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Norma: Faster, Edna, faster!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, I'm coming! I can hardly keep up.

Norma: [As Daddy] You should dump this old battle-ax, buttercup. She'll slow you down!

Mrs. Wallace: No, Daddy, no, I have to get back to Harmony, too. Now, before you chop off Tabitha's head, she has got to redo her spell and make me young and sexy again!

Norma: [Normal voice] But how are we going to get there?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh.

Norma: Harmony's a long way away, and by now the police will have our photos.

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah. Hello! That's how we're getting back to Harmony!

Norma: Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas! Dashing through the snow

Mrs. Wallace and Norma: In a one-horse open sleigh

Kay: This isn't fair.

Tabitha: It's your own doing, dear. Oh, forget about Fox. Move on. Because of that spell, no matter what you do, your relationship with Fox is over.

Ivy: Well, those are going to be fun to unravel.

Sam: You know, Christmas lights are cursed. No matter how well you pack them away, they always end up like this when you want them again.

Fox: I cannot believe that Kay just left like that. I mean, how are we supposed to iron out our problems if she won't even talk to me?

Ivy: Well, maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

Sam: Ivy. Fox, will you do me a favor, go out and get the Christmas tree stand in the shed? It's under my workbench.

Fox: Right. Ok.

Sam: Thanks.

Sam: Ivy, I thought you were going to help get Fox and Kay back together.

Ivy: I'm sorry, Sam, it just slipped out.

Sam: I just hate to see them on the outs like this, especially now. You know, it's Christmas Eve. Yet Ethan's gone, Theresa, Fancy, and Noah have disappeared, Jessica's back on the street with Spike. Look, let's see if we can at least make two of our kids happy.

Ivy: I'm sure Fox and Kay will work it out.

Sam: Maybe, all right, but like I said earlier, you know, I thought we said that we were both going to help them do it. Now, what should we do first?

Ivy: I'm thinking, Sam.

Ivy's voice: Thinking of ways to keep Fox and Kay apart forever.

Noah: Look, please, Fancy, can't we get past this? Yes, I helped Theresa kidnap Ethan, but that's only because I thought it was the right thing to do. Look, maybe she is crazy, all right, maybe she's crazy for thinking that Ethan will ever come out of this coma, but have you ever seen a greater love? You know, a magnificent obsession like that, it just -- it sort of pulls you along, you know? I never meant to hurt you, Fancy.

Fancy: But you did. We both swore we'd never lie to each other, and two minutes later you're lying to beat the band. How can I trust you? How am I supposed to forgive that?

Noah: Come on, there's got to be something I can do to make it up to you, to convince you that we belong together.

Theresa: All right. It's kind of getting cold in here, isn't it? All right, I'm going to -- ok, I'm going to pull the shade down. Oh, my God. Oh, my God, the police are here. If they search the cabin, they're going to find you, Ethan, and then Gwen's going to let you die.

Gwen: Officer Klein, I'm sorry, but I don't understand why you're calling me.

Dan: I beg your pardon, ma'am, but there's something very weird going on up here at the Crane cabin. Yeah, I thought it was my duty to tell someone at the Crane mansion, you know, down there in Harmony.

Gwen: What's going on?

Norma and Mrs. Wallace: Jingle bells, Tabby smells snowman's on his way

Mrs. Wallace: Ho, ho, ho, ho! Oh, God. Wait a minute, Normy. Wait a minute. That sleigh is awfully fancy. That's just going to draw attention to us.

Norma: Oh, horse feathers. Two sweet ladies out on the town on Christmas Eve? We'll blend right in.

Mrs. Wallace: You think?

Norma: Ooh! Look! Even better. Everybody will think we're Santa's elves.

[As Daddy] You look adorable, buttercup!

[Normal voice] Oh, thank you very much, Daddy. You know how much your wittle buttercup loves Christmas.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh.

Norma: Ooh! Here.

Mrs. Wallace: Ooh. This is crazy.

Norma: Who are you calling crazy?

Mrs. Wallace: Slip of the tongue, slip of the tongue.

Norma: This is the perfect way to hide, out in the open. Who's going to stop Santa's elves on Christmas Eve?

Mrs. Wallace: If you say so, buttercup.

Santa: Hey, you two! What do you think you're doing? Get away from my sleigh!

Norma: Whoo! Whoo-hoo-hoo! Goody, goody! It's Santa Claus! Whoo!

Tabitha: Oh, I'm afraid your love is doomed, Kay, so you might as well give up on it now or it'll be all the more painful.

Kay: I can't, ok? I didn't know what love meant until I met Fox. There has to be a way for us to stay together.

Tabitha: Oh, I cast that success spell on King Midas himself. It's unbreakable, dear. Well, fine, if you think you know better.

[Phone rings]

Kay: Lenox residence.

Sam: Kay, honey, um, you ran out all of a sudden. Are you ok?

Kay: Yeah, I'm fine.

Sam: Sweetheart, no, you're not. Kay, I can hear it in your voice. Now, come back over here and let's -- let's decorate. I think that'll cheer you up.

Kay: Dad, it's already Christmas Eve.

Sam: All the more reason to come over here and help us decorate. Now, look, decorating got lost in the shuffle this year because of all the madness with Ethan and Jessica, but, come on, this is our home, sweetheart. I want to bring in Christmas like we always do.

Kay: Like when Mom was there?

Sam: Yes, but don't you want to have Maria and Jane to have the same fond memories in this house as you do?

Kay: Is Fox still there?

Sam: Yes, he is.

Kay: Ok, I'll be over in a few minutes.

Sam: Thank you, sweetheart.

Kay: I'm going to go next door and help my dad decorate the house for Christmas.

Tabitha: Watch your language, Kay. We don't use the c-word in here.

Kay: Sorry. Oh, I wonder if Fox will stay and help decorate. Hey, maybe that is what we need to release Fox from your success spell -- Christmas spirit!

Tabitha: Stop it! Stop it!

Kay: Aha! The boys in the basement don't like that idea, do they? I think that I'm on to something here.

Tabitha: Oh, no, no, no, no.

Noah: Do not give up on us, Fancy, all right? I am sorry that I hurt you, but please don't overreact, ok? We can fix this.

Fancy: Enough, please. I'm tired of you talking at me about this, ok?

Theresa: Do you guys know that the cops are -- they're still here?

Noah: Yeah, I knew they were here a minute ago, but I thought they left.

Theresa: What do you think they're doing? You think they're calling backup or you think they're going to search the cabin again?

Fancy: Oh, shut up. I've had enough of your dramatics.

Theresa: Look, if they find Ethan, they're going to take him back to Gwen and Gwen is going to kill him.

Fancy: You know it's not like that.

Theresa: She's going to take him off life support, Fancy, and Ethan is going to die. That is killing him in my book.

Noah: Ok, stop it, you guys. Both of you stop.

Theresa: All right. What do we do?

Noah: What can we do? We wait.

Rebecca: Oh, honey, you have got to try some of cook's fabulous Christmas cake. You've got to get it before that F.B.I. agent eats it all. Of course, he's pretty fabulous himself.

Gwen: Could you hold on for just a moment? Mother, he's here to try and help find Ethan, ok? Can you just keep your hands to yourself for once?

Rebecca: Well -- well, fine, but who are you talking to?

Gwen: A policeman up in the mountains. He says there's something strange going on at the Crane cabin.

Rebecca: Ew, that dreary place? Oh, honey, the only mountain I like comes complete with a handsome ski instructor in those really tight ski pants. Mmm.

Gwen: Go on, officer.

Dan: Miss Fancy Crane is up here at the cabin with a man.

Gwen: Ok.

Dan: His name is Noah Bennett.

Gwen: Well, I don't know what you would be worried about. I mean, Noah's Fancy's boyfriend, although I wish she wasn't away right now. I could really use her support.

Dan: Excuse me?

Gwen: Officer, my husband has been kidnapped.

Dan: Well, yes, ma'am, we heard about Mr. Winthrop. That's why we came up here in the first place, to search for him. But something very odd is going on up here. Can you -- can you ask Alistair Crane for his permission for us to search to the cabin so we can get to the bottom of this?

Kay: Christmas carols! Christmas trees! The joy of Christmas spirit! Whoo!

Tabitha: Kay, will you stop taunting the spirits like this? It's dangerous!

Kay: Don't you see? The Christmas spirit -- whoa! -- Must be very powerful if they hate it that much. Maybe it will help me break that spell you put on Fox. I've got to go next door. Will you watch Maria for me?

Tabitha: Need you ask, dear?

Kay: Oh, thank you. Wish me luck.

Tabitha: Oh, Endora. What if Kay is able to wreck all my lovely evil magic? Ooh, we could be in for a very nasty Christmas surprise. Oh! Oh, now -- now she's got me saying it.

Kay: Uh, where'd my dad and Fox go?

Ivy: Oh, they went out to get a tree. It's just the two of us.

Kay: Oh.

Ivy: Actually, your father, well, he did it on purpose because he wanted us to talk.

Kay: About what?

Ivy: You and Fox.

Dan: Mrs. Winthrop, can you get permission from Alistair Crane for us to search the cabin?

Gwen: Look, I'm sorry, but Fancy's a Crane. She has every right to use that cabin whenever she wants to, and if she asked you to leave, then I guess you need to leave. Thank you.

Dan: But Mrs. Winthrop -- hello? Damn it. She hung up on me.

Geoff: Good going, Dan, you ticked her off. What if she gets old Alistair to fire us?

Dan: Ok, just calm down, all right -- although she did tell us to leave.

Geoff: Good. That's what I've been saying all along. Come on, Dan, we're out of here.

Dan: Ok, but, Geoff? I mean, I'm serious, there is something fishy going on in that cabin. But if no one's going to listen to me, it's out of my hands. All right, come on, let's go get a beer or something.

Theresa: They're leaving.

Noah: Finally.

Fancy: Because I lied my head off to those cops for the two of you. I must be losing my mind.

Theresa: No, Fancy, I think that maybe you're just filled with the Christmas spirit. I mean, it is Christmas Eve, after all.

Fancy: I almost forgot.

Theresa: Yeah. And nothing bad can happen on Christmas, right? So Ethan is safe. Oh, God, Ethan's respirator!

Santa: Get out of my sleigh, you moron! God. What are you dressed up as?

Mrs. Wallace: Well, I think you'd recognize an elf when you see one.

Norma: Santa! It's truly, truly you! Look, Daddy, it's Santa. I must have been a good girl this year.

Santa: What the hell is that thing?

Norma: Ooh, Daddy, Santa said a bad word.

Santa: I'm not Santa, you freak! I just worked the parade tonight with some buddies of mine. And I see that you're helping yourselves to their costumes! Get out of here, both of you! You know, this is my sleigh and my horse. Now, go on before I call the cops on you!

Mrs. Wallace: Hey, hey, hey. Honey, come on, come on, it's Christmas! Share the wealth now, will you? Come on, come on!

Santa: Go! You two must've had more than your share already. Drunks.

Norma: You're not the real Santa. You're some foul imposter!

Santa: Santa? I get paid for this gig, baby! There is no Santa Claus!

Norma: Ah! Don't ever say it. Don't ever say there's no Santa Claus!

Santa: The real Santa? You must be crazy!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, boy, you said the magic word.

Norma: There is a Santa Claus. There is! There is! And he comes down the chimney and he leaves sweet prezzies for all the good little boys and girls!

Tabitha: Oh, my. That Kay worked my nerves. Oh, let's just relax here and watch a little TV, shall we, darling? There.

TV announcer: The police have issued a warning to the public within a hundred miles of the town of Harmony. A criminally insane mental patient has escaped with a companion from the Falcon Bridge facility near Richville.

Tabitha: Hmm. If I were the nervous type, I'd think he was talking about Norma and Edna -- but that's out of the realm of possibility.

TV announcer: This is the same inmate Norma who terrorized Harmony last Christmas. We're talking loony tunes, people, crazy. Be careful. She and her whacked-out accomplice Edna Wallace are considered mad, bad, and dangerous to know.

Tabitha: Oh, hell's bells. No rest for the wicked. My. That makeover we gave Edna didn't last long, did it? Look at her. Oh, don't worry, my little witchling. Oh, it's a long way from Richville to Harmony. There's no way they could make it without being caught. Or could they? Get away from me, you fiend! Ah!

Norma: Hold still so I can give you the ax! It's my Christmas present to Daddy.

Tabitha: Endora, help!

Norma: Merry bloody Christmas!

Tabitha: Ah! Oh, rats and bats. Not another Christmas in hell. Ooh.

Sam: This tree looks great.

Fox: Yeah, I don't know. I mean, it's got a big bald spot here. It's kind of sub-par, you know?

Sam: Fox, Fox, listen, this isn't Christmas at the Crane mansion, all right? In the real world, they all have bald spots, all right? We'll just stick this side against the wall.

Fox: Yeah?

Sam: Look, trust me, when it's decorated, it's going to look gorgeous. Kay and Maria will love it.

Fox: Ok.

Sam: You know, Kay's going to be back at the house helping us decorate. May be a good time for you two to sit down and talk about your differences.

Fox: Yeah, thanks, but, you know, I don't see what the point would be, though, you know?

Sam: Come on, don't say that.

Fox: No, look, I mean, it's killing me what's going on between us, but I don't know, we can't seem to get past this, you know? I'm working my tail off at work, trying to make sure that Kay and Maria have a secure future ahead of them, and Kay resents me for it. I don't know. I mean, you tell me, is there something wrong with wanting to be successful?

Sam: No, absolutely not.

Fox: Well, your daughter thinks there is. I don't know if we'll ever get back together.

Kay: Look, Ivy, you can forget about blackmailing me to stay away from Fox. Remember what I have on you. If you try to bring me down, I'll take you down with me.

Ivy: Kay, don't be silly. I don't want to split up you and Fox. I'm concerned. Your father is, too. He wants you and Fox to be happy.

Kay: Uh-huh. And what do you want?

Ivy: I want you to die and never see my son again!

F.B.I. Agent: Good news -- my partner's bringing the salesman who sold Mrs. Crane the ambulance. He may be able to identify Mrs. Crane's accomplice.

Gwen: Good, I want him to rot in jail, too.

[Knock on door]

F.B.I. Agent: All right, that should be him now. Excuse me.

Rebecca: Boy, I hope if I ever get kidnapped he comes to rescue me.

F.B.I. Agent: You're in trouble, friend.

Salesman: Look --

F.B.I. Agent: That ambulance you sold was used in the commission of a crime.

Salesman: Look, I didn't do anything wrong.

F.B.I. Agent: Oh.

Salesman: This babe shows up with a bag full of cash wanting to buy an ambulance. What would you do?

F.B.I. Agent: Report it to the I.R.S. -- As I'm sure you did, right?

Salesman: Oh, God.

F.B.I. Agent: Describe the woman's accomplice.

Salesman: The guy? I don't know -- tallish, dark hair, in good shape. I guess you'd call him good-looking.

Rebecca: Hmm, sounds dreamy. Yeah, how does tartita do it? She always gets these really handsome guys to help her.

F.B.I. Agent: Does this sound like anyone you know or have seen with Mrs. Crane?

Theresa: Oh, my God, it's off.

Noah: Damn it, why isn't the generator kicking in?

Theresa: I don't know, it went on before.

Noah: Look, Theresa, you know what you need to do, ok? You got to breathe for him. Go, go, go. All right, I'm going to go outside and see what's wrong with the generator, but first I need to find a flashlight. Fancy, help me look for a flashlight, all right? I need light in order to get the generator working to get the respirator working again or else Ethan is going to die.

Sam: Hey, you know, don't be so pessimistic. You know, from what I see, you and Kay have the real thing. Don't let it slip away because the two of you are too pigheaded to sit down and talk about things. Someone's got to bend. I admire the fact that you want to be successful in business, ok, but I think Kay has a right to be a little worried, too. You know, no woman wants an absentee husband and father.

Fox: I know. No, I would always make time for Kay and Maria, always.

Sam: Well, are you now? Because if you were, I don't think Kay would be so worried.

Fox: Right. Look, the thing is I've got to make my own success now, you know? My grandfather disinherited me, I spent my trust fund. I got to work all these long hours just to make sure no one's sneaking up behind my back to take my job. I got to be honest with you, I kind of like it. I never knew I had this drive to succeed before. I was always mister, you know, party-party guy, you know?

Sam: Yeah. Yeah, remember? I'm the one who broke up a few of your party parties.

Fox: Huh. Yeah. Yeah, I remember. Anyway, look, the point is I just -- I feel like I found my niche, you know? To me, making millions is a lot more fun than spending them.

Sam: Fine. Look, hey, you want to make millions? That's great. Don't let monetary success come at the price of your relationship with Kay. You guys have got to enjoy the moment that you're in right now, ok, or else you're going to regret it. I know, ok? When Grace left, I realized that things can change really quickly.

Ivy: Die, you little witch, die! You will never have my son! That's all I want for my birthday and Christmas combined!

Kay: Well? I'm waiting. What do you want to talk to me about?

Ivy: What? Oh. Oh, um -- you know, Kay, I want Fox to be happy. I mean, look at him. He's miserable. He told me about the phone incident. I just think Fox deserves a partner who's there for him with unconditional love and support.

Kay: Ok. Why can't that be me?

Ivy: You're so young and so sure of yourself. You don't even remember yesterday, much less last year.

Kay: I remember a lot, Ivy.

Ivy: I just don't want you to hurt Fox.

Kay: Are you talking about Maria? Because Fox doesn't mind being a father to another man's child.

Ivy: Don't be silly. No, I adore Maria. But I am worried, you know? You and I, we're not that different. I had Ethan, I married Julian, and all I could do was think about running away to get back to Sam. What about you? Have you thought about that? If Miguel comes back to town, would you just throw Fox aside to jump into Miguel's arms?

Fancy: There must be a flashlight here somewhere.

Noah: Hurry. Look in there, ok? Theresa, are you doing ok? Ok.

Fancy: Got it.

Noah: Good, you're going to hold the flashlight while I try to fix the generator, ok? Theresa, we're going outside. We will be back as soon as we can.

Fancy: Look at her. She'll do anything to protect Ethan.

Noah: Yeah, that's true love, Fancy.

Fancy: That's obsession.

Noah: What, is that such a bad thing? I mean, her love for him is so overpowering, I couldn't stand up against it. That's the kind of love I have for you, Fancy.

Theresa: Would you guys just go, please?

F.B.I. Agent: Did Mrs. Crane say this man's name?

Salesman: Now that you mention it, yeah.

Gwen: Ok, what did she say?

Salesman: What was it? Uh -- it was an old-fashioned name. Sort of biblical, you know?

Rebecca: Oh! Oh, is it Jesus? I mean, because we have this fabulous gardener from Belize and his name is Jesus. I mean, he has got pecs of steel.

Gwen: Are you kidding me?

Salesman: No, no, was it -- was it Moses?

Rebecca: Moses. No, no, no, we don't have a Moses. But -- oh, Solomon, Solomon. He's our accountant. But, no, he's kind of a little wormy little thing.

Gwen: Was it Noah?

Salesman: Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's it -- Noah.

Gwen: Oh, my God, that cop just called and said Fancy was up at the Crane cabin with Noah and that weird things were going on.

F.B.I. Agent: What cabin?

Gwen: The Crane cabin. It's up past Mount McNally. He said there were tire tracks from a heavy vehicle like a truck.

F.B.I. Agent: Or an ambulance.

Rebecca: Oh, my gosh, so they're all up at the cabin. Oh, you know, I'm going to go get my coat.

Gwen: No. No, no, no, this is between me and Theresa. Let's go.

Santa: You slugged Santa on Christmas Eve? What kind of maniac are you?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, are you going to get a big piece of coal in your stocking, honey.

Norma: You're not Santa! Santa's kind and sweet and generous!

Santa: You're crazy! I'm calling the cops!

Mrs. Wallace: No, no, no. He can't do that. They'll throw us back in the nut house, and then you will never get your hands on Tabby.

Norma: Oh, ugh!

Santa: Help! Somebody help me!

Norma: [As Daddy] Buttercup, the man wants some help with his manners.

[Norma yells]

Mrs. Wallace: Angels in heaven, get me out of here! Ah!

Santa: No, you banshees! You can't steal my sleigh!

Norma: [Normal voice] You want to bet? Ho, ho, ho!

Mrs. Wallace: Go, Norma, go! Go, Norma, go! Go, Norma, go! Go, Norma, go!

Tabitha: Endora, we have got to get out of town while the getting's good. As soon as Kay comes back, she'll get Maria, and then we're off to Paris. Come on, we'd better get a move on. We have to start packing, start packing. Oh, no, darling, we can't arrive in Paris of all places with our clothes all wrinkled up. Fold them. Fold them. Excellent. Thank you, Endora. Well, now, what next? Oh, what a way to spend Christmas Eve, eh? Oh, shut up.

Endora: Shut up.

Tabitha: Right.

Kay: You don't have to worry about Miguel.

Ivy: Don't I? Have you thought about this carefully? I mean, have you thought about the boy you used to moon around after? The whole town watched you for years.

Kay: But he doesn't love me, ok? He never did. I understand that now. That's why I allowed myself to get into a relationship with Fox. Being with Miguel is a nonissue.

Ivy: He doesn't love you, but do you love him? What if Miguel came waltzing back into Harmony without Charity? What if he was available and liked the idea of a ready-made family? He is Maria's father, after all.

Kay: This is absurd.

Ivy: I don't think so. I don't think so at all. You are so wrapped up in all these new emotions that you haven't thought about the boy you lived for. Think about it, Kay. If Fox made a real commitment to you, can you honestly say that you would stick by it if Miguel wanted you back?

Fancy: Yes.

Noah: Theresa, you all right in there?

Theresa: Noah, I'm perfect. I can hook Ethan's respirator up myself. You are a lifesaver!

Noah: We aim to please. That's a relief.

Fancy: Theresa's love for Ethan is amazing. But then I have to remember she's also the reason he's in that coma.

Noah: Fancy, it was an accident.

Fancy: Let's not start.

Noah: Ok. Can we talk about us then? Look, there's got to be a way that I can earn another chance with you.

Fancy: Noah, I think it's too late. Even if I love you, I can't trust you. All my life I've watched my mother lie to my father and my father lie to my mother, and then they finally broke up. They wounded each other badly, Noah, and they wounded their children, so much so that when most little girls are dreaming about marrying a handsome prince on a white horse, all I wanted was a man who'd always be honest with me. That's my fantasy. I guess fantasies don't come true.

Noah: Fancy, look, I believe in honesty, too, ok? My mother and my father, they never lied to each other. Maybe that's why I took it for granted.

Fancy: You can't. Honesty is too important.

Noah: Look, I know that now, Fancy, ok, I do. Look, I love you, and I can be honest with you 24/7 if -- if you just give me the chance.

Theresa: It isn't a very merry Christmas, now, is it? I know it's because of me.

Theresa: Ethan? It's the Christmas star. Maybe it's the one that appeared over the stable in Bethlehem. Shall we wish upon it?

Theresa: Lord? Please don't take away Ethan's life. He's your son, too. We're all your children. Please let him embrace his life again. Let him embrace his daughter, even his wife if it means that he can live again. I will keep my distance from him, Lord. I will give him up. Please bring him back to your beautiful earth so that he can enjoy all the rewards that his good heart deserves. Please, let him live a long and happy life, even if I'm not part of it.

Gwen: Can we please go faster?

F.B.I. Agent: Ma'am, we are already going way over the speed limit.

Gwen: I just want to get to the cabin and get my husband away from that psycho.

Tabitha: Good job, Endora. That's one thing out of the way. We have got to be ready to run for our lives. Now that Norma and Edna have teamed up, we'll be in quite a pickle.

Norma: Uncle?

Santa: "Uncle" my ass!

Norma: More profanity!

[As Daddy] He should be punished, buttercup.

[Normal voice] Damn straight! Ugh!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, God. I think kicking Santa's butt means we're going straight to hell.


Mrs. Wallace: What's that?

Elf: No one's going to beat up Santa when Sparky's around.

Second elf: Let's get them!

Sparky: Yeah!

Mrs. Wallace: Hurry! Let's get this contraption going.

Norma: On Dasher, on Dancer! Why won't this stupid horse move?

Mrs. Wallace: Make like Secretariat or we're selling you to the glue factory!

Norma: Ho, ho, ho! A bloody Christmas to all, and to all a good night! Whoo!

Mrs. Wallace: Whoo!

Elf: Get back here!

Sparky: You can't do that to Santa!

Elf: Come on.

Ivy: I didn't mean to upset you, Kay.

Kay: Of course not. You never do.

Ivy: It is food for thought, though, isn't it? I mean, what would you do if Miguel came back to town and wanted you for his very own?

[Door closes]

Sam: All right!

Fox: Oh, yeah.

Sam: Looky what we got.

Ivy: Oh, it's beautiful.

Sam: Isn't it?

Fox: You got it?

Ivy: I love that smell. Mmm.

Fox: Hey.

Kay: Hey. It's a pretty tree.

Fox: Yeah? Your dad picked it out, so --

Sam: Fox, help me get it in the stand, will you?

Fox: Yeah. Sure.

Ivy: I don't want you to hurt Fox, Kay. I just want you to think this through. Take some time, sort out your feelings. Maybe stay away from Fox and then no one will get hurt.

Kay: I make no promises.

Sam: Lights first. Kay, you're very good at that.

Kay: Ok.

Sam: Well, did you have a chance to speak with Kay? I mean, you think they'll get back together?

Ivy: I don't know, you know? She's very independent. But, yes, I spoke with her.

Sam: Ok, well, I spoke with Fox. You know, I hope we did enough. Making these two happy would really feel like Christmas.

Ivy: Yeah.

Gwen: Are you both armed?

F.B.I. Agent: Yes, ma'am.

Gwen: Good. A gun will come in handy.

Theresa: I've done all I can for you.

Theresa: I wished on the Christmas star that God would bring you back to us, even if it means that we can't be together. I love you.

Noah: Fancy! Come here. Look, I know I hurt you, all right, and that kills me. But if you give me another chance, I swear I will always be honest with you. I will never lie to you again.

Fancy: I want so much to believe you.

Noah: And you can, ok? Look, please, please say that you believe in me, that you believe in us.

Fancy: Oh, Noah, I --


Fancy: Oh, no. Is that what I think it is?

Noah: It's the cops. Look, they must know we have Ethan.

Theresa: Oh, my God. My God, it's the police. They're going to find you, they're going to take you back to Gwen. She's going to take you off life support. Your cannot be over. I'm not going to let that happen!

On the Next Passions:

Norma: Oh let's go kill Tabby

Tabitha: We're going to die.

Gwen: You are going to be one dead bitch, Theresa! You'd better open this door!

Theresa: If you try to take Ethan away from me, it will be the last thing that you do!

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