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By Amanda
Proofread by Jodi

Ivy: Oh. Sam. If this is a bad time, then --

Sam: No, it's a good time. Jessica went over to Simone's.

Ivy: Then I'll just throw the rest of my things in a box. Oh. I guess you wanted to keep things short, if not sweet.

Sam:  Ivy, like I told you last night, you could have stayed over.

Jessica: It's a good thing she didn't or I wouldn't have been here. What are you doing here anyway, Ivy? Aren't you out of our lives yet?

[Phone rings]

Man: Oh. This is fancy. Speak. Jacob, darling! Yeah, of course I'll be there. I wouldn't Miss Fashion Week for the world. Yeah. Yes, I'll bring my checkbook.

Woman: Where have you been?

Fancy: Ah.

Woman: Those boys by the bar are just so hot.

Fancy: Hmm, they're boring, just all the other puppy dog preppies that you and I always attract. I'm in the mood for something different.

Woman: Different how?

Fancy: I don't know, someone who turns me on for a bad boy that's what I want -- a bad boy.

Woman: I don't know, Fancy.

Fancy: Well, I do. And guess what, Veronica -- I just found him.

Pilar: Theresa? You know, it's not too late to change your mind.

Theresa: Forget it, Mama. Here comes the district attorney.

D.A.: I'm glad you're here. I was afraid you were going to change your mind about pressing charges.

Theresa: No, I wouldn't miss this for the world. I want to see Gwen put behind bars for the rest of her life.

Gwen: God, I don't see Ethan.

Rebecca: Honey, I'm sure he's on his way.

Gwen: Mother, what if he's right? What if the D.A. moved up the hearing date so that we wouldn't have time to mount a decent defense? I mean, I could go back to jail today.

Theresa: "Could"? You count on it, Gwen. You don't stand a chance.

Eve: I asked you a question, Ethan.

Ethan: Eve, I'm trying to find something I can use here, you know?

Eve: You already found something, so why aren't you on your way to the court with it right now?

Ethan: Look, I know where you're going with this, and you couldn't be more off base.

Eve:  I get the feeling the you're somewhat conflicted about representing Gwen at her hearing this morning. So you do want your wife to go free?

 Ethan: Of course I do. Eve, why would you even ask me something like that?

Eve: Because I've seen more excitement at a spelling bee. Your wife's trial is about to start. Are you sure that you want to keep her out of jail? And have her standing in the way of your being with Theresa.

Beth: Did someone find out that I'm your daughter? Look, don't tell me that Sheridan knows I'm her half sister.

[Phone rings]

Beth: Wait. Oh, Mother. Mother, what do you want?

Mrs. Wallace: Jeez, no need to snap my head off.

Beth: Look, whatever you're calling about, I don't have time for this. Alistair's here. Hey -- you didn't go and shoot off your big mouth about me being Alistair's 's daughter, did you?

Alistair: Let me speak to her. Edna.

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah?

Sheridan: Please tell me what you know about Beth and her mother being at the mansion last night with my father.

Maid: Please, Miss Sheridan, you don't know what you're asking.

Sheridan: Look, you are my only hope. I'm begging you!

Luis: You know why they were in the house with Alistair, help Sheridan to get her little boy back.

Veronica: He's not exactly Mr. Smiles.

Fancy: He's got something better -- chutzpah. You can't place a bet at that table for less than 500 bucks. I like him.

Man: Deal me in.

Veronica: I don't think he's that into you.

Fancy: He will be.

Veronica: My, aren't we sure of ourselves today.

Fancy: Well, we're in Vegas, Veronica. You want to make a little wager?

Veronica: I think your odds are better at the slots.

Fancy: I'll give you my bracelet if I can't make him mine within the next few hours.

Veronica: Isn't that thing from your dear old dad?

Fancy: Where else? Worth 20 grand at least.

Veronica: You want Mr. Rebel that much? You're on.

Mrs. Wallace: No, may the angels in heaven bear witness for me, I haven't told a soul that you are Beth's father.

Alistair: You might as well have been shouting it from the rooftops the way you've been flaunting yourself around in Harmony today.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, what -- what is that supposed to mean?

Alistair: It means you've been gadding about with wads of money hanging off your walker and throwing cash around, buying clothes that are more appropriate for Paris Hilton than an old bag like yourself.

Mrs. Wallace: So I bought a few beautiful things with the money that you gave me. Since when is self-improvement a crime? And may I remind you that it wasn't so long ago you made a baby with this old bag.

Alistair: Yeah, do yourself

Mrs. Wallace: Ok, ok. Just cool your jets, will you?

Alistair: And you keep a low profile from now on, meaning that you stay in this house.

Mrs. Wallace: As if the Crane money can keep me a prisoner in my own house. No. I've got the clothes, I got the style, and now it is time to party.

[Edna hums]

Beth: I was scared to death she'd found out you were my father.

Alistair: Well, she hasn't -- not yet, anyway.

Sheridan: Thank you. Now, please tell me everything that you know about my father spending time with Beth and Mrs. Wallace at the mansion last night.

Maid: No.

Sheridan: What? Wait a minute. You just told me that you could.

Maid: Could, not would. I signed a confidentiality agreement when I took my job with your father. He'd have my head.

Sheridan: You wouldn't be spilling his secrets to just a stranger here. I am his daughter.

Maid: Oh, miss Sheridan, you know that wouldn't make any difference to Mr. Alistair, now, would it?

Sheridan: Look, this is important. My baby was taken away from me after he was born. What you know could help me get him back. Please, for my child's sake, please help me.

Maid: I got to think of my own children first. My husband Harry's been out of work for three years now. If I lose this job, we'll lose everything.

Sheridan: Please.

Maid: You're a Crane. You don't know what it's like to have to scrimp and scrape just to get by.

Luis: I do.

Maid: Yes, you would, being Pilar's son and all.

Sheridan: Look, what -- what if I give you these? They're real, five carats apiece. They'll tide you over in between jobs if my father should fire you. Now, please tell me what you know about my father spending time with Beth and Mrs. Wallace at the mansion.

Sam: I thought you were at Simone's.

Jessica: I changed my mind. You've got a lot of nerve coming back here.

Jessica: You stick up for someone who went behind your back and lied to you?

Sam: Ivy was just trying to help.

Jessica: Oh, is that what she told you?

Sam: Well, she was right.

Jessica:  Because I took charge of my own life and got a boyfriend and a tattoo?

Sam: Jessica, you almost died because of a drug overdose. You lost your innocence to some creep.

Jessica:  You the one who did it with that slut, Ivy.

Sam: Jess, that is enough.

Jessica: You're such a hypocrite, Daddy. You don't have to ask anyone what they think about your new lover, but I do? I'll bet if you caught Noah doing what I was doing, you wouldn't have freaked out. You'd have gone wink, wink, given him a little slap on the wrist, and handed him a package of condoms.

Sam: Jessica, I would have treated your brother the exact same way, and you know it.

Jessica: How do you even know what you'd do with Noah?

Sam: That's enough.

Jessica: Why? Did I hit a nerve? If you want to preach to me about family values, why don't you start by getting your whore out of our house?

Ned: Let's go with five-card draw.

Veronica: Ned? What kind of name is Ned?

Fancy: It doesn't matter.

Veronica:  You want to have his children.

Fancy: Depends on how bad he is.

Veronica: You mean "good" bad?

Fancy: Right.

Veronica: Well, I'd wish you luck, but I really like that bracelet.

Fancy: Tough, because I've got a feeling I'm going to win this bet.

Ned: Deal it again.

Dealer: You sure, sport? You're way down.

Ned: I said again.

Dealer: Up to you.

Fancy: Here you go.

Dealer: Hey, Fancy, you in?

Fancy: No, thanks, George. I'll sit this one out.

George: You're not feeling lucky today, eh?

Fancy: No, actually, I'm feeling real lucky . Excuse me. Would you happen to have the time? What's that for?

Ned: You're a working girl, right? Take the chip, leave me the hell alone so I can play some cards here.

Eve: So you're going to the hearing?

Ethan: Yeah, there's one more thing I have to check on first before I go, and I think it could clear Gwen of all the charges.

Eve: If that's what you think you want to do.

Ethan: I need to go.

Eve: Good luck. Whatever you decide to do.

Gwen:  So help me, you'd better shut up.

Theresa: Or what, Gwen? Because I don't think that would work in your favor. Face it, your life as you know it is over.

Gwen: Even as we speak, Ethan is on his way over here to try and keep me out of jail.

Theresa: Really? Hmm. I don't know. If I were you, I'd be a little nervous. Maybe he's not going to show up at all.

Gwen: Of course he is, Theresa. He's gong to do everything in his power to get your vicious charges against me thrown out.

Theresa: Well, see, I have this theory. I think Ethan's going to stand up so that you do spend the rest of your life in prison so he can start over with me, little Ethan, and Jane. We're going to be a family, Gwen, and you're going to spend the rest of your life rotting in a prison cell.

Rebecca: You just get away from my daughter, Theresa. You just leave her alone.

Theresa: Oh, I struck a nerve in Mama here. Hmm. I guess she's a little worried Ethan's not going to show up for you, too.

Gwen: I hate her.  I hate her so much I wish she was dead.

Rebecca: Gwen, shh. Don't let any of the court officials hear you.

Gwen:  What if Theresa's right? I mean, what if the reason Ethan's not here is because he wants to be with her?

Rebecca: Well, don't be absurd, ok I am sure he's on his way here. Look, I'm just going to call him, all right?

Bailiff: All rise.

Judge: Today, we're hearing evidence in the matter between Gwen Hotchkiss Winthrop vs. The State. Let's begin.

Gwen: My god, Mother, where is he, where is he?

Judge: I assume all parties are present?

D.A.: My witness is here, your honor. I do not, however, see opposing counsel in court.

Gwen: Your Honor --

Judge: Where's your attorney, Mrs. Winthrop?

Gwen: Your Honor my husband should be here any moment. If I could please ask just for a slight postponement?

Judge: Not without a written request from counsel. We'll proceed without him.

Theresa: I knew it. Ethan couldn't bring himself to save Gwen. He wants a life with me.

Gwen: Oh, my god, Mother. If Ethan doesn't walk in here in the next two minutes, I am going to go to jail for the rest of my life.

Fancy: Do you believe it? That moron probably doesn't even own a platinum card, and he thought I was a hooker.

Veronica: The moron being the bad boy of your dreams?

Fancy: Whose side are you on, anyway?

Veronica: Well, you did come on pretty strong.

Fancy: I was innocently flirting. It's not my fault he's a rude, uncouth boor. Ugh, I've never been more insulted in my whole life.

Veronica: I could have told you he wasn't your type to begin with. I hope you at least took his $500 chip.

Fancy: I wouldn't touch anything that belonged to him with a 10-foot pole.

Veronica: Your loss -- along with your bracelet. I mean, my bracelet.

Fancy: No, not so fast, Veronica.

Veronica: Hey. A deal's a deal. You tried to get bad boy's attention and he didn't bite. I win, you lose.

Fancy: Who said I was giving up?

Veronica: You're going  to be more insulted by this cad?

Fancy: No way. But I'm not through with him. He's about to be taught a lesson he'll never forget.

Mrs. Wallace: Dr. Russell?

Eve: Oh, I'm sorry, I'm just about to -- Edna?

Mrs. Wallace: That's my name. Don't wear it out.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, yeah, it's the rage on all the runways this season, and I'm talking Paris, not Pan Am. Got it, runways?

Eve: I'm sure you're just making quite a splash.

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah, aren't I grand, though? Well, you see, now that I got the outside taken care of, I -- I want the innards to match.

Eve: I'm sorry, the "innards"?

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah. Yeah, down there. You know, leakage.

Eve: Oh, oh, leakage, right.

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah. They do do that surgery now, don't they?

Eve: Oh. Well -- well, Edna, I'm not sure that our insurance company would pay for it. It's elective surgery. It's very expensive.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, money's no object.  I'm going paying cold, hard cash!

Beth: We're home free. Sheridan will never figure out that I'm her half sister.

Alistair: Beth, never say never. We have to be very very careful.

Beth: Well, yeah, I'll -- I'll do anything to keep our secret as long as I get to have Marty.

Alistair: That's why I like you so much, my dear. It's ironic that the only offspring that I can't claim is the one that is most like me. But I promise you, I'll do everything in my power to make sure that Sheridan doesn't find out the truth, because if she does, you lose Marty,

Maid: All right. I'll tell you what Mrs. Wallace and her daughter were doing with Mr. Alistair.

Sheridan: Thank you. I promise you won't regret this. I'm going to get my son back, Luis.

Maid: It wasn't much later that the mother came to the front door.

Luis: While Alistair and Beth were up in his bedroom?

Maid: That's right. Oh, lord, if he finds out I've told you --

Sheridan: Look, he won't. Please go on. How was my father with Beth?

Maid:  It was as if they were on a date. They came back to the house to -- you know.

Sheridan: You mean sleep together?

Maid: I'm just telling you what it looked like. He rang down from his bedroom of course, I didn't see nothing -- just his arm around her and maybe one smooch.

Luis: So you don't know if they actually --

Maid: Did the deed? I don't think they would have had time, what, with the mother showing up and all. She was out of her mind crazy. We had a huge fight and she knocked me out she was so upset.

Sheridan: Wow. So you didn't see what happened next then?

Maid:  Oh I didn't know nothing until that high-and-mighty butler Reginald found me on the floor.

Luis: Wait, so do you know if Mrs. Wallace actually talked to Alistair or Beth?

Maid: I know she wanted to, but, no. I've told you all I know for sure.

Sheridan: My father's a dirty old man. Well, nothing new there.

Luis: All right, hold on, let's back up a second. After Reginald and you came did you by any chance happen to go by Alistair's bedroom door?

Maid: Now, why would I do that?

Luis: Right, of course. Did you see anything else?

Sheridan: Well, what?

Maid: They were discussing a secret, something Mr. didn't want anyone to know. He was afraid that Wallace was going to tell someone.

Luis: Tell someone what?

Maid: That I couldn't make out. I ran before they came out.

Sheridan: I knew it. They are in cahoots about Marty.

Luis: Sheridan --

Sheridan: No, that's got to be it, Luis. Bertha you have been so helpful. Please enjoy the earrings.

Bertha: You're sure, Miss Sheridan?

Sheridan: Absolutely. Wear them in good health.

Bertha: Can you help me if Mr. Alistair comes after me?

Sheridan: Yes, you can count on it. Thank you. Luis, this is the proof that I have needed. Now we know how Beth managed to kidnap Marty and make it look like your baby died. She had my father's help.

Luis: We already knew that your father was a monster, Sheridan.

Sheridan: Yeah this also means that Beth is a monster, too, and that is something you haven't wanted to admit to. Well, now you have no choice.

Mrs. Wallace: See? I've got enough money here to take care of this surgery and any other work that I want done, and I thought after we took care of the leako, we could do a little lipo, then a little lifto.

Eve: Edna, I don't even know what to say. Where did...?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. Let's just say I came into little bit of good fortune recently.

Beth: I'm coming. Shh!

Mrs. Wallace: Ok. Bye.

Eve: Well, it must have been very recently because you certainly weren't dressed like this last night.

Mrs. Wallace: Where did you see me last night?

Eve: Oh, I --

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, my gosh. You live at theCrane mansion, don't you, with Julian? Oh. Uh-oh. I'm busted.

Sam: I want you to apologize to Ivy and me right now.

Ivy:  It's ok, Sam. This is between Jessica and me. I'm sorry you see me as your father's whore, but you needn't worry cause I'm out of your home for good.

Jessica: Well, your things are in the hall and so is the door. So what's taking so long?

Ivy: Before I go, I'd like to get one thing straight between us. I love your father, and I always have.

Jessica:  What the size of his wallet?

Ivy:  You don't know what you're talking about, little girl.  One of these days, you might know what true love is. Right now all can feel is anger and bitterness. But someday I think you're going to look back and realize your mistake and I think you're going to regret coming between me and your father.

Jessica: Hmm, yeah. Don't count on it.

Sam: Ivy. I know you're trying to get through to Jessica, but let's not pretend that she's the only reason that you and I didn't work.

Ivy: Sorry.

Jessica: And just for the record, Ivy, I know all about love.

Ivy: Sex isn't love, Jessica.

Jessica: Like I'm going to listen to a lecture on morals from you. You're not even a good mother to your childrenen. No wonder they never come home. Do you even remember your own daughters' names?

Veronica: The vindictive family genes are showing, Fancy.

Fancy: He deserves to be taught a lesson, and I'm just the one to teach it.

Second man: Fold.

Third man: You should stick to slots, Lester. This game's too hard for you. Well, looks like it's down to just you and me, Ned.

Ned: Raise you.

Man: You must really be holding, Ned. Let's make it interesting, huh? Say double or nothing?

Ned: You got it.

Man: You're short.

Ned: I need an I.O.U.

George:  We don't extend credit.

Man: Then I guess I win.

Lester: I'll front the young man, George. I'm sure he's good for it.

Ned: Sure? Hey, thanks. I'll pay you back when I beat your friend.

Lester: Oh, he's no friend of mine.

Man: Now we're playing

Ned: I'll raise you again.

Man: And raise.

Veronica: You know he's going to lose his shirt.

Fancy: And his pants and his socks and both his shoes. Nobody gets away with implying I'm a common prostitute.

Man: Let's see what you got.

Man: Next time, buddy.

Ned: Right.

Lester: Hey. Where are you going?

Ned: I've been playing all night. I'm done.

Lester: You got to pay me back first, kid.

Ned: No can do.  I'll be glad to sign an I.O.U.

Lester: No, I don't believe in them. You're not going anywhere till your debt's paid up.

Lester: My money.

Ned: You did this to me?

Fancy: Me? How could a mere working girl possibly influence anything going on in an important card game?

Ned:  But that's what you look like.

Fancy: I don't believe you.

Ned: I don't believe you, either.

Lester: Hey, frankly, I don't care who believes who. I'm waiting for my money.

Ned: Look, I'm low on cash, which is why I got the loan in the first place.

Lester: That's a bad answer.

Ned: You're making too big a deal here, man.

Lester: Well, that's fine. I'll have Stanley here accompany you.

Ned: But I'm not staying in this hotel. I'm down the street. Better get it on my own.

Lester: No, no, no, no.

Veronica: I think you've gone too far, Fancy. This guy's in real trouble.

Fancy: It's not that big a deal.

Lester: See, you got to understand, I'm a businessman. I need to get paid one way or another.

Eve: Now, I thought you wanted to talk about your bladder surgery.

Mrs. Wallace: Uh -- yeah, we will. I'll call you. Oh, god, I got to warn Bethie before we're discovered.

Beth: Daddy? Daddy? Oh, there you are. Would you like to hold your grandson?

Alistair: We're already acquainted. Know, it's a pity I have an heir who was sired by Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. Talk about muddying the bloodlines.

Beth:  I still love him.

Alistair: I know.

Beth: Daddy, you are going to help me get Luis away from Sheridan so he can be with me, aren't you?

Sheridan: Ok, now you have to believe me, Luis, because that was the one sticking point that you had about Beth being Marty's mother. How could she have done the kidnapping all by herself? Well, she didn't. She had help from a mastermind -- my father.

Luis: Alistair and Beth? My god.

Sheridan: I know, but it all makes sense now.  Remember we saw my father at the nightclub right before my fight with Beth. That must have been where she got the knife that she came after me with. She was trying to kill me because she knew how close I was to getting to the truth. Well, it's too late now because now that I know the truth, I am not going to rest until I have Marty back in my arms where he belongs.

D.A.: Therefore, we feel the circumstances call for the maximum punishment prescribed by law. Mrs. Winthrop is a menace to society, especially to Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Rebecca: That's not fair.

Judge: Sit down, Mrs. Crane. I've already explained that only your daughter's attorney has a right to participate.

Rebecca: No offense, Your Honor, but the louse is obviously not here, and I am not just going to sit here and watch my daughter be railroaded by this attorney for the salsa sexpot.

Judge: That's enough or I'll have you tossed from the hearing. Anything else? 

D.A.: Aside from attempted murder and the kidnapping of Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald's baby? No, Your Honor. We'll rest.

Theresa: She doesn't stand a chance.

Judge: As your attorney seems to have defaulted on his obligation to represent you, I'm left with no choice but to end this phase of the proceeding and make a ruling without hearing the defendant's arguments.

Gwen: Your Honor, please, my husband should be here any moment..

Judge: I'm sorry, Mrs. Winthrop. We've waited long enough.

D.A.: One more thing, Your Honor. In light of the violent nature of the defendant, we ask that her bail be revoked immediately and she be remanded to the custody of Harmony jail pending and throughout her trial.

Judge:  I'm going to rule on this matter as I see fit. The district attorney has presented a strong case against you. I must agree. Your bail is hereby revoked. Take her into custody.

Sam: I am ashamed of you, Jessica. There's no reason to make her feel worse.

Jessica: I don't believe it. You're still on her side.

Sam:  I want to have a word with you in the kitchen. I'll be back to help you with those boxes.

Ivy: Jessica's right. I don't have a relationship with my daughters. Why did I ever think I had a right to be happy?

[Phone rings]

Ivy: Please answer.


Veronica: Someone's calling you, Fancy.

Fancy: It's not important.

Veronica: I saw the area code on your caller I.D. it was harmony, wasn't it?

Fancy: So what if it was? I don't care if I ever talk to anyone from Harmony again.

Lester:  I'm sure you can understand my predicament. Now, either you pony up the money you owe me or Stanley here is going to accompany you.

Ned:  You've got to be kidding me. This sounds like some kind of B-movie.

Lester: Hardly.

Ned: Are you threatening me? What's your goon going to do, huh, take me out into the desert and break my kneecaps?

Lester: You know, you wound me with your remarks. Now, all I said was it's imperative for you to pay me back the money you owe me or you're going to walk into the desert and you're not going to walk out.

Gwen: Where is he, Mother? Where is he? How can he let this happen?

Rebecca: I don't know. Theresa must have gotten to him and he's going to go back to her and he's going to let you go to jail.

Gwen: My god, I can't believe Ethan

Theresa: They revoked Gwen's bail today. This is what I've dreamed of. Ethan can move into our house with Jane and little Ethan tonight.

Gwen: Now he shows up. Now he shows up when it's too late to help me!

Theresa:  There he is. I knew he'd choose me in the long run. He loves me.

Alistair:  I'll give you everything my daughter, and if you want him, I'll see but I want one thing in return.

Beth: I told you I won't tell anyone that you're my father.

Alistair: And I believe you. But I don't trust your drunken mother. She has a big mouth -- among other things.

Beth: Well, listen, don't worry. I think you scared the pants off her on the phone. She's not going to tell a soul.

Alistair: Let's hope she doesn't, if she does, the consequences will be dire for you and for me.

Mrs. Wallace: Bethie. Bethie, is he gone?

Beth: What on earth is that outfit?

Mrs. Wallace: Hey, forget about my beautiful outfit. We have got to get out of town right now!

Beth: What are you talking about?

Mrs. Wallace: Luis and Sheridan know we were at the mansion last night with Alistair, and it's just going to be a matter of time before they figure the whole thing out. Now, you get Marty, you pack a bag, because we are leaving

Luis: Well, if you're right, it certainly makes sense that Alistair and Beth would be in cahoots about Marty. We both know that your father will go to any limits to break us up.

Sheridan: Exactly so let's go. We know the truth, we can get Beth to admit what she's done and I can have Marty back by tonight.

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