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By Amanda
Proofread by Jodi

Fox: Hey, Whitney, you ok?

Chad: You all right? You sick or something?

Whitney: Look, no, I'm fine. I just want you guys to leave me alone, ok? Just don't talk to me again.

Liz: Ladies and gentlemen, please forgive the interruption in your entertainment tonight. As you saw, my featured performer, Whitney Russell, became emotional. You know, I think that's part of the reason that she's such an amazing singer is that she really does wear her heart on her sleeve. Why don't we give Whitney a few moments to compose herself, and I'm sure she'll be right back out to perform for us. Thank you for your patience. Don't just sit there. Play something. I thought I told you both to leave.

Chad: Yeah, but Whitney --

Fox: She's upset.

Liz: Yes, and you upset her even more. Now, I want both of you to get out of my club.

Fox: Liz, I really don't think I should leave till I find out what's wrong with Whitney.

Chad: You have no right being here. You've been down on her since she gave her son up for adoption.

Fox: What about you? You gross her out! You still want to get back together with her? She's your sister! That's sick, Chad! So are you.

Dottie: I have Marty's new D.N.A. test results and I can't get hold of Sheridan. Her cell phone's off and Luis just told me she's not at home. What am I going to do? I have to find her. My news can't wait.

Luis: Sheridan couldn't have gotten far. The airport wasn't notified to fuel a Crane jet for takeoff. She certainly couldn't have taken a bus or train to Paris, so she has to still be in Harmony. The real question is, where?

Sheridan: Luis? Luis? At least he isn't here trying to stop me from leaving. I have to pack, get out of town as soon as possible.

Mrs. Wallace: And make sure that you throw away all the broken glass because I don't want to cut my gums eating your special oatmeal.

Beth: Well, I don't care what you want. I hate you, Mother.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, wake me when you learn a new tune.

Beth: You know what -- this is all your fault. You drive me to do bad things.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. You're rehearsing your insanity defense, aren't you?

Beth: Why can't you just let me enjoy my final victory over Sheridan for just a second?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh --

Beth: I have Marty, free and clear, and with Sheridan going off into the wild blue yonder, it's only a matter of time before I've got Luis, too.

Mrs. Wallace: Earth will be a dusty cinder orbiting a dying sun when that happens, missy.

Beth: God, shut up. I just want to savor my win for just a moment, and you've got to start in about how horrible I am.

Mrs. Wallace: You are horrible and you do horrible things, Bethie!

Beth: Ok, that's it! I am sick of your torture!

Mrs. Wallace: My torture? Oh, boy.

Beth: Your torture! Listen, now that I know that Alistair is my father, I'm going to get him to pay for me to take Marty. We're going to buy a nice house in a nice neighborhood far away from you.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh.

Martin: Katherine, wait. Having Alistair tell you what used to be buried under the gazebo and how it got there is a huge mistake. I mean, you'll be shocked, I mean, shattered beyond belief. You could even lose your mind.

Fancy: Ned, what are we going to do? I never found a dead body before.

Ned: Uh -- that makes two of us, Fancy.

Ned: Ok, I'm trying to come up with a plan, but this is a tough one. We stumbled on a gun, a ton of money that could be stolen, a drug payoff -- who knows? Oh, and a dead body.

Fancy: You sure he's dead?

Ned: See? You don't get much deader than that.

Fancy: Oh.

[Man groans]

Fancy: Then why is he moving? Oh, my god! Oh!

Fancy: It's alive, Ned, it's alive! Oh, my god!

Ned: Fancy, chill, ok? He's not alive. Rigor mortis is just setting in.

Fancy: Oh. That's when the muscles get stiff.

Ned: And contract, yes. That's what happened to our friend here. His back muscles contracted, so it looked like he was sitting up, that's all.

Fancy: But he groaned.

Ned: Sitting up forced the air out of his, you know, lungs. It's just the sound he makes.

Fancy: Freaky.

Ned: Yeah, not if you know what to expect. Rigor mortis usually sets in a couple hours after death and lasts from 36 to 72 hours.

Fancy: How do you know what?

Ned: I was premed in college for a while.

Fancy: Oh. So you could be a doctor one day?

Ned: Mm-hmm.

Fancy: They make lots of money, especially plastic surgeons. My mother and her friends go in to be nipped and tucked all the time, and since it's their choice, the surgeon doesn't have to wait for the insurance payments. They get all the money upfront. I'm talking big bucks.

Ned: Fancy, there's a stiff on the floor, and you're thinking about money?

Fancy: Please, I'm not that shallow. I was just wondering how long we're going to have to look at him like that.

Ned: As long as you're not shallow.

Fancy: Make him lie flat again, please?

Ned: Ok, ok. Oh, my god.

Fancy: What?

Ned: That's the guy you were with earlier.

Fancy: Oh, my god, you're right. He tried to rape me!

Ned: You know what that means, don't you? I guess not. It means that if we're caught in here, you know, you had motive and opportunity. You could be the number one suspect in his murder.

Liz: Will you two stop acting like high school rivals fighting over Whitney after she told you to leave her alone? My goodness, she is my star performer tonight, and you have made her a basket case.

Chad: We didn't mean to upset her, Liz.

Fox: I was trying to help her.

Liz: You know, both of you know that she is emotionally fragile right now. She's trying to deal with her feelings over the baby. Please do what she asked you to do and leave her alone.

Fox: I just -- I think I should go, you know, check on her before --

Chad: I'm her brother, all right? I'll check on her.

Liz: No, no, stop it! I will check on my niece. Both of you leave.

Fox: I'm not leaving.

Chad: Well, neither am I.

Liz: Whitney, honey, are you all right?

Whitney: Please, holy mother, tell me what to do. Thanks to Alistair Crane, the whole world knows that I've been sleeping with my brother. And once I have Chad's baby, they're going to know that it's a child of incest. No, I'm not all right. I don't think I'll ever be all right again.

Luis: Hope Gwen's not right. I hope it's not too late for me to find Sheridan and stop her from leaving.

Sheridan: I have to leave. There's just no other way. Luis won't believe that Marty is my son, and I'd go crazy trying to prove it or I would end up hating your father, and I don't want to do that. You'll always be with me, Luis, forever in my heart and soul.

Mrs. Wallace: Bethie, honey, sweetie, you wouldn't move away from your dear old mumsy-wumsy, would you, you know, leave leaky old me here all alone?

Beth: Let me think. Hell, yeah!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, no, no, no, no, Bethie-boo, come on, I'm your mother. I gave you life. I suckled you with my then-very perky breasts. Come on, I used to dress you up in cute little outfits and I'd take you places.

Beth: Uh-huh, yeah, I remember when you got me all gussied up --

Mrs.. Wallace: Yeah.

Beth: That time when you were trying to sell me to that Canadian couple passing through town on their way back to Manitoba.

Mrs. Wallace: But I asked top dollar for you. Now, come on! It wasn't my fault that they knew they could get twins from Buffalo for less, huh?

Beth: The point is you tried to sell me!

Mrs. Wallace: I wanted you to have a good life.

Beth: You wanted to make a quick buck.

Mrs. Wallace: I was willing to take installments.

Beth: Oh, god, eat my dust. As soon as I get that money from Alistair, Marty and I are out of here.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, angels, angels, are you hearing this? My only child is threatening to leave me after everything I have done for her.

Beth: What? Ok, besides trying to sell me and -- um -- letting a parade of creepy uncles bounce me on their laps, what exactly have you done for me, Mother?

Mrs. Wallace: I kept a roof over your head.

Beth: You had me working since I was 12!

Mrs. Wallace: Well -- gin doesn't grow on trees.

Beth: You never could've told me that Alistair Crane was my father?

Mrs. Wallace: I didn't know.

Beth: Right, right, because you left me home alone, night after night, Mother, while you were out with different men.

Mrs. Wallace: You're only young once, Bethie.

Beth: Yeah, well, that much we agree on, Mother. That's why I'm going to hit up dear, rich Daddy for a few million bucks so I can get some totally decked-out digs.

Katherine: Martin? Is this secret that you and Alistair have been keeping all these years really that bad?

Martin: It's why I had to leave Pilar and my children, and it's why Sheridan can't find peace.

Alistair: Very true. Very true, Martin.

Martin: Bastard. I can't believe you could really hurt Katherine this way, as if raping her wasn't bad enough.

Alistair: I am not cruel, Fitzgerald. This -- my dear wife insisted on this little field trip. I'm merely her guide to the truth.

Katherine: Can we please just get this over with?

Alistair: Of course, my dear. We're almost there.

Katherine: "Katherine Crane"?

Alistair: Yes. I -- I put this here because the children thought it was creepy going to the mausoleum. So I had this put here so they could come and visit their dearly departed mother and have conversations with her.

Katherine: I still can't believe you were heartless enough to let Julian and Sheridan believe that I died all those years ago.

Alistair: Shocking, isn't it?

Katherine: Yes, it is.

Alistair: But not in comparison to the shock that awaits you at the Crane mausoleum.

Katherine: I don't see how the truth can be any more hideous than the possibilities that I've already imagined.

Alistair: Believe me, Katherine, what you'll see tonight is going to be horrible.

Katherine: Whatever it is, I just know -- I know Sheridan's involved with it. I so much want to bring closure to my daughter after all these years. I have to face her demons. I just have to, whatever they are. I have to.

Alistair: We're here.

Alistair: You wanted the truth, Katherine?

Martin: Please, let's just walk away.

Katherine: Martin, I don't want to go back. We've come too far. I don't want to stop.

Alistair: As you wish.

Alistair: Katherine, I almost feel sorry for you.

Fox: Chad, you know, you really have to stop upsetting Whitney, all right? Being reminded of the baby, it's not really good for her right now.

Chad: Well, neither is badgering her all the time, Fox. She told you she doesn't want to marry you, so just back off.

Fox: Why don't you back off? You're trying to stay close to your own sister by adopting her baby? It's -- it's sick.

Chad: No, I'll tell you what's sick is you trying to make me look bad in front of our father and Alistair to win points with Whitney, like -- she doesn't like liars and cheats.

Fox: Really? Is that right? Well, perverted half brother probably isn't high on her like-it list either, Chad.

Chad: I tell you what, why don't you go back to being a player with your new bimbo over there?

Fox: Oh, boy --

Chad: Because when it comes to corporate sabotage, you don't have what it takes. Like I'd upload a file that you could destroy without making a backup disk, Fox?

Fox: Well, you can't blame a guy for trying, right?

Chad: In fact, I can, and don't think I won't pay you back. But first, I think I'm going to go get Whitney back.

Fox: You know what, you are one sick son of a bitch.

Carla: Fox --

Valerie: Chad --

Carla: Come back and sit down.

Valerie: Let's pretend like we're all having a good time.

Whitney: I am so sorry. I'm sorry I fell apart like that out there. I mean, I disappointed you, ruined my set, and --

Liz: No, no --

Whitney: Disappointed the whole audience. I'm sorry.

Liz: No, no, Whitney, come on. You know, I just told them that you needed a few minutes to compose yourself, that's all.

Whitney: Good. Good. Thank you for covering for me.

Liz: You're welcome, honey. Sweetie, is there anything I can do to help you?

Whitney: No. There's nothing anyone can do to fix the mess I've made of my life, so --

Liz: Drinking won't help, either.

Whitney: God, Liz, I tried it your way, ok? I tried to stay strong, but I'm sorry, I can't. I can't do it. It hurts too much.

Liz: Sweetie, I understand. Really, I do. There have been many times in my life when I just -- I just couldn't see past the pain.

Whitney: And what did you do?

Liz: You know, everybody's different. But please, whatever this is, don't let it pull you down the way it pulled your mother down. Don't let being hurt be the end of you. You know, find a way to keep your head above water. It could be your music or your faith or whatever works best for you.

Whitney: Well, just so you know, lecturing doesn't really help me. I mean, I get enough of that from Mother, if you don't mind?

Liz: I know, I'm sorry. Honey, I don't mean to come on so strong.

Whitney: No, I know. It's me. It's all me. I know, I'm sorry. Um -- I'm just wound up pretty tight lately, as you can see, but singing helps. It helps me unwind.

Liz: Good. Then you just let me know when you're ready to go back out again, ok?

Whitney: Actually, I'm ready. I'm ready right now.

Liz: Yeah?

Whitney: Mm-hmm. Just give me a second, I'll be fine.

Liz: Ok. I'll tell the pianist to start your intro.

Whitney: Ok.

Whitney: Ok.

Whitney: Thank you all for waiting.

Whitney: I've been thinking' trying to figure it all out everything was running smooth so smooth

Liz: Eve, it's Liz. I'm calling about Whitney. She's down at the Blue Note with me and she needs you. She really needs you.

Whitney: It's killing me no matter what I try

Liz: Now the real heartache begins.

Whitney: I've been thinking

Fancy: I didn't kill that guy. He was dead when we got here.

Ned: I know that, but the cops won't.

Fancy: Well, we can't be murder suspects if no one knows we were ever here.

Ned: Whoa, "we" can't be suspects?

Fancy: You fought with the guy down in the casino, remember?

Ned: Right.

Fancy: Come on, let's go.

Ned: Whoa, we can't just cut and run. You know, our fingerprints are on the door, on the suitcase, the gun. We got to wipe things clean first.

Fancy: Ok.

Fancy: Start wiping.

Fancy: How do you hold a gun to clean it?

Ned: Fancy, be careful. That thing could be --

Luis: I have to find Sheridan before she leaves, tell her that I was wrong, that Marty could be her son, that I should've trusted her. Damn it, I've looked all over Harmony. Where could she be?

Sheridan: Goodbye, Luis. I'll miss you more than you'll ever know. If only you trusted me about Marty to know that he is our son. But you just couldn't take that last leap of faith, and I can't live with that gap between us, so I have to go.

[Phone rings]

Sheridan's voice: You've reached Sheridan and Luis. Please leave a message.

[Answering machine beeps]

Dottie: Sheridan, it's Dottie again. Please call me the minute you get in. I have news about Marty -- incredible news.

Mrs. Wallace: Cruelty, thy name is Bethie -- leaving your poor old feeble mother here to fend for herself. Who's going to cook and clean for me, you know, and change my sheets and cut the lawn and soak my toes and lance my boils?

Beth: I don't know and I don't care!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. Oh! The sting of a heartless child! Boy, there is going to be coal in your Christmas stocking this year, missy.

Beth: Oh, wow.

Mrs. Wallace: Besides, what makes you think that Alistair is going to give you money for your "totally decked-out digs," huh?

Beth: Well, Daddy has to if he wants me to keep his dirty little secrets.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, Daddy wanted us to keep a lid on our conspicuous consumption after my shopping spree.

Beth: Mm-hmm.

Mrs. Wallace: No, he doesn't want anybody to know that we have money, you know? So -- so what are you going to do, huh? How you going to get Alistair's dough, huh, for your fancy digs with Marty if other people, including Luis, get suspicious?

Beth: Good point.

Mrs. Wallace: Mm-hmm.

Beth: Yeah, Luis will think that I kept the money Alistair gave me to break up him and Sheridan. That won't be good.

Mrs. Wallace: No, no, it won't, not if you are planning on landing Luis, you know, when Sheridan leaves Harmony.

Beth: Yeah, you're right, you're right. God, now I got to figure out another way to get the money from Alistair without making it look like it came from him.

Alistair: Behold -- the final resting place of my ancestors.

Martin: Katherine, your hand is as cold as ice.

Katherine: That's because it's cold in here.

Alistair: Well, let me warm things up a bit. You know, Katherine, you don't have to stay here. You can leave anytime you want to, save yourself from the pain of finding out the truth.

Katherine: No, I want to know what happened. I want to know what's buried under the gazebo and how that's connected to Martin and Sheridan. So stop being coy with me, Alistair. Just tell me the truth.

Alistair: Why should I tell you when I can show you?

Martin: Oh, my god.

Alistair: Brace yourself, Katherine. You're in for quite a shock.

Whitney: Poison in the well leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth, trying' to swallow all my doubt, yeah poison in the well I may never, ever recover isn't got the heart to fight 'cause I'm sick way down inside. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Liz: Well, it won't be long now.

Whitney: Sometimes I can hear you in my emptiness seeming to distant, hollow echoes words that don't ring true fading just like you

Liz: Whitney sounds just like her mother.

Whitney: And I wonder did you ever

Liz: T.C., it's Liz. I need you to get down to the Blue Note as fast as you can. Whitney needs you. Honey, your daughter needs you.

Fancy: Ned! Oh, my god, what have I done? The gun slipped out of my hand and went off. I didn't mean to hurt you, Ned. Please wake up! Wake up! Speak to me! Oh, no. Oh, god, please don't be dead. You can't leave me now. I need you, Ned! You have to help me get out of this mess!

Luis: Sheridan! Sheridan! Oh, god. She should be back now.

Luis: Wait a minute. All the photos are gone. Sheridan was here.

Luis: Her clothes are missing. Her passport's gone. Wait a minute, Sheridan must've gone to the airport. I've got to stop her before she leaves for Paris.

Ticket agent: Our flight to Paris will be boarding shortly.

Sheridan: Merci beaucoup. I have to leave Harmony. There's just no other way. If only Luis had believed me about Marty, it just would've changed everything.

Mrs. Wallace: You know, honey, you really should go back to sleep, because you don't need to know about your f-a-k-e mama's sick schemes.

Beth: How do I get a boatload of money from Alistair without it looking suspicious to Luis or anyone else?

Mrs. Wallace: Uh -- Bethie? Could you think about that after you trim my toenails?

Beth: I've got it. I've got it! The lottery! I'll get Alistair to give me a whole lot of money and I'll tell everybody that I won the lottery. Wait. Better yet, Alistair owns the whole state. I can ask him if he can fix it to make it look like I really did win the lottery! Either way, Marty and I are going to be on easy street for the rest of our lives.

[Beth hums]

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. You poor thing. You are stuck here with that when your real m-a-m-a, Sheridan, loves you very, very much. It's a shame that she just couldn't prove that you were her son.

Beth: Touchdown.

Whitney: Thank you, and I'll be back for another set soon.

Whitney: Hi, I'll have another drink, please, and can you go ahead and make it a double this time?

Bartender: You sure, Whitney?

Whitney: Are you deaf?

Bartender: Coming up.

Liz: Whitney, come on, honey, I hate to see you doing this to yourself. You're making the same mistakes your mother did.

Whitney: You know, I don't mean to be rude, Liz, but please stop telling me what to do. I mean, I'm a big girl. I can make my own decisions. I'm grown.

Liz: Well, I am sorry that you're hurting, Whitney, but dulling the pain with liquor is not going to make that pain go away.

Chad: I knew that wasn't soda Whitney was drinking onstage. Now she's at the bar ordering a double? I got to find out what her problem is.

Valerie: Chad, don't. I heard what Whitney said to you earlier. She doesn't ever want to see you or talk to you again. So give her a break. Respect her wishes. Leave Whitney alone.

Fox: Well, that's great. That's her third drink in a row. I'm pretty sure it's a double.

Carla: No offense, Fox, but I thought we were out celebrating tonight. Instead, it's been all about Whitney.

Fox: I'm sorry. You know, it doesn't seem like there's a lot to celebrate now. You know, I didn't destroy anything off of Chad's computer, and Whitney's up there falling apart onstage.

Carla: Well, maybe it's karma paying her back for giving your son up for adoption.

Fox: I don't know. I don't know, but listen, I'm sorry I've been distracted, ok?

Carla: That's ok. I'm sure I can hold your attention from now on.

Fancy: Ned, you jerk! You let me think I'd killed you.

Ned: Well, you're a jerk, too, all right? You didn't care if I was dead or dying. All you cared about was me helping you get out of this mess.

Fancy: That's not true.

Ned: I heard you say it.

Fancy: Well, I said other stuff, too. Doesn't that count?

Ned: I kissed you, didn't I? Ow.

Fancy: The bullet must've grazed your head. I'm sorry.

Ned: It wasn't you, Fancy. I hit my head on a cabinet when I dove for cover.

Fancy: What a relief. I'll finish wiping your prints off the gun.

Ned: Oh, wait, whoa. Allow me, ok?

Fancy: Ok. I'll pick up the rest of the money. Who do you think would shoot a guy and then leave all this money lying around?

Ned: I don't know, but you can bet whoever it is isn't someone we'd ever want to run into. Could end up as dead as your friend over there.

Fancy: He wasn't my friend. I didn't even know his name. I was using him just to teach you a less--

Alistair: Katherine, Martin, come in.

Martin: Katherine, don't do this. There's still time to turn back.

Katherine: No, Martin. I have to find out. What could possibly tie you and Alistair and Sheridan and the gazebo all together? If it's the last thing I ever do --

Alistair: Katherine, Martin, come over here.

Katherine: So, there was someone buried under the gazebo. Oh, god.

Alistair: Martin, you're going to have to help me move this.

Martin: No! I won't do it.

Alistair: It's too heavy. I can't do it by myself.

Martin: I don't care! Then leave it shut! Katherine shouldn't see what's inside that thing!

Katherine: No, I have to. I have to Martin, please. Please help Alistair open up this coffin. I'm sure that whatever happened, it wasn't that bad. Please?

Martin: Katherine --

Katherine: Please, I deserve to know!

Martin: You've got to stop deluding yourself! It's worse than you could possibly imagine.

Katherine: Oh, Martin. The pain in your eyes. This must bring up so many memories.

Martin: You have no idea.

Katherine: My love, I'm sorry. Please forgive me, but I have to know. I have to know. Please help Alistair. Martin, the secrets, the lies, the pain -- we have to end them, for Sheridan's sake, for Pilar's sake, for all of our sakes. Please?

Martin: God forgive me for what I'm about to do.

Alistair: Katherine, would you please hold the torch?

Alistair: Careful with it.

Martin: Oh, damn it.

Alistair: Katherine -- move a little closer. Look inside the coffin, see the shocking truth. But be forewarned that everything that has gone before this moment and everything that's going to happen after this moment will be forever changed.

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Katherine: Tell me who she is. Please tell me.

Luis: Sheridan, Sheridan, please. I love you. Please, I can't lose you.

Man: Whoever's under there is dead now.

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