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Noah: No, it can't be true. My little sister killed a man.

Simone: Take it back, Jessica. Take it back.

Jessica: The blood.

Sam: No. I tried to convince myself that it wasn't true. My little girl.

Jessica: Daddy.

Ivy: So this murdered person at that horrible hotel, you --

Jessica: Yes. It was me. I did it. I did it.

Pilar: Martin? Who -- who -- what are you doing? We're waiting on confirmation on whether our son is -- is dead and you want to make phone calls?

Martin: No, Pilar --

Pilar: It's her, right? You want to call Katherine!

Martin: No, it's -- it's not what you think. It's not about me and Katherine. It's for Sheridan. You know, now that Luis is --

Pilar: Dead. Say it, Martin -- "dead." I mean, the F.B.I. thinks so. They have his body.

Martin: No, listen, we don't know that for sure. It could be someone else.

Pilar: I hope so. But if those fingerprints and dental records and the D.N.A. samples that we gave -- if they match that body, then --

Martin: Oh, hey, hey, hey. No matter what the results, no matter what the results, we'll get through this together. You know, but Sheridan's alone. I mean, she's lost Marty, and now it seems -- it just seems like Luis is -- you know. She needs her mother. Now, I know that you don't want Katherine in your house, but if you could just put your anger aside, just for now, so she can come here and help support her daughter. Please.

Sheridan: You can't be dead, Luis. I don't care what they say. I would know. I can't have lost you forever, not after the way we parted.

Dave: The witness protection program cannot protect you and your son if you're going to ignore everything we say. You've blown your cover. Now, you need to grab that kid, get out of this town right now, and never come back.

Sheridan: Leave? You can't leave. I've already lost Marty. If he's right, I've lost Luis. I can't lose you and James, too.

Ethan: You'll see. Theresa's going to be out of this house tonight. And her sick marriage to Alistair will be over and we can move on with our lives.

Gwen: Well, honey, I really hope you're right.

Ethan: Whoa, what -- excuse me, where'd you get that?

Gwen: It's my mother's. It helps her dull the pain in a crisis.

Ethan: Don't -- don't be crazy, all right? You don't even want to go down that road.

Gwen: Hey, why not? You know, nothing else seems to dull my pain. Honey, my life is a living hell right now. You know, no matter what I do, Theresa always seems to plant herself front and center in our lives. I cry, I scream, I pray. Honey, I actually pray that I won't have to worry about losing you and Jane, but nothing seems to work.

Ethan: You are going to be fine. Theresa is leaving.

Gwen: You have been saying that for weeks and weeks, right? But yet always at the last second something seems to come up and prevent her from leaving. I am not going to be able to let my guard down, not for a minute, until I know for sure that Theresa is gone out of this house and out of our lives for good.

Theresa: I'm leaving this house and I'm taking my son with me.

Alistair: You take that boy one step out of this house and my guards will detain you.

Theresa: You can't keep me from my son.

Alistair: I certainly can. He's my son, too.

Theresa: No.

Alistair: What do you mean, "no"? The moment Judge Morrison married us, our prenuptial went into effect. And you agreed that I could adopt little Ethan.

Theresa: I did not agree to that.

Alistair: You know, I really don't understand why people don't read contracts. I mean, it's all right here in fine print. I mean, these are -- wait a second -- your initials, aren't they, huh?

Theresa: Just give me that.

Alistair: Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. Theresa, your barroom antics are very unseemly. You have to remember that you are now Mrs. Alistair Crane.

Theresa: Why are you torturing me?

Alistair: The contract that you signed was very, very generous. You became my wife, and then you'd become one of the most important women in the world and your son is my sole heir.

Theresa: Well, I don't want this anymore. I am leaving.

Alistair: The boy stays with me. Go ahead, walk through that door. You'll never see your son again.

Ethan: You know, I don't -- I don't know what else to say, I don't know what else to do to get through to you. I've told you over and over again that I'm not going to leave you.

Gwen: I know you have, and believe me, I try over and over and over again to believe that, but -- don't even look at me like that. I know her. Honey, no matter what crisis pops up, she always keeps her eye on the prize. You know, you told her now -- now you've told her you're going to help her escape, and you just watch. She's going to try and con you into going with her. She's got this crazy fantasy in her head about you and her and little Ethan and Jane living together in some tropical paradise while I get booted off the island.

Ethan: No, Gwen, don't be like that, ok? Yes, I told her that I'd help her escape. It doesn't mean I'm going with her. I'm going to help Theresa and little Ethan get off the grounds. I'm going to get them tickets to go somewhere. I'll even arrange for them to have a safe place to stay. But I'm sticking here with you.

Gwen: Well, good. I just can't wait till -- you know, till they're gone -- I mean, really, both of them.

Ethan: Wait -- little Ethan. I mean, you said you loved him, Gwen, right?

Gwen: I do. I love him. He is a wonderful little boy, and I have loved getting to take care of him. But, honey, if he's here, that also means that his crazy mother is here and hanging all over you. She has been trying to force you to bond with him since the day he was born. She even named him after you, for God's sake, and you're not even his father.

Ethan: I'm not his biological father, Gwen, but none of those things are his fault.

Gwen: I know that. But she has been dangling him in front of your eyes as living proof that she can give you a family and I can't.

Ethan: Don't.

Gwen: Do you have --

Ethan: Don't --

Gwen: Do you even have the first clue of how hard that is for me? Remember, it was her violence that caused me to not be able to have any more children. And our daughter isn't even biologically mine. She is yours with Theresa. So I do not see Theresa as a human being. I see her as some robot with one terrible purpose, which is to take you away from me.

Ethan: She will be gone tonight. There is nothing, nothing that can keep her from leaving this house. As soon as she gives me the word, Gwen, I am helping her escape.

Theresa: I am little Ethan's mother. If I leave this house, he goes with me.

Alistair: What's it going to take for you to realize that my will is stronger than yours?

Theresa: You can't keep me from my son, Alistair.

Alistair: I can do whatever I want! I am a god on this planet! I have given you everything you've ever asked for. You live in this mansion. You have billions of dollars at your disposal. You're very close to your beloved Ethan and baby Jane. I mean, this place here is the land of opportunity for you.

Theresa: I have nothing, Alistair. I don't have Ethan, Gwen burnt the computer disks -- the only proof I had to get him back -- and legally, I do not have custody of my child!

Alistair: You can get whatever you want because you're my wife.

Theresa: I don't want you raising my son. You'll model him after yourself and he'll be a monster.

Alistair: No, wait. You watch your mouth, young lady. Our son is going to start school soon. He'll become a titan, one of the most powerful men on this planet, surrounded by the world's best. He'll be able to do anything he wants, with only one proviso -- that he keeps Crane Industries at the pinnacle of world business. I'm going to die, I know that. And after I'm gone, you're going to enjoy your position as my widow and queen mother, as it were. Or you can walk out that door and never see your son again. Choose, Theresa.

Theresa: And what sort of choice is that, Alistair? Do I choose to abandon my son to evil? Or am I forced to watch him get raised by the devil him--

Alistair: I told you -- watch your mouth.

Sam: Jessica, no.

Noah: Hey, squirt, it'll be all right.

Jessica: No, it won't. I did it. I did it.

Ivy: Sam, look, there has to be some sort of extenuating circumstances. I mean, God knows I have seen Jessica at her worst. But this -- no, she would never kill anybody in cold blood.

Noah: Hey, it's got to be like I said, right? It was self-defense, right?

Jessica: No, I --

Paloma: Jess, Jess, try to calm down.

Jessica: I'll try.

Sam: Make your sister something to eat. God knows when she ate last.

Noah: You still like peanut butter, right? Yeah? Come on.

Sam: I got to tell you, from a cop's point of view, this doesn't look good. A girl described looking a lot like Jessica was seen at the scene of the murder. She had to be with someone, an accomplice. Her room was wiped down. It was also wiped down for fingerprints. I got to tell you, whoever takes this case is not going to like the fact that the room was cleaned up. Jess was drugged, but this accomplice thought everything through and deliberately tried to clear all of Jessica's traces.

Sam: Was it Spike?

Jessica: No.

Sam: Well, if it wasn't Spike, then who was it? Jessica, honey, listen to me. I'm trying to help you because this doesn't look good. Now, if you killed that man in self-defense, why'd you run? Why did you try to cover your own tracks?

Martin: Should I call Katherine to come here for Sheridan's sake? Look, I'm sorry. You know what? I shouldn't have asked, especially at a time like this. I've hurt you too much already, and now with Luis, we need to start thinking about our own family.

Pilar: Wait, no. Go ahead, call Katherine. I don't like the woman, but, I don't know, lately I've come to believe that she has a good heart. And Sheridan needs her.

Martin: Thank you.

Pilar: You know, after everything we've been through with Katherine, you're still here by my side. God, that gives me hope, you know, even on a night like this. Maybe we could rebuild our family. I -- I just pray that Luis is still alive to be part of it.

Martin: He is, Pilar. He has to be.

Pilar: Ok. All right. Look, call Katherine, all right? I'm going to make some coffee. It might be a long night.

Martin: Yeah.

[Phone rings]

Katherine: Hello?

Martin: Katherine, it's me.

Katherine: Oh, Martin. It's so good to hear your voice.

Martin: This isn't easy, so I'll just get to it. The F.B.I. is here at my house.

Katherine: The F.B.I.?

Martin: Yeah, they think that Luis is dead.

Katherine: What? No! How? What happened?

Martin: I'll give you the details later.

Katherine: But Sheridan -- where is Sheridan? She's going to need me now.

Martin: She's right here. Can -- can you come here?

Katherine: Oh, of course I can. But what about Pilar? Will she allow me in the house?

Martin: She's the one that wanted me to make the call.

Katherine: God bless her. I'm on my way, Martin.

Martin: God forgive me. I still can't stop thinking about you, Katherine.

Sheridan: Chris, you can't go, not now!

Dave: Quiet. You cannot let these people know that Chris is in the witness protection program.

Sheridan: I'm sorry. Please, you can't leave me. If you leave and you take James with you, I don't think I can take it.

Sam: Jessica, honey, answer me. If you killed this man tonight in self-defense, then why did you try to cover your tracks?

Simone: Mr. Bennett, listen to me. You're jumping to conclusions here.

Sam: What? She just confessed to a murder.

Simone: No, she didn't.

Sam: Simone, are you hearing things? She said she did it.

Simone: No, you misunderstood. She couldn't have killed anyone. She was with me tonight.

Sam: At the club. So you said.

Simone: It's true.

Sam: Is it? Or were you with her in her room tonight, helping her cover up her crime? That's aiding and abetting, Simone. That means you're just as guilty as she is, and that means you're going to jail, too.

Sheridan: Please don't leave Harmony. Don't take James away. I just can't bear it.

Dave: You don't have any choice, pal.

Chris: Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere.

Sheridan: Thank you.

Dave: Don't be a fool. You've blown your cover. You need to leave this town fast before the mob realizes where you are.

Chris: I'm staying right here. Sheridan needs me.

Sheridan: You don't know how much I -- I'm sorry, I don't even have the words.

Chris: It's ok. Why don't you go get some coffee while we wait for news on Luis?

Sheridan: Ok.

Chris: Ok?

Dave: What is wrong with you? Look, you could tell that girl what you want, but you know you've got to leave. You're in danger and so is that boy.

Chris: Look, she needs me, and I'm not leaving town until I know that Sheridan's going to be ok.

Dave: All right.

Theresa: You hit me.

Alistair: If you want to remain my wife, you have to learn to obey. Now, if you want to leave, go ahead. I won't stop you.

Theresa: But how can I leave, Alistair? I would be abandoning everything that ever mattered to me -- my son, my daughter, Ethan. So I don't have any choice but to stay.

Alistair: Oh, come on, Theresa. Cheer up a little bit here. Look at what you've gained -- a very virile husband. A couple more nights in my bedroom, and you'll forget Ethan for good, huh?

Theresa: No, just leave me alone!

Alistair: Don't make me hit you again.

Theresa: No, stop it! Get off me! Please just get --

Alistair: You're my wife! You start acting like it!

Theresa: Get off of me now!

Katherine: Theresa!

Theresa: Get -- stop it!

Katherine: Alistair!

Theresa: Get him off of me!

Katherine: Leave her alone!

Alistair: Katherine, you lost your right to be in this bedroom. Now, this is none of your business.

Katherine: I'm making it my business. Someone has to protect your victims! Please let me help you, Theresa, please.

Alistair: You know, you have been interrupting my privacy long enough, woman. Now, get out of here!

Katherine: Oh, God. I can't do anything else in there. But I have to let Ethan know about this.

Theresa: Stay where you are.

Alistair: If you know what's good for you, Theresa, you'll pay more attention to my needs from now on.

Theresa: Don't touch me.

Alistair: We signed the prenup agreement. Marital relations are a part of it. And I want my money's worth.

Theresa: You're sick. You threatened my son.

Alistair: No, no, no, no. Nothing is going to happen to little Ethan if you hold up your end of our bargain. Do you understand?

Ethan: We'll have our life back tonight, Gwen, I promise. I'll help Theresa escape, and we'll have some peace. Theresa will be gone. Theresa will be gone.

[Knock on door]

Ethan: Katherine, what is it?

Katherine: I need to talk with you.

Ethan: Ok.

Ethan: What happened?

Katherine: It's Theresa. I just saw her. Alistair's about to have sex with her.

Ethan: No, no, that's impossible. She is leaving.

Katherine: Ethan, no. As we speak, he's forcing himself on her.

Chris: Hey. I think maybe you should eat something.

Sheridan: I can't eat. I keep thinking about everything I said earlier at the Seascape, my hesitation as to if the search for Luis should be called off or not. I just was so confused, so selfish. Now I'd give anything to simply learn if Luis were alive.

Chris: We'll find out soon enough.

Pilar: What's happened to our family, Martin? Huh? So much tragedy, so much grief. Oh, thank God my Paloma is ok.

Martin: Did her flight get in all right?

Pilar: Yes. She called the minute she arrived from Mexico.

Martin: I can't wait to see her.

Pilar: I can't bear to tell her about Luis. I mean, she's the only one of our children who's happy, whose life isn't in turmoil.

Paloma: Roberto, I cannot talk. I just wanted to know, did you deliver the drugs ok? Whew, thank God. I can't believe I helped you smuggle them in from Mexico. Every time I hear a siren, I think they're coming after me to arrest me. Ok. Talk to you later. Adios.

Sam: Were you the one who helped Jessica cover up a murder tonight?

Simone: No.

Sam: Were you her accomplice?

Simone: No! She didn't kill anyone!

Noah: Simone, come on, we just heard her confess.

Simone: No, you didn't.

Ivy: She just said she did it.

Simone: You can't believe a word Jessica says. She took drugs tonight. She's still stoned. I mean, she barely knows what she's saying.

Ivy: If she wasn't involved in this murder, then what was she confessing to?

Simone: Well, you were talking about the blood on the burned clothes outside. That's it -- the blood. Jessica was admitting that she got blood on her clothes. Right, Jess? You're admitting that you got blood on your clothes, but it didn't come from some dead guy. Did it? You're innocent of murder.

Jessica: Innocent?

Simone: Go on. Tell your dad you're innocent.

Simone: Go on, Jess. Tell your dad you didn't kill anyone. She's so stoned, she can't even talk.

Ivy: She looks pretty sober to me.

Simone: But you misunderstood. You got mixed up, right? You were telling him that you got blood all over your own clothes.

Sam: Nice. If the blood didn't come from the murder victim, Jessica, then where did it come from? How did you get blood all over your clothes? And why did you try to burn them in the backyard?

Jessica: I --

Sam: Well, it sure sounds like you're trying to cover up something to me.

Simone: All -- all right, Chief. She didn't want to tell you. But I found out, and she swore me to secrecy. And I now realize I should have told you, and I'm sorry.

Noah: What the heck are you talking about?

Simone: Jessica. She's been cutting herself again.

Ivy: Oh, no.

Simone: And she's tried hard to stop, but her life got out of control.

Noah: It's that damn Spike.

Simone: Yes. Yes, and she tried her very best to get away from him, but he wouldn't let her. He has such power over her.

Noah: It's those damn drugs he gives her.

Simone: That's right. And she knows it's wrong, but she can't stop. And she feels so guilty, and that's why she's a cutter.

Paloma's voice: Nice try, Simone, but no one's going to believe this.

Simone: And she realized that Spike is such a bad influence on her, and she was ready to make the big move to come home, and then she cut herself and got blood all over her clothes and freaked out. She knew if you and Ivy saw it, you might yell at her or send her to a treatment center. She couldn't handle it. She wanted to come home without everybody judging her.

Noah: Hey, hey, we would never judge you, squirt, all right? We just want you to get better.

Sam: Is any of what Simone says true?

Jessica: I -- I -- well, I --

Sam: Is this blood on this fabric yours? From you cutting yourself?

Jessica: Yes. Yes, Simone's right. I cut myself again.

Sam: God, I hope you're telling the truth. Let me see your arms.

Jessica: What? Hey, leave me alone!

Sam: Jessica, if you've been cutting yourself and the blood on this fabric is yours, then why don't you have fresh cuts? I'll tell you what I think. I think that you and your pal Simone are lying through your teeth and that you really are guilty of murder.

Ethan: No, no, Theresa cannot be in bed with Alistair because she's leaving tonight. I offered to help her escape. This is her last chance to have a new life.

Katherine: Alistair wouldn't let her leave, Ethan. You know what he's like with women. He can't enjoy himself unless he forces them. I know.

Ethan: The man is a bastard.

Katherine: I can't stay. I have to go. Sheridan needs me.

Ethan: Sheridan? What's wrong with Sheridan?

Katherine: I'll tell you later, but right now you need to go to Theresa. Please?

Ethan: All right, no -- yeah, I'm going to go check on Theresa right now. Thanks.

Katherine: God bless you, Ethan. If only you were still Alistair's heir, this house wouldn't be a temple to his evil.

Theresa's voice: I can get through this. I can get through anything for my son.

Alistair: Damn it, woman. Come on, don't lay there like a dead fish. I gave you the world. The least you can do is respond to me. Come on, let's hear it. Come on.

Theresa: I can't bear this.

Alistair: I don't care if you bear it or not. Come on, let's hear something here!

Theresa: No. Are -- do you want an actress or a wife?

Alistair: I want an actress. Yeah, I want an actress. I mean, I want you to -- to say something like you really mean it, really mean it. Come on.

Theresa: Oh, you are magnificent. You're the best that I ever had.

[Alistair laughs]

Alistair: I don't believe a damn word of it, but you just keep it up. Now, say that you -- all right, baby!

Theresa: No, not after this. Not after what you've given me.

Alistair: Oh, that feels good!

Theresa: I'll never leave you.

Ethan: Katherine's wrong.

Theresa: I'll never leave you, Alistair, never!

Alistair: Oh, I know, I know --

Ethan: It doesn't sound like he's forcing himself on her at all.

Alistair: Oh, yeah.

Ethan: Theresa lied. Gwen was right. She didn't have any intention of leaving Alistair at all, and I was a damn fool to believe it.

Alistair: Oh, boy, now we got a rhythm going, baby. Now we got a rhythm going, mm-hmm.

Alistair: Very nice attempt, Mrs. Crane. You'll do better with a little more practice. Of course you will.

[Alistair laughs]

Alistair: I'm off to my own bedroom now. I like the idea of having separate bedrooms. It's so civilized.

Theresa: It means I won't have to look at you all night.

Alistair: Oh, it couldn't have been that bad, Theresa.

Theresa: It's horrible. It makes me hate myself. It makes me feel like your whore.

Alistair: Well, what else would you call a woman who sells her body for profit? And you, my dear, are doing very well. It's not like little Jessica, who's selling her body on the street.

Theresa: Please get away from here.

Alistair: Oh, all right. Until tomorrow, then. I think you have to practice enjoying my attentions.

Theresa: No.

Alistair: Mm-hmm. How about that? After all, Theresa, we are man and wife. Maybe to help you along during this process between you and me, is if you start fantasizing. Now, when Katherine and I did the deed, she used to fantasize a lot about killing me. It really turned her on. Let's see, who would you fantasize about? Oh, yes, probably Ethan. Oh, it'd be good. Fantasize about making love to Ethan. But now you're tarnished goods, so you'll never, ever get close to him, especially in a bed. Good night.

[Alistair hums]

Alistair: Ha-ha!

[Door slams shut]

Theresa: Oh, Ethan, please forgive me.

Katherine: Thank you, Pilar, for letting me come.

Sheridan: Oh --

Katherine: Oh, my love. Oh, god. Have you heard anything?

Sheridan: We're waiting for a D.N.A. analysis of the body. They're also checking dental records, fingerprints. God, Mother, what if Luis is really dead?

Katherine: Oh, my darling. Oh, my darling. Just know that God never gives us anything that we're not strong enough to bear. What is he doing here?

Sheridan: It's not what you think. He's here to help.

Katherine: I see. Now, tell me what has happened.

Sheridan: Apparently, Luis was in a bar in Tangier.

Dave: All right, Sheridan's mother is here. You can go now.

Chris: You just don't get it, do you? You don't get it. I'm not going anywhere. Sheridan needs me.

Dave: Pull your head out of the sand. Your cover is blown. God knows who now realizes you're in Harmony. The longer you stay here, the more danger you're in and that child is in.

Chris: We'll be fine.

Dave: Don't be a fool! What about these people? If your mob pals show up, innocent bystanders could get hurt or killed. If you stay here, you could bring death straight to your precious Sheridan's door.

Sam: Now, come on, Jess! It is time for the truth. Look at me! Now, if you're supposed to have been cutting yourself again, then where are all the fresh cuts? Where's all the blood supposed to have come from?

Simone: Don't yell at her! She's moved way past her arms!

Jessica: Please stop.

Ivy: Oh, my God.

Noah: Jess, what are you doing to yourself?

Jessica: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Simone: See? You should have believed us before.

Ivy: Oh, Sam. She -- she is innocent.

Noah: Look, she has to be, all right? She's been hiding the fact that she's been mutilating herself.

Noah: I'm sorry we doubted you, Jess. This must have been really awful for you.

Ivy: Poor baby.

Paloma's voice: Did he buy it? How did Simone learn how to be such a great liar?

Noah: You're not saying anything, Dad. Come on, they've explained everything.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Noah: The blood on that piece of fabric came from the cuts on Jessica's stomach.

Jessica: And we burned my clothes so no one would find out.

Simone: Come on, Jess. Let's get you upstairs.

Sam: Wait a minute. I'm sorry to hear that you've been cutting yourself again. I really am. But that doesn't explain everything.

Simone: Why not?

Sam: Because of this.

Paloma: What -- what is it?

Sam: It's an earring that I found at the crime scene tonight, right next to the dead body. Your earring, Jessica, one of the earrings I gave you for your 16th birthday! How do you explain this? You said you had nothing to do with the john's murder tonight. If that's true, then what was your earring doing at the crime scene?

Ethan: Damn it, why did Theresa lie to me?

Theresa: What are you doing down here?

Ethan: No, the question is, what are you doing here -- in your nightgown? You said you wanted me to help you escape tonight.

Theresa: I did.

Ethan: Did you change your mind, Theresa? Is that it? I heard you making love to Alistair. That's what I heard, loud and clear.

Theresa: Look, I can explain.

Ethan: No! You know, Gwen was right. You've been playing me for a fool, and I'm never going to believe a word you ever have to say again. Not one damn word, Theresa, till I die!

Sheridan: Luis is alive, I know it. The man who was stabbed in Morocco is not Luis.

Katherine: Oh, I pray you're right.

Sheridan: I know I'm right. Luis is not dead. I would know it. I would feel it in my soul.

Pilar: When everyone thought that you were dead, Luis never believed it.

Sheridan: Because he knew in his heart that I was alive. We have a connection, one that reaches through space and time.

[Phone rings]

Dave: It's the lab. They must have the test results to I.D. the body. Agent Hall. Uh-huh. Yeah. I got it, thanks.

Sheridan: What is it? Please tell me. It's not Luis' body they found, is it?

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Sam: Your sister is lying. Look at her. She looks guilty as sin.

Ethan: You know what, I don't believe you. How about that?

Theresa: Damn you for doubting me!

Pilar: Our precious son, Martin!

Martin: It's not right, it's not right.

Sheridan: No, Luis can't be dead!

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