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By  Amanda
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Julian: Fox, really, I know how devastated you are that Whitney gave the baby up for adoption.

Eve: I know how frustrating it is that you can't get a straight answer out of Whitney. But smashing your fist into a wall, Fox, is not going to solve anything. 

Fox: Well, I had to hit something, and I'd never hit Whitney, so --

Julian: Of course not.

Fox: I just wish I could understand why she gave my child up for adoption, you know? All she'd tell me is this stupid excuse about not wanting to be a single parent, which doesn't make any sense to me. I asked her to marry me.

Julian's voice: It makes sense if you know that her brother, Chad, is the baby's father, not you.

Fox: And I'm not buying this whole thing that she's so disillusioned about marriage that she'd give away our own child. She wouldn't even look at him.

Eve's voice: She was afraid she'd take one look and fall in love with that baby, when she'd already decided to give him up.

Fox: And now Chad's adopted him -- my son. You know, there's something weird going on here. I know that much. I just wish she'd tell me the truth.

[Baby cries]

Whitney: I can't believe how long I've been down here listening to the baby cry. Why can't Chad stop him from crying? I mean, he is the baby's father, for god's sakes. Why can't he figure out what's wrong with him?

Chad: Come on now, little guy. Give your new daddy a break. I fed you, I changed you, and you're still unhappy? Huh? What is it? What is it? Shh, shh.

[Baby fusses]

Chad: Oh, shh -- oh, oh. Hey, hey, it's Chad Harris. I need to speak to a doctor. Shh. It's my baby. I think something's really wrong with him. I need some help. Shh.

Ivy: You know very well that you sent that email to the tabloids. You are the reason that Ethan is no longer the Crane heir. You know, you ruined his life, and yet you can still stand here and think that he loves you?

Theresa: He does love me.

Gwen: Oh, my god, he does not love you, Theresa. Ethan, tell her.

Ethan: I have told her.

Theresa: And I've told you that I didn't send that file to the tabloid. I swear to you I didn't.

Ivy: Then who did, Theresa? A file that was on your laptop, a file that you put together, saying that Ethan wasn't Julian Crane's son. Who sent it, Theresa?

Theresa: I don't know, Ivy.

Ethan: Mother, you know what? It doesn't even matter now.

Ivy: It doesn't matter? Your life was turned upside down by this little tramp. You admit that you knew about Ethan's birth. And yet, what, you didn't tell anybody about it until it was leaked to the tabloids?

Gwen: Ok, you know as well as I do that we tipped off the tabloids, not Theresa.

Rebecca: Shh. All right, nobody else has to know that.

Ivy: Why did you keep it such a big secret, Theresa?

Theresa: Because I never wanted your affair with Sam to come out, Ivy. I was trying to protect Ethan by keeping it quiet.

Ivy: You were trying to protect him by leaking information to the tabloids?

Theresa: I didn't do it. You know, if you want to punish someone for ruining Ethan's life, then why don't you find the person who did this? Take your revenge out on them and not me.

Luis: How can Sheridan be right? The D.N.A. test proved that Beth is Marty's mother, not her.

Luis: Mama. What are you all doing up at this hour?

Pilar: Oh, well, first -- yeah, Jane woke up, and then little Ethan woke up. And then I was up, and of course we couldn't get back to sleep, so we just came out for some fresh air.

Luis: Yeah?

Pilar: Mm-hmm.

Luis: I remember when Antonio and I were kids. We'd wake up, and Theresa and Miguel would wake up and you'd say, "All right, everyone's going for a walk. Get dressed." You never cared what time it was.

Pilar: Yeah. Well, the fresh air works every time. Look at her. What are you doing here alone, mijo?

Luis: Oh, Sam just left. We were talking about Sheridan.

Pilar: Oh. Is there a problem?

Luis: Not a new one. Unless Sheridan stops thinking that Marty is her son, I don't know if we're ever going to be happy again. You know, she's obsessed with this idea that Beth stole her baby.

Alistair: You do understand, Beth, that Sheridan can never find out that you're my daughter?

Beth: Yeah, I guess. I mean, if she and I are half sisters, that would explain why my D.N.A. was close enough to match Marty's.

Alistair: That's right. Because if she did find out, she would demand another D.N.A. test, and this time it would prove that she is Marty's mother and you're not.

Beth: Oh, no, that can't happen. I can't lose Marty. I can't lose the chance to be with Luis.

Alistair: Now, that's exactly why we have to keep this secret. There are only three people in the world who know it -- you, me, and your mother.

Sheridan: There's got to be a way to prove it because I know that it's true. I know that Marty is my son, and the only way that the D.N.A. test could prove that Beth is Marty's mother is if Beth is my sister. That's got to be it. Beth must be my sister.

Rebecca: Look, Theresa is just talking about this stupid file because she wants to avoid the really important subject here, which is dropping the charges against Gwen.

Theresa: I didn't bring up the file, Rebecca. Ethan did, and then Ivy went crazy about it.

Rebecca: She's just trying to manipulate the situation like she manipulates everything.

Theresa: I'm not manipulating! That's insane!

Gwen: What is insane is your demand that I divorce Ethan. I'm not going to divorce him. He told you he wouldn't even let me if I wanted to.

Theresa: Well, then I am never going to drop the charges against you, Gwen, so you can spend the rest of your life in jail.

Pilar: So, you really are convinced that Sheridan's wrong about Beth, huh?

Luis: Well, the D.N.A. test was concrete proof that Beth is Marty's mother.

Pilar: Well, poor Sheridan. She just needs a baby of her own to love, mijo. You know, she's had a tough time getting over losing the baby she had while she was kidnapped.

Luis: Yeah, well, she's so obsessed with little Marty, she can't even think about having a baby. She doesn't even want to talk to me. She told me to leave the house so she could think.

Pilar: Well, I am sure that by now she's had plenty of time to think. Why don't you go to her, ok? Tell her you love her, that you support her no matter what.

Luis: Well, I don't want to lie to her. You know, telling her that I support her means that she could be right about Marty.

Pilar: You don't have to lie to her, mijo. Just tell her you love her. You will work this out. You always do.

Luis: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. I just hope she's used this time to come to her senses.

Alistair: Then we all agree it's vitally important to keep this secret.

Beth: Yeah. Damn Sheridan. I mean, I finally find out I'm a Crane, and I don't even get to enjoy it because of her.

Mrs. Wallace: Hey, how do you think I feel? I could've been living high on the hog all these years.

Beth: You know, just be glad that you remember doing it with Alistair all those years ago before he and I, well, went too far. Anyway, we should go.

Mrs. Wallace: Hey, hey, Alistair, you know, I could stay and keep you company if you wanted. Hmm?

Alistair: What?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, I know how you are when you get all worked up. Honey, I could stay, stick around, relieve the tension. What do you say?

Alistair: You can't be serious.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, I'm as serious as a rash, honey. Come on, big Al. We could experience nirvana all over again, just like that decadent disco night when we conceived Bethie.

Sheridan: I mean, that's got to be it. My father had so many affairs with so many different women that Beth must be a product of one of them. That explains the D.N.A. test results.

[Knock on door]

Sheridan: Hey.

Luis: Hey. All right if I come in now?

Sheridan: Yes, yes! Please, Luis, come in! I'm so excited. I have something so important to tell you.

Luis: Whoa, hold on. Please, before you do, I want to tell you something first, ok? I love you so much. You're the most important thing in the world to me, and I want to be supportive of you, ok?

Sheridan: Look, ok, is that all? Because I love you, too, and I have something really important to tell you.

Luis: Yeah, that's all.

Sheridan: Ok, I figured out why the D.N.A. test shows that Beth is Marty's mother.

Luis: It's because Beth is Marty's mother, Sheridan.

Sheridan: No, no, no. No, no, no. No, no, see, that's just it. It only seems that way because Beth -- Beth is my sister.

Luis: Beth is your sister?

Sheridan: Yes. I went online and I did research on D.N.A. test results. And the only way that Marty and Beth would have common D.N.A. is if she is my sister.

Luis: Sheridan, I don't know what you found, ok, but the D.N.A. matches because Beth is Marty's mother.

Sheridan: No, no, no. See, that's my point. Because I know that Marty is my son, and I just -- I needed to do some research to see why these D.N.A. tests were saying otherwise. I mean, you really should take a look at some of these sites. This is pretty fascinating stuff.

Luis: I'm sure it is.

Sheridan: If the lab technician only looked at Beth's D.N.A. next to Marty's -- yeah, it would show that she was his mother. But if they were to look at my D.N.A. next to Marty's, it would prove that I am his mother. And since Beth and I are sisters, we would have common D.N.A. So that's why the test was misinterpreted. Oh, what?

Luis: Sheridan, you -- you're making it -- you're making it harder and harder for me to be supportive of you.

Beth: Mother, let's go.

Mrs. Wallace: No, no. I'm not going anywhere till we come to an understanding.

Beth: Wait, what are you talking about?

Mrs. Wallace: You want us to keep quiet about Beth being your daughter, right? You don't want Sheridan to find out, right? Well, ok, I'm willing -- for a price.

Alistair: Price? What do you want, old woman?

Mrs. Wallace: I'm telling you, old man. If you don't want me blab-blab-blabbing to the tabloids about Bethie here, you'd better start writing some checks, and I'm talking back child support checks, Al!

Eve: So you come back and see me in a week. We'll take the stitches out. Meanwhile, don't hit any more walls.

Fox: Well, I don't plan on it, but it would help if Whitney would tell me why she gave away our son for adoption.

Fox: Do you two know something here that you're not telling me? Huh? Do you know what Whitney's hiding from me?

[Baby cries]

Chad: Ok, little man. The doctor said all you need is this medicine from the drugstore. I mean, it's not even a prescription, so it can't be that bad, right? Right? Ok, let's get you bundled up so we can go to the 24-hour drugstore. Shh, shh. Ok.

Chad: Whitney. I knew you'd come. I knew you couldn't stay away from your baby.

Fox: Well, what is this, huh? Do you two know what Whitney's hiding from me?

Julian: Fox, Whitney -- she seemed to have -- have her own reasons for giving the baby up for adoption, and I -- well, I -- Chad is the father now, so you're just -- you're going to have to move on.

Fox: I'm going to have to move on? You want me to move on and forget that I have a child? Is that what you -- are you going to take his side every chance you get?

Eve: No, Fox. He's just trying to get you to accept that the adoption was legal.

Fox: No, that's where you're wrong. The adoption wasn't legal. I didn't give my permission for anything!

Julian: Fox, you signed the power of attorney. You gave Whitney the right to do whatever she wanted regarding the baby.

Fox: I didn't know how she was going to use the power of attorney. I had no idea! Now, listen, I'm not giving up on getting my son back. One way or another, I will get him back.

[Baby cries]

Chad: Whitney, I'm so glad you're here. Well, here he is. Want to hold your baby?

Whitney: No, no. Hey, that's not why I'm here.

Chad: Ok. So, what are you doing here?

Whitney: Well, I was just concerned because I can hear the baby crying halfway down the street. What's the problem? What's wrong? I mean, he is your baby now. Can't you take care of him or what?

Chad: Yeah, I can take care of him. The doctor just said he needs some of this medicine from the drugstore, and I was on my way there.

Whitney: Then go.

Chad: The doctor just thinks it's colic, ok, nothing serious. Hey, you know what? Can you watch him while I go to the drugstore? Thanks. Great. You know, I'll be back in a few minutes. Shh. All right. Thank you.

Whitney: Wait, no. Chad, wait a second! I'm sorry, baby, I can't help you. I can't.

Ethan: Look, you two just stop it, all right?

Gwen: Then tell her to stop threatening me.

Theresa: It's not a threat, Gwen. It's a promise.

Ethan: Theresa! You're pushing me way too far. If you don't drop the charges against Gwen, I will take you to court. I will sue for custody of Jane.

Theresa: No, you won't. It's not in you to be that cruel, to take my child away from me.

Ethan: I don't want my daughter being raised by someone that could be as cruel as to take my wife and throw her behind bars for the rest of her life.

Theresa: Gwen tried to kill me, Ethan! Remember? I was paralyzed? She kidnapped our daughter.

Ethan: Theresa --

Theresa: Do you remember?

Ethan: Yes, I do, and you're alive and well right now, and you have your baby. You have a chance to have your baby with no fear of anyone taking her away. Just drop the charges!

Theresa: No. I have faith in our love, Ethan.

Ethan: Theresa, tell me you're going to drop the charges against her before it's too late. You tell me that.

Theresa: You're not going to hurt me. I know you won't.

Mrs. Wallace: You heard me, Alistair. There's a price for my silence.

Alistair: Are you trying to blackmail me? Because no one blackmails Alistair Crane.

Mrs. Wallace: "Blackmail." No. I'm just trying to encourage you, you know, to do your duty to your daughter here because I deserve compensation for raising this hellcat. She's been like a wild goat with all her meanness. Oh, yeah. Yeah, you have.

Alistair: All right, all right. I will see that you get financial compensation, hmm?

Mrs. Wallace: Good. When do I get the money?

Alistair: Soon.

Mrs. Wallace: No, no, no, no. No, Alistair. No, honey, you are not going to be slithering out of this one! You know what? I just bet the "Daily Private Lives" would be paying a lot of money for this story, don't you think?

Luis: How is Beth your sister?

Sheridan: Not -- not again. Not again.

Luis: Sheridan, look, I'm -- I want to believe you on this, ok? I do, but how? Did Katherine give birth to Beth? Or did Alistair have an affair with Mrs. Wallace? You know, because that's kind of a stretch because I really don't think that Edna is Alistair's type. I'm sorry. Please, don't cry, ok? Look, you know that I want to be supportive of you, and I really do want to believe you on this. I --

Sheridan: I know.

Luis: I just can't.

Sheridan: I know. It's not that.

Luis: Well, all right, what is it, then? Why are you crying?

Sheridan: Because I really must be crazy. I mean, for me to think that Beth is my sister, I really -- I must be losing my mind.

Theresa: Is everything ok?

Pilar: Oh, yes, everything is fine. It's just Jane woke up, and then little Ethan woke up, and then I was awake, and none of us could go back to sleep, so I took them out for a walk. Just like I used to do with you and your brothers when you were little. Remember?

Theresa: Yes, I remember. Thank you.

Pilar: Theresa, are you ok, mija? You seem down.

Theresa: Well, you know I went to the -- you know, the Blue Note with Whitney, and I ran into Ivy, Gwen, and Rebecca.

Pilar: Oh. What did those witches try to do now?

Theresa: Well, they immediately started attacking me.

Pilar: Attacking you?

Theresa: Yeah. They -- they want me to drop the charges against Gwen.

Pilar: Really? Well, did they give you a good reason for that?

Theresa: Ethan said that if I don't, he's going to sue for custody of Jane.

Pilar: Oh, god, no, not Ethan.

Theresa: He said that he doesn't want his child to be raised by a mother as cruel as me.

Pilar: He said that you were cruel? Oh, I don't believe that.

Theresa: That's what he said.

Pilar: Well, what are you going to do about it?

Theresa: Nothing.

Pilar: Nothing?

Theresa: Absolutely nothing. Gwen and Rebecca think that Ethan's going to take me to court. But he's not. He loves me, Mama, and he's never going to take Jane away from me, no matter what.

Gwen: Honey, I'll just see you upstairs, ok?

Ethan: Ok. I'll be up soon.

Ivy: You really look whipped, Ethan.

Ethan: I feel whipped, Mother. I feel like the unluckiest man in the world right now because I love Gwen -- and I know you don't want to hear it, but I love Theresa and I love my little girl, too. And I think Theresa's right. When push comes to shove, I don't know how I'm going to take Jane away from her.

Ivy: Well, you have to, Ethan. You just have to.

Mrs. Wallace: Hello, information? Edna here, looking for the number for the tabloid "Daily Private Lives."

Alistair: All right, all right. I'll write you a check.

Mrs. Wallace: Holy shamoly!

Alistair: I hope that's sufficient to ensure your silence.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, honey, for now it's sufficient to make me bark like a dog if that's what you want.

Alistair: No, thank you. All I want to be is alone.

Beth: Ok. Ahem -- Mother, let's go.

Mrs. Wallace: Mm-hmm.

Beth: I'll see you later. Good night, Father.

Alistair: Good night, daughter. What might have been --

Sheridan: What's wrong with me, Luis? I -- I keep coming up with these outlandish ideas to support my crazy beliefs. What, for me to actually think that Beth could be my sister?

Luis: It's understandable, sweetheart. You want Marty to be your son. You want it so badly you're trying to think of ways to make it true.

Sheridan: But I am crazy. I am.

Luis: No, you are not crazy. Ok, maybe a little crazy. I mean, to think that Alistair would sleep with Mrs. Wallace? Can you picture that?

Sheridan: No. No, I can't, not unless she was really pretty all those years ago.

Luis: Well, think about it, you know? If Beth was Alistair's daughter, don't you think that Mrs. Wallace would have sued him for child support? You know, those two have been struggling ever since I can remember.

Sheridan: You're right. You're always right.

Luis: Yeah.

Sheridan: I'm so sorry I've made this so hard on you. I'm so sorry for all the horrible things I said. I know that you love me, and I know that I can trust you. Please don't ever leave me. I just -- I love you so much.

Luis: I love you, too. And don't you worry, ok? I'll never leave you.

Pilar: Theresa, what if you're wrong about Ethan? What if he does sue you for custody of Jane?

Theresa: He won't, Mama.

Pilar: But what if he does? You have no money to fight him in court.

Theresa: You know what? It's not going to come to that because Ethan would never do anything to hurt me.

Pilar: Really? He chose to stay married to Gwen. Do you really think he's going to just sit by and do nothing while his wife is being sent to prison?

Theresa: You know what, Mama? He's not going to have a choice because I'm not going to drop those charges against Gwen.

Pilar: And you really think that you and Ethan have a future together?

Theresa: I do.

Pilar: How? Please tell me how. Do you really think he's going to turn to you if you send his wife to prison?

Theresa: I do believe that, Mama.

Pilar: Oh, my god, Theresa. Oh, please, for heaven's sake, you explain to me how you think that. He is going to hate you if you send Gwen to prison.

Theresa: I don't think so. Look, tonight when I was at the Blue Note, Ivy and Ethan brought up that file again, the one that was sent from my computer to the press that exposed Ethan as Ivy and Sam's son?

Pilar: I remember that, yes. He blamed you for exposing Ivy's secret and ruining his life.

Theresa: Yeah. It changed everything. And he still blames me for that. I don't know why he would think that I would ever want to hurt him that way.

Pilar: What does that file have to do with you and Ethan being together someday?

Theresa: Oh, I just realized, Mama, that it's the key to getting Ethan back. It's the key to my happiness.

Rebecca: Gwen, why don't you relax? Look, take a bubble bath, make yourself beautiful for your husband.

Gwen: I can't relax with everything still up in the air like this. I don't know what Ethan's going to do.

Rebecca: Look, Ivy is going to convince him to take Theresa to court. She's going to make him see that he has to take Jane away from the taco queen.

Gwen: Yeah, but what if Theresa figures out that we were the ones who sent the email to the press? Ethan is going to hate me.

Ethan: Mother, how can I take Theresa's daughter away from her?

Ivy: Because she is your daughter, too, Ethan, remember? Please, you cannot take Theresa's side over Gwen. Gwen has been a wonderful wife to you. She's loving and caring. She's honest.

Ethan: I know, I know. And I have honored my vows.

Ivy: Well, I hope you continue to honor your vows. Look, Ethan, I know you say you love Theresa, but do you think you could love someone who would make you ignore your conscience and leave your wife? Do you really think that would make you happy?

Ethan: I have told Gwen that I'm not going to leave her. Of course, you know, that's not good enough for Rebecca. My word is not good enough for her. She wants Theresa off the planet.

Ivy: Well, yes, Rebecca hates Theresa, and so she's nagging you to punish her because she wants revenge. But, Ethan, darling, I just want you to be happy.

Ethan: I know that, and I thank you for that.

Ivy: But I know you, Ethan, and you're only happy when you're doing the right thing. Theresa had her chance to drop the charges against Gwen. She didn't. Is that the kind of person you want to spend the rest of your life with? Someone who can't forgive? A vindictive, malicious woman who wants to end your marriage? A woman who wants what she wants, and to hell with how she gets it? Is Theresa the kind of role model you want for Jane? Do the right thing, Ethan. Take Theresa to court and get custody of Jane. It is the right thing for you, for your wife, and especially for your daughter.

Eve: I don't know how much longer I can take this, Julian. You know, Whitney refusing to take care of her own beautiful baby? Why couldn't I just get through to her?

Julian: You tried. I want you to listen to me. For now, let's try and forget about everything but us, if just for a while.

[Music plays]

Eve: Oh, Julian. What have you done?

Julian: Come. Tonight, I want us to remember the one thing in our lives that's right. Our love.

Eve: Oh, Julian. Thank you. Thank you for being so wonderful.

Fox: Whoa, whoa. What the hell are you doing here? Where's my son?

Chad: Well, my son's at home.

Fox: He's at -- what'd you do, leave him alone, Chad?

Chad: Of course not. There's someone watching him. I just needed to stop by the drugstore.

Fox: Drugstore? For what, huh? What, you've been with him for a couple hours, he's already sick? Is that it?

[Baby cries]

Whitney: Come on, come on, come on, come on, Chad. Come on. God, you poor little thing. Um -- ok, maybe there's a toy around here that'll make you feel better. Um --

Whitney: Here you go. Is that better? Here you go. I'm sorry. Your daddy will be back soon with your medicine, ok?

Whitney: Ok. Shh. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. It's ok. It's ok.

[Baby stops crying]

Whitney: See there? You're ok.

[Baby fusses]

Whitney: All right, you're ok. Shh.

[Baby cries]

Whitney: Shh. Ok, this is what you want, I guess. All rightly. Come on. It's ok. Shh. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Hmm. That's better, huh? Now you sound like a happy baby. It's ok. It's ok. Are you a happy baby? Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Look at you. You're so perfect. It's ok, it's ok. God, you're beautiful. Shh, it's ok.

Alistair: What a shame. We could have had a good time, Beth.

Mrs. Wallace: She's your daughter, you sick creep!

Alistair: Yes. She is. Just don't forget what I said. Sheridan can never find out that you're my daughter. Because if she does find out, you'll lose Marty and you'll never have a chance to be with Luis.

Sheridan: I'm just so afraid that I'm going to drive you away with these crazy ideas of mine.

Luis: Hey, that will never happen. You're the most important person in the world to me.

Sheridan: And you are to me. I don't know what I would ever do if I -- if I lost you.

Luis: You're not going to lose me. Never.

Gwen: What are we going to do if Theresa finds out? She's going to make us pay for sending that email.

Rebecca: Honey, don't worry about it, all right? Theresa's going to be too busy to play detective. She's going to have to spend all her time trying to find a lawyer that will work for free when she has to fight for Jane.

Gwen: You really think we don't have to worry?

Rebecca: Honey, I am sure of it. Look, and even if Theresa tried, there is no way, no way she can prove that you and I sent that email.

Gwen: I really hope you're right.

Pilar: So, how is this email the key to your happiness with Ethan?

Theresa: Ok, Mama, when that file came out, and Ethan thought that it was me who sent the file, Ethan broke up with me. All our troubles started that night. So I feel like if I can find the person who sent that email, and I can show it to Ethan and tell him that I wasn't the one who tried to hurt him, he'll realize it wasn't me and he will realize that we belong together.

Pilar: And how are you going to find out who sent the email, Theresa? You tried it once before, and you got nowhere.

Theresa: I'm just going to keep trying, Mama. I'm not going to stop until I find the person who did this. And once I can prove it to Ethan, he will come back to me.

Ivy: Ethan, honey, you cannot let Theresa turn your life upside down again. You have to choose Gwen this time. You need to save your daughter and stay with Gwen and be a family with Jane.

Ethan: You're right. Mother, you are right. I mean, this is the most difficult thing I've ever had to do, but I need to choose Gwen and my marriage over Theresa. It's the only way I know how to keep my life from falling apart, and the only way to keep Gwen's from being torn apart again.

Ivy: I knew you would do the right thing, Ethan. So you're going to fight for Jane?

Ethan: Yeah, I am. Yeah. Yeah, I'm going to go after Theresa with everything I got.

[Music plays]

Julian: Are you -- you a bit better now?

Eve: Much better.

Julian: Does this remind you of anything?

Eve: Well, this is a song that I used to sing, and this is the way we used to dance to it back in the day.

Julian: We're back there right now, Eve. There's nothing else for us to think about. There's nothing and no one to worry about.

Chad: I didn't allow my son to get sick. It just happened.

Fox: Really? "It just happened"? Well, what happened, Chad? What's wrong with him?

Chad: He has colic, ok? The doctor said it wasn't unusual for his age, but this medicine will fix him right up.

Fox: Well, how the hell do I know that, huh? You don't know the first thing about raising children!

Chad: Oh, and you do?

Fox: I know that I'm his dad and I should be there!

Chad: Look, I'm going to tell you this one more time, Fox. I adopted him legally. So I tell you what -- forget it, ok? He's not your son anymore.

Fox: You know what? The hell with that. I'm going to go see him right now.

Chad: Oh, no, you're not.

Whitney: God, look at you. Look at how beautiful you are. You're so perfect. Oh, my god. Oh, my god, what have I done? It's ok, it's all right. Ok.

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Sheridan: It's true. Marty is my son. He's not Beth's.

Eve: No, I'm not dreaming. Beth and her mother were here with Alistair. But why?

Fox: You deserve to die, Chad. Good riddance.

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