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Simone: Thank you for posing as a john and hiring Jessica to get her away from Spike.

Roberto: I was glad to help, Simone. I just hope that Paloma gets Jessica in shape in time to spend Christmas with her family, though.

Simone: Me, too. I just hate that Jessica keeps letting Spike drug her up so that he can sell her body to strangers. Hopefully, spending Christmas with her family will be a turning point for Jess.

Roberto: Well, Paloma gave her strong coffee and a cold shower, but Jessica's still in pretty bad shape, though.

Simone: And time is running out. At this rate, Jessica may not be in shape to be with her family on Christmas.

Sam: Jessica is back with Spike. You're locked up for helping Theresa kidnap Ethan, and Gwen said he's no better off now than he was before. This is not going to be an easy Christmas.

Noah: I messed up, Dad. I'm -- I'm sorry.

Sam: But to be in this much trouble over something so futile. Look, God knows I don't want Gwen to take Ethan off life support. No one does. But it's what he wanted. And for you and Theresa to interfere the way you did --

Noah: Look, I know, I know, Dad. But, look, Ethan is still going to be taken off life support. And I broke my promise to Fancy to tell her about everything that affects us as a couple, so she was ready to call it quits. I don't know, I think I got her to understand where I was coming from. But with Fancy, you know, God only knows what she's going to do.

Fancy: I guess I'm a Crane after all.

Alistair's voice: This is Alistair Crane, and I want you to give my granddaughter, Fancy Crane, anything she wants, or all you'll get for Christmas is fired.

Fancy: Grampy gave me what I want most for Christmas, and he doesn't even know it.

[Crowd gasps]

Woman: Oh, my goodness.

Sheridan: I've seen revolving trees, but never a floating one. I didn't know technology like this existed.

Tabitha: It's not technology, Sheridan, it's witchcraft. Endora, will you land that tree and stop it spinning, or you're going to get us in real hot water.

Whitney: Please, God, help me be strong and do right by Miles and Chad.

Kay: This tree is amazing!

Fox: The tree's incredible, just like you.

Man: Oh, wow, candy canes!

[Crowd cheers]

Tabitha: Endora, this is really going too far.

Sheridan: This is fantastic, but how can it be happening?

Chris: Well, sometimes you just have to believe that something's possible.

Sheridan: I do. I do believe.

Man: That's magnificent, magnificent.

Woman: Whoo!

Tabitha: And I thought Norma and Edna were my big problem.

Norma: Tabby has to come home sooner or later. And when she does -- ah, ah, ah!

Mrs. Wallace: Ugh. Hey, Normie -- ugh -- would you open this? My arthritis.

Norma: Sure. There you go, hon.

Mrs. Wallace: Thanks?

Norma: Edna, turn on the tube, see if we made the news yet.

Mrs. Wallace: Ok.

[TV turns on]

TV announcer: I have never seen anything like this. This crowd is going wild.

[Crowd cheers]

Norma: Goodness gracious, would you look at that.

Mrs. Wallace: Hmm. What would cause something like that? Hmm? Mass hysteria? Magic?

Both: Tabitha!

Norma: Let's go get her! And if we're lucky, we'll star in the first ax murder live on TV! Ah!

Mrs. Wallace: Ah!

Theresa: No, wait, I can't -- I can't walk away. All right, I need to try to save Ethan.

Pilar: Theresa, there's nothing more that you can do.

Martin: You have to let go.

Pilar: Gwen is his wife, and it is her place to end his life according to his wishes, not your place to save it. All you can do is pray for his soul.

Martin: Now, come on. We don't want to be late for Christmas Eve mass.

Theresa: I'm never going to give up hope.

Gwen: Eve, are you absolutely sure that Ethan's condition is hopeless?

Eve: I'm afraid so.

Gwen: I am going to have to do what he wanted. I'm going to have to take Ethan off life support.

Ivy: Gwen, you have been nothing but a dutiful and loving wife, and Ethan was very lucky to have you in his life.

Gwen: Ok, I need to do this right now.

Eve: Gwen, why? I mean, there really isn't any rush.

Gwen: Eve, if I put this off any longer, I am never going to do this. And I don't want to let Ethan down, I have to carry out his wishes.

Eve: Whenever you're ready, then.

Gwen: I'm going to be dreaming of the day we're together again. Until then, you just know how much I love you. Honey, I love you so much, and I always will.

Noah: Pretty selfish, huh, talking about Fancy when Ethan's about to be taken off life support.

Sam: I don't think you're selfish. Just being honest. Losing someone you love is always hard, no matter how you lose them.

Guard: Time's up.

Sam: Thanks. One second. Never enough time. Good night. Merry Christmas.

Noah: Merry Christmas, Dad.

Noah: Well, there's no place like home for the holidays.

Fancy: That was the hard part. Now to get busy on the fun part. Ooh, I don't have much time. I'm going to make this the best Christmas yet.

Children: Lay down his sweet head, the stars in the sky look down where he lay, the little lord Jesus asleep on the hay, the cattle are lowing, the poor babe awakes

Gwen: I can't do this. Not right now, not on Christmas Eve. I don't want Jane to be sad every Christmas knowing it's when her father died. You know, it's bad enough she's losing him. I'm not going to take Christmas away from her.

Ivy: I understand.

Eve: Absolutely.

Gwen: I'm going to find the strength to do what I need to do soon, but not on Christmas. I'm not going to do that to Jane. I know you understand.

[Crowd cheers]

Chris: That's great.

Man: Yeah! All right!

Second man: Wow!

Chad: Merry Christmas, Whitney. I love you and our little family so much.

Whitney: I love you, too, Chad. I love you and Miles.

Whitney: Oh, my God, no.

Chad: Hey.

Sheridan: Wasn't the tree turning an amazing sight?

Chris: Christmas in Harmony. I've never seen anything like it.

Sheridan: Hmm. Every year, something amazing happens. Like the three of us being together after so much loss.

Chris: Maureen and Luis.

Sheridan: You and James have made this one of the happiest Christmases I've ever had.

Chris: Well, James and I hope this is the first of many we share.

Sheridan: I hope so, too.

[Church bells toll]

Chris: Oh, that's mass. We should go.

Sheridan: Together.

Chris: Ok.

Tabitha: Now, Endora, please, no more special effects. If word gets out that there's woo-woo in the park, who knows what might happen?

[Endora whimpers]

Tabitha: Oh -- hell's bells. I forgot that this -- this lighting-tree business is -- is televised live! Oh, I hope Norma and Edna didn't see your stunt on TV. Because even they're smart enough to know that we're here. Oh -- Kay, Kay, will you please look after Endora? I have to -- I have to check on something.

Kay: Yeah. Are you ok?

Tabitha: Oh, "ax" me later.

Kay: Ok. You know what? We should probably go because the mass is going to start soon.

Fox: I'll -- I'll drive you.

Kay: Are you sure?

Fox: Yeah, positive. Let's go.

[Maria cries]

Kay: Ok.

Fox: Come on, come on, come on.

Kay: Let's go.

Tabitha: Oh. My evil intuition tells me that Norma and Edna did see Endora's magic on TV and they're headed this way to behead me even as I freak.

Norma: Ho-ho-ho!

Tabitha: Oh. Oh, I think you're confusing me with Jessica Bennett.

Norma: Merry Christmas!

Tabitha: Scrooge you. Get out of my way. I don't believe in Christmas and I'm in a hurry!

Norma: First, tell Santa what you want this year.

Tabitha: [Transylvanian accent] I want to be left alone.

Mrs. Wallace: Sorry, Tabby. That's one gift you're not getting!

Tabitha: [Normal voice] Edna.

Mrs. Wallace: Yep, in my saggy, leaky self!

Tabitha: Oh. If -- if you're an elf, then -- then Santa must be --

Norma: Norma's back and ready to whack!

Tabitha: Oh!

Theresa: If you guys don't mind, then take a seat. I'm just going to, you know, say a prayer for Ethan alone, please.

Pilar: Esta bien, mija.

Theresa: Thank you.

Martin: I wish we could ease Theresa's pain. Losing someone you love as much, as deeply as she loves Ethan can be heartbreaking.

Pilar: I know, that's exactly how I felt when you left all those years ago.

Martin: I'm sorry, Pilar. I never meant to hurt you.

Pilar: Who did you mean when you spoke of the heartbreak over losing someone? Was it me or Katherine?

Theresa: Please, Lord, make it so Gwen doesn't take Ethan off life support. Please let Ethan live. I'm begging you.

Gwen: I can't take Ethan off life support, not now. Christmas is a time to celebrate, not to mourn my husband's death. Jane would never know the full joy of the season if I let him go right now. You know, part of me just hopes that I just dozed off and I'm going to wake up from this nightmare and be around the tree and be celebrating Christmas with Ethan and Jane.

Eve: I'm so sorry, Gwen. That's just not going to happen.

Gwen: I know. I know. I just want us to have this one last Christmas together.

Tabitha: Norma, Norma, wait! Can't we achieve a rapprochement?

Norma: Is that French for "chopped witch"?

Tabitha: No, no, it means --

Norma: Oh, just hang on there, so I can figure out where to deck the halls with limbs of Tabby!

Tabitha: Ah!

Mrs. Wallace: Fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la!

Tabitha: What happened to "peace on earth"?

Norma: Oh, you'll be on the ground in pieces in no time, dear. Oh, where to start? Hang on to her, Edna.

Tabitha: Edna, Edna, let me go!

Mrs. Wallace: Why should I, huh? My black magic makeover wore off!

Tabitha: Yes, yes, so I see. And smell.

Mrs. Wallace: Watch it, witchie. Now, listen, I want to be young and sexy again because I have needs, Tabby cat, and I'm not talking Thorazine!

Tabitha: Yeah, well, fine, fine, I'll give you another makeover, but you have to stop Norma from making mincemeat out of me!

Mrs. Wallace: Ok. Hey, hey, hey, guarantee me that this makeover will last at least 10 years, huh?

Tabitha: 10 --

[Norma and Tabitha scream]

Katherine: He meant you, Pilar.

Martin: Katherine.

Katherine: I know without a doubt that it broke Martin's heart to leave you and the children back then. And now that he has you back, I see a light in his eyes that I never saw in all the years that we were hiding from Alistair. Merry Christmas, Pilar.

Martin: Katherine told you the truth. I was thinking about you, Pilar, only you.

Julian: Are you all right?

Katherine: I'm with my wonderful son, and my darling daughter will soon be here. What more do I need?

Julian: Love, perhaps? I know you found it with Martin.

Katherine: Yes. Martin and I came to love each other in a very deep and special way. But sometimes when you love someone, you -- you do what's best for them. And being a husband to Pilar and being a father to their children is best for Martin.

Sheridan: Mother. Julian.

Julian: Hello, sweet sister.

Katherine: Hello.

Sheridan: Just think -- this is our first Christmas together since I was little.

Katherine: Oh.

Sheridan: Having you back is a dream I thought would never come true.

Julian: For me, as well.

Katherine: Oh, thank you both. And I'm not intruding?

Chris: You're family, Katherine. You're not intruding. Christmas is all about family.

Katherine: Thank you.

Theresa: My mother wanted me to pray for Ethan's soul. See, I can't do that because that would mean that I accept that Ethan has to die, and I won't. You always taught me where there is life there is hope, and I still believe that with all of my heart. Please, make it so Gwen lets Ethan live, and I will give him up. I'll give up my dream of having a family with Ethan and me and little Ethan and Jane. I would rather have Ethan alive and with Gwen than not alive at all. Lord, this is my prayer. This is my one and only Christmas wish. Please let Ethan live. I'm begging you.

Noah: What, was I chosen for a surprise strip search or something?

Guard: I told you, I don't know.

Noah: Am I back in my cell dreaming all this?

Fancy: No. It's real.

Noah: Fancy.

Fancy: Merry Christmas, Noah.

Noah: Wait, so you did all this for me?

Fancy: Mm-hmm.

Noah: But I wasn't sure where we --

Fancy: Shh. It's Christmas Eve.

Noah: Yeah, it's a time for people to be with their families.

Fancy: I'd rather be here with the man I love.

Noah: Really?

Fancy: Really.

Noah: God. I love you, too, Fancy.

Gwen: You know, if only you kept your promises.

Theresa: Well, I mean it. I want Ethan to live, even if it means giving up the life that I always dreamed of having with him.

Gwen: You -- you know you're something else? Making promises to God that you know that you won't have to keep.

Theresa: Are you saying that Ethan's already --

Gwen: No. I didn't think it was right to take Ethan off life support on Christmas Eve.

Theresa: Maybe it's your conscience telling you that it's not right at all. That you should change your mind and you should let Ethan live.

Gwen: Theresa, this isn't about me. This was never about me. This is about what Ethan wants, and what he doesn't want is to be kept alive by machines. I wish you could just accept that.

Theresa: Gwen, I'll never accept that there isn't hope.

Gwen: See, you have the luxury to allow yourself to have blind hope. I don't. I have to go by what every single medical test result has shown, and they all say that Ethan's condition is hopeless. And because of that, I have got to do what Ethan wanted. So as much as I want to have hope -- and, believe me, I do -- I have no choice. I have to let Ethan go.

Theresa: God's not going to let Ethan die. I know he won't. He will save him.

Eve: Sweetheart! Hi, honey!

Whitney: How are you?

Eve: Oh, I didn't think they would let you out for Christmas to come home, but I'm so glad.

Whitney: Well, Mother Superior wanted me to see my loved ones one last time before I took my final vows.

Eve: Well, maybe Mother Superior senses that a cloistered convent isn't the right thing for you, and she wants you to come home and see how much everyone loves you and misses you so that you'll realize that you really belong here in Harmony.

Whitney: Well, I'm sure that's why she made me come, but I haven't changed my mind about becoming a nun. Nothing's going to change it.

Sam: You know, it's hard to find joy in the midst of so much sadness. I mean, Ethan's dying, Noah's in jail, Jessica's back with Spike -- maybe for good. I'd give anything for her to come home so I can tell her how much I love her and I want her to come back to us.

Jessica: I'm here, daddy.

Sam: Jessica?

Jessica: Merry Christmas, Daddy.

Sam: Merry Christmas to you, too, sweetheart.

Kay: Thanks for driving us to mass.

Fox: Oh, yeah, well, thanks for letting me. You kidding?

Endora: Fox!

Fox: I love spending time with you. I love spending time with you. And I love spending time with you, too.

Kay: Well, we should probably get inside.

Fox: Ok.

Kay: Ok. Oh, my gosh, Endora's gone.

Fox: There she is.

Kay: Theresa? Hi. Endora ran off. Is there any way you can watch Maria for me while I go with Fox to help look for her?

Theresa: Of course.

Kay: Thank you. Here, go to Theresa.

Theresa: Come here, muffin.

Kay: Thank you so much.

Theresa: You're welcome.

Fox: Endora! Endora, wait up!

Kay: She ran off?

Fox: Yeah! Yeah, I lost her. I have no idea how, though. She's just a little toddler.

Kay's voice: A toddler with supernatural powers.

[Endora laughs]

[Norma and Tabitha scream]

Tabitha: No! No! No! No! Oh! Edna! Edna, help me!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, I could if I was young and limber again, honey, but I'm not. Whose fault is that?

Tabitha: Huh? Well, we've established that it's my fault! But if Norma -- I -- if I -- Norma takes me out, I can't give you another makeover, can I?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, yeah, right! Oh -- hey, Normie --

Norma: Not now!

Mrs. Wallace: Honey, sweetie?

Norma: Not now, Edna! I'm about to take out Tabitha!

Tabitha: Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, no!

Norma: Oh, yes. "Ax" and ye shall receive!

Norma: Goodbye, Tabitha. Rest in pieces.

Mrs. Wallace: Hey, hey, hey, not so fast, Normie! Tabby has to make me pretty before you kill her.

Norma: Yeah, but I've got her up against the tree and everything.

Mrs. Wallace: Hey, it'll only take a minute.

Norma: Have you looked in the mirror lately?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, you sideshow --

Norma: What are you talking about? I've had to deal with you --

[Norma and Mrs. Wallace argue]

Norma: I don't have to take that.

Mrs. Wallace: How dare you do that to me, you --

Norma: [Wee voice] What just happened?

Mrs. Wallace: [Wee voice] We shrank! As if my bladder wasn't small enough already!

Norma: Tabitha, make us normal again!

Tabitha: Oh. No witch has that kind of power, Norma.

Mrs. Wallace: She means bring us to our normal size!

Tabitha: I'm sorry, ladies. It was Endora who downsized you, and it's up to her if she brings you back or not. No dice, girls. Endora's just not in the mood.

[Endora's music plays]

Tabitha: Oh, my stars. What did you do with them? What -- where are Edna and Norma?

Endora: Uh-oh.

Mrs. Wallace: Let us out of here!

Norma: And hurry! Edna reeks!

Tabitha: Oh, what a clever little witch you are, saving Mummy with such seasonal flair.

Kay: Oh, Endora!

Fox: There you are.

Kay: Thank goodness you're all right! Fox and I were talking, and the next thing we knew, she just ran off.

Fox: Yeah, my gosh. Sorry we didn't keep a better eye on you. Sorry.

Tabitha: Oh, no harm done. She was just missing her mommy.

Fox: Well, how'd she know where you were, anyway?

Tabitha: Oh, a child can always find its mother, Fox.

Fox: Oh.

Mrs. Wallace: Let us out!

Norma: I can't breathe!

Fox: Did you hear that?

Tabitha: No. Hear what?

Fox: Just, like, wee, tiny, little voices, yeah. It sounded like, you know, maybe it was coming from the tree.

[Organ plays "Silent Night"]

Choir: Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright, round yon virgin, mother and child, holy infant so tender and mild, sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace, silent night, holy night, shepherds quake

Sam: I love you, sweetheart.

Jessica: I love you, too, Daddy.

Choir: At the sight, glories stream from heaven afar

Pilar: Feliz Navidad.

Katherine: Gracias, Pilar. Merry Christmas to you, too.

Choir: Hallelujah

Martin: I love you, Pilar.

Choir: Christ the savior

Pilar: I love you, too, Martin.

Choir: Christ the savior is born, silent night, holy night

Eve: Merry Christmas, sweetheart.

Simone: You, too, Mom.

Eve: You remember, God loves all of us. As long as we love him and the life he's given us, the rest will take care of itself.

Simone: Thanks.

Choir: Thy holy face, with the dawn of redeeming grace, Jesus Lord at thy birth, Jesus Lord at thy birth

Father Lonigan: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Peace be with you at Christmastide.

All: And also with you.

Father Lonigan: Please be seated. Welcome, one and all. This year, let us not forget to pray for all those affected by nature's wrath and by war, as we gather to celebrate the greatest miracle of all -- the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. From his miraculous birth in Bethlehem to his triumph over death, let Christ's life reaffirm our faith in God and in the miracle that is life itself.

[Door closes]

Father Lonigan: Whoever is there, please, come join us.

Ethan: It's me, father.

Gwen: Ethan?

Theresa: Ethan.

Singer: Have yourself a merry little Christmas, let your heart be light, from now on our troubles will be out of sight

Singer: Have yourself a merry little Christmas, make the yuletide

Noah: You know, I thought this was going to be the worst Christmas of my life. Thanks to you, it's turning out to be the best.

Fancy: For me, too.

Singer: Our troubles will be miles away

Noah: Christmas really is a time for miracles, isn't it? Having you here, loving you, being loved by you -- that is my Christmas miracle.

Fancy: That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me.

Noah: Well, you should get used to it because I'm not going to stop. I love you, Fancy.

Fancy: I love you, too. I love you with all my heart.

Singer: Gather near to us once more

[Mrs. Wallace screams]

Fox: I could have sworn I heard voices calling for help. It sounded just -- like little, teeny munchkin voices calling for help.

Mrs. Wallace: [Wee voice] Oh, let me out of here! I need a change!

Norma: [Wee voice] Let me out of here! She needs a change!

Kay: You know, I bet the wind is carrying voices across the harbor. We should probably get back to the church before mass is over. Maria's probably wondering what happened to us.

Fox: Yeah, ok, ok. Wait -- you know, try not to run away anymore, huh? Just stay with your mommy. Ok. Whoa. Huh. What do you know.

Kay: Ah. Mistletoe.

Fox: Yeah.

Kay: What do you know.

Fox: You know what I'm thinking?

Kay: No.

Fox: I was thinking it would be kind of a shame to waste a perfectly good bough of mistletoe, right? I mean, it is Christmas Eve, and I am with the woman that I love more than anything in the world. So --

Kay: Really?

Fox: Yeah. I love you, Kay. I love you, and nothing's going to change that -- not work, not Valerie, nothing.

Kay: I love you, too -- more than you know.

Fox: I never want to lose you.

Kay: You won't. I promise.

Fox: Hmm?

Kay: Hmm.

Tabitha: Well, you may have saved me from a hack attack, Endora, but you can't keep the ax from falling on Fox and Kay's love. Yes, I know. Yes, and you incurred the wrath of the boys in the basement doing it. But I am fond of Kay, and Fox is your half brother, so we'll let them have their little bit of happiness, shall we? But only for Christmas.

Gwen: Oh, my God. Ethan came out of his coma.

Theresa: Ethan --

Pilar: No. Not now, Theresa.

Theresa: God heard my prayers, Mama. Ethan is alive.

Eve: I don't believe it.

Julian: It's a miracle.

Ivy: Our son.

Sam: Ethan -- he's back.

Sheridan: Thank God. It's a miracle, a true miracle.

Chris: Miracles do happen, Sheridan. Just look at us.

Chad: You see, Whitney? Anything's possible. Anything.

Gwen: Jane, honey, it's your daddy. Oh, my God, he's come back to us, sweetheart. Ethan, oh, my God! Oh, my God.

Ethan: It's ok.

Gwen: Oh, my God. I don't understand. We thought you were gone. Are you really here? Am I dreaming?

[Jane fusses]

Gwen: Jane, honey, this is a miracle. Oh, my God, are you here?

Ethan: I'm here.

Gwen: This is a miracle. Oh, my God!

Ethan: It's a Christmas miracle.

Gwen: Oh, my God.

Choir: Joy to the world, the Lord has come, let earth receive her king, let every heart prepare him room

Women: And heaven and nature sing

Men: And heaven and nature sing

Women: And heaven and nature sing

Men: And heaven and nature sing

Choir: And heaven and heaven and nature sing, joy to the world

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Spike: Bennett's alone. Nice. Because after I kill him, Jessica ain't going to have Daddy to run home to.

Woman: Alistair, it's time that you were stopped -- by me.

Gwen: If you go anywhere near my husband again, I am going to put you in your grave.

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