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By Amanda
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Chad: Hey, don't worry, pal. I'm going to get you fed. Come here.

Valerie: No, you hang on to him. I'll fix his bottle.

Chad:  Get enough of that. All right?

Valerie: You've got enough in here feed him for a month.

Chad: Oh, well, we wanted to be prepared, didn't we, little guy?

Valerie: You know, you keep calling him "pal" and "little guy." Isn't it about time you gave him a real name?

Chad: Yeah, yeah, I guess I've been putting that off. Hey, you know, it is a big decision and something he's going to have to live with the rest of his life. Hey, so, what do we call you, kid? Huh?

[Baby cries]

Chad: You're nursing the baby?

Whitney: Well, what else can I do? He was still hungry, and I didn't know how much formula to give him and -- so here we are.

Fox: You ok? What's wrong?

Whitney: Nothing. Came here with Theresa. Gwen's evidentiary hearing is going on right now.

[Baby cries]

Fox: You're not ok, are you? That baby crying -- does that remind you that you dumped our son?

Whitney: Oh, I'm sorry. I got to go.

Fox: No, no, you really don't have to you can't run forever, Whitney. Eventually, you're going to have to tell me the truth. Now, I saw the love that you have for our son when you were nursing him, but then you just ran off into the night? And hearing that baby cry right now is enough to tear you apart, isn't it? Why don't you just level with me? Just level with me and tell me the truth. Did you really want to give our son away?

Judge: Repeat your motion for the court stenographer, please.

Ethan: Yes, Your Honor. I respectfully move that the charges against Gwen Winthrop be dropped, that the case is dismissed, and that full custody of the infant Jane Winthrop be granted solely to myself and Mrs. Winthrop. I think you'll find that Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald's history with our child is most illuminating.

Theresa: Ethan, you can't do this!

Judge: Silence, Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Ethan: Given the new medical evidence supporting the expert testimony of Dr. Eve Russell, I have more than sufficiently proved to this court that Gwen Wintrop's attack on the plaintiff was a result of a drug interaction which could not make her responsible for her actions.

Theresa: Mama, the judge can't drop the charges against Gwen or take my child away from me, right? This is crazy.

Ivy: Do you think the judge will buy it and rule in Gwen's favor?

Rebecca: Well, she's not on the Crane payroll, so I don't know.

Judge: Would the district attorney and defense counsel please approach. You surprise me, Mr. Winthrop. This was to be a simple hearing on the charges against your wife, and now you've added child custody to the mix. Normally, I'd hear these items separately, but as the two cases are so closely linked, I'll go ahead and combine them.

Prosecutor:  Your Honor, I object.

Judge: Objection overruled. Today, I'll decide whether the case against Gwen Winthrop is to proceed, and I'll also grant temporary custody of the infant Jane Winthrop to one of her parents.

Sheridan: Hmm. Oh, my son Marty's going to love these. He's just about the right age to go bonkers over balloons.

Woman: Tie them around his wrists so they don't escape.

Sheridan: Oh, you bet I will. His daddy's on his way home with him right now. I have the whole place decorated as a surprise.

Woman: Really? Is it his birthday?

Sheridan: No, better -- today is the start of his new life with me. I can't wait to just take him in my arms and tell him how much I love him. Once I have my son back, I'm going to hold him so tight,  I'm never going to let him go.

Beth: I'm so ashamed, Luis. I don't even know where to start. I've done something truly terrible to you and to Sheridan.

Luis: So she was right? About everything?

Beth: I feel awful. I can't bear to keep this secret any longer.

Mrs. Wallace: Whew, boy, I wish you had waited till I went on the lam, Bethie. Hmm.

Beth: Sheridan was absolutely right. I'm not the person you think I am. I have to come forward because my conscience won't let me live with this guilt any longer. I have to confess. I have to tell you everything, every last horrific detail.

Mrs. Wallace: The hunk better brace himself. We could be here all day.

Judge: Stay close to the courtroom, everyone. I'll rule on both cases shortly . Court is in recess.

Bailiff: All rise.

Gwen: Honey, thank you so much.

Ethan: It's all right.

Gwen: I should really be ashamed of myself, you know. There you are fighting tooth and nail to defend me and to crush Theresa.

Ethan: It's ok. I just hope the judge understands that you did not attack Theresa knowingly. That anti-anxiety drug, it interacted with the other medication you were on, clouded your mind.

Gwen: Ok.

Theresa: The judge has to revoke Gwen's bail and send her to prison, because I don't buy this whole drug thing for one second. She knew exactly what she was doing when she tried to kill me, now Ethan wants to take my child away from me.  Now, you tell me that Ethan is not going to win.

Prosecutor:  Honestly, I don't know. He presented some powerful and well-supported persuasive evidence. Mr. Winthrop surprised me with all those other precedents and Dr. Russell's testimony.

Theresa: What she said should be thrown out of the court! She's a former drug addict. She's about to be tried for murder!

Pilar: Theresa, por favor. She's a good friend. Don't say --

Theresa: Not today, she isn't! Dr. Russell a well-respected expert physician? I'm sorry, but they've got some nerve.

Theresa: No, I'm not going to accept this. Did that sedative make Gwen attack me in the hospital twice with the scalpel? Or how about the night that she kidnapped my child? Did the sedative make her attack me all three times?

Pilar: Theresa, por favor!

Theresa: Mama, you even know that she knew exactly what she was doing. Gwen wasn't on anything, and now the judge needs to hear that.

Prosecutor: She's already heard both sides.

Theresa:  I'm going to tell her right now.

Sheridan: Hello, Mother.

Katherine:  Sheridan, darling.

Sheridan: I heard you were back but I didn't hear from you.

Katherine: I'm sorry. I wanted to, more than you could possibly know.

Sheridan: Well, then, why didn't you? I mean, I thought I could at least count on you for common courtesy.

Katherine: Because I wanted to stay away. Luis hates me.

Sheridan: Nothing can ever come between us. So much has happened since you left. I mean, even this morning, Beth called and she asked Luis to come over to her house so that she could confess all of her crimes.  This proves what I've been saying all along, Marty is my son.

Katherine: Oh, my god. Are you serious?

Sheridan: Yes! Luis is over there right now and will bring Marty back as soon as Beth gives him to us.

Katherine: Oh, my god. If that's true, Sheridan, I -- I just -- it's made me so happy!

Sheridan :  That's why I got these. We're going to celebrate. I have the whole house decorated for his homecoming. So you see, you don't have to worry, Mother. Luis and I have our son back. We're going to be a family and life is going to be perfect. Nothing will ever come between us again, not ever.

Beth: I have so much to confess I don't know where to begin.

Luis: How about the beginning?

Mrs. Wallace: Like when you dressed up as bozo the clown, huh, and kidnapped Sheridan?

Beth: I feel so ashamed.

Luis: Just tell me, Beth.

Beth: When you and Sheridan saw me at the Blue Note, Sheridan was right -- I wasn't alone. I was with Alistair Crane.

Luis: Oh, my god.

Beth: I made a deal with him.

Luis: What kind of deal?

Beth: He came on to me, Luis. He wanted to get me into bed, I tried to get keep him off, you know, and keep him at bay, but he's my landlord. I couldn't risk losing my business. Mother warned me to be careful, but I thought I could handle him.

Luis: Blackmail. You knew what he wanted?

Beth: Don't blame Mother. She's just a naive, gentle soul.

Luis: What happened?

Beth: I was in way over my head. Alistair didn't want to just get me into bed. He wanted my help to do something terrible.  He wanted me to help him break up you and Sheridan. He offered me a check for thousands and thousands of dollars. I took it. I took the check. I made a deal with the devil to destroy you and Sheridan.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh.

Chad: Whoa. How did that come out of you, man? Maybe we should call him the burp master.

Valerie: Yeah, I don't think so. You got to call him something.

Chad: Yeah, I know. I know. It's just --

Chad: Well, I wanted to get Whitney's input, you know, before I made a choice. She is junior's mother, you know.

Valerie: Well, she did give him up for adoption.

Chad: No I know, but no matter what Whitney says, I also know that she still loves him. She wants to be a part of her son's life. That's why I want her to help pick the name, and I want to keep her involved as much as possible. Oh, you done with the bottle now? No look, I'm going to go get him cleaned up, ok? Shh. Go.

[Baby cries]

Valerie: Do you want Whitney in the baby's life, Chad, or yours?

Fox: So the truth is going to come out eventually, right? So why don't you just get it over with and tell me

Whitney: Look, Fox, I told you. I've told you over and over again.

Fox: Single mother, yes, I know, and I've told you over and over again that I want to know the real story.

Whitney: Look, Fox, I told you.

Fox: Do you know where I've just been? Do you have any idea? I just met with a judge to try to figure out how to get my son from Chad.

Whitney: No. Fox, don't do that.

Fox: Yeah, did you think about what I thought? I'm going to do whatever it takes to get my son back, but you just turn your head and run away. I don't get it, Whitney. I'm at a complete loss here . I think at the very least you owe me, at the very least, the truth. Tell me why you gave my son away.

Whitney: I'm sorry. All I can tell you is that I'm sorry.

Fox: You're sorry?

Whitney: Yeah.

Theresa: I know if I can talk to the judge one on one I can get her to understand.

Prosecutor: Look, look, look, I've already presented your case. If you interrupt the judge now, you'll simply turn her against you.

Theresa: Well, that's not fair. You know, you're not going to get away with this. This is just another example of the rich using their power and influence to get what they want.

Rebecca:  Darling, that's one of the perks. Oh, I wish Judge Reilly were trying this case.

Ethan: Rebecca, be quiet.

Theresa: And, you, Ethan. How could you come to Gwen's defense and lie. You know perfectly well she wanted to kill me. And now you're trying to take my child from me, too, the child that she kidnapped? We're lucky she didn't kill her.

Gwen: No, I'll leave the baby-killing to you, Theresa.

Ethan:  That's enough, Gwen, I can handle this. Just give me a moment alone with her, all right?

Gwen: Why? She's just going to try and twist you around her finger.

Ethan: Honey, let her try. I've got to try to get through to her. No matter what this judge decides, I'm serious it's over. If this judge decides in our favor, she's going to strike back. I have to convince her not to do it and to let it go.

Gwen: Good luck.

Ethan: Let's talk.

Theresa: About what?

Ethan: About our future. Let's nip these little tete-a-tetes in the bud.

Theresa: Gwen might go free, and now you're trying to take Jane away from me. This is a nightmare, Ethan.

Ethan:  Yeah, it's a nightmare that you could have prevented. You insisted on pressing these charges against Gwen, charges that I had convinced my father to drop. I begged you to stop, and you wouldn't. You had to get your revenge.

Theresa: This isn't about revenge, Ethan! This is about you and me. It is about us and a family, Ethan, the way it should be!

Ethan: You never stop, do you?

Theresa: Because I love you, Ethan! I love you, and I know you love me.

Ethan: No, no! God, are you -- are you listening?

Theresa: You love me, Ethan. You know you do.

Ethan:  Listen to me. Maybe we had something once. No more. I'm married to that woman in there that you want to put behind bars for the rest of her life, I've committed my life to her.

Theresa: Only --

Ethan: Theresa, I am married to her! You're going to have to learn to live with that. There's no chance for us anymore, not now not ever.

Whitney: Oh, God. My secret follows me.  He's such a beautiful little baby. And it looks like Chad has Valerie to help him. Maybe that's a good thing.

Chad:  Hey. Who's that? So glad to see you.

Whitney: Really?

Chad: Yeah.

Valerie: Hi, Whitney. We just thought the baby could use some fresh air.

Chad: I was going to call you. We need to make a decision.

Whitney: A decision?

Chad: Yeah, the baby, needs a name, and I want you to help pick it.

[Baby fusses]

Whitney: Me? Oh, no, no, no. I --

Chad: Oh, come on. Look at him.

Whitney: Chad --

Chad: Whitney, take him. You know, it's a good thing he takes after you, tell you what.

[Baby fusses]

Chad: Shh, shh.

Valerie: He is a fine-looking baby.

[Baby cries]

Chad: Oh, look at him, Whitney. Look real close. Study that face. What do you think? What name fits that face? Hmm? Yeah.

Kathine: If what you say about Marty is true, it just makes me so happy.

Sheridan: You know, he is your grandson.

Katherine: Yes, he must be.  I'm just glad, Sheridan, that you and Luis are doing well. You two were meant for each other. I don't want anything to come between the two of you, especially me.

Sheridan: Nothing ever will. How can it? We have our son back. And how are you? I mean, have you been able to reconcile things with Martin? I know that he was as upset as I was after you ran away.

Katherine: No, I -- I'm trying to avoid him. He needs to rebuild his life with Pilar and his children. Maybe, who knows? Maybe one day Luis will love him as much as I do.

Sheridan: You really love him don't you?

Katherine: Yes, I do.

Sheridan: Hmm.

Katherine: But now's the time for him to rejoin the life that he gave up for me. That's where he belongs, Sheridan.

Sheridan: I just wish Luis could see what a marvelous woman you are.

Katherine: Oh. Luis is never going to change how he feels about me, but I understand that. He's got reason to hate me. But because I love you so much, Sheridan, I know he's the right man for you, you need to know I am going to keep my distance from you and Martin.

Sheridan: But you're cutting yourself off from two people that you love, two people that love you.

Katherine: Oh. That's all I need to hear. It's enough to know that my daughter loves me, to know that she's happy with the man that loves her. I don't know, it just proves to me that everything I've done is right. Oh, my darling.

Beth: I'm stupid so I took money from Alistair, the devil himself, to break you two up. I should be punished.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. Shot out of a cannon, maybe?

Beth: I mean, I was so angry at Sheridan. You know, we used to be friends. And I know she's been suicidally depressed, but she started making all those wild accusations about Marty and me, and I'm just struggling to make ends meet. I'm a single working mother taking care of an elderly Mother, ok, so I took the check! I promised Alistair --

Mrs.. Wallace: Stop beating around the bush and send in the clowns.

Beth: Luis, please forgive me. This is my confession.

Mrs. Wallace: Honey? Haven't you left something out?

Luis: Is that all you've done?

Beth: What?

Luis: Did you just take the check from Alistair, or did you help him hurt me and Sheridan?

Beth: No.

Luis: Beth, were you working for Alistair? No more lies. I want the truth.

Ethan: Do you get it? We're over, for once and for all. .

Theresa: Then why don't you just stop this whole nonsense about Jane. The judge will not take her away from me, Ethan. She will not take her away from her own mother.

Ethan: Theresa, I'm going to let her decide that. But whatever happens in there, make no mistake, I'm deadly serious about this whole mess between the three of us resolving itself. Are we clear on that?

Theresa: Yeah, we're clear.

Ethan: Good. I'm glad we got it straight.

Theresa: I just have one more question, Ethan. It's a legal question.

Ethan: What?

Theresa: If a burglar steals something from someone and keeps it, does it eventually belong to the burglar?

Ethan: No, Theresa, of course not. If it's stolen property. It belongs to the original owner. Why?

Theresa: That's my point. Morally, emotionally, and now even legally, you belong to me. Gwen stole you from me, Ethan, but you still belong to me, and you know that.

Ethan: What is it going to take? What is it going to take to get you to understand. If we are going to find any kind of happiness, Theresa, you have to let me go. That judge in there is going to change all of our lives any minute.

Gwen: Actually, she's ready now. The judge has -- she's reached her decision.

[Baby fusses]

Chad: So, come on, Whitney. Any ideas for names for your baby?

Whitney: He's not my baby anymore, Chad.

Chad: Look, we will argue about that later, ok? Names?


Whitney: Well, I -- it's ok. I don't know. I -- well, what do you think?

Chad: Well, I have some ideas. You know, I want to name him after someone important, you know, a brother, someone I admire. Yeah, I want my son to have a name he can live up to.

Whitney: We , you know, we talked about this once before. Don't you remember?

Chad: We did?

Whitney: When you had a son you knew exactly what you would name him.

Chad: Huh. Yeah

Whitney and Chad: Miles Davis.

Whitney: Yeah.

Chad: Yeah, that's the name I always wanted.

Whitney: Anyway, it's your decision. I mean, it's totally up to you.

Chad: Then that's it. You hear that, little guy? Now, you don't have to play the trumpet unless you want to, ok? From now on you're going to be known as Miles Davis Harris. What do you think? Yeah.

Whitney: Ok.

Fox: What the hell is going on here?

Katherine: Oh, darling. I'm just so glad you're in Luis' hands. Darling, you'll be happy.

Sheridan: No worries, mother. I'm going to be happy forever. Oh, no! Oh

Katherine:  Do you have to shop some more for Marty?

Sheridan: Oh. I can't. I don't have any time.

Katherine: Oh.

Sheridan: Luis is going to be home soon with Marty, and I want to be there for the surprise.

Katherine: Oh.

Sheridan: Hey, why don't you come with me? It'll be a real family reunion.

Katherine: Oh, no. Thank you, Sheridan, but, no, this is a private moment for you and Luis and Marty.

Sheridan: Ok, then. Please be happy for me.

Katherine: Darling, I'm so happy for you. I love you.

Sheridan: Thank you. You know, this isn't goodbye, Mother. I'll call you.

Katherine: Of course.

Beth: Lies? Luis, I don't lie.

Luis: After everything Sheridan and I have been through, I just need the truth. Did you do anything else with Alistair? You have anything more to confess?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, spill those beans, girlie-girl. Wipe those sins from your blackened soul.

Beth: No. I have never helped Alistair do anything, I swear. \

Mrs. Wallace: Like father, like daughter. She's lying through her teeth, making herself out to be the victim -- hmm.

Beth: I mean, I took the check, but I couldn't go through with it. I can never hurt you or Sheridan. You really think that I'm the woman that he adores? No, it's just that Alistair scares me. That's why I called you. I'm afraid of what Alistair will do to me when he finds out that I can't go through with it.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, why isn't this girl on the stage? Hmm.

Beth: Luis, help me. Please.  Alistair will come after me if he finds out that I've disobeyed him. Alistair Crane is the father of darkness.

Beth: That's my confession. Luis, I was weak. I need your strength now. I'm -- I'm scared of Alistair. Would you please help me?

Luis: Of course I'll help you.

Beth: Oh. Thank you. So you don't hate me for taking Alistair's check?

Luis: No. You're just the latest victim on a long list. And Alistair's a pig. He tried to take advantage of you. It's a good thing you have morals. Now, look, I will do everything that I can to protect you from that devil. Look, I have to admit, we already knew that you and your mother were with Alistair at the mansion last night.

Beth: You did?

Luis: Yeah. But you didn't have to tell me, and you did, and that says a lot about you.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. I'll say. Hmm.

Fox: Well, isn't this cozy?

Chad: No, just back off a second, all right? We just named the baby.

Whitney: Chad named the baby Miles after Miles Davis.

Fox: Really?

Chad: Well, Whitney helped.

Fox: Oh. Great. So you just go ahead and name my son without me?

Chad: No, my son, Fox. Get that through your thick head, ok?

Whitney: Please, don't argue. It's --

Fox: You know, we'll see about that!

Whitney: It's not good for the baby, please.

Fox: Not good for the baby? Is that right? What do you care about a baby you gave away in the first place, huh? You know what? I've had it with both of you -- oh, for now.

Valerie: Well, that went well.

Whitney: Look, I should be going.

Chad: No, Whitney, you don't have to.

Whitney: Yeah, I do. Here you go. Here you go.

Chad: Well, that was your mommy, Miles. You know, she loves you very, very much, and she's going to be with us soon, some day real soon.

Judge: I've reviewed the evidence in these cases and have reached decisions for both. Would Mr. And Mrs. Winthrop and the district attorney please rise. First, as to the charges of attempted murder and kidnapping,  Mrs. Winthrop has an impeccable background and has never been violent in the past. Due to the medical precedents supplied by Mr. Winthrop and also due to the defense's strong testimony by Dr. Eve Russell, I agree that she acted out of character due to the interaction of the the prescription drugs she was already taking. Therefore, all charges against Mrs. Winthrop are dropped and the case is dismissed.

Gwen: Oh --

Rebecca: Oh!

Theresa: They won, Mama. Ethan beat me.

Pilar: Ok.

Theresa: No, he did this to me.

Valerie: You have had a big day, Miles.

Chad: Hmm.

Valerie: You got a new name and you got to watch your daddy put together a deal that's going to open up big doors for him.

Chad: Oh, from your lips. I've worked awfully hard.

Valerie: And you did an amazing job. It'll pay off big time. Merger forever, and both companies managed to fight him off. No one's been able to figure out how to do it until you came along. And best of all, there won't be any plants closing and the Cranes will make a huge profit. When Alistair finds out what you've done, you're going to get a huge promotion.

Chad: Well, give all the credit to Miles here. He's my inspiration. 

Valerie: So then let's get back to the office and nail this deal.

Fox: Chad? Is that jerk still gone?

Fox: What the hell is all this? Oh, this must be that project Chad's been working so hard on.

Fox: Hmm. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, huh-uh, nope. This is going to make grandfather way too happy. Well, you may have stolen my son, Chad but I'll be damned if your going to steal a promotion.

Beth: I'm a little genius yes, I am, and no one will catch me

[Beth hums]

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, you should be ashamed of yourself. Lies just flew from those lips like melted butter.

Beth: You know what, Mother? You should be thanking me. A minute ago, you were ready to go on the lam. Because of me, we get to stay here.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, oh. I should have known, known that you wouldn't tell Luis the truth!

Beth: Oh, of course I'm not going to tell him the truth. I just know that Eve saw us at the mansion, so I wanted to, you know, come clean. And I played on Luis' blind hatred of Alistair to make me look like the victim. "Oh, Luis, Alistair tried to make me break up you and Sheridan." You got to admit I'm good, huh?

Mrs. Wallace: At lying.

Beth: Well, now Luis will confront Alistair, which will drive another wedge between him and Sheridan.

Mrs. Wallace:  Please, lord, send the angels in! Maybe they can knock some sense into you, Bethie.

Beth: Don't you mean "Mother," hmm? See, even though Sheridan believes that Marty is her son, Luis believes the D.N.A. results. Thank god no one knows that Alistair is my father or they would figure out why the D.N.A. tests proved that Marty is my son. Oh. It won't be long until my half sister Sheridan and Luis are finished, and then Luis will come and be with me and Marty.

Sheridan:  Where's Marty? Where's my boy?

Sheridan: What -- I thought you said you were going to bring him home once you got Beth to confess. Why didn't you bring him home?

Luis: Listen, Sheridan, she didn't confess to kidnapping Marty. She said the horrible thing that she had to tell us was that your father paid her to try and break us up.

Sheridan: So that's why she kidnapped me and stole my child?

Luis: Sheridan, she said that she hasn't done a thing to come between us. She is not working for Alistair and he only approached her last night at the mansion.

Sheridan: Oh, and that's why you believed her?

Luis: Look, Beth didn't know that we knew that she was at the mansion, ok?  She feels totally ashamed about it.

Sheridan: Don't you know she is lying, all right? She must know that Eve saw my father, and that's why she gave you this line, to throw you off. They're in cahoots together. I know that she kidnapped me and stole my child.

Luis: Sheridan, please. She said that she has not done anything to come between us, ok? She is not working for your father, she is totally afraid of him, and she has no intentions whatsoever of helping him.

Sheridan:  Good god.  She gives you the stupidest lie or excuse and you fall for it hook, line, and sinker, whereas I try to give you the simple truth that Marty is my child and you won't believe me. Why do you believe Beth over me ever time? Why?

Theresa: The judge can't drop the charges against Gwen. She almost killed me.

Prosecutor: Keep your voice down.

Pilar: He's right, Theresa. The judge still hasn't ruled on Jane's custody.

Theresa: Well, she's not going to take my daughter away from me, Mama. She may have dropped the charges against Gwen, but she has to know that Gwen is crazy. She's not going to take her away from me. I'm her mother.

Ivy: One down, one to go.

Rebecca: Ah, and we're one step closer to destroying la tartita.

Judge: As to the matter of custody for the infant Jane Winthrop, I've reached a decision based on what I feel is best for the child. These documents are very revealing, Mr. Winthrop. Frankly, madam, the story of how this child came into the world disturbs me. You drugged the Winthrop's' surrogate mother, THEN took their fertilized eggs.

Theresa: But Jane isn't their child, Your Honor! She's mine.

Judge: Silence! Yes, the child is yours biologically, but the way in which you managed to get impregnated by Mr. Winthrop does bear scrutiny. Your behavior unnerves me, Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald. Even in my own courtroom, you've erupted in emotional outbursts and personal attacks against both Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop. I can't in good conscience ignore this new information. After a period I will revisit the situation to make a decision on permanent custody, but for the moment, I must agree that a stable environment for the child is with her biological father.  I award temporary custody of baby Jane Winthrop to Mr. And Mrs. Winthrop effective immediately.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Gwen: We did it! Honey, we did it! Oh!

Theresa: No.

Pilar: It's ok.

Theresa: Mama?

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Sam: That's why she's so hell bent on destroying herself -- because she knows it's killing me.

Theresa: No one is better for Jane than me. You will never get my daughter. Do you hear me, Gwen, never. Love is going to be destroyed for eternity.

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