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Passions Transcript Monday 11/7/05
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Paloma: Noah, what are you doing here?

Noah: Who hit you? Wait, was it Spike? I'm going to kill him.

Jessica: No! There's been too much killing.

Noah: What happened? What -- ok, what did she do?

Fox: Ah, lovely, beautiful, smart, great dancer. How did I get so lucky, huh? Oh, we'd better get a move on. Go get your stuff.

Kay: Where are we going?

Fox: Well, it could be that a beautiful assistant of mine who helped me nail the Singapore project deserves another surprise. Go. Go get your stuff. Ok, so good night, Mother. We're leaving.

Ivy: Get to bed early.

Fox: Oh, yeah, that's the plan.

Waiter: I love waiting on couples in love. They always tip big. Based on this, I'd say those two will be together forever.

Ivy: Oh, not if I have anything to say about it.

Gwen: How's he doing? Is there any improvement?

Patty: It's hard to say. Dr. Russell's consulting with several specialists. I'm sure she'll have an update for you soon. I'll check in on him later.

Gwen: Did you see the look on her face? She's scared for him.

Rebecca: We all are, sweetheart.

Gwen: This is just so senseless. This should not be happening. I mean, damn Theresa. I hope she rots in hell for what she's done to my husband.

Theresa: Hi, sweet angel. How are you doing?

Nanny: She's perfect. Are you all right? I couldn't help but hear you and Mr. Crane in bed.

Theresa: Oh, I'm fine, thanks.

Nanny: That doesn't look like "fine" to me.

Theresa: You know, it's actually best if I -- if I don't talk about it. I just want to say good night to my daughter.

Nanny: If you say so. I'll be back in a few minutes.

Theresa: Ok.

Theresa: Ok. All right, baby. You have to get your rest, because we want you at your best when your daddy wakes up and he asks for you. If your daddy wakes up. God, Ethan, I am so sorry. You were not supposed to have the poisoned guacamole. It was meant for Alistair. I never meant to hurt you. What have I done?

Theresa: Yes, hi. I was calling about one of your patients, please -- Ethan Winthrop. And who are you tr--

[Phone rings]

Gwen: Who's that calling here? Ethan needs his rest.

Rebecca: Honey, more rest is the last thing he needs.

Gwen: Hello?

Theresa: Who's this?

Gwen: Theresa? Oh, you have some nerve calling here. You listen to me, you stay away from my husband, you sick bitch.

Sheridan: Oh, thank god you answered. Where are you?

Chris: I'm on the train. Why?

Sheridan: Oh, my God, ok, you're in danger. The mob is on to you. You've got to get off the train. Hide, do whatever it takes to protect yourself and James.

Chris: What did you say? Sheridan? Sheridan, are you still there?

Man: The feds took down a lot of hit men sent to snuff out this guy. I'm the best. And I'll deliver in five, four, three --

Sheridan: Chris, the mob knows where you are. Get off the train. Get off now!


Sheridan: Chris! Chris, Chris!

Sheridan: Chris! Chris, who's shooting? Answer me!

Ivy: Excuse me, waiter.

Waiter: Yes, ma'am?

Ivy: Is Mr. Bennett still on the telephone?

Waiter: Yes.

Ivy: I can't wait, so would you please tell him that I was called away and I will meet him later at the Blue Note?

Waiter: Of course.

Ivy: Thank you.

[Phone rings]

Valerie: Hello?

Ivy: Valerie, it's me, Ivy Winthrop.

Valerie: I'm at the office. I can't talk to you here. I'll call you from home.

Ivy: No, please stay there. I am on my way to Crane Industries.

Valerie: Why? We're not supposed to be seen together.

Ivy: We are going to have a nice little talk about my son and Kay Bennett.

Fox: Almost there.

Kay: Oh, stop it. Let me look. What --

Fox: I will let you look as soon as you say the magic word.

Kay: Gimme, gimme, gimme?

Fox: That's not the magic word.

Kay: Please, please, please?

Fox: There it is.

Kay: Oh, my God, it's gorgeous.

Fox: Yeah?

Kay: You did this for me?

Fox: Well, who else would I do it for, you nut? Of course I did it for you.

Kay: A -- I don't know what to say.

Fox: Yeah?

Kay: Oh, Fox.

Fox: Well, don't cry, don't cry. It's supposed to be a celebration.

Kay: Of what?

Fox: Well, of us, you know? I mean, personally, I think the town should have thrown us a parade in our honor, you know, but I got to thinking about it, I don't think the town council will go for that, so I decided to do this instead as a way to thank you.

Kay: For what?

Fox: "For what?" Well, for a lot of things, really, you know? For the thrill I get when I see your face and for the feeling that I get when I think about you and making love and the way it feels to hold you in my arms, knowing that you're safe. And let's not forget the success on the Singapore project, which I couldn't have done without you. All your patience, all your love, all your understanding. I feel like I owe it all to you. I know I owe it all to you.

Gwen: Theresa, what more could you possibly do to me?

Rebecca: Of all the nerve.

Theresa: I'm very sorry.

Gwen: You know what, I don't want your damn apology. My husband is lying there hooked up to a machine that has to breathe for him because of you. You know, you say how much you love him, but all you do is hurt him over and over and over again. Now, you listen to me, you stay the hell away from my husband. I do not ever want to see you in this hospital again unless you're lying dead in the morgue. Oh. Sweetheart, don't you worry, she's never, ever going to bother us ever again. Mother, look. He moved his eyes a little bit!

Rebecca: Oh, if you say so.

Gwen: Oh, baby, come back to me, please, please?

Sheridan: Chris, speak to me! What happened? Was that gunfire? Chris, answer me! What's going on?

Man: Who's shooting? Oh, my --

Sheridan: Chris! Chris!

Man: Hello?

Sheridan: Chris!

Man: No, no, it's not. It's Ray. I'm the porter.

Sheridan: Where's Chris? Put him back on the phone.

Ray: I can't do that, ma'am. If this is Chris I'm looking at, I think he's dead.

Noah: Jessica, what happened? My God, look at you. You look awful.

Jessica: Yeah, I can't help that. I've been bad. I did it.

Paloma: Noah, don't listen to her. She's taken drugs again.

Simone: Yeah, she went back to Spike.

Noah: That's what my dad thought. You know, she snuck out and my dad's been leaving messages on her cell phone for hours.

Simone: Well, how did you even know to come here?

Noah: I didn't. I was cruising around looking for Jessica, and then I saw your car outside this dump, so I figured, you know, I'd take a chance. All right, ok, come on, Jessica, let's get out of here. Come here, put your arm down.

Simone: Sorry.

Jessica: Oh, are we going to party?

Simone: She'd better keep her big mouth shut.

Paloma: What if she's the killer?

Simone: Oh, please, I don't want to hear it. I can't even think about that right now.

Noah: Oh, hey, hey. All right. Look, we're almost there, ok?

Jessica: No! I don't want to go with you.

Noah: Look, all right, can you guys take her out to the parking lot? I'll bring my car around, ok?

Simone: Come on, Jess.

Spike: I should have known. And how'd you two skanks get free? And what the hell do you think you're doing? Bennett to the rescue again, huh?

Noah: You're lucky I don't kill you, you sick bastard! All right, get out of here, all right? I'm going to take my sister home!

Spike: She ain't going anywhere! Jessica belongs to me, big guy. Huh?

Sheridan: Oh, my God. No, no, he can't be dead.

Ray: Sorry, lady. I heard gunshots, I ran in here. I got three bodies down.

Sheridan: Three? No, not James, too.

Man: Once I verify the kill, I'm going to make one mob family very happy.

Sheridan: Please, you've got check them out. Maybe they're just injured.

Ray: Lady, I'm -- I'm not touching no dead bodies.

Sheridan: Please, they might need help!

Ray: Ok.

Chris: Stop that. Shut up.

Ray: It's a miracle.

Chris: Act like we're dead.

Ray: What's going on?

Ryan: Don't look down at us. No time now. I'm F.B.I. listen up -- there's a shooter out there and he's probably watching your every move. He thinks he's killed us, and it's your job to keep him believing that. We're going to play possum right here. You run off and yell, act like you're calling for medical help.

Ray: I don't know. I ain't been on the stage since the sixth-grade Christmas pageant.

Ryan: Focus. We've got to convince whoever shot at the compartment that we're dead, got it? Come on, do your stuff. Act like you're horrified.

Ray: Help! Help! Like that?

Ryan: Just go!

Ray: Help, help, help! Help!

Chris: Sheridan, are you still there?

Sheridan: Oh, thank God you're all right. How's James?

Chris: He's fine, but someone is trying to kill us. You were right. Your phone call saved our lives.

Ryan: This is Agent Burns aboard the Boston Special at the Harmony train station. Someone's shooting at us. I want the station swept. Be on your guard. The shooter could still be out there.

Sheridan: Look, I'll be there in two minutes.

Chris: No, Sheridan, stay away.

Sheridan: There's no way I am staying away.

Ray: Help! Help! Help! Help!

Man: Hey, hey, hey, what's up?

Ray: I can't say. It's a police matter.

Man: Well, it's all right. I'm F.B.I.

Ray: Oh, thank goodness. Did you hear those gunshots?

Man: Yes. I mean, was anybody hurt?

Ray: No, no, but your friends are pretending to be dead just in case there's still a bad guy around. I have to pretend I'm calling for help, like this -- help!

Man: Nice job. I'll take it from here. You go back to the porter's compartment, you lock yourself in until you hear the all clear. Got it?

Ray: Yeah.

Man: Good.

Ray: Shouldn't I call the police?

Man: No. I mean, no.

Ray: No?

Man: No, it's all right. They're already on their way. Thank you for your help, sir.

Ray: I'm just glad you got it under control. I should have listened to Florence and stayed in bed tonight.

Man: Yeah.

Ray: Yeah.

Man: Bad move, Chris. You should have died the first time. Now you've made me mad.

Sheridan: Hang in there, guys. I'm coming.

[James whimpers]

Ryan: Can't you keep him quiet?

Chris: He just got hit by a car. He's injured and he's scared. Hush, James. Everything's going to be ok, boy.

Ryan: All right, keep low. As soon as my backup arrives, we'll get you out of here safe and sound.

Man: You'll have a lot more to cry about soon. Kid, your daddy's about to die.

Kay: Ok, thanks, Tabitha. All right, well, give her a hug for me. Ok. Bye. Well, Maria's happy as a clam. Tabitha's giving her and Endora a bubble bath.

Fox: Yeah?

Kay: Yeah.

Fox: Good, so our romantic evening for two is a go. Whoa, don't. We got to toast before --

Kay: Oh, sorry.

Fox: Before we drink, yeah.

Kay: Wow! To us.

Fox: Well, I can do better than that. I was thinking more like to you, actually. Everything I am and everything I have today is because of you.

Kay: Fox, that's not true.

Fox: No, it is true. It's very true. Ahem. See, after -- after that stunt that Whitney pulled with the baby and -- well, you read the papers. You know what happened. Anyway, you know, after all that, I just -- I thought I was done with love for good, you know? And -- and then you came along and it felt like you washed the world clean, you know? You taught me what was really important in life, and that's work and a family, right, and the love of a good woman. And that's what I want. So thank you. And I don't know what you did to me. I mean, maybe it's magic or something, but --

Kay: No, no, it's not magic. It's not magic, it's love.

Fox: Love. Ok. Well, whatever it is, thank you, because my life is so close to perfect, it's almost ridiculous. I mean, the only thing that I really think about now is my lousy relationship with my mom, but I'm really working on that, you know? I mean, we get along on the surface, sure. I think we both agree, though, that it's more of an armed truce than anything else, you know? Actually, I should probably be counting my blessings because she's a lot harder on Fancy than she is on me, I'll tell you that for sure.

Kay: Do we have to talk about your mom?

Fox: No. I think you, me, and my mom should go out for dinner, you know, smooth things over.

Kay: Yeah, I'll charm the pants off her.

Fox: Yeah?

Kay: Yeah.

Fox: Yeah. Ooh, speaking of pants, I was --

Kay: Uh-oh.

Fox: What?

Kay: I knew there was a catch in there somewhere.

Fox: There's no catch. No, no, no. No, I just had an idea I wanted to run by you, that's all.

Kay: What?

Fox: Well, you know, I thought maybe --

Kay: Oh.

Valerie: You shouldn't be here. If people see the two of us together, they're going to get suspicious.

Ivy: Well, this is important.

Valerie: All right, Ivy, what is it?

Ivy: I am the one who should be asking the questions, Valerie. I have warned you and warned you about Kay Bennett. She's a direct threat to your success here, and yet what do you do? Nothing! I just came from the Seascape, where my son and that conniving tramp were celebrating his success on Alistair's project. It was nauseating.

Valerie: I can't second-guess Alistair. Chad's project was extremely good as well.

Ivy: Well, not good enough.

Valerie: Ivy, what is it that you want from me? You pretend to be my friend, that you're worried about me, but Fox is your son. You'd think you'd be pleased that his project won.

Ivy: Well, I'm not.

Valerie: Don't expect me to believe that you want Chad to win top spot here at Crane Industries. I'm not that stupid. Now, if you want this little alliance to continue, you need to tell me what you really want.

Ivy: I want that bitch Kay Bennett out of my son's life for good.

Gwen: I told the switchboard not to put any more calls through to here. They said they let Theresa through by accident, and I certainly don't want that to happen again.

Rebecca: No, honey, in fact, I have an idea. Why don't you have some of this? It'll cheer you right up.

Gwen: Mother, the last thing I want right now is a drink.

Rebecca: Ok, ok, I was just -- oh, my God, I have an idea. Oh. Now, how does this doohickey thing work?

Gwen: Mother, stop. You know you're not going to put booze in his I.V. Come on.

Rebecca: Well, honey, what? I'm just trying to help, all right, you know? I mean, bourbon always just perks me right up.

Gwen: I mean, you know she's going to try to come here again. You think the hospital would post a guard for me?

Rebecca: Honey, don't get yourself all worked up over it, all right? It's just going to make things worse for you. I mean, threatening Theresa is like yelling at the wind. You know she's trying to figure out some way to get in to see her precious Ethan and she's trying to figure out some way to get herself into this very room.

Gwen: I tell you what, if I see her in this hospital ever again, I swear to god I'm going to kill her.

Theresa: Mommy's not getting very far, sweetheart. She just wants to find out how your daddy is doing.

Patty: Harmony hospital, I.C.U.

Theresa: Yes, hello. This is Mrs. Alistair Crane calling. I'd like some information on one of your patients, please -- Mr. Ethan Winthrop.

Patty: I'm sorry, but we only give out info on his condition to his immediate family. That's a special number.

Theresa: And may I have that special number, please?

Patty: If you were immediate family, you'd have the number.

Theresa: No, don't hang up, please. This is Mrs. Alistair --

Theresa: Well. No one wants to talk to your mommy about your daddy, sweetheart. So I guess when the nanny gets back, mommy's going to go to the hospital to find out about Ethan herself. Ok?

Sheridan: I have to get to the station to find Chris and James. I have to make sure that they're safe.

Ryan: One of my men found shell casings. It must have been the spot from where the gunman fired the shots. He's long gone.

Chris: Well, find him! My son needs protection.

Ryan: We're working on it.

Chris: Not good enough, man. Where can this guy be?

Man: Peek-a-boo, Chris. I'm right here. Uh-uh. Don't be stupid. Took a while, Chris -- or Greg or whatever you're calling yourself these days -- but I finally caught up to you. You know what happens when you rat on the family? Get ready to die.

Sheridan: Why aren't there any police? Where are they?

Man: Sweet dreams.

Fox: You know what? You should have seen Chad's face when Alistair announced that I had beaten him on the Singapore project. I mean --

Kay: He was upset?

Fox: Yeah. Yeah. And that's putting it mildly, you know? Suffice it to say that I'm probably off the guy's Christmas card list, you know? I got to admit, when Alistair announced to everyone that we had been cut off, I was a little worried about that, you know, because I wasn't sure if I could succeed at Crane Industries without a safety net to back me up.

Kay: I did.

Fox: Yeah?

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Fox: It's strange, I don't know why that evil old man's approval is so important to me, but for some reason it is. Anyway, right now I feel like no one or nothing can stop me from succeeding at Crane Industries --

Kay: Wow.

Fox: So I'm all set.

Valerie: That's your main motive? To break up Fox and Kay? Why? They're in love. You'll only hurt your own son if you do that.

Ivy: Oh, he can take it. And better a little hurt now than a lot of hurt later on.

Valerie: What could she do to him?

Ivy: My son Ethan is near death in an I.C.U. room because of a woman, and Kay is a schemer just like Theresa. I will not let anything like that happen to Fox.

Valerie: Ok, so how am I supposed to break them up?

Ivy: By doing what I have been asking you to do for months. Damage Fox's work here so it looks like Kay is to blame.

Valerie: You have got ice water in your veins, lady. This job is Fox's whole life. If I purposely screw up his work, he'll get hurt, too.

Ivy: Oh, briefly, briefly perhaps. But if it looks like Kay is to blame, she will be out of here and out of his life. He'll get back on track, he'll rebound. He'll overtake Chad and he'll run this place, and maybe Alistair will even reinstate him in the will. Who knows. But nothing good will happen for Fox with Kay hanging around his neck like a millstone.

Valerie: You forget I want Chad to run this place.

Ivy: Do you, Valerie? Do you really? Or do you just want to get to the top?

Valerie: I won't agree to anything you say until you answer a question. What's in it for me?

Ivy: We need to have a little chat.

Theresa's voice: Oh, God. If Ethan wakes up and sees those two, the shock is going to kill him.

Patty: You can't be here. Visiting hours are long over. You'll have to go.

Theresa: Oh, yeah, of course. I was -- I was just going.

Patty: Thank you.

Theresa: So how do I get in to see Ethan without anyone seeing me?

Theresa: You must have been reading my mind.

Noah: Back off, all right? I'm taking my sister home!

Spike: Man, can't you think of a new line? I'm tired of you and your whiny pals over there. Jessica is my property. I've invested big in her.

Noah: She is nobody's property, ok? She's coming home with me!

Jessica: Noah, watch out! No more violence or I'll kill you, too!

Sheridan: Where are Chris and James?

Man: I can't wait to tell the family that I've killed you. They'll make sure I'm set for life.

Chris: Look, whatever you do, just leave my son out of it. Let him go, ok?

Man: He's the least of your worries. Who knows, maybe when you're dead, I'll take him to meet the family. They start training him now, he might grow up to be a great killer, just like me. No, no, no, no. None of that. Ok. Enough conversation. Say your prayers, pal. You're fish food.

Sheridan: No!

Fox: More champagne?

Kay: No.

Fox: No? Strawberry?

Kay: No. All I want is you.

Fox: Well, I was hoping you'd say that.

Kay: You know, I was -- never mind, never mind.

Fox: Well, what? What is it?

Kay: Nothing. It's not important.

Fox: Sure, it's important. What is it? What?

Kay: It's just something that -- I don't know. I'm just warning you, it's kind of personal.

Fox: Really?

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Fox: Ok, well, what is it?

Kay: It's just something that I've wanted to ask you for a really long time.

Fox: Well, it's ok. Ask me.

Kay: Are you ticklish? Ha!

Fox: I'm not ticklish. Are you ticklish?

Kay: Ah! Yes, I am! What are you doing?

Fox: Right now?

Kay: Yeah.

Fox: I'm burning this memory into my brain because I never want to forget it because it's perfect.

Kay: Ok, you're going to make me cry again.

Fox: I never felt like this before. You make me better than -- than I ever thought I could be.

Kay: Ok, just kiss me.

Ivy: Everyone knows you're throwing yourself at Chad. What a waste of time. The man is in love with his sister. He's taking care of their child while she's away at a convent.

Valerie: Exactly. He'll realize they can't be together and then turn to me.

Ivy: Well, that would be sweet, wouldn't it? But men aren't like that. Whitney has become unattainable, and men find that fascinating. Chad could spend years pining away for Whitney, while you -- you make sure that the dry-cleaning is picked up and little Miles make his pediatrician's appointments.

Valerie: You make it sound like he's using me.

Ivy: Well, you said it, dear, not me. Look, you are a bright young woman and we both know you're ambitious. If you're going to catch a Crane, why not try for the one who's soon to be out of an ill-fated relationship?

Valerie: Fox?

Ivy: Bravo.

Valerie: You don't even know me. Why would you want me for your son?

Ivy: Because you're not Kay, and that is 99% of the game. Ok, look, I can't promise you Fox. He does have his own mind. But if he should respond to you, I wouldn't interfere, provided --

Valerie: What?

Ivy: That if you should link up with my son, you will treat him like a prince. I will not allow another woman to mistreat him ever again. And if you should do that, then I would have to bury you so deep you would never see daylight again. Clear? Great. So let's go ruin some of Fox's work.

Valerie: We only have to ruin one project, but for me to do that, I need to get into his computer and I don't know his password.

Ivy: Well, can't you just do some computer magic and get past the password?

Valerie: No, not on this system. It's the password or we're stuck.

Nurse: Oh, could you restock room 926? The patient had an accident and all the soap and paper towels are gone.

Rebecca: So, how do they feed him?

Gwen: He has a feeding tube. It goes right to his stomach.

Rebecca: Ew. That does not sound fun at all. Oh. I have it. You know, I am going to make him some of my world-famous eggnog. I mean, that would bring anybody back from the dead.

Gwen: Ethan's not going to have any booze, come on.

Theresa: When are those two going to leave so I can get in and see Ethan?

Rebecca: Honey, you seem stressed. Let's just take a break.

Gwen: I'm not leaving him.

Rebecca: Well, look, we could go down to that dreary little cafeteria. I mean, do you think they've opened a cozy little bar in there yet?

Gwen: I'm not hungry.

Rebecca: Honey, you need to keep your strength up. Maybe they have some vegetable soup.

Theresa: Finally, I get to see Ethan.

Chris: James? Are you ok?

James: Yes.

Sheridan: Come on, honey.

Chris: You all right, Sheridan?

Sheridan: I'm fine, but he got away.

Ryan: The hit man's on the move. He was here in the compartment and he just ran off. Get this train moving!

Man: Negative. There may be other assassins on the train. Get your charges to the conference room on the platform level. It's secure.

Ryan: Let's go.

Sheridan: No, we can't go out there. What if he starts shooting again?

Ryan: We've got to risk it.

Chris: I'm not going anywhere until I get a gun to defend myself!

Ryan: That's not necessary!

Chris: Take it or leave it! I'm not budging until I get a gun!

Ryan: Stay alert, follow me straight to the safe room.

Chris: Come on.

Ryan: We're safe.

Sheridan: For the moment. You were almost killed.

Ryan: It's over now. All we got to do is wait here until we get an all clear.

Man: Are you in the room yet?

Ryan: Yes.

Man: It's a nice room, isn't it?

Ryan: Huh?

Man: I saw it earlier. High windows, one door. It's a beautiful place -- to die.

Sheridan: Oh, no.

Chris: Who is this?

Man: It's your family friend, Chris -- the one who's going to kill you.

Ryan: Damn it.

Man: It's a nice phone, but expensive. I had to kill someone to get it. Take a good look around you. You'll never leave that room alive.

Sheridan: We're trapped.

Noah: You done, creep?

Paloma: That was amazing!

Simone: Nice work, Noah.

Noah: Let's get out of here now. Come on.

Spike: You just don't get it. She stays with me, and you three blew it and I'm sick of your interference. Now, which one of you wants to die first, hmm?

Kay: I love you. I really love you.

Fox: Well, we're going to love each other forever. What a great night, huh? I got the woman that I love, I got a great career. No one's ever going to take it away from me.

Valerie: When people pick passwords, it's usually words or numbers that are important to them. I mean, just give me some ideas.

Ivy: Well, try "mother."

Valerie: No.

Ivy: I figured. How about his birthday? It's --

Valerie: I know what it is. Nope.

Ivy: Try "Kay Bennett."

Valerie: How about her birthday?

Ivy: I don't know what her birthday is.

Valerie: Well, isn't there something personal you can think of, something that's important to Fox?

Ivy: Well, there's -- oh, no. Ok, ok, it's worth a try. When Fox got his first computer, Alistair had Bill Gates himself come over and program it. He was very secretive about his password.

Valerie: What was it?

Ivy: It was the name of Fox's first pony. Oh, he adored that pony. It was so cute.

Valerie: Its name.

Ivy: Alberton Star.

Valerie: Bingo. We're in.

Ivy: Oh, Kay Bennett, you are so out of here. After tonight, Fox will never even speak to you again. I just have to make sure Fox doesn't find out what I did.

Rebecca: And don't worry, honey, we will come right back here, because you know that maniacal little shrew is going to try to force her way back into the hospital. Excuse me. Cleaning lady, could you please move this stuff? I mean, I could have fallen and hurt myself.

Theresa: [Disguised voice] Oh, yes, I so sorry. I be more careful. We don't want any old people falling and breaking their hips.

Gwen: Oh, let's just go.

Theresa: [Normal voice] Oh, God.

Rebecca: That cleaning lady was so rude. I swear, service people have no manners anymore.

Gwen: Wait a second. That cleaning lady --

Sheridan: He's right. We can't go out the windows, and there's only one door. What do we do?

Ryan: Don't give up yet.

Sheridan: Give up? We have to fight to save James.

Ryan: Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Chris: Sit down, little boy. This is not going to happen. You can't have us.

Sheridan: Oh!

Man: I can have whatever I like.

Chris: Let her go. It's me you want.

Man: That was before you made me lose my temper. Taking you out before isn't good enough anymore, my friend. Sheridan Crane is going to die, too.

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Fancy: I can't get rid of this feeling that Noah Bennett is in real danger.

Spike: Now you're going to die, Noah!

Ryan: Get down!

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