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Passions Transcript Tuesday 11/8/05
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Alistair:  Man, I trained myself to get along with about two hours, three hours of sleep a night. So if you can't sleep, it's a perfect opportunity to experience the other stimulations life has to offer.

Fancy: I guess. But tonight I have this funny feeling. Do you believe in premonitions?

Alistair: Emotionally? No. Practically? I'm not sure. I've lived in Harmony my whole life, and I know strange things do happen here, so I guess if you do have a true premonition, you should pay attention to it.

Fancy: Well, it sounds silly. But I can't get rid of this feeling that Noah Bennett is in real danger.

Noah: Come on. Is that all you got?

[Spike laughs]

Jessica: Spike, no! No more knives tonight.

Spike: Ok, now you heard her. Now, let her go.

Paloma: No. She's done with you.

Spike: Oh. You guys bore me, all of you -- walking in my turf, sticking your noses in my business. And especially you. This white-knight routine is getting real old. Your sister is no maiden in distress. In fact, she's no maiden at all -- look at her -- huh!

Noah: Oh, you bastard.

Spike: Huh? What? It's over, man. Tonight's the night that you're all going to die -- ugh!

[Simone screams]

Paloma: No!

Kay: Did you mean it? I mean, are you really happy because of me?

Fox: Of course I meant it. You changed my life, Kay. I'm never going to lose you.

Kay: And I swear to god, you never will.

Ivy: Ok. What's that?

Valerie: Their Singapore project?

Ivy: Oh. That huge success that Fox and Kay were celebrating at the seascape?

Valerie: Yes. Both Fox and Kay worked like dogs on it, so if a disaster were to strike because of it --

Ivy: Oh. Fox will blame Kay for the disaster and their relationship will be destroyed.

Rebecca: Honey, why are you trying to find this cleaning woman? I mean, if you want to complain, let's find her superior and get her fired.

Theresa: What have I done to you?

Gwen: Where did that cleaning lady go?

Chris: Leave her alone. It's me you want.

Man: You, the gun -- down. Down! Kick it. Kick it. Good. And you're going to die anyway, sweetheart. Why struggle?

Chris: Please. Just -- just let her go. She hasn't done anything to you.

Man: Huh. If you want to cover the boy's eyes, go ahead. Sheridan Crane's about to die.

Alistair: So, you have this feeling that Noah's in danger.

Fancy: I know. Isn't it silly?

Alistair: Sweetheart, I thought you had moved on. I know it's very amusing to dally with the bourgeoisie, but you being a Crane, then entering into a serious relationship with --

Fancy: I'm finished with him. I am. I'm done with him, but I can't ignore this feeling. Grampy, I know you have informants. You have this whole town wired. Remember when I used to sit on your lap and you'd turn on your monitors and show me all the little families down there inside their houses?

Alistair: It's only because you wanted to see what everyone was wearing.

Fancy: Well, it helped to set my mind at rest. Can't you check to make sure he's ok?

Alistair: Yes. I can do that.

Fancy: Thank you.

Alistair: One phone call.

Fancy: Thank you, Grampy.

Alistair: You're welcome, sweetheart. Okey-dokey, ok. Security? Alpha clearance. Noah Bennett. Honey, this is going to take a couple of minutes, so -- yes?

Alistair: I'm still here. Really? Oh. Well, thank you. Well, princess, my people say that Noah is perfectly fine.

Fancy: Then why do I have this weird feeling? I just know he's in danger.

Spike: Come on, tough guy. You can't run all night.

Jessica: Spike, no. Stop it. Too much blood tonight.

Simone: Would you --

Jessica: Too much blood.

Simone: Shut up.

Jessica: Hey, it's me. It's all my fault.

Simone: Could you shut her up?

Paloma: How? She's so stoned.

Jessica: I killed them. I killed all those johns.

Simone: Jess, Jess, jess, let's play library. Let's see how quiet we can be.

Spike: Huh? Now you're going to die, Noah!

Paloma: Let him go!

Spike: Don't worry about it, honey. I won't carve up his pretty little face until after he's dead, huh?

Sam: Get off the --

Spike: Ugh!

Sam: That's it. Hey, it's over.

Spike: Let go!

Sam: You're finished.

Spike: Let me go!

Kay: Whoo! That was astounding.

Fox: Ooh. "Astounding"?

Kay: It was -- hmm -- astonishing and incredible and wonderful and amazing.

Fox: Hey, you know what? Do you do crosswords by chance?

Kay: Don't laugh. I have never felt like this before.

Fox: Well, I love you. I really love you, and nothing's going to get in our way.

Ivy: I already have one son in the hospital fighting for his life because of a conniving bitch. I will not let Fox suffer the same fate, so just consider yourself warned.

Fox: What's the matter, huh? Something wrong?

Valerie: Ok, here it goes.

Ivy: What did you do?

Valerie: I corrupted the shared files of the Singapore project on Crane Industries' database.

Ivy: Translation?

[Computer beeps repeatedly]

Ivy: What's happening?

Valerie: I inserted a nasty little virus into the shared files. All around the world, Crane industry computers that were working on the Singapore project are all shutting down and no one knows what to do.

Ivy: And that's good?

Valerie: For our purposes, yes. Thousands of man-hours are going to be lost trying to re-create the work, and the electronic trail will lead back to one person and one person only -- Kay Bennett.

Ivy: Hmm.

Rebecca: So why on earth do you want to find this cleaning woman?

Gwen: Mother, I just want to make sure that she didn't go into Ethan's room. I'm sure you've read those horror stories in magazines where people in hospitals just die for no reason. You know, their tubes and machines, they get disconnected. I just want to make sure that, you know, Ethan doesn't die because someone happened to knock a plug loose.

Rebecca: Honey, this is the I.C.U., remember? I mean, if anything happens to Ethan, all kinds of bells and whistles are going to go off in the nurses' station. Besides, we're just going to the cafeteria. Come on. You look frazzled. You need to relax.

Gwen: You're right. I did also read that people in comas can respond to their visitors' agitation, their pulse rates can go up.

Rebecca: Yeah, well, maybe you should stop reading these magazines.

Gwen: Look, I just want everything to go right for Ethan so his recovery will be easier. He needs to be peaceful and calm.

Rebecca: Honey, if he gets any more peaceful, we can bury him. Come on. I want to get you some soup and a nice sandwich. Come on.

Theresa: So -- I've been told that people in comas can hear what's being said to them. So, I just want you to listen to me, please. I'm very sorry. It's my fault that you're lying here, Ethan. I poisoned the guacamole. Alistair was supposed to eat it, not you. If you can hear me, please -- please forgive me. Ethan, please. I love you. I love you very much.

Chris: Take me. I'll go anywhere you want. You can take me back to the family. I'm sure they'll get a kick out of killing me themselves.

Man: The family doesn't work that way. You blew it.

Chris: Get down!

Man: Hey!

[Sheridan screams]

Fancy: I know Noah's in trouble, Grandfather. I can feel it.

Alistair: Fancy, that is total nonsense. My people told me he's over at the Blue Note, he's tending bar and doing some kind of vulgar act for a bunch of drunken women who find him attractive.

Fancy: I was so sure. I wouldn't have come to you if this feeling wasn't so strong.

Alistair: You know, I know exactly what your problem is. You're feeling guilt. You've bought into this young man's protestations of love and then you dumped him.

Fancy: How did you know what happened?

Alistair: Well, you said it yourself -- I got this place wired. Why can't you fall in love with someone in your own class? Huh? We've talked about this at length. You're from two different worlds.

Fancy: Just because the Bennett's don't have money doesn't --

Alistair: No, no, no, no, it's much more than that. Much more than that. It's -- you know, people like us, we're in command. The rest, they're just a bunch of servants. I mean, if somebody gives you good service, you give them a tip, you send them on their way. I mean, you've already had your fun with Noah. I mean, give him a present, send him on his way. I'm sure that he would appreciate a nice expensive leather jacket.

Fancy: Yeah, he's not like that.

Alistair: Oh. "He's not like that." They're all like that, princess. Everyone's a whore if you set the price high enough.

Fancy: I don't want to live in a world like that. Life would be gray and dismal without love, without --

Alistair: Well, yeah. Then you still have what? The feelings for this -- what should I call him? This -- this little rascal? You want to be like your mother and throw your life away on someone like Sam Bennett? No, I -- you're young. I have great hopes for you. Great hopes. The one thing that I want for you is happiness.

Fancy: Even if that means I go back to Noah?

Alistair: On a temporary basis, even Noah. However, I just want you to know if you do go down to his level, be very, very careful of what you're getting into.

Spike: Ugh -- oh. Whoo! Well, hey, and the whole gang is here, huh? Good to see you, ex-chief Bennett. You know, lucky you came. I was just right about to carve up young Noah there, but, hey, if you want some, well, you can come and get some here.

Sam: Big talk. I got the knife. Now, get out of here before I do something I'll regret.

Jessica: Don't hurt him!

Spike: Oh, oh. I still got some fans here, man. All right, fine. Fine, man. I'm gone. Ok?

Sam: Jessica, come here. Oh, my God, what happened?

Jessica: Oh, nothing.

Paloma: It was Spike. He hit her.

Simone: Yeah, but -- but that's all over now. Jessica wants to go home, don't you, Jessica?

Jessica: Hmm.

Sam: Noah, help me get her -- uh --

[Women scream]

Ivy: I had no idea things could go this badly this quickly. What do you think Alistair will do?

Valerie: Nothing good. The Singapore project was one of his pets, and he's insane when it comes to computer security. Heads will roll.

Ivy: But not Fox's.

Valerie: Let's hope not. The virus will be traced back to Kay, but Kay works for Fox, and ultimately she's his responsibility. He'll definitely be called on the carpet.

Ivy: If Alistair fires Fox, then this whole thing could be an all-out disaster.

Alistair: My God.

Fancy: Gin.

Alistair: Oh. Why do I even bo-- I never win anymore.

Fancy: Because I cheat --

Alistair: Oh.

Fancy: Just like you taught me.

[Phone rings]

Alistair: Excuse me.

Fancy: What's wrong?

Alistair: This phone never rings unless it's a big problem. Yeah. What? Well, let me take a look. How in the world did this ever happen? Damn -- damn it. Shut down the entire system. Right, then run a virus scan worldwide. Yeah, but make sure you clear everything out before you reboot. I know how long it's going to take. It's my system, remember? Just do it!

Fancy: What happened?

Alistair: A virus has infected the Crane Industries system. It was all traced back to the Singapore project or, more specifically, Fox's upload of the Singapore project. And he better fix this right away or I'll fire him.

[Phone rings]

Fox: It's my grandfather. He's probably calling to congratulate me again. Yeah, what's up? What's happening?

Alistair: What have you done to my company? I should fire your butt right now.

Spike: Oh, my arm! My arm is broken! My arm.

Sam: Well, let me give you a hand here.

Spike: Ah! Ah -- let me go!

Sam: All right, you get out of here and you stay away from my daughter --

Spike: Hey --

Sam: Or next time Noah will kill you.

Noah: Get the hell out of here, huh?

Simone: Are you all right?

Noah: Yeah, I'm fine.

Jessica: Everybody hurt -- too much, too much. It was me. I did it. I did it.

Sam: What is she talking about?

Paloma: Don't listen to her. It's the drugs.

Simone: With Spike, it's always the drugs.

Noah: Yeah, she's obsessed with something, Dad. You know, she was babbling like that when I got here. Are you guys sure you don't know what she's talking about?

Fox: Whoa, ok -- what's going on? What are you talking about?

Alistair: I'm talking about the computer virus you unleashed in every office of Crane Industries worldwide. What the hell did you do?

Fox: Oh, I --

Alistair: Now, you get online and fix it or I'll fire you. And you won't be able to work anywhere in this world, not even cleaning windshields at a car wash.

Kay: Well, what happened?

Fox: Get up.

Kay: Why does he want to fire you?

Fox: Get your stuff. We got to go. There's a computer problem at the office. Get your stuff, we got to go.

Rebecca: Oh. When am I ever going to learn? I mean, the food in this cafeteria is disgusting. No wonder everyone in this hospital is sick.

Gwen: Mother, it was fine. You know, we really should get back in Ethan's room.

Rebecca: No, no, no, no, honey, honey, you need to relax. Just finish your coffee. Here -- I'll put a little zing in it for you.

Gwen: Now, come on. No matter what I do, I'm not going to be able to relax. No one's giving me the straight story on what's going on with Ethan.

Rebecca: I know. And you and I both know that that little minx is up to her old tricks. And no matter what we do, she is going to find some way to get into this hospital to stay close to Ethan.

Gwen: I mean, what does she want? I swear if I see her anywhere near Ethan, I'm going to kill her.

Rebecca: I'll drink to that.

Theresa: And you got to get up, Ethan. You have got to wake up. You got to get up, and when you do, when you do, you're going to make a full recovery. And I know -- you are going to honor what's in your heart and we are going to be a family, the four of us. And, Ethan, if you want more children, fine. I'll have more children. I'll have whatever you want. You got to wake up, Ethan. You got to come back. I want you to come back. Please. Please.

Sheridan: Is he dead?

Chris: Yeah, he's dead.

Sheridan: It's all right, sweetheart. The bad man has gone to heaven.

Ryan: Good shot -- straight through the heart. Someone will be back to pick up the body. It's all over now.

Chris: What do you mean?

Ryan: He's dead. You went one-on-one with the mob's hired killer and won. The family will leave you alone now.

Sheridan: What? Why would they?

Ryan: The family plays by strict rules, like a code of honor or something. They tried to take out Chris and they failed. Now Chris is free. You don't need the witness protection program anymore.

Sheridan: That doesn't make any sense at all.

Ryan: Hey, don't knock it. Otherwise, Chris and James would be on the run for the rest of their lives. Goodbye, Chris. Good luck.

Chris: Thank you.

Ryan: Stay safe, all.

Sheridan: So you're free? You're truly free?

Chris: Seems that way.

Alistair: Yeah. Oh. I'm sorry, sweetheart. Our game is over with.

Fancy: No problem, Grandfather.

Alistair: Ok, good. Yeah. Ok, when you start bringing it up, just be careful. You blow it and we're -- it's going to take us days to get it up again.

Fancy: Hi. It's Fancy Crane. Yeah, it's been ages. So listen, what are you doing right now? Do you want to take me out to the Blue Note tonight? Great. Pick me up at our main gates in about 10 minutes. I don't care what Grandfather says. I know Noah's in trouble. I know something's wrong, and I've got to find out what. Good night, Grandfather. I decided I'm going out. See you.

Alistair: Hold on. Fancy, wait, wait -- I just hope she's not out looking for Noah. Yeah. Yeah, I can see that. Every office in Russia is down, too. Damn.

Jessica: I did it. Oh, I did it again. It was me. It was me.

Simone: She's -- she's ashamed she took drugs and she was with another john tonight. It's just ripping her up inside.

Paloma: Maybe it's best if we take her home.

Simone: Yeah, she needs to sleep it off.

Sam: Are you sure she's ok?

Paloma: Yeah.

Simone: Mm-hmm.

Sam: Darn it. Well, I was supposed to meet Ivy at the Blue Note. Listen, can you make sure that she gets home and you put her to bed?

Simone: Of course.

Paloma: Yeah, of course, of course.

Noah: All right. You know, I'm going to go with you -- yeah. Maybe I'll pick up a late bartending shift or something.

Simone: Don't worry about Jessica. We'll take good care of her. I mean, we've seen her on drugs before and she just needs to sleep.

Sam: All right, thank you, girls, all right? You've been such good friends. Ok, no matter what she says, she needs her friends around her, ok?

Simone: I'll always be her friend. You know.

Sam: Ok. Come on.

Jessica: Hmm -- oh, friends, schmends. Just stab them in the back.

Paloma: Would you shut up. Do you want to go to prison?

Simone: We need to get her home. If anyone hears her talking while she's stoned, she might get arrested.

Ivy: Alistair can't fire Fox. Who else would ever hire him? He never even finished college.

Valerie: Well, he hasn't fired him yet. If he had, there'd be a general email to all employees. Alistair loves to put the fear of God into all of us.

Ivy: Ok, look, you know what? We need to get out of here. I'm supposed to meet Sam at the Blue Note, and if anybody saw us here, the whole thing would be exposed.

Valerie: You're the one who insisted on coming to the office.

Kay: Do you need your office key? I have one.

Fox: No, I have a key.

Fox: Oh, my God.

Kay: Oh, it's a disaster.

Fox: Put the phone on mute, will you?

Kay: How many messages are there?

Fox: Well, who cares? Who cares how many messages there are? They all say the same thing -- that we're screwed. I mean, I don't even know -- are you sure you ran a virus check before you uploaded the project into the Crane server?

Kay: Yeah, absolutely, I -- I think.

Fox: Whoa, whoa, hold on a second. You think? This is my future we're talking about.

Kay: Your future? Ok, two seconds ago, you were talking about our future.

Fox: Ok, don't throw words back into my face, ok? Did you or did you not run a virus scan?

Kay: Well, I must have, ok? I always do. I use a firewall. There's just no way this could have happened.

Fox: It is happening. If you didn't blow it, who did?

Ivy: This is perfect. You're a genius.

Fox: Great, look at this -- Australia just went offline.

Kay: Ok, I didn't do it, Fox. I swear. 

Fox: Oh, well, there goes Japan. Kay, you must have done something. Every computer in the Crane system is affected.

Kay: I didn't, Fox. You have to believe me.

Ivy: My hat's off to you. Fox blames Kay, and even if he doesn't fire her, he'll never trust her again, and suspicion will kill a relationship every time.

Fox: I don't even -- this is the biggest mess I've ever seen in my life.

Kay: Look, Fox, I don't know what happened here, ok? But it's fixable. Once they do a system-wide scan for the virus, all we have to do is just delete the Singapore project from the mainframe and then upload a clean copy to everyone.

Fox: Hmm, great. So that means that everyone's work since I finalized the details will be lost. Is that what you're telling me?

Kay: Well, what else can we do?

Fox: I don't think we can do anything else. Just fix it. Sit down and fix it. Find a way to fix it.

Kay: Look, they're scanning the whole system right now, ok? So when they're done, I can upload the project.

Fox: Good, good. Let's just not forget to run a virus check this time, though, you know? It'd be a good thing.

Kay: Yeah, I ran one the first time.

Fox: Ok, whatever you say.

Spike: Ah!

[Phone rings]

Spike: Ah. Hello, Mr. Crane. Thank God. Can you please send me one of your doctors? Noah Bennett just broke my arm.

Alistair: And why didn't you break his? You were supposed to be making life hell for the Bennett's.

Spike: Mr. -- I tried, but he --

Alistair: I want results. I want Noah Bennett out of my granddaughter's life forever. Kill him or you'll wish you were never born.

Man: I'm so glad you called. I thought there was a spark between us the last time we met.

Fancy: Did you?

Man: So why the Blue Note?

Fancy: Oh, I just wanted to dance and I know you know how.

Man: So come on.

Noah: There you go.

Sam: I wish I hadn't agreed to meet Ivy here. I should be home with Jessica right now.

Noah: Yeah. I know how you feel. But, you know, she wasn't making any sense, and here, look on the bright side -- hopefully that's the last time we'll have to go rescue her, right?

Sam: Yeah. Hey, you know what? You should call Fancy and have her come down, you know? It's not too late.

Noah: Dad, look, could you please just give it up, all right? Noah and Fancy are over.

Waitress: Do me a favor and take a beer over to table number four.

Noah: You're really funny. You know, I am a bartender. That means that I work behind the bar.

Waitress: Noah, please. If that jerk pinches my butt one more time, I might just smack him one.

Noah: So what do I get out of this deal, huh?

Waitress: Hmm. I've got some ideas.

Fancy's voice: Liar. Earlier today, he said he'd do anything to save our great love. I've been worried about him half the night, and just look at him with that little tramp.

Noah: So is that a "pretty please with sugar on top"? All right.

Theresa: Wake up. Please. You got to wake up. You got to think about everybody who's counting on you, Ethan -- little Ethan, our daughter, me. We need you. Those children need you. They're going to need your love, your strength, and your protection when they're growing up.

Theresa: If you can hear me, Ethan, please wake up, because I don't want to do this without you.

Nurse: May I help you? Visiting hours are long past over.

Woman: I'm sorry. I didn't realize.

Nurse: Do you know someone here?

Woman: I know a lot of people everywhere.

Sheridan: I'm sorry.

Chris: Sorry?

Sheridan: It's just everything was so tense and I was so frightened and -- and I thought that I was going to lose you and James. And then I thought we were going to get killed, but now you don't have to be in the witness protection program, you're free to stay here in Harmony. Oh!

Kay: Ok, it's all done. The virus is out of the system and the backup copy of the project has been sent to all the Crane offices.

Fox: Huh. Goody. That's great. I mean, what -- God. I don't even -- what am I supposed to do now, huh? Huh? You know this blunder probably cost Crane Industries millions of dollars? I'll probably get fired for it.

Kay: Yeah, well, it's fixed now.

Fox: Well, I need a drink, so I'm going to go get the car. We can go to the Blue Note.

Kay: Fox, look, I don't know how this happened, but I promise that I ran the scan.

Fox: You know what? It's over.

Kay: How could this have happened?

Ivy: This is the end of his affair with that conniving witch.

[Umbrella falls]

Kay: Is someone in there?

Ivy: If Kay finds us in here, she'll know we sabotaged her.

Paloma: I'm glad she finally went to sleep. I can't listen to her talking about, you know --

Simone: Oh, I -- I know. Thank God there was no body tonight.

Paloma: But there was blood. What if we're wrong? What if she's the killer?

Simone: Stop saying that. Jessica couldn't hurt a fly.

Paloma: Oh, that's what I thought about myself, but when I had to, I hit a guy with a rock pretty good.

Simone: Look, I grew up with her. Jessica is no serial killer. She can't keep a secret like that.

Paloma: Well, if she didn't kill those johns, who did?

Alistair: I gave you an assignment and a lot of money. You take care of Noah Bennett and his family or I make one phone call and every bone in your body will be broken and you'll beg to be put out of your misery.

Spike: But, Mr. Crane, I tried to --

Alistair: Shut up! It's kill or be killed -- end of story.

[Spike yells]

Sam: You ok?

Waitress: Noah, you sick? You've never broken a glass before.

Fancy: Let's get out of here. I know a great after-hours club in Boston.

Man: Anything for you, Fancy. You know that.

Fancy: Ooh. What a relief to be with a man who really understands what I want. Hmm.

Gwen: You know, I'm really glad you forced me to take a break. It helped to clear my head.

Rebecca: Good, as long as Theresa doesn't show up.

Gwen: Please don't even mention her name again. I need to stay clear and focused for Ethan. I know that if she shows up here I'm going to completely lose it, and I swear I'm going to rip her bloody heart out if she tries to see Ethan again.

Theresa: Oh, my God. It's Gwen.

Rebecca: Well, you are going to stay away from the scalpels this time, aren't you?

Gwen: I'm not making any promises. Let's go see Ethan.

Chris: Is this what you want? For me and James to stay here in Harmony?

Sheridan: Well, I -- after what you said --

Chris: When I told you I loved you?

Sheridan: Yes.

Chris: We've got to talk about what I said. When I said I loved you, it was a mistake. You need to forget what I said.

Sheridan: So it was a lie? You -- you don't love me?

On the Next Passions:

Ivy: But why would I mess up Fox's project?

Kay: To make me look bad, of course.

Valerie: I help you split up Fox and Kay, and when I go after him, you won't interfere.

Theresa: I love you.

Gwen: Oh, my God. Vanities. They're very playful.

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