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By Amanda
Proofread by Jodi

Eve: Hurry, T.C., Whitney could be seriously hurt.

T.C.: We'll get there.

Eve: Thank you for coming with me.

T.C.: You don't have to thank me. I'd do anything for Whitney.

Eve: I hope you know that I would, too. I mean, I know that Liz has poisoned your mind against me and she's made all these awful accusations, but I love our daughters and -- well, we better get moving. I mean, there's no use talking about the past. You're with Liz now, and I'm going to be marrying Julian.

T.C.: Eve -- don't.

Eve: Don't what?

T.C.: Don't marry Julian. Come back to me.

Julian: What is this? Are you trying to seduce me?

Liz: Oh, Julian, I'm insulted. My sister's good enough for you, but I'm not.

Julian: No, you're despicable.

[Liz screams]

Whitney: Oh, god. Miles, it's going to be ok. It's going to be ok, sweetheart.

Noah: We got to get out of here! Go.

Theresa: Oh, god.

[Theresa screams]

Ethan: Theresa?

Fox: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Kay: God!

Fox: Must be an aftershock.

Kay: My gosh, what else can happen tonight?

Noah: Whoa, whoa!

[Fancy screams]

Tabitha: Whoops. Our earthquake still has teeth, Endora. Oh. Oh, god.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, baby, baby, you're the greatest. Oh.

Tabitha: Oh -- oh -- oh, Endora! Look. Oh, our earthquake is as big as the one in San Francisco in 1906! Oh, but you weren't there, darling. Oh, good times. Good times!

Katherine: Oh, my god! Oh!

Alistair: Will you stop that bawling, woman? All right, go on, Eddie.

Eddie: You gave me instructions years ago that you and your family needed a warning before anyone else. Well, now -- I'm going to make a warning for the general public, all the TV and radio stations.

Alistair: You will do nothing of the sort. You will post a message on the website just to cover your butt, and I will delete it from here.

Eddie: But then no one will know a tsunami is coming!

Alistair: Shut up, Eddie. Just follow my orders.

Eddie: Yes, Mr. Crane. Whatever you say.

Katherine: Oh, my god! A tsunami is coming towards Harmony! We must warn the people.

Alistair: Don't be absurd. The people in this town hate me, blame me for all their ills. Let them all die. Why should I help a town that hates my guts?

Katherine: Well, if you won't warn them, I will!

Alistair: I don't think so, Katherine.

Man: Can I issue the tsunami warning now? This aftershock could trigger a second wave.

Eddie: Go ahead.

Man: Thank god. You just saved tens of thousands of lives.

Eddie: Not if Alistair Crane has his way.

Noah: Whoa! Hey, where are we going?

Fancy: Anywhere away from that hole in the ground! Let's go!

Ethan: Oh, god.

Theresa: Oh, my god.

[Kay screams]

Fox: Kay, look out, the power line!

Kay: Oh! Oh! You saved my life.

Fox: Yeah, again, but, you know, who's -- who's keeping score?

Kay: Oh, my gosh, my dad's house -- it's a wreck!

Fox: Where are you -- you can't -- that's -- hey!

Ivy: Everybody, just stay calm! It'll pass in a minute!

Sam: You're incredible.

Ivy: No, I'm just a control freak. Oh! Oh, god! I guess I'm a little more scared than I thought.

Sam: It's ok. I'm here.

Ivy: Yeah. Who are you looking for?

Sam: Jessica.

Ivy: Oh.

Sam: I keep hoping she'll turn up. I haven't seen her since she left with that -- john.

Ivy: Sam, maybe she changed her mind. Maybe she didn't go through with it.

Sam: Well, let's hope so.

Ivy: Ok.

Sam: God, what's happened to my daughter? Jessica, where are you?

Jessica: This is god punishing me for stabbing that man. It was an accident. I didn't mean to kill him. Is he going to be all right?

Spike: Jess, I was wrong. I think he's going to die.

Jessica: Oh, no.

Spike: Sorry.

Jessica: He fell into the scissors! I swear it!

Spike: Well, calm down, ok? It'll all be fine. As soon as this aftershock is over, we got to get rid of that body.

[Spike and Jessica scream]

Spike: Ah, shoot. It's all right, relax.

Chad: Whit, Whit, just hang on, all right? It'll pass.

Whitney: Don't worry, Miles, it's going to be ok. I'm going to keep you safe.

Chad's voice: I know she loves him. This proves it.


Julian: Hold on, everyone! It's an aftershock, it'll pass soon!

Liz: Julian, save me!

Julian: Save yourself! You just tried to seduce me, your own sister's fiancÚ!

Liz: Oh! Oh! So, I'm not good enough for you, but my whore of a sister is?

Eve: Oh, lord, T.C., you -- you don't want me to marry Julian? You want me back?

T.C.: That's what I said. Now is not the time, Eve.

Eve: Oh -- oh, T.C.

Sheridan: Luis, I can't believe you're back, and at a time like this!

Luis: I'll protect you. I'll never let you go.

Sheridan: You said you wouldn't come back until you found Beth and Marty. Did you find him? Did you find Marty?

Alistair: I was hoping to use this rope for a much more pleasurable purpose, but maybe a little later we'll create our own aftershock, hmm?

Katherine: Oh, for the love of god, Alistair!

Alistair: For the love of who, Katherine?

Katherine: You've got to warn the townspeople about the tsunami! Thousands could be killed!

Alistair: Are you really interested in thousands of people being killed or just one particular person -- Martin?

Katherine: Alistair, please!

Alistair: Shut up.

Alistair: I just deleted the public warning. If anyone ever investigates, they'll think it was an error by the server. All of the people in Harmony have no idea what's going to hit them next.

Katherine: No! No!

Julian: You'll be safer under a table or under a door frame!

Liz: Julian, Julian, come on! Let's make love while the world ends!

Julian: What the -- you get away from me!

Liz: Come on, take me into my office and have your way with me!

Julian: I love Eve!

Liz: Oh, who cares? That's never stopped you before! At least with me you can keep it in the family.

Julian: I'm a different man now! I'll marry Eve and be faithful to her till the day I die!

Liz: Not if I have anything to say about it.

Eve: Oh, my god! T.C.! Oh, no! No! No! No!

[Office noise, phone ringing]

Jessica: Is it over?

Spike: Yeah, I think so.

Jessica: It's over! We're alive!

Spike: Yeah. Well, the guy in the trunk isn't, so we got work to do. Let's get going. Ugh -- this -- the car looks all right. That's good because we're going to need it.

Jessica: Yeah, I couldn't believe all the wreckage we saw on the way over here.

Spike: Well, it took us forever because the quake messed up the road. But we're here now.

Jessica: So, what are we going to do with him?

Spike: It's time for his scuba diving lesson.

Man: Thank god we put out that warning. I'm going home to protect my family.

Eddie: Keep them safe.

Man: Hey, we did good tonight, all right? We saved thousands of lives.

Eddie: Good luck out there.

Man: You, too. We're going to need it.

Eddie: God help me, and the people in the tsunami's path.

Fancy: I can't take another step. I have to sit down.

Noah: Oh, me, too.

Fancy: Oh, I'd kill for a martini.

Noah: Oh, please, don't say "kill."

Fancy: How did those thugs track us all the way from Vegas?

Noah: I have no idea.

Fancy: They were going to kill us.

Noah: Oh, gee, you know, I wonder why. Could it be all that money you took from them?

Fancy: That you forced me to give up to those nuns?

Noah: Great, now we're even. God, I could really use a rest. Oh.

Fancy: Go ahead, rest. We're miles from town on a secluded beach. At least nothing can happen to us here.

Ethan: Ok, ok, it's all right. Whoa, whoa, whoa, it's ok. It's ok. It's over. Theresa, it's over, the aftershock. You can let me go now, ok?

Theresa: Oh. All right.

Ethan: All right.

Theresa: Yeah. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. You saved my life. You came down to the mansion to be with me and little Ethan because I'm the woman that you love.

Ethan: Theresa, not now. Don't --

Theresa: No, Ethan, you can deny it all you want, but I'm the one in your heart, not Gwen, never Gwen.

Ethan: Theresa -- listen, I didn't come out here just to check on you and little Ethan. I came down here because I was driving home. I saw there were dozens of hurt people around here, and I couldn't just sit on Alistair's hill and not lift a finger. I wanted to help.

Theresa: No, no, no, that's what your mind is telling you, Ethan, but your heart knows the truth. During times of crisis we are all drawn to the people that we love. Times of crisis bring out the truth, Ethan, and the truth is I'm the one person in his world that you cannot live without.

Whitney: There, there, now, Miles. It's all over now. It's ok, you can go back to sleep.

Chad: You know, I can't believe you made it all the way here from the Blue Note. I mean, it's a war zone out there.

Whitney: It's going to be ok. Why don't you get some sleep, sweetheart? It's ok.

Chad: Whitney, hey, you're hurt. Put him down, ok? Let me help you clean up a little bit.

Whitney: No, no, no, no, I need to take care of the baby. I'm ok.

Chad: Hey, don't worry, your mother's on her way, ok?

Whitney: I know. Um -- I hope she's ok out there.

Chad: Why don't you just give it up, Whitney? I mean, actions speak louder than words. Why don't you just admit that you still love that baby? That you made a mistake giving him up for adoption. And even more -- that you want him back.

Julian: Stop it! God, what the hell is the matter with you? You're engaged to T.C., a man you fought to take away from your sister for over a year. Why do you want to sleep with me now?

Liz: I have my reasons.

Julian: What, you hate your sister so much? You're depraved. I would never sleep with you.

Liz: Men -- once that firecracker goes off, you forget all about it.

Julian: What are you talking about?

Liz: You really don't remember, do you?

Julian: Remember what?

Liz: A night long, long ago. A night I'll never forget.

Eve: Somebody help me! Please! My husband's hurt! Please someone help me! T.C., please. I can't lose you!

T.C.: You won't lose me. You'll never lose me.

Sheridan: Did you find him, Luis? Please tell me.

Luis: Sheridan, I love you, ok? Now, we've got a lot to talk about. I know we've had our problems, but we're going to work through them, ok?

Sheridan: No, listen, Luis, please. You said when you left that you wouldn't return until you found Marty. Now, did you find him? Is he here?

Marty: Mama.

Sheridan: He is here!

Sheridan: Oh, Marty. Oh, my baby, my lamb. I never thought I'd find you. I never thought this day would come.

[Marty cries]

Sheridan: It's all right, sweetheart, don't cry. Mommy's here. Mommy will never leave you again. Oh.

Luis: That's all I want, Sheridan -- for you to be happy. That's all I ever wanted.

Sheridan: Shh.

Katherine: You have to warn the town, Alistair. Otherwise, you're going to be guilty of mass murder!

Alistair: Who's going to charge me? All the masses will be dead.

[Alistair laughs]

Katherine: You are a monster. You're a monster!

Alistair: Ah. Oh, look at those poor brave souls. Yes. Oh, and in living color, too. That's not going to last long, however, because in a minute they're all going to be swept away to their doom.

Katherine: Are you -- are you insane? Don't you realize that some of your family members are right there because you won't warn them? They're going to die!

Alistair: Oh, my goodness. Yes, this family you speak of -- they hate me more than the general populace does. Let them all fend for themselves. You know, the weak will die, the strong will survive. Darwin -- natural selection.

Katherine: How can you be so destructive?

Alistair: You think I'm destructive? Huh. Wait until those fools feel the force of mother nature.

Tabitha: Oh, Endora, your grandfather gives even me the willies. Oh, such evil, such depravity. He should teach seminars at the witch academy. Thank Hades Edna's still out for the count anyway, huh? And little Maria is sleeping like a lamb. But where on earth is Kay? I mean, she just went out to give Fox his cell phone back. What on earth could she be doing?

Kay: Oh, my gosh. It's a mess. It's going to take weeks to repair. You know, when I moved out of this house I was so angry. But it's never stopped being home, you know? One minute you feel safe and warm, and the next, everything's changed.

Fox: I'm sorry.


Kay: Somebody's coming.

Fox: Quiet.

Kay: Why are you so tense?

Fox: Because looters -- they come out of the woodwork at times like this. I don't want anybody stealing stuff from your house.


Fox: Who's there? Hello?

Ethan: Theresa, you've got it wrong. I love my wife.

Theresa: Not the way you love me.

Ethan: But since I ran into you, I will take you to go check on little Ethan, all right? Come on.

Theresa: No, I'd like to go to the mansion. I need to see Jane.

Ethan: She's fine. You know she's fine because you called the mansion yourself.

Theresa: Ethan, I'm her mother, and I need to see her for myself.

Ethan: Gwen and Rebecca are not going to like this, you know.

Theresa: Well, too bad. I need to see my baby.

Ethan: All right.

Theresa's voice: You're lying to yourself, Ethan. You love me, and one day soon you will admit that you would die without me.


Spike: Don't drop it. Don't drop it! Come on.

Jessica: Hey, wait. I've got -- I've got to rest.

Spike: Oh, great. The cops are right around the corner and you want us to get caught with a dead body.

Jessica: I'm sorry. Hey, I thought we were going to hide his body under some rubble from the earthquake.

Spike: No, no, no, no, no. We need this body to get real messed up to hide the stab wounds when you killed him with those scissors.

[Sirens grow louder]

Spike: Hey, look, do you hear that, huh? The cops and the rescue workers are tearing through rubble right now, all right? If they find this guy, they'll be able to tell that he didn't die from the earthquake, ok? But a few days in the ocean will help hide all that, you know, with the rocks and all the little eating fishies, huh? What we really need is some shark. That'd be nice.

Jessica: Hey, it's not funny!

Spike: Oh, sweetie. I'm sorry, honey. Hey, baby, I'm just trying to help, honey. I love you. I just don't want to see you end up on death row for what you did to this guy, sweetie. I mean, who thought that you could be so violent?

Jessica: Hey, I didn't mean it! I told you he fell into the scissors. I didn't want him to die.

Spike's voice: I did.

Jessica: He can't die, Spike. I -- I had the scissors out to defend myself, the quake hit, and he fell into them.

Spike: The police will never believe you, Jess. They'll say you stabbed him to death.

Jessica: But I didn't!

Spike: I know you didn't, baby.

Jessica: Please, Spike, there has to be something we can do!

Spike: There's not. He's dead.

Jessica: No. No!

Spike: I'm sorry, Jess, you may not have meant to, but you killed him. That makes you a murderer.

Jessica: No! No! No, I didn't!

Spike's voice: You think you owe me, and that makes you my slave forever, babe.

Spike: Now, come on. We need to get moving before the cops catch us. Come on. Lift. One, two, three -- lift. Lift!

Jessica: I am!

Spike: Lower, come on. Got you.

Theresa: Jessica? Oh, thank god you're ok. What are you doing with that rug?

[Marty cries]

Sheridan: Luis, why won't he stop crying? I'm his mother. Why can't I get him to stop crying? It's ok. Shh. Luis, where are you going?

Luis: Sheridan, remember no matter what happens, I always loved you.

Sheridan: Shh, shh. Luis, why are you leaving? Why won't Marty stop crying? It's ok, it's ok.

Maureen: Are you all right?

Sheridan: Oh -- what -- oh, I -- I fell and hit my head after you fainted. After that --

Maureen: You were smiling most of the time you were out. You even slept through the aftershock. Must've been some dream.

Sheridan: Oh. A dream. So it was all a dream.

Fox: Stay back! Whoever's there, stay back!

Sam: It's ok. It's just us.

Kay: Dad.

Sam: You ok?

Kay: Yeah, I'm ok. Maria's ok, too. She's at Tabitha's.

Sam: This town's a mess.

Fox: Why didn't you answer me?

Sam: Sorry. I was on the radio to see if anyone had seen Jessica or Noah.

Ivy: Or Fancy. My cell phone's still out.

Kay: We haven't seen them.

Sam: Oh, this place is a wreck.

Kay: Well, at least it didn't get sucked into hell like last time.

Sam: Yeah, well, thank god for small favors.

Kay: You have no idea where Jessica is?

Sam: No. Listen, I think we should say a prayer for your sister and Noah.

Ethan: Jessica, why are you hanging around with this jerk again? You need to leave her alone. Leave her alone, huh?

Jessica: Hey -- hey, don't pull this big brother junk on me, Ethan. I barely know you. You can't tell me what to do.

Spike: You heard her, sport. Back off.

Ethan: Jessica, this guy is poison, all right?

Jessica: He loves me, and I love him.

Theresa: No, no, Jessica, no. Look what you're wearing. You -- you look like a hooker in that.

Jessica: Shut up.

Ethan: Jess -- Jess, you don't know what you're doing. Will you just come home with us, please?

Jessica: Get away, Ethan. I had a restraining order put on Daddy, and I'll have one put on you, too, if you don't watch out.

Theresa: Restraining order? What -- what is she --

Ethan: It's not important.

Theresa: Well, what is in there?

Spike: Hey, hey, hey, look, look, it -- we're just helping clean up the mess, ok? Lady-up-the-street's house caved in on her two dogs and we offered to take the bodies to pet mortuary. Is that cool? Huh?

Ethan: Yeah, yeah, yeah, all of a sudden you're a Good Samaritan? Why are you dressed like this, huh?

Jessica: Leave me alone!

Ethan: Are there really dogs in here --

Jessica: Get away, Ethan!

Ethan: What have you done to her, huh? What have you done? More drugs, is that it? If you've hurt her in any way --

Spike: More words, preppy boy, huh?

Ethan: Show me what's in the rug, Spike.

Theresa: No, you know what? I don't want to see dead dogs. Come on, I want to see Jane.

Ethan: Jess, Jess, come on. Come home with us. This guy's going to hurt you again.

Jessica: I love him. Spike would never hurt me.

Ethan: Jessica, for god sakes, come on.

Theresa: Ethan, just stop, ok? Look, she's rebelling, and if you act like big brother, you're just going to push her away even further.

Ethan: I happen to be her big brother, Theresa.

Theresa: I understand that, but you just play it cool, or you're going to lose her forever.

Ethan: Hey, this is not over.

Spike: Ooh, I'm shivering with fear, tough guy.

Theresa: Ok, just, Ethan, please. Get rid of him, Jessica. I don't want you to do something that you're going to regret.

Jessica: Oh, like you having Julian Crane's bastard?

Theresa: Go home, please? It's really dangerous out here tonight.

Jessica: Oh, man. I was so nervous they'd look in the rug.

Spike: Baby, you did real good with those losers, real good. Now help me get rid of this body. Come on, lift it. Let's go. One, two, three -- lift, lift, lift!

[Jessica grunts]

Spike: Come on, lift the damn thing, come on. Ok, watch -- now, on the rail, all right? One, two, three -- lift! All right? See you later, buddy! Whoo!


[Spike chuckles]

Jessica: Oh. Oh. Won't the body just wash up on the shore?

Spike: No. It's going out with the tide. See?

Jessica: Yeah. So fast. That's weird.

Spike: Hell, must be the earthquake or -- or the moon or something. Oh, look. Body's way out to sea now.

Fancy: It's so peaceful out here. Funny -- after everything we've been through.

Noah: Let's hope it lasts.


Fancy: What was that?

Noah: I don't know.

Noah: That's a strange noise. Look, the tide's going out.

Fancy: I've never seen it go out that fast before.

Chad: You love Miles, don't you, Whitney? You always have. Come on. Tell me that you want him back.

Whitney: Please, just stop it. I don't want to talk about this right now, ok?

Chad: Ok. All right, I won't push. Just get your little boy to sleep, ok?

Whitney: All right. Ok.

Chad: You are a bad liar, Whitney. No matter what you say, wild dogs couldn't pull Miles out of your arms right now.

[Miles fusses]

Whitney: Ok, it's ok.

Eve: Ok, we're going to try now. You ready?

T.C.: Yeah.

Eve: Ok.

[Eve grunts]

Eve: Can you get out from under it?

T.C.: I'll try.

Eve: Oh!

[T.C. grunts]

Eve: Are you in any pain?

T.C.: Uh -- don't worry about me. We just have to get to Whitney.

Eve: No, you have to let me examine you first.

T.C.: No, no, sweetheart. It's just -- it's just a bruise. I just got the wind knocked out of me, that's all.

Eve: No, but you shouldn't get up until --

T.C.: No, hey, doc, come on. Don't worry about me, ok? Don't worry about me until after we take care of Whitney.

Eve: All right.

Julian: What nonsense are you babbling about? What night can you never forget?

Liz: Oh, think back, Julian. Can't you remember?

Julian: Stop talking in riddles. What night?

Liz: The night you made love to me.

Eddie: The wave is almost to Harmony. My god, what have I done?

Sheridan: You're so good with your little boy.

Maureen: Comes with the territory. We teach each other new things every day.

Sheridan: He's so sweet. You're very lucky.

Maureen: To have him? Yes. Are you all right? It must've been some bump.

Sheridan: Yeah. I've -- I've had worse.

Maureen: You looked so happy when you were dreaming. What was it about?

Sheridan: Oh, what we all dream about -- our heart's desire and things we want. In my case, I'm afraid it's something I'll never have.

Maureen: Does it have something to do with a man?

Sheridan: Oh, yeah.

Maureen: Take it from me, never put your trust in a man. They'll break your heart every time.

Sheridan: No, it's -- it's not like that at all.


Sheridan: What was that? What was that weird noise?

Maureen: Oh, dear god. What else can happen tonight?

Julian: What insane madness is this? I've never slept with you.

Liz: Oh, yes, you did, Julian. You don't even remember. You slept with me and you threw me away like a piece of trash.


Julian: What is that?

Liz: Whatever it is, it's not going to rock your world like I'm about to.


Whitney: Whoa, did you hear that?

Chad: Yeah. You know, maybe I left some speakers on. It could be feedback.

Whitney: No, Chad, that does not sound like feedback.

[T.C. groans]

Eve: Oh, T.C., you are hurt.

T.C.: No. I'm all right. We need to get to our daughter and grandson.


Eve: What on earth?

Fox: That's not another aftershock, is it?

Sam: I don't think so.

Ivy: I don't like the sound of that.

Kay: Dad, I'm scared.

Ethan: Wow, it looks like they did a lot of first aid here.

Theresa: Yeah. Where did everybody go?

Ethan: I don't know, maybe the hospital.

[Bird squawk]

Theresa: Oh, my god. Ethan, look at all those birds. It's like that Hitchcock movie.

Ethan: That is crazy. Theresa, I didn't think birds flew at night, except owls.


Theresa: What's that noise?

Jessica: Oh, that noise is so creepy. And that body -- ew.

Spike: Don't worry, you'll be fine as long as you do what I tell you.


Jessica: Spike? What is that?

Spike: Hey, maybe we should get the hell out of here.

Jessica: It's the john! He's coming back to haunt us!

[Jessica screams]


Chad: Well, I checked the soundboard. It's not the speakers.

Whitney: No, no, Chad, that sound was coming from outside.

Katherine: Alistair, how can you leave all those people to die?

Alistair: Well, Katherine, it's too late because Armageddon has come to Harmony.

Katherine: How can you let this happen? Do you have ice water in your veins that you could just sit there and watch people die?

Alistair: Oh, Katherine, look on the bright side. Not all of them will die -- and that is a pity.


Tabitha: Oh, dear. Oh, Endora, where is your Auntie Kay? Wherever she is, I hope she's hanging on tightly. Oh, well, at least little Maria is here asleep, safe with us, huh? Hmm?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, hmm, hmm, ah. Hey. What you watching, Tabby, "The Poseidon Adventure"?


Noah: Do you hear that? It's -- it's like a dozen jet engines.

Fancy: And look at the water -- it's disappeared. Oh, look! Look at the shells! How beautiful!

Noah: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Fancy, come on. We should get out of here. This is a little weird.

Fancy: Wait. Who knows what else is out there? Buried treasure! Come on!

Noah: Oh, god, no! Fancy, come back! Come on, we got to run for higher ground!

[Jessica screams]

Spike: No -- no, he's not flying! He's on a wave! It's the biggest damn wave I've ever seen! No!

[Jessica screams]

Ivy: Sam, I'm really -- I'm really getting frightened. No!


Julian: That isn't rain. Is there a water tank on this roof?

T.C.: Oh, my god. Run, Eve!

[Eve screams]

T.C.: Run for your life!

Ethan: What on earth --

[Theresa screams]

Sheridan: What's happening?

Katherine: Oh, the whole town is wiped out.

Alistair: So it appears, yeah.

Katherine: People are dying. Oh, Alistair, how could you do this? How could you do this?

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Eve: T.C., where are you?

Jessica: Spike, please help me! I'm going to drown!

Katherine: You pig! Let me go, Alistair!

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