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Passions Transcript Tuesday 11/22/05
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Fancy: Oh, you don't want to know.

Esme: Get me to Harmony, fast!

Driver: Ok. International airport to Harmony --

Esme: What are you doing?

Driver: I got to log in the trip.

Esme: Log it later! Can't you see I'm in a hurry? Move it!

Driver: Ok, ok.

Esme: Ooh, I will get you for this, Fancy Crane. Trying to send me on a wild-goose chase to London. I made a complete fool of myself when I talked to Lord Sarni's mother, who is very much alive. Getting me to believe that the duchess was dead, and Lord Sarni wanted to marry me. Oh, that woman didn't think I was crazy before. Now she thinks I'm completely insane. Ooh, you will pay for this, Fancy! I know why you did it, too. You were jealous because I was with that totally hot guy -- oh, what is his name?

Driver: I don't know, lady.

Esme: You don't know what?

Driver: The hot guy's name.

Esme: Were you eavesdropping? How dare you.

Driver: I'm sorry. I thought you were talking to me.

Esme: Well, certainly not. If I'd have had time to call my limo, I wouldn't be in this rattletrap heap. Now, stop listening to my private conversations and get me to Harmony. You will not get away with this, Fancy.

Kay: I feel so horrible for my dad and Ivy. I don't know what I would do if that were my little Maria at Ethan's place, just lying there, lifeless.

Tabitha: I take it Ethan's prognosis isn't good, then.

Kay: My dad said they don't think he's going to come out of the coma. This must be really hard on Ivy because he's her favorite. Well, at least that's what Fox says.

Tabitha: Oh, well, I'm sure he's right. After all, Ethan is the love child of your father and Fox's mother.

Kay: I just really feel for Ivy, especially now since she's making such an effort for us to be close.

Tabitha's voice: You are so wrong about Ivy, Kay. She is not your friend and never will be.

Kay: Fox.

Fox: Hey. So I finally got the girls to sleep. You were right, Endora's favorite book did the trick.

Tabitha: Oh, thank you, Fox.

Kay: We were just talking about Ethan.

Fox: Yeah, I know. I haven't been able to get him out of my mind, either. It's hard to believe he may never come out of this, you know?

Kay: Yeah, it's heartbreaking. Poor Gwen.

Fox: Yeah, she's probably taking it pretty tough. You know, I was thinking, tomorrow's Thanksgiving.

Kay: Oh, my gosh, it is. I haven't even thought about it.

Fox: Yeah, well, I bet you your dad and my mom probably haven't thought about it, either, you know, with everything that's going on with Ethan. I was thinking maybe we should have Thanksgiving dinner here.

Tabitha: Here?

Fox: Yeah. Yeah, you know. I mean -- hey, I could help put it together, you know, and it might help take everyone's mind off Ethan, so what do you think? Let's have it here?

Tabitha and Kay: No.

Paloma: I don't like this, Roberto. I don't like this.

Roberto: Neither do I, but we have to wait. He'll be here.

Paloma: But what if he doesn't come? We're just sitting here, holding all these drugs.

Roberto: I said he'll be here, Paloma. Relax.

Paloma: I don't want to go to jail.

Roberto: Nobody's going to jail, Paloma. Relax. Please?

Officer: Thanks for the backup, guys.

Second officer: What's going on?

Third officer: We got a tip there's a drug deal going down tonight. We're going to seal all the exits and do a search. We ready?

First officer: Let's do it.

Paloma: I wish he'd get here. Isn't the guy late?

Roberto: He'll be here, Paloma. Ok, look, if he doesn't show up in a few minutes we'll leave, all right?

Paloma: Ok. I want to get out of here before anything bad happens.

Gwen: I don't know how you got in here, but you're leaving in a body bag. You get the hell away from him!

Theresa: Ow!

Gwen: What the hell are you doing here? What are you, insane?

Theresa: I need to be here, Gwen.

Gwen: I warned you never to come back here again.

Theresa: I have a right to be here.

Gwen: No, you have no right to be here, none. I am going to kill you!

Eve: Oh, God. Oh, God.

Whitney: Mom, are you ok?

Eve: Whitney. Honey, what are you doing here?

Whitney: Oh, well, the convent is doing some educational forums here at the hospital on H.I.V./Aids and poverty in Africa. They sent me here to help.

Eve: Oh.

Whitney: Is that about Ethan?

Eve: Yes. It's his latest test results. I don't know how I'm going to tell Gwen. It's just going to destroy her.

Whitney: Then I can only imagine what it's going to do to Theresa.

Gwen: Stupid bitch!

Theresa: Aah!

Gwen: I am going to kill you!

Martin: Isn't that our wedding china?

Pilar: Yes, it is. I'm surprised you remember it.

Martin: Well, of course I remember it. It was a gift from your mother, Maria.

Pilar: Honestly, I never thought I would have any use for something so fancy, but I have used it every holiday dinner.

Martin: So what are you doing now?

Pilar: Well, I'm getting everything ready for Thanksgiving, Martin.

Martin: Are we planning to have dinner here?

Pilar: Well, I certainly don't want a repeat of what happened last year at Tabitha's.

Martin: That was the strangest holiday I could ever remember. I mean, I guess she thought it would be entertaining, but I still wonder where she got all those live turkeys.

Pilar: I don't know. But I tell you, I think it was a great distraction from all the sadness in our lives.

Martin: Yeah. And now we have even more sadness, what with Luis, and Theresa married to that maniac Alistair.

Pilar: You know, all the years that you were gone, I used to dream of having this wonderful holiday dinner with you home and Paloma back with us. But now Luis and Antonio are dead and -- and Miguel is somewhere still trying to find Charity. Theresa is lost completely. And look at Ethan -- he's lying in a coma. I mean, honestly, I considered just not even celebrating Thanksgiving at all. It felt like we had nothing to be thankful for, but then I thought about Paloma and how many holidays she has missed with the family, and I need to do this. I need to do this for her.

Paloma: The contact isn't coming, is he?

Roberto: Doesn't look like it.

Paloma: Roberto, I've got a bad feeling about this. Let's get out of here.

Roberto: I agree. Let's go.

Paloma: Ok.

Officer: Everybody, freeze! This is a raid!

Second officer: Get down, get down!

Fox: No? Uh, ok. Why can't we have Thanksgiving dinner here?

Tabitha: Well, it's just -- it's out of the question.

Kay: Absolutely not. No way. Not here.

Fox: But why not?

[All talking at once]

Tabitha: There's nothing like family at Thanksgiving.

Martin: It comes out of your mouth!

Katherine: Oh, what is that?

Tabitha: I have created a traditional thanksgiving setting.

Kay: Ew, look, it's starting to break open.

Tabitha: And now for the turkey. Huh? Oh! Endora. If our guests see these birds, our goose will be cooked.

[Endora babbles]

Tabitha: She must have put another growth spurt on that turkey. How am I going to explain this to our guests?

Martin: What the hell was that, Tabitha?

Tabitha: What was what?

Luis: That bird. The thing looked like it was on steroids.

Beth: Both of you, enough!

Luis: You're right, I have had enough.

Beth: Oh, Luis, stop!

Sheridan: Luis, stop it! Luis, stop it!

Tabitha: Happy Thanksgiving, darling.

Fox: Hello? So what's wrong with having Thanksgiving dinner here?

Gwen: Why don't you listen?

Theresa: I won't let you kill him!

Gwen: Get -- get out of here!

Eve: Stop it! What are you doing? Get up! Stop it!

Theresa: She attacked me!

Gwen: Eve, what the hell is she doing here?

Eve: Just calm down, please. Do you know that Ethan could be hearing this?

Theresa: Yes, that's what I keep telling her, that he could be hearing us, he could be pleading with us to save his life.

Gwen: Get out of here, you sick bitch.

Eve: Just calm down. Theresa, you are not supposed to be in here.

Theresa: I'm not going to leave him, Dr. Russell. I won't.

Gwen: Eve, are those Ethan's test results?

Eve: Yes. They just came in. I wanted to talk to you about them.

Theresa: And what do they say? Is Ethan going to be ok?

Gwen: None of your business.

Theresa: Please tell me those test results.

Gwen: This is it, you're out of here. You're getting thrown out of here once and for all, and I'm going to find out who let you in here in the first place. You are gone!

Whitney: Theresa, let's go, right now.

Theresa: No, no, I need to know those test results.

Whitney: No, no --

Gwen: Theresa, get out of here! This is Gwen Winthrop. Please send someone up to the I.C.U. right away. There's a crazy woman stalking my husband.

Theresa: She's going to kill him, Whitney. Those test results are the only hope I have of saving Ethan's life. That's why I've got to hear what those test results say.

Esme: Yes, I'm seeing it -- my perfect place. Yes, I am allowing myself to drift -- ah -- to imagine peace, tranquility, serenity.

Driver: Excuse me, lady.

Esme: Shh! I am on the phone with Deepak Chopra, who is helping me from going completely insane before we get to Harmony.

Driver: That's what I'm trying to tell you. We're here. Harmony.

Esme: Oh. Well, good. Get me to the Bayside Arms, tout de suite. Thanks, Deepak, you're a gem. I'll talk to you soon.

Driver: So, this guy on the phone -- he helps you to relax?

Esme: Yes. But now I need to get back in touch with my anger. Ooh, you think you're funny, Fancy Crane. Wait till you see who is laughing when I pull out your blond hair by its black roots.

Fancy: I guess I should feel guilty about Esme, sending her on a wild-goose chase.

Noah: Esme impressed me as a woman who could roll with the punches.

Fancy: Yes, but, like I said, her temper is legendary. Anyway, I'll do something nice for her to make up for it, and to thank her for setting us up in this lovely suite.

Noah: Yeah, it is a nice room, isn't it?

Fancy: I'd say it's just about perfect. Although it is getting a little bit warm in here.

Noah: You are so beautiful.

Fancy: So are you.

Noah: How's the temperature in here now?

Fancy: It's getting hotter and hotter.

Theresa: I can't tell what they're saying in there.

Whitney: I'm sure my mother will fill you in after she talks to Gwen.

Theresa: Look, they can't keep me out, ok? I've got a right to know.

Whitney: You don't have a right to anything, especially as far as Ethan is concerned. Ethan is Gwen's husband.

Theresa: Yeah, but he loves me, Whitney, and I love him, and I'm not going to let Gwen kill him.

Whitney: Ok, will you stop? Please stop. Stop being so selfish and ungrateful.

Theresa: What are you talking about?

Whitney: I'm talking about the fact that you don't see how lucky you are -- that little Ethan and Jane are healthy, and that you're healthy yourself. I mean, do you know how many babies are dying in Africa every single day from starvation and from aids?

Theresa: Oh, Whitney, it's always been Ethan that I'm worried about.

Whitney: Yes, I know. I know your world doesn't exist outside your sick obsession with Ethan. But in Niger alone, 3.5 million people are starving to death. The AIDS and H.I.V. epidemic are killing millions of people every single day, primarily women. And their children are left with no one to take care of them.

Theresa: Look, Whitney, that's horrible, all right? But there isn't anything that I can do about that.

Whitney: Yeah, there is. The first thing you can do is care. I mean, everyone can care. That's the first thing you can do to at least try to help people over there.

Theresa: Look, I appreciate what you're doing, I really do, and I hope that you can make a difference.

Whitney: Well, what I can do is try to make people aware. And I can try to get you to see the world beyond your own needs.

Theresa: Ok, all right, look, I'll tell you what I can do. I can use the Crane money and the power and the influence. I can write to politicians and I'll send a lot of money, but right this very second I need to focus on Ethan and making sure that Gwen doesn't kill him.

Whitney: First of all, why do you keep saying that Gwen is trying to kill Ethan?

Theresa: Because Ethan had this living will, and in it he stated that if he was brain damaged that he didn't want to be kept alive by machines, so Gwen's ready to take him off life-support.

Whitney: He did have a living will. Hey, if that's what Ethan wanted, then that's what's supposed to --

Theresa: That's not what he wants, Whitney, that's not what he wants. I know that's not what he wants. That's why I've got to know what those test results say. Oh, my God. She's crying, Whitney. This isn't good.

Whitney: Theresa, you don't know what they're talking about.

Theresa: No, they're talking about those test results, Whitney, and she's crying. What's this mean?

Fox: So what's the deal? If you think having Thanksgiving dinner here is going to be too much trouble, I'll take care of the whole thing, really.

Kay: No, it's not that. It's not that.

Fox: Well, what is it?

Tabitha: Don't look to me for answers.

Kay: It's just that we haven't had much luck with the old holiday parties here.

Fox: Huh. I don't -- what do you mean?

Kay: I mean, last year we had Thanksgiving here, and it was pretty chaotic.

Fox: Chaotic how?

Kay: Yeah, Pilar's husband, Martin -- he had just gotten back from being missing for, like, 20 years, and he had Alistair's wife with him, who everyone thought was dead. So naturally, Pilar was, like, really upset. So, I don't know, the mood was just really tense.

Fox: Right. Right. Well, look, I don't really foresee that happening this year, you know? I was just thinking with everything going on -- you know, Ethan being in the hospital and, I mean, come on, Sheridan finding out that Luis is -- well, that he's dead. You know, I just thought it would be a good chance for everybody to get their mind off the bad stuff, at least for one night, you know.

Kay: Yeah, it would be wonderful.

Fox: Yeah.

Kay: Maybe we should do it at my dad's house.

Tabitha: I think that's an excellent idea.

Kay: Yes.

Fox: I -- I thought about that, actually, and that is a good idea, but I -- I don't know, I'd kind of like to have it here. I think it would be a good chance for us to show everyone that we're a couple, you know, and -- I mean, you, me, and Maria, and -- and of course Tabitha and Endora would be here. You don't have to cook. I'll cater the whole thing.

Tabitha's voice: No, no, no. We can't afford another disaster like last year.

Noah: You are incredible.

Fancy: And you are amazing.

Noah: What are you trying to do, kill me, huh?

Fancy: I can't get enough of you.

Noah: I feel the same way.

[Knock on door]

Noah: Ignore it. They'll go away.

Fancy: Oh, I'd better go. I forgot to put the "Do Not Disturb" sign out. It's probably the maid wanting to turn down the bed.

Noah: Tell her that the bed is perfect.

Esme: Surprise!

Fancy: Esme! I thought you were in London.

Esme: Oh, and I thought you were going home. You liar!

Fancy: Shh! You'll wake him up.

Esme: What? You got him into bed?

Fancy: Esme, it's not what you think.

Esme: Oh, I don't want to hear it! Ugh! I know what you did. "Esme, my m-m-m-mother is d-d-dead. Will you m-m-marry me?" How could you?

Fancy: I'm sorry. It seemed like something fun to do at the time.

Esme: Oh, well -- ha-ha-ha. Yeah, fun. You know, I hope you still think it's fun when I am through with you.

Martin: I know it's hard to imagine, but I can think of some things that we have to be grateful for. Each other.

Pilar: Yes. I am grateful for that.

Martin: And I'm grateful to you for allowing me to come back into your life. I want more than anything to have our marriage back, to be a family.

Pilar: Are you really back, Martin?

Martin: Of course I am.

Katherine: If you and Pilar want to renew your vows and rebuild your marriage, you must renounce me.

Martin: No.

Katherine: You have to.

Martin: No, I won't. When we first left Harmony, we thought that Alistair would kill you. Now, as bad as it was for Pilar and the children, I thought I was trying to protect them. I can't think that was wrong.

Katherine: And you left to save my life. I just wish they could understand what a noble act that was.

Martin: I would do it all over again if I had to.

Pilar: Well, I ask because I know you still have feelings for Katherine.

Martin: Pilar, I spent a lot of years with her.

Pilar: If she's still in your heart, Martin, I just need to know, because I'd rather lose you now than later on and go through more pain.

Martin: You're my wife. I want to be your husband again. I am committed to you and our marriage, now and forever. And I'm grateful to you for allowing me to come back into your life and for forgiving me for leaving in the first place.

Pilar: Well, you're here now. That's all that matters. The past is the past.

Martin: The past is the past.

Pilar: You know, Paloma seems to be forgiving me, too.

Martin: Well, she's definitely warming up to you. I mean, come on, she's young. When she's older, she'll -- she'll realize that you sent her away for her own happiness. I mean, even now, she's starting to understand the sacrifices you made for her.

Pilar: Yeah. You're right.

Martin: Hmm?

Pilar: You're right. We have a lot to be thankful for.

Martin: Yeah.

Pilar: It's just I love her so much, Martin, and I want her to have a wonderful thanksgiving.

Martin: And that's what we'll do.

Pilar: Right. Oh, God, I miss the boys so much, though. And I'm worried about Theresa.

Martin: Well, at least we don't have to worry about Paloma.

Pilar: Yeah.

Officer: All right, everyone just settle down! This place is locked down until we get a chance to interview each and every one of you.

Second officer: If you haven't done anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about, all right?

Paloma: Oh, my God. Dios mio, Roberto, what are we going to do? We can't get arrested. Papa will kill me!

Roberto: Shh. Paloma, look, all we got to do is get rid of the drugs before the cops get here, ok?

Paloma: Oh, ok. Where?

Roberto: Look, there is a trash can over there. We'll move over there, ok?

Paloma: Mm-hmm.

Roberto: Don't look panicked, please. We drop this stuff in there --

Paloma: Mm-hmm.

Roberto: And we go.

Paloma: Ok, but what if they see us?

Roberto: Don't worry, baby. They're very busy right now talking with a lot of people, all right?

Paloma: Ok.

Roberto: They're not watching. We have --

Paloma: I think we're ok. But we can't leave yet.

Roberto: No, we can't, but try to look innocent, all right?

Paloma: Ok.

Roberto: We're having fun, right?

Paloma: Mm-hmm.

Officer: I believe you dropped something, miss.

Paloma: Oh, um --

Roberto: That's not our stuff.

Officer: Oh, no, no. We saw you dump it, bozo. I bet you we'll find your prints all over it. Turn around.

Second officer: You're under arrest on suspicion of drug trafficking.

Theresa: I've got to get back inside so I can hear this.

Whitney: No. No, stay right here.

Gwen: I don't believe this. This makes things worse.

Eve: I know. I'm so sorry.

Gwen: Well, maybe there's a mistake here. Maybe you can run the test again.

Eve: These tests are very accurate. If I ran a new battery of tests, we'd get the same results.

Gwen: Oh, my God. Oh, God.

Theresa: Please -- please tell me those test results. Please, I need to know.

Whitney: I'm sorry, I tried to stop her.

Eve: Theresa, this is difficult enough already.

Theresa: Just please tell me what I need to know, please.

Eve: No, I'm sorry.

Gwen: No, you know what? Dr. Russell, you tell her. She is the reason this is happening to my husband, so, you know, you tell her what she's done.

Fancy: Esme, come on. It was just a joke. Please don't be upset.

Esme: Upset? Oh, I'm not upset. You know when I was upset? When I talked to Lord Sarni's mother, who is very much alive and thinks I'm crazy. Now I am not upset, I am furious!

Fancy: I know, and I'm sorry.

Esme: You're not sorry, you're a piranha. Oh, you just couldn't stand to see me having a good time with that adorable limo driver, Moses.

Fancy: Noah.

Esme: Whatever. You couldn't stand that I was happy for one second, and so you called and impersonated Lord Sarni and told me that his hag of a mother was dead. Oh!

Fancy: It was a very silly thing for me to do, I know.

Esme: Oh, ha-ha-ha! Was it silly? No, it was vicious! Ugh. Why didn't you just tell me that you liked --

Fancy: Noah.

Esme: Noah. I would have shared, Fancy. You know that.

Fancy: I know, but there's a reason I did what I did.

Esme: Oh, I'm sure there is. Just like there is a reason that I am going to do what I'm doing.

Fancy: What are you doing?

Esme: This!

Fancy: Let me out of here!

Esme: Not until I am done with that adorable hunk of a limo driver. I have some catching up to do, if you know what I mean.

[Pounding on door]

Fancy: Esme, let me out of here! Open this door! Esme? You open this door right now! Esme!

Gwen: Go ahead, Dr. Russell, you can tell her. Tell her what she's done.

Eve: All right. Theresa, the tests show that Ethan is in an irreversible coma.

Theresa: An irreversible coma?

Whitney: Dear God.

Theresa: What does that mean?

Gwen: What, you don't know what "irreversible" means? It means he's not going to get any better than he is now. It means his life is over.

Eve: According to the tests, it's unlikely that Ethan will ever come out of the coma.

Theresa: But he's only in a -- a coma, right?

Gwen: What did you just say? "He's only in a coma"? You really are that stupid, aren't you? Don't you understand? He is not going to get any better, Theresa.

Theresa: But he doesn't have brain damage. The living will stated that if he was brain damaged, that you could take him off life-support, Gwen. You can't kill him now, right? Ethan has to be kept alive.

Fox: Ok, ladies, I know it's a lot to ask, but -- Kay, just think about what it'll mean to your dad and my mom, huh? Having Thanksgiving dinner over there -- it'll be like a celebration of their engagement. Plus, it'll give Jessica a chance to warm up to their relationship, and -- I mean, your brother Noah's back home, right?

Kay: It would be good for my family to have --

Tabitha: I think I'll -- I'll go and check on the girls. Kay, would you come and have a word with me about Maria? If you don't want Fox to find out that Endora and I are witches, talk him out of this insanity!

Kay: I'm trying. I don't know what else to say.

Tabitha: Well, tell him you're allergic to turkey or holidays or something. Just talk him out of it!

Fox: Something wrong with Maria?

Kay: Oh, no, no, no, no. She's fine. Tabitha just wanted to know if she could give her a snack before she went to bed.

Fox: Before she goes to bed? Hey, listen, this Thanksgiving thing tomorrow -- we really need to make a decision on it, you know?

Kay: Yeah. It really crept up on us, didn't it?

Fox: Yeah, well, we've had a lot on our plates. You know, things. Should I plan the menu, or what?

Kay: This means a lot to you, doesn't it?

Fox: Yeah. I mean, yeah, it really does. It's kind of sappy, but, you know, the truth is when I was growing up I never had family traditions. I didn't spend the holidays with my family. I was at boarding school with -- well, with myself. So -- yeah, I mean, I'd like the opportunity to start a tradition with you and Maria -- you know, show her how much I love her, and you.

Kay: Ok, we'll do it.

Fox: Yeah?

Kay: Yeah, I think it's a great idea. We'll have a big family Thanksgiving and it'll be wonderful.

Fox: This is going to be great, are you kidding? You won't regret it. I promise.

Kay's voice: Oh, I hope not.

Pilar: It's funny, isn't it, huh, how a simple set of dishes can have such meaning, such emotional attachment.

Martin: That's the tradition that comes with the dishes. That's why using them every year is so important. I'm sorry I missed all those Thanksgivings.

Pilar: Well, you're here now. That's all that matters.

Martin: And we'll get through all the losses together, Pilar. You know what? We might just start making our own new happy memories, starting right now.

[Phone rings]

Martin: Ok.

Martin: Hello?

Paloma: Papa, it's me. You have to come right away.

Martin: Paloma, what's wrong? Where are you?

Paloma: I'm at the police station. I got arrested for drugs.

Martin: What?

Paloma: Please, Papa, por favor, just come.

Martin: Yeah, all right, just take it easy. I'm on my way.

Pilar: What's wrong? Is she hurt?

Martin: No, it's Paloma. She's not hurt, but she's been arrested.

Pilar: Arrested? For what?

Martin: I don't know, something about drugs.

Pilar: That's not possible. There's got to be a mistake, Martin.

Martin: Well, there has to be, but come on, let's go down there and find out.

Paloma: My parents are coming. They will be here soon.

Officer: You're going to need a lot more than your parents. You're going to need a lawyer, and a good one.

Tabitha: Hmm, what's going on here?

Fox: Right -- well, we're planning the menu for Thanksgiving dinner. You should feel free to chime in with anything you may want me to order special, you know.

Tabitha: Huh. And where are you planning to have this dinner?

Fox: Oh, yeah, we're having it here. And I know, I know, I know. It's your place, and I know that we're imposing. But really, I'm telling you the truth, you're not going to have to do a thing, all right? Your job will be to sit back and relax.

Kay: Yeah, Tabitha, we'll clean and set up everything. And all -- we'll worry about all the food and everything, so --

Tabitha: Kay, I thought I made it clear that it was not a good idea to have it here.

Kay: I know, but it means a lot to Fox. And I'm sure everything will be all right, really.

Fox: I'm going to go talk to the caterer and get everything set up, all right?

Tabitha: Have you lost your tiny mind? Do you not remember what Endora did to us last year? And her powers are even stronger this year. Who knows what she'll come up with this time?

Kay: I know, I just couldn't say no, Tabitha. Fox has never really had a family holiday tradition like Thanksgiving before. It means a lot to him. And I want to give him this memory.

Tabitha: Oh, oh, yeah, yeah. Well, you will give him a memory, all right. Forget the spell I cast -- as a favor to you, I might add. The spell that will ensure Fox's success and -- and could destroy the love between the two of you. Well, if the spell doesn't work, this Thanksgiving dinner most assuredly will. Oh, this could be a disaster of catastrophic proportions!

Fancy: Esme, damn it, open this door! The joke's over! This isn't funny anymore! Esme! I can't believe she's doing this. And I'm sure Noah's probably asleep, so he won't know I'm in here. Oh, no. She's after Noah.

Esme: You're even more gorgeous than I remember. But you look so lonesome in this great big bed all by yourself.

Noah: You're back.

Esme: Yes, I'm back.

Fancy: Somebody, help! Somebody open this door! Oh, Esme, if I ever get out of here, you are dead meat. And don't you dare touch Noah, you hear me?

[Pounding on door]

Pilar: Excuse me, where is my daughter?

Martin: Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald. She called us.

Officer: Yes, I know. Miss Lopez-Fitzgerald, I knew Luis.

Pilar: Thank you. Look, there's got to be some kind of mistake because --

Martin: Yeah, I mean, there must be a mistake.

Pilar: Paloma -- dios mio. Que estan hablando estos hombres, mija? Please tell me that you are not involved with this.

Officer: She just confessed to everything. The drugs were hers and her friends.

Paloma: Papa, mama, lo siento mucho, de verdad. Lo siento mucho.

Eve: Theresa, Gwen is right. There is very little chance that Ethan will ever come out of this coma.

Theresa: But there is a chance, Dr. Russell. Even if it's a little one, there is still a chance. And Ethan's living will didn't say anything about taking him off life-support if he's in a coma -- only if he was brain damaged with no hope of recovery.

Gwen: Theresa, there is no hope of recovery.

Theresa: There is always hope, Gwen, always! Now, you cannot kill him.

Gwen: I can't kill him? I'm not the one who put him here. You are the one who poisoned the food that he ate, and I could care less that you meant it for Alistair. Ethan's the one who ate it, and he is lying here in a coma near death because of you!

Theresa: Dr. Russell, please, tell me that Gwen cannot take Ethan off life-support. It's not in his living will.

Eve: Theresa, Ethan's living will said he did not want to live on life-support if he were brain damaged. He didn't say anything specific about any other circumstances.

Theresa: That's right, which means that Gwen can't do anything, Dr. Russell. She can't kill him. Ethan is safe now.

Eve: Gwen is the one who is going to make a decision about what happens to Ethan. She is his wife. She knows better than anyone what he would want her to do.

Theresa: But he wouldn't want to die, Dr. Russell. Ethan would want to be kept alive. That's what he wanted.

Eve: It's Gwen's decision and only Gwen's decision.

Gwen: Eve, you're right. It is my decision. I know what I need to do.

Theresa: No. I will not let you kill him.

On the Next Passions:

Noah: I know who this is.

Esme: Oh, shh. No peeking.

Fancy: Esme, I swear, you'd better keep your hands off Noah!

Theresa: Where do you get off playing God?

Gwen: If anyone is trying to play God, it is you!

Norma: I know you.

[Mrs. Wallace screams]

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