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By Amanda
Proofread by Jodi

Theresa: You know what, Tabitha? You are absolutely correct. If there is any proof that Gwen or Rebecca sent the information to the tabloids, it's got to be somewhere.

Tabitha: Well, probably at the Crane mansion, as you said, dear.

Theresa: Yes. And I was working at the Crane mansion at the time, so they must have had access to my laptop.

Tabitha: Yes. They could easily have found your laptop with all that information in it about Ethan not being Julian's son.

Theresa: Yeah. Well, I could kick myself for making that file. It's just that when I found out that Ethan was really Sam Bennett's son I wanted to keep it a secret. I knew that it would destroy Ethan's life if he knew that he wasn't a Crane.

Tabitha: Which it did -- at least at the time. But who would benefit if that information was sent to the tabloids from your computer, hmm?

Theresa: Gwen. Gwen and Rebecca knew that Ethan would blame me and he would break up with me, and that's exactly what happened.

Tabitha: Well, seems very logical to me, dear.

Theresa: Yeah, you know, and I thought about that, too, I did. But, Tabitha, I've looked, I've tried everything that I could, but I just can't find any proof.

Tabitha: Well, you know the old saying, dear. "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again." When a crime has been committed, there is always evidence. You just have to look hard enough.

Theresa: Yes, yes. Yes, you're absolutely right. I've got to try again. And you know what? If there's any proof, it's got to be at the Crane mansion, because that's where it all happened.

Ethan: Somebody say something. You just said that that could ruin your life, Gwen? Well, what is on that disk that could ruin your life?

Sam: I don't understand this.

Kay: Hey, Dad.

Sam: Hi, sweetheart. Where's Maria?

Kay: Oh, Tabitha got a sitter for her and Endora. What are you doing?

Sam: Just trying to make sense of all this.

Kay: Oh. You mean about Noah not being at school all this time?

Sam: I don't understand how he could have been sending us emails and calling to tell us how well he's been doing.

Kay: Didn't you say you also got notices from the Dean and transcripts of his grades?

Sam: Yeah, that's what I've been going through. You know, if Noah hasn't been in school since 2003, then where is he? Where the hell is my son?

Fancy: Mmm. Mmm.

Katherine: You can't tell the police, Alistair.

Alistair: Yes, I can, and I will if you don't do as I say.

Martin: She's not coming back to you, Alistair, never!

Katherine: You're asking me to move back into the mansion with you. Why? You know I despise you.

Alistair: Well, it's very simple, Katherine. You had many happy years with Martin there. Now I'm going to make sure that you never have another happy moment.

Martin: Bastard.

Katherine: If I agree -- if I agree, you swear you won't tell the police that when she was a child that Sheridan killed my sister Rachel. You swear.

Alistair: Exactly.

Martin: You know you can't believe a word he says, Katherine.

Alistair: Katherine, how much do you love your daughter? What are you going to sacrifice to keep her secret? I mean, she thinks she dreamt it, doesn't she? So what are you going to do to protect Sheridan from finding out that she's a murderer?

Sheridan: Oh! What is going on? Is Luis inside yet? Does he have Marty yet?

Luis: Beth, it's me, Luis! Beth?

Beth: Oh, god, what are we going to do? Sheridan's outside the back door. Luis is in the front. How are we going to get out of here?

Luis: Beth, are you in there? Beth, come on, open up.

Beth: God -- I can't let Luis and Sheridan find us. I'll lose you, Marty. I'll go to jail. What am I going to do?

Katherine: Sheridan was only a child when this happened. The police aren't going to hold her responsible for what happened so long ago, Alistair.

Alistair: There is no statute of limitations to murder, my dear. And what about your beloved Martin here? He's an accomplice. He helped cover up the murder.

Martin: Won't stick, and you know it. I was trying to protect the poor child.

Katherine: She was an innocent child trying to defend her father. She can't go to jail.

Alistair: Katherine, it's all up to you. I mean, if you come and live with me, the secret dies with us.

Martin: Katherine, don't listen to him.

Alistair: All you have to do to protect your daughter is come live with me in the mansion.

Martin: No!

Sheridan: What is taking so long, Luis? What is going on?

[Knock on door]

Luis: Come on, Beth! Open up!

Beth: Oh. It's ok, baby. Mommy has to think. How are we going to get out of here?

Luis: Beth? I called to tell you I was coming over. Come on, let me in!

Beth: Oh, my god, what are we going to do?

Sheridan: Oh, it won't be long now. Very soon, my baby will be with me, your real mother. The D.N.A. test finally proved it. Your father's going to take you away from Beth, and I will finally have you back in my arms.

Beth: Wait. Maybe this'll work. This might just get us past Luis and Sheridan. I am not going to lose you, Marty. And I am not going to go to jail, ok?

Tabitha: I can see how very important this is to you, Theresa.

Theresa: Important? Tabitha, if I could find the proof that Gwen and Rebecca sent the information to the tabloids, it would change everything. Ethan would come back to me and we would be a family with our child and my son. All my dreams would come true.

Tabitha: Well, then, you must do whatever it takes to find that proof.

Theresa: Yes, I got to do whatever it takes. I've got to do it, and that's all. Gwen is not stupid, Tabitha, and neither is Rebecca. I'm sure they would have destroyed the evidence if there was any.

Tabitha: And as I said before, dear, when a crime is committed, there are always some kind of evidence somewhere.

Theresa: I just -- I don't think that they're that dumb, Tabitha, to hang on to something that I could use to prove that they sent the information to the tabloids.

Gwen: Honey, I --

Rebecca: Ethan, you misunderstood what you heard.

Ethan: Did I, Gwen?

Gwen: If Ethan ever finds out that we were the ones who tipped off the tabloids -- I mean, he blames Theresa. It's the whole reason he feels he can't completely trust her.

Rebecca: Look, I gave you my word. No one is ever going to find out that it was us.

Gwen: Yes, I think you did, you totally misunderstood, because my mother and I were talking about something else entirely.

Ethan: No, you weren't. You were talking about that disk, so give it to me.

Rebecca: But -- Ethan, look, don't fly off the handle.

Ethan: No, Rebecca, I'm perfectly calm. I would just like to know what is on this disk, and since neither of you are going to tell me, then I'll just see for myself.

Sam: I mean, look at all this stuff. Noah had to go to great lengths to forge all these papers, grade transcripts, letters from the Dean.

Kay: But why would he do it? I mean, he graduated from college. If he didn't want to grad school, why not just tell us?

Sam: Look, I don't know. I mean, it's not like he was saving me any money.

Kay: He was on full scholarship, right?

Sam: Yeah, but I sent him a monthly allowance. And now I see that these checks were cashed at a different bank every time. I mean, I can't believe I didn't see this earlier.

Kay: Well, Dad, why would you? But you never -- you never suspected anything from any of his emails?

Sam: Not a thing. At least I know he's alive.

Kay: Hey, I guess that's something.

Sam: You know, it's just not like him. You know, it's not like Noah to drop out of school and not tell us. I just hope to god he's not in any trouble.

Kay: Well, wouldn't he call us for help if he were?

Sam: Look, I don't know. I don't even know my own son or my own daughters. I had no idea that you were so desperate for love that you got pregnant out of wedlock. And I didn't have a clue that Jessica was on this path of self-destruction.

Kay: Well, none of us saw that coming, Dad.

Sam: At least I know she's safe, you know, asleep upstairs. And now my son's dropped out of school and I have no idea where he is. Obviously, I've failed as a father.

Kay: Don't say that, Dad.

Sam: Look, I have failed all of you children. I just pray to god that Noah's ok, wherever he is.

Man: Some dream, huh?

Ned: Excuse me?

Man: You were having a really good dream, buddy. I could tell. The smile on your face said it all.

Ned: Yeah. Oh, I hope I wasn't making a fool of myself or anything.

Man: No, not at all. But if you want to share the details --

Ned: Look, I was dreaming about this girl. You know, only I don't know why. You know, she's bad news. One of those spoiled rotten rich brats. Totally annoying.

Man: Mm-hmm. You didn't seem to mind in your dream.

Ned: Well, I do mind. We had a really bad experience together. I can never see her again. It would be too dangerous.

Fancy: Mmm, mmm.

Woman: I was just about to wake you up.

Fancy: You were? Why?

Woman: Because you were dreaming, and you were making obnoxious, obscene noises.

Fancy: Obscene? Like what?

Woman: Oh, I couldn't possibly repeat them. But I'm glad you stopped.

Fancy: Look, my dream is none of your business. So butt out.

Woman: Well, of all the rude -- miss?

Attendant: Yes.

Woman: I have to move my seat.

Attendant: Certainly. We happen to have one available in back.

Woman: Hi. Aren't you --

Fancy: Yes, I am.

Woman: Oh, I thought so. I see you in the gossip magazines all the time. I'm Eileen.

Fancy: Hi.

Eileen: You know, I couldn't help overhearing that old bag giving you a hard time about your dream.

Fancy: Yeah, can you believe some people?

Eileen: It's nobody's business what you dream. But it must have been a pretty hot dream.

Fancy: I guess it was. What I don't understand is why I was dreaming about this particular guy. He's such a bad boy.

Eileen: Hmm. Well, there you are. We're always attracted to the bad boys, aren't we?

Fancy: Yeah, you're right. I wonder if this room belongs to a gangster -- or a bank robber on the run. It's like "Pulp Fiction," but without the blood and -- oh!

Ned: Fancy, what is it? Oh, my god. This is deadly serious. We can't be seen together again, ok? We have to stay as far apart from each other as possible.

Fancy: Too bad I'll never see him again.

Tabitha: Now, Theresa, don't give up yet. Maybe Gwen and Rebecca are not as smart as you think they are. Remember, they're very rich and they've always lived a life of privilege.

Theresa: And what's that have to do with how smart they are?

Tabitha: Well, rich people tend to be very arrogant. They think they can get away with whatever they want and never be caught, and that makes them careless. They forget to dot their I's and cross their T's. I know that the proof you need is still out there.

Theresa: Maybe you're right, you know? But maybe if they are that careless, I won't have to do anything. Maybe Ethan will find the proof by himself.

Gwen: Honey, wait. Please don't turn that on.

Ethan: Why? What are you so afraid for me to see?

Gwen: Do you see what you've done?

Ethan: Oh, my god.

Beth: Ok, this has got to work.

Luis: Beth? Mrs. Wallace? What is going on?

Sheridan: I'm tired of waiting. I need to know what's happening. I'm going to find you, Marty.

Beth: Oh, my god. Sheridan's in the house. Luis is going to break down the front door. Oh, my god, I'm caught.

Kay: Look, I know you're worried, but Noah -- he's always been so responsible and independent. Maybe he left school to take advantage of some great business opportunity.

Sam: So why didn't he tell us?

Kay: Maybe he wanted to surprise us.

Sam: And wait two years for the surprise? No way.

Kay: Well, Mom always wanted Noah to become a priest. Maybe he finally got the calling.

Sam: Again, why wouldn't he tell us? Besides, Noah's always been looked upon as a lady's man.

Kay: You mean the ladies have always been way too much into Noah.

Attendant: Is there anything I can get you?

Man: Yeah. I'll take a beer.

Attendant: The beverage cart will be along shortly. I asked because you look so uncomfortable. Would you like a pillow? A blanket?

Ned: You know, actually, I was wondering if I could get an upgrade to first class. You know, my legs are really cramping.

Attendant: I'm not surprised. You're so tall. And I think there's room for you up front. Follow me.

Ned: I'd follow you anywhere.

Eileen: Coty's Jovan pink? I love that fragrance.

Fancy: Really? Take this one.

Eileen: Are you serious?

Fancy: Sure. I love that scent, too, so I mentioned it in a magazine once, and now I get all the perfume I want for free. Mm-hmm.

Eileen: It must be wonderful being you.

Fancy: Actually, it is.

Attendant: Are you traveling on business?

Ned: No. No. I've been traveling a lot, but I'm going home.

Attendant: To the wife or girlfriend?

Ned: I -- no, no, I'm single. Yeah, I'm very single.

Attendant: I'm very glad to hear that. Have a seat. I'll bring us a drink.

Ned: Thank you.

Ned: Oh. This is more like it.

Woman: Yes, it certainly is.

Ned: Oh, I'm sorry?

Woman: No, I mean I'm glad you're sitting there. I was sitting up there, but I had to move. The girl sitting next to me was so rude and obnoxious.

Ned: Really? That perfume --

Woman: Yes. I noticed it, too. It's too strong, isn't it? The rude girl was wearing it.

Ned: Well, what girl? Would you mind pointing her out to me?

Woman: No. She's across the aisle, over there.

Ned's voice: Oh, my god. Fancy's on this flight. Oh, and we're going to the same place.

Katherine: Martin, I don't know what to do. I just can't let him do this to Sheridan.

Martin: I'll go to the police. We'll say that Alistair killed Rachel.

Alistair: Oh, yeah, that'll really work. You seem to forget who I am, Martin. I own the judiciary in this part of the country. But you know what I could do is I could tell them that you murdered the woman. That's why you had to leave Harmony. Oh, yeah. You buried her. And then you fled to escape prosecution. See? Now, you could go to jail instead of Sheridan.

Katherine: No!

Alistair: It's up to you, Katherine. You have the power. You have the power to keep the secret. You have the power to keep Sheridan and Martin out of jail. And all you have to do is go back and live with me in the mansion.

Katherine: I'll do it.

Alistair: Good.

Katherine: I'll do it, Alistair. I'll move back with you.

Martin: No --

[Pounding on door]

Beth: Oh, my god.

Sheridan: Beth.

Kay: Well, Dad, there's got to be some explanation. I mean, Noah's a good guy.

Sam: Kay, you're sweet for trying to stop me from worrying, but nothing explains this. I mean, he deliberately lied to us, had us thinking that he's been in school for the past two years.

Kay: Well, maybe he was afraid that you would try to talk him into staying in school when he didn't want to.

Sam: Maybe. I don't know. Where the hell is my son?

Ned: What the hell are you doing on this flight?

Tabitha: Well, I suppose it's possible that Ethan could stumble on to the evidence, but you can't take that chance, dear. You must never leave love to chance, Theresa.

Tabitha's voice: If I'm going to cause pain and suffering through Theresa, I've got to convince her to find that damned evidence.

Theresa: I agree with you. A love is too important to be left to chance.

Tabitha: Exactly. You have to be diligent. You have to search and search.

Theresa: Ok. Let's say that I do search, all right? But what if there is no evidence? Then I would just be wasting my time.

Tabitha: But if there is evidence and you find it, then all your dreams will come true.

Theresa: Yeah. I mean, it is almost too much to hope for.

Tabitha: If you can prove that Gwen and Rebecca were the ones that revealed Ethan's true paternity, you will have everything you want, everything. Don't give up hope, Theresa. Search for the proof.

Ethan: Gwen, I don't understand.

Gwen: You know what? I can explain. Ok?

Rebecca: Oh -- of course Ethan doesn't understand, Gwen. I mean, he's looking at the one and only copy of your wedding photos.

Ethan: Yeah, I can see that, but what I don't understand is why you would think this disk could ruin your life, honey.

Rebecca: Oh, well, it's like I said. You misunderstood what you heard. It's actually really quite simple. You see, Gwen's computer crashed, but luckily, we had copied the pictures onto a disk, and then I was going to make another copy, and Gwen was afraid that I might erase them and then she wouldn't have any of her wedding photos.

Ethan: And you thought if you lost these pictures it would ruin your life?

Rebecca: Well, yes. I mean, Gwen's wedding day was the most special, wonderful day of her life and that she would just be devastated if she didn't have any of the wedding pictures.

Ethan: Well, I -- I understand that. I do. I mean, I haven't seen these pictures since our wedding day. And I'm actually blown away to see them now.

Rebecca: Well, I can see that you are, and I'm sure Gwen was just afraid that you might accidentally erase them.

Ethan: No, I wouldn't do that. As a matter of fact, you know what? I will make a copy right now so you won't have to go through this again, ok?

Gwen: That would be great, thank you.

Ethan: Come here. You were really frightened, weren't you?

Gwen: Yes. Yes, I was.

Ethan: Well, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I misinterpreted. I just -- you wouldn't answer me, and with your mother involved, I guess I thought --

Gwen: What? What did you think?

Ethan: I don't know. Nothing, nothing. Just that -- it was odd, that's all.

Gwen: Yes, I know, but it's fine now. You're going to make another copy so we will never lose our wedding pictures.

Ethan: Yeah.

Gwen: And you know what? I could really use a cup of tea.

Ethan: Cup of tea. Ok. I'll send one of the maids and I have to make a call overseas, so do you want some tea as well?

Rebecca: Oh, no. No, thanks.

Ethan: Ok.

Gwen: Ok. Thank you, babe. Ok, seriously, you are killing me here. Where is the real disk with the information about Ethan?

Rebecca: Don't worry, all right?

Rebecca: It's right here.

Gwen: Oh, my god! You told me you destroyed that. Why didn't you?

Rebecca: Honey, this is our fail-safe. Look, if Ethan ever gets suspicious, all we have to do is just plant it on Theresa.

Gwen: Ok, well, he already thinks Theresa did it. That disk is a walking time bomb, and I am sick and tired of being scared. I want this destroyed right now once and for all.

[Shredder runs]

Sheridan: Beth.

Luis: Where is she?

Sheridan: I don't know. She must be upstairs.

Luis: All right, you stay here. I'll go look for her.

Sheridan: Where are you, Beth? Where's Marty?

Eileen: Well, hello. Were you talking to me?

Ned: I'm so sorry. The fragrance was familiar. I thought you were someone else.

Eileen: I can be anyone you want me to be, handsome.

Ned: Thank you, but -- well, I'm sorry to have bothered you.

Ned's voice: Fancy must have really gotten to me. I'm just going to have to get over it. I can never see her again.

Eileen: You missed it. The most adorable guy was just here. I mean, he was gorgeous.

Fancy: Really?

Eileen: Yes. Unfortunately, he was looking for somebody else. But he did love my perfume.

Fancy: It has that effect on men. But, you know, after the last one, I think I'm going to swear off men for a while. I need a break.

Attendant: Ladies and gentlemen, we are beginning our descent in preparation for landing. The seat belt sign has been turned on, and make sure your seats are in the upright position, and please turn off all electronic equipment.

Fancy: Good. We're landing. I don't usually fly commercial. It's so totally tedious.

Eileen: I agree -- totally.

Fancy's voice: I wonder how everyone will react when I show up at the old homestead.

Ethan: What is it, Wendy?

Wendy: I have a message for you, sir.

Ethan: It's going to have to wait. I'm on an international call, ok?

Wendy: Yes, sir.

Ethan: Thank you.

Maid: Did you tell him?

Wendy: No, he's on an important call, but he'll find out soon enough, and won't he be shocked when he finds out.

Maid: The whole household will be shocked when a certain someone walks through the front door.

Ethan: Yes, I'm still holding for Mr. Tanaka, please.

Martin: Katherine, no. You can't do this. You know that he'd lie to god himself. He'll torture you and he'll still let Sheridan suffer.

Alistair: What's the point of that, Martin? You know, if I told the police that Sheridan committed murder, then Katherine would have the right to break her promise to me, then she'd leave me, and that's something I don't want.

Martin: I know what you want. And I swear I'll find a way to kill you if you try to touch her.

Alistair: Oh, really? I have no intention of having sex with my wife, if that's what you're implying, even though I do have conjugal rights. You see, Katherine doesn't have that kind of appeal to me anymore.

Katherine: Why do you insist -- why -- that I come back to you?

Alistair: Because I want to know where you are 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That's what I'll get. Now, Katherine's going to be moving back into the mansion with me. Right, Katherine?

Katherine: Yes, Alistair.

Alistair: Good. We have a deal. Sheridan is safe, and, you, Katherine, will be my slave.

[Mrs. Wallace mumbles]

Beth: Shh. Yes, mother, I know that Luis and Sheridan are out there and you think they're going to catch me. But I've fixed it. They're going on a wild-goose chase. Shh.

[Mrs. Wallace whimpers]

Sheridan: Luis, come here. She left a note. Wait a minute. How could she have gone to the hospital if her car is still here? Luis, get down here. She left a note.

Luis: They're not upstairs.

Sheridan: Yeah, I know. She left a note. She said that she had to take Marty to the emergency room. We've got to get there right away.

Luis: All right, let's go. Sheridan. Sheridan? Sheridan?

[Shredder runs and stops]

Gwen: Ok. Ok, the disk is gone, thank god. Mother, I still can't believe you even made a disk, let alone paper copies of the information. I mean, what if Ethan found it?

Rebecca: Well, he didn't, so all is well.

Gwen: Look, I'm sorry I yelled at you, ok? I was just so afraid Ethan would find out what we did. I would lose him for sure.

Rebecca: Well, now you don't have to worry.

Gwen: Thank god. Look, I'm going to go check on the baby, ok?

Rebecca: Ok.

Rebecca: Oh, Gwennie. I'm the one who should apologize for lying to you -- again. You destroyed the wrong disk. This is the one with all the information on it. But don't worry. Theresa will never know that it exists.

Theresa: I'm going to find the proof that Gwen and Rebecca sent the information to the tabloids, and I am going to get Ethan back.

Tabitha: Good for you, girl.

Theresa: Yes, and if there is any proof, it has to be at the Crane mansion. I just -- I got to figure out how to search the place. Tabitha?

Tabitha: Hmm?

Theresa: Thank you so very much.

Tabitha: Mm-hmm.

Theresa: All right? Bye.

Tabitha: You go, girl, and when you find the proof, you'll make my dreams come true, too -- my dreams of pain.

Sam: What kind of a father am I when my own son doesn't want me to know where he is?

Kay: Don't worry. I'm sure Noah's all right. Ok, and I bet that he even comes home soon.

Sam: Why would you say that?

Kay: I don't know. I just know that he's probably got a good reason for what he's done, and when he comes home, he'll explain everything.

Sam: Well, I hope you're right.

Kay: Noah, where are you? Come home or just call Dad and let him know that you're ok.

Ned: Hey, sis. What's happening?

Kay: Noah?

Gwen: Well, I just checked on Jane. She is so beautiful.

Ethan: Yes, she is beautiful. But I need to ask you something. Is everything ok with your mother?

Gwen: Yeah, of course it is. Why?

Ethan: Well, honestly, I just want to make sure that she's not still trying to get you to take revenge on Theresa.

Gwen: No, no, she knows that I am finally happy now that we have Jane, even if it is temporary custody.

Ethan: All right, because I don't want her stirring up any more trouble, ok? Do you hear that? I mean, do you hear that?

Gwen: No, I don't hear anything.

Ethan: It's quiet. It's quiet, ok? It hasn't been this quiet in this house for, like, six years, and I love it.

Gwen: You know, you're right. It's actually a little bit creepy, though.

Ethan: Yeah. It's kind of like the calm before the storm.

[Door opens]

Fancy: Hello! Anybody home? I'm back. Ah! Well, some things never change. Hello, you two.

Ethan: Fancy.

Gwen: You're home?

Fancy: Oh, that's right, Gwen. Alert the media. Fancy Crane has come home.

Martin: Look, damn it, I won't let you do this!

Katherine: Martin, please, don't try and attack Alistair. He'll make us pay later.

Martin: You're right. Tell your goon to get the hell off me! I won't try anything.

Alistair: You can let him go.

Alistair: So, Katherine, we have a deal -- you move back into the mansion and I can watch you suffer.

Katherine: How did you get to be like this, Alistair?

Alistair: Oh --

Katherine: What happened to you, to be so cold, to be so cruel?

Alistair: I was born that way. Didn't you know that? Have you ever heard of the bad seed?

Katherine: You enjoy being evil, don't you?

Alistair: No. I relish it.

Martin: I'll find a way to stop you.

Alistair: Ah.

Katherine: Martin, there's nothing we can do. There's no way out. We're trapped. He'll send Sheridan to jail if I don't do this. He'll destroy her, and he'll destroy you.

Luis: Sheridan, what's wrong?

Sheridan: I just -- I had a feeling. I have a strange feeling about the note that Beth left.

Luis: Yeah, I know. She said that she's at the emergency room. We got to go now. Come on.

Sheridan: No, no. I want you to call the emergency room first, make sure that they're even really there.

Luis: Ok. All right. I'll call right now.

Sheridan: Something is not right here. Marty, where are you?

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Sam: Now, how do you explain all those lies, all those complicated, deliberate lies?

Sheridan: I just heard something, and it was coming from the closet.

Luis: Oh, my god.

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