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Passions Transcript Thursday 3/10/05
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By Boo
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Martin: Thank you.

Pilar: Martin, it's late. What's it going to be? Do you want your family back? Do you want to rebuild our life together?

Martin: Pilar, let's take it -- you know, there's a lot to consider.

Pilar: Is there? Because it seems pretty cut and dried to me. Make up your mind. Martin, if it's yes, we will have years to sort out all this pain that you've caused me and the children. But I promise you it will be worth it. Your eyes say yes, but what's stopping you? Is it her? Is it that woman? Are you hoping that Katherine will come back to you?

Katherine: What are you doing? Where's Jane?

Gwen: One of the maids is giving her a bath, and please get it through your head that her name is Ashley.

Katherine: You get it through your head, Gwen, that that baby is Ethan and Theresaís baby. You are a kidnapper on the run.

Gwen: You know, I really don't care what Theresa or her idiot lawyers say. She only carried those babies for me, and then she signed them legally over to me. Ok, she may be the biological mother, but legally Ashley is my child, and these are going to help me disappear into Europe where Theresa will never find us.

Theresa: Chad, your half brother, is the father of your baby.

Whitney: Yeah. Oh -- I'm sorry, I shouldn't have told you this. I shouldn't have even said anything, but you can't say anything, ok? You can't say anything to Ethan. You know that. I mean, Ethan is Chadís best friend. He's Fox's brother. He can never know about this. Theresa, honey, promise me. Promise me you're not going to say anything to Ethan, ok? Fox and Chad can never know. Promise me.

Ethan: What can Fox and Chad never know? What's going on?

Sam: What will happen to Jessica and Paloma when they come down from the drug?

Eve: We won't know that till we know what they ingested. But it won't be easy, especially for Jessica. She's in the worse shape of the two.

Sam: Be strong, baby.

Eve: Don't worry, Sam. We'll take care of her.

Sam: You girls follow them to the hospital. I'll be there as soon as I can.

Kay: But, Dad, where are you --

Sam: Just do it.

Sam: What kind of scum could do that to my daughter?

Ivy: God, ok. Honey, it's going to be ok. She's going to be ok.

Julian: My sympathy, Sam. God knows what I would do if someone were to hurt one of my girls.

Sam: Thanks.

Ivy: That's one of the things I really like about the new Julian. It's clear how much you care about your children. All of them.

Ivy: Sam, honey, you have to calm down.

Sam: Oh, yeah? Why?

Ivy: Because you're not making any sense. I heard you. You can't go to that club and find the guy who drugged Jessica and kill him.

Sam: It makes perfect sense to me. Some lowlife scum drugged my daughter to have sex with her. I will kill him if it's the last thing I do.

Ivy: Sam, you can't, because you are the Chief of Police.

Sam: Not tonight. Tonight I'm just a father looking for one thing. Revenge.

Luis: How much gas did she breathe in?

Beth: Well, who knows? We just thought she was asleep.

Mrs. Wallace: The sleep of a cold grave.

Luis: I don't have a pulse. And I don't think she's breathing. Somebody call 911! Sheridan, come on. Come back to me, honey. Come on.

Beth: Touchdown for my team Sheridan sucked down so much gas, she's definitely going to be d-e-a-d, dead, dead.

Luis: Sheridan, come back to us. Sheridan, come back to me, please. Sheridan -- thank god!

Sheridan: Oh, Luis. Luis, I love you.

Luis: I know, shh.

Sheridan: I love you so much. Luis, I love you.

Luis: Ok, don't talk. I love you, too. I love you. Shh.

Beth: Damn, damn, damn, damn! Sheridan's worse than a cockroach. She never -- she never dies.

Katherine: What makes you think you can disappear and never be found?

Gwen: Well, you did, didn't you? And I have the same advantages. My father put enough money in my trust in Switzerland to last me a dozen lifetimes. I can access that money from the internet and no one could trace it. Plus, Katherine, I speak six languages. I can blend into half the countries in the world.

Katherine: This will never work.

Gwen: You know, if worse comes to worse, I can always find a good plastic surgeon like you did. You know, a new face for a new life.

Katherine: Gwen, I had Martin. You're alone. It'll be just you and the baby. Won't you miss Ethan?

Ethan: Can you give me an answer? What can Fox and Chad never know?

Whitney: Ethan, please --

Theresa: You know what? It's ok, I can tell him. It's just Whitney -- she doesn't want Fox and Chad to know how stressed out she is. See, they were on her case earlier over at the Bennettís' about the baby, and she doesn't want them to worry.

Ethan: That's it?

Theresa: Yeah. I mean, what were you thinking?

Ethan: Nothing. Nothing. I mean, I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound accusatory. It's just that with all the secrets that have been coming out lately, I guess I'm supersensitive about it.

Whitney: No, no secrets here.

Ethan: Ok, good, because I -- to be honest, I wouldn't want anyone else in this town hurt the way that I've been. But, Whitney, if Chad and Fox have been on your case lately, I'm sure it's just because they want what's best for you. Especially Fox. I mean, that is his child you're carrying.

Julian: Sam, arrest whoever hurt Jessica, but don't take the law into your own hands.

Sam: I want to see him bleed.

Julian: You sound like my father.

Sam: All right. I'll start an investigation. But whoever did this is going to pay.

Tabitha: Well, let's hope so. But our old Judge Reilly will let anyone walk if he's paid enough, even the young man who gave poor Jessica those drugs and diddled the poor little darling. Well, Endora and I better go.

Ivy: Don't let us keep you.

Julian: Tabitha? Ahem, excuse me. I want you to know that I will respect your wishes and not let anyone know I am Endora's father, but I want to be part of her life.

Tabitha: Come, my little witchlet -- my little wishbone. Let's go.

Julian: Good night, my darling.

Ivy: So you're going to the station house, right?

Sam: Yeah.

Ivy: Ok. Ok, you're going to find the guy who did this. I'll hold down the fort here.

Julian: And if I'm not needed here, I'll go, too.

Ivy: Wait, Julian. Why don't I make you some coffee for the road?

Chad: Well, I guess I should leave, too.

Fox: Yeah, it's too bad you ever came.

Sam: Hold on a second. Look, I don't care if you two hate each other's guts. I need a favor from both of you.

Chad: Sure, Chief. You know, whatever you need.

Sam: Good. Because what I'm asking you isn't exactly legal.

Fox: Do you want us to help you kill the guy who raped Jessica? I tried a lot of medicines for my allergies.

Sam: Look, I'll take care of the guy who did this to my daughter myself.

Fox: So you want us to shut down that sleazy after-hours club, then? No problem.

Sam: I couldn't ask you to do that.

Chad: All right, so what is it exactly you want us to do?

Sam: Call Ethan. Jessica is his sister. He'll want to know what happened. I'd do it myself, but I'm going to find the scum who did this to my baby.

Fox: So calling Ethan takes two of us, then, is what you're saying?

Sam: Now, don't get any stupid ideas about closing down the club yourself. I guess I'll just have to stick to the system.

Chad: We'll "call" Ethan.

Sam: Good.

Fox: Club has to get shut down, Chad.

Chad: Great minds think alike.

Fox: Hey, look, you know what? Tonight and only for tonight we put aside our differences, ok, for the greater good. Just for tonight.

Chad: For the greater good.

Kay: Did you hear my dad? He scared me. I've never seen him like that.

Simone: Yeah, well, he has a right to be upset, Kay. We should've told him about Jessica and Paloma.

Kay: I know. Oh, god, wait until Pilar and Martin find out that Paloma is in the hospital again. They'll go nuts.

Martin: You know, it's not about Katherine, you know, that stops me from coming back to you.

Pilar: Then what is it? What else could it be?

Martin: It's you, Pilar. I don't understand you. Why do you want to rebuild our family, our marriage, after what I've done to you? Explain it to me, Pilar. Why do you want to start again?

Luis: Well, it looks like a valve to the heater was opened up in the guest room.

Mrs. Wallace: Deliberately? Who could've done that, huh?

Luis: No, accidentally. Sheridan must've tripped over the valve or something.

Beth: Yeah, I'm sure that's what happened.

Sheridan: Where's Marty? Is he all right?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, he's fine. And he's right here. Little tyke.

Beth: Mother, Sheridanís weak. She doesn't need to be bothered by Marty right now.

Sheridan: No, no, Beth, it's all right. Actually, I want to hold Marty.

Luis: Ok.

Sheridan: Please.

Luis: Come here, big guy. There we go. There you are.

Sheridan: I had a dream about you, sweetheart.

Luis: Hmm?

Sheridan: I dreamt that the three of us were a family, Luis -- you, me, and our child.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, that's -- that's beautiful! And Marty was your son in the dream?

Sheridan: Yes. We loved our child so much. It was just you, me, and Marty. It was -- it was just heaven.

Beth: Oh, yeah. I'll show her heaven, all right.

Luis: Hey, is she passing out again?

Paramedic: No, it's just a natural sleep.

Luis: Hey, Beth? I want Marty to go to the hospital, too, ok? I want to make sure that the gas didn't hurt his lungs.

Beth: Oh, I'm sure he's fine, Luis. But if you want him to get checked out, ok. Can you drive us?

Luis: No, I'm going with Sheridan in the ambulance. Meet us there, ok?

[Marty babbles]

Beth: Yeah. Ok. Damn it. Everything I try bites me in the butt.

Mrs. Wallace: Duh. When do you think you're ever going to learn, huh? Those two have a love that is going to last forever and ever.

Beth: Would you shut up? Shut up! Just until Sheridanís dead. Precious, no speeding. You have got enough tickets as it is, all right? Let's go.

Ethan: Listen, I got to go meet Fox. Something's happened.

Theresa: What?

Ethan: I don't know exactly, but I'll be back.

Theresa: Ethan. What do you think is going on?

Whitney: I don't know. But, you know, it's getting late. I guess I'd better get going.

Theresa: Whitney, wait. Wait a minute here. You can't tell me that you're having your own brother's baby and then just leave. You're going to stay here and we're going to talk this through.

Whitney: Theresa, what am I going to do?

Katherine: Well, Gwen? You plan to disappear with the baby, leaving Ethan behind forever? The man you love?

Gwen: Well, for the moment, I have to. I'm sure he's being watched right now. I mean, the authorities probably think that he can lead them to me. I know that someday Ethanís going to come to me. We're going to be a family with our daughter and live together forever.

Katherine: Well, you certainly are sure of yourself, Gwen. And you seem a lot calmer, a little bit less confused.

Gwen: Well, I went a little overboard for a while, which I think any mother would after what Theresa did to me. But now I know that I need to be strong, stay strong for Ashley.

Katherine: You said that Theresa signed legal papers. So if you really believe that Jane -- that Ashley is yours legally, why don't you go back to Harmony, ride it out, live with Ethan and Ashley?

Gwen: Yeah, nice try, Katherine. You know I can't do that. I would have to do battle with Theresa again. And no matter how hard I try, Theresa always wins.

Whitney: Theresa, honestly, I don't know how much more of this I can take. But you know what? I'm even more scared about what's going to happen if Fox and Chad find out the truth, that Chad is really the father of my child.

Theresa: Whitney, you got to tell them the truth. Get it out, get it over with. You always told me that my secrets would come out, and they all did.

Whitney: Ok, please don't throw my own words back at me right now.

Theresa: And, please, don't ever say that you hate that baby. Because whatever happens, it is not your baby's fault.

Whitney: Ok. Maybe you're right. You know, maybe I don't hate the baby. It's just this whole situation, you know? And I have to keep this secret for the baby's sake. I mean, even if there are no birth defects, if everyone knows that Chad is the father of my child, it'll be stigmatized for the rest of its life. You understand that?

Theresa: Yes, because it's a Crane baby, and the tabloids --

Whitney: Yeah. And Fox -- I mean, do you have any idea how guilty I feel lying to him the way that I have? I mean, here he is, such a wonderful man, and what do I do? I treat him like dirt. How did I become such an awful person, Theresa? Such a liar?

Ethan: Hey. What's going on? What happened?

Fox: All right, look -- well, apparently, your half sister Jessica and Paloma came here tonight, someone fed them drugs, and now they're in the hospital.

Ethan: What?

Chad: No, it gets worse. Some sleaze-ball took advantage of Jessica while she was stoned and --

Ethan: What are you saying, raped her? Raped her?

Fox: Yeah.

Ethan: Who's the guy? Who -- I'll kill the guy! Who is it?

Fox: Hold on a second. Sam's already after him, all right? What I'm talking about here is this place, Ethan.

Ethan: Needs closing.

Fox: Exactly.

Chad: And Sam can't do anything about it officially, so --

Fox: That leaves us. So, who wants to play Paul Bunyan?

Ethan: Well, if we get caught with this, I guess I could lose my license to practice law.

Fox: Ethan, look, the law has done nothing to shut this place down, ok? Your sister is in the hospital right now. Are you with us or not?

Ethan: Fox -- yeah, let's do this.

Fox: All right.

Chad: You ready?

Ethan: Here goes nothing.

Ethan: Everybody, listen up! Listen up! Party's over. This is place is closed as of now.

Pilar: Why do I want you back? You don't have any idea how bad it was for me after you left. All those years with nothing, just barely getting by, and then you come back into my life, with her, with Katherine. That was even worse.

Martin: Listen, I understand. I'm just --

Pilar: Please, just -- please let me finish. No matter what has happened, Martin, we are still husband and wife. And our faith teaches us that that's a bond that can never be broken. And I'm also the mother of your children, and they need you. Please, please come back. Katherine's gone. Now, you can spend the rest of your life alone, waiting for her to return, or you can make amends with your family and make us whole again. What's it going to be? Please decide.

Tabitha: Oh, I'm sure the dark side gives me demerits every time I say "I love you," but I do. I love you so much, my little one! Oh, and if anything ever happened to you like what happened to that silly little Jessica, I --

[Tabitha gasps]

Tabitha: Oh! Oh, Endora! Of course, I know you can look after yourself at your age. I know that, but --

[Endora coos]

Tabitha: Put that thing away. Put it away. But, you see, Endora, I'm a mother, so I still worry.

Ivy: Julian, I hope you know what you're doing. You know, getting involved with Eve and her family -- I mean, let's face it, Eve is out on bail for a triple murder. Whitney is still tormented by her love for Chad -- your son, her half brother. Oh, Eve's parenting skills are even more lackluster than mine.

Julian: Is this the Ivy who wanted to be my friend? Did you bring me in here just to tear down the woman I love?

Ivy: No, not at all. I just think it's a shame that eve didn't keep better tabs on her daughters.

Julian: Oh, yes, like you did our daughters? They hate you so much they won't come home. The only way we can track their whereabouts is by looking at their credit card statements. Ivy, you know, you got what you wanted. You got Sam and this pathetic, little blue-collar life, so I'd suggest you just stay put and enjoy it and don't try to pry into my life with Eve and her children.

Ivy: Does that include Chad, your child with Eve?

Julian: Of course.

Ivy: And should I also forget about your other child? Your daughter with Tabitha Lenox?

Paramedic: Place is busy tonight. I'll have to find out if a cubicle is available.

Luis: Great. You all right?

Sheridan: Where's our baby, Luis? I want our baby. I need to hold him.

Luis: Sheridan, hey -- Sheridan, our baby died.

Sheridan: No. No, no, no, no.

[Woman screams]

Doctor: Come on, honey, push. Just one more push and you're done.

Woman: I almost gave birth in the parking lot!

Eve: Luis, what happened to Sheridan?

Luis: What, you didn't get my message?

Eve: No, it's been really busy.

Luis: She was at Bethís. She inhaled a lot of gas.

Eve: Did she stop breathing? Oh, gosh, we'll have to get her to a cubicle as soon as possible.

[Woman moans]

Doctor: There you go! Oh, look! It's a boy.

[Woman laughs]

Doctor: What a big guy!

[Baby cries]

Sheridan: Luis, there -- don't you hear him? That's our baby! Please, bring him in here, baby --

Luis: Sheridan --

Sheridan: All right? Just bring me my baby!

Luis: Shh, shh --

Sheridan: Please, please bring me my baby.

Luis: No, no.

Sheridan: Don't you hear him? Please.

[Baby cries]

Sheridan: Luis, our baby -- he's hungry. Please, please, bring him to me so I can feed him.

Luis: Ok, shh.

Sheridan: Ok? Thank you.

Luis: Doctor, she's not making any sense.

Eve: Let's just hope it's the effects of the gas. Can we -- come on, let's bring this in here now.

Paramedic: Right away, doctor.

Eve: Oh, Luis?

Luis: What?

Eve: I have something to tell you. It's about Paloma. I don't know exactly what happened, but she went to a club last night and she took some drugs, and she's in pretty bad shape.

Luis: Drugs? My sister? No, she wouldn't be stupid enough to take drugs.

Eve: Well, I'm sorry, Luis. She's in cubicle two down there, if you'd like to go see her while I examine Sheridan.

Beth: Oh, there you are. The lot's full. Precious had to double-park in the street.

Luis: Yeah? How's my little guy, huh?

Beth: He's fine. We shouldn't have come.

Luis: Look, find a doctor and get him checked out, ok? I just want to make sure that he wasn't poisoned from that gas.

[Marty babbles]

Luis: Yeah. Look, I'll be back in a minute. I got to check on Paloma.

Mrs. Wallace: Paloma? What's wrong with her?

Luis: Later. Find a doctor, get him checked out.

Beth: Ok.

Luis: Ok?

Beth: Gosh. Now what? Sheridan should not be in the E.R. she's supposed to be in the morgue. Did you see Dr. Russell?

Mrs. Wallace: The murdering pediatrician? No. Hey, but I hear a baby crying. Maybe you'll want to nab that one, too, make it a matched set, huh?

Theresa: You're not a bad person. You're a good person in a horrible situation.

Whitney: But you know what? It's not just me that I'm worried about in this whole thing. It's the baby, too. I mean, I've read so much stuff on children of incest, and it's bad. I mean, there can be all sorts of things wrong with my child because Chad and I share so many of the same genes, you know?

Theresa: Did you talk to your mom about this?

Whitney: Yeah. She won't shut up about the whole thing. And it's her fault I'm in this position to begin with. I mean, if she would've told me about Chad, maybe --

Theresa: She didn't know that Chad was her son when you two got together.

Whitney: I know, but if she wouldn't have lied about her past, you know, maybe I would've known I had a half brother out there somewhere.

Theresa: And you would have asked every guy that you ever dated to take a D.N.A. test? I'm just saying, Whitney, that you cannot blame your mother for everything that's happened. Yes, she made mistakes. But she did the best she could.

Whitney: Maybe, yeah.

Theresa: You just got to thank god that you found this out before you and Chad had a whole bunch of children because now you know you have to stay away from Chad. You do know you have to stay away from Chad, right?

Ethan: Everybody out of here! Come on!

Fox: You heard him! Get out of here before you get hurt!

Ethan: Out!

Chad: Look at this.

Ethan: Oh, grind that crap into dust.

Man: What the hell's going on?

Ethan: Oh, is this your place?

Man: Who's asking?

Ethan: Well, that's good enough for me. Let me tell you something. You're out of business, pal.

Man: Oh, the hell I am!

Randy: You're my favorite, Jessica. Thank you for letting me be the first to teach you about the secrets of love. Who the hell are you?

Sam: The chief of police and Jessica Bennettís father.

Randy: Jessica who?

Sam: You know exactly who I'm talking about. You're going to jail, punk.

Randy: The hell I am.

Sam: Resisting arrest? I'm glad you did that.

Julian: Oh, dear Ivy. Have you been at more than this cooking sherry? How could Endora Lenox be my daughter?

Ivy: Nice try, Julian. But I heard you talking to Tabitha. I heard you say you were that child's father.

Julian: Well, what about it? What are you going to do, blackmail me? I doubt that Sam the Boy Scout would approve.

Ivy: To be honest, I don't even know what I'm going to do about it. I am still trying to get the image of you and Tabitha out of my mind. Honestly, Julian, really, she was old when we were first married. How did you -- well, dollars to doughnuts, there was liquor involved.

Julian: You listen to me, Ivy, and you listen good. I will not let you hurt my child or her mother.

Ivy: Which child, Julian? Which mother?

Julian: You take heed, Ivy. I mean it.

Tabitha: You may have special powers, my little witchling, but I have something even stronger. Mother love. Oh, yes. I will never let anyone hurt you, ever. I'll protect you with my whole heart. I'd protect you with my whole soul if I had one.

Tabitha: Now, what is poison Ivy up to?

Gwen: You know, Katherine, you and I aren't that different. You sacrificed everything so Sheridan could find happiness. I'm going to do the same with Ashley to protect her from harm. To a mother, the child always comes first.

Katherine: Yes, the child always does come first.

Theresa: Answer me, Whitney. You know you can't be with Chad anymore.

Whitney: But, see, that's not what Chad wants. See, Chad was saying that we could live together and raise the baby.

Theresa: Whitney --

Whitney: No, it would be a strictly platonic relationship, of course.

Theresa: No, honey, that's wrong.

Whitney: Is it?

Theresa: Ok, you're going to listen to me here. You can't be with Chad anymore. Tell me you aren't considering going back with Chad?

Whitney: Well, I can't tell you that, Theresa, because I am. Look, I am thinking about living with Chad.

Pilar: So, what's it going to be? Are you going to go look for Katherine, or are you going to try to make your family whole again?

[Phone rings]

Pilar: Hello?

Luis: Mama, it's Luis. Now, look, don't freak out, but it's Paloma. She's back in the hospital again.

Pilar: What? What happened with Paloma?

Luis: Just get down here and I'll tell you everything.

Pilar: Ok. Oh, god.

Martin: What? What? What happened to Paloma?

Pilar: Palomaís in the hospital again. Our children need us!

Martin: Come on, let's go. Come on.

Pilar: Let's go.

Fox: You're out of business.

Chad: Hey, yo, back up!

Man: Hey! Stop it!

Randy: Get the hell off me! I didn't touch your damn daughter!

Sam: The hell you didnít. You're going down, punk, for rape!

Randy: Rape? Go ahead, arrest me. I'll be out by morning. None of my girls ever says no. They like me because I make them feel good. Real good. They can't get enough. Ugh!

Sam: You're going to pay for what you did to my little girl, no matter what I have to do!

Randy: You can't shoot me. You're a cop.

Luis: Hey! Hey, buddy! Hey! How's he doing?

Beth: Well, Dr. Russell's too busy, so we're going to take him up to pediatrics and get him examined, check his blood for toxins.

Luis: Good, good. You let me know what they say, all right? I'm going to check on Sheridan.

Beth: Ok. Hey, stay strong. I'm always here for you.

Marty: Mommy! Mommy!

Beth: Yeah!

Mrs. Wallace: Like eczema. Once you got it, it drives you crazy!

Marty: Mommy --

Beth: Why does Sheridan always come first?

Mrs. Wallace: Where have you been all these years, huh, nincompoop? He loves her, not you. Never you!

Beth: No, he -- he will. I just -- I had a little setback, but my plan to kill Sheridan is alive and well. The first chance I get, little miss billionaire is dead, dead, dead.

Luis: Is she all right?

Eve: Luis --

Luis: Dr. Russell, tell me the truth. Is Sheridan ok?

Eve: She's not ok, Luis. I'm not sure she's ever going to be ok again.

Sheridan: Luis, please bring me my baby.

On the Next Passions:

Theresa: Stay away from him. Stay away from Chad forever.

Julian: I want to be with Endora. I want her to be with me.

Tabitha: I will never let you take my daughter away from me. Never!

Kay: I just hope that when my dad finds the guy who did this to her, he won't do something he'll regret.

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