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[Alistair hums "Jingle Bells"]

Alistair: Mmm, the best brandy, the best cigars that money can buy. I'm one happy fellow at Christmastime.

[Phone rings]

Alistair: Ah. Oh, Judge Reilly. Felicitations, your honor. I suppose you're calling to thank me for your Christmas cash.

Judge Reilly: That and to assure you that Noah Bennett will remain in jail until you say otherwise.

Alistair: Excellent, excellent. You don't come cheap, Reilly, but you always come through.

Judge Reilly: Ah, what can I say? I'm a whore -- for more.

Alistair: Ah, and people think I'm a scoundrel. Hmm.

[Knock on door]

Alistair: Ah, yes, come in. Oh, it's you, my pet.

Woman: Mr. Crane --

Alistair: Hmm.

Woman: I can't tell you how grateful I am you've given me my job back.

Alistair: Oh, well, think nothing of it. It's very rare that I can ever find a personal assistant who's so dedicated to my service.

Woman: Thank you. You didn't tell me you placed an ad in tomorrow's paper, Mr. C.

Alistair: What ad? What are you talking about? What -- this is total nonsense! And it certainly isn't of my doing.

Woman: Then whose it is?

Alistair: I don't know.

Woman: You despicable bastard, keeping the man Fancy loves locked in jail. You're going to pay for that, Alistair, and for so much more.

Noah: Fancy, you are amazing. Can't believe you turned this plain old room into a Christmas wonderland.

Fancy: Noah, I love you. I couldn't let you spend Christmas alone in a dreary jail cell.

Noah: God, I love you, too.

Fancy: Isn't this perfect?

Noah: Not for me it isn't.

Father Lonigan: Thank you, Heavenly Father. Thank you for the miracle of Ethan's recovery.

[Organ plays]

Choir: O come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant, o come ye, o come ye to Bethlehem, come and behold him, born the king of angels

Spike: Oh, bad, bad, Jessica. Well, my first instincts were right -- your last john didn't pick you up to party. Nah, nah, he helped you get back to your little family. Well, I'm going to teach you to keep bailing on me, Jess. But we'll do that later. Later, when there's more time.

Choir: Sing choirs of angels, sing in exultation, sing all ye citizens

Kay: Oh, my gosh, Fox, look.

Fox: What?

Kay: Ethan.

Fox: Oh, yeah, I thought he was --

Sam: We all did.

Fox: Yeah.

Ivy: Your brother just wheeled in here a few minutes ago. It's a Christmas miracle.

Fox: I'll say.

Choir: O come let us adore him

Theresa: God answered my prayers, Mama. Ethan is alive.

Pilar: Yes, yes, reunited with his wife and his daughter. And it must stay that way.

Theresa: Mama --

Pilar: Theresa, don't. Remember what you promised God, that if Ethan lived you would stop pursuing him. Now, God did what you asked. So you have to keep your promise to God. Let Ethan live in peace with Gwen and Jane without any more interference from you.

Choir: Word of thy Father, now in flesh appearing, o come, let us adore him

Choir: Hark! the herald angels sing, glory to the newborn king, peace on earth and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled

Father Lonigan: Ethan, will you bear witness to your miraculous recovery?

Ethan: I don't know what to say, Father. I -- I woke up and I realized I was in the hospital. I called a nurse. I had no idea how long I was unconscious for. And when the nurse told me it was Christmas, I could hardly believe it.

Ivy: Ethan, you have no idea what your being well means to all of us.

Sam: It's the best Christmas present ever.

Ivy: Yeah.

Choir: Hearts bring on the favored one

 Fancy: What did I forget to keep tonight from being perfect?

Noah: Oh, Fancy, look, it's not you. It's me. I mean, you did all of this so that I wouldn't be alone on Christmas, and I don't even have a gift for you.

Fancy: As long as I have you, I have everything I want. So stop feeling guilty that you don't have a gift for me. Where did I put my purse?

Noah: I need a favor.

Alistair: This is outrageous. This is totally outrageous! Who in the hell thinks they can play games with me? Don't they know that I am Alistair Crane, I manipulate people, corporations, and even countries, and the idea that some rookie is trying to take me on is ludicrous, a mistake they'll -- they'll live to regret.

Woman: Calm down, Mr. C. Have a sip of brandy. You're getting upset over nothing.

Alistair: What do you mean, over nothing? I mean, someone has the gall to taunt me and they do it in public, I --

Woman: You are sexy when you get upset, Mr. C.

Alistair: Oh, you think so, do you?

Woman: And I hate to see you waste your energy on a silly joke when you can channel it into me.

Alistair: Well, you're wise beyond your years, my love. That kind of wisdom deserves to be rewarded. Oh. So pretty, so foolish.

Woman: You've hurt so many people, Alistair, it's time that you were stopped, by me.

Woman: What's wrong?

Alistair: I smell perfume.

Woman: I'm wearing for love or money by Anna Nicole Smith.

Alistair: No, no, it wasn't that. It was a fragrance I remember from years ago.

Woman: I don't smell anything.

Alistair: Oh, it was faint, very faint. It's almost like a whisper. It's -- it's very ghostly.

Choir: The first noel, the angels did say

Eve: Ethan, I want to look you over quickly, just to make sure everything's ok, but you are going to have to go back to the hospital to get examined.

Gwen: Honey, that's a very good idea.

Theresa: Dr. Russell, he looks fine to me.

Pilar: Theresa, quiet.

Whitney: Please don't make this about you.

Eve: I would prefer to err on the side of caution.

Fox: Listen, bro, everything's going to be fine, all right?

Kay: Yeah, we'll keep our fingers crossed.

Fox: It'll be fine.

Ethan: Thank you. Ok, let's go.

Choir: Noel, noel noel, noel

Ivy's voice: I thought I had sabotaged Fox and Kay. I wonder how they managed to regroup.

Fox: Ahem. Yeah.

Ivy: I'm surprised you came with Kay. I thought you two were having problems.

Fox: Yeah, I mean, we were, but I think we're close to working it out.

Ivy: How close?

Fox: Well, we're not perfect yet, but, you know, the old noodle's telling me that things are going to work out, so --

Ivy: Oh. Not if I have anything to say about it.

Gwen: Sheridan, I can't thank you enough for being there for me during this, and, Chris, you, too.

Chris: No problem.

Gwen: Thank you.

Choir: Noel, noel, born is the king of Israel

Chris: See you later.

Gwen: Bye.

Whitney: Excuse me, I need to check and make sure Miles is ok. Hey, how's Miles doing? Is he ok?

Chad: Yeah, he just needs to get home, you know, get settled in.

Whitney: Ok.

Chad: You should come with us, help him open his presents.

Whitney: Oh -- I don't know about that.

Chad: Oh, come on, it's his first Christmas. You should be there. Besides, you're going to be in the convent from now on, you know?

Whitney: Well, since it's Miles' first Christmas, ok.

Chad: All right, that's the spirit. Come on, man, let's go see what Santa brought you.

[Miles fusses]

Chad: Shh.

Choir: Noel, noel, noel, noel

Julian: I'll tell you, Sam, I'm very happy for you. Having Ethan well again must be a dream come true.

Sam: It is. Thank you. I'm sure it means as much to you as it does to me. I mean, you raised Ethan as your son until the secret came out.

Julian: Yes, Ethan will always have a place in my heart.

[Phone rings]

Sam: Hello. Yeah, I'm on my way. Excuse me.

Julian: No problem.

Sam: The house alarm went off. I got to go check it out.

Ivy: Oh, I'll go with you.

Sam: No, no. Someone could have broken in, so I want to go check it out first.

Fox: Yeah, yeah, let him go. I'll give you a ride.

Sam: All right.

Fox: Be careful. Well, I guess we probably should be getting on. Listen, if you need anything, call us, ok?

Gwen: Ok.

Fox: All right? I'm really happy for you guys. This is great. And we'll be by to visit as soon as he's ready for guests, all right?

Gwen: Great. Thank you.

Fox: I'm happy for you.

Gwen: Thank you.

Fox: Take care.

Gwen: Bye. Bye, Jess.

Jessica: Bye.

Ivy: Gwen, I am so happy. And if you need any help keeping Theresa away from Ethan, just let me know, because I have a stash of silver bullets I would love to use.

Gwen: Thank you.

Theresa: Do you think it would do any harm if I just went to Ethan and I -- I told him how happy I am that he's alive and offered to help him if he needs anything?

Pilar: All right, Theresa, the only thing you need to do is to remember the promise you made to God, that if Ethan lived, you would stay away from him and not interfere in his marriage with Gwen anymore.

Theresa: I'm not going to. If nothing else, I need to apologize for Ethan accidentally eating that poisoned guacamole.

Gwen: If you go anywhere near my husband again, I am going to put you in your grave.

Guard: Sam.

Sam: Bob, did you respond to the alarm going off?

Bob: No, I set it off. Noah forgot to tell me you have an alarm. I got his keys from his personal effects. He wanted me to come by and get Fancy Crane's Christmas gift so that he could give it to her down at the station.

Sam: Yeah, hey, it's Sam Bennett. Code 9696 -- false alarm. Thanks. I'm glad to hear that Fancy's visiting Noah. I was afraid they wouldn't get back together again after he helped kidnap my son.

Bob: No, he didn't have anything to worry about. Ms. Crane -- she pulled some strings, had the rec room done up for Christmas like you wouldn't believe. Yeah, she and Noah have been dining and dancing for a while now.

Sam: Oh, that's great.

Bob: Your son's one lucky guy.

Sam: You know, both my sons are lucky. In fact, you tell Noah -- you know, never mind. I'll tell him later.

Bob: I should get back. Merry Christmas, Sam.

Sam: Hey, Merry Christmas to you, too, Bob. Leave the door open. It's -- it's hot in here. I got to turn down the heat. God.

Spike: Bennett's alone. Nice, because after I kill him, Jessica ain't going to have Daddy to run home to no more.

[Sheridan gasps]

Sheridan: Wow!

Sheridan: Aw. Merry Christmas.

Chris: Hmm.

Chris: Wow. Sheridan, this is one of the best cameras made.

Sheridan: Hmm. Even though being a photojournalist was just your cover-up in the witness protection program, you really have a knack with a camera, so I thought maybe you could do something more with it, like a hobby or freelance photography.

Chris: Well, thank you, Sheridan. I'll dedicate my first gallery showing to you and James. But before fame goes to my head, I've got a little something for you.

Sheridan: Oh.

James: Can you read me a book?

Chris: Of course I can, son.

Sheridan: This has turned out to be a wonderful Christmas.

Alistair: Where were we?

Woman: I was about to assist you in feeling good.

Alistair: Oh, I see.

Woman: Now, now I smell something sweet.

Alistair: What?

Woman: A -- a rose. Oh, my God. Where did that come from?

Alistair: I don't know. But it wasn't here before you came in.

Woman: Maybe you were smelling the rose.

Alistair: No, no, but the person who wore that fragrance also liked roses.

Woman: Is this mansion haunted, Mr. C.?

Alistair: Oh, there have been stories, but don't pay any attention to them. This envelope wasn't here then, either.

Woman: What is it?

Alistair: It's an invitation to a murder.

Judge Reilly: Ah. Work, work, work. Oh, I could kick myself for letting Shane off early just because it's Christmas. Oh, Noah Bennett. Well, no freedom for you, kid, not with Alistair lining my pockets to keep you in jail.

Woman: You're going to order that Noah Bennett be released or you'll answer to me.

Judge Reilly: Oh -- oh, my God. It's you.

Woman: A ghost from Christmas past.

Judge Reilly: But you can't be here.

Woman: And yet I am. Now, order that Noah Bennett be released or you'll suffer the full force of my wrath.

Bob: Ahem.

Fancy: Is there a problem, officer?

Bob: No, ma'am, just a random prisoner check.

Noah: What took you so long?

Bob: Well, you didn't tell me about the alarm. I had to stick around and clue in your dad.

Noah: All right, I'm sorry. Thank you very much.

Noah: Where were we? Oh -- Merry Christmas.

Fancy: Where did you get this?

Noah: The guard got it for me at home. Now, before you open it, look, don't forget I -- I don't have a lot of money to, you know, buy expensive gifts, so I had to get you something, you know, unique, something that no one else could give you.

Fancy: A key.

Noah: It's not just any key, Fancy. It's the key to my heart. Now, you and only you will ever have it.

Theresa: I just want to see Ethan for a minute.

Gwen: Absolutely not. Look, you can lie to me, you can lie to yourself, but not even you can lie to God. And you promised that you would keep your distance from Ethan if he lived. Well, he lived and he's well, and now you need to keep your promise. You need to stay away from my husband, you need to leave Ethan and Jane and me alone, because you know very well you're not only going to have to answer to me, you're going to have to answer to God.

Gwen: Julian?

Julian: Hmm?

Gwen: Would you mind taking Jane home for me? She is a tired little peanut.

Julian: Oh, no, not at all.

Gwen: Ok.

Julian: Come here, baby. Come here.

Gwen: Thank you so much.

Julian: Oh.

Gwen: Here's her coat.

Julian: Thank you.

Gwen: Ok, sweet pea.

Julian: Come on, sweetie.

Gwen: See you at home.

Julian: Come on. All right, all right.

Gwen: Thank you, Julian.

Julian: Ethan. I'll see you at home.

Eve: Ok. Well, I examined Ethan. Except for some residual weakness in his left arm, he's fine.

Gwen: Oh. It is so wonderful. I love you. I love you so much.

Ethan: I love you, too, you and Jane. I love you both.

Theresa: I can't do it, Mama. I just can't.

Pilar: Que esta diciendo, Theresa? Are you going back on your promise to God?

Ivy: Sam?

Sam: In here.

Ivy: Oh. Hi.

Jessica: Hey.

Kay: Hey, what set off the alarm?

Sam: A cop from the station came by to pick up Fancy's Christmas present as a favor to Noah. He didn't know about the alarm.

Fox: Hmm.

Ivy: Wait. How can Noah give Fancy her Christmas present when he's in jail?

Sam: Well, apparently that's not an issue. Fancy pulled some strings, had the rec room at the station house decorated for Christmas so they could spend it together.

Kay: Oh, that's so romantic.

Fox: Yeah.

Sam: I can't wait to see Fancy so I can personally thank her.

Ivy: I'm just glad Fancy's finally thinking of somebody besides herself.

Sam: You know, this Christmas is going to turn out to be better than what I thought. Jessica's home, Ethan has finally come out of his coma, Fancy and Noah are back together again, and Kay and Fox are getting close.

Ivy: Yeah, they certainly are.

Fox: She wants to open up her presents.

Sam: Wow.

Kay: What do you say, Grandpa?

Sam: Let's do it. Fox, you be Santa.

Fox: Oh, great.

Singer: It's the holiday season, and Santa Claus is comin' 'round, the Christmas snow is white on the ground, when old Santa gets into town, he'll be comin' down the chimney down

Singers: He'll be comin' down the chimney down

Singer: It's the holiday season

Singers: The holiday season

Singer: So whoop-de-doo and dickery dock, and don't forget to hang up your sock, 'cause just exactly at 12:00, he'll be comin' down the chimney

Singers: Comin' down the chimney, comin' down the chimney down, happy holiday

Singer: Happy holiday

Singers: Happy holiday

Singer: Happy holiday

Singers: While the merry bells keep ringing, happy holiday

Singer: To you

Singers: Happy holiday, happy holiday

Sam: Merry Christmas, sweetheart.

Jessica: Oh. Thank you.

Sam: We're all so glad that you're home, where you belong.

Jessica: I am glad I'm here, too. And, hey, it's ok I don't have any gifts. I mean, who knew I'd be here at home and not with Spike?

Fox: Merry Christmas, Jessica.

Sam: Merry Christmas.

Jessica: You didn't forget about me.

Kay: Forget you? Your presents were the first ones we wrapped. That's how they all got shoved behind the tree.

Jessica: Oh. You didn't forget me.

Sam: Sweetheart, we'd never forget about you -- never.

Jessica: Thank you.

Sam: Merry Christmas.

Chad: Got him?

Whitney: Yeah.

Chad: All right. Oh, yeah. Ok, Miles, your mother and I are going to open some presents that Santa brought for you. What is in here? Ok.

Whitney: Miles, will you look at that. Daddy got you a sweater, a nice warm sweater.

Chad: That's right, I helped Santa pick it out. It's pretty nice, huh?

Whitney: It might be a little too big, but, yeah, it's nice.

Chad: Oh. Yeah. You know, between taking care of Miles and working and putting up the tree, I didn't have a whole lot of time to go shopping, so --

Whitney: Hey, hey, it's all good. You can just exchange it. No problem.

Chad: Yeah, I'll do that just as soon as I clone myself so I have more time.

Whitney: I'm sorry, I didn't mean that as a criticism or anything. I mean, I know it's difficult being a single parent. I understand.

Chad: Well, you do what you have to do. Right? Oh, what have we got here? It's big.

Whitney: Miles, check that out. A snowsuit.

Chad: Yeah, man.

Whitney: A huge snowsuit. Well, Daddy's going to need to exchange that, too. Huh?

Chad: No. No, actually, what I need is you to be here to help me raise our son. Whitney, Miles needs you a lot more than some convent does. Please, don't take your final vows, Whitney. Your place is right here, with Miles and me, not in some convent.

Sheridan: I wish you had that camera earlier at the church. The look on Gwen's face was just a mixture of joy and shock.

Chris: Yeah.

Sheridan: I'm so happy for her. For Ethan, too. It's like he came back from the dead just to be with Gwen and Jane. If only --

Chris: If only Luis could come back to you with Marty --

Sheridan: I don't begrudge Gwen her miracle. I really don't. She's my oldest friend, and Ethan, I'm just crazy about him. It's just that --

Chris: Hey, it's hard to understand why life works out the way it does, why some people get their miracles and others don't.

Sheridan: I have so much to be grateful for. It's a disgrace that I should even ask "why me?" And "why Luis?" You know, life isn't always fair. Bad things happen to good people. And being wealthy certainly doesn't protect you from pain. In fact, the things that make me happiest have nothing to do with money.

Chris: And what are those things?

Sheridan: Hmm. Fresh snow, a warm fire, the ocean at sunset --

Chris: Yeah.

Sheridan: And people. What gets me through a loss like Luis -- and because of it, Marty -- are life's little moments. People like you and James. Without the two of you, I'd be lost, lost and hopeless.

Ethan: Eve, are you sure all of this is necessary?

Eve: Ethan, I am not taking any chances with your recovery. Nurse, can you take Ethan's wheelchair. We'll put it in the ambulance and we'll transport it back to the hospital.

Nurse: Yes, Dr. Russell.

Eve: Gwen, the nurse and I are going to ride in the ambulance with Ethan. Can you take your car?

Gwen: Sure.

Pilar: What do you mean, you can't do it? Are you breaking your promise to God, Theresa?

Theresa: I meant that I can't break my promise to God. I can't be with Ethan, as much as I want to be with him.

Pilar: Well, good. I'm glad you know that.

Theresa: What I don't know is how I'm going to go on without him.

[Miles coos]

Chad: Turning away from the truth isn't going to change it, Whitney. Your place is right here with your son, not locked up in some convent. Whitney, please, can't you just listen to what your heart keeps telling you? You need Miles and he needs you. I mean, when he couldn't digest the formula, you couldn't help but be here to nurse him back to health. And when the earthquake hit, you fought your way over here just to see if he was ok.

Whitney: Yeah, and then what ended up happening? Huh? We wound up making love, that's what happened.

Chad: Because we know no matter what anybody says or does, we know this is right. This isn't wrong, it's not ugly, and it's not sick. This is just our truth.

Whitney: No, no, no, it's not what it's supposed to be, Chad.

Chad: Whitney, stop listening to what people tell you to think and feel. Go with your heart. Let love win. Whitney, be here. Stay here with Miles and me.

Chris: James wouldn't be smiling this Christmas if it wasn't for you, Sheridan. You filled the void that Maureen left.

Sheridan: I guess if I've helped, it's because I understand James. I lost my mother when I was young. I know how crippling that can be to a young child. Even though my mother's back now, I'll never forget the pain of losing her. So I'm just trying to put myself in James' place and give him what he needs, even if it's just a hug.

Chris: And you wonder why I love you?

Chris: Merry Christmas.

Sheridan: You shouldn't have.

Chris: Nonsense. Open it.

Sheridan: Aw. It's beautiful.

Chris: Have a look inside.

Sheridan: A photo of Marty and James. Oh, Chris.

Chris: Don't give up hope, Sheridan. We found each other. Maybe next Christmas, not only will James be with us, but Marty will be, too.

Woman: How did someone get past security to leave a rose and invitation in the same room as us?

Alistair: I don't know, I don't know.

Woman: You need to beef up security, Mr. C. I think an announcement of a murder party in the paper followed by this is some kind of a threat.

Alistair: No, no, no. Relax. Now, people have been trying to kill me for years. And if this was a real threat, then they certainly wouldn't announce their intentions, huh? I mean, this is just someone's idea of a sick joke.

Woman: But the perfume you smelled --

Alistair: It's just -- just a coincidence. The woman who wore that perfume is dead and buried.

Judge Reilly: But how can you be here? You're dead.

Woman: Maybe I've come back to get you, Reilly. Maybe your conscience can't take any more corruption. Maybe leaving Noah Bennett to rot in jail has gone too far.

Judge Reilly: What are you -- what are you saying?

Woman: Sign an order releasing Noah Bennett from jail immediately, or else.

Judge Reilly: Or else what?

Woman: Do you really want to know?

Judge Reilly: Fine, I -- I'll sign an order releasing Noah Bennett.

Judge Reilly: Yes, this is Judge Reilly. I'm faxing over an order to -- to release a prisoner, immediately. Noah Bennett.

Fancy: I feel so special and so loved. No one's ever given me the key to their heart before. You aren't going to change the lock, are you?

Noah: Not even when it's as old and rusty as we are.

Fancy: I love you, Noah.

Noah: I love you, too.

Jessica: Thank you so much for remembering me this year. I just wish I had gifts for all of you.

Fox: Nah.

Sam: Having you here with us is the best gift that you can give us.

Kay: We all love you, Jess.

Sam: This is your home, no matter what. And we'll always be a family, no matter what.

Spike: Jessica's mine, no matter what I have to do to get her back.

Whitney: Chad, I should go, before we --

Sheridan: You and James have made this a wonderful Christmas. Thank you.

Chris: You're welcome.

Judge Reilly: Noah Bennett will be released immediately.

Woman: Well done.

Judge Reilly: But I still don't understand how you can be here.

Woman: You will, along with everyone else.

Judge Reilly: Oh, my God, she's back. Well, I'm glad I'm not Alistair Crane.

[Phone rings]

Alistair: Whoa, wait -- just relax. Have a brandy. Calm your nerves. Alistair Crane. What? On whose order? What the hell is he trying to pull? Noah Bennett's been released from jail on Judge Reilly's orders. I guess I'll have to take care of that young man myself.

Noah: Say that again.

Bob: You've been released.

Fancy: But how? My grandfather was hell-bent on keeping Noah locked up.

Bob: I don't know, Ms. Crane, but Noah is free to go.

Theresa: I should be with him, Mama.

Pilar: No, Theresa. Remember your promise to God.

Theresa: I can never be with Ethan again, never feel his arms around me, never feel his lips touch mine. So Ethan lived, and my dream to be with him died. Goodbye, Ethan. Goodbye.

On the Next Passions:

Chris: I want you. I want to make love to you.

Sheridan: I need you, too.

Pilar: If you go back to stalking Ethan, God is not going to forgive you this time.

Gwen: Oh, please don't tell me that you are still defending her.

Alistair: Someone is playing a big joke on me, and if I find out you're involved, I will destroy you!

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