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Tabitha: Oh. Thank badness that nasty holiday is over. Ooh, that annual orgy of warm hearts and goodwill towards men sets me teeth on edge for weeks, and, of course, these past years I've had to deal with that maniac Norma. Oh, you're my little lifesaver, Endora.

Fox: I'll chase you!

[Kay squeals]

Endora: Look.

Tabitha: What? Who on earth is making all that ruckus this early in the morning?

Tabitha: Oh, it's those two. They're at it again. Like rabbits, no self-control. Love is in bloom -- in my front garden, if you don't mind. That's enough with the sarcasm from you, young lady. I don't understand this. That success spell I cast should've split those two up by now. I don't understand why the powers of evil have allowed them to stay together this long. Oh, yes. Makes me feel nauseous, as well.

Fox: Finishing touches, bundle him up.

Kay: Ah.

Fox: I think he looks great.

Kay: Yeah.

Fox: Yeah, you know, we should get Maria down here, show her what genius sculptors we are. What do you think?

Kay: Oh, there will be plenty of time for that when she wakes up.

Fox: Looks good. Whoa! What is that? Did you steal my mother's hat?

Kay: Oh, is that where that came from?

Fox: I think maybe.

Kay: Oh, well, I'm doing her a favor. She looks terrible in it.

Fox: Ha! Ooh!

[Kay screams]

Fox: We're being ambushed! Prepare for a counterattack, Captain!

Kay: Oh, at once, General!

Sheridan: Oh, no! What did I start?

Kay: Oh, I can't grab --

Sheridan: Hey, no fair hitting your decrepit old aunt!

Fox: Oh, what, you can dish it out, but you can't take it, is that it?

Sheridan: All right, that's it, it's war!

Kay: Ah!

Ivy: Oh, give me, give me, give me. Thank you.

Sam: Nice and fresh.

Kay: Ah!

Ivy: Ok, ok. Whoever's making that much noise this early in the morning deserves to be shot.

Sam: I think I know the sound of those voices.


Kay: Oh! Oh! Oh!

Ivy: What is going to take to get Kay out of my son's life?

Kay: Ah! Ah!

Ivy: Sam! Sam, that is my best summer hat. I wore that at Ascot.

Sam: Hey, just think of it as your contribution to our Christmas miracle, ok?

[Ivy sighs]

Sam: Just think, I mean, Jessica's home safe and sound and Ethan's come out of his coma, and Kay and Fox, they're back together and it looks like they're having the time of their life.

Ivy: Yes, isn't it marvelous?

Sam: Everything would be perfect if Noah was out of jail, but, you know, with him helping Theresa kidnap Ethan, well, I don't think that's going to happen.

Ivy: No.

Noah: Good morning, Father, Stepmother-to-be.

Sam: Noah. Hey! How did you get out of jail? I thought Alistair blocked any hope of that.

Noah: Yeah, so did I, but someone must have intervened on my behalf.

Ivy: Who?

Noah: Um --

Alistair: I cannot believe that Judge Reilly released Noah Bennett from jail. He went against one of my direct orders. Now, if that stupid idiot thinks I'm going to pay for his summer house, he's got another think coming!

Alistair: No, this can't be true. Can't be, it's impossible. She is dead! Dead! You know, Alistair, you got to get control of yourself, man. Someone is just playing a joke on you, that's all it is. They're running around your estate impersonating her, trying to frighten you. I do not frighten! I frighten other people! To death!

Woman: Everyone gets frightened, Alistair. For you, it's just beginning.

Fancy: Ooh! Oh, Grandfather, Noah is out of jail!

Alistair: Is he now? Is he?

Fancy: Oh, don't give me that. I knew you weren't as bad as everyone says. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Alistair: What are you thanking me for?

Fancy: Oh, come on, you were the one who posted his bail. You must have been, right?

Alistair: Right, I can't tell a lie. I'm like a little Boy Scout. Well, I got -- I just couldn't bear to watch you be so unhappy, so I changed my mind and had Noah released.

Fancy: I knew it! Oh, Grampy, I love you!

Theresa: That's good. You've been sleeping for 10 hours straight. You need to get your strength back. I want my face to be the first thing that you see in the morning when you wake up so that I can explain everything that happened.

Gwen: Have you truly lost your mind? Get out of here.

Theresa: I belong here.

Gwen: You are the one who almost killed him, Theresa. Get out of here right now.

Theresa: No, I'm not leaving, not until I talk to Ethan.

Gwen: You know what -- if you don't leave, I'm going to call the police.

Theresa: I'm not budging.

Gwen: Get --

Theresa: I have every right to be here, Gwen!

Gwen: Get off of me! Are you out of your mind? Theresa! Get off of me! Ethan's sleeping!

Fancy: Oh, I can't tell you how happy I am Noah is free. But I'm confused. What changed your mind? I thought you hated Noah and his whole family.

Alistair: I do.

Fancy: Then why'd you let him out of jail? Yesterday you said he could rot in there forever.

Woman: Let's hear you talk your way out of that one.

Alistair: Actually, I did it for you, princess. Uh -- I just -- it seems no matter what I do, your love gets stronger and stronger for him, and I can't fight true love. So if you can't beat them, you join them.

Fancy: That doesn't sound like you.

Alistair: Well, maybe you should give me a little bit of a break here. I mean, I'm not saying that I was wrong about Noah. But I -- I just wanted to give him another chance to prove that he was worthy of you. Oh.

Woman: The lies drip from your mouth like honey. They always did. There's a price for your evil. It will be a pleasure to watch you pay it.

Sheridan: Don't you dare, James! You're on my side!

Chris: Go ahead, go ahead.

Sheridan: Oh!

Tabitha: Look at them, Endora. Happy humans before breakfast. How revolting. What an appalling way to start the day.

Endora: I see. Up.

Tabitha: What, you want to go out there into that nasty cold snow? Wouldn't you rather come downstairs with me and see our friends in the basement? It's nice and warm down there. Huh?

[Kettle bubbles]

Tabitha: Oh, what now?

Tabitha: Oh, dear, oh, dear. Oh, no, Endora. I can't let you out in the snow. No, no, no. Big trouble is on its way. I tell you, if we had any sense, we'd go to bed and stay there until New Year's is over.

Fox: Whoa!

Kay: Ah!

Fox: You got to be kidding me! That's it.

Kay: Go, go, go!

Sheridan: Ah! Ah! All right, uncle! I give up!

Chris: Speak for yourselves!

Fox: Take that!

Kay: Ah!

Sheridan: We surrender!

Chris: No way!

Kay: Who won, James? Who won? Whoo!

Fox: Yes!

Chris: Traitor!

Fox: That's what I'm talking about!

Chris: Traitor!

Sheridan: Oh!

Chris: Guess you were a little too tired to fight to the death after the night we had.

Sheridan: Oh, Chris.

Chris: I love you, Sheridan.

Sheridan: Maybe I'm just saving my energy for something better.

Chris: Oh.

Jessica: Noah?

Noah: Hey.

Jessica: Noah! Oh, my gosh. I can't believe you're out of jail.

Noah: And I can't believe you're back. Oh, thank God you're off the streets. Oh, come here. It's the best Christmas present a guy could have.

Theresa: I'm not leaving. Ethan needs me!

Gwen: Yeah, like a hole in the head. And whatever happened to your vow with God?

Eve: Stop it, stop it. I will have you both thrown out of the hospital.

Theresa: She started it.

Eve: Why are you dressed like a nurse?

Gwen: It's how she snuck in here. Eve, please tell her to go.

Theresa: I'm not leaving.

Eve: No, Theresa, of course you are. You don't belong here. Must I call the guards this time?

Theresa: I need to be here when Ethan wakes up. I need to explain to him.

Gwen: What, that you poisoned him, that you almost killed him?

Theresa: That it was an accident.

Eve: Yes, we know, you were trying to kill Alistair, not Ethan. It's not a pretty story no matter how you tell it, Theresa.

Gwen: Besides, it's too late for you to lie your way out of this one, Theresa. I already told him what happened.

Theresa: Yeah, I'm sure you did. Did you tell him, Gwen, that you tried to kill him? Did you tell him that I was the only one who fought to save his life, that he would be dead right now if I hadn't kidnapped him? Oh, wouldn't your husband just love to know that.

Gwen: If you don't leave, I'm going to throw you through the window.

Theresa: I'd like to see you try.

Eve: No, no, no, no, please. If you don't stop, I'm going to have you both banned from the hospital. You have to act like adults.

Gwen: Eve, I'm sorry. Look, I promise you there's not going to be any more fighting, ok? You are like a vampire. No matter how many times I drive a stake through your heart, there you are, you keep popping up trying to ruin my life.

Theresa: Well, I really don't give a damn what you think about me.

Gwen: Right. But you do care what Ethan thinks, intensely. So listen, go home, get some rest. When he wakes up, I'll call you and you can come back here and explain your outrageous behavior.

Theresa: After you've poisoned his mind against me? No, Gwen, thanks, I'll wait.

Gwen: You know, I'll leave the poisoning to you because you're so good at it.

Theresa: Gwen, you tried to kill him while I fought to save his life, and that proves that I'm the one who really loves him and he needs to understand that.

Gwen: He's also going to understand that even though it almost killed me, I was the only one who was strong enough to follow through with Ethan's last wishes. That is what love is, Theresa. What you did is self-centered and selfish, and Ethan's going to realize that.

Theresa: Your actions would've put Ethan in his grave. My actions saved his life. You should be thanking me, Gwen.

Pilar: Theresa? What are you doing here, and why are you dressed like a nurse?

Gwen: You see? Even your mother is shocked to see you here. Get out.

Fancy: I knew everyone was wrong about you. You do have a good heart. I can't wait to go see Noah and celebrate.

Alistair: Oh, you can celebrate here.

Fancy: "A murder is announced"? What is this?

Alistair: Oh, it's an advertisement for a New Year's Eve party.

Fancy: It doesn't sound like a party.

Alistair: Well, call it a -- well, call it entertainment, then.

Fancy: Murder? That's not my idea of entertainment. When did you decide to throw this party?

Alistair: Well, I was -- look, all I want you to do is make sure that Noah and his family and anyone else who is living in that ramshackle house comes to the party.

Fancy: Uh -- Grandfather, no. There's nothing fun about murder. This sounds awful. I won't make his family come to this, and I won't come, either.

Alistair: You will if you know what's good for you.

Fancy: Grampy, you're scaring me.

Alistair: I got you, didn't I? I was acting! I was acting! I mean, that's just a taste of the kind of party this is going to be.

Fancy: You think it'll be fun to scare people?

Alistair: Well, yeah, it's what they call a theme party. I mean, everyone's going to get a big thrill out of it.

Fancy: I don't think so.

Alistair: You know, Fancy, I just got your young man out of jail. I think the only way you could pay me back is to make sure that Noah and his family comes here and everyone else, too.

Fancy: If you say so. I'll try to get the Bennetts to come.

Alistair: Good.

Alistair: And it's also going to be my chance to get the fool who is trying to destroy me. All the secrets of Harmony are going to come out tonight.

Woman: You monster. Judgment day is upon you. You can count on it.

Tabitha: Oh, Endora. This is no good. This is no good at all. Perhaps we should sneak out of town for a few days, huh? Maybe we could -- we could zip down to Salem and I could introduce you to some of the girls, huh? Oh. Oh, seems like we're supposed to stay put. Apparently, there's going to be some real-life fireworks tonight, and you and I are supposed to help set them off!

Fox: Oh, come on, don't be embarrassed. They had a good idea, right? Good idea?

Ivy: That is enough of that. Excuse me a minute. I just need to make a phone call.

Sam: Sure.

Jessica: Hey, you know, we haven't all been together for New Year's in ages.

Noah: Remember how we used to go outside at midnight and bang pots and pans, and then Mom would give us a big kiss for good luck? Oh. Sorry.

Sam: Hey, it's ok. You know, it's good to have memories of the way it used to be. Ivy certainly understands. I still can't figure out who bailed you out.

Jessica: Well, who cares. I'm just glad someone did.

Ivy: You have done nothing to break up Fox and Kay. Even as we speak, they are outside kissing. Why aren't you over here butting in and causing trouble?

Valerie: I've tried and nothing works. He keeps going back to Kay. Maybe he does really love her.

Ivy: Oh, what difference does that make? If you don't get over here and do something right now, I am going to see that you are fired.

Valerie: Happy New Year to you, too, Ivy.

[Ivy sighs]

Ivy: I already know what my new year's resolution is. I'm going to make sure that Kay stays away from Fox if it is the last thing I do.

Alistair: Everyone will be at this party tonight or I'll drag them over here myself. And the person who's been tormenting me will be a guest, as well. Now, of course, if I punish everyone, then I'll be assured of my revenge.

[Knock on door]

Spike: Hey, Mr. Crane.

Alistair: What the hell are you doing here?

Spike: You -- you called me, remember? You said you wanted to see me.

Alistair: Not here, you fool. No one knows you work for me.

Spike: Ok, just chill, man, no one saw me. I came up from the beach. No one saw me.

Alistair: What do you mean, you came up from the beach? You know, I heard a very upsetting story today concerning you.

Spike: What, about me?

Alistair: Yeah.

Spike: What --

Alistair: You putz. I heard that Jessica Bennett went back home again.

Spike: You -- she said she wants to be with me, right, and then she keeps running back home to her daddy. I don't know what else to do.

Alistair: Yeah, well, I'll tell you something, if you want to keep breathing, you get her back from her family.

Spike: Oh, you mean right now?

Alistair: Yes!

Spike: Ok.

Alistair: Tonight. I've got arrangements to make.

Jessica: It's over, Daddy. No more Spike, no more prostitution. You know, I don't even know why I kept going back to him.

Sam: I do. It was those drugs.

Jessica: Well, it's over now, for good. All I want is to stay close to you and my family.

Sam: You don't know how happy that makes me.

[Knock on door]

Fancy: You're home. Isn't it unbelievable?

Noah: Hey, are you the one I need to thank for bailing me out?

Fancy: Uh -- no, it was my grandfather.

Noah: What? Wait, I don't believe that.

Fancy: It's true. He just told me.

Noah: Wait, last night, Alistair told me I can rot in jail for the rest of my life. What changed his mind?

Fancy: Me. He said he sees how much I love you, so he decided to give you a chance. In fact, he wants you and your whole family to come to a party tonight at the estate.

Noah: "A murder is announced"?

Fancy: Mm-hmm.

Noah: Doesn't sound like much of a party to me.

Ivy: Hmm. You go, girl. Rip those two apart.

Valerie: These demand your attention right away.

Fox: Right.

Kay: It's New Year's Eve, Valerie. Can't it wait?

Valerie: Those emails from Hong Kong need to be answered before lunch.

Fox: Yeah. Uh -- she's right, I do, I have to go answer these emails. It's kind of important. But I'll be back really soon, I promise, ok?

Kay: Yeah, but, I mean --

Valerie: Kay, he has to respond to those emails. We have to be very attentive to our backers' needs right now. We've been on thin ice with them ever since that night you took the phone off the hook. We did have a great relationship with them before that. It's going to take forever to rebuild that trust.

Kay: Go, do what you have to do. I understand.

Fox: Yeah?

Kay: Yeah.

Fox: All right, great. I'll be back before you can say "peanut butter and jelly."

Kay: Peanut butter.

Fox: Back before lunch. Bye.

Kay: Hmm. I know she did this on purpose.

Tabitha: My. Oh. You all look like you're having so much fun, but it's freezing out here. Would you like to come in and have a cup of hot chocolate with Endora and I and warm up, hmm?

Sheridan: Thank you. What a great idea.

Kay: Tabitha's asking everyone in for hot chocolate? She must be up to something.

Pilar: What now, Theresa?

Gwen: She snuck in here to be with Ethan. I've asked her to leave and she refuses.

Pilar: Ven aca, have you no shame at all, after everything that you've done? You have no right to be here, Theresa. Get out.

Theresa: No, I have every right to be here. I'm the only one who fought to keep Ethan alive, and if I hadn't, Gwen would've killed him.

Pilar: Have you forgotten your solemn vow to God, hmm? You swore to God that if Ethan recovered from his coma, you would leave him to be with his wife. Does your word mean nothing, Theresa? Do you dare break a promise to God?

Pilar: Answer me, Theresa. Are you going back on your word to God?

Theresa: No. But --

Pilar: Theresa, no buts. A vow is a vow.

Eve: Listen to your mother, Theresa.

Theresa: I'm not going to break my vow to God, but Ethan didn't take one. Shouldn't he have the right to choose which woman that he wants to be with?

Gwen: Wow. Now you're playing games with God. You know, I hope he makes you burn in hell.

Theresa: He was in a coma. He doesn't know what happened. Do you honestly think that he is going to choose you, the woman who tried to kill him, or me, the woman that did everything she could to save his life?

Gwen: Ok, it's really time to get her out of here.

Pilar: Let's go, Theresa.

Theresa: No.

Gwen: Pilar, either drag her out of here or security will do it.

Pilar: That won't be necessary. She's coming right now. Come, Theresa.

Theresa: No, stop, Mama, please.

Ethan: Theresa?

Spike: Well, you don't need to play so rough there, Mr. Crane.

Alistair: I'll play any way I want to play. Who supplies you with the best ecstasy, the best cocaine, the best girls who you can manipulate, huh? And if you want to keep that tin pot empire of yours going, you just do what I say.

Spike: Ok, I'll -- I'll try to get Jessica away from her family right now.

Alistair: No. No.

Spike: Ok.

Alistair: Don't try. Just do it. You know what happens to people who fail me?

Spike: I've heard some rumors.

Alistair: Well, they're all true. So I want you to rip that little Jessica girl away from her family and bring her back here tonight.

Spike: You want me to bring her here? Why you want to bring her here?

Alistair: Don't ask questions. Just do it.

Spike: Ok. Ok, Mr. Crane.

Woman: Drugs? Prostitution? I swear by all that's holy, this evil will be rooted out.

Sam: I hope you never doubt how much I love you. You know, I was praying for you night after night. And God has answered my prayers because here you are.

Jessica: I'll never leave you again.

Sam: Well, looks like I'm not the only happy one around here. Good morning, Fancy.

Fancy: Hey.

Sam: Have you figured out who bailed you out?

Noah: Fancy thinks Alistair did it.

Sam: Not a chance.

Noah: Yeah, that's what I said, but Fancy's sure.

Fancy: He told me so himself.

Ivy: And you believed him, Fancy? Please, I have known Alistair for decades. You can't believe a word that comes out of that man's mouth.

Fancy: Listen to you all, ganging up on him. I am telling you he's the one who bailed Noah out.

Ivy: Ok, let's just say he did. You can be sure he has his own reasons for doing it.

Fancy: Yes -- to make me happy. He told me he wants to get to know Noah.

Noah: Oh, boy. Can't wait.

Fancy: Can't you show a little gratitude? Grampy knows I won't let you out of my life, so he's giving in. It just goes to show he can be a nice guy.

Ivy: Oh, a nice guy, your grandfather?

Fancy: He's holding out an olive branch, Noah. Can't you see that? That's why he wants us to attend his party.

Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a second. What party?

Fancy: Look at that ad.

Ivy: "A murder is announced"?

Sam: This is Alistair's idea of a sick joke.

Fancy: He says it's a theme party. It sounds like there's going to be some sort of elaborate game.

Ivy: Yes, I don't like Alistair's games. He always wins. He has something horrible planned for all of us.

Fancy: Mother --

Ivy: No, I -- I have a bad feeling about this. We're not going to this party, and that is that. Something terrible will happen if we do.

[Endora babbles]

Tabitha: There. There's nothing like an impromptu party, that's what I always say.

Kay: Hmm, why don't you ever have them?

Tabitha: Oh, it's such a treat to have you nice people in my quiet little home.

Chris: When we were here for Thanksgiving, your piņata went a little crazy. Did you ever figure out what happened?

Tabitha: Great groaning goblins. Oh, Endora, what did you do now?

Ivy: It's alive!

Chris: Get under the table!


Kay: Tabitha, what are we going to do?

Tabitha: Duck!

Tabitha: Oh, yes, you mean that -- that silly radio-controlled toy that I ordered online. Oh, that thing never did work right. Well, you know, they don't make things properly nowadays, do they? Nobody has any standards.

Sheridan: Shall I pour some chocolate for the children?

Tabitha: Oh, no, dear, you -- you just relax. No, the children are going to have plain milk. We all have to fight childhood obesity, don't we, hmm?

Endora: Ew!

Tabitha: There. Ah.

Endora: Pssh!

Tabitha: Oh. Oh, oh, Kay. Oh, look what a mess I've made. Oh, clumsy me. Will you help me clear this mess up, please?


Sheridan: Was that a knock? I'll get it.

Kay: Well, I thought I was helping you, not doing it by myself.

Endora: A mess.

Tabitha: Listen to me.

Endora: A mess floor.

Tabitha: Yes, a mess, but any more magic in front of our guests and you and Maria will not watch "Hellraiser" tonight. Way. All right, all right already! You don't need to shout! I'm sorry. Do you think it'd be all right if I gave the children just a little taste of chocolate?

Chris: Sure.

Tabitha: Listen here, I thought Endora was the only demon in this room.

Sheridan: It was just the newspaper hitting the front door.

Tabitha: Oh, that's unusual. My paper boy usually gets it up in the tree.

Sheridan: What on earth?

Chris: What is it?

Sheridan: "A murder is announced," up at the estate.

Chris: What? What does that mean?

Tabitha: My, my. I wonder what could be keeping Fox. He said he'd be here by lunchtime, and it's almost lunchtime now.

Kay: He'll be here.

Tabitha: Unless my spell of success is making him forget all about you and keeping him at the office.

Kay: He said he would be here, and he will be.

Tabitha: If you say so, dear.

Fox: "Best wishes and prosperity for this holiday season. Fox Crane." There, done, last one of the emails. That ought to keep those snakes off my back until at least Monday.

Valerie: Uh -- you're not going?

Fox: Well, yeah, yeah, I'm going. I told Kay I'd be home soon. I got to go.

Valerie: Oh, Ivy's not going to like that. Oh, no, look, there's a whole new batch of questions from Hong Kong.

Fox: Oy.

Fancy: Mother, it's not smart to offend Grandfather.

Ivy: I don't care, Fancy. That ad give me the willies and we are not attending his murder.

Noah: Actually, when you put it like that --

Ivy: Noah. Besides, Sam and I invited a few people over for New Year's Eve.

Fancy: So cancel. You've done it before. You canceled my 13th birthday party five minutes before it was going to start.

Ivy: Fancy, that was because you and your sister stole the caterer's van and drove it halfway to Castleton. Yeah.

Fancy: Mommy.

Ivy: Oh, "Mommy." She only calls me "Mommy" when she wants something.

Fancy: I think you're overreacting. Grandfather is trying to make amends to Noah and his whole family. We'll only insult Grandfather if we don't go.

Sam: Fancy, I think you know a little bit of the history between the Bennetts and Alistair. I don't think I'll ever accept an invitation from him again.

Ivy: Besides, we have to clean the whole house for the party.

Jessica: Yeah. I'll help. I'll go take out the trash.

Sam: Good idea.

Fancy: Noah, I want to go to the mansion tonight. I promised my grandfather. And who knows, this murder thing might be fun.

Noah: Fancy, I'm sorry, ok?

Fancy: Please, it means a lot to him.

Noah: Let me make this very simple for you. No.

Ethan: Theresa?

Theresa: Ethan?

Gwen: Honey, how are you feeling?

Ethan: Oh, God. I'm fine. Was I dreaming or was this whole room screaming and yelling at each other?

Eve: You weren't dreaming.

Gwen: Sweetheart, I asked Theresa to leave and she's just refusing to.

Theresa: I need to talk to you.

Eve: Theresa. Ethan, you've just come out of a coma. You still need a few days of rest and calm.

Gwen: You heard her. Theresa, get out of here.

Theresa: Ethan, you've got to understand something. When you were in your coma, I was the only one who fought to keep you alive. Gwen was ready to pull the plug on you. She tried to kill you.

Pilar: Theresa. Ethan, that's not the way it happened.

Gwen: Unbelievable. Honey, it was your living will. Listen to me -- the last thing I wanted to do was take you off life support, but you made it very clear that you did not want to be kept alive by machines. It was so hard for me, but I was trying to obey your wishes.

Theresa: That's a lie. You know how much Ethan loves me and you know how much I love him. You decided that you'd rather see Ethan dead than with me.

Pilar: That's enough, Theresa.

Gwen: I love Ethan will all of my heart, Theresa, and everything that I did was for him.

Theresa: That's a lie.

Gwen: Just -- can you just get out of here? Get out of our lives! Get out of here!

Ethan: You know what, stop. Please, God. Both of you, this arguing -- I don't want to take it anymore. Just stop it.

Tabitha: And what's so fascinating in the newspaper?

Sheridan: Look.

Kay: "A murder is announced"?

Tabitha: A murder? How festive.

Kay: Is this some sort of joke?

Sheridan: I don't know and I don't want to find out. It's up at the mansion, which means that my father's behind it, and I will not be a part of any of his nasty old plans. Anyway, we're going to Sam and Ivy's for New Year's.

Chris: I've got a couple of plans of my own for New Year's.

Sheridan: Hmm.

Tabitha: Kissy, kissy, kissy. We didn't behave like that in my day.

Kay: Hmm, when was that, the middle ages?

Fox: Hey!

Kay: Hey! You're back!

Fox: Am I late for lunch? I'm starving.

Kay: No. I thought you forgot about us.

Fox: Forgot about you?

Kay: Yeah.

Fox: Ha! Give me a break. I had a couple things to take care of at the office. Valerie can do it. She's a big girl.

Kay: Yes.

Tabitha: Don't you look so smug, Kay. I don't think things are going to turn out well for you at all.

Alistair: You go get Jessica and you bring her back here.

Spike: Yes, Mr. Crane, I will do that.

Alistair: Go!

Alistair: That stupid pimp.

Alistair: Who's been here? Who's here? Huh. Huh!

Woman: Your worst nightmare. Look for me everywhere from now on.

Ivy: Damn. Fox's car is in front of Tabitha's again. What is the strange hold that Kay has over him?

Fancy: Noah, I already promised Grandfather you'd come. And wait till you see the new dress I have to wear for this party.

Noah: Look, I'm sorry, Fancy, all right, it's not going to happen.

Sam: Fancy, listen, I think it's best for everyone the Bennetts and Alistair stay as far away from each other as possible.

Spike: Hey, babe.

Jessica: Spike, you can't be here. Go away.

Spike: Oh, no, no, no, not until we've had just a little talk, ok, honey?

Ethan: Look, all you two do is you argue over me. I'm so sick of it and it needs to stop, all right?

Gwen: Look, I'm sorry, I don't want to upset you. I just really want her to go. She's not leaving. Please just tell her to go.

Theresa: He's not going to make me leave, Gwen. He understands that I sacrificed everything in order to save his life.

Gwen: Ethan, please just tell her to go.

Theresa: Ethan, tell them that you want me to stay. Please just tell them.

Ethan: Theresa?

Theresa: Yes?

Ethan: Please just go. Leave us alone, please.

On the Next Passions:

Tabitha: We are going to the murder party at the Crane estate and someone's going to die.

Woman: My date for the party, right where I left it.

Alistair: If you think you can frighten me, you're mistaken.

Theresa: Stay away from me, you witch!

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