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Jessica: Oh, where were you? You promised to be at the therapy session. You promised.

Sam: Honey, I know, I'm sorry. Ok? There's a crisis going on with Ethan.

Jessica: Oh, sure. Ethan. My surprise brother, thanks to you and Ivy. And if it wasn't him, it'd be Kay or Noah or Ivy again. Never me. Never Jessica. You don't give a damn about me, Daddy.

Sam: Jessica, you know that is not true.

Jessica: Huh.

Sam: Honey, what have you done? What happened to your clothes?

Jessica: Who cares? They're going to come off pretty damn soon anyway.

Sam: You're high, aren't you?

Jessica: No! I didn't take any drugs -- nothing.

Sam: Jessica, what have you done? Ok, I didn't make it to the doctor's office because Ethan was being taken off life support.

Jessica: Oh, big deal! He's dead, Daddy! Dead, dead, dead! You care more about your dead son than you do about me. When am I ever going to come first?

Sam: Don't you know that I love you? Sweetheart, you are my baby, my Jess.

Jessica: Yeah, second best, that's me.

Sam: No, that is a lie.

Spike: You're a damn liar. Jessica's right. She always comes last with you. Now, you get the hell away from her and leave her alone.

Liz: Kiss me.

Julian: No, I will not.

Liz: Not smart. You kiss me now or I'll cut your jugular and then go cut down Eve.

Julian: Eve, my love. This isn't what it looks like.

Kay: Fox, we got to go.

Valerie: Fox, I just sent you a link to a housing development in Maryland. Check out the rail link to public transportation. I think that might solve our problem in Singapore.

Kay: Fox, we really need to go, ok? Fancy said that Gwen is about to take Ethan off of life support.

Fox: Yeah, I know. Valerie, this is great. Thank you.

Valerie: I thought so.

Kay: Fox! Ethan is our half brother. We should be there.

Fox: Yeah, just give me a minute.

Kay: We may not have another minute. Gwen could pull the plug at any moment. Let's go!

Fox: I know, we will go, all right? Just give me a minute. We can't go now!

Gwen: Why are you just standing there? You need to find my husband and arrest Theresa.

Officer: Ma'am, we're doing our best. The officer who spoke to the kidnapper identified the ambulance's license plate, and we located it by tracking its navigational system. We'll apprehend the woman who kidnapped your husband shortly.

Rebecca: Well, she is dangerous, officer. You tell your men to be careful, that they should shoot first and ask questions later.

Officer: That's not how we do things.

Ivy: So you'll bring Ethan right back here?

Officer: Yes.

Ivy: So Theresa's stunt has just postponed the inevitable. You'll take him off life support immediately?

Gwen: Ivy, look, we know it's for the best. I need to let Ethan go with dignity.

Rebecca's voice: Wait till we get our hands on you, Theresita. You're going to pay for this for the rest of your miserable life.


Theresa: Oh, my God. Noah, quick, go faster! The police are coming right now!

Noah: Shh.

Fancy: Noah? Noah, what's happening? Where's that siren coming from?

Noah: Fancy --

Fancy: What's going on?

Noah: Theresa, I've got to pull over.

Theresa: No, no, you just keep going, just keep going.

Noah: We gave it a good shot, but I'm sorry. We failed.

Theresa: No, no. You know what, you just don't want to lose Fancy.

Noah: I can handle Fancy, all right? I hope. Look, we've lost, Theresa.

Theresa: No, no, we haven't. Ethan, you'll never get back to Gwen. She's not going to take you off life support. You're not going to die. I promise you that.

Sam: I should have known. You're the one who ripped her clothes. Right? You're the one who fed her full of drugs.

Jessica: I didn't take any drugs.

Sam: Yes, you did, sweetheart.

Spike: Your daughter's a mess because you let her down. You broke her heart. So blame yourself there, Chiefy.

Julian: Eve, you must believe me.

Liz: She's not blind, Julian. It's exactly as it seems. He wanted me. He grabbed me and pulled me down on top of him.

Julian: No, she threatened me! She had this knife, or a letter opener. It was sharp as hell. She threatened to kill you if I -- if I didn't sleep with her.

Eve: I wasn't even here!

Liz: Oh, my goodness, the lies that men will come up with when they're caught with their pants down. Do I have anything in my hands, sis? Admit it, Julian. You grabbed me and hustled me up here to the office because Eve just doesn't satisfy you.

Julian: You are mad!

Liz: It's ok, sis. I took care of him.

Kay: Ok, you know what? Maybe I should just go to the hospital by myself.

Fox: Kay, wait a minute -- hold on a second. I'll be right back. Wait a minute. I'm sorry I snapped at you like that, ok?

Kay: "Snapped"? You yelled at me.

Fox: Really? Well, I'm sorry that I yelled at you, then. Look, the Singapore projects, it's got these huge problems right now, and I have to handle them. That's my baby. You understand that.

Kay: Yeah, well, it used to be our baby, Fox. But now the only person you want to work with is Valerie.

Fox: Ok, don't be like that. She's been a great help, especially since the whole --

Kay: Oh, here it comes. "Especially after poor, dumb Kay unleashed a computer virus into the Crane system." How many times do I have to tell you that wasn't me?

Fox: I believe you.

Kay: Look, Fox, we have to go. Our half brother is about to leave this earth for good, and we should be there.

Fox: Yes, I know, and we will be there. I just -- I have a few things that I have to finish up here, and then we'll go.

Valerie: Fox, you have to make a decision on the rail link or our backers on the Singapore project are going to shut us down.

Fox: Right. See, they need me in there.

Kay: Valerie needs you.

Fox: Don't be like that. Come on, just give me a few more minutes, ok? Wait a little bit longer?

Kay: I'm waiting.

Fox: Fine.

Kay's voice: Is he just being a jerk? Or is this Tabitha's spell?

Noah: I got to pull over.

Theresa: No, no, please, don't do this.

Noah: Look, if I don't, it'll just make things worse.

Fancy: Who are you talking to? What are you doing? Is your new job driving a limo again?

Noah: Well, no, not really. I mean, I am driving, and then the traffic is just horrendous and there's an accident really close and the ambulance is close by.

Theresa: Yeah, really close.

Fancy: Look, it's really bad here at the hospital. I wish you'd get here.

Noah: Yeah, I wish I'd never left. Listen to me lying to her! This is exactly what we talked about never doing again.

Theresa: I know, but this is for a good cause, Noah. Now, just keep going.

Fancy: The police say some man is helping Theresa. Can you imagine how cruel someone must be to help her do something this sick?

Noah: Hey, look, I'm sorry, all right? This is over. I'm pulling over.

Theresa: No. No, don't do this. Ethan, I think this is really over. I mean, no one's willing to believe in miracles anymore. I think I'm going to lose you forever.

Officer: Uh-huh, copy that.

Ivy: How long can this go on?

Rebecca: Don't worry, they're going to get that little guttersnipe and they're going to send her to the big house for good.

Officer: Mrs. Winthrop, good news. We got them. We pulled the ambulance over on the highway.

Gwen: Ok, good. I mean, now we bring Ethan back here and I need to take him off life support. I mean, I really need to let him go.

Gwen: This whole fiasco ends only one way -- I take Ethan off the respirator and he dies.

Ivy: No, he -- he wanted it that way, Gwen. His will was very, very clear, and you don't have to do this alone.

Rebecca: No, honey, honey, we are going to be right here for you all through this, and then -- well, hey, afterwards, we can all go out for cocktails, you know, just us girls.

Gwen: You know, I can't even believe how selfish Theresa is. I don't want Ethan to die either, but I have to put Ethan's wishes first. I put Ethan first, Theresa puts herself first.

Rebecca: Which is why she is finally going to pay. She is going to be in prison, where she belongs.

Gwen: Yeah, and I'm going to be a widow!

Officer: I'm sorry. I have bad news.

Gwen: Is Ethan gone already?

Ivy: No, please.

Rebecca: Oh, would that be so bad?

Officer: It's not your husband. It's nothing like that.

Gwen: Then what's wrong?


Noah: Look, I hope you got a good lawyer, because with your record they might never let you out of jail.

Theresa: I really cannot think about that right now.

Fancy: Noah? Noah, what's happening? It sounds like that siren's right on top of you.

Noah: Fancy, look, there's something I got to -- oh.

Fancy: Hello? Noah? You cut me off. Why aren't you here, Noah? Your family needs you. I need you.

Noah: Jeez. At least she doesn't have to hear me getting arrested.

Theresa: Goodbye, Ethan. I did everything that I could to save you. I really tried. I swear to you, I tried.

Noah: Unbelievable. They weren't after us.

Theresa: But Fancy said they had located us.

Noah: Well, well. A little planning goes a long way, huh? Remember when I was under the hood back at the ambulance showroom?

Theresa: Yeah.

Noah: I removed the navigation system from this ambulance and put it into another one. Those things are way too big brother for my taste anyways, and it looks like it worked. The cops must be chasing the wrong ambulance.

Theresa: You're a genius, Noah. Yes! Ethan, did you hear that? All right. Onward to the Crane cabin. We got to hide Ethan.

Noah: Yeah, ok, but look, this doesn't mean that I'm not going to tell Fancy the whole truth about this. She deserves to know.

Theresa: Noah, she's just going to make trouble.

Noah: Face it, Theresa, you are the one who's causing trouble. All right, I got to tell Fancy. You know, we promised each other.

Theresa: I know. I know. Ethan, don't you worry. Everything is going to be ok.

Fancy: What's happened?

Gwen: The police have been chasing the wrong ambulance.

Fancy: Oh, honey.

Officer: Sorry, ma'am. The woman who bought the ambulance switched its tracking device to another vehicle. It was very clever. The ambulance we stopped was carrying a farmer who'd fallen off his barn.

Ivy: Theresa doesn't know anything about cars or electronics. It must have been her accomplice who switched the tracking devices.

Fancy: Who the hell is helping that witch?

Rebecca: A man. That's all we know.

Fancy: If I knew who it was, I would rip him from limb to limb.

Ivy: I wish Sam was here, but he's looking for Ethan and Theresa.

Fancy: I know. Have you heard from Fox?

Ivy: No.

Fancy: I'll call him, Mother, and tell him to get down here.

Ivy's voice: And Fox will show up with Kay, no doubt. The sooner I split those two up, the better. I swear I won't let her ruin Fox's life the way Theresa's ruined Ethan's.

Kay: This is unbelievable. How can he sit there and work when our brother is about to die?

[Phone rings]

Kay: Hello.

Fancy: Kay. It's Fancy. Do you know where Fox is? I've called his cell, but he's not picking up.

Kay: Yeah. We're both right here at the office.

Fancy: Still? Why haven't you left yet?

Kay: Fox is still working.

Fancy: What? Is he crazy?

Kay: Seems that way.

Fancy: He's got to stop. Things are really bad here at the hospital. Theresa kidnapped Ethan.

Kay: What?

Fancy: Yep. Right out of the I.C.U., on his respirator and everything. She got an ambulance, and we thought the cops had tracked her down, but it turns out they were following the wrong one. And she has some man to help her, some bastard she's paying off, no doubt, and we don't know where she's taken Ethan.

Kay: That's insane. Where's my dad?

Fancy: Out looking for Ethan and Theresa. Look, Fox needs to get down here.

Kay: Well, wouldn't it be better if he just went out to help look?

Fancy: Maybe.

Kay: All right, well, we'll do whatever we can to help.

Fancy: Keep in touch, ok?

Kay: Ok.

Fox: No, what are you -- what the hell are you doing?

Kay: Get up. Theresa has kidnapped Ethan. Things are crazy out there, and you've got to go right now to go search for your brother. 

Kay: Well? Why are you just sitting there? We have to go.

Fox: So Gwen's not taking Ethan off life support right this very second. Is that correct?

Kay: Did you just hear me? Theresa has kidnapped him. Nobody knows where they are.

Fox: Well, then, we're not missing the big family moment, are we?

Kay: Don't you even want to go find him?

Fox: What do I look like to you? Do I look like a cop, huh? Well, what do you want me to do? What do you want me to do? I've got work to do here.

Kay: Who are you? Work? All you do is work.

Valerie: The better you are at it, the harder it gets.

Kay: Look, if you don't want to go search for your own brother, then maybe you should go sit with your mom. I'm sure she needs you.

Fox: Yeah, I will.

Kay: When? When will your family's crisis be more important than your job?

Fox: Soon. Look, I've got a couple of things that I have to finish up in the computer center, and then I'm all yours, ok? Fair enough?

Kay: If you say so.

Fox: Yeah, I think that's fair.

Sam: Jessica --

Jessica: Don't!

Sam: Jessica --

Jessica: Spike's right, Daddy! You promised to take me to therapy. You promised. And I went all alone, and it was so hard. I needed you, and you let me down, like always.

Sam: Sweetheart, listen to me. I am sorry. But is that any excuse for throwing away all the progress you've made by going back with this scum?

Jessica: Excuses! Nothing but excuses. Why do you think I ran away from home in the first place? I needed something I couldn't find there -- love.

Sam: My God, honey, I love you.

Jessica: Words -- talk, talk, talk. That's all you ever do. Oh, "come home, Jessica. I love you." "Go to therapy, Jessica. You're a wacko." Did you even ask me how therapy went? No. You've never been there for me. You know who showed up at therapy? Spike. Spike loves me.

Spike: You got that right, baby.

Sam: Sweetheart, he's using you. He's drugged you right now. Admit it.

Jessica: Spike loves me. He keeps his promises. He told me you didn't love me, and he told me you wouldn't show up for therapy.

Sam: You know, he's nothing but a liar.

Jessica: No, he's not! He's right. He's always right. You're the liar, Daddy -- you.

Julian: My darling, you -- I mean, you can't believe what you saw. She -- she had me trapped. I didn't know what to do.

Liz: So you just ripped your clothes off and said "come and get it"?

Julian: Shut up! Eve, you know what we have together, and I would never risk that. I mean, she threatened your life. I -- I was going to call the police, but then she said that she would just wait until she got out of jail on bail and she'd stalk us down and she'd kill us.

Liz: Just little old me and my little old letter opener?

Julian: I was just waiting for the right moment to get away.

Liz: Julian, like you even tried.

Julian: Will you get away from me! You're insane! Eve, don't just stand there. Say something. I mean, you know this is just one of her crazy plots. You know. She said she's desperate. To get revenge, she'll do anything.

Liz: He always was a smooth talker, wasn't he, Eve? Now, listen, before you turn on the tear ducts and say all is forgiven, there's something you should know. This isn't the first time we've slept together.

Julian: We didn't sleep together today!

Eve: I remember -- you said some nonsense during the tsunami.

Liz: Yes, but this time it's different. This time Julian remembered. He remembered the night we slept together, the night he was unfaithful to you with me, your little sister.

Rebecca: Look, I want Theresa arrested and sent to the electric chair yesterday. Look, I am Mrs. Julian Crane, and that name means something in this town, so what are you and your men doing?

Officer: I'm afraid I have nothing good to report, Mrs. Crane. When we thought we captured the suspect, we broke down all the roadblocks.

Ivy: Which means?

Officer: The ambulance Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald was using may have slipped through our fingers. She could be a hundred miles away by now.

Gwen: I mean, Ethan could die any minute because Theresa doesn't know how to take care of him. I may never see my husband alive again.

Theresa: I will keep you alive, Ethan. I promise.

Noah: I'm breaking my promise to Fancy right now. Look, I can't lie to her anymore, Theresa. I've got to tell her the truth.

Theresa: You know, Noah, if you call Fancy, she's going to call the police if she knows that you're with me.

Noah: So what? They can't trace us without the tracking device.

Theresa: We're in a new ambulance, ok? It's not like we exactly blend in.

Noah: Look, I will take you to the Crane cabin, and then you're on your own. You got it? I won't tell anybody where you are.

Theresa: Ok, ok, so you're just going to tell Fancy half the truth? Isn't that kind of like the same thing as lying?

Noah: You're right. Ok, I'm going to tell her everything.

[Phone rings]

Theresa: No! No, no. No, no, please don't.

Noah: It's Fancy. Hey, you're going to make me crash, all right?

Theresa: All right.

Noah: Hello?

Fancy: What happened to you? Why didn't you call me back?

Noah: It's a long story.

Fancy: Where were you before with that siren and everything?

Noah: Look, Fancy, there's something I got to tell you.

Theresa: No, Noah, please don't do this. Don't.

Fancy: Hello? I can barely hear you. Noah, where are you? This isn't like you. You should be here helping to look for your brother.

Noah: Yeah, I bet I'd be pretty good at it.

Fancy: Are you keeping something from me? We promised each other to be honest, remember?

Noah: Yeah, I remember.

Theresa: Don't do this, don't do this. Please don't do this. Don't tell her.

Noah: I'm sorry. Look, Fancy, I didn't exactly agree with Gwen's plans to let Ethan die, so, you know how there's someone helping Theresa? It's me.

Theresa: Oh, my God.

Noah: I helped her kidnap Ethan. He's here with me right now.

Theresa: Why did you tell her? Ok, because now she's going to get the police on my tail in, like, two seconds.

Noah: No, look, Theresa, I can't lie to Fancy ever again. Fancy, are you still speaking to me?

Fancy: What? You must have been out of range.

Noah: You didn't hear what I said?

Theresa: Oh, thank God!

Fancy: Look, Noah, whatever's going on with your new job, can't you stop and get over here?

Noah: Not right now.

Fancy: Why not? I need you here. I'm so angry right now I could spit. I had no idea Theresa was this evil. If I knew where she is, I'd have the police throw her in jail in a heartbeat -- and her slime-bucket accomplice.

Noah: You know, I don't agree with most of the things that Theresa does, but she has a good heart. She's just trying to keep Ethan alive.

Fancy: Oh, like that could happen if he's away from I.C.U. I hope whoever is helping her knows something about medicine. Now that I think of it, that's silly, isn't it? As soon as they find him, Gwen's going to turn off his respirator. Oh, damn Theresa and whoever is helping her. I hope they both end up on a chain gang.

Noah: Uh -- look, Fancy, I got to go, ok? Bye.

Fancy: Noah? Noah!

Noah: After everything I said, I am lying and lying and lying.

Theresa: You're saving your brother's life, Noah. And that makes up for it. Ok? Let's go to the Crane cabin.

Noah: All right.

Theresa: Ethan, you're safe now. And I'm going to take really good care of you. I promise.

Sam: Get away from my daughter. Honey, he does nothing but hurt you.

Jessica: No, Daddy, he loves me.

Sam: Honey, my God, what are you talking about? Jess, listen to me, you have to understand what's been going on. Look, I know I promised to go to therapy with you. But, sweetheart, your poor brother is --

Jessica: Ethan's not my brother, Dad. I barely know him.

Spike: Man, would you listen to him going on again. Yak, yak, yak, yak, yak. That's all he ever does. Oh, see this? See? You see this? You scratch Mr. Do-gooder and what do you get? Nothing but violence. Once a lousy cop, always a lousy cop.

Sam: Get away from my daughter. Jessie --

Spike: No, no, no, no, no, no. See, buddy, I'm going to keep her away from you. I'm not going to stand by here and watch you break her heart again. No way. Jess, listen to me. Listen to me, sweetie. You need to cut this guy out of your life, honey. He's never there when you need him, and he always has something more important to do than to take care of you.

Jessica: I know.

Sam: Jess. My God, Gwen was ready to take Ethan off life-support! Now, you've got to admit, that's important.

Spike: Ok, big talker, you got a good excuse this time. But what about all those other times, Chiefy?

Jessica: You know what? Yeah. Yeah, Daddy, Spike's right.

Sam: Jessica, please, don't --

Spike: "Jessica, please, don't." Ah, giving me a headache. You know why this guy cares more about Ethan than you? Ivy.

Sam: What?

Spike: Yeah, he's got this thing for -- for cold blondes, you see. Yeah, that's why he's real close to his veggie-burger son with her. But meanwhile, see, your mom hit the road. That's why he doesn't give a damn about his kids with her.

Sam: That's nonsense.

Spike: Oh, is it? Talking about a user -- just as long as Ivy keeps your bed warm at night, you pretend to care about Ethan the eggplant, right?

Sam: You better keep your damn mouth shut.

Spike: What's the matter, huh? What's the matter? Truth hurt? What a bastard, man. He doesn't care about anyone else but himself, and now he's pretending that he cares about Ethan. Just as long as mommie dearest is putting out, I guess.

Valerie: Wait till you see it. I've got all the construction plans for the Singapore project online now. Architects can make changes from anywhere in the world.

Fox: Right. You know what? You go on ahead.

Valerie: You're not bailing on me, are you? What if I need your help in the computer center?

Fox: You need my -- are you kidding me? You have this whole thing nailed down. You'll be fine.

Valerie: Yeah, but you're the one who has to make all the decisions.

Fox: Ok. Well, you know, I trust you, so take a look at it, and if it looks like something you think that I would like, then give it the ok.

Valerie: Ok, if you say so.

Fox: Thank you.

Ivy: Hello?

Fox: Mother, it's Fox. Listen, Kay told me everything that happened with Ethan. Are you sure that it's Theresa that kidnapped him?

Ivy: Of course I'm sure, Fox. Who else would have the nerve?

Fox: Right -- uh -- well, listen, I hear everyone's out looking for them. Do you want me to join in the search, or what?

Ivy: No. No, the entire Harmony police department and highway patrol are looking. Where were you?

Fox: I'm at work.

Ivy: I do wish you could have been here earlier, but I guess you just would have been wasting your time. And you do have to get ahead at Crane Industries.

Fox: That's the plan, right?

Ivy: So I suppose you were working with Kay?

Fox: No, I've -- I've been working with Valerie. Listen, I got to go, but can you do me a favor? Can you keep me posted?

Ivy: Of course. Of course, Fox. And don't worry about this mess. You just -- you just get back in there and get to work.

Fox: All right. Bye, now. I should go talk to Kay. I don't want her to think I'm an insensitive jerk.

Kay: Come on. Damn it! Now Fancy won't pick up. This sucks. Why am I just wasting my time waiting for Fox? I'm just going to go look for Ethan myself.

Fox: Kay, you're looking at 180 pounds of -- well, pure idiot. Forgive me?

Liz: Tell her, Julian. Tell Eve all about our hot night in Boston.

Julian: It's true. I -- I -- I have memories of a night with Liz.

Liz: Only it wasn't so hot for me. He forced himself on me, Eve. He was rough and brutal. Because of that night, I could never bring myself to have children.

Eve: What?

Julian: Eve, you know -- you know what I was like back then -- all the booze and all the drugs. But I -- I've changed. You know I've changed.

Liz: Huh? Back in Boston, you cheated on her with me, her little sister. And today, you cheated on her again with me. So what has changed, Julian?

Julian: Whatever happened between Liz and me years ago meant nothing. You know I am not that same man. Can't we get past this? I love you so much. You must believe me when I tell you that today was just -- it was another one of Liz's traps. Tell me you believe me. Tell me that you still love me.

[Phone rings]

Valerie: Hello?

Ivy: Valerie, it's Ivy Winthrop.

Valerie: Oh, Ivy. I'm sorry to hear about Ethan.

Ivy: Thank you. Thank you. We all are. But on a more positive note -- I hear that you've been working with Fox, keeping him busy and away from Kay.

Valerie: How do you know that? Do you have spies like Alistair?

Ivy: Hardly. No, no. Fox just called me. Just, I wanted to say keep up the good work. Ethan's life was literally destroyed when he got mixed up with the wrong woman, and I will not let that happen to Fox. Am I clear?

Valerie: Crystal.

Ivy: Good. You just spend every minute you can with Fox. Bye, now.

Valerie: Bye. I hope I can keep coming between Fox and Kay. But I don't know if it's going to work.

Kay: You're dripping all over the carpet. Where'd those come from?

Fox: Uh -- actually, I got them off of Jennie's desk.

Kay: Fox. Her husband got her those for their anniversary.

Fox: Oh. Um -- well, look, I'll buy her a whole new greenhouse tomorrow. Just please, tell me you forgive me. I can't stand it when you're mad at me.

Kay: Excuse me, I have to go look for our brother.

Fox: Look, wait, there's something that I really should explain to you.

Kay: Like what? That you don't want to be bothered to go look for your brother because you'd rather do reports with Valerie?

Fox: No, that's not what I was going to say. I have a lot of responsibility here, Kay.

Kay: Oh, yeah, just not to your family.

Fox: Will you please listen to me?

Kay: Go on.

Fox: All right, look -- ahem -- Kay, when I say that I have responsibility, I'm not talking about the pretty little pictures that I have to put on Alistair's desk to make him happy. The go-ahead on the Singapore project means that I've created hundreds of new jobs, both over here and in the Far East. Now, I have families depending on me -- for paychecks, for food, for their homes. Do you understand? If I botch this up, then the lives of all those people that put their faith in me have been ruined. I can't let that happen. It's not going to happen on my watch. And as far as Ethan goes, I feel bad. Really, I'm broken up about it. But I have to prioritize. What I was doing here today prevented the possible cancellation of the entire Singapore project. I can't just pick up and run anymore, Kay. Please tell me you understand that? Right. Can you please just forgive me for biting your head off, then? I got flowers.

Fancy: Have you heard anything?

Gwen: No. Not since the policeman left.

Fancy: This is so unfair.

Gwen: Yeah, tell me about it. Is something wrong?

Fancy: Don't worry about me. You've got enough on your own plate as it is.

Gwen: You know, it's ok. I really could use a distraction. Come on, tell me what's going on.

Fancy: Noah. He was so weird on the phone. And we had just promised to be completely honest with each other. But I think he's hiding something from me already. What if it's another woman?

Gwen: Don't be silly. I can tell how much he loves you just -- I can see it when he looks at you.

Fancy: He used to have feelings for someone, though. He carries a letter from her around in his wallet.

Gwen: You peeked in his wallet?

Fancy: Well, I'm not Alistair's granddaughter for nothing.

Gwen: Listen, you have nothing to worry about. It could have been there for years. Just be grateful he doesn't have a psycho like Theresa in his life.

Fancy: Thank goodness for small favors. I'll go check on Mother.

Gwen: Ok. I'll see you in a little bit.

Fancy: Oh, Noah, what is it? Your voice was so weird on the phone. Is there another woman?

Theresa: Ok -- um -- everything's set up, and Ethan's respirator is working perfectly.

Noah: All right. Look, there's two more crates of medical supplies out there for Ethan. How'd you do that?

Theresa: I'm Mrs. Alistair Crane. I just had it delivered.

Noah: Well, I'm impressed. Looks like you thought of everything.

Theresa: Well, you know, I had to think of everything that Ethan would need to be comfortable, so --

Noah: Meanwhile, you know, there's not a lot of food in here for you. Ethan eats this stuff through a tube, but there's no groceries or anything.

Theresa: That's ok. It's ok. I'll deal with myself later. I just, you know, want to focus on Ethan. Ok, after we do this, we got to figure out what we do next and what --

Noah: Look, Theresa, I'm sorry -- I got to get back to Harmony.

Theresa: Oh, my God -- you're going to turn me in.

Julian: Please, Eve, speak to me.

Liz: It's too late, Julian. My sister's finally realized what a bastard you are.

Julian: She can't believe this ridiculous setup.

Liz: Tell him. Tell him, Eve. Tell him you never want to see him again.

Julian: Darling --

Eve: I --

[Pager beeps]

Eve: I can't deal with this now. I have an emergency in the E.R.

Julian: No, Eve -- Eve, please --

Eve: I can't! I can't!

[Liz laughs]

Liz: I did it. Finally. When Eve gets back, she is going to break it off with you, and my mission will be complete. Eve's life will be destroyed.

Sam: Now, I'm warning you, ok? Keep your damn mouth shut.

Spike: Can't take it, can you? Sam Bennett, Mr. Morality -- and all he's been thinking about is doing the nasty with Ivy the ice queen.

Sam: Shut your mouth!

Spike: You will sacrifice anything, including your relationship with your baby girl here, just to get into Ivy's pants. And you're disgusted because Jessica does a little bit of honest prostitution? What the hell are you doing, man? At least she's getting paid. Yeah, yeah, my friend. You will sacrifice Jessica just to have sex with Ivy.

Sam: You bastard!

Jessica: No! No, stop!

Fox: So what do you say, huh? You forgive me, please?

Kay: Yes.

Fox: Thank you.

Kay: On one condition.

Fox: You kidding me? I'll do anything.

Kay: Put those flowers back on Jennie's desk. She's going to get upset if they're gone.

Fox: Ok.

Kay: Hmm -- ow! Ow!

Fox: Ooh, sorry.

Kay: One of those flowers has thorns.

Fox: Oh, sorry about that. Sorry. Listen, I was thinking -- I talked to my mom, and she said there's really nothing we can do about Ethan. So maybe we just go home to Maria and then maybe we have a nice dinner? What do you think.

Kay: Yeah, I'll cook something for you.

Fox: Yeah?

Kay: And then --

Fox: Then I will have you for dessert.

Valerie: Fox, there's some interesting statistics you should take a look at.

Fox: Anything urgent?

Valerie: Well, no.

Fox: Good night, Valerie. We're out of here.

Valerie: Fox, don't leave. You should really take a look at them.

Fox: You know what, Valerie? I appreciate your enthusiasm. Really I do. But unless Godzilla is attacking Singapore at this very moment, there's nothing in the world that could stop me from spending an evening with the love of my life. I'll see you tomorrow.

Valerie: Your mother isn't going to like this.

Ivy: You know, I -- I can't take this. When are they going to track down Ethan and Theresa?

Rebecca: Well, at least they're in an ambulance. That's going to come in handy when we bring Theresa in in a body bag.

Gwen: Theresa doesn't know how to take care of Ethan. They need to find him. They need to bring him back here, because I need to say goodbye to Ethan before he dies.

Theresa: Wait, Noah, please -- please don't do this. Please don't turn me in.

Noah: Hey, who said I was, all right? Look, there's two things I got to do. First of all, there must be helicopters out there looking for us right now, and that ambulance sticks out like a sore thumb. Then I got to get back to the hospital, because, you know, Fancy -- she thinks I'm driving around for my job. And if she, or anyone else, sees my car in that hospital parking lot, they're going to realize that I'm the one who helped you kidnap Ethan.

Theresa: Ok, but nobody knows that we're both up here.

Noah: I can't lie to Fancy, Theresa. If she finds my car, I'm going to lose the love of my life forever.

Fancy: Oh, how can Noah disappear like that? It's so bizarre.

Fancy: What is Noah's car doing here? He said he was driving for his new job. Be barely talked to me when we were on the phone. There was a siren, and someone's voice in the background. Oh, God. Oh, Noah, no.

On the Next Passions

Ivy: Theresa will pay for this. Ethan's not the only one who's going to die.

Fox: And you're saying I have a way with women?

Kay: Oh, you can definitely have your way with me.

Valerie: What can I do to get Fox to leave Kay tonight?

Officer: You got the paperwork on this vehicle and some I.D.?

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