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Passions Transcript Tuesday 10/18/05
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Noah:  Unless you change your mind.

Fancy:  Don't try to wiggle your way out of it now. The prices are so low. 600. That's great. 600 a night is nothing.

Noah:  They're not hotels, you don't rent an apartment by the night, you rent them by the month.

Fancy:  Get out of town. Well, I don't care. As long as the room service is good.

Noah:  Look, I have a feeling there is a lot you have to learn, okay.

Fox:  Amazing. Every time we make love, my feelings grow stronger and stronger.

Kay:  Me, too. I can't lose you Fox. I can't.

Fox:  Of course. What are you talking about? This is the second time you have said something crazy like that. What's on your mind?

Kay's voice:  I would do anything if you would just undo the effects of the spell. Please.

Fox:  What is it?

Kay:  Nothing.

Tabitha:  All right. I feel a little different but -- you should be. Reverse the spell. I am so frazzled, I forgot the bleeping words. Remember! Destroying them is my middle name. I won't ask you to reverse the spell of success if it weren't for these special circumstances but Kay has threatened to expose me as a witch. Oh, Kay. You begged me to cast the spell, make fox successful in business. That's not my fault that the price you have to pay is love.

Ethan:  I'm so sorry about Sheridan. I want to bring my condolences..

Gwen:  Yes, of course. She lost everything. I am still worried about her.

Ethan:  Luis' family, they have had to endure so much.

Kay:  What are you thinking about?

Fox:  You. Thinking about us and how things are going to be different from now on.

Kay. Because Alistair shows you as the heir and cut the rest out of his will.

Fox. A whole other bargain now.

Kay: Must be scary for you. You have always been super wealthy your entire life.

Fox: I will have to adjust, you know. Learn how the other half lives, I guess.

Kay: Other than the Cranes.

Fox: Yeah. Actually, the hurtful thing about it, you know, is all I'm left is with is his name.

Kay: Most people don't think that is something to be proud of.

Fox: Most people are jealous. You know, despite what they say. My grandfather, his father and his father before him built something strong, something that would last. Ever since he was kicked out of the family and I became the -- and it is coming my way and pass it on to my kids and my grand kids.

Kay: And --

Fox. Maybe. Even when I don't want it. Without it, what am I, Kay? I am nothing. I am zero. That's all I care about.

Kay: Is it really that important to you?

Fox: Yeah, I guess it is. I've come to realize that being a Crane and building on that power and the legacy is important.

Tabitha: Match magic is not like ordering from a short order cook. It takes time and planning and skill. and energy that I don't have anymore. All right. Back to the grindstone. If I am going to reverse that spell for it to kick in. Haven't used it lately. Hocus pocus, bibity-babity-boo. (laughing)

Paloma:  Thank you for coming.

Ethan:  Of course we're here. Luis was a fine man. Has Theresa called by the way?

Paloma:  No. She better not show up. My family wants to be together. My father, he looks so strong but I know he's dying inside.

Ethan:  She will show up.

Paloma:  I don't know about that. I don't understand her. If what everyone is saying is true, this is because of Alistair Crane. He's the Diablo. I saw in Mexico what he did to Katherine, my father, to me. And now Luis is dead because of him. How could Theresa marry him?

Gwen: That is a good question.

Julian:  Now, now. We'll get through this together as a family.

Sheridan:  My mind tells me that Luis is dead but in my heart, he smiles at me, I can see it right now.

Julian: Dear sister. The F.B.I. matched the D.N.A. to Martin and Pilar and his fingerprints and his dental records. This is Luis.

Sheridan: I know. I saw the body but I can't believe it.

Pilar:  I just can't believe he took another one of our sons.  Alistair forced him to leave our family and he is doing God knows what to Theresa right now.

Theresa:  Don't worry about me, Mama. Alistair has hurt our family for the last time. I will take care of him. I swear.

Noah:  I had just enough time during my break to look at one or two of these apartments and I want you to come with me. Otherwise I might make a horrible mistake of renting a place that doesn't have gold-plated fixtures.

Fancy:  Gold-plated fixtures are tacky. They have to be solid gold or nothing.  Are you saying I'm picky?

Noah:  Oh, God. Lord, no. Come on.

Noah:  Look at these buildings, don't ask the landlord if parking for the limo is included. Because -- because nobody in these buildings have their own limo or chauffeur.

Fancy:  How do they get around town?

Noah:  They ride the bus.

Fancy:  The bus? Oh, right. I have a lot to learn. I don't think I want to learn it.

Theresa:  Leave Alistair to me. He'll regret the first day he heard the name Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Martin: Don't say things like that. Your mother is in enough pain already.

Pilar:  I am so glad you are here. I was afraid you wouldn't make it.

Theresa:  Nothing is going to stop me from paying my last respects to my brother.

Eve:  Just unbearable, isn't it? How easily Alistair can put human beings through such hell?

Julian:  Well, he enjoys it. You saw what he did to us. Took our child from us and made him fend in the streets for himself.

Eve:  Psychopath. I don't know how you even survived your childhood.

Julian:  I didn't really know the difference. Father tried to mold me into his own image for many years. He succeeded. That's what he'll try to do to little Ethan. That poor child. As I look back, I am not proud of what I became, all I can do now is try to atone for my sins and thank God that you came back into my life to redeem me. Your love alone keeps me from becoming Father.

Eve:  You would never become the old Julian again. Not with me or without me. Of course you don't have to worry because once we're married, we'll be together forever. Nothing can stop that.

Julian:  Does that mean --

Eve:  Yes, darling, I choose you.

Julian:  Oh, my God, you have made me so happy.

Eve:  All of this has just made it all so clear that you have to grab your happiness while you can. With Sheridan, all she has to look forward to is a lifetime of regret and that is not going to be my story.

Theresa:  Alistair is to blame for your death. He killed Antonio and he's threatened to turn my son into a monster. You are not here to protect us. I guess it is up to me. And I swear on your coffin that Alistair will never hurt -- never hurt our family again. I will not rest until I can spit on Alistair's grave.

Noah:  Fancy, come on, stop.

Fancy:  What were those in the apartment.

Noah:  They were cockroaches. You never seen one before?

Fancy:  One? There were hundreds.

Noah:  Yes, I know. The first apartment had mice droppings everywhere.

Fancy:  So what are we going to do?

Noah:  Well, we're going to keep on looking. There's bound to be some place nice that we can afford. Somewhere.

Fancy:  No, I'm not sure I am ready for this. I was willing to cut back on my shopping. Even willing to buy off the rack instead of designers custom make my own clothes but living in a dump like the ones we just saw. No, not going to happen.

Noah:  Look. Don't worry, Fancy, we're going to find a nice place. Okay. I swear.

Fancy:  I'm sorry. You know, I want to live with you, I do and I am going to try, I'm just not good at this.

Noah:  What? Looking for apartments.

Fancy:  Being poor.

Noah:  Look. We're not going to be poor, okay. It will all be fine. I promise. I'll get another job, one that makes more money. You just got to hang in there for a little while, okay.

Kay:  Being successful and having the power of your family is something that really matters to you.

Fox: Yeah, of course. You know, when I was growing up, I never thought about it much. I was always the second son. In my family, when you are the second son it doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot. There was a bit there, where I was actually the heir. And now little Ethan is in and I'm out. It seems like having that position makes me realize how much I want it. I just got to figure out a way to get it back.

Kay:  I want you to be successful, Fox. I love you.  And I'm going to do anything in my power to make sure that you have the life that you deserve.

Fox: Well, thank you. With luck, I will. Where are you going?

Kay: I am going to check on the baby. I'll be back.

Tabitha:  With everything now. Cast that spell on. Give me an r. Give me a remove. What does that spell? Reverse. Reverse that spell. Reverse that spell! Sheridan, we're here for you. If there's anything you need

Sheridan:  It's too late, I have lost everything that matters. I have lost Luis. My child. This is all my fault.

Gwen: No it is not, that is not true.

Sheridan. Of course it is. My father did this. He's responsible for Antonio's death and now Luis. He let Beth to get away with my child and I sent Luis out into the world to look for him. That is what killed him. Anyone that cares me me is in danger.

Ethan: No.

Sheridan: The death of the love of my life, my father is responsible.

Ethan: Sheridan, I'm so sorry, sweetheart. I know how close you and Luis were.

Theresa:  Two brothers dead because of Alistair, my husband.  I'm in hell Dr. Russell.

Eve: You know what you have to do. Leave Alistair. This marriage is wrong. I know you love Ethan -- but your one true love isn't sweeping you off your feet. Yet you are here chained to this evil old man.

Theresa:  Look. I can't leave. I signed this prenuptial agreement and it said that if I do leave that Alistair can take my son from me and make sure I can never see him again.

Eve: Oh, God.

Theresa. It was my fault, I didn't realize the ramifications before I signed it. I am Alistair's prisoner. I am doomed to a life of torture.

Fox:  Very lucky to have a mom like you have. I love spending time with you and your mom. Can you keep a secret? All right. It's like this. With your mom, you know. I never thought I would find love again after Whitney. But your mom came along. It's like this burning feeling, it just feels right. It just feels right. the truth is, I can't imagine my life without her, you know. If I had to, I would give up the Crane name and all of the power and prestige along with it because I know I could never give up the love I found with your mom.

Kay:  Where have you been? What are you doing down there?

Tabitha:  Resting, dear. Elevating my feet.

Kay:  You get up. I changed my mind. You cannot reverse the spell on Fox. Even if it means that I lose his love, we have to make sure that he becomes powerful and successful. I'm selfish okay. I didn't think that I was going to be able to give it up, the only man that's ever loved me like this.

Tabitha: The only man that's ever loved you period.

Kay:  Because I know that it has meaning. It is about giving of yourself to make someone else happy and I love Fox and becoming rich and powerful is all he wants. So that means that I have to sacrifice our love to make him happy. And that's all I want, I just want him to be happy.

Tabitha: 1-2-3

Kay: What are you doing.

Tabitha: I am counting to 10. Bloody little idiot.

Kay: Oh, God, I am too late. You have already reversed the spell, haven't you?

Eve:  I never heard you speak this way.

Theresa: Because I can't take this anymore. Both of my brothers are dead. My family is in shambles. I am married to Alistair. His wife. That means that I have to --

Eve: Oh, Theresa.

Theresa: Do you have any idea how degrading it is? And I have to act like I enjoy it.

Eve: That is horrible.

Theresa: I just can't live like this anymore. It is my fault. I know I got myself into this mess. But you have no idea what it is like.  The prenup gives Alistair the right to have sex with me any time that he feels like it. And when -- he only likes it when -- when he forces himself on me. Or when he's hurting me. And no matter how many times we do it, he wants more, you know.

Eve: You cannot go back to that house. Stay away.

Theresa:  He's got my son. Okay. I cannot leave my son. I just can't live like this. You can help me. You can help me, doctor. Give me something to stop him.

Fancy:  You think I'm a spoiled brat, don't you?

Noah:  Major. But you stole my heart. Alright. Now I'm stuck with you. Come here. Look, it is going to get better, I promise. Alright. I am going to go back to grad school, finish up my masters and that will be the ticket to a great career. We're just going to have to cut a few corners for awhile. Nothing good happens, you know without a little sacrifice.

Fancy: That's what the Aztecs said before they cut out someone's heart.

Noah: It won't be that bad.

Fancy: I hope not. I wish there was something to do to bring in money.

Noah: Now of course anything you can add to the pile will help. Look. I'm late. I have to get back to the Blue Note. I can't lose my job. We can't afford it. Are you coming?

Fancy. In awhile. There's something I need to do first.

Noah: I'll be waiting.

Fancy:  I just might have the perfect way to make some money.

Pilar:  Sheridan, here, sweetie. Here's some tea with honey just like you like it.

Sheridan: No, thank you.

Pilar:  Martin has some brandy.

Sheridan: No. I don't think I'll be able to eat or drink ever again.

Pilar:  I know what you mean. I feel like my insides have been ripped out.

Sheridan: Please forgive me.

Pilar: There's no need for forgiveness.

Sheridan: Two of your sons are dead because of me. Please don't hate me.

Pilar: Hate you? I could never hate you. You are like a daughter to me, Sheridan. You always will be. Both of our sons, my beautiful sons, Antonio and Luis, they loved you very much. I am so very grateful that they were able to have that joy. Their lives were richer because of it. You know, precious. It's a blessing from God. It is, you know. You need to take comfort that your love for Luis will bring home Marty wherever that little boy may be.

Sheridan. Oh, God, I have lost him, too.

Pilar. No. No, you haven't. Luis lost his life trying to bring him back. He will be returned some day, I know it. I pray every night that will happen. Sheridan, I lit a candle for years as a symbol to guide Martin home. And I got into that prayer and he returned him to me. So, would you help me light this candle for Marty to give off the light. Now no more talk about fault, no more. Think about the joy you brought into our son's lives. Do you hear me? This is not your fault. This is because of Alistair.

Theresa:  I'm here to stay. Oh, my God. -- I am trying to be strong. I am weak.

Eve:  What are you asking me to do?

Theresa:  The sex, I can't bear at it when he paws at me. Is there something you can do to stop him from forcing himself on me over and over?  Oh, what can I do? Is there some kind of drug, something that can knock him out so he can stop raping me.

Eve. I can't allow you to medicate someone without their knowledge. Not even Alistair.

Theresa. Would you help stop a crime if you knew it was being committed. That's what this is. He has me trapped. He uses my body against my will. Unless you stop him, he will keep on doing that.

Eve: Theresa.

Theresa:  He uses my son like a pawn. To blackmail me into doing whatever he wants. Think of your child with Julian. Dr. Russell, I have to stay married to Alistair in order to protect my son. I just can't stay in his bed.

Eve: And --

Theresa. Please. I am begging you, please.

Eve: Let's not make a scene. Okay. Not with your poor mother over there. Come with me.

[ Heartbeat ]

Fox:  With you and your mom, you really changed my life, you know. You give me hope all right. I'll work my socks off and become just as successful as if I was one of Alistair's heirs. I want you and your mom in my life, and -- without you and your mom in my life, none of that really means anything.

Kay:  Tell me that it is not too late. You have to keep the original spell in placement the one that guarantees Fox will be successful in life.

Tabitha: I thought it was -- going to drive me mad.

Kay: You should have heard him after we -- I knew being successful was important to him but I didn't know how much. He's never going to be happy until he makes it to the top of that corporate ladder. I love him too much to let him lose something that means that much to him. It is better that he loses me.

Tabitha: Do you see what I have to put up with. This is what comes about with mortals back in my home. Like politicians.

Kay: I'm sorry.

Tabitha: Not a problem. While I'm at it, why don't I snap my fingers and -- I'm exhausted. You could change your mind again in 25 minutes.

Kay: Please, I have to help him. I won't change my mind again. I promise.

Tabitha: That sounds familiar.

Kay: Look I'm sorry. You have to help him. I love him.

Tabitha:  Magic isn't something that you turn on and off. Whenyou cast a spell, you have to stick with it or nasty things will happen.

Kay:  I'm sorry I ever asked you to reverse it. I am hoping with all my heart that you didn't. Please. Tell me that your spell works. Tell me that you didn't reverse it.

Tabitha:  No.

Man:  Hello, gorgeous. What can I do you for?

Fancy:  I am looking for a way to make some fast money and I thought maybe a place like this --

Man:  Where have you been all my life? You came to the right place. From the looks of you, you can definitely make some money here.

Pilar:  I can't believe that's Luis in there. My heart just can't let it go.

Sheridan:  I know. I can't believe it either. You don't understand, Pilar. I don't think I can accept that Luis is dead. If anyone told you that Martin were dead, you wouldn't believe it. You lit that light to guide him home. He came back to Harmony. So what if I --

Pilar:  The situation was different. I didn't have his body. I know it's hard. But you saw him. You saw Luis. The F.B.I. had all the proof. My son, poor Luis is in here. No matter how much we don't want him to be -- no matter how much we want him back, he's never going to come back.

Theresa:  Please,  Dr. Russell. Isn't there some kind of drug you can give me to help Alistair from having sex with me?

Eve:  I could lose my license.

Theresa:  I understand that. What he's doing to me in bed is illegal.

Eve:  He knows you despise him and he still forces himself on you.

Theresa:  He doesn't care. It's about power and it is about control. Look, he even told me it doesn't matter what I have to think about. Even if it means I have to fantasize about Ethan.

Eve: God.

Theresa: That's what I do. I close my eyes and I pretend that it is Ethan that I am making love to.

Gwen: You sick bitch. What is wrong with you. I mean, really, how much more am I supposed to take. Now you are fantasizing that my husband is making love to you while you are having sex with Alistair? You are disgusting. You don't even care that we are here at your brother's wake. This is going to be it for me because you now you are going in the coffin. You are lying there fantasizing about Ethan, he sure as hell is not fantasizing about you.

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