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Passions Transcript Thursday 6/16/05--Canada; Friday 6/17/05--USA
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By Amanda
Proofread by Jodi

Noah: So, Kay, where's Jessica, huh? Oh, I didn't realize how late it was. She's probably in bed, huh? I mean, she's still just a kid in pigtails, anyway.

Kay: Not exactly.

Sam: Kay, why don't you go upstairs and get your sister.

Kay: Ok.

Noah: She's probably all grown up just like you are, still as sweet as ever, right?

Sam: Lot of things have changed since you've been gone.

Kay: You might not even recognize our baby sister.

Sam: How many times have we spoken in the last couple of years? How many emails have we exchanged? You lied to me about everything.

Noah: Look, come on, lighten up, Dad.

Sam: "Lighten up"?

Noah: I explained why I didn't want to tell you I dropped out of school. I mean, how could I do that to you, especially after Mom flew the coop?

Sam: That was not a noble act. That was a con. I'm more disappointed in you than I can say.

Noah: Jeez, Dad --

Sam: What happened to you, Noah? You know, this is a real slap in the face. You were raised to know right from wrong! It's a slap in the face not only to me, but to your sisters! They look up to you!

Noah: Well, then don't embarrass me in front of them. Look, it's bad enough Kay already knows how down on me you are. At least give me some time with Jessica before you blow my cover. Wonder what's taking Kay so long to bring her downstairs.

Sam: I don't know. You answer me one thing -- how have you been able to support yourself?

Noah: You mean, besides with my good looks and innate charm, both of which I got from you, Dad?

Sam: Ha, ha, ha. Cut the bull. I sent you a small monthly allowance to cover books and incidentals. Now, how were you able to make ends meet?

Noah: Uh --

Sam: Don't tell me that you held down a steady job, because I won't believe it for a second. I want the truth this time.

Noah: Ok, ok, ok. Look, it's just -- it's not as bad as it sounds, all right? I -- I play a little cards here and there.

Sam: Cards? You mean for money?

Noah: That's how we do it, Dad.

Sam: Oh, my son, who I thought was getting a great education, is nothing but a professional gambler?

Noah: Hey, look, don't jump down my throat, all right? I just play a little poker now and then to get by. I mean, it's a perfectly respectable game.

Sam: Not in my book it's not. In fact, I don't see one responsible thing that's been going on in your life, Noah.

Kay: Dad, Noah.

Sam: Hey, where's Jess? Don't tell me she's not in her room.

Paloma: Jessi--

Girl: What's wrong with her?

Paloma: She's on drugs. We have to get her out of here.

Jessica: No! Leave me alone!

Roberto: She's in bad shape.

Paloma: Jessica, you're going to wind up dead if you're not careful. My friends and I are taking you home.

Jessica: No, you're not! I'm staying here with Spike. I'm having a good time. There's no way I'm going home.

Paloma: Jessica, don't. You're already too high!

Jessica: Hey! And the problem with that would be? I thought you knew how to party, Paloma.

Paloma: Yeah, but not like this, not after what happened to me in the other club. No! Stop it! Don't do this!

Vic: We're just getting started. Relax, babe. I got just what you need.

Paloma: No, let me go! Let me go!

Vic: Not a chance! You asked for it, you got it!

Paloma: No! Ow, no! Let me go!

Jessica: So you had one bad experience. Is that going to make you scared of new things the rest of your life? I know Paloma had to be more fun than this in Mexico. Hey! Give them back!

Paloma: No way! If you don't see what you're doing to yourself, then you will have to hear it from me.

Jessica: I know exactly what I'm doing to myself. I'm not going to end up miserable and alone like Kay and my dad. Since when is it a crime to want to hang out with my boyfriend?

Paloma: Your boyfriend? He doesn't care about you, Jessica. He's only using you.

Jessica: You sound like Kay, who's just jealous -- or worse, my mother. That is if I had a mother.

Spike: Ooh, baby.

Jessica: Whoa.

Spike: Ok.

Jessica: My friend Paloma says you're just using me. I told her she didn't know the first thing about us.

Spike: Well, you got that right, baby, because you are my number one squeeze. And when I get a few minutes, I'm going to prove it to you.

Jessica: Why wait?

Mrs. Wallace: I swear to you I have no idea where that crazy daughter of mine went. I mean, why would she tell me? She left me here for dead.

Sheridan: She left a note saying that she was taking Marty to the hospital.

Luis: Yeah, I'm sure that was just a trick to stall us from going after her.

Mrs. Wallace: You're right. She is devious and dangerous!

Sheridan: Dear god. We have to find her, Luis. We have to find my son.

Luis: Look at this -- her passport. She didn't go very far without this.

Sheridan: Where is she, Luis? Where did Beth take my son?

Luis: I don't know, but she couldn't have gone very far without her car.

Sheridan: Yeah, well, they could be anywhere right now. She could've gotten him out of town by now, and Marty will never know that I'm his real mother. He'll never know that I've been trying to get him back ever since he was born.

Luis: Sheridan, you have my word, you will be able to tell him those things yourself. Ok? Now, listen, you must have some idea where Beth could've gone.

Mrs. Wallace: Huh, you're asking me to think like the she-devil herself? She tried to kill me tonight. I'm lucky I'm standing here alive.

Sheridan: She's right, Luis. I mean, Beth is so out of control right now. What if she takes her desperation out on Marty?

Luis: No, she wouldn't do that.

Sheridan: Yeah, well, how do you know? You couldn't even see the truth about Beth when I begged you to believe me that I was Marty's mother and not her.

Luis: All right, you're right. Ok, I'm sorry. I am very sorry about that, but if there is one thing that I know about Beth is that she loves Marty, ok? She would never do anything to hurt him.

Mrs. Wallace: Sheridan, your man's right here, ok? What Beth wants more than anything is a life with Marty. She wouldn't hurt him.

Sheridan: But she would take him away from me so that I could never see him again.

Luis: No, we are going to find her, I'm telling you. In fact, I am putting out an A.P.B. and an amber alert right now.

Beth: We don't have much time, sweetie. Your father's a cop, and that witch  Sheridan has him under her spell. He's bound to set up roadblocks all around Harmony to try and keep us from leaving. But at least we got a jump on them, right? And they have no idea we're driving a stolen car. I mean, sure, I always hoped that it would be you, me, and your daddy, but so be it. As long as I have you, I still win. And that's all that matters. That's all that counts now.

Paloma: I cannot let Jessica do this. She doesn't know what she's doing to herself.

Roberto: Ten cuidado, Paloma, si? It does not seem as if your friend wants your help.

Paloma: Maybe not, but she needs it. That guy Spike she calls her boyfriend -- he's bad news.

Roberto: Well, I can see that. But do not make him angry with you, ok?

Paloma: Roberto, I'm not afraid of him. I'm going to do what I can to protect Jessica.

[Jessica moans]

Spike: We keep going like this, baby, we're going to have to start charging admission. Like I said, let me clear up a few details, then we can avail ourselves to the backroom, ok?

Jessica: And like I said, why wait?

Paloma: Jessica, Jessica, come with me.

Spike: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Paloma: I'm taking you home.

Jessica: Let go of me. What I do is none of your business.

Paloma: Someone has to look out for you because, obviously, you can't do it yourself.

Jessica: You're right. I guess we're not going to get any privacy here. Let's go to the backroom.

Spike: You got it, baby.

Paloma: Jessica, don't go with him. I mean it.

Spike: Well, I mean this, seorita -- you heard Jessica. Now, lay off.

Paloma: No. You have hurt her before, and I won't let you do it again. She's too high on your horrible drugs to even know what she's doing.

Jessica: Get lost, will you?

Spike: Look, I got a better idea -- why don't you stop being such a downer, come join us in the backroom? Because I love your hot, Latin temper. I bet you're a real tiger in the sack.

Paloma: Callate, imbecile!

Spike: Whoa. I don't know what you just said, but I'm sure I've been called worse. But I meant what I said. I love girls with a fiery spirit.

Jessica: Spike --

Spike: Hey, don't be going all possessive on me now, babe. The Spike-man does not like to be tied down.

Jessica: I'm sorry.

Spike: Besides, there's more than enough of me to go around. So chill, baby.

Paloma: Jessica, don't do it.

Spike: It's not too late for you to change your mind, Chica. Try one of these, then we'll see how you feel about me. I guarantee I'll show you a real nice time. And if you don't believe me, just ask your friend. Right, babe?

[Jessica giggles]

Spike: You love how I make you feel, don't you? I was good, huh?

Jessica: You were fantastic, Spike, the best I ever had.

Spike: Yeah, I know.

Jessica: Uh -- you're leaving? Can't we cuddle first?

Spike: Cuddle? Honey, I got a business to run.

Jessica: Right.

Spike: Yeah. Listen, take five minutes, make yourself presentable, then you got to clear out. I got a roomful of guys out there who want to spend some big bucks and have some party time with their lady friends. I will not disappoint them.

Jessica: Yeah, Spike.

Spike: And just between you and me, you don't have to share if you don't want to. As soon as Jessica passes out, you can have me all to yourself.

Sam: Well, Kay? Where's Jess? I know she wants to see her brother.

Kay: Yeah, of course she does. It's just that she's sound asleep upstairs, and with everything that's been going on lately, I just didn't have the heart to wake her up.

Noah: Even for her long-lost big brother?

Kay: You can wait till morning, right?

Noah: Yeah, sure, I guess so.

[Phone rings]

Kay: Bennett residence.

Luis: Kay, this is Luis. Is your dad there?

Kay: Yeah, sure. One sec. Dad, it's Luis.

Sam: Hey, Luis. What's up?

Luis: I'm over at Beth's house right now with Sheridan and Edna Wallace, and it looks like Beth's kidnapped Marty.

Sam: What do you mean, kidnapped? He's her son.

Luis: No. Turns out that Sheridan's been right all along. A new D.N.A. test proved that Sheridan is Marty's biological mother and, well, somehow Beth must've found out that we were coming over here and she's taken off with Marty.

Sam: Wow, if what you're saying is true, then Beth could've been behind Sheridan's kidnapping.

Luis: Her kidnapping, her attempted murder. She took our baby and made it look as though he had died. I don't think Beth was ever pregnant at all.

Sam: Wow, Luis, we're talking about Beth here.

Luis: I know, and I know that this is hard to digest, but listen, I need your authorization to set up roadblocks at airports, bus stations, train stations. Beth left her car here, so it looks like she's going to try and get out of town on some sort of public transportation.

Sam: Yeah, no problem. Look, meet me at the station in five minutes, all right? We'll get everybody on it. Look, I got to go, ok? I got to get down to the station. I'll be back in a little while.

Sam: Look, Noah, just so we're crystal clear on this, we're not finished, ok, not by a long shot. We're going to talk when I get back. See you, Kay.

Luis: Sam's putting out an A.P.B. on Beth and Marty. We're meeting him at the police station.

Sheridan: And an Amber Alert.

Luis: Yeah, that goes without saying. Look, we're going to arrest Beth and we're going to find Marty, ok?

Sheridan: Ok, look, I don't even care about Beth right now. All I care about is getting my child back. Please promise me that you'll find my son.

Mrs. Wallace: Hey! Wait for me!

Beth: Whoa. I'd better slow down. With my luck, a cop will stop us for speeding and we'll be busted. Actually, when you think about it, Marty, we've had pretty good luck so far, right? I don't even know why I'm worried. Your mommy is going to get us out of town and no one is ever going to find us. And when I say "mommy," I mean -- I mean me, you know, not that snobby Crane princess, Sheridan. I mean, so what if she's your biological mother. I'm the one that has raised you and loved you and will always take care of you. I'm your mother in every way that matters. We just have to get over the state line and then we're going to be home free, right?

Beth: Oh, god. Ok, we're out of gas.

[Marty cries]

Beth: I would have to steal a car that's running low. Ugh! The closest gas station's back in Harmony. We can't go back there, Marty. Maybe we should just dump the car and hitch a ride, you think? Or -- or just walk on the back roads? No. It's too risky. We got to go back. We got to go back to Harmony and we got to fill up. Well, at least they're not going to be looking for this stolen car. Don't worry Marty, ok? Mommy knows what she's doing. Your mommy will keep Sheridan away from you forever if it is the last thing I do.

Sam: I want more than three people set up at the train station, ok? If the suspect spots a uniform, she'll run. Put some guys undercover.

Officer: Yes, sir.

Sheridan: Dear god, we've got to find Beth. Otherwise, I may never see my son again.

Mrs. Wallace: Whew, would you look at all the fuss these hot guys are making over my wicked daughter.

Sam: Yeah, listen, I want updates every five minutes from all the checkpoints we have set up. Luis is sending over a picture right now of Beth Wallace and the little boy. Look, I don't care what you got going on over there, ok? This is a kidnapping. It takes top priority. After I have to get off the phone with you, I'm calling in the F.B.I. Look, Russo, one more thing -- the suspect is desperate. Until we know otherwise, consider her armed and dangerous. Right.

Sheridan: What about the media? Do they know?

Sam: Everyone's been alerted. All the local TV stations are going to be running Marty's and Beth's pictures.

Sheridan: And out of state? I mean, she's had plenty of time to cross the state line by now.

Sam: That's why we called in the F.B.I. We're going to make this a national manhunt.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, I don't think you have to worry about that, honey, because Beth can't get very far.

Sam: Look, no offense, Mrs. Wallace, but you've had a rough day, you might be a little tired. Why don't you go home and get some rest, one of my men come over and question you.

Mrs. Wallace: No, honey, honey, I'm fine. What I mean is that Beth doesn't have any money. She may have five bucks or so, but that's certainly not enough to get her and Marty over the state line.

Luis: You sure about that?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, yeah. See, I took the last 20 bucks out of her wallet and I didn't tell her, you know, because I had to pay the delivery guy, something for my -- medicine.

Luis: She have an A.T.M. card?

Mrs. Wallace: I guess so.

Sam: This could be just what we're looking for. If Beth tries to withdraw money from a local A.T.M., the computer right here could pinpoint exactly where she is.

Beth: Damn my gin-swilling mother. She took my last 20 to buy a bottle of booze. Without any cash, we're not going anywhere. And now we've lost our jump on Luis and Sheridan. I bet every cop in Harmony is after us now. Oh, my god, I've got to calm down. I got to calm down, I got to get us some money, and figure out our next move. Ok. Ok.

Sheridan: Luis, it looks like you've got something!

Luis: We were right. Beth's using the local A.T.M.

Sheridan: Ok, can you tell where she is?

Luis: Let's see if I can zoom in.

Sam: That's it! They're on the corner of Pier and 21st.

Luis: There's Beth.

Sheridan: And Marty's with her. Oh, god, Marty. Marty, Mommy's here! Mommy's coming to get you!

Luis: He can't hear you, sweetheart.

Sheridan: I know that, but at least we know where they are.

Sam: I'll radio the closest patrol near the wharf. Let's go.

Luis: I know right where that is. We can get there as fast as anyone!

Sheridan: We got to get there right away before she gets away!

Noah: Hey! You didn't have to do that. I could've made something for myself.

Kay: Oh, "hey" yourself. It's not every day my big brother comes home. Don't worry, I'm not going to wait on you as a habit.

Noah: Deal. You know, I can't wait to meet my niece.

Kay: Oh, she's so beautiful. You're going to love her.

Noah: What about Jessica?

Kay: I told you, she's upstairs asleep. You'll see her tomorrow.

Noah: You're hiding something. I can see it in your eyes. When you told Dad she was asleep upstairs?

Kay: My eyes?

Noah: The old Bennett shift. You know, it gives you away every time. So what's going on with our kid sister, huh?

Kay: Well, she's gotten herself into some trouble lately.

Noah: Trouble? Like what? She's handed in her homework late? Got a couple of overdue library books? How much trouble can a kid with pigtails and braces get herself into?

Kay: Oh, you've been gone a lot longer than you realize, Noah. There aren't any pigtails or braces. Try tattoos and body piercing.

Noah: What? You've got to be kidding.

Kay: No.

Noah: When did this happen?

Kay: Pretty recently, actually. She's gotten herself into a terrible mess. She's been hanging out at these sleazy nightclubs and sleeping around with the worst kind of guys and dressing like a tramp.

Noah: Come on, I mean, tell me you're exaggerating, right?

Kay: No. No, I wish. She's into drugs, too. She told Dad she's not going to see this sleazebag club owner anymore, but I don't believe her worth a damn. He even had his name tattooed on her hip -- "Spike."

Spike: You shouldn't have done that, Chica.

Jessica: Keep your hands off my guy! Spike didn't do anything to you.

Paloma: It's what he's doing to you that bothers me. Leave my friend alone!

Spike: Nobody tells me what I can and cannot do, especially not a little, stupid --

[Phone rings]

Spike: Watch out.

Paloma: Come on, Jessica, let's go.

Jessica: Oh, forget it, Paloma! I'm never talking to you again after this!

Spike: Yeah, boss, right. No, I just have to clear up something, and then I can talk in private. Hey, you get out of here, and take your south-of-the-border friends with you. We do not want your kind in here.

Paloma: Well, guess what -- we don't need your stupid club either, although it sounds from your phone call like it isn't even yours. Did you hear that, Jess? Your big-shot boyfriend seems to have a boss.

Spike: Get out!

Jessica: You heard him, Paloma. Go!

Spike: Hey. This is a private call, babe, get it?

Paloma: Jessica, you're leaving with us.

Jessica: Get your hands off me! I'm staying!

Roberto: Let's go.

Jessica: I have a date with Spike!

Roberto: Let's go.

Paloma: That's exactly why we're taking you home --

Jessica: Stop!

Paloma: Before he hurts you more than he already has!

Jessica: You can't tell me what to do!

Paloma: Let's hurry before this creep sees what we're doing.

Roberto: Let's go.

Jessica: No, I don't want to go!

Roberto: Let's go.

Jessica: I want to stay here with Spike!

Roberto: No.

Jessica: Ugh, ugh!

Spike: No, honest, boss, it's all cool. There's no trouble here tonight. I wouldn't risk your investment. I mean, I got a lot riding on this place, too.

Alistair: Not as much as I do. So you better watch yourself, because I don't want any of your seedy drug or sex deals being traced back to me.

Spike: Yes, I got it, sir.

Alistair: I'm not sure you do. If you start playing around with the wrong crowd again, Sam Bennett's going to get very curious, and he might get lucky and discover that I'm the one backing your new club. And you know what happens if my name is tied to yours. Don't you, Spike?

Spike: Yes, sir, you -- you made that very clear when you put up the money for my new enterprise.

Alistair: Then don't get careless. Because if you do get careless, you'll regret it.

Beth: Damn machine, hurry up! Wait. "Try again"? What? No! How can I try again? You got my card! Oh, no, don't do this to me! If I don't get the cash, how am I going to get Marty out of town before they find us?

Sheridan: Sam, why did you park so far away?

Luis: Didn't want to spook Beth, thought we'd have a better chance of sneaking up on her like this.

Sheridan: God, I hope so!

Beth: Oh, damn it, what is wrong with this stupid machine? Ok, get a grip. Get a grip. I got to calm down.

Luis: Beth should be just around this corner.

Sheridan: I'll finally have my son back. Marty!

Noah: Where's this Spike creep's club, huh? I'm going to go down there and teach this sleaze a lesson.

Kay: It's downtown.

Noah: First, I'm going to talk to Jessica, all right? I'm going to let her know what I'm going to do.

Kay: Don't, ok? It's a waste of time.

Noah: Look, she deserves to know.

Kay: That's not what I meant, ok? She's not up there.

Noah: But you said she was --

Kay: I know. I just didn't want Dad to know that she wasn't in her room. He's been so freaked out.

Noah: Yeah, well, now that makes two of us. All right, do you think she went down to the club?

Kay: Probably. Chances are she's high on who-knows-what with that Spike guy right now.

Noah: Damn it. Damn it. You know, nobody messes with my kid sister and gets away with it. All right. Oh -- what's the address?

Kay: Noah, don't, ok? You're just going to make things worse.

Noah: Worse than my kid sister sleeping with some punk that pushes drugs on her? I don't think so.

Kay: You don't understand, ok? Dad is already on this guy's case. He's just waiting for the right time to bust him so he can put him into jail.

Noah: Look, I can't believe he didn't rip the guy from limb to limb.

Kay: Believe me, ok, he wanted to, but he realized it was just going to backfire on him. Jessica would just hate him even more. He's just biding his time, waiting for this Spike guy to slip up and break the law, and then he's going to arrest him.

Noah: Yeah, well, you know, Dad's got to do things by the book because he's the chief of police in this town. I'm not. I'm going to kill the dirty bastard.

Spike: Don't worry, boss, no one will ever find out that you're my money man. I will be careful.

Alistair: You'd better be. You might get a twisted thrill out of toying around with the police chief's daughter, but I know Sam Bennett better than you do. He's like a bulldog. I don't want him digging too deep. He might find out a connection between you and me, and that would not bode well for either one of us.

Spike: Yes, sir, I understand.

Alistair: One more thing. I'll be needing your services in the near future.

Spike: Sure thing. What do you need?

Alistair: I'll contact you with the details when I'm ready.

Jessica: Ugh!

Roberto: Let's go.

Jessica: Let me go, you two! I don't want to go home!

Paloma: Too bad. That's where we're taking you. Where are the girls?

Roberto: I told them to get a cab. Listen, can you manage her while I go and get the car?

Paloma: Yes, but hurry.

Roberto: All right. Stay.

Jessica: Damn you!

Paloma: You are going to thank me for this someday.

Jessica: Don't count on it! And you're wasting your time, anyway. You know, as soon as you drop me at home, I'll just sneak out again. I can be back here within the hour.

Paloma: Then I won't leave you alone at the house. And I will stay with you all night until the drugs wear off, until you come to your senses. Don't you see it, Jessica? This running around with Spike is going to ruin your life.

Jessica: What life, Paloma? Haven't you noticed? I didn't have one before I met Spike.

Paloma: Maybe you were a little lonely, maybe you were feeling the pain of your mom going away, but I promise you, Jessica, the way you were living was a lot better than it is now. If you keep going this way, you're going to hurt more people than just you.

Jessica: Yeah, whatever. Like they care.

Paloma: They do care. I know they do, more than you know.

Sheridan: God. Marty!

Luis: Damn it!

Sam: She couldn't have gotten very far.

Luis: All right, come on, we'll spread out. Let's search the entire area.

Sam: Beth's not going to get away with this, ok? We're going to find her. Let's go, Luis.

Sheridan: Abigail. My sweet little boy was just holding her. It's ok. It's all right. You're back in Mommy's arms. Mommy loves you so much. You listen -- Mommy may not be where you can see her or hear her or feel her arms around you, but she will always be there with you. You just close your eyes and you feel how warm the sunlight feels or how safe you feel under the covers at night. Mommy's there. Yes, I am. And no matter what happens, Mommy will never forget your beautiful face or your chubby little fingers, your 10 perfect toes, your sweet baby smell. Mommy loves you so much, with all of her heart and soul. She always will.


Beth: Oh, my god. They figured out where I am. That's why the A.T.M. machine ate my card. If we can't get cash, I can't use my credit cards, I'm done!

Luis: Well, I'll tell you one thing, though -- if I find out that Marty is her son and I find out who took him away from her, I swear that I will kill them.


Beth: Oh, no!

Beth: I don't know where I am. How are we supposed to get out of here? Oh, god, I can't do this alone. I just can't! Wait. Wait. Maybe I don't have to. Where's the phone? Ok.

[Announcer on television]

Beth: Ok.

Alistair: Hello?

Beth: Luis and Sheridan know everything.

Alistair: Are you sure about that?

Beth: I'm positive. I mean, they don't know that you were Charlie, but they know that I kidnapped Sheridan and that I held her hostage. They know that Marty is her son. I swear, Alistair, if they catch me --

Alistair: No one's going to catch you, Beth. You forget that I'm your father. I can arrange things that other people can't.

Beth: Ok, then arrange for me to get away from Luis and Sheridan. They knew I was at some nearby A.T.M. machine. I sensed it, so I took off, but they're right on my heels.

Alistair: I don't understand how they can be so certain that Marty is Sheridan's boy.

Beth: Because Sheridan had the D.N.A. test run through again. Marty and her matched up.

Alistair: Oh. Then they know that you and Sheridan are half sisters?

Beth: Look, I don't know what all they know, but I'm in serious trouble. If I don't get out of Harmony tonight, Daddy --

Alistair: Where are you now?

Beth: I'm -- I'm not sure. I was at, like, 21st and Pier, down at the wharf, and then I ran a couple blocks down this really dark alley and there was a door, it was unlocked.

Alistair: And you're inside there now?

Beth: Yeah, I hear music. I must be in a club or something.

Alistair: Well, you got to give me more than that, Beth.

Beth: Well, I don't have more than that, Daddy! Wait. There's a matchbook. Um -- "Spike"? I must be in some club called Spike.

Alistair: Fine. Um -- you stay where you are and don't let anyone see you. I'll be right there.

Beth: You don't know where I am.

Alistair: I'll find it. Meet me across from the alley in 10 minutes.

Beth: Ok, just hurry!

Sheridan: I didn't see them.

Sam: Any sign?

Luis: No, no sign of them anyplace. It's like they vanished into thin air.

Sam: Look, I'm going to call for backup. We're going to search every one of these buildings from top to bottom. She's with a little boy, ok? She couldn't have gotten very far.

Luis: Oh, god.

Sheridan: Come on, I want to go to Beth's right now and get her to tell us the truth.

Luis: Sheridan, Sheridan, slow down, ok? We can't just go over to Beth's making wild accusations without any proof.

Sheridan: Why? Eve Russell told us that she saw my father at the mansion with Beth and her mother, and so did the maid that we just talked to. All right, she also said that she heard them talking about some secret, something that my father didn't want anyone to know, so it's obvious that they're hiding something.

Luis: Well, maybe, and I think that we should try and find out, but --

Sheridan: Look, you have been saying for a while now that you couldn't possibly see how Beth could do all of this on her own -- kidnap me and steal my baby -- and I have been saying that maybe she didn't, maybe she had help. Maybe it was my father.

Luis: Well, I certainly can imagine your father doing some sort of thing like this. I mean, ever since we met, he's been trying to break us apart.

Sheridan: Exactly. The last thing he wants is your child as his grandson. I just thought of something. What if Beth isn't making this escape on her own? What if someone's helping her?

Luis: Alistair?

Sheridan: If my father's helping her, we'll never track Beth down. I'll never see Marty again.

Kay: Please, Noah, don't.

Noah: Look, I have no choice, all right? Somebody's got to stick up for my little sister.

Kay: You don't understand how bad this guy is, ok? He could kill you.

Noah: Yeah, or better yet, I kill him.

Kay: Oh, and go to jail for the rest of your life? That's not going to solve anything.

Noah: It'll show every other sleazebag that nobody messes with the Bennett's. Look, Kay, I'd do the same thing for you, all right? I'd gladly risk my life to protect you.

Kay: No offense, Noah, but I've been through my share of trouble, and you weren't anywhere to be found.

Noah: I should've come home before now.

Kay: I mean, maybe you think that you would've come home to help me, but I'm not so sure you would have. It seems to me like you've been pretty busy getting into your own trouble. Am I right?

Noah: Look, you're not wrong, ok? But I'm home now, all right, and I intend to make up for all those times I should've been here, starting with tonight. All right, if you won't give me the address, I'll find out on my own. Shouldn't be that hard to track down a sleaze joint owned by a guy named Spike. I'll just ask the first punk I see in the park.

Jessica: From now on, just stay out of my business, Paloma. You ruined my whole night!

Paloma: I was trying to keep you from ruining your whole life!

Jessica: Well, forget it! I'll do whatever I want with my life, and you can't stop me. The second you're out that door, I'm going back to the club to see Spike. Ugh, what are you looking at? And if you think you're going to blab to Dad again, I wouldn't if I were you. I can take care of myself, thank you very -- uh -- Noah?

Noah: Hey, squirt.

Jessica: Noah! You're home! You're finally home!

Sheridan: If my father helps Beth, we'll never be able to track her down, or Marty. I'll never see my son again.

Luis: Look, you can't say that, Sheridan, all right? There is no reason to believe that Alistair is helping Beth.

Sam: Alistair's not god. We're going to find Beth and we're going to get your baby back. I want to put an A.P.B. out on Alistair Crane's car. I want you to monitor all entrances and exits to the Crane estate. I want you to double up our people at both airports in case the suspect tries to run.

Sheridan: I can't believe this is happening, Luis. I'm finally able to prove that Marty is my son, only to lose him all over again. I just can't bear this. I can't lose him again.

Beth: Ok. Don't worry, sweetheart. Your grandfather's going to come and he's going to help us go far, far away, ok, so no one can take you away from me. I have done way too much to keep you as my own. All right, it's just you and me, Marty, forever, even if your daddy can't be here. It's ok, at least I have you. And no one is going to come between us, especially not that nasty Sheridan. You've got my word on that, ok?


Beth: Oh. It's Alistair -- I mean Daddy. Thank god.

Sam: Nothing on this side. You?

Luis: No.

Sheridan: What if we're too late? I mean, if my father really is helping Beth, then we'll never see her again. Look how he whisked my mother, Gwen, and Theresa's baby out of the country.

Luis: Sheridan, will you stop thinking the worst? We are going to find Beth and Marty tonight. Your son is going to be back where he belongs, ok?

Sheridan: All right, what about Beth? When we find her, what are you going to do to her?

Luis: She's going to wish that she was never born, that's what.

[Phone rings]

Sam: Bennett. Are you sure?

Luis: What?

Sheridan: Did someone see Beth and Marty?

Sam: Alistair's limo was spotted a second ago headed towards the docks, somewhere near that creep Spike's club. We're on it.

Luis: Let's go.

Beth: Thank god you're here.

Alistair: You should be thanking me and not god.

Beth: Ok, that's what I meant. I was so scared Luis and Sheridan were going to find us.

Alistair: Driver, just hold off for a sec.

Sam: Come on, it's over here!

Luis: We going too fast for you?

Sheridan: No. No, no, we can't slow down. I have to get my baby away from Beth. Come on.

Martin: If Katherine's gone back to live with Alistair, I will never see her again.

Beth: If the police catch up to us, I'm dead!

Sam: Floor it, Luis.

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Sheridan: I'm coming, Marty. Mommy's coming.

Fancy: I like a man who likes good champagne.

Noah: Dad can't shut down Spike's club, but I sure as hell can.

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