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Fox: I didn't compare you to any of them. I told you about them because you asked me about them. Now, how can you get mad at me for that?

Kay: How could I not be?

Simone: I love you, Rae. And I love being here with you.

Rae: I love you, too, Simmy. I'm glad you could come here when you needed a place to go.

Simone: Things are so messed up at home. My sister's checked herself in a convent so she doesn't sleep with her half brother anymore, and my mom can't decide whether she wants to take my dad back or marry her lover. As for what happens next, I stopped trying to guess a long time ago.

Rae: I predict that you are going to be kissed by someone very special.

Simone: I'm so glad I have you, Rae. With everything else so messed up, it feels great to know that that I am going to be with you for the rest of my life.

Rae: Whoa, Simone. Back up.

Simone: What?

Rae: Just because we're spending time together doesn't mean that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

[Knock on door]

Eve: Sheridan? Julian.

Julian: May I -- may I come in?

Eve: Yes. What are you doing here?

Julian: Well, you never got around to having dinner at the Seascape, so I took the liberty of ordering in.

Eve: Did you do all of this for me?

Julian: I couldn't very well let the woman I love and adore go to sleep hungry, could I?

Noah: Fancy, you're incredible, and so damn beautiful.

Fancy: Oh, you're incredible, too, Noah. You're so sexy and hot. Thank God we finally found a place to be alone.

Noah: Yeah. Can't believe we're actually inside your aunt's cottage -- mmm -- on the Crane grounds. Who would've thought living dangerously would be such a turn-on, huh?

Fancy: Well, we'll be safe as long as my grandfather doesn't know that we're here. If he knew that we were about to make love --

Noah: Shh, shh, shh. I won't tell if you don't.

Fancy: Deal.

Ethan: Yes, I'm still holding. You are doing the right thing.

Gwen: Honey, please don't call the police.

Ethan: What do you mean? He just raped her.

Gwen: Are you sure? Are you sure? Or is this just another one of her ploys to get you closer to her?

Ethan: Gwen, she's not going to cry "rape."

Rebecca: Oh, please. Never say never as far as Theresa is concerned. After everything she's done -- I mean, why don't I get my list?

Ethan: Stop it. Stop it. If she is trying something, it's not going to work, ok? I love you. You're my best friend. You're my wife. I'm not going to leave you.

Alistair: Did you hear that, Theresa? Even the specter of the big, bad me brutalizing his daughter's mother is not enough to have Ethan leave Gwen. I guess the only way you can get him back is to have me prove that the Hotchkiss ladies went public with Ethan's paternity and not you. But then again, if you send me to jail, you'll spend the rest of your life without Ethan. I guarantee it.

Fox: The truth is I love spending time with you. Spending the entire day with you and the girls was absolutely amazing.

Kay: Yeah, well, I don't care anymore.

Fox: Why, huh? Because I told you about some of my ex-girlfriends because you asked me to tell you about them?

Kay: Oh. Wait, do you see any relish around?

Fox: What the hell are you talking about, relish?

Kay: Oh, no, you used it when you were describing all your ex-girlfriends.

Fox: I didn't relish talking about my ex-girlfriends. I told you about them because you insisted and you kept insisting that I tell you about them.

Kay: Oh, so now it's my fault that you're a womanizer?

Fox: You know, I can't even -- I told you, didn't I, that no good would come of this? But you just wouldn't listen.

Kay: Ok. I admit it, all right, I was curious. But now it's your turn.

Fox: My turn for what?

Kay: To admit that you want your ex-girlfriends back.

Fox: What the hell are you talking about?

Kay: You can't stand the fact that you are dating a single mom who works at your family's fish factory.

[Glass breaks]

Noah: What was that?

Fancy: A photograph. Oh, no, the glass broke.

Noah: Ah, I'll replace it.

Fancy: Poor Aunt Sheridan. Look how happy she used to be.

Noah: Oh, it's Luis.

Fancy: I know. I've seen pictures of him and my Aunt Sheridan in the tabloids.

Noah: Yeah, when my dad was chief of police, he used to email me about what was going on in Harmony. He said Luis was a great cop. Now my dad's out of a job and Luis is out of the country looking for his son with Sheridan.

Fancy: God, when I think about what she's been through -- one horrible thing after another. You know she was on the boat that exploded? She had amnesia, got kidnapped, had her son stolen away from her, lost Luis. And if the tabloids are right, my grandfather is responsible for most of the torture that Sheridan suffered.

Noah: Yeah, she's had a rough go of it, huh? But if she has half the moxie you do, I'm sure she'll be able to take whatever's thrown at her, huh?

Fancy: You think I have moxie?

Noah: Oh, the way you tackled that sewer of a restroom at the roadhouse? I think you've got moxie to spare. Plus, you're sweet and funny and crazy and -- what else? Well, you're sexy and gorgeous, too.

Fancy: Well, Mr. Bennett, besides being an excellent judge of character --

[Noah laughs]

Fancy: You have amazing lips, attached to an incredible face, resting on a chiseled body, powered by a big heart and a noble character.

Noah: God, I want you.

Fancy: It was nice of Aunt Sheridan to let us have her cottage all to ourselves.

Noah: Yeah. Let's make the most of it, huh?

Fancy: Noah, I'm sorry. How can I enjoy myself knowing the pain my aunt's been through?

Noah: Well, for starters, we can --

Fancy: No, forget it, Noah. I can't be with you.

Noah: Whoa. Hey, Fancy, wait, there --

Alistair: I mean, look at them together. There's Ethan and Gwen, and then there's Rebecca hovering. You think that you can really go against those two without my power behind you, hmm? The only way you're going to get him back is to have me prove that the Hotchkiss ladies were the ones that made public Ethan's paternity, it wasn't you. But if you send me to jail, you and Ethan are over with. I guarantee it.

Ethan: Yes, this is Ethan Winthrop. I want to report a crime, please.

Alistair: Just -- just a minute here, Ethan. We aren't sure that a crime actually happened here.

Ethan: Can you hold for a second, please? She said you raped her. That's a crime.

Alistair: First of all, that's not true. Secondly, in order for me to be arrested, that means that Theresa has to press charges, and I, for one, have heard nothing like that at all.

Ethan: Of course she's going to press charges, Alistair. After what you did to her? Won't you, Theresa? Theresa, tell me you're going to press charges against for Alistair for raping you. Tell me.

Noah: Fancy -- what's wrong, huh? Why did you run out of your aunt's cottage the way you did?

Fancy: I got upset seeing Aunt Sheridan's picture, how happy she used to be compared to how miserable she is now. I can't imagine losing everything Sheridan's lost -- her son, the man she loves.

Noah: Yeah, it's rough. But, you know, I'm surprised to see you so upset for her.

Fancy: What, you don't think I'm able of feeling someone else's pain?

Noah: That's not what --

Fancy: That I'm just rich, selfish, and shallow?

Noah: I'm not saying that.

Fancy: It's all right, Noah. I'm not upset.

Noah: Yes, you are. But seeing you care about someone -- well, it makes me care about you even more.

Fancy: Really?

Noah: Being with you, dodging bullets and thugs together, surviving a tsunami together, fishing, dancing on the beach together -- I've never felt the way you make me feel before.

Fancy: Well, since you're being honest, I will be, too. I love the way you make me feel. I don't quite understand it, but I definitely love it.

Fancy: I've read about moments like this, but actually being in one with you is -- oh --

Noah: Exactly.

[Noah and Fancy hum]

Noah: Whoa.

[Fancy screams]

Noah: Fancy, I was planning to dip you, but not like that. Fancy? Oh, my God, Fancy! Whoa! Whoa!

Julian: Everything to your liking?

Eve: Mmm, so much to my liking. I do feel a little guilty, though.

Julian: Well, to hell with watching our carbs. We can't deny ourselves the pleasure they bring.

Eve: No, I mean about T.C.

Julian: Of course.

Eve: It's just I need time to think about what I should do, if I should be with him or with you.

Julian: Would you answer me this -- things were good between us, weren't they?

Eve: Yes, Julian. I love you dearly and deeply. It's just my daughters and the family that T.C. and I built together. Now suddenly Whitney is in a convent and Simone is dealing with needs and issues that are going to have a profound impact on her life.

Julian: What's going on with Simone? Is she all right?

Eve: I wish I could confide in you, Julian, but Simone asked me not to betray her confidence. And since I already betrayed Whitney's confidence by telling you that Chad was really Miles' father, I don't want to alienate Simone by repeating what she told me in private.

Julian: I understand.

Eve: I think Simone has such a difficult time ahead of her. It's almost a certainty, given her situation.

Simone: But I thought you loved me. I thought we had something special.

Rae: We do, Simone.

Simone: Then why say that you don't want to spend the rest of your life with me? We're perfect for each other.

Rae: You're acting like a 12-year-old.

Simone: And you are being hateful.

Rae: Just chill, ok? Yes, we love each other and we're having a great time together, so why don't we just leave it at that? We both have a lot of living to do to be in a committed relationship right now.

Simone: But I thought you were the one.

Rae: Baby, I'm your first one. There's a difference. We're young. We have a lot of women to meet, be with. This forever stuff -- it comes later. And when it does, you'll know.

Simone: But I do know, Rae. It's you. You are the one for me, now and forever. You have to be!

Rae: Look, Simone, the drama meter's creeping up to the danger zone, so before we have a meltdown, I think you should leave.

Simone: But you said I could stay here tonight.

Rae: I know, and I'm sorry, but I think it's best if you leave now.

Ethan: Theresa, you are going to press charges against Alistair for rape, right? Just say the word, say the word and the police will come and haul his hateful, abusive butt to jail.

Theresa's voice: What if Alistair is right? What if I can't prove that Gwen sent the information without his help? What if Ethan stays married to Gwen because I sent Alistair to prison?

Ethan: Theresa, listen to me, don't be afraid. I will protect you from him. You have my word.

Rebecca: And his word is all you are ever going to get of Ethan, Theresa.

Gwen: Ditto that.

Theresa: I've thought about it. And, no, I'm not going to press charges against Alistair.

Julian: [French accent] Voila. This is madam's favorite dessert, is it not?

Eve: Well, yes, it is. Merci beaucoup.

Julian: [Normal voice] De nada.

Eve: Julian, you are so good to me, and I so love you for it.

Julian: Pleasing you pleases me to no end. I hope you'll allow me to love and take care of you for the rest of your life.

Eve: You're making it very hard for me to imagine my life without you.

Julian: Well, that's why I'm here, to convince you that you can't live without me.

Eve: I know, and I don't want to, you know, it's just T.C. and I have been together for a long time.

Julian: I know you're still trying to decide who you want to be with, but for me there is no question. I want to grow old with you, Eve. I'm not going to leave here until you tell me that you choose to grow old with me as my wife.

Fox: Hey. Look, I mean, you're kind of -- you're freaking out right now. There's really no reason for you to be freaking out, ok? I don't care that you work at the cannery. I know you're a single mom. So what? I mean, I know you didn't plan on raising Maria by yourself. You wanted to marry Miguel. From where I'm standing, he was a fool not to make you his wife.

Kay: You're just saying that.

Fox: No, I'm just saying it because it's true. You're beautiful, you're smart, you're sexy, you're funny, you're fun to be with. I know I'm smitten with you.

Kay: Really?

Fox: Yeah, really. I mean, I'm glad we're together.

Kay: Well, I'm crazy about you.

Fox: Well, ok.

Kay: But why would you want to be with somebody like me when you could be with someone like Tatiana? I'm nothing compared to those girls.

Fox: That's not true. You're wonderful. You're absolutely wonderful.

Kay: Yeah, but they're better. They're perfect.

Fox: No, they're not perfect.

Kay: I know you want to be with them, ok? I can see it in your eyes.

Fox: Well, then you need glasses because you're wrong. I thought last night proved that.

Kay: Yeah, well, it was dark, ok? I was there. You're a guy.

Fox: Oh, you know what? I guess you're right.

Kay: What?

Fox: Yeah, no, I'd give anything to have Tatiana back right now because you are driving me absolutely crazy. Stupid. Look, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that.

Kay: No, no, you're not sorry, ok? You were finally being honest. You do want to be with somebody else, anybody else but me.

Fox: All right, that's -- hold --

Ethan: I'm sorry, I can't believe what I just heard. Did you just say you're not going to press charges against Alistair?

Theresa: No, Ethan, I'm not going to press charges.

Rebecca: Well, it's just as I said -- Theresa cried "wolf" just to get your attention, and as usual it worked.

Ethan: Is she right? Did you -- what did you do? Did you mess yourself up like this and then say that he raped you just to get my attention?

Theresa: It's complicated.

Alistair: This has just been a simple misunderstanding, right, Theresa? See? So why don't we all go back to our rooms and forget this little drama ever happened?

Ethan: You can't do this. You cannot let him get away with raping you.

Theresa: You know what, Ethan? Look, I can't press charges. What Alistair and I did -- it was -- it was consensual.

Ethan: It was consen-- you look like you wrestled a bear and you lost!

Theresa: I'm fine. I'm totally fine.

Ethan: No, you're not fine! Something happened here. I don't know what you said and I don't know what kind of threat you made to her to keep her from pressing charges, but you're not getting away with this, Alistair!

Alistair: I never threatened Theresa, did I?

Theresa: No. He never threatened me.

Rebecca: Honestly, Theresa. Countless women are raped every day and their lives are totally ruined by this. I mean, how can you be so indifferent to their suffering, to lie to Ethan just so he doesn't realize what a sleaze you are? No, I for one am on to you. And this whole just shameless melodrama ploy did not work. Ethan is still off-limits. Comprende?

Gwen: Honey, let's just go back to bed. Hopefully this was the last time Theresa interrupts us tonight.

Alistair: You did the right thing. And I know just how to reward you.

Fancy: Noah, stop. We can't do this.

Noah: Fancy? What's wrong, huh? I mean, don't you want me?

Fancy: Of course I do.

Noah: Then what is it?

Noah: You're right. I left them back at the cottage.

Fancy: I want you, Noah, but we have to be responsible.

Noah: No exceptions. Not even for the most desirable, beautiful, crazy rich girl I've ever met.

Fancy: If you weren't so hot and funny and gorgeous, I'd --

Noah: You'd what?

Fancy: Never mind. Just kiss me.

Noah: What is it now?

Fancy: Um -- we're still being irresponsible.

Noah: You can't tell? We still have our clothes on, you know.

Fancy: No, I mean being here, where anyone could see us and tell Grandfather I was with you.

Noah: No one's seen us yet.

Fancy: So let's keep it that way and head back to Aunt Sheridan's cottage before our luck runs out.

Fox: Kay? Kay, where are you?

Fox: Damn it, where'd she go? How am I supposed to make you understand how I feel about you if you're not here to listen to what I have to say, huh? God, how stupid am I, telling her that I wish I was with Tatiana. Stupid. Not to mention ridiculous. I mean, that Tatiana was a piece of work. She had a list of dermatologists and surgeons lined up to prove that one. But Kay is -- she's real, you know, first of all. She's beautiful, inside and out. She's tender, but she's sweet. Now I'm making her sound like a good ear of corn. Regroup here, Fox, pull it together. Kay, if you -- if you can hear me, can you just come out so we can talk this through, huh? I really care about you. I care about you and Maria a lot.

Julian: Please, be with me.

Eve: Julian. I just wish it were that simple. But when I think that I have a chance to get my family back, that I could fix what I broke -- I don't even know if it matters now that Whitney is in a convent and Simone is facing her own challenges. I don't know. I just know that I want my girls to be happy.

Simone: Mom, I need you so much.

Eve: Oh, baby.

Rebecca: Do not waste another second of your strength just worrying about Theresa. Save all that nice strength for my Gwennie.

Ethan: I think you're wrong. I think he raped her.

Rebecca: And I think that you are a sucker who falls for every sob story that Theresa comes up with. I mean, honestly, Ethan, when are you going to realize that Theresa is nothing but a lying little tramp?

Alistair: You were very wise in not pressing charges against me, Theresa. Unlike Sheridan, who is living without Luis, you will end up living with Ethan. All you have to do is be nice to me anytime I'm in the mood -- which I'm sure will be quite often.

Theresa: Sheridan -- Sheridan was nice to you, Alistair, after every horrible thing that you ever did to her, and you still kept her from being with Luis.

Alistair: I was only trying to protect her from hooking up with a common lowlife like Luis.

Theresa: That common lowlife is my brother.

Alistair: Yes, yes, I know. And you are my ex-housekeeper's daughter.

Theresa: So, are you saying that I'm good enough to be your plaything in bed and nothing else?

Alistair: Aptly put, darling. Aptly put.

Theresa: No wonder everyone hates you, Alistair, including your child.

Alistair: I hate her more. She cost me the only woman I ever loved.

Theresa: Who?

Alistair: Never mind.

Theresa: Of course never mind because you've never loved anyone but yourself.

Alistair: That is not true. I love Fancy with all of my heart. She is a true Crane all the way to her core. I just don't want her tainted by hanging around with weaklings like Julian and Sheridan.

[Knock on door]

Guard: Excuse me.

Alistair: What is it?

Guard: Mr. Crane, there's something you need to know.

Alistair: Are you sure?

Guard: Positive, sir.

Alistair: Damn. All right. Be ready when I return.

Fox: Man. Just wish I could make her understand, you know, everybody has insecurities, even me. I mean, hell, I used to think that women only wanted to be me because of my money, you know, and that I was actually boring.

Kay: Huh?

Fox: Or, you know, worse than that, that I was just lousy in bed.

Kay: What?

Fox: Kay is -- she's real. She's -- she's genuine. When I find her, if I find her, that's what I'm going to tell her. I'm going to say, "Kay, you have no reason to feel insecure. All those other women that I dated, they were hollow and shallow, and you're perfect. You're fantastic, you're wonderful, you're beautiful -- just hot. And after being with you, I can't even imagine being with any of those girls." That's what I'll say to her. If I could just find her so I could convince her of that -- she either can't hear me or she doesn't care what the hell I'm saying.

Kay: I -- I must be losing my mind to have gone off on him like that. I've got to catch up with him and apologize. Otherwise, I'm going to lose him.

[Kay screams]

Man: You're pretty. You don't look happy, though. That's ok, though. I'm going to put a smile on both our faces.

Julian: Simone, I hope whatever's upsetting you turns out to be ok.

Eve: My poor baby. Oh. So is it Rae? Did she do or say something to hurt you?

Simone: Well, we were in bed talking, and I thought everything was ok, but Rae didn't. She was so mean to me. Mom, my own girlfriend was so mean to me.

Rebecca: Ok, so Theresa was a little bit more unkempt than usual, but, you know, a torn dress and messy hair do not prove rape, ok? Yeah, where were the bruises? Where were the cuts and scratches? Look, we all know that Theresa could hold her own with the Tasmanian Devil, so if Alistair had tried to rape her, well, then she would've ripped him to shreds and beat him with a bedpost, right? But he did not have a scratch.

Gwen: That's true. He didn't.

Rebecca: So whatever she did she did to get your attention, as usual.

Gwen: I think that you should listen to my mother this time.

[Ethan sighs]

Ethan: I can't -- all right. All right, you're right. I mean, why the heck would Theresa not press charges if Alistair really raped her?

Theresa: I love you so much, Ethan. But what I have to do to be a family with you, little Ethan, and Jane is killing me. Our price to be together is my very soul.

Fox: Kay? Where are you, Kay?

Man: Too bad your guy can't find you, huh, babe? His loss is my gain, though. Now what do you say we start getting happy?

[Muffled scream]

Fancy: I have wanted you since that day in Vegas when I saw you across the pool.

Noah: And I've wanted you since the first moment I saw you, too.

Fancy: Then I guess what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas.

Noah: I'm not complaining. Are you?

Alistair: Fancy. Fancy?

Fancy: Oh, my God! Grandfather!

Alistair: Fancy, where the hell are you?

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Theresa: We still love each other. This says there's hope for us, that says that we can still be together.

Ethan: No, we -- we can't.

Theresa: Yes, we can.

Tabitha: Endora, your half brother, Fox, has been reduced to a human punching bag.

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