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By Amanda
Proofread by Jodi

Fancy: I know someone's there. Show yourself. Look, I don't have any money on me, but I have an A.T.M. card, so just don't hurt me, whoever you are, ok? Somebody help me, please! I'm being followed! Oh, my -- oh, my god. Were you the one following me? Don't come any closer. Oh! Oh, you're a dog that likes seafood? I had a little accident in the cannery. My dog Preston likes seafood, too -- ooh -- especially caviar. Ugh. Ew. Gross. After that fire at Spike's club and that pile of fish I fell into, I smell like rancid mackerel. Oh, you live way on the other side of town. Aw. Well, my cell phone doesn't work, but as soon as I can get to a phone, we'll call your owners to come pick you up, ok?

[Dog barks]

Fancy: Who's there? Hello? Maybe you weren't the one I heard following me.

Ethan: You did good, bro. I mean, that club -- it had to go.

Noah: Hey, I didn't mean to become a vigilante, but, you know, that sleazebag Spike hurt Jessica, so I burnt down his club. Maybe he'll get the message and get out of town, huh?

Ethan: Yeah, well, that's what Fox, Chad, and I tried to do last time when we smashed his club up. It didn't work. But no worries. If he tries to get to Jessica again, we'll deal with him.

Noah: Nobody hurts our little sister and gets away with it, right, bro?

Ethan: That's right.

Jessica: Noah's unbelievable. He burned down my boyfriend's club?

Kay: Your boyfriend? Oh, my god, you are an idiot. That guy is just using you. Noah was just trying to protect you.

Jessica: Yeah, well, who does he think he is? I don't need protecting.

Kay: The hell you don't. I mean, we should lock you in a closet until you grow some brains. Noah doesn't want you to get hurt, Jessica. He cares about you. We all care about you.

Jessica: You can all go to hell. The only person I care about is Spike, and he loves me. He'd never do anything to hurt me.

Kurt: You about done cutting up paper dolls?

Spike: Hmm. I'm just practicing. The Bennett's are going to be real sorry they ever screwed me over. Jessica Bennett is toast.

Gwen: You know, I wonder what Theresa's next move is going to be. I mean, I'm sure she's just hatching some evil plan to try and take Jane away from me.

Rebecca: Well, we just have to be careful. I mean, maybe she's going to hang herself, but we can't count on that. No, we have to be strong and take action for ourselves.

Gwen: Well, maybe we do. Just thank god that she's out of the mansion, ok? Come on, I want to give this blankie to Jane.

Rebecca: Ok.

Pilar: Theresa, Theresa, we shouldn't be here. Gwen or Rebecca could catch us -- or Alistair.

Pilar: Listen, I don't know which would be worse, Gwen or Rebecca putting you in jail or Alistair trying to get you into his bed.

Theresa: Just calm down, Mama, ok?

Pilar: Oh, god.

Theresa: I just needed to see Jane. And then I'm going to search this entire mansion for the evidence I need to prove that Gwen and Rebecca were the ones who sent the information to the tabloid. Oh, look at her. She's so beautiful. No, this isn't right. She should be home with me.


Pilar: Oh, my god. Someone's coming. Oh, my god, it's Gwen and Rebecca.

Martin: Oh, boy.

Katherine: Oh, Martin, what if we've sent Luis and Sheridan on a wild-goose chase? What if Marty and Beth aren't at the lake cabin?

Martin: Well, I have a feeling they are. It's the perfect place for Alistair to hide them, since so few people know about it.

Ivy: Well, one thing's for sure. We cannot let Alistair know that Luis and Sheridan are on their way up there, because he will warn Beth.

Martin: Yeah.

Alistair: Well, this is a cheery-looking group. What's going on here, huh?

Beth: Marty's still sleeping. Must be that clean lake air. Oh. Well, it's a little early to start drinking. Ah, what the heck. I deserve it. Hmm. Only the best for the Cranes, and now I'm a Crane, too. Thanks, Daddy Alistair. The war is over, and I have won. I have Marty, and Sheridan will start blaming Luis for not believing her sooner, and before you know it, those lovebirds -- they're going to be split up forever. Hmm.

Sheridan: Faster, Luis. Get me to my baby before it's too late.

Sheridan: How much longer till we're up at the cabin?

Luis: Not long.

Sheridan: All right, we've got to get there.

Luis: Don't need that now that we're outside the city limits. Don't want to alert Beth. How about some music?

Sheridan: Whatever.

[Tango plays]

Sheridan: Ooh. Is this a new move?

Luis: Well, I think it's the way all tangos should end. Remember this song?

Sheridan: Of course I remember. Every time I've danced the tango with you, it's etched into my memory. At your mother's house.

Luis: At the youth center.

Luis: Down in the islands.

Luis: I love holding you in my arms. And I love you.

Sheridan: I know. But all I can think about right now is getting my child back, so please just drive as fast as you can, keep your promise, and get Marty.

Alistair: You know, you three look as if you just robbed the cookie jar and you got caught. What evil kind of plots are being hatched here, hmm?

Ivy: Evil plots are your department, Alistair. We could never begin to compete with you.

Alistair: Good. Remember that.

Katherine: Thank you.

Ivy: What makes you so sure that Beth took Marty to this lake cabin? I never heard about it till tonight, and I was married to Julian for a long time.

Katherine: Tell me, Martin. Where do you think Beth is hiding Marty?

Martin: No, the same place that Alistair sent Rachel for years when everyone thought that she was dead.

Katherine: Oh, the family lodge up at the lake?

Martin: Yes, and no one even knows the Cranes have another one up there, and that's the way Alistair likes it. I mean, I don't even think that Julian knows it's up there.

Katherine: Well, Martin and I were looking at a list of the Crane properties, and you're right, Ivy. No one's been at the lake cabin for years. It's just that it's close by, so it just seemed like a natural possibility.

Martin: Yeah, and by now all the properties, you know, they must have been searched.

Ivy: Oh, well, let's just hope you're right.

Martin: Are you all right?

Katherine: I'll be fine as soon as Sheridan finds my grandson. Oh, Martin, she so deserves to be happy with Luis.

Martin: I know. Let's just pray that Alistair keeps his mouth shut.

Katherine: If he tells Sheridan that she was the one who killed my sister Rachel, it will ruin her life. I think he's an out-and-out madman.

Martin: It's like staring into the eyes of the devil. Has Alistair ever loved anyone besides Rachel -- or himself?

Fancy: Hello! Show yourself! Who's out there? Noah, is that you? Stop it. This isn't funny. A cat. I smell like your favorite dinner. Is that it? Oh, wait a minute. I bet I've got something for you. Ew. Ew. Hmm.

Fancy: It was just a kitty cat, big boy. I thought it might be Spike or one of those thugs from Vegas. Thanks for protecting me from that terrifying cat. Let's go. Come on. I'll call your owners as soon as I can. Oh, hey. Wait! Oh, no. I hope he'll be ok. Well, I'd better get home. At least climbing raven hill will count as aerobic exercise. Damn that Noah Bennett. My life's been a disaster ever since I met him. And now I'm stranded, covered in fish guts. Ugh.

Noah: Let's go in. I want to check in on Jessica.

Ethan: All right.

Jessica: You think you know so much. You know nothing. I am sick and tired of you and dad and now Noah telling me what to do.

Kay: We just want you to stay away from that disgusting Spike. Hello, the guy who drugged you and raped you. Do you remember?

Jessica: He didn't rape me. I wanted to be with him, and I still do, so just back off. Oh, you. You show up out of the blue and try to wreck my life? Damn you! Who do you think you are?

Kurt: You done yet?

Spike: Let's just think of it as foreplay. Oh, is that her right eye?

Kurt: Man, you're serious about taking her out.

Spike: I didn't start this. Chief Bennett and his damn sons set out to wreck my life. You know, the way I see it, they're getting off easy. They ruined two of my clubs. I'm only going to ruin one of Noah's sisters. Ah.

Pilar: Dios mio, Theresa, que va hacer? If Gwen and Rebecca find you in here, they will throw you in jail, and you will lose Jane forever.

Gwen: Mother, you know, now you got me all worried. I mean, what do you think Theresa's going to do next?

Rebecca: Honestly, I have no idea. But we cannot underestimate her. I mean, hopefully, she'll do something stupid, but we can't count on it.

Alistair: Katherine, why is your unemployed ex-lover hanging around my house all day? Martin, you should be home with Pilar, you know, busy working on your new wedding vows.

Martin: You're a sadist. You enjoy causing pain.

Alistair: And you enjoy stealing other men's wives. But being a catholic, aren't you a tad worried about what your god is going to say about long-term adultery? Or are you hoping about hearing those three mumbo-jumbo words in the confessional that are going to wipe all of your sins away?

Martin: How you dare even mention god -- I am surprised that you aren't struck down by lightning right where you stand.

Fancy: Hello? Anybody home? Grampy!

Alistair: Oh, my lord, it's Fancy, my -- whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, wait. Wait. You smell like you've been rolling around in cat food there. What -- ooh. Lord.

Ivy: Oh, Fancy. Now what have you been up to?

Fancy: Oh, I just had a little accident at the cannery.

Alistair: Well, what were you doing there?

Fancy: I like the cannery, ever since you gave me a tour when I was 5. It's where the whole Crane empire began.

Alistair: Well, thanks to my great-grandfather. Whoa. I would hug you, but I -- I just had this suit delivered from Savile Row.

Fancy: Hmm. Just give me double hugs later.

Alistair: Oh, all right.

Fancy: Hi, Grammy.

Katherine: "Grammy"? We'll have to try and find another nickname.

Alistair: She can call you anything she wants, since you moved back into my mansion.

Fancy: Come talk to me, Grampy.

Alistair: Oh, yes, yes, sure, sure, but maybe you'll wash up sometime later? Huh?

Katherine: Oh, I haven't seen that much love on Alistair's face since Rachel.

Ivy: Rachel, the -- your sister who drowned?

Katherine: Yes.

Ivy: Oh, I'm sorry.

Katherine: Oh, no, no. It's ok. It was a long time ago.

Ivy: I never knew her. She died before I ever married Julian. Although, I always heard that Alistair loved her very, very much.

Katherine: Yes. Perhaps too much.

Ivy: It's kind of hard to believe that Alistair could ever love anyone.

Alistair: Why? Huh? Why?

Ivy: Though I do have to admit he has always adored Fancy. Anything she wants she gets. She certainly knows how to wrap her grandfather around her finger.

Alistair: No, no, no, no, no --

Theresa: The closet, come on.

Pilar: Oh, my god --

Rebecca: We have to think of some really clever way to let Ethan see Theresa for the trash she is.

Gwen: Look, I don't know if that's the right thing to do, ok? Because Ethan has already seen what a conniving, manipulative little witch she is, and over and over she has attacked me, she's belittled me, she's the reason my Sarah is dead, the reason my son is dead. But for some reason, Ethan still cares about her.

Theresa: Of course he does, you skank. He loves me, not you, never you.

Pilar: Shh, stop. If they hear you, you will never see Jane again.

Theresa: They're not going to win, Mama, ok? I know Gwen and Rebecca are keeping something, and I'm going to find out what it is, and when I do, I'm going to use it to prove to Ethan that he should leave her and come back to me, and then I will have Ethan and Jane for good.

Sheridan: Please, faster.

Luis: Sheridan, I am going as fast as I can on these mountain roads, ok?

Sheridan: I just can't stand this. We've got to get up to that cabin.

Luis: Can you just try and think of something else? Like our future, getting Marty back, and what it's going to be like? We're going to be a real family. We're going to have everything that we've dreamed of.

Sheridan: Please, Luis, I can't even think about that future right now, because if we don't get Marty back, if things don't go right up at the cabin --

Luis: Sheridan, please. You're scaring me.

Sheridan: Look, I'm scaring myself, because I can't think about what'll happen to us if we don't get Marty back.

Noah: What the hell was that for?

Jessica: For burning down my boyfriend's club. Ew. God, what is that smell?

Ethan: Jess, your boyfriend?

Noah: Spike? Whoa, you can't be serious.

Jessica: Why not? Spike is my boyfriend, so just stay out of my life, all of you. You're screwing up my relationship with the only man who's ever cared about me.

Noah: Are you out of your mind? That lowlife doesn't give a damn about you.

Jessica: Don't you dare call him that. I love him and he loves me. Just leave us alone.

Ethan: Jess, we're trying to protect you here.

Jessica: I don't need you to protect me. Spike will protect me.

Spike: Boy, are you wrong. It's too bad. You got so much life left in you. But not for long. You come on upstairs, Jessica. I'm going to be waiting for you.

Pilar: Theresa, you shouldn't be eavesdropping.

Theresa: Mama, I know Gwen and Rebecca were the ones who sent the information to the tabloid on Ethan's true paternity, and maybe if I listen, they'll give us a clue where I can look to find the evidence I need to prove it.

Rebecca: Oh, honey. Honey, you look so tired. Look, why don't you let me treat you to a full-body shiatsu, huh? I mean, my new masseur, Paolo -- he used to be on the Italian wrestling team, and he has such strong hands. And he hates to wear clothes.

Gwen: No, thank you.

Rebecca: But, honey, I'm worried about you.

Gwen: Mother, there's only one thing you should be worrying about.

Rebecca: And what's that?

Gwen: You know -- the one thing Theresa could use against us?

Theresa: That's it. That's it. Gwen and Rebecca are about to tell us what I can use to get Jane back.

Alistair: All right. Now, you bring me up to speed. Where have you been and what have you been doing with all of my money? You should see the notes I'm getting from my accountants about all the money you're spending.

Fancy: Well, now, Grampy, what's the point of having all that delicious cash if you're not going to spend it?

Alistair: Really?

Fancy: After I wash off this fish, I'll show you one of my new outfits.

Alistair: Oh.

Man: Sir?

Alistair: Not now. I'm talking to my granddaughter.

Man: I'm sorry, sir, but there's something that requires your immediate attention.

Alistair: All right. I knew something was up. Look, meet me in the library.

Man: Ok.

Alistair: Sweetheart, why don't you go upstairs, shower, bathe, get rid of the smell.

Fancy: Mm-hmm.

Alistair: And when I get back, we'll talk, ok?

Fancy: Anything you say, Grandfather.

Alistair: Ok, honey. Bye-bye.

Alistair: Now, if I find out that you two have been helping Luis and Sheridan, you will both pay.

Sheridan: Well, turn off the light. We don't want to let Beth know we're coming. Come on! We've got to get to the cabin!

Luis: Sheridan, please, ok? I'm driving as fast as I can. I've never been up here before.

Sheridan: Well, I need my son.

Luis: Our son. You know, Sheridan, once we get Marty back, maybe we can build our own little place somewhere out of town, you know? The real country. I saw there's some land for sale out by the bakers' farm. It's by the shore. It's got this little stream running through it.

Sheridan: Sounds nice.

Luis: Yeah. Just be us and the birds. Our own little kingdom. You know, there's even room to build a baseball diamond. I can't wait to teach Marty how to play ball. And I can't wait to go to our first Red Sox game as a family.

Sheridan: You know, if you had listened to me from the get-go about Marty, we would have gone to plenty of Red Sox games as a family by now. In fact we would've had box seats to last year's world series.

Luis: Honey, let's not dwell on the past, ok?

Sheridan: Ok. Can't talk about the past, can't talk about the future, so let's talk about the here and now. Right now all I can think about is getting my son back, and if you don't get me Marty, then we're not going to have a past, present, or future to talk about, ok?

Beth: Wonder what Mother's doing. Decomposing, I hope. But I wish she could see me now. Just goes to show it pays to persevere. I have Marty, I've beaten Sheridan, and one of these days I will marry Luis. I know that he will eventually understand after I explain why I did what I did.

[Phone rings]

Beth: Oh, it's Alistair. Daddy, hi.

Alistair: Don't call me that.

Beth: I hope you have good news.

Alistair: No, no, and I'm not. It's bad news. In fact, it's terrible news. Luis and Sheridan know where you are, and they're almost up at the cabin.

Beth: What? I got to get out of here now.

Fancy: Mmm. Oh. I wish that was a pina colada, but, damn, I needed that.

Ivy: Well, I see you're taking after your father. And it's not even cocktail hour.

Fancy: What do you want, Mother?

Ivy: Oh. Ew. That fish smell -- it's really, really revolting, but I'm smelling something else. What is that? Fire?

Fancy: Get -- get away, mother.

Ivy: No. Were you near a fire, Fancy? Perhaps that fire that destroyed the nightclub?

Fancy: Where do you get off questioning me?

Ivy: Fancy, I'm your mother.

Fancy: You've never given a damn about me before, so just back off.

Ivy: No, you're not going any-- oh, oh.

Fancy: It stinks, doesn't it?

Ivy: Yeah. Oh, no, don't you walk away from me, young lady.

Martin: No, no, let them be, Katherine. No, you don't even know the girl.

Katherine: I know, but she is my granddaughter.

Martin: All right, all right. Come on, sit down, sit down, sit down. I think that this is better left between mother and daughter, and besides, we need to focus on what Alistair's up to. That thug that came in? Looked like he had bad news. I have a feeling that they found out that we sent Luis and Sheridan to the lake cabin.

Katherine: Oh, no.

Martin: Yeah.

Katherine: No, Martin. But we did try our best, and I would do it again. I just hope that Luis and Sheridan can stop Beth from taking Marty.

Martin: Yeah, there's no end to his evil. I just wonder what innocent person will be the next victim in Alistair's web.

Gwen: Look, I don't care what Theresa does, as long as she doesn't find out our secret.

Rebecca: Honey, don't worry, ok?

Gwen: You sure about that?

Rebecca: What, whatever do you mean?

Gwen: Please tell me you did what I asked you to, all right? There's nothing for Theresa to find that would help her prove what we did?

Rebecca: Honey, how can you even ask me?

Gwen: Because you have lied and lied to me before about destroying it. Mother, you are -- you are absolutely, positively sure that there is no evidence that Theresa can find that would link us as the people who emailed the tabloids?

Rebecca: Gwennie, stop worrying. There is no way.

Gwen: Well, I hope you're right.

Rebecca: Oh, now she's getting me paranoid. Thank goodness I didn't leave this disk with the other ones in the living room. I have got to find a better place to hide it. Well, there is nothing to find.

Gwen: Good. Good. Then Theresa will never find out our secret and she won't be able to take Ethan or this precious little baby away from me.

Theresa: Did you just hear that?

Pilar: I heard that.

Theresa: I knew Gwen and Rebecca had a secret. Now, I'm going to find out what it is, and when I do, I'm going to use it to get everything that I've ever wanted.

Sheridan: I never thought we'd get here.

Luis: Well, I promise you we're going to get Marty back.

Beth: I've got to get Marty out of here now.

Alistair: Well, it may be too late.

Beth: What do you mean?

Alistair: Just look out the window. They should be right outside.

Beth: Oh, god! No, no, no! Hey, thanks for the advance warning. Now, how the hell do I get out of here?

Alistair: There is no way out of this.  

Jessica: You disappear for years and then think you can come back to this house and order me around? You don't even know me.

Ethan: Jess, come on. For god's sakes, he's --

Jessica: You, too, Ethan. You aren't my brother. I don't know you from a hole in the ground.

Noah: Jess, I was just trying to keep you from making a big mistake, all right?

Jessica: You burned down a building.

Noah: Well, yeah, look, it might have been a bit extreme.

Jessica: Yeah.

Noah: But I was just trying to help you.

Jessica: Arson isn't helping, Noah. It's a crime. And I don't need your help. I never did. It's my life, and I can do what I want with it.

Kay: Look, excuse me.

Jessica: Leave me alone, Kay!

Kay: We don't want you to end up in rehab or dead.

Jessica: Out of my life!

Kay: No.

Jessica: Damn you! Damn you all! I don't want your help! You know, you can't control me! None of you can! You're going to regret the way you treat me -- what you did!

Spike's voice: You have no idea how much they'll regret it, Jessica. No idea.

Theresa: I knew Gwen and Rebecca had a secret. I'm going to find out what it is, and then their whole house of cards will come tumbling down.

Rebecca: Gwen, don't worry your pretty little head. Theresa will never find out our secret.

Gwen: I hope you're right. You know, you worry me.

Rebecca: Honey, have I ever lied to you?

Gwen: Yeah.

Rebecca: Ok. Well, have I ever lied to you about something important?

Gwen: Yes.

Theresa: Just pray, Mama. Pray that they spill the beans right now while we're here.

Pilar: Theresa, it doesn't matter what they say. We can't get caught in this closet. The judge already thinks that you're unstable. If Gwen and Rebecca find out that you snuck back into the house, they will use it to say it's proof that you are unfit to get Jane back and you will lose her forever.

Theresa: Ok, Mama. Just don't worry, all right? Because once they leave the nursery, I'm going to search this mansion for the evidence I need to use against them.

Pilar: But Rebecca said that whatever it is it's gone.

Theresa: And you believe her, Mama? Come on, Mama.

Pilar: Theresa, por favor, please, let's just leave. You don't even know what you're looking for. It could be anything, and this house is enormous.

Theresa: All right, ok, I just -- I've got to try, ok? Mama, we're not going to get caught. Trust me.

Pilar: Theresa, don't --

Rebecca: What was that?

Gwen: I don't know. I don't know. But it sounded like it came from the closet.

Beth: Don't give me that, old man. There has got to be a way out of here.

Alistair: Well, my sweet, there is not a way out of there because Luis and Sheridan's car blocks the only road that leads directly to the cabin.

Beth: Well, tough. I'll just -- I'll use my car to ram theirs out of the way.


Beth: Oh, no!

Alistair: What happened?

Beth: Luis shot the tires out on my car.

Sheridan: That was good thinking, Luis.

Luis: Yeah, Beth can't get away now. We're about to get Marty back.

Beth: What am I going to do now?

Alistair: I don't know. You're on your own. I guess you're just going to have to give up.

Beth: Never.

Luis: Beth? I know you're in there. We've got the place surrounded. Just come out slowly and give us Marty.

Sheridan: Luis, what if she hurts him?

Luis: She's not going to do that. If there's one thing I know, Beth loves Marty. Beth, come out! Now!

Beth: What am I going to do? Hmmm...

Ivy: Fancy, stop! Please. No, don't touch anything. We'll never get the smell out.

Fancy: Mother, can't you understand words of one syllable? Leave me be.

Ivy: Fancy, were you in that trashy nightclub, the one that was burned?

Fancy: You're not listening.

Ivy: Because I'm worried about you. You know, you're like an earthquake and a tornado all wrapped up into one. Wherever you go, chaos happens and people's lives get turned upside down.

Fancy: You mean your life gets turned upside down?

Ivy: Don't start with me. Just tell me where you have been and whose life you are about to ruin this time.

Kay: There's no talking to her.

Noah: Maybe I should go up, huh?

Kay: No, don't bother. Ew, you stink. What were you doing at the cannery?

Noah: Whoa. How did you know?

Kay: I work there. That smell's in my nightmares.

Noah: I'll tell you later. Right now let's go upstairs and sit on our little sister and, you know, pinch her until she gives in.

Kay: That hasn't worked since she was 10.

Ethan: Look, maybe -- maybe she just needs some time to think about this and realize what she's doing to herself, you know?

Kay: Yeah. Listen to him, Noah. I mean, she's out of her teeny little mind. If you try to talk to her now, she's just going to burn the house down.

Noah: Maybe I started a family tradition.

Kay: That's not funny.

Ethan: Listen, Jess? Jess, come on, just talk to us.

Jessica: Stay the hell away from me!

Noah: Jess? Look, I just wanted to help her.

Kay: You did. You burned down that club. And with any luck, that's going to force Spike to leave town. I mean, that's the best thing, to just get him out of her life for good.

Noah: Jess?

Jessica: Go away! Why don't you and Ethan drive to Boston? There are plenty of clubs to trash down there. Damn them! I'll make them wish they'd never been born.

Spike's voice: Don't you worry, babe. When your brother finds out what I've done to you, he'll regret what he did. I promise.

[Jessica whimpers]

Gwen: All right, who's in there? Answer me.

Martin: Alistair's right about one thing. I shouldn't be here. I swore -- I swore that I'd stay out of the mansion for good.

Katherine: Don't worry. He'll make you leave soon enough, especially when he finds out that we're the ones that told Luis and Sheridan that we think that Beth is hiding at the lake cabin.

Martin: Come here.

Katherine: No, Martin. No, we shouldn't. It's not just what Alistair said.

Martin: No. It's because of Pilar, I know. I just need to hold you one last time.

Katherine: Oh, Martin. Please tell me that they're going to be all right. Please tell me that they'll get Marty back and that they're going to be happy.

Martin: Of course. I'm sure they will.

Katherine: Thank you for lying. We both know if Alistair's involved no one could be happy.

Luis: Come out, Beth. You're trapped. Just get Marty and come out here.

Sheridan: I can't believe this is finally going to be over.

Luis: You're going to have Marty back in your arms in a minute.

Beth: You're wrong. Daddy, there has got to be a way out of here.

Alistair: No, no, Bethie, you listen to me. I told you, I am out of ideas.

Beth: Well, I'm not.

Alistair: What? What the hell is she up to?

Beth: Both of you, stop and listen to me. You are never going to get Marty, never.

Sheridan: Listen to her, Luis. She's totally insane.

Luis: Beth, just come out here now. There's nowhere to go.

Beth: You want to bet? I could go six feet under.

Sheridan: What are you talking about?

Beth: Oh, you are so stupid. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Sheridan: Oh, god. No.

Beth: Oh, you figured it out? I'd rather -- I'd rather kill myself than let you have my son, so back off and let me escape with my son, or I will kill myself, but, first, I'll kill Marty.

Sheridan: No!

Luis: I hate to do this to you, Beth, but I've got to get my son back.

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