just the first person that I ever slept --

T.C.: I do not want to hear that!

Simone: Too bad. Do you think that people become gay because someone thinks it's a good idea and buys them a pair of army boots? It doesn't work like that. I'm gay because I am gay.

T.C.: You're only saying that because you're hooked by that woman, the same woman who was probably guilty of attempted murder tonight.

Simone: Stop trying to pin everything on Rae. Everybody knows that you are the one with the hair-trigger temper. You are the one that has threatened to kill Alistair and Julian for as long as I can remember! And if it is true what you said, that you saw pictures of me with Rae, of course you flew off the handle and you tried to stab Alistair Crane. It was you, Daddy! You did it! You are --

Eve: Oh!

T.C.: Don't you ever speak to me like that again.

Julian: T.C. --

T.C.: Julian, this is my business.

Eve: Yes, and it is my business, and how dare you strike my child!

Simone: How could you, Daddy? How could you?

Eve: What is wrong with you? If you could strike your daughter because she has a sexual persuasion that you are not comfortable with, what else could you do? Huh? Did you go crazy tonight? Did you go crazy and stab Alistair?

Ethan: I said those things because I was upset, Theresa. I was afraid that you were dead. I thought that you might be the victim of the murder that was supposed to take place here tonight.

Theresa: You said those things because you love me.

Ethan: Theresa, I love -- I love my wife, the woman that I'm married to, and the things I said tonight hurt her. And I'm very sorry about that.

Theresa: You know what, you don't have to apologize for the truth, ok? I know that's what you meant.

Ethan: It doesn't matter what I meant. What matters is what I'm going to do about my feelings for you, and that is nothing, Theresa. I can't do anything. I'm going to stay married to Gwen for the rest of my life.

Katherine: Was someone crying in here?

Theresa: No. It's just us.

Martin: Yeah, well, we heard some sobs coming through the walls in the living room.

Ethan: That sounds like one of Alistair's tricks, actually.

Pilar: That's what we're trying to find out.

Katherine: Well, if it isn't one of Alistair's tricks -- oh, my God.

Pilar: Katherine, you still haven't told us who you think it could be.

Katherine: Excuse me. I have to find out if it was real or not.

Pilar: Theresa, what were you doing in here alone with Ethan?

Theresa: Discussing his feelings for me.

Pilar: Stop it. Stop trying to come between a husband and a wife. Haven't you caused enough trouble already? Besides, you are still married to Alistair.

Theresa: No, no, maybe not, Mama, not if -- not if he dies tonight.

Pilar: You say that as if you want it to happen.

Theresa: Well, it is not a secret, Mama. You want him to die, too.

Pilar: Ten cuidado, Theresa. Because everyone knows that you've tried to kill Alistair twice already. You know what? It's going to be natural for everyone to look at you as the one who tried to kill Alistair tonight, especially with all this talk about you wanting to be with Ethan.

Theresa: I don't care. I love Ethan, Mama. I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I'm not going to pretend otherwise, and you know what? I am going to make it happen. I will.

Gwen: Well, there's only one thing to do. We need to take control of the situation. We need to do something drastic before Alistair comes to.

Rebecca: Oh, honey, it is about time you learned something from me. Honey, I have always said that if you want to permanently protect your relationship with Ethan, you got to get rid of Theresa. So, how do you want to do it? How are we going to end tacosita's life?

Gwen: We are not going to kill Theresa.

Rebecca: Why not?

Gwen: Because there is another way to stop Alistair from exposing us.

Rebecca: What? Somebody tried to kill him. What else can we do?

Gwen: Mother, he obviously is in possession of some sort of evidence that he can use against us. We just -- we need to hope that we find it before he regains consciousness.

Rebecca: I'd much rather whack Theresa.

Gwen: Look, I'm not a murderer, and you were lucky enough to slide on your attempted murder of Eve, ok, so don't push your luck. Where do you think he would hide this proof?

Rebecca: Honey, it could be anywhere. And it would take us weeks to thoroughly search this whole house.

Gwen: All right, well, we don't have weeks. You know, we just have tonight. So we just need to hope it's here and we need to hope that we find it. But at least with Alistair unconscious, we can look wherever we want without anyone's interference. What in the world do you think he has against us?

Rebecca: Well, I don't know, honey, but -- look, it would help if we had some idea what it was we were looking for.

Gwen: Well, we don't, so we're just going to have to know it when we see it. So you search here, I'm going to search Alistair's bedroom.

Rebecca: Uh, honey, honey, if you find any photos of me --

Gwen: Mother, don't worry. I will take care of it.

[Rebecca sighs]

Rebecca: That's my girl.

Gwen: Oh, please -- listen to me. Please be thorough, ok? This is my future we're talking about.

Rebecca: Oh, my poor, deluded Gwennie. I mean, if Alistair has some kind of proof and he's determined to bring us down, he will. Unless he never wakes up.

Sam: What's wrong?

Martin: We're looking for the source of some sounds we heard coming from the wall or ceiling right here in the living room.

Pilar: Like someone crying.

Ethan: Have you guys heard anything?

Kay: No.

Ivy: Not a peep.

Katherine: Could -- could everybody just take one moment and be really quiet?

[Rachel cries]

Sam: I hear something.

Fox: No, no, sounds more like someone. It sounds like it's coming from the vents.

Ethan: Sounds like it's coming from upstairs.

Katherine: We already checked out the second floor.

Ethan: What about the attic?

Sheridan: Do you think someone could be locked in there?

Katherine: With Alistair, anything is possible.

Martin: Included another twisted prank, trying to get us on some wild-goose chase.

Pilar: Katherine seems to think she knows who it is.

Katherine: No, I don't. I have no idea. I just want to find them in case they're in trouble.

Sam: Then let's go.

Ivy: I'm coming with you.

Chris: Will you be all right on your own?

Sheridan: Sure, but --

Chris: I'll have to go and check and make sure that Alistair is ok.

Sheridan: Be careful.

Chris: You, too.

Kay: Should we go, too?

Fox: No. No, no, no. We can hang back. We need to have a little talk.

Kay: About what?

Fox: Well, about secrets. Secrets so horrible that someone would murder my grandfather.

Eve: Simone isn't a pervert and she isn't a degenerate. She isn't any of those names that you call her!

T.C.: Of course not. That's what I'm saying. It was that woman who seduced her, the woman who was paid for by Alistair.

Eve: You are missing the point. No one turns gay, T.C. They are gay or they're not.

T.C.: You know what? That is just a bunch of bull, ok? Because Simone was innocent as they come until Rae tried to hit on her. You know, I think that she was desperate for attention because she found out about your dirty secret with Julian. Not to mention that the first guy she ever falls in love with turns out to be her half brother!

Liz: Well, Eve, T.C. does have a point. If anyone's to blame for Simone's leanings, it's you.

Eve: You stay out of this, Liz.

Liz: Oh, the hell I will. All the drugs and alcohol that you put in your system, it's a miracle my nieces didn't turn out more messed up then they already are. Although they do have their issues, don't they? One ran away to join a convent because she slept with her brother. The other one digs chicks more than guys.

Julian: Shut up, Liz.

Liz: Oh, Julian, don't mess with me.

Eve: T.C., you are going to have to start to accept Simone for who and what she is, or you are going to lose her forever. Whitney is almost lost to us already. Do you want to lose Simone, too?

Rae: What happened? Did you talk to your father?

Simone: I was an idiot to think that I could. He went crazy on me.

Rae: I'm so sorry.

Simone: No, don't -- don't. Don't touch me.

Rae: Sorry, I just wanted to comfort you.

Simone: You know, my dad told me all about you. He told me that you were working for Alistair Crane and that he paid you to start a relationship with me. Is that true, Rae? Is everything that we shared just some job for you?

Simone: Is it true, Rae? Did Alistair pay you to seduce me?

Rae: I can't believe you're asking me this.

Simone: Well, that's what my father said. He said that he had proof sent to him by Alistair, that he'd seen pictures. I want the truth, Rae!

Rae: Yeah, I know Mr. Crane. He loaned me money to start my club.

Simone: But you never said anything about that.

Rae: It was business, Simone. I don't share all my financial dealings with you. But you have to believe me. That is the only connection that I have to Alistair Crane. Your name's never come up. No one told me or paid me to go after you. I saw you one night and I was drawn to you. That's why I introduced myself. That's why I asked you to dance.

Simone: But -- but you broke up with me out of the blue, Rae. One minute you were telling me that you loved me, and the next minute you were breaking my heart.

Rae: You're so young, Simone. I'm the first real relationship you've had with anyone, male or female.

Simone: So?

Rae: So, I'm older. I've been around a little. Look, it's natural to fall in love with the first person you've been intimate with, but I'm not up to that kind of commitment right now. Doesn't mean that I don't care about you. I just didn't want you to think that it was forever.

Simone: I don't know what to think anymore.

Rae: I'm telling you the truth, Simone. I would never lie to you.

Simone: Even though you don't want to be with me.

Rae: Well, that's up to you. If you still want to get together sometimes, I'd like that. I just don't want there to be any misunderstandings about what it means. If you need a full-time commitment from me, then we better call it quits right now. You'd do better with someone who can give that to you. It's up to you, Simone.

Eve: Simone is old enough to decide who and what she is for herself.

T.C.: Not if she's choosing to have affairs with women, she's not.

Eve: Would you rather not have Simone in your life at all? Because you say that you love her.

T.C.: I do. Which is why I don't want her to ruin her life.

Eve: Love is unconditional, T.C.

T.C.: You know what, Eve, you can save your little lectures on unconditional love for somebody who still respects you.

Julian: You can't talk to him when he's like this.

Liz: I wonder why that is, Eve. Funny how you always manage to bring out the worst in him. Is that a part of your unconditional love, too?

Julian: You mean, vindictive --

Liz: Go to hell, Julian. You know, you can blame everyone else for the meltdown of your family, but you're behind it, Eve. And you cannot expect to have eternal happiness with Julian, either.

Eve: What kind of happiness do you expect to have, Liz, while you're just wallowing in vengeance and anger and hatred? You could lash out at me from now till kingdom come. It is not going to change the fact that when I look at you I see someone to be pitied.

Liz: Excuse me?

Eve: It's true. You are a miserable, bitter, lonely woman whose raison d'etre is to make everyone as unhappy as you are. I may have my troubles, Liz, but at least I have a life. I have a chance at happiness. And that is more than you have.

Kay: What secrets? You mean what Alistair's holding over certain people?

Fox: Kay, come on, I'm not stupid. I mean, I can see how tense you are. You're ready to snap.

Kay: I'm fine.

Fox: Ok. Look, let's just get it all out in the open. You know, let's just talk about us, talk about these secrets, huh?


Tabitha: Oh, this house is like grand central station. Where's a witch supposed to go to cast a teeny-weeny spell in private? I need to contact Endora. She's the only one that can get me out of here. Well, I suppose this will have to do. Endora, darling, where are you? Mommy needs you. Endora, are you listening? Mommy needs some baby magic so she can come on home.

Tabitha: Oh. Oh, I hope this works. I need to get out of this deathtrap.

[Rebecca sighs]

Rebecca: Well, that concludes my thorough search of the library. Such a waste of time, though, especially on New Year's when I could be celebrating. Mmm. I do know where Alistair keeps the good champagne, though.

Rebecca: What -- what the hell? Tabitha, what -- what the devil are you doing?

Rebecca: Oh, my God.

Tabitha: Speed it up, sweet pea! You got to get Mommy out of here!

Rebecca: Ah! Fire!

Rebecca: Where is she?

[Rebecca gasps]

Rebecca: Oh, my goodness, was she fried to a crisp?

Tabitha: "Curse"? What curse? Oh, good grief. I must be in Boston. Oh, Endora must've waved the wrong hand and -- and popped me over here instead of home. Well, I'll tell you, I'd rather be here than in the mansion of doom. Yes, in fact, I'd rather suffer the aftereffects of that terrible storm than -- than Alistair's homemade horrors.

Julian: Still the same?

Eve: Your father is as strong as an ox.

Julian: What is that they say -- it's the meanest who always live the longest?

Eve: I guess that means my half sister's going to have a very long life.

Julian: Don't pay attention to her trash. You certainly put her in her place this evening.

Eve: Yeah, but the question is, who put Alistair in his place?

Julian: Could've been anyone. Whoever did it just couldn't take him anymore.

Eve: Yes, except Alistair survived. So whoever tried to kill him must be even more desperate. Who's to say they won't try to kill him again?

Gwen: Come on! God, it would help if I knew what I was looking for. What, is it a tape, Alistair? A D.V.D.? What is this? Come on, come on. Alistair, where is it? Where is the evidence that would make Ethan leave me? Come on, where?

Theresa: What are you looking for, Gwen?

Gwen: It's got to be here somewhere.

Theresa: I think I know.

Rae: It's up to you, Simone. I'd love to keep you in my life.

Simone: Just not as your one and only girlfriend.

Rae: No. But you are definitely my favorite girlfriend.

T.C.: Am I the only person in this house who believes that it's wrong for two people of the same sex to be together? I need a break. Oh, hell, no.

Simone: Daddy, what, are you spying on me?

T.C.: Stay away from my daughter.

Rae: I don't take orders from you.

T.C.: Well, you'd better, because she's my little girl.

Rae: Maybe that's the problem. She's not a little girl anymore. She's old enough to make her own decisions, see whoever she wants to see.

Sam: Hello? Are you all right?

Rachel: Go away. Please.

Katherine: Oh, my god. It is you.

Simone: Don't even try to argue with my father.

Rae: I'll argue with anybody who tries to give me orders about my personal business. Don't be scared of him, Simone. You're an adult. You really do get to make your own choices.

T.C.: Not when it involves you, she doesn't. Go get your mother. I'm going to deal with you right now.

Rae: Don't let him run you off, Simone. You don't have to take his garbage anymore. If your daughter wants to keep seeing me, it's her business, not yours.

T.C.: It's not going to happen, lady. Well, I use that term very loosely.

Rae: That sounds like a threat, Coach Russell. You don't want to threaten me. Take my word for it. You come after me, you are going to wish you had never been born. Let's go, Simone. Let's get out of here.

Kay: I -- I don't know what you mean. I mean, what makes you think that I would be nervous about a secret? I don't have any secrets.

Fox: Well, I know that.

Kay: You do?

Fox: Yeah, yeah, I know everything about you, remember?

Kay: Well, then why are we talking about secrets?

Fox: I was talking about my secret.

Rebecca: Oh, Alistair wouldn't leave anything incriminating where we could actually find it. I hope Gwen has better luck in the bedroom.

Theresa: Maybe I can help you find what you're looking for, Gwen.

Gwen: Oh, God.

Theresa: What are you doing here, rummaging through my husband's private things?

Gwen: I don't need to explain anything to you.

Theresa: Ok, then I'll just guess. What is it that you most fear someone finding? What could cost you your marriage to Ethan? Could it be that there is still proof that you and your mother betrayed Ethan to the tabloids?

Gwen: You don't even know what you're talking about.

Theresa: Well, until this moment, I didn't think any more proof was in existence. But seeing you like this, so desperate, tells me that, yes, there is proof that you and your mother outted Ethan as a Bennett. And you know what? I'm going to find it.

Gwen: God, you're crazy. You know that?

Theresa: Well, even if I don't find it, when Alistair wakes up, he's going to tell everyone what you did. You know, I wouldn't be surprised if you were so terrified of being exposed that you were the one who tried to kill him. Oh, Gwennie, Gwennie, Gwennie. The new year? It's not starting out very well for you, now, is it?

Katherine: I recognized your voice, but I -- I didn't think it could be possible.

Sheridan: Mother, who is it? Tell us.

Katherine: I -- I can't. Rachel.

Sheridan: Your sister, Rachel? But I killed her. That's what Father told me tonight.

Katherine: Is it really you? You're alive?

Rachel: Yes, Katherine, I'm alive.

Katherine: I thought you were dead.

Sheridan: Do you know what this means? I didn't kill anyone.

Julian: You're exhausted. Why don't we take a break.

Eve: Oh, no, no, you shouldn't be alone.

Julian: You've done more than your part in trying to keep him alive. I think he'll be fine if we -- if we leave him for a bit.

Eve: Well, his signs are stable.

Julian: All right. Let's go to the kitchen. I'll make you a strong pot of coffee.

Eve: Oh, I could really go for that.

Julian: All right, come on, no arguments.

[Alistair groans]

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Sam: Rachel, have you seen this knife before?

Sheridan: Halt! There's an intruder in the mansion! Help!

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