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Ethan: Are you ok? We're ok. We're alive.

Theresa: Yeah. Where are we?

Ethan: I don't know. Oh, my god. We're in my old tree house, is where we are.

Theresa: Oh -- what?

Ethan: Yeah, Alistair had -- had this thing built for Fox and me when we were little, right here in the middle of the park.

Theresa: I didn't know it was here.

Ethan: You weren't supposed to know, Theresa. It was a secret. Yeah, Alistair used to come up here with us and we used to spy on everyone down there.

Theresa: Spying lessons, huh? That sounds like Alistair. Oh, thank god it's here, because if it wasn't here, we would be dead right now.

Ethan: Yeah, don't -- don't speak too soon.

Theresa: What? Ethan?

Ethan: It's another wave. It's coming in.

Theresa: No.

Ethan: No, wait -- wait, wait, wait, it might -- I think it's hit the beach already, it's already hit the wharf, and it might be headed towards the community center, Theresa. I don't think it's going to hit us. I don't think it's -- Theresa? Hey, hey. Theresa? Theresa, hey -- wake up. Theresa, come on.

Chad: You know, I feel guilty. I mean, it's hell out there, and we're -- we're snug as three bugs up here. Maybe I should go out there and help.

Whitney: Chad, you're helping by protecting me and Miles.

Chad: Yeah, right. We are lucky. I mean, the Cranes built this place to withstand anything. I mean, we even have an emergency generator.

Whitney: Yeah, I just hope everyone else is ok. I mean, my mother and father were on the way when the wave hit. What about them?

Chad: Now, I'm sure they're all right, all right?

Whitney: Well, I'm not, and they're not answering their cell phone. And what about Aunt Liz and Theresa? I guess I can just be thankful that Simone is out in California and she missed this whole disaster, right?

Chad: Yeah, yeah.

Whitney: Look at Miles. He slept through the whole entire thing.

Chad: That's because you're here. I mean, I know he feels safe when you're near, and you should be around him all the time.

Whitney: Don't start, ok?

Chad: Come on, Whitney, don't you get it? You need to be a part of your baby's life. Look at him. It's what he wants. It's what you want.

Sheridan: I'm coming, sweetie. I'm coming. Hang on.

Maureen: Save him!

Sheridan: I got you. Come on. Ugh -- ugh -- agh!

Maureen: Thank you, god.

Sheridan: Maureen!

Mark: Mommy.

Sheridan: My god, what's wrong with you? Maureen!

Sam: That wave is headed straight for us!

Man: Let's get everyone downstairs.

Sam: No, no, no. Better take our chances up here, all right? Brace yourselves against that wall.

Fox: God, what's the second wave going to do?

Sam: It might be worse than the first one.

Fox: All right, well, let's hope we can ride it out.

Sam: Dear god, I hope Jessica's ok.

Kay: Oh, my god, here it comes!

Sam: Come on, get down.

[Jessica screams]

Jessica: Help me! Daddy! Daddy! Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! You.

Tabitha: Oh, I hope your Auntie Kay's all right -- and that stupid Edna Wallace. What was she thinking when she left the safety of this house, foolish old bitty. Agh.

Mrs. Wallace: Help -- agh -- have mercy on me, big guy! Mercy!

Tabitha: She may have to pay for that decision with her life.

Pilar: Martin, I'm worried about all our loved ones, too, but you're not -- god, you're not thinking about Katherine at a time like this, are you?

Martin: Of course not. I'm worried about our children.

Pilar: I'm so worried about Theresa. I mean, she left right after that first wave hit.

Little Ethan: Abuela?

Pilar: I'm right here, mijo. Grandma's right here.

Martin: God forgive me for lying to my wife. Where are you, Katherine? I pray you're safe up at the mansion.

Katherine: Thank you, thank you, whoever you are! Your coffin saved my life -- oh!

Julian: All right, I want you to hang on tight. It's going to hit any second.

Liz: Kiss me, Julian, before it's too late.

Julian: Stop, and I'll never betray Eve, never!

Liz: Kiss me!

T.C.: Come on, sweetheart, hurry!

Eve: But the wave's almost here! Ah! The wave -- it's coming!

T.C.: Let's get in this car. It'll save us. Come on!

[Eve screams]

[Fancy screams]

Fancy: Don't let me go!

Noah: I won't! Come on.

Fancy: Oh, what can we do?

Noah: Whoa. Hold on, we're going to hit the building! Come here!

[Fancy screams]

Whitney: Chad, don't start in with the guilt, ok? You don't understand.

Chad: Don't I? Whitney, you fought your way across Harmony in an earthquake to make sure Miles was ok. Then you throw your body on top of him to protect him when the aftershock hits. Really, Whitney, come on. You love him and you want to be with him. He's in your heart, and you can't deny what's in your heart.

Whitney: I have to deny what's in my heart, Chad. I have to.

Liz: Save -- Julian, save me!

Julian: Then hang on!

Liz: Oh -- you're damn right I will. Get used to me in your arms, Julian.

Julian: What kind of a witch are you?

Liz: Oh, you will make love to me. You will betray Eve just like you did that night all those years ago.

Julian: You're out of your mind! It never happened! It never happened!

Liz: Oh, yes, it did, and I can prove it.

T.C.: It's getting higher.

Eve: Oh, god. Half of Harmony must be underwater if it's this high. Oh. Oh, I hope Whitney is safe.

T.C.: Chad's studio is on the third floor. I'm sure that he's going to take good care of her and the baby.

Eve: I'm so glad Simone's in California on a school trip. T.C., are we safe in here? The water's getting even higher. Oh, god. Oh.

Jessica: Where did you come from?

Simone: Shut up, Jessica, and help me! I can't hold you much longer.

Jessica: I am trying!

Ethan: Theresa? Wake up, honey. Come on, wake up. Come on, give me a sign. What -- what is wrong -- oh, my god. Oh, my god, Theresa. Oh, god, Theresa! Theresa, wake up!

Katherine: I don't know if I can hang on any longer! Help! Help!

Martin: Pilar, come here. I think there's a woman out there on the water.

Pilar: Oh, my god. She'll drown. What are you doing? You can't go out there.

Martin: I have to. I couldn't live with myself if I just stood here.

Pilar: Oh, god, please be careful. Death is walking out there tonight. Careful, Martin.

Martin: All right.

Pilar: Oh, my god. Oh, god, please, please help my husband save that woman and keep him safe. We all need him so much. Ok.

Katherine: Ah -- oh -- help! Someone -- help me! Help! Help!

Eve: Oh, god. Oh, god. T.C., hold me! I'm scared!

T.C.: I got you.

Eve: Oh!

T.C.: I will never let you go!

Eve: Oh, what if the whole structure goes down?

T.C.: Shh. Shh. Don't say that.

Eve: Oh, T.C., the water is getting higher. It's getting higher.

T.C.: Keep your head up.

Eve: Oh.

Liz: I can prove you slept with me, Julian, in two seconds.

Julian: You have a lousy sense of timing, lady! What's the proof?

Liz: Never mind. We got to save ourselves.

Julian: No, you don't. What is the proof? What proof do you have that I slept with you?

Chad: Now, maybe it's wrong, but I can't deny what's in my heart.

Whitney: Oh -- whoa. Ok, stop. What are we doing? I don't --

Chad: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You know, I just forgot myself. You know, it's been a crazy night. We're here alone together. It's isolated. We could be the last two people on earth.

Whitney: This isn't funny. You know, people are out there, they're hurt, and --

Chad: Whitney, I'm not joking. I mean, really, what if it gets worse out there? What if this building collapses on us? What if this really is our last night on earth? I mean, what difference would it make what we do?

Whitney: Why are you saying those things?

Chad: I love you. You know it and I know it. And maybe it's wrong, but I -- I can't stop it. You're the love of my life, Whitney, and I -- I'm sick of apologizing for it. Whitney, I love you.

Fancy: Oh. Oh, we're alive.

Noah: Yeah, yeah, but where are we?

Fancy: Oh, who cares? We're above the water for the moment. Oh. Oh -- hmm -- darn it, I stubbed my toe.

Noah: You should be grateful you're around to feel the pain, ok?

Fancy: Ugh -- it's not your toe. Oh, it hurts.

Noah: All right, look, just hold still for a minute, all right? I'm going to try to find a light. Ow. Ow.

Fancy: Good luck. This whole part of town is dark. Where are we?

Noah: I don't know. I lost my bearings when we got in the water. There's a bunch of cabinets over here.

Fancy: Can you break them open? Maybe there's --

Noah: Hold on, hold on.

Fancy: Maybe there's a flashlight or something.

Noah: Oh, what is this? This is like some kind of basket wrapped in cellophane. There's a -- ok, I can feel a -- a bottle of wine?

Fancy: Oh, hallelujah.

Noah: And matches and a candle.

Fancy: Oh, we're in Nancy's bottle shop. She sells all the best wines and champagne and makes up amazing baskets for picnics and beach parties.

Noah: "Symphony in the Park Picnic." I don't think the symphony's playing tonight, but it looks like we won't starve, huh?

Fancy: Or go thirsty. What luck.

Noah: All right, wait a sec here.

Fancy: Oh.

Noah: Would milady care for a glass of wine?

Fancy: I have never needed one more. Oh.

Sam: Is everyone safe?

Fox: I'm going to go check on the kids.

Man: The building's ok.

Sam: I just pray to god people listened at those emergency evacuation seminars that we did last year.

Ivy: Well, I know Gwen did, and I know the mansion is stocked with supplies and all the guards and all the servants know to go to the nearest Red Cross shelter in case of a disaster.

Sam: Yes, but the mansion's at the top of Raven Hill. What about the families down here at sea level?

Man: We can go downstairs if you think it's safe.

Woman: Wait, one of the boys is missing.

Boy: Help!

Ivy: I heard him.

Kay: I don't see him.

Sam: What's the boy's name?

Woman: Douggie.

Sam: Douggie! Can you hear me?

Douggie: Here! I'm here! Help me!

Fox: I got him. There he is.

Ivy: Oh, my god, we have to save him!

Kay: Ok, I can come.

Fox: No, you're not going. You're not going.

Kay: What? I took lifesaving!

Fox: You're not going!

Sam: No, no, no, listen, he's right. Stay here and help with the kids. Fox, let's go.

Ivy: Oh, god, please keep Sam and my son safe.

Ethan: Oh, god, oh, god, where's this blood coming from? Where is it coming -- oh, Theresa -- just take it easy, Ethan. Just don't panic. I'll find it, I'll find it. Where's -- where's that cut? Oh, god, oh -- oh, Theresa. Oh, my god, she's going to bleed to death if I don't stop this. Theresa? Oh, my god.

Theresa: Am I going to die?

Ethan: No, no, no, not if I have anything to do with it. You're not going to die.

Theresa: Ethan, I'm dying, aren't I?

Ethan: No, you're -- don't talk like that, ok?

Theresa: Yeah, but that's why I'm cold, because of all the blood that I lost, right? What if I die, Ethan? What about us? We were fated to spend the rest of our lives together.

Ethan: Theresa, stop talking, ok? Save your strength. Don't talk.

Theresa: But if I live --

Ethan: You are going to live, all right?

Theresa: You would be mine. I know you would have been mine.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh -- oh -- hey, come on, god, come on, big guy! Help a lady in distress! Oh! Oh! Oh, help me, god. Please forgive me my sins. I want to live! I want to live! Come on, please, send me a sign. Please send me a sign! Hey, wow. Oh! Oh, boy. Well, that was quick. Thank you, big guy! What, "you are now leaving --" hey, what is this, a hint? Boy, you don't mess around, for heaven sakes. Whoo! So you want me to leave Harmony, do you? Well, sorry, honey. I am going to be hanging on until this water goes down. Then you and I will talk about my leaving Harmony.

Mrs. Wallace: Whoa. Oh. Ooh. Oh.

Simone: No! No! I won't let you go! No!

Jessica: It's ok, Simone! You can't do this anymore! Just let me go!

Simone: No! You'll die! I can save you!

Jessica: I can't let you hurt yourself! I'll pull you in with me!

Simone: Don't you dare. Don't you dare!

Jessica: Sorry. I've got to.

[Jessica screams]

Simone: Jessica, no! No!

Fancy: More caviar?

Noah: Mmm. Don't mind if I do. Ah.

Fancy: What wine goes with caviar?

Noah: I think you're supposed to eat it with vodka, right? Ha. Oh --

Noah: What is it?

Fancy: "What is it?" Hello. Everyone we know could be hurt or dead. Here we are on a picnic.

Noah: Look, all right? I'm worried, too, all right, about -- about my father and, you know, Ethan and my sisters. But all we can do right now is hope for the best, you know? Come on, stiff upper lip and all that?

Fancy: Oh, you sound like those stupid English boys I hung out with in London. Look out there. It's the end of the world.

Noah: Yeah, and look how high the water is, all right? We can't leave. You know, we can't go anywhere until the water goes down. It's just too dangerous.

Fancy: I wish I knew where my mom was and Fox and Daddy.

Noah: Yeah. I know my dad's ok, he's tough, but -- but Kay, you know, and Jessica. She's such a mess right now, I don't know how she'll handle something like this. You know, Ethan's -- Ethan's probably up at the mansion, you know, thank god.

Fancy: You know, I was thinking, are we related? I mean -- I mean, Ethan's my half brother, right, and he's your half brother. Does that make us, like, quarter or eighth or third siblings?

Noah: You're not too good with fractions, are you? No, we're not related at all.

Fancy: Well, that's a relief. I heard all those horror stories about Whitney Russell and Chad
Harris -- who's yet another of my half brothers. I would never want that to happen with me.

Noah: Are you saying you want to be romantically involved with me?

Maureen: I'm dying, Sheridan.

Sheridan: No, don't be ridiculous.

Maureen: It's true. I can feel it. Promise me.

Sheridan: What? Promise you what?

Maureen: Promise me that you'll take care of my child, my Mark.

Sheridan: You're talking nonsense.

Maureen: No, no. Promise me you'll take him. Raise him to be a man. Promise me, Sheridan.

Douggie: Help me! Somebody help me!

Sam: Douggie, hang on!

Fox: Don't worry, kid! We're coming!

Ivy: Please keep them safe, please! Keep them safe.

Kay: Ok, they're almost to the little boy. Oh, my god.

Ivy: What?

Kay: That propane tank -- it's headed straight for that little boy. Oh, my god, it's going to kill him!

Ivy: God. God.

Sam: That tank will take the kid right under.

Fox: I'll get the tank! You get the kid!

Sam: Fox, don't --

Fox: Go get the kid!

Kay: What's Fox doing?

Ivy: My son is risking his life to save that little boy.

Douggie: Help me! Somebody help me!

Sam: I got you.

Kay: Fox, watch out!

Martin: Hang on!

Katherine: Oh! Oh! Here! Here! Over here!

Martin: I'm coming! Agh!

Katherine: Oh! Ah! Oh! Oh! Oh! Martin!

Martin: Katherine! What are you doing? A coffin?

Katherine: Oh! I was looking for you! I was looking for Sheridan! This coffin saved my life.

Martin: Come on.

Katherine: Ah!

Martin: Let's swim to safety, come on.

Katherine: Oh, no, no! No, I'm afraid another wave is coming! We've got to --

Martin: All right, hang on, hang on, just hang on! I'll get on top.

Katherine: Oh!

Martin: Whew! Oh! Hang on! Come on. Get up.

Fancy: Are you out of your teeny little mind? Me get mixed up with you? Dream on.

Noah: Hey, you don't know what you're missing, all right?

Fancy: Pour me some more wine, would you?

Noah: You know, I bet my dad's ok. I mean, he's got to be. Huh.

Fancy: You really care about him, don't you?

Noah: Yeah.

Fancy: I wish I came from a close family. The Cranes want corporate bonds, not family bonds.

Noah: You know, I used to think I came from this perfect family. You know, Mom, Dad, three kids. You know, we didn't have a lot of money, but we had each other, right? And I was Mr. -- You know, Mr. Superduper perfect, you know, Mr. Overachiever. You know what I mean?

Fancy: Yeah. I dated a few.

Noah: First, I had this scholarship to a fancy boarding school, and then another one for college and -- well, but it got, you know, too expensive to come home for the holidays, so I just kind of kept at it till I got my degree -- with honors.

Fancy: Hmm.

Noah: But then it got strange. Everything kind of fell apart. You know, my mom left my dad for some guy I never even heard of before, and me -- well, I guess I was afraid to come home. You know, afraid of the change. And I had already been accepted to graduate school, so I just let everyone think that that's what I was doing. You know, I -- I kept getting these letters from my dad and my sisters, even from my mom, telling me how proud of me they were, you know? I couldn't tell them I let them down, so I just lied, I let them think I was still at school.

Fancy: But what about the gambling?

Noah: That started at the frat house.

Fancy: Oh. I should have guessed. Lots of bad habits start in frat houses.

Noah: Yeah, that's right. You know, I started playing with the boys, and -- and it turned out I was pretty good, so I took the game further afield and got into bigger and bigger games, and then one day I figured, hey, you know, this is it. This is how I can make all that money I need.

Fancy: Make the money you need for what?

Theresa: I'm so sleepy.

Ethan: Don't sleep. You can't. Don't sleep. You have to fight. Do you hear me?

Theresa: Our life together -- it would have been perfect.

Ethan: Theresa, stop. Don't talk like that. You are going to be fine. You're going to live. You just stay with me.

Theresa: Can you tell me about our life together, you know, you, me, and little Ethan and Jane? God's not cruel. He would have made you realize that we were what you wanted. We are meant to be.

Ethan: Theresa -- Theresa -- hey, hang on. Hang on. Don't you go.

Julian: What do you mean, you have proof that I slept with you? Answer me!

Liz: All in good time. But, first, I want you to do something for me. Make love to me.

Julian: Liz, for god's sake, why?

Liz: You know why, Julian. To lord it over Eve. It'll destroy her. You are the only good thing left in her life. And by god I am going to rip you two apart if I have to die doing it!

Eve: Oh, T.C., are we going to drown?

T.C.: No. I won't let you.

Eve: Oh, god.

T.C.: The water -- it's receding.

Eve: No, no, T.C. Don't go out there. It's bound to be deep on the lower levels. Let's just stay here until -- until it's safe.

T.C.: Yeah. Yeah. Thank god that we're still alive.

Eve: Oh, T.C., you were so brave and took such good care of me.

T.C.: We took good care of each other.

Eve: Yeah.

T.C.: We always did, Eve. I love you, sweetheart.

Eve: Oh --

T.C.: I tried telling myself so many times that I didn't, but it was just a lie. I've always loved you.

Eve: T.C., you -- a little while ago, you asked me not to marry Julian.

T.C.: Yeah, I did.

Eve: But I don't know what difference it would make. We couldn't be together, because I'm going to be going to jail for a long time for something I didn't even do. Oh, T.C., you must know that I didn't try to kill Liz. I wouldn't try to kill anybody. I'm a doctor. I try to save lives. I don't try to take them. It doesn't matter. It's all my fault anyway. If I hadn't lied to you all those years, then my whole family wouldn't be in shambles right now, my daughters wouldn't be walking around all lost and alone. And my poor Whitney --

T.C.: Hey, Whitney's got a good head on her shoulders, ok?

Eve: Yeah, that's what I thought. And just look at Chad and what's going on with Miles. God. I never thought that I would be the one to cause my daughter so much pain.

Whitney: Chad, we have to deny ourselves. Look, if we don't --

Chad: What, we'll have a child? That's not a problem, Whitney. We'll be careful.

Whitney: What else could happen that hasn't happened already?

Chad: What did you say?

Whitney: Should we really do this?

Kay: Fox!

Ivy: Fox!

Kay: Fox!

Ivy: Fox!

Sam: Fox! Fox, where are you?

Douggie: I don't see him!

Woman: Douggie's ok! The chief's got him!

Man: The Crane boy deflected that tank.

Ivy: Well -- well, where's Fox?

Kay: I don't know! I can't see him!

Ivy: Oh, my god. What if the -- what if the tank knocked him out? Well, it's so dark, I can't see him! What if he --

Kay: What if he drowns?

Kay: Keep looking! He's got to be out there! Oh, what's that? Is that him?

Ivy: Yes! Yes! Yes, it's Fox!

Kay: Fox!

Ivy: Fox!

Sam: Thank god! I'd hug you if we were on dry land!

[Fox chuckles]

Douggie: Thank you! If it wasn't for you, I'd -- I'd be dead!

Fox: Don't worry about it. It's all part of the service, sir.

Sam: Are you strong enough to swim back?

Fox: Yeah, I'll be all right.

Sam: Let's go.

Fancy: Well? I'm waiting. What do you need money for?

Noah: I just need some, you know, to live up to all my family's expectations.

Fancy: Hmm. What's that mean?

Noah: Uh -- what about you and your family, huh? How do you guys get along?

Fancy: Hmm. You mean those people up on the hill? Aside from my grandfather, I barely know them. So, now I'm back, and no one cares. My father's all wrapped up with Eve Russell, and my mother thinks I'm a master criminal. Ethan isn't even a Crane anymore, and I barely see Fox. Even grandfather thinks a bundle of cash is all I need to be happy. Though it can cheer a girl up.

Noah: You know, I never thought I'd feel sorry for a Crane from the hill.

Fancy: Well, don't feel sorry for me. I am living the American dream. Mm-hmm?

Liz: Julian, wait!

Julian: Are you mad? I will never make love to you. And I'm going to go find Eve.

Liz: No! You are not going anywhere until you make love to me!

Julian: What's up with you?

T.C.: Don't blame yourself, Eve. Yeah, you made some big mistakes. But we both did. So did I. Instead of forgiving you, I let my anger get the best of me, and I dumped you. I love you, Eve.

Eve: What's past is past. And I'm going to marry Julian.

T.C.: No, Eve, don't. Come on, Eve, I can see it in your eyes. You still love me. Come back to me, sweetheart.

Jessica: Oh -- oh -- oh!

Simone: Don't be stupid, Jess! I won't let you drown!

Jessica: Let me go!

Simone: Shut up and help me! Jess, you're not moving.

Jessica: Hey, it's my foot! It's caught on something! I'm sinking!

Simone: No! I've got you, Jessica!

Sheridan: Maureen, you are not making any sense, all right? The water has gone down. Now let me get a doctor.

Maureen: No, no. I can feel death coming. Please, Sheridan, promise me that you will take him. He'll need a mother. Promise me!

Sheridan: Yes. Yes, yes, I -- I promise I'll raise him.

Maureen: Yeah.

Mark: Mommy?

Maureen: Oh --

Sheridan: Your mommy has gone to heaven.

Mark: Mommy?

Man: There you go.

Ivy: That was so brave! I am -- I am so proud of both of you.

Kay: My god, you were amazing!

Fox: All in a day's work.

Jessica: Oh --

Simone: Do something! Try to free yourself!

Jessica: I'm trying! Oh! Hey! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!

Simone: Ugh! Come on! Come on! Come on!

Jessica: Oh!

Jessica: Oh! You saved my life!

Mrs. Wallace: Well, dude, these waves are way gnarly! But who is the surf betty of the sea? Me! That's who! Brace yourself, north shore! I'm a-coming!

T.C.: Sweetheart, we belong together. I can feel it, can't you? Listen, sweetheart. Listen to your heart. And tell me that you know we belong together.

Liz: Just make love to me, Julian. That's all I want!

Julian: You stop this! I'm through with your insanity. I'm going to find Eve and make sure she's all right.

Liz: You are going to make love to me! Or I'll kill you.

Julian: You really are mad.

Liz: Ah!

[Pounding on door]

Julian: Agh! Ah -- agh! Oh -- oh --

Liz: You didn't listen, Julian. I told you I'd kill you.

[Julian groans]

Whitney: Should we really do this?

Mark: Mommy --

Mark: I'm still cold.

Sheridan: Oh, I know. It's cold. It'll be ok. I promise. It'll be ok. Shh. We'll get out of here somehow. I don't know how. How am I going to save my life and this little boy?

Katherine: Ah! Oh!

Martin: Hang on!

Pilar: Oh, my god!

Pilar: Katherine?

Ethan: The tourniquet's not working. She's still bleeding.

Theresa: I love you.

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Pilar: Oh, god. He raped you, didn't he?

Sheridan: Dear god, help us. What are we going to do?

**Some parts towards the last 5 or so minutes were pre-empted because of breaking news coverage - Pearson international airport plane engulfed in flames with 350 on board**

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