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Ethan:  That's great. That does not excuse lying to me. What a sap I  was believe you! God Theresa! "Oh, Ethan, please help me. I can't stand being his wife anymore and things he does to me. It is so vile and he wants little Ethan to grow up to be just like him. Save me, Ethan." Sound familiar?

Theresa:  That was not a lie.

Ethan:  Why did you come to me and tell me you are ready to leave. Why did I spend an hour or two trying to defend you to Gwen showing her that this not just another ploy of yours to try to get me back. I told you I was going to help you escape and I caught holy hell for it, Theresa. I was willing to take it. Because I thought I was doing right by you. I thought you weren't going take advantage of me.

Theresa:  I would never do that.

Ethan:  Let me tell you something about these walls here. Really thick! Really thick! But not soundproof. I heard every single moment of you making love up there! You know what else I heard? I heard you enjoying it. You were having a good time. "Oh, God you are so good. I never going to leave you". What the hell was that?

Theresa: I can explain.

Ethan:  I don't need you to explain because I am sorry. I am seeing you for the gold digger that Gwen says you are!

Theresa:  That's ... no. You have got it all wrong.

Ethan:  I do? Well I don't believe you how about that?

Theresa:  Damn you for doubting me!

Sam:  Damn it someone tell me how this earring wound up in dead man's room.

Noah:  Dad, relax. Ease up. Give them a chance to catch their breath.

Sam:  They don't need to catch their breath, I want an answer, now!

Simone:  It is like I said earlier. Jessica is still feeling the affects of the drugs. And it is hard for her to organize her thoughts.

Sam:  Okay. Then you tell me how this earring got in that room.

Simone:  Well, I will if only you would stop treating us like criminals.

Sam:  Okay. Fine. All right. Look. I am not trying to pin a wrap on any of you girls. Just the opposite. I want to prove that none of you had anything to do with that murder tonight.

Simone:  We didn't!

Paloma:  No way!

Jessica:  Right.

Sam:  Okay. Look. Forget the earring. How can you explain this? An eyewitness and that desk clerk tonight can place you at the motel?

Jessica:  Are you serious? Will he?

Sam:  There is description of a girl just a like you, Jess.

Ivy:  Jessica...

Jessica:  I heard! I heard the question, Ivy. Don't rush me!

Sam:  Don't talk to Ivy that way.

Jessica:  Well, she is interfering as usual.

Sam:  This is about you being seen at the motel tonight.

Simone:  It was someone else. It had to be. She was with us all evening.

Noah:  Besides, Dad, didn't you say that eyewitness testimony is unreliable, that a good defense attorney can just tear it apart?

Sam:  It's not like fingerprints were found in the room. But this earring was. How do you explain it, Jess? How the hell was this earring found in that room? Well?

Paloma:  I know why Jessica's ring was in that motel room ...

Theresa:  You have got it all wrong.

Ethan:  Do I? I don't think so. I think I got it right. I see you for the shameless opportunist that everybody says that you are. You told me point blank to my face that you needed to get away from Alistair because he was going corrupt little Ethan, because you couldn't stand to be around him anymore. You begged me take him away from Gwen and go off with you. Only when I refused you decided it was not worth it so you went back into arms of your sick husband up there!

Theresa:  No. No. That's not what happened. I was doing what he ordered me to do while he had his way with me.

Ethan:  Theresa, come on!

Theresa:  He wanted his money to work. Ethan! And with that prenup agreement my son is doomed to be raised by a monster.

Agent Hall:  Miss Crane, Mr. and Miss Fitzgerald, I hate to say this but the body we have recovered from Morocco was definitely that of Luis. The fingerprint, the dental record and D.N.A., it all matched. I am sorry. Take a look.

Sheridan:  It can't ... I will not leave! Oh, ...

Sheridan:  He was supposed to come home this Friday. We could have gotten past it. We could have moved on. How can he be dead? How can he die so far away alone and in pain?  [Crying]

Katherine:  Shh. Darling, I am sorry!

Sheridan:  Tell me, this is not happening! This is tell me this is just a bad dream.

Katherine:  Oh, darling I wish I could.

Sheridan:  Tell me this is just a bad dream that I am going to wake up from it and he will be here! He will be right here. Back here in Harmony. Someone tell me! He can't be dead! He can't be! He can't be! There was a fire at the cottage. I will never surprise him again. He'll never kiss me. The last time we made love was the last time that we made love.  We survived so much! We survived so much! A boat exploding. And now for him to die so tragically, so helplessly ... it does not make any sense. It is true. He is really gone!

Martin:  This is all Alistair's doing. When accident -- Alistair struck again. He must have lured him into that bar in hopes of getting a lead on Beth. And then he had him dragged into some kind of a fight and had him stabbed.

Pilar:  We are talking two of our sons.  I swear to god I will make Alistair pay!

Martin:  He has taken my daughter too. My little Theresa and our grandson -- how can one man be responsible for so much evil!

Ethan:  So Alistair forced you to have sex with him? Is that what you are saying?

Theresa:  Why else would I? The things that I said that you heard, like I was enjoying it, that he was the best, I acted that way because that's what he wanted me to do. He is a sick bastard!

Ethan:  And now you are. You don't have to be! Theresa, you can leave right now. I will help you just like we planned. I will take you to someplace safe and then I will bring little Ethan you when things quiet down.

Theresa:  I can't do that to him. Long before Alistair said that if I don't live up to the terms of our prenup agreement that he will make sure I never see my little boy again. And that can't be. I can't risk that. I cannot risk it!

Sam:  Paloma, you know how Jessica's earring wound up in dead man's room.

Paloma:  Yes.

Sam:  How did you know that unless you were there, too?

Paloma:  That's a logical question. I can see why you are chief of the police.

Sam:  Now, how about a logical answer to my question.

Noah:  Hmm ... I really would like to hear that too.

Ivy:  Oh, we all would.

Paloma:  Well, what happened was that Jessica had her earring stolen. That's right.

Sam:  When? Tonight?

Paloma:  No. Before tonight. Jessica was telling me all about it when we were at the club. Wasn't she, Simone?

Simone:  Yes.

Paloma:  And see there was another prostitute. Sorry, Jess.

Jessica:  That's okay.

Paloma:  She was yelling just because Jessica was taking a lot of her jobs.

Sam:  And then what happened?

Paloma:  And then this other prostitute stole Jessica's earring, wrapped it up and ....

Sam:  Wait. Oh, my God. Did someone attack you?

Paloma:  Yes. That's exactly what happened. This other hooker waited for Jessica in an alley one night like two weeks ago you said and the other hooker, when Jessica went by, she grabbed her, beat her up and stole her earrings.

Sam:  And you didn't call the police because ... why?

Ivy:  You couldn't come to the cops?

Paloma:  That's slut threatened to kill her! Jessica kept quiet.

Sam:  Is that true, Jessica? Did another prostitute assault you and take your earrings?

Jessica:  Yes. Daddy. That's exactly what happened.

Paloma:  She was afraid to tell you because she was ashamed that she lost something that meant so much to her.

Noah:  See that! Jessica is innocent.

Ivy:  That's a relief.

Simone:  Okay. Well if you are done, we will go upstairs.

Sam:  Just wait a second. What was the other prostitute's name?

Jessica:  Ah, her name?

Sam:  Yes. Yes. A description so I can make sure she is picked up for the robbery and assault if Jessica wants to press charges. But the main reason is that we make sure she could corroborate your story. Well? What was her name. And then give me a description!

Jessica:  I really can't say.

Sam:  Where does she usually hang out?

Jessica:  Well, I am not sure.

Sam:  Just a give me an area.

Noah:  Okay. Okay. Girls take five. Dad ... Ease up, Dad! Come on, stop treating Jessica like a criminal. Just be glad that she is home safe and sound.

Sam:  Your sister is lying.

Noah:  Her story sounds legitimate to me.

Sam:  Then why is Paloma the one who told it?

Noah:  Because Jessica was too ashamed.

Sam:  Look at her. Look at her! She looks guilty as sin.

Ethan:  Theresa you are not making sense. I mean, why can't you and little Ethan just leave tonight?

Theresa:  Because Alistair knows.

Ethan:  Knows what, that I was helping you?

Theresa:  No. He knows that I was planning to leave him.

Ethan:  That's great.

Theresa:  I had just finished packing and Alistair barged into my room and he was wearing nothing but a robe and a smile.

Ethan:  Yes, Theresa I get the picture there.

Theresa:  I tried to get him to wait. But, he wanted -- he wanted to have sex right then and there so I thought if I just did it he wouldn't suspect that I was leaving. But then he saw my suitcase. I had to tell him that I was leaving. I said I made a mistake and he said that he understood.

Ethan:  Oh, he did?

Theresa:  Yes. He did. He said I was free to go. And um, after that I grabbed my phone and I was going to get out of here and he said that little Ethan needs to stay here and if I did leave, he would make sure that I never saw my son again.

Ethan:  Wait a minute. Wait. No. No. Alistair can't -- he can't keep you from taking your own son.

Theresa:  Well, according to the prenup agreement that I signed, he has got full custody of little Ethan whether I am with him or not.

Ethan:  What?

Theresa:  And that's why... that's why I had sex with Alistair. Because he threatened me if I didn't.

Ethan:  What do you mean? How did he threaten you?

Theresa:  He said he would take it out on my little boy if I didn't do exactly what he wanted. Katherine was there and she heard him threatening my son as well.

Ethan:  Katherine? Katherine came to me. She told me were you in danger.

Theresa:  I was wrong about her. I realized that I am in to no position to judge her.

Ethan:  I understand that, Theresa. That's all fine and good but Katherine is not the one in jeopardy here. You are. Let me help you. Let me help you leave Harmony before Alistair can stop you.

Theresa:  I can't! I will not take the chance that Alistair will retaliate against my son if I do.

Katherine:  Martin, Pilar has your sense of right and wrong, your sense of duty, your nobility and your loving heart. And she has your strength. Your ability to love and have compassion. I don't know how you handle this. First Antonio and now Luis.

Pilar:  Thank you Katherine.

Martin:  Alistair will pay!

Sheridan:  How can he be gone? He seemed so alive so indestructible.

Pilar:  I will grieve with you. We will always -- you will always feel like a daughter to us.

Martin:  Always!

Chris:  Excuse me. I want to let you all know the F.B.I. is having Detective Lopez-Fitzgerald's body flown back to Harmony by military transport and will assist in funeral arrangements if you would like.

Pilar:  Thank you. But we will take care of the funeral ourselves won't we?

Chris:  I understand.

Agent Hall:  I know you care about her but her mother is here to look after her now. If this is about you leaving Harmony tonight...

Chris:  She needs me now more than ever and James, too.

Agent Hall:  Maybe so. But let's think about James's safety. We can't afford the mob finding you or your son and putting our investigation into jeopardy. It is time to leave Harmony and never look back.

Chris:  But she is in such a fragile state.

Agent Hall:  You and James will never replace Lopez-Fitzgerald and all they had together.

Chris:  Yes. You are right. It is time for me to leave. I can never see her again.

Sheridan:  What did you say?

Chris:  I have to leave Harmony tonight.

Sheridan:  No! You can't leave me. I just lost Luis!

Agent Hall:  Miss Crane, I understand you are upset but I am asking you not to blow his cover. No one can know he is in the witness protection program.

Katherine:  Pilar, my heart breaks for you. I am so sorry.

Pilar:  Oh, yes. He will always be in our hearts. We have to remember that.

Sheridan:  It never occurred to me that he would never come home. And now that you and James are leaving, too ....

Chris:  I am sorry.

Sheridan:  It just seems so final. Luis being gone and now you are being relocated and I will never see you either.

Chris:  We have been through so much in such a little time. And James ... God, he adores you. He won't get to see you. But there is nothing I wouldn't do for you.

Theresa:  You know what I think? I think that you are desperate for me to leave because you already told Gwen that I was going. You don't want to go to your wife and tell her that I am actually going to stay here! I am threatening her marriage and motherhood with every breath that I take! That's why you are pressing me to leave, isn't it? You don't give a damn what happens to me. You don't give a damn what happens to my little boy. You don't want to go your wife and tell her that I am staying here. That I am not giving up!

Sam:  Well, do you have a name for the prostitute who beat you up and stole your earring?

Noah:  Dad.

Paloma:  Jessica never knew her name.

Simone:  That's right. You know how mean the streets are. Every woman for herself. Chatting up with the competition is against the code. All she knew was that she had it in for her. Maybe she was threatened because of Jessica's fresh face. Or by you because you are a cop.

Paloma:  Who knows? Right?

Sam:  Okay. Well, if you have no name then what does she look like?

Jessica:  Ah, well, ....

Simone:  As a matter of fact she looks a lot like Jessica. You know same, body shape. Same height. Same hair color wouldn't you say so, Jess?

Jessica:  Yes. Of course her face is different.

Noah:  This explains that clerk at the motel who thought that he saw Jess tonight.

Ivy:  And if she lost the earring she stole from Jess, ....

Noah:  It all adds up, Dad.

Sam:  Except one thing.

Jessica:  What?

Sam:  What took you three so long to come up with this story.

Simone:  Story?

Sam:  It is like the three of you put your heads together to wipe away any evidence that points to Jessica. Now if I was still the chief of police, I would separate the three of you, and question you individually. Maybe I should do that. Maybe I should take the through of you in the living room and question you one at a time and see how your story holds up!

Agent Hall:  You and James need to be in your new location by morning. Say good-bye.

Sheridan:  God I can't believe this is all happening in one day. He is gone. Now, you and James are leaving.

Chris:  Well you're going to be okay.

Sheridan:  I hope this does not sound selfish. But with Luis gone I haven't got no much chance of ever finding my son again. I will never have the family that I always dreamed off. And now I am losing you and James. What will I do without you? I will never forget what it was like to take care of you. To be with you. You filled the hole in my heart that Marty left behind. Thank you for taking care of me. You were so wonderful to me.

Chris:  I will do it back.

Sheridan:  Thank you for helping me with everything. What was worse ... exploding washing machine or having no breakfast for the B and B guests?

Chris:  No breakfast!

Sheridan:  Thanks a lot.

Chris:  No. Thank you. Before our paths crossed in these past few weeks you have given me the confidence and shown me what it takes to be a good father. Even when I doubted myself. It is great to be looked up to. And I always felt like I was going somewhere. Because I had a home and I had a family that I could depend on.

Sheridan:  That's not going to happen for me.

Chris:  I am not so sure.

Agent Hall:  Time is almost up. Don't make me drag you out of here.

Sheridan:  I will miss you, too. Both of you.

Chris:  We will miss you.

Ethan:  Yes, Theresa it's true.  I am not looking forward to going upstairs and telling Gwen that you are not leaving. But, Theresa, I would never put you or your son in harm's way to avoid a scene with her.

Theresa:  I am sorry.

Ethan:  I know. I am sorry -- I don't want to add to your stress, Theresa, I don't like seeing you like this. Upset, feeling trapped, afraid. I hate it.

Theresa:  Well, that's what I have ....

Ethan:  Look maybe, maybe you leaving with little Ethan and going out of town is not such a great idea after all. It means you living on the run, trying to raise your son that's ... that's not good and if you leave by yourself right now you may never see little Ethan again.

Theresa:  And I believe that. I am losing my son to Alistair. And if I am stuck here, then I could be a positive influence on my son's life so that Alistair's propaganda is not the only thing he is exposed to.

Ethan:  That's a good point.

Theresa:  What was I thinking? And to sign a prenuptial agreement without having an attorney look at it first?

Ethan:  Why didn't you come to me?

Theresa:  I wanted to. I did ... but you know you told me that I could lose custody of my daughter and Gwen said again I was not fit to raise another child. Ethan, I was desperate. So I went to Alistair because I thought if he was in my corner that was the only hope I had to turn everything around. And God help me, I ... I have lost my pride. I have lost my freedom. I have lost everything! And now I am losing my son. I have lost you and I have lost Jane and I will not lose everybody that I love! I won't!

Sam:  Who wants to go first? Jess, what about you? They have been doing all of the talking so why don't you go first and explain to me exactly what happened when the prostitute stole your earrings.

Noah:  Dad ... ease up! All right. Come on. Stop treating Jessica like she's public enemy number one. Now Simone already explained that Jess is still coming off the drugs that Spike gave her and Paloma, she has been in Mexico until tonight. Can you stop thinking like a cop for two minutes and actually believe what the girls are saying. It all adds up.

Ivy:  I think Noah is right, Sam. Some hooker stole Jessica's earrings, picked up a john and went back to his motel with him and things got out of control and the guy ends up dead and Jessica is just a victim of circumstances.

Jessica:  You still believe me, don't you, Dad?  Daddy, I need to know if you believe me or not.

Sam:  I love you. I know you couldn't kill a man and then lie to me about it. You will always be my little girl.

Jessica:  Oh, Daddy, thank you.

Theresa:  Why I did think that Alistair would help me get my daughter back? And you ... always with Gwen.

Ethan:  I don't know. Theresa, nobody does.

Theresa:  I was too head strong. I was too head strong to stop and ask myself what everybody was asking me. And now I have lost my son to Alistair and he is going to be raised by Alistair. You know ruining my life is one thing. But ruining the life of an innocent boy, ... that's a sin. Ethan, that's a sin. Sin as bad as murder. I killed my son's chance to have a happy and normal life. And Alistair, he will be just like Alistair.

Chris:  And I will miss you. I will never forget what you did for us and what you mean to us.

Sheridan:  I will never forget you either. I will never forget how you walked towards me in the park. How brave you were during the earthquake and how cute and wonderful you have been ever since. You keep me in your heart. I will always keep you in mine. Good luck. Please take care of yourself and take care of James. Have him write just like you said you would. Raise him to know God as love. You are a good man and good father.

Chris:  I will.

Sheridan:  Even though we won't be in touch, just know that you will be in my heart and in my thoughts.

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