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Ivy: Ow! Ouch! Oh, what the heck am I doing trying to cook dinner for Sam when my world is falling apart? Oh, Theresa. Just when I thought she couldn't do any more damage, she manages to sneak Ethan out of the hospital so he can't even die with dignity. Sam has to find him, he has to find him and -- and bring him home so that at least -- at least -- what's going on at Tabitha's?

Tabitha: Whee! Oh, I know, sweet pea. We love Kay as much as anyone. But the fact is I warned her about that spell I cast for Fox. She knows that in order for him to garner the kind of success she so badly wants for him, something's got to go. And I'm sorry to say, my little witchlet, that something is his affection for her. Whee!

Fox: Wait a second, your fault? What the hell are you talking about? Is it -- how is it your fault that Valerie couldn't get a hold of me all evening?

Kay: I took the house phone off the hook and I switched your cell phone ringer to silent because I didn't want anything to get in the way of our time alone together.

Fox: Really? Huh. Please tell me that you're kidding. Tell me that you didn't deliberately keep me from the office tonight. You know this project is my whole life right now.

Kay: I was afraid Valerie would interrupt us.

Fox: And please tell me that I'm not hearing this. Tell me that the woman I'm working my butt off for isn't the one that just sabotaged my career. Please, tell me something.

Kay: I never dreamed that something important would come up tonight. I just thought that Valerie was trying to come up with some excuse to keep us from being together.

Fox: Yeah? Well, I have told you that all of my hard work, everything that I'm doing is for you and it's for Maria. Does that mean anything at all to you?

Kay: Of course it does. I just thought --

Fox: You know what? Just -- I can't, ok? I can't right now. Not right now, all right? I think you've done enough. Valerie, you got to come with me to the office. I can't mop this mess up by myself.

Valerie: I'll do anything to help, but I brought your laptop with me when I came over. We don't have to go anywhere.

Fox: Great.

Kay: Let me help.

Fox: We can find a workplace downstairs. Excuse me.

Kay: God.

Sheridan: James, I think you got more on your face than you did in your mouth.

Chris: Well, I see that he managed to get most of your cake down.

Sheridan: Was it really ok?

Chris: Best ever. Am I right, sport? My son never lies.

Sheridan: Wow. My first homemade cake. Who knows what I'll make tomorrow.

Chris: I can't wait.

Sheridan: Maybe I'll make paella. Oh, you know who loves paella is Ethan.

Chris: Don't, Sheridan.

Sheridan: How can I not think about losing someone else who means the world to me? Even if they find Ethan alive, what difference is it going to make? They were about to remove his respirator right before Theresa kidnapped him. Honestly, Chris, I don't know how much more loss I can bear.

Theresa: I don't know what to do. Noah, where are you? Get back here! Um -- Ethan, you got to hear me. Don't die on me, ok? You cannot die on me, do you hear me? I'm not getting a pulse. Ethan, come on. You got to hang in there, ok? You got to hang in there for me. Noah's going to come back, ok? Don't you die on me, Ethan. Don't you die on me.

Fancy: You lied to me, Noah. You said you were working tonight, but now I'm about to catch you red-handed. How could you cheat on me after telling me you loved me? I don't know whether to strangle you or the tramp you're fooling around with. I'll kill you both, one at a time. I can't believe this. Not only are you cheating on me, but you're doing it in my family's cabin! I will never forgive you for this, Noah, not in a trillion years.


Noah: What happened?

Theresa: Oh, my God, Noah, thank you. Oh, gosh, the power -- it just went out like a few minutes ago, ok, and then the backup generator came on, but -- the respirator started working, and then a few minutes later, this monitor right here, it started going "beep, beep, beep," and I don't know what to do. I tried to feel his heartbeat -- he doesn't have one. Noah, you got to save his life. Please, just save him.

Noah: Ok, all right, all right, I'll see what I can do, all right? All right. Ah! Oh, man.

Theresa: What? What? Tell me, what?

Noah: He's in cardiac arrest. All right, go over there, and I want you to pinch his nose closed and breathe into his mouth only when I tell you to. Now.

Theresa: Ok.

Noah: Breathe now. Now.

Fancy: How dare Noah bring some slut up to my family's cabin. I didn't even know he knew we had a place up here.

Theresa: Ok, is he breathing yet?

Noah: Just keep breathing for him. Just keep breathing!

Fancy: I still don't get why he'd bring all those groceries up here. Is he planning on stashing a mistress here for the winter, or what? I was right. There's her bag. She must be in the bedroom with Noah. He sure didn't waste any time once he got here.

Chris: I know how difficult this has been on you, Sheridan. First losing your son, then Luis, and now Ethan.

Sheridan: Sometimes it's more than I can bear.

Chris: No, it's not. I know it seems that way, but you're a strong woman, Sheridan. I remember you standing up to an organized crime thug pointing a gun at us.

Sheridan: That's different. He was going to kill you.

Chris: It was the bravest thing I've ever seen anyone do. You don't give yourself enough credit.

Sheridan: Thanks. I should call Gwen and see if there's any news on Ethan.

Chris: Didn't she say she would call you when they found him?

Sheridan: Yes.

Chris: Then relax. You keep on forgetting you don't have to handle these things on your own anymore.

Sheridan: You don't know how much that means to me.

Chris: And I meant what I said. I won't rush you or push you into anything that you're not ready for.

Sheridan: Thank you. I don't know what I'd do without you. And James. You know, I never really was part of a real family until now. Luis and I never really had the chance with Marty.

Chris: You never had a real family growing up?

Sheridan: Not even close. The word "dysfunctional" doesn't even describe home life with the Crane family. That is, when I was invited home from boarding school, which was very rare. When I was, cook prepared all the meals. I usually ate alone or with Pilar. Never with my father, or with Julian even.

Chris: Why not?

Sheridan: Well, because Julian's older. He was usually out somewhere with his friends.

Chris: Must have been a very lonely childhood.

Sheridan: Yes, it was.

Chris: Which is exactly the opposite of my experience growing up. I was one of seven kids.

Sheridan: Wow.

Chris: I would've given a lot to be a little lonely sometimes. I remember we had to race each other to the dinner table to make sure we got a decent helping of food. Mom and Dad didn't have a lot.

Sheridan: Sounds like fun, though.

Chris: It was, looking back -- all the laughing, the talking over each other. Wasn't that much fun waiting for your turn in the bathroom, though. We only had one to share between nine people. Not a pretty picture in the morning before school. My sisters would take what seemed like an eternity in there getting ready. The fights we had when they came out --

Sheridan: Sounds like happy times to me.

Chris: I didn't think so then, but now -- now I know how lucky I was.

Ivy: Something's up at Tabitha's, but what?

Ivy: Oh, I knew it. I knew Fox was there. Oh, but he's not alone with Kay. Valerie's there, too. Good girl. I wonder if she's managed to split them up for the night. Hmm.

Tabitha: Where's the fire?

Fox: Huh? No, no fire. Just a problem at work. You don't mind if we connect our computer here, do you?

Tabitha: Oh, be my guest.

Fox: Great.

Valerie: Are you wireless?

Tabitha: Am I what?

Valerie: We have to get online.

Kay: You'll have to use the phone jack.

Fox: It's right there. You know, I got to tell you, this would've been a lot easier to fix if I'd known about it a couple hours ago.

Kay: Fox, I'm really sorry.

Fox: Not now, ok? Not now. Don't have time.

Kay: I was just so thrown about Valerie moving in on my position at work, and then when you said you couldn't go with me to the hospital to see Ethan --

Fox: We've been through this over and over and over and over and over again, all right? I don't have time to have this conversation right now.

Kay: I know, but I can't stand that I messed up.

Fox: Again.

Kay: For the last time, I did not release the virus into the Singapore files.

Fox: You know what, though? Even if you did, at least that was an honest mistake, right? It's better than knowing that you deliberately kept me from my work tonight. You know how much is riding on this, right? Right? What, are we -- are we all set here, or what?

Tabitha: Things are going from bad to worse, Endora. Don't look now, but your half brother, Fox, is in major trouble.

Valerie: Oh, God, please don't let it be gone. Oh, no, this is worse than I thought.

Fox: What? What? What?

Valerie: Look.

Fox: Oh, my God, you're right. The whole deal has collapsed. I'm done.

Valerie: You're right. The whole deal's gone south. All that hard work we put in, all those long hours, everything, down the drain.

Fox: I cannot believe this. Look, what time is it over there right now?

Valerie: Early morning.

Fox: Ok, so here's what we do. We contact our people in Hong Kong before they hit the office. We contact our investors here in America before the morning, and we ask them for more funding. That's what we got to do.

Valerie: It won't work.

Fox: Why not?

Valerie: I took the liberty of calling our big five moneymen before I came over here. They said they'd pull their money out of the deal if we didn't keep Hong Kong happy. We didn't. They said if I had been able to get in touch with them before we embarrassed ourselves with our Far East counterparts -- you know what? No point in rehashing all this now. What's done is done. I'm sorry.

Fox: You're sorry? What are you talking -- why do you have to be sorry, huh? I drafted the damn deal. It's my baby. I messed it up. I'm responsible for everything that goes wrong with this, so if anyone here is to blame, it's me!

Kay: It's me. It's my fault, and you know it.

Sheridan: When I was young, I would watch reruns of all the shows.

Chris: Yeah. "I Love Lucy" and "Bewitched" -- those were my favorites.

Sheridan: Uh-huh. There were those, but then there were others, and they were all about families. Oh, "The Brady Bunch," "The Partridge Family," "Eight is Enough." They all had tons of children and happy, loving parents. Sort of like your family.

Chris: Is that what you dreamed of? A big, bustling house full of brothers and sisters?

Sheridan: Absolutely. Since I didn't have it growing up, that's what I always hoped for for myself. Before Marty was born, I told Luis that he was going to be the first of at least six children.

Chris: And then everything changed?

Sheridan: After I was kidnapped, nothing was ever quite the same.

Chris: You're still young, Sheridan. Your dreams can still come true.

Sheridan: I hope so. Because if not, I'm not quite sure what I'm living for.

Fancy: Did Noah really think he could get away with lying to me about another woman? About fooling around with her in my family's cabin? What kind of idiot does he take me for? I can't wait to find out who she is. I hope she's worth it, Noah. Because after tonight, I never want to lay eyes on you again.

Theresa: Come on, Ethan. Please, you got to come back to us. You hear me? Please, I love you very much. Come on. It's too late, isn't it?

[Heart monitor beeps]

Noah: His heart's beating again.

Theresa: You -- you just saved his life.

Fox: Ok, hold on one second. Here. Try that.

Valerie: That might work.

Kay: Would you just at least let me help?

Fox: I think it's better if you don't help right now, Kay. Look, I'm not mad at you, ok? Really, I've never messed up anything this big in my entire life. Never anything this important. My grandfather is going to fire me.

Kay: No, I'll talk to him for you. I'll explain to him that it was my fault.

Fox: Well, what are you going to do? You going to go into Crane Industries and take a meeting with Alistair Crane? That's not how it works.

Kay: I could try.

Fox: No, you can't try. He's not going to listen to anything you have to say. He's going to think I'm hiding behind you, and he's going to think you're covering for all my mistakes, so just please, please do me a favor and don't do anything, all right? Please let me handle it. Look, there's some papers that you didn't bring that I'm going to need from the office, so --

Valerie: I'll come with you.

Fox: All right.

Kay: Me, too.

Fox: Kay, come on, give me a break here, ok?

Kay: Fox, please don't leave me out of this. I feel horrible already. I just need you to understand why I did what I did.

Fox: Put these in the car for me, please.

Valerie: Sure thing.

Fox: Thank you.

Tabitha: Oh. Uh, just -- come, Endora, we have to -- we have to get something from downstairs. Yes.

Kay: Look, I know you hate me right now.

Fox: I don't hate you. Tell you the truth, I'm not sure what I'm feeling right now.

Ivy: Well done, Valerie.

Valerie: Ivy, I didn't know you were here.

Ivy: Obviously. I've been watching you from the Bennett kitchen window. I couldn't tell exactly what was going on, but you managed to interrupt Kay and Fox's night together.

Valerie: So you saw what just happened?

Ivy: Well, I couldn't glean the details. And I wasn't thrilled that my son looks so upset. What did you do?

Valerie: That, I'm afraid, was the downside of a gift horse that just fell in my lap tonight. I hate seeing Fox that worried myself.

Ivy: What happened?

Valerie: Let's just say his grandfather's going to let him have it with both barrels for this one.

Ivy: Valerie, would you stop beating around the bush and just give me the details?

Valerie: All right, but I have to make it quick. Fox could be out here any second. The initial problem started in the Far East on a proposal Fox and I have been working like dogs on. Some of our investors had real concerns with the next step in the Singapore project. They wanted to talk to Fox immediately.

Ivy: So?

Valerie: So I couldn't get in touch with him. Chances are, if I could have gotten through on Tabitha's phone or Fox's cell phone, this whole crisis could have been averted.

Ivy: Why couldn't you get through to him?

Valerie: Here's the great part. Kay turned off his ringer and took the house phone off the hook so that I couldn't reach him. She apparently has been so freaked out by me lately that she's been jealous and proprietary. She wanted to make love to Fox in peace.

Ivy: Spare me.

Valerie: Anyway, as a result of Kay's own manipulation, the entire project crashed and burned tonight. I hardly had to do anything.

Ivy: Kay did it all by herself.

Valerie: Mm-hmm.

Ivy: Why am I not surprised? I knew that girl was wrong for my son from the very start.

Valerie: Well, as you can imagine, Fox isn't too happy with Kay right now. I doubt she'll be able to reel him back in after this one.

Ivy: Hmm, but they're alone together right now.

Valerie: Not for long. He's coming back to the office with me.

Ivy: Good job, Valerie. Keep me informed.

Valerie: Don't worry. Oh, and don't forget the promise you made me, Ivy. Not just success at Crane Industries, but Fox, too.

Ivy: I haven't forgotten our deal, Valerie. And you can trust me completely.

Sheridan: Good job coloring.

Chris: I was thinking, son, do you know what holiday is coming up pretty soon?

James: Christmas.

Chris: Exactly. How would you feel about we go out this weekend and buy a tree, one we can all decorate together?

James: Yay!

Sheridan: I think he likes the idea.

Chris: And you?

Sheridan: I love it. That was another thing I didn't have growing up. My father always hired a professional to decorate our very artificial tree. He couldn't stand the idea of pine needles in the sacred chambers.

Chris: Well, then you're in for a treat. We are going to find a tree with the greenest, smelliest pine needles. In fact, I've got a better idea. We're going to go out and cut one down ourselves. I know of a little Christmas tree farm not too far from here.

Sheridan: Really? I would love that. Maybe it's time for somebody to go to bed. And since it's not Daddy and it's not me, that leaves you, young man. Of course, if you're comfy right here, I'm not complaining.

Theresa: Thank God you hung in there, Ethan. Thank you, God. I -- I don't have the words to thank you, Noah.

Noah: Hey, don't thank me, all right? Thank the E.M.T. instructor who taught me C.P.R. all those years ago. I'm just glad I remembered enough of it to make it work. Look, Theresa, I got to be straight with you. I mean, Ethan pulled through this crisis, but I'm not sure if he's going to make it through the next one.

Theresa: You know what? There is not going to be a next one. Ethan is alive, and that's what matters. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Fancy: Oh, obviously some tramp. I swear, I'll kill Noah for cheating on me. Ok. I've got to be strong. If I catch them in the act, I don't know what I'll do.

Theresa: Thank you.

Noah: Oh, my God.

Theresa: What?

Noah: What in blazes are you doing here?

Fancy: Me? What am I doing here?

Noah: Shh.

Fancy: This is my family's cabin, as if you didn't know! What the hell are you doing here? And who are you doing it with? Who's the other woman you'd rather be with than me?

Noah: My God, you have this so wrong.

Fancy: I don't think so. I think you're the one who made the wrong move tonight. How dare you!

Noah: Look, just let me explain, Fancy.

Fancy: Oh, what? How you said just hours ago that -- that you loved me? And then you lied to me about what you needed to do tonight? I followed you from the hospital. I saw you stop at that convenience store and buy all those groceries. But then to realize you had come here to my family's cabin -- how long have you been stashing this little piece of trash you've got in the bedroom?

Noah: Fancy, you have this so wrong, it's funny, all right? Look, the girl in that room is my fishing instructor.

Fancy: What?

Noah: Yes, she's my fishing instructor, all right? Look, I don't want you to embarrass me in front of her, ok? And I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but I'm slightly ashamed. I have this lifelong desire to learn how to ice fish.

Fancy: Ice fish my a--

Noah: Look, Fancy, ok, I'm serious, all right? I did research online and I found out that this is the -- the best place in the nation for ice fishing. And your family happens to have a cabin up here, so I didn't think you'd mind.

Fancy: Oh, you are so full of it! I don't want to hear another word. I know that this is your disgusting love nest. I saw a woman in there with her arms around you, and she didn't look anything like a fishing instructor! I wonder if she's missing her lipstick.

Noah: My God.

Fancy: No -- yeah, you should be saying your prayers! Remember how angry Esme was when I played that little trick on her? You haven't seen the wrath of a real woman scorned until you've seen me!

Noah: Fancy, don't go in there.

Fancy: Then tell me who she is! I want her name right now!

Theresa: I'm never going to leave your side. I'm going to protect you with every fiber of my being as long as we both shall live.

Ivy: Well, if I couldn't save Ethan from Theresa's clutches, at least I can save Fox from Kay's. Did you find Ethan? Where is he?

Sam: I'm afraid not.

Ivy: Oh, where would that bitch Theresa take him?

Sam: I wish I knew.

Ivy: What happened to your hand?

Sam: I ran into Jessica tonight, with Spike.

Ivy: Oh, Sam, I thought she was through with him.

Sam: Yeah, well, so did I. It's much worse now. He's got her back out on the street again.

Ivy: Oh, no.

Sam: She is furious with me.

Ivy: I thought the two of you were getting along really well.

Sam: We were. I guess I hurt her feelings, you know, when Gwen was over here talking to us about taking Ethan off life support.

Ivy: Oh. That's right, you were supposed to take her to therapy.

Sam: Yeah, I got so involved, you know, with Ethan's situation. I had no idea it affected her so deeply. You know, she says it's given her confirmation that I care about everything and everyone much more than I do her.

Ivy: No!

Sam: No, no, look, it's not just tonight. No. It's the way I've been with her since Grace left.

Ivy: But, Sam, you love her so much.

Sam: I know. I guess some kids need more overt reassurance than others. You know, Jessica's still hurting after her mom left. Look, bottom line, I haven't been paying enough attention to her.

Ivy: Did you try talking to her?

Sam: Yeah, well, if you want to call it that. She's high on drugs again.

Ivy: Oh, Sam, no. No, not at a time like this.

Sam: You know, it's not bad enough that I'm losing Ethan. It looks like that I may lose Jessica all over again, too.

Sheridan: Maybe I'd better put him to bed.

James: Video!

Chris: Again? You've seen it about a dozen times -- this week. Anyway, the D.V.D. player's in Sheridan's room. We don't want to keep her up, do we?

Sheridan: That's ok, he can watch it in there.

Chris: Are you sure?

Sheridan: Yeah.

Chris: Ok. Well, just for a little while, huh? Are you coming?

Sheridan: No, thanks. I have a little more cleaning up to do.

Kay: I know you won't believe this, but I am truly sorry. In a million years, I would never do anything to hurt you at Crane.

Fox: Actually, I believe every word of that. I know you wouldn't intentionally sabotage my career. I know that.

Kay: That's something at least.

Fox: See, the thing is, as much as I wanted to spend time with you tonight, the same way you wanted to spend time with me, I wouldn't have done it at the expense of something that was that important to you.

Kay: I know, but after everything that's happened today, and how Valerie -- she's been lately, it's just --

Fox: Well, leave Valerie out of this, because she didn't do anything wrong here.

Kay: Not this time, but --

Fox: I mean, all this hard work that I put in -- the hours and hours and hours of work at the office -- I could have been spending that time with you and Maria. Damn it. There was supposed to be a payoff. I was supposed to ink the deal. I was going to impress Alistair. He was going to make me the rightful heir to the Crane empire. You understand why I was doing all this? I was doing it for you, I was doing it for Maria, for my future family.

Kay: And now?

Fox: I don't know. I have no idea. I'm probably going to get fired. I don't know.

Kay: Hey, don't get mad at me, but is it possible that maybe Valerie is just making things look bad to cause problems between you and me?

Fox: Hold on, hold on a second. Stop, stop right there. Are you suggesting that Valerie orchestrated this entire thing? That she rigged the deal to go bad just to make you look bad? Is that what you're saying?

Kay: Ok, I know that that sounds far-fetched, but she's been so aggressive with you lately.

Fox: You know what? You sound pretty paranoid and irrational. So please stop before you say something that you're going to regret, ok?

Kay: But I --

Fox: Your suspicions of Valerie are beneath you. Even if she was the bitch that you claim that she is, I doubt that she could orchestrate something so far-fetched, so outlandish. What happened is very simple, Kay. This is what happened. Our investors had questions and they needed them answered, and I wasn't there to answer their questions. That's exactly what happened. It's very simple.

Kay: You can't possibly be blaming yourself.

Fox: Well, who else am I going to blame? I'm just as much to blame as you are. Let's think about what happened. I was spending time with you instead of concentrating on what I should have been concentrating on. And look at -- the whole damn thing's blown up in my face!

Tabitha: Oh, dear. Kay's really gone and done it now. Fox is telling her that he'll take full responsibility, but he knows deep down in his heart that Kay is to blame for blowing that crucial deal. I don't want to see her suffer, mind you. But she did do this to herself, you know, Endora. Fox loves her. You can see. But there's no love strong enough to withstand Ivy, Valerie, and my spell.

Kay: I love Fox, ok? And if he's happy, then I'm happy. Nothing else matters.

Tabitha: This spell you're having me cast, Kay -- it exacts a very high price for you.

Kay: For the last time, I don't care how high it is. Just do it.

Tabitha: All right, well, don't say I didn't warn you, dear. Now, I just need two more ingredients. Oh, a hair from your head --

Kay: Ow!

Tabitha: And a -- a toenail clipping from Fox. Ok.

Kay: You don't mess around, do you?

Tabitha: Not with this spell, no. Well, the die is cast. There's no turning back now. Your life will never be the same after tonight, Kay. Let's hope you have no second thoughts.

Tabitha: I'm sorry, Endora, but I'm afraid you're going to have to learn that we don't always get what we want in this life. Not even if we're witches.

Kay: You're just saying what you think I need to hear to make me feel better. But I know it's my fault and so do you. I am so sorry. I would do anything to make this up to you.

Fox: There's nothing that can be done. No one can fix this.

Chris: Come on, son, it's getting late.

James: No.

Chris: Time to go to your own bed. Ok, here's the deal. No more TV, ok? I'm going to read you one story, and then no more stalling, ok?

James: Ok.

Chris: Sheridan's still busy in the kitchen. I'm sure she won't mind us taking a little catnap.

Sheridan: Please, God, let them find Ethan. Please bring him back to Ivy and Gwen. I can't even imagine what they're going through. Oh.

Fancy: Tell me her name, Noah. Tell me who's so wonderful you'd lie to me about her and then use my family's cabin as your vile love nest! How could you trick me like this after telling me you love me?

Noah: I do love you, Fancy.

Fancy: Oh, right, right. Is that what you tell her, too? You really are the big jerk face I was afraid you were so many times before. You swore that we would never keep anything from each other, that we'd always be straight and upfront about everything in our lives so that we could stay together this time!

Noah: And I meant it, all right?

Fancy: Oh, yeah, except for the part about tarts you wanted to sleep with on the side.

Noah: Fancy, you have no idea what you're talking about, ok?

Fancy: No, no, for the first time, I do know what I'm talking about. But I'm not leaving until you tell me her name, where you met her, how long it's been going on --

Noah: Fancy, will you knock it off?

Fancy: Not until you start talking!

Noah: I can't tell you anything.

Fancy: What? Instead of being out looking for Ethan, your half brother, you're holed up in here with some two-bit whore? What kind of priorities do you have?

Noah: Fancy, this isn't what --

Fancy: Oh, I've heard it all before! Who is in there? Tell me, or so help me, I'm going in there and finding out from her.

Noah: Look, whatever you do, you may not go inside that room, do you understand?

Fancy: Oh, oh, now you're going to defend the honor of some slut you brought in from God knows where?

Noah: No, no! Look, Fancy, I am not making excuses, ok? I wish I could tell you this, but I can't. All I need you to know is that I am not cheating on you, all right? I need you to believe that.

Fancy: I wasn't born yesterday, Noah.

Noah: Look, Fancy, I swear to you, I would explain everything if I could, and I will when I can.

Fancy: Oh, forget it. If you can't explain it now, I don't even want to know. Go to hell, Noah. Take your tramp with you.


Fancy: What's that?

Chris: Oops. Two bears caught in Goldilocks' bed. I'll get out of here so you can get some rest.

Sheridan: No, don't. You're both so comfy, and so am I.

Chris: Ok.

Ivy: Well, Sam, you know, you're -- you're not alone. And whatever this is, we will get through it together.

Sam: I don't know what I'd do without you, Ivy. Spike accused me of paying so much attention to you that I've neglected my family. He even said that it looked like I was much more in love with you than I ever was with Grace.

Ivy: Oh. Did Jessica hear that?

Sam: Yeah, that and more. It's what she's been accusing me of for months. You know, maybe they're both right.

Ivy: Sam, look, whatever you and I have going on, I know how important your children are to you, just as mine are to me.

Sam: Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without you.

Ivy: Well, you are never, ever going to have to find out. Because I am here for the duration. And I think we just -- we're just going to have to count our blessings, because with everything that's going on with Ethan and Jessica -- well, you know, at least Noah and Fancy are fine.

Sam: Well, let's not forget about Kay and Fox. I'm so happy they found each other.

Ivy: Yeah.

Fox: I can't have this conversation with you right now, do you understand? I have to go.

Valerie: Sorry to interrupt. Are you ready to go?

Fox: Yeah.

Kay: We need a few more minutes.

Valerie: The business day in Asia is about to start soon.

Fox: Kay, I have to go. I have to go.

Kay: He didn't even kiss me goodbye.

Tabitha: Oh, dear. I tried to warn you, Kay.

Kay: Ok, if you say "I told you so," I'm going to throw something. I never meant to hurt him, and now he's never going to forgive me.


Noah: Damn it!

Fancy: What's that sound from the bedroom, Noah? It's like some kind of alarm.

Theresa: Noah, Noah, quick, we're losing him again! Quickly!

Noah: Stand back. Let me look, let me look.

Fancy's voice: Oh, my God, it's Theresa. Noah's the one who helped her kidnap Ethan.

Fancy: You two are out of your minds! I'm calling the hospital.

Theresa: Quick, go.

On the Next Passions:

Ivy: Make love to me now.

Kay: What if I've lost him forever?

Tabitha: What's done is done, Kay, and there's nothing you can do to change it.

Fancy: I'm calling Gwen and telling her everything. Your selfish little escapade is over.

Woman: Sorry, Fancy, I can't let you make that call.

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