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Noah: So, I'll see you around, right?

Fancy: Maybe.

Fancy: Take care.

Noah: Yeah, you, too. Yeah.

Fancy: It's over. It's really over.

Noah: Fancy?

Fancy: Noah?

Noah: I don't care about your grandfather or anything else, all right? I just can't let you go.

Fancy: Oh, Noah!

Sheridan: So, can you forgive me for being so suspicious earlier?

Chris: Are you kidding? I gave you every reason not to trust me. Just like, you know, I can't thank you enough for giving me another chance.

Sheridan: It's not just you, Chris. My whole life has been surrounded by secrets and lies. I mean, every time I would try to believe something, my father would just pull the rug right out from under me.

Chris: That's some dad you got there.

Sheridan: Well, Alistair Crane is my father by name only. If I told you half the things he's done to try to hurt me, you wouldn't believe it.

Chris: Yes, I would, Sheridan. I would believe it.

Whitney: Now, wait a minute. You can't be -- you can't be serious about this, right?

Theresa: I'm dead serious.

Whitney: No. Wait a minute, you can't. Ok, now, look, this isn't another one of your cockamamie schemes where the worst thing that can happen is a little embarrassment or regret. I mean, if you do this, it's with you forever. There's no turning back.

Theresa: I know. And I've given it a lot of thought, trust me, but I've realized that if I want Ethan and my daughter back, then this is the only way. So, look, I got to get out of here and I just, you know, wanted to let you know and I just wanted you to support me on this. But if you can't, then I'm just going to head out, ok?

Whitney: Ok, wait. No, no, stop. Please stop. Just stop and think about this for a second. This is a drastic measure. You're making a huge step here.

Theresa: Whitney, like you haven't done that yourself?

Whitney: Ok, this -- this is different. I mean, I was backed into a corner. I didn't have any other choice.

Theresa: I don't, either.

Eve: So is it true? Is this nightmare really over?

Julian: It would seem so. Yes, Ethan?

Ethan: That's what a mistrial means. I mean, now that the jury heard Rebecca's testimony that Liz was the one with the poison, case is over, at least for now, and you are free.

Liz: This is outrageous!

Grace: I know.

Liz: Rebecca is lying. My sister tried to kill me. She is guilty as hell!

Grace: I know. I know she is. You know, sometimes that's just the way it goes -- the wrong person gets off, the right person goes to jail. It just works out like that. Call my office, I'll do everything I can to help you. Has anybody ever tried to kill her?

T.C.: Liz, you are sick. Wasn't it bad enough that you were trying to ruin Eve's life by turning me and my daughters against her?

Liz: No, look what she did to me, T.C. She ruined my life.

T.C.: Damn it. You almost sent her to jail for the rest of her life for a crime that she did not commit and you knew about it.

Liz: No --

T.C.: You were the one that tried to kill her.

Liz: No. You have it all wrong. I never saw that bottle before today.

Gwen: Ok. We both know you were the one who poisoned the punch. I did not expect you to confess and I did not expect you to pin it all on Liz. Why did you do that? What's going on?

Rebecca: Oh -- that's for me to know and you to find out.

Tabitha: Why do I even bother? I was this close to having Eve Russell convicted of three attempted murders she didn't commit -- three! And then my own daughter had a fit of conscience and the good doctor gets off free. What's wrong with you, Endora? You're supposed to be a witch, not a guardian angel. If you don't start using your gifts productively, you're going to be looking at a very long time-out, young lady. Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear.

Chad: You know, I don't care who he is. Nobody talks like that to me.

Fox: You know what? Get over yourself, all right? It's one of the perks of being a Crane grandson, anyway.

Kay: I just can't believe how much he hates my family.

Valerie: This isn't about you, Kay. He was nasty to all of us.

Fox: Ok.

Chad: What I don't get is why. And what's up with him ordering us to go to the Seascape tonight?

Tabitha: Oh, oh! The Seascape is it. Wouldn't you know it? I was just feeling like a lobster roll myself. How about you? Hmm?

Chad: Well, whatever's going on, you can count me out. I'm not going.

Fox: Not going? Wait -- you're going. You don't have a choice. You got to go.

Chad: You want to bet? You know, let him fire me. I was doing a lot better before I knew my last name was Crane.

Fox: You know what? This is about more than just your career track, Chad, all right? If you don't take him up on his invitation, he's going to make your life miserable in ways that I can't even imagine.

Tabitha: And here I was feeling low. Tonight's going to be ever so much fun. Ever so much.

Martin: Hmm.

Pilar: Yeah, I wish -- anyway, I wish I knew who left the message for us to come to dinner here tonight.

Martin: Ah, who cares? It's a good excuse for us to be out, get away from some of our worries. Hey, we deserve it.

Pilar: Yeah.

Sam: Thank you.

Ivy: Are you sure that text message was from Kay?

Sam: That's what it says. She wanted us to join her and Fox for dinner.

Ivy: How nice.

Sam: You know, I haven't seen her this happy in I can't tell you how long. You don't think they're going to announce their engagement, do you?

Alistair: Everything's all set, then? Good. Yeah, I can hardly wait to see the looks on their pathetic faces once they see what I have in store for them. Yeah.

Tabitha: Your grandfather Alistair is up to something big this evening, something that will make that tsunami seem like a light spring drizzle.

Whitney: You know, I think you've finally gone over the edge. You know, if I could, I would have you committed to stop you from making the biggest mistake of your life. You're going to destroy yourself and everyone you love. Don't you see that?

Theresa: Well, that's some pretty nervy criticism coming from you, right? I mean, you ran away from the love of your life, and I'm doing everything I can to be with mine.

Whitney: Ethan's married, Theresa. You don't stand a chance.

Theresa: He loves me. So, when are you going to understand that true love really does conquer all?

Whitney: In your dreams, maybe.

Theresa: Well, it's got to start somewhere. And then you have to do everything that you can to make it reality. Look, I really would like you to back me up on this, but if you can't, it is ok because I can do this alone.

Whitney: Wait, no, no. I'm coming with you.

Theresa: Do you mean that?

Whitney: Not because I agree with what you're doing -- because I think it's the worst thing you've ever even dreamed of doing -- but I'm going because maybe, just maybe, I can try to talk you out of this whole thing before it's too late.

Theresa: No, no, Whitney, not a chance. No, you're not going to change my mind.

Whitney: Well, I'm certainly going to try.

Eve: Oh, Ethan. Oh, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You never gave up on me.

Ethan: It's all right. I wish I could take all the credit, but actually Rebecca saved you today.

Gwen: Ok, I don't get it. Why did you save Eve and pin -- pin it on Liz? I mean, what are you doing?

Rebecca: Trust me, honey. I know best.

T.C.: Honey, I'm so happy for you.

Eve: Oh, T.C., thank you! Gosh, I'm just so glad it's over.

T.C.: Now that it is over, we can pick up where we left off before the trial. With this reprieve, it'll give us a chance to put our marriage back together.

Eve: Uh, I know, T.C. It's just --

T.C.: It's not that simple, is it? Almost forgot that I found out that you were going to leave town with Julian Crane. You would be with him right now if the cops hadn't have busted you.

Eve: Well, I didn't have anything else I could do.

T.C.: So, baby, what's it going to be? Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with?

Eve: I need time. I need time to think.

T.C.: All right. I just want you to know that you will always be in my heart and I will never give up on us again.

Eve: Rebecca. I -- I don't even know what to say to thank you.

Rebecca: Oh. Don't worry about that. There will be plenty of time for that in the future. Besides, I didn't do it for you. I have a way to save Eve and all you have to do is to sign this.

Julian: Well, what is it?

Rebecca: Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. Sign it sight unseen and Eve won't go to prison.

Julian's voice: Oh, lord, what did I sign? What have you pulled off this time, Rebecca?

Eve: What's the matter?

Ethan: I just spoke to the -- to the judge.

Eve: What is it?

Julian: Is everything ok?

T.C.: Eve is free to go, isn't she? 

Tabitha: Because she's a muggle, that's why. Besides, Kay would have a fit if we had Maria at the Seascape. She'll be safe and sound here with the best nanny in the world. I borrowed her from the professor for the evening.

[Tabitha chuckles]

Tabitha: And I wouldn't miss the antics at the Seascape tonight for anything. Your grandfather is so evil, Endora. I think he should be made an honorary warlock, don't you? And to think, I thought I was going to be sitting home and knitting tonight. Cheery bye.

Pilar: Have you no shame at all?

Katherine: What? What do you mean?

Pilar: I mean, you're the one who sent the message inviting us to dine here tonight. It's another one of your desperate ploys to try to come between me and my husband.

Katherine: You're wrong, Pilar. I'm very glad that the two of you are back together again. It's what I wanted.

Pilar: Please, don't insult my intelligence. It's perfectly obvious that you tricked us into coming here tonight.

Katherine: I did no such thing. The only reason that I am here is because Sheridan invited me to dinner. I swear.

Martin: No, I'm sure that Katherine wouldn't do anything to interfere with our reconciliation.

Pilar: In any case, I think we should go somewhere else for dinner tonight.

Katherine: Please don't leave on my account. I am not going to disturb you. I'm looking forward to a nice, quiet dinner with my daughter.

Sam: Whoever would've thought that your son and my daughter would fall in love.

Ivy: Well, Sam, don't you think you're jumping the gun just a little bit? They've only been out on a couple of dates.

Sam: No, it's not how many dates they've been on. I mean, it's the way they act when they're in the same room together -- like nobody else is on the planet. Boy, they remind me of you and me when we were that age. Remember?

Ivy: Of course I remember. I love you as much today as I did back then.

Sam: Ivy, I --

Ivy: No, I know. I know. I made a terrible mistake, two terrible mistakes. The first one, I let my father force me into marrying Julian, and then when I didn't tell you about Jessica's drug problem. I'll regret my bad decision till the day I die.

Sam: We were talking about our children, remember?

Ivy: I know. I guess I'm saying, Sam, that I just -- I don't want my children to make the same mistakes I did. I want them to fall in love with the right people and stay true to their feelings no matter what or who tries to get in the way.

Fancy: We're out of our minds, you know.

Noah: If we keep seeing each other, there's going to be hell to pay.

Fancy: We both know better than to go up against my grandfather.

Noah: We sure do.

Fancy: Then why are we?

Noah: Because I'm not going to let the best thing that's ever happened to me walk away.

Fancy: Me, either. But that doesn't mean I'm not scared. I don't want anything bad to happen to you.

Noah: Hey, you're worth the risk, all right? As long as I'm with you, damn the torpedoes and the consequences. Better yet, damn your grandfather. Are you all right with that?

Fancy: To be with you, absolutely.

Sheridan: Aren't those children just wonderful?

Chris: Yeah. Didn't you just love that little boy that did the tango?

Sheridan: Yeah. He was adorable. I just wanted to reach through the screen and tell him how proud I was of him. He sort of reminded me of --

Chris: Ah. I was hoping the movie would cheer you up, not make you sad.

Sheridan: Sorry.

Chris: Is it just Marty that's making you sad?

Sheridan: What else would it be?

Chris: The other guy in your life -- Luis.

Sheridan: I -- I told you, I don't want to talk about him any more tonight.

Chris: Ok, deal. I won't talk about Maureen and you don't have to talk about Luis. Now, where does that leave us conversation-wise?

Sheridan: Well, there's always the weather.

Chris: Hmm.

Sheridan: Or sports, which I know nothing about.

[Phone beeps]

Sheridan: Oh.

Sheridan: Huh. I'm getting a text message. I hardly ever get one of these.

Chris: Who's it from?

Sheridan: I think it's from my niece, Fancy. She wants me to meet her at the Seascape.

Chris: Is that that seafood restaurant near the wharf? It's just around the corner, isn't it?

Sheridan: Yeah, but I don't have to go.

Chris: Go on. I can see you want to go. I don't mind.

Sheridan: Really? Because she did seem upset earlier. I feel like I should be there. Why don't you come with me?

Chris: I don't know if she's going to buy that.

Sheridan: Well, why wouldn't she? Of course she will. Come on, I would love for you to meet her. She's fun, cute. Everybody gets a kick out of her. It is kind of dressy, though. Do you mind changing?

Chris: Not at all. Well, then, what are we waiting for?

Sheridan: Great.

Chris: Let's go.

Alistair: Well, everyone should be getting their messages by now and be heading for the restaurant. I hope they eat before I get there because they won't have much of an appetite once I'm through with them. 

Noah: Now that we've agreed not to let your grandfather break us up, how about I take you out tonight?

Fancy: I'd like that. Where do you want to go?

Noah: You pick.

Fancy: I liked the beach.

Noah: Hmm. It's too private. I want to show the world that we're not afraid of Alistair. Let's go someplace where we're bound to run into people we know.

Fancy: I'm game. Hmm.

[Phone beeps]

Fancy: Oh. Who is this? Oh. It's a text message inviting me to the Seascape.

Noah: Ah.

Fancy: Whoo.

Noah: Whoa, whoa, wait. Is this some guy I need to be setting straight because --

Fancy: No, silly. It's probably from -- yeah, my Aunt Sheridan. When I saw her earlier, we talked about maybe getting together later. It's perfect. We can be with her and flaunt our relationship in public at the same time. Let's go change and meet up with her.

Noah: Just one thing, all right?

Fancy: What?

Ethan: The judge just let me read the verdict, Eve. They found you guilty.

Eve: Oh. Oh, my God.

Ethan: That's how close we came to losing everything.

Eve: Oh, God. I would've spent the rest of my life in prison.

T.C.: Thank God the judge declared a mistrial.

Julian: Well, it doesn't matter now. No matter how close we came to losing, it's all alright now.

Rebecca: For some of us, yeah. The rest remains to be seen.

Ethan: I'm just glad things worked out the way they did.

Julian: Well, I'll tell you, I think this calls for a victory celebration, on me.

Rebecca: Ah. That's a wonderful idea. I accept -- oh. Uh, you were inviting me, weren't you, pookie?

Julian: Yes, of course, Rebecca. You saved the day.

Ethan: I'm afraid -- afraid I can't make it, Julian. I got a note from a prospective client. I'm meeting him at the Seascape tonight.

Julian: Well, we'll all go change before we go, then, but we'll meet you there after your appointment. You can join us.

Ethan: Sounds great.

Rebecca: Well, what are we waiting for? Let the good times begin.

Julian: All right. Now, I want you to wipe that Cheshire cat grin off your face and tell me exactly what it was I signed.

Rebecca: Oh. I'll tell you -- later. Anticipation is part of the thrill. Don't you remember, pookie?

[Music plays]

Pilar: That was nice, Martin.

Martin: Just like old times, huh?

Pilar: Well, almost. Sheridan.

Sheridan: Pilar, Martin.

Pilar: Hi.

Sheridan: You've met Chris.

Pilar: Yes, hi. How are you?

Chris: Fine, thanks. Sir.

Katherine: Sheridan.

Sheridan: Hi.

Katherine: I'm so glad I got your message. But for some reason, I -- I assumed you were coming alone.

Sheridan: Mother, I didn't send you a message. I didn't even know you would be here. We're here to meet Fancy.

Pilar: Now do you believe me? She lied. She tricked us into coming here tonight.

Katherine: I certainly did not. I don't understand, though. The message was from you.

Sheridan: I didn't send you one, Mother. Tell her, Chris. We didn't even know that we were going to be here ourselves until a few minutes ago when we got Fancy's text message.

Katherine: Oh, well, then I -- I really don't understand.

Sheridan: It's ok. You can join us. I'll get the maitre d'. Enjoy your dinner.

Pilar: Sheridan, um --

Sheridan: What's wrong?

Pilar: I don't want to meddle where it's not my place, but what about Luis?

Sheridan: What about him?

Pilar: Well, you're on a date with this Chris person.

Katherine: Honey, you haven't given up on the love of your life, have you?

Martin: You know Luis is my son, don't you?

Chris: Yes, of course I do.

Martin: Yeah, well --

Chris: He sounds like a good man.

Martin: Yes, he is. There's something that you should know. Whatever problems that Luis and Sheridan experienced before he left town to go find their son, my namesake grandson, they were very much in love with one another.

Sam: You know, I'm so glad we came out tonight, get my mind off my problems.

Ivy: Well, that was the point. You deserve a break.

Fox: Huh. Busy place tonight. You know, I wonder if it's a coincidence that everyone we know is in that room or if Alistair had his hand in this.

Chad: Well, there's only one way to find out.

Fox: Yeah. Wait, hold on a second, though. We should get a drink first. I have a feeling we're going to need it.

Alistair: They're all going to need a stiff drink once I'm through with them.

Kay: Oh, I don't believe this. Will you excuse me for a second?

Fox: Yeah, sure.

Kay: Tabitha, what on earth are you doing here?

Tabitha: Hmm-hmm! Oh, look who's here, Endora. What a coincidence.

Kay: Well, what are you doing out this late with her? Who's watching Maria?

Tabitha: Oh, don't worry, Kay. Maria is fine. She's with the best nanny in the world. Trust me, I should know.

Kay: Oh -- oh, my gosh, you conjured somebody up. Ok, this is great.

Tabitha: She's the very, very best, dear. Oh, come on, Kay. What's the point of being a witch --

Kay: Shh!

Tabitha: If you can't have a bit of --

Kay: Somebody is going to hear you.

Tabitha: Really, dear, relax. You worry too much. If you must know, Endora and I are here because we have reason to believe that tonight is going to be a very exciting night at the Seascape.

Kay: You do?

Tabitha: Hmm, we do. And we don't want to miss a minute of it. Frankly, I'm sick and tired of sitting at home on the sidelines watching evil unfold in my bowl of water. This time, I want to be a part of the action. And I have this amazing craving for lobster.

Kay: Well, I'm glad you're in such a jolly mood tonight, ok? Because I'm freaking out. Alistair ordered me and Fox and Chad and Valerie to come here tonight -- or else.

Tabitha: Yes, yes, I know, dear.

Kay: Wait -- you were spying on me again in that bowl of yours?

Tabitha: Well, of course. Although, I did swear off peaking at you and Fox when you were -- well, you know, when you were alone together.

Kay: Oh --

Tabitha: Well, how am I going to know what's going on around town if I can't use my magic bowl?

Kay: Keep your voice down. Jeez. Well, if you were eavesdropping on everybody, then you must know what Alistair's up to tonight.

Tabitha: Not necessarily, no.

Kay: Tabitha, listen to me, ok? If you know, you have to tell me, because I can't -- I can't take the suspense. It's driving me crazy.

Tabitha: I can't tell you, dear. And, in fact, if I could, I wouldn't, because it would ruin the surprise!

Kay: Oh, thanks. Thanks a lot. Gee.

Tabitha: Well, aren't you going to invite me to have a nice cocktail with you lot over there?

Kay: No, I'm not. Besides, they don't serve martimmys here, ok? Bye.

Tabitha: What sort of an establishment is this, anyway? Uh-oh. Here comes the courthouse crew, ready to celebrate Eve's victory. Yes, yes, yes, I know, dear. Yes, I see, that's your father, but I'm in no mood to deal with him tonight. All he'll want to do is ruin our fun. Come on, let's boogie.

Pilar: Well, Sheridan? What about Luis? I mean, you know he loves you.

Katherine: And you love him, too.

Sheridan: Look, Chris and I are just friends. In fact, he's trying to talk me into joining Luis in his search.

Pilar: Oh, that's wonderful. Luis would be happy.

Sheridan: Did you hear about what happened in Spain?

Pilar: Actually, yes, and I've been a wreck about it. I'm sorry. I wanted to tell you right away, but -- well, Luis made me promise not to. He was so disappointed that he came so close to finding Beth and Marty, and then he didn't.

Sheridan: I don't blame him. My father's an absolute monster, and he'll stop at nothing to keep me away from my little boy.

Katherine: And Luis.

Chris: There's no cause for alarm, Mr. Fitzgerald. I know that Sheridan and Luis belong together. I even want your son to find little Marty and to come home so that he and Sheridan can pick up where they left off.

Martin: Yeah, well, we all want that.

Chris: Look, Sheridan's a good friend. And I owe her a lot for looking after my son, especially since I lost my wife in the tsunami. I just thought she needed a night out, you know? And that's all this is.

Martin: Well, maybe I jumped to the wrong conclusion. You know, so many things have been going wrong for so many people lately, it's -- it's the way that my mind's starting to work.

Chris: Well, no -- no harm done, sir.

Sam: Hey.

Ivy: Hi.

Sam: How's it going? Hey, honey.

Kay: Hey, Dad.

Sam: There you are.

Kay: What are you doing here?

Sam: Very funny. You invited us. Hey, Fox.

Fox: Hey.

Sam: How's it going?

Fox: Good to see you.

Kay: Oh -- we didn't invite you. I mean, not that we're not glad to see you, but --

Fox: Ahem.

Sam: You're joking, right? I got a text message from you inviting us to have dinner with you.

Kay: I didn't send it. I mean, Fox and I came with Chad and Valerie because -- for a whole other reason.

Fox: This can't be good.

Ivy: You don't know what's going on?

Fox: Uh-uh. All I know is my grandfather ordered Valerie, Chad, Kay, and me to come to the Seascape. He was in a foul mood, and then he said -- what'd he say? He was going to give us what we deserve?

Kay: Yeah.

Fox: Yeah.

Ivy: Oh, boy. And you don't know what he meant?

Fox: I wish I did. But I do know it can't be good.

Ivy: No.

Fancy: I can't believe we're out in public on an honest-to-god date.

Noah: Believe it. I got big plans for us later tonight.

Fancy: Me, too. Oh. Hey.

Sheridan: Hey.

Fancy: You got here fast. Thanks for the invite.

Sheridan: But you invited me.

Fancy: No. No, I didn't.

Katherine: I don't like this.

Sheridan: Wait, this is really strange. My mother thought that I invited her. This -- this doesn't make any sense.

Katherine: Oh, yes, it does -- if you think about someone who loves pulling the strings.

Sheridan: My father.

Katherine: I bet you he got all of us here tonight under false pretenses. Otherwise, nobody would come.

Noah: What the hell does he want?

Sheridan: I have a feeling we're going to find out, whether we want to or not.

Katherine: Oh, I got a very bad feeling about this.

Martin: So do I.

Sheridan: Well, you're going to get to meet my father, after all.

Pilar: I'm not afraid of Alistair. I mean, what more harm can he do to us than he already has? And we're still standing.

Martin: Yeah, well, I don't know about that, Pilar. I have a feeling we all better brace ourselves. Alistair's capable of things that we can't even imagine in our worst, most horrible dreams.

Ethan: Well, my message said that I was supposed to meet a prospective client here tonight.

Gwen: Are you sure it's a fake?

Ethan: Yeah, I am now. The maitre d' said there's nobody here looking for me.

Gwen: Oh. I told you Alistair would try to pull something creepy when he hooked up with Theresa.

Ethan: No, wait. We -- we don't know that Theresa has anything to do with this.

Rebecca: Well, you could be right. Alistair could have done this all on his own, but what does he want with all of us?

Ethan: And where is he?

Sheridan: I haven't seen him, but I'm sure that wherever he is, he's watching us all scramble around in a panic just waiting for the right moment to show up.

Sam: Well, it seems you were brought here under false pretenses, too.

Fancy: I'm so sorry, Noah. I should have been more on guard.

Noah: Hey, how do you guard against a monster who goes to all this trouble to manipulate people's lives? There's no way this is your fault.

Fancy: He is my grandfather.

Noah: Hey, I told you, I don't care, all right? You and I are together now. Alistair can do whatever he wants. Nothing's going to change that.

Ivy: I'm afraid whatever Alistair has in mind, it's a lot bigger than just you and Fancy. He wants all of us here to see it.

Sam: Well, I'm not going to stick around here for a sick sideshow. I'm out of here.

Ivy: No, Sam, just stay, because leaving will only exacerbate the situation.

Sam: Well, I don't see how. Alistair's already done his worst to me and my family.

Ivy: Don't ask, Sam. Because I'm afraid we're all about to find out.

Chad: Anyone want to get a table while we wait for the ax to fall?

Valerie: It doesn't matter to me.

Kay: Uh-uh. I couldn't eat anything right now, anyway.

Fox: Yeah, I don't think so.

Fox: What the -- Whitney, too, huh? What the hell are you up to, Grandfather?

Endora: Ah.

Eve: Julian, I can't believe how many people are here that we know tonight. Did you call them on our way from the courthouse and invite them?

Julian: No, I didn't.

T.C.: I knew this was a setup. So what's your story, Julian?

Julian: What are you talking about?

T.C.: Well, isn't it obvious?

Eve: I don't understand. Why are you looking at Julian that way?

T.C.: Ask him, Eve. I'll bet he has a great idea why we're all here tonight.

Eve: Do you?

Julian: My father.

T.C.: You're damn right it's your father. I just got finished talking to Sam. We've been tricked to come here tonight. Julian, what are you and your father up to?

Julian: T.C., I'm as much in the dark on this as you are.

T.C.: Yeah, right.

Eve: Oh, goodness. I was hoping the bad old times were over. What could Alistair want with all of us?

Julian: I don't know, but we're leaving. We've already been through too much. Tonight was supposed to be a victory celebration, not some sick excuse for Father to use his psychological torture on us. T.C., I have no idea what this is about. I want no part of it.

T.C.: For once, I almost believe you, Julian.

Julian: Let's leave before Father shows up.

[Utensil taps glass]

Alistair: Don't leave, especially since I've gone to so much trouble assembling you all here in one place. I promise that your attendance will be well worth your while. This evening is going to be one that you'll never forget, no matter how much you try.

Alistair: I am very pleased that all of you could join me this evening. I made arrangements to make tonight very special. And I wanted each and every one of you to be an important part of it.

Tabitha: Oh, my devils, this is going to be a beauty. Here comes the bombshell.

Alistair: I have a special gift for everyone here, one that will show exactly how I feel about you.

Sam: Oh, come on, Crane. Whatever your dirty work is, get it out, so we all can go home and get on with our lives.

Alistair: No wonder things didn't work out for you as police chief. You have to learn patience. Anticipation -- very important. Makes the thrill that much more meaningful. Isn't that what you always say, Rebecca?

Rebecca: Well -- yes.

T.C.: Just tell us what the hell this is all about.

Alistair: Patience for you, too, T.C. I want to thank all of you for contributing to my little surprise tonight. You did it in various ways. I also want you all to know that from this night forward, everything is going to change. The house of Crane will never be the same.

Julian: What does that mean?

Noah: House of Crane? What is this, a bad horror movie?

Katherine: I don't think I've ever seen him look so smug.

Whitney: Oh, God, please don't let this be what I think it is.

Pilar: I don't like the sound of this.

Alistair: Relax, everyone. Weddings are joyous occasions.

Sheridan: Weddings? What is he talking about?

[Crowd murmurs]

Rebecca: Wedding? Well, who's he going to marry? I mean, I always thought that if pookie and I got divorced, I could marry him.

Alistair: All right, all right, all right. Everyone, please, just calm down. All right? I want to introduce you all to my beautiful bride before we have the ceremony.

On the Next Passions:

Pilar: No daughter of mine will ever marry you, Alistair! I forbid it!

Spike: You aren't taking Jessica anywhere.

Kay: Well, if things had been different, do you think you would still be with Whitney?

Noah: Fancy, don't --

Fancy: We need to stick to our original decision and not see each other anymore.

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