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Passions Transcript Tuesday 7/26/05--Canada; Wednesday 7/27/05--USA
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By Eric
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Kay: Tabs, hey, I got to go upstairs and see Maria, and then I'm going to go next door and get her stuffed animal. She left it at my dad's.

Tabitha: Yeah, no -- no problem, dear. I'll be here. Yeah.

Mrs. Wallace: Whew, whew. Honey, it is a good thing that she is leaving, because we certainly don't want any Curious Georges hanging around here for what we're going to be doing next, huh?

Tabitha: Oh, put a sock in it, Edna. Haven't I granted you enough favors for one night?

Mrs. Wallace: No, and not if you want me to keep your witchly secrets.

Tabitha: It's late. Endora and I are tired. We are going to bed. We need our beauty sleep.

Mrs. Wallace: Ok, be my guest, just as soon as you produce Brad Pitt.

Tabitha: Brad Pitt? You've got to be kidding.

Mrs. Wallace: Do I look as if I am kidding? Now, conjure him up for me now, honey.

[Endora talks]

Tabitha: Brad Pitt? Well, maybe I can conjure up a look-alike.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, no. I don't want a look-alike. I want Brad Pitt, the real deal, with the cute tush. And don't you dare turn him into a rat like you did those other two men. Tabitha, honey, I want to be wined and dined and go to movie premieres on Brad's arm.

Tabitha: I can't do that, Edna.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, what a shame. It looks like I'm going to have to call the police and "The Harmony Herald" and tell them there's a bona fide witch in our midst, and a baby witch.

Tabitha: You can threaten me all you like, but you leave my daughter out of this.

Mrs. Wallace: Absolutely not. A deal is a deal. Hmm.

Tabitha: Pow.

Endora: Pow.

Tabitha: Ah. Ah. Oh, Endora -- oh, Endora, we shouldn't have crossed our beams. Oh, this is going to be bad. Oh.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh --

Tabitha: Oh, good grief, Endora. What have we set in motion here? Oh. Oh -- oh, Endora -- Endora -- oh -- oh -- oh, I think it's -- I think it's time that I gave you that swimming lesson I promised you. Oh, Endora, this could be the big one.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh -- oh, my goodness! We're not dreaming! We're really having an earthquake here! Whoa! Oh. What did you and Endora do?

Tabitha: Endora and I accidentally got our spell streams crossed trying to shut you up.

Mrs. Wallace: What, you're going to try and blame this on me?

Tabitha: Oh -- yeah, you betcha! You're hell to be around, Edna!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh --

Tabitha: And now hell is unleashed on Harmony!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh --

[Mrs. Wallace whimpers]

Fox: What the hell is this, an earthquake? Oh, my god, my son. I got to call Chad and make sure my son's all right. Oh, my god -- Kay.

Kay: Oh, my god -- I need to get back to Tabitha to check on Maria. Oh! Oh, no. The fireplace is about to buckle.

[Kay screams]

Sheridan: Stay close and we should be all right.

Maureen: What was that? Look!

[Women scream]

[Jessica screams]

Jessica: It's an earthquake! We have to get out of here!

Man: I'm not leaving till I get what I paid for!

Jessica: Agh! Let go of me! I told you, I don't want to have sex with you!

Man: Well, we're going to!

[Jessica screams]

Man: Agh!

Jessica: Oh! Oh, my god!

Man: Bitch, you stabbed me!

Jessica: Oh, my god!

[Jessica screams]

Jessica: Oh, my god!

[Man coughs]

Jessica: Oh!

[Fancy screams]

Fancy: Oh, my god. This is all your fault. Chasing after the car I was in caused it to crash.

Noah: Hey, I saved you from being killed by those thugs from Vegas.

Fancy: Yeah, by killing them first.

Noah: Well, maybe we should focus on not being killed ourselves, all right? This whole area could be unstable.

Fancy: Oh, my god, Noah, what are we going to do?

Alistair: Ethan, I've had enough of you.

Theresa: Oh, my god.

Gwen: Alistair, no, no.

Ethan: You know what? I'm not scared of you, Alistair.

Alistair: Don't underestimate me. You should know better.

[Gwen gasps]

Gwen: What's that?

[Theresa screams]


Whitney: Miles! I have to get to Miles!

Julian: Whitney --

Eve: Whitney --

Whitney: No, no!

Eve: Whitney!

Ethan: He hit Theresa! Dr. Russell! Doctor, Alistair shot Theresa! Get in here!

Rebecca: Oh, my god! My hero!

Ethan: You bastard. You could have killed her!


Ethan: You -- you killed her!

Alistair: It's such a pity! I was trying to kill you.

Gwen: Just forget them! We have to get out of here before the room collapses!

Liz: Gwen is right! Let's get out of here!

Rebecca: Yes, please! My hair is full of dust!

Eve: I'm not leaving Theresa!

T.C.: Just bring her with us!

[Woman screams]

Eve: No, we can't move her!

Rebecca: Well, then, just leave her!

Ethan: That's pretty cold for you, Rebecca!

Rebecca: Well, but if she's not dead, then she's probably just faking it so she can just get your attention!

Ethan: She can't fake blood! He shot her!

Alistair: You know, just for the record -- I shot her accidentally!

Rebecca: Well -- and maybe that red stuff oozing out of her -- it's just salsa!

Julian: Is it serious?

Eve: I can't tell. There's so much chaos. This earthquake is making it impossible to examine her!

Eve: Thank you for protecting me, Julian.

Julian: We have to get out of here and get under something sturdy! This whole ceiling could fall at any moment!

Liz: Hold me, T.C.! I don't want to die!

T.C.: I got you.


Whitney: Ah! Ah! If the world is coming to an end, I want to be with Miles -- and Chad!

Gwen: Ethan, just forget about Theresa and Alistair, ok? His gun went off by accident with the quake.

T.C.: Let's go!

Alistair: Yeah, listen to your wife, Ethan! Forget about Theresa! Your inability to remain a one-woman man has caused nothing but pain.

Ethan: Shut up!

Alistair: It cost Gwen her daughter, Sarah, your unborn son, and may have caused Theresa her life.

Ethan: No!

Gwen: No, Ethan, no!

Julian: Ethan!

Mrs. Wallace: Whoa -- oh! Merciful angels, you and Endora have reduced this town to rubble because I got on your nerves?

Tabitha: We were trying to get you off our case, Edna, not shake Harmony off the map!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, would you stop this then, please? I can't stand all this shaking, for heaven's sakes! This reminds me of the morning after I had those Jell-O shots. Boy, that was a 9.5 on the Richter scale. Would you please stop this? And then you got to redo me, because pasta does not look good on me -- oh!

Tabitha: Thank you, Endora. There's enough noise here without Edna's big mouth adding to the ruckus. Oh. Oh! Oh, my goodness. Well, I wonder how long this earth-shattering event is going to last and -- and what pain and suffering it'll cause.

Fox: Kay!

Chad: Hello?

Fox: Chad, it's Fox. I called to check on Miles.

Chad: Yeah, yeah, he's been fine since Whitney nursed him, but this quake we're having's a different story.

Fox: No, no kidding. It doesn't show any signs of stopping. Hey, are you guys all -- are you guys safe?

Chad: Yeah, yeah, the building's reinforced.

Fox: All right, great. Listen, I'll be over to check on Miles as soon as I make sure Kay's all right.

Chad: Oh, Kay Bennett?

Fox: Yeah, yeah, I'll explain later. No service. The cell phone tower must have collapsed. Kay! Kay! Kay!

Kay: Coming! Oh, those photos are one of a kind. I have to get them. Oh! If that chimney's going to fall down, it's going to come crashing down all the way from upstairs!

Fox: Kay, get away from there!

Jessica: Ok -- I -- I didn't mean to stab you! It was an accident!

Man: Like hell it was.

Jessica: Oh!

Spike: Jessica, what's going on?

Jessica: Spike!

Man: Your whore stabbed me, that's what. And now I'm going to kill her.

Jessica: Ugh -- ugh --

Noah: Whoa! Come on, Fancy, this way!

Fancy: No, get away from me! You're bad luck!

Noah: Come on, I'm trying to help you!

Fancy: I'll be fine! Just leave me alone!

Noah: Stop being stubborn and let me get you out of here!

Fancy: Ah --

Noah: Fancy!

Sheridan: Where am I? Oh. Mark? Oh, you poor thing. You ok? Ugh -- Maureen? God. Hi, sweetheart. Mommy's just taking a nap. It's all right. When she wakes up, everything will be ok.

Jessica: Ugh! Spike! Spike! Oh! Spike! Oh! Ugh -- oh! Oh.

Spike: Come here.

Jessica: Oh! I didn't mean to stab him, Spike. It was an accident. I said I didn't want to have sex, and then he wouldn't take no for an answer. Then the quake started hitting. He stumbled against me.

Spike: It's ok. We need to make tracks before this dump caves in on us. Let's go.

Jessica: Is he dead, Spike? Did I kill him? Did I kill him?

Julian: No, Ethan, stop it! Stop it!

T.C.: He's not worth it.

Julian: Easy!

Liz: The quake -- I think it's stopping.

Rebecca: Oh -- oh, thank god. Oh, I was starting to get motion sickness. You know, that's why I never liked waterbeds.

Gwen: You know what? You should be thanking Alistair for shooting Theresa, not attacking him.

Rebecca: Gwen is right. I mean, Ethan, what is wrong with you? Why are you worried about Theresa? I mean, it's about time someone shot that junkyard dog and put her out of our misery. I mean, you should be concerned about Gwen and if she's ok after the quake.

Ethan: Rebecca, I can see that Gwen is fine. She's another story. Is she alive?

Eve: Yes.

Rebecca: Oh, darn.

Ethan: Eve, is she going to be all right?

Noah: Fancy, hang on!

Fancy: Noah, help me! I don't want to die!

Noah: I won't let you die!

Fancy: Promise?

Noah: I promise!

Fancy: Ah!

Ethan: Eve, tell me, is her wound life threatening or --

Eve: No. Fortunately, the bullet just grazed her.

Ethan: Thank god for that.

Eve: I got to call the hospital. I need to know if anyone's injured.

Julian: Yes.

T.C.: My god, the high school -- I wonder what's left of it.

Julian: There's no cell service.

T.C.: I'll see if I can get a hold of the hospital on a land line.

Theresa: Ethan?

Ethan: Hey. Hey, are you all right?

Theresa: Oh --

Gwen: Please --

Rebecca: Oh, give me a break. Julian, I know that Ethan isn't really your son, but he might as well be. I mean, he's more concerned about Theresa than he is his own wife, just like you're more concerned about Eve than you are me.

Julian: I am in love with Eve.

Rebecca: Yeah, well, for the moment, you are married to me. And Ethan, you are staying married to Gwen.

Ethan: Rebecca, I never said I wasn't.

Gwen: All right, we need to go check on Jane.

Ethan: Look, why don't we call the nanny? She can tell us if Jane is all right.

Gwen: I tried. I tried. There's no cell service.

T.C.: There's no dial tone.

Gwen: Ok, look, I really -- I really want to go check on Jane.

Ethan: All right. I hope our car wasn't crushed in the debris, though. Come on.

Theresa: Wait. Ethan, wait. Please -- please, take me with you. I -- I have to see Jane.

Gwen: If you want to see your child, go check on little Ethan. We will check on Jane.

Theresa: No, I have to see my daughter first.

Rebecca: Oh, Theresa, you are as transparent as glass. Oh, if only you would shatter into a million pieces.

Alistair: Ethan, you take your wife back to the mansion. I will take Theresa back to her house.

Ethan: I don't think so.

Gwen: Ethan --

Ethan: You're going to stay the hell away from her, all right?

Gwen: Ethan.

Alistair: I can't believe you. Once again, you're choosing Theresa over your own wife? You know, Gwen, I cannot understand how you can stomach being married to Ethan when obviously he loves Theresa and not you.

Sheridan: No. Oh, god. Oh. It's ok. Your mommy has a boo-boo on her head, but when she wakes up, everything will be fine.

Sheridan's voice: Maureen's pulse is really weak.

Sheridan: Ok. Mark, what we need to do is we need to find a phone so that we can call the nice paramedics, they can come wake your mommy up, ok? Let's find a phone. Oh. Oh, great. The phone's dead. I know. I'll use my cell phone, ok? Oh, there's no service.

Sheridan's voice: Now what? How can I help Maureen if I can't get an ambulance to take her to the hospital?

Whitney: God, New England has had small quakes in the past, but nothing ever like this. It's like a bomb exploded or something.

Woman: Kristen? Kristen, where are you?

Man: Nancy? Can you hear me? Oh, god. Nancy?

Whitney: I got to get to Miles.

Tabitha: Oh, my -- what a mess! Huh, this place looks like Steinbrenner's office whenever his team loses! Oh, dear. Oh. Oh, Endora, darling, we have to be careful not to simulcast spells like that again. Oh, the surrounding energy fields just can't handle the surge from the supernatural current.

Endora: Huh?

Tabitha: No!

Endora: Yeah.

Tabitha: Hmm. Oh, Endora, will you help Mommy clean this mess up? Come on, let's go. Help. Oh, thank you, darling, thank you. We're all clean and tidy again. Now, what should we do about Edna?

[Mrs. Wallace gasps]

Mrs. Wallace: Oh -- oh. Oh, merciful angels.

[Mrs. Wallace gasps]

Mrs. Wallace: What? Was fema here already? Oh, my goodness. What about my house? I had a whole stash of gin in my bedroom closet, and, boy, you two witches better not have -- oh --

Tabitha: Oh, well, that's one way to keep Edna from getting on our nerves, isn't it? Now, let's watch the misery we caused from the comfort of our living room, shall we?

[Maria cries]

Tabitha: Oh, my devil. Ooh, that's Maria. Well, I hope she's all right. Oh, I'd better go and check on her. And I wonder what's happened to Kay. She was only going next door, after all. Oh.

Fox: Kay! Oh, my god, no pulse. Kay, come on, you can't die! Come on, Kay, Maria needs you! I know you can hear me! You can't die! Come on. Come on, Kay.

Noah: Ugh -- ugh -- ugh --

Fancy: Noah, do something! I can't hold on much longer!

Noah: I won't let you go, I swear! I just need to find better leverage to pull you up.

Fancy: Well, find some, and hurry, please!

Noah: If I can get my foot over here, just like this -- whoa --

Fancy: Oh, what's happening?

Noah: I'm sliding. My foot gave way. This whole ground is unstable.

Fancy: Move back more!

Noah: I can't unless I let go of you!

Fancy: No, don't -- don't let go, please.

Noah: I won't! I just need to find better leverage, and I can't stop sliding! Ugh -- ugh.

Whitney: Oh, my god. This is complete devastation. Thank god Simone is out in California.

Whitney: Oh --

Woman: Oh, god, have you seen my daughter? Her name is Kristen.

Whitney: No, no, I'm sorry, I haven't.

Woman: My baby. I can't lose my baby! Kristen?

Whitney: Oh, my god.

Woman: Kristen, where are you?

Whitney: I can't lose my son, either. I got to get to Miles and make sure he and Chad are ok.

Chad: Yeah, it's a good thing Julian installed a generator in this building for emergencies. Now, let's see what's on the radio, see how bad this quake is.

Announcer: The quake's epicenter was offshore the coastal community of Harmony. Early reports indicate that parts of town sustained significant damage. Power, phone, and cell phone service are all but nonexistent. The Crane Industries complex is intact, but businesses such as the Blue Note are in danger of collapse.

Chad: Oh, my god -- Whitney. Miles, come on. Let's see if your mommy's ok. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a second. I can't take you out into the danger zone. I'm not leaving you here alone. I guess we're just going to have to stay here and wait till we hear word on Whitney.

Ethan: Why don't you mind your own business, Alistair, stop trying to cause trouble between my wife and me.

Alistair: I am not causing any trouble between you and your wife. You are. Theresa, I'll take you home, you can check on your family, then over to the mansion to see Jane.

Ethan: Wrong. You're not going anywhere with her.

Theresa: I don't want to cause any trouble.

Rebecca: Oh, please. You live to cause trouble.

Alistair: All right, all right, enough of this. You can all stay here in this dump and die! I am going home to my safe home. Good night. Excuse me.

Liz: My club is not a dump! At least it wasn't before the quake.

Gwen: Can you please, please just take me home now?

Theresa: No, I have to come with you, Ethan.

Ethan: Listen, I don't think any of us should go anywhere until we know how much damage has been done to this town.

Eve: Well, if the rest of Harmony looks the way it does out there, then I shudder to think what we're going to find when we leave.

Fox: Kay. Kay, come on. Damn it. Damn it, still no pulse. All right. Come on. Come on. There we go. Can you hear me? Kay? No heartbeat. All right. Come on. Come on. Come on! Two, three, four --

Spike: Come on, Jessica, let's get out of here before this whole building collapses.

Jessica: Wait. You never answered my question! Is he dead, Spike? Did I kill him?

Spike: No, you did not kill him!

Jessica: Oh, thank goodness.

Spike: Now, come on, let's go!

Jessica: We can't just leave him here to die! We have to get him to the hospital!

Spike: Are you for real? Huh? We just had a mother of an earthquake! The hospital must be busting at the seams with people a lot worse off than him!

Jessica: Even so, there has to be something we can do! Oh.

Spike: Oh, ok, you're right. We can't just leave him here to die. You stay here. Let me see how best to help him. Controlling Jess is my number one. How do I turn helping you to my advantage? Got it. I'll promise to keep what happened here a secret. That'll keep Jess under my thumb.

Jessica: Is he going to be all right?

Spike: Jess, I was wrong. I think he's going to die.

[Man groans]

Jessica: Oh, no.

Spike: Sorry.

Ethan: Damn it, I don't have cell phone service, either.

Gwen: Well, what if the tower collapsed in the quake?

Ethan: Liz -- Liz, do you have a radio or something?

Liz: Yeah. I think the wait staff usually keeps one behind the bar.

Ethan: All right, thanks.

Gwen: No, no, no.

Ethan: What?

Gwen: Honey, don't even bother, because I want to go check on Jane regardless.

Ethan: Honey, if the roads are buckled and there's debris all over the place, we're not going --

Gwen: Then we'll walk. I want to make sure my daughter's ok.

Theresa: Jane is my daughter, Gwen!

Gwen: Not according to the courts, Theresa. We have temporary custody, and you know that.

Rebecca: And don't be surprised when the judge makes it permanent.

Theresa: No, that's not going to happen. Alistair will not let that happen.

Gwen: You know what? Most whores only sell their body. Looks like you've sold your body and your soul to that man.

Ethan: Ok, ok. Stop, both of you.

Gwen: Will you please take me home now?

Theresa: Jane is our child. I'm coming with you.

Gwen: Tell her that she's not coming with us. Ethan, damn it, you either tell her or just admit that you'd rather be with her.

Eve: This is a really nasty cut. I'm going to need --

T.C.: Here's some alcohol.

Eve: Oh, T.C., you read my mind.

T.C.: Well, I've had a lot of practice.

Eve: We both did.

T.C.: Yeah. By the way, congratulations on your engagement to Julian.

Eve: Really?

T.C.: Yeah. I guess the quake has put things in perspective for me. Eve, I want you to be happy. God knows that Julian loves you. Look at the size of the ring that he gave you.

Eve: It is beautiful, isn't it?

T.C.: Yeah. I just wish I could have given you something like that for our engagement.

Eve: Oh, T.C. the ring you bought me meant everything in the world to me. And the memories from our marriage will stay with me always.

Liz: So, what can I do to help?

Eve: Well, I could use more alcohol for the people with cuts.

Liz: Sure. I'll just get a case of something cheap from the basement.

T.C.: Liz, I'll go. All this damage around here, you might get into an accident.

Liz: Oh, thank you, T.C. Mmm. You take such good care of me.

Eve: So, Liz, it seems you got everything you wanted. You're engaged to T.C., you fuel Whitney and Simone's anger at me every chance that you get, and then all the time hoping that Whitney will go back to drinking while she sings.

Liz: Eve, that's a terrible thing to say.

Eve: Well, you're a terrible person. I know it would make you very happy if Whitney would follow in my footsteps and use alcohol and drugs and ruin her chances at being a truly big-time singer.

Liz: You're wrong, Eve. I don't want Whitney to suffer -- just you. But now that you've hooked Julian it seems you've finally gotten everything you ever wanted.

Julian: There are more people to be treated.

Eve: I'm coming. This isn't over, Liz.

Liz: That's right. It's not over, Eve. And it won't be over until you're tried for three attempted murders and sent to prison -- hopefully for the rest of your life.

Sheridan: Both phones are down, so I can't call the paramedics to come take your mommy.

Sheridan: Ok, I guess we could -- we could try taking her downstairs and we'll flag down a taxi.

Sheridan's voice: What am I going to do?

Maureen: Oh -- oh -- oh. What happened?

Sheridan: There was an earthquake. You were knocked unconscious. It's over now. Once we get you help, everything will be fine.

Tabitha: Oh, Endora, you'll be happy to see that Maria is fine and unharmed by the quake. Hmm. But, you know, it's strange that Kay isn't back yet.

Fox: Come on. Come on now, come on, come on, come on. There we go, all right. I got a pulse, ok. All right, just come to, Kay. Come on. Kay? Maybe mouth-to-mouth will help.

Fox: Oh, thank god. I -- I thought you were a goner. I -- I was giving you mouth-to-mouth.

Kay: Mouth-to-mouth, huh?

Fox: Yeah.

Kay: Get away from me, you bastard! Oh!

Fox: Ok.

Kay: Oh -- ow! Ah!

Jessica: Spike, what do you mean, he's going to die? It isn't like I stabbed him. He fell against the scissors I was holding.

Spike: Well, then you must have punctured an artery or something because this guy is bleeding like you would not believe.

Jessica: Maybe we can apply pressure to where he was cut.

Spike: No, Jess! Stay back! It's too late. This dude is going to die.

Fancy: Noah, we're slipping!

Noah: Yeah, I know!

Fancy: Do something! I don't want to die!

Noah: No, I won't let you die! Ok, if I can get my hand on that root over there, I might be able to get some leverage!

Fancy: Noah!

Noah: Ugh! Ugh!

[Fancy gasps]

Jessica: He can't die, Spike. I -- I had the scissors out to defend myself. The quake hit, and he fell into them.

Spike: The police will never believe you, Jess. They'll say you stabbed him to death.

Jessica: But I didn't!

Spike: I know you didn't, baby.

Jessica: Please, Spike, there has to be something we can do!

Spike: There's not. He's dead.

Jessica: No. No!

Spike: I'm sorry, Jess. You may not have meant to, but you killed him. That makes you a murderer!

Jessica: No! No! No, I didn't! No!

Sheridan: Maureen, if you can walk, we really should get out of here in case there's an aftershock.

Maureen: Where will we go? The whole town must be in ruins.

Sheridan: Well, the first thing is we need to get you to a hospital and we need to get you help.

Maureen: No way am I going to any hospital. No freaking way!

Man: Can you believe the damage the quake did, Mr. Crane?

Alistair: That was marvelous, isn't it? Huh? Crane Construction is going to make a fortune clearing away all this debris and rebuilding this town, all at inflated prices, by the way. Who said I wasn't a lover of nature? Oh.

Man: What about Miss Lopez-Fitzgerald?

Alistair: She decided to stay. So I'm going to leave her to her own fate, along with the others, and as far as I'm concerned, they can all die. Please take me home now.

Man: Yes, Mr. Crane.

Eve: Well, I've done everything that I can do. You know, it's just a miracle that more people weren't seriously hurt.

Julian: Well, when I rebuilt the place after the fire, I made certain that it exceeded all the safety codes.

Eve: Well, then maybe some good came out of my torching the place after all.

T.C.: Is there anything else we can do to help?

Eve: No, T.C. I've just been telling Julian it's just a miracle that more people weren't hurt. Of course, if there are any aftershocks, everything could change.

Liz: God, I hope not.

Eve: Oh, Liz, for once we agree on something.

T.C.: Well, Liz, I know you're glad that Eve was here to help.

Julian: Well, not that it's news, we all know Eve's a treasure, but I can't wait to officially make her my wife.

Liz: And I can't wait to be your wife, T.C.

Ethan: You know, you're wrong about me wanting to be with Theresa. Honey, I chose you because I love you and because I love our life together. And my not wanting her to be around Alistair has nothing to do with me choosing her over you. It has to do with me being a good godfather to little Ethan. It has to do with me being a friend to Pilar and Luis. You know that they would go nuts if they knew that she was hanging with Alistair the way she is. You have to get this clear. You and Jane are my top priority.

Gwen: Then please take me to see her.

Theresa: No, Ethan, take me.

Ethan: Listen, listen, we're not going anywhere until we know how much damage has been caused by this quake.

Gwen: Ok. Well, when we know it's safe to go home, please take me to see Jane.

Theresa: No, Ethan is going to take me to see our child and then home to see little Ethan.

Chad: It's amazing this place didn't suffer any more damage. I guess all the Crane properties are reinforced against anything mother nature can throw against it. Not that I'm complaining. I can see from outside that the town's a mess.

[Miles cries]

Chad: Miles, my man, my man, it's ok. Hey, we made it through the quake ok, all right? We got food, we got water, lights. Hell, even the A.C.'s still working. Miles, we're going to be just fine unless there's some big aftershock or something. You know, and then all bets are off. But you know what? We're not going to worry about that, are we? No, no. We're going to be too busy missing your mama. Yeah. I just wish Whitney would let us be a bigger part of her life. You know, I want to spend some time with her as brother and sister, and, you, my man, you need your mother. You need Whitney and her love.


Whitney: Oh -- oh! Miles --

Kay: Just get away from me, ok? Oh!

Fox: Fine by me.

Kay: I have to go back to Tabitha's and check on Maria -- ooh.

Fox: You know what? Wait, hold on a second. First, I save you from a shark attack, then I save you from being buried under a pile of bricks. I give you mouth-to-mouth and then I get a slap as a thank-you.

Kay: I'm sorry. I'm not used to coming to in a lip lock!

Fox: It wasn't a lip lock! I was mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Kay: Whatever. I -- I need to go.

Fox: Yeah, you know what? The hell with it -- I got to go, too. I got to go check on Miles. Look, I'll walk you to Tabitha's and then I'll make my way downtown to Chad's place. How's that?

Kay: Hey, Fox, don't worry about me. I'm fine.

Fox: Hmm. We were getting along so well. I'm out of here. This is ridiculous.

Kay: Yeah. Me, too.

Kay: Oh, shoot!

Fox: What?

Kay: I have to get Maria's stuffed animal.

Fox: Wait a second -- you know what? Not Maria's stuffed animal, ok? This house probably has more damage from the earthquake, so let's just get the hell out of here.

Kay: Hey, this house is just a few years old. I'm sure it's fine.

Fox: No, you --

[Kay screams]

[Noah groans]

Noah: It's working, Fancy! Come on, I almost got you! Ah!

[Fancy and Noah groan]

[Fancy coughs]

Noah: Oh.

[Noah laughs]

Fancy: Oh, Noah. Thank you for saving my life!

Fancy: Uh -- sorry. I was --

Noah: Hey, you're all right. It's ok. I -- you know, I was -- what you were, too.

Fancy: Huh.

Noah: Huh.

Fancy: Are you ok?

Noah: Yeah. Are you? All right. Well, let's get out of here, you know, before this whole area falls into the sinkhole. Come on.

Joey: The two of you ain't going anywhere. My friend and I were sent here to kill you both, and that's just what I'm going to do.

On the Next Passions:

Mrs. Wallace: I am going to tell the entire world that you and your daughter are witches!

Alistair: I am going to ruin your daughter's life.

Katherine: No!

Fancy: Help, somebody!

Kay: Please don't drop me! I don't want to die! Ah!

Fox: Kay, no!

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