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Passions Transcript Monday 3/7/05
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By Boo
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Pilar: Enough. Please, just tell me the truth about why you left me and the children all those years ago.

Martin: Pilar, please --

Pilar: Martin, whatever this truth is, it can't be as bad as you think!

Martin: Yes, it can.

Pilar: You keep saying that. Could you just please let me decide? Anything is better than this hell that I've lived with all these years because I don't know the truth. Unburden yourself with me, please!

Sam: Martin, do it. Nothing matters more than family. And with the slate wiped clean, you have a chance to recapture all the happiness you had with Pilar, just like I have with my first love, Ivy.

Fox: So, come on, Whitney, tell me. What's so rotten about your life, huh? You got family who loves you, you're surrounded by friends who love you. You're having my child, I love you. What's the problem?

Tabitha: Oh, the problem is that Whitney is preggers with her brother's baby. And if she owns up to that incestuous truth, the gagging and the retching that will follow will make any frat party --

[Endora babbles]

Tabitha: Seem tame. Oh, Endora. Oh, watching mortals' woes is such fun, isn't it? Huh?

Theresa: Jane.

Theresa: Where is she? Where did Gwen take my baby?

Maid: Please, make yourselves at home while the staff and I prepare your room.

Katherine: Thank you.

Gwen: Oh, and could you please put Ashley’s formula in the refrigerator for me?

Maid: Of course.

Gwen: Thank you. There is no way Theresa is ever going to find me or Ashley here.

Katherine: No one from Harmony will ever find us here.

Luis: It's all Katherine’s fault that Sheridan won't see me. I can't believe that Sheridan got so upset about her mother leaving. What am I going to do? I can't live without Sheridan.

Mrs. Wallace: Gassing Sheridan while she's sleeping? Oh, this is one of the worst things that you have ever done. No wonder Precious hightailed it out of here like somebody shouted, "hunting party!"

Beth: Will you keep your voice down? I can't very well fake Sheridan’s suicide if she wakes up!

Mrs. Wallace: Angels, help us!

Beth: Shh! Speaking of angels, she's going to be joining their ranks before much longer. Oh. Murder is a gas.

Luis: Sheridan's mother left town so that we wouldn't fight over her, but that's exactly what we did. In fact, we had our worst fight ever. And after everything that we've been through -- Alistair trying to kill Sheridan, Sheridan being kidnapped, the French drug cartel trying to kill her, being buried alive, the amnesia -- I mean, everything -- we always managed to work it out. That's what we have to do this time. Because I can't live without her.

Beth: Oh -- stupid gas valve! It won't open all the way!

Mrs. Wallace: Take it as a sign. Turn off the valve and stop trying to kill Sheridan.

Beth: You know, maybe I should just lock Sheridan in here with you. Talk about noxious fumes.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh! All right, I'm old. We seniors have a unique aroma.

Beth: No, you stink, and that gin on your breath doesn't help.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh -- what are you doing with a hammer and a screwdriver anyhow? Expecting Dracula for a sleepover?

Beth: You know the window sticks. Now, stop pestering me. I got work to do.

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah, dirty work.

Beth: Get Marty out of here. Don't want him breathing this gas.

Mrs. Wallace: Bethie, Bethie, please, please. You cannot do this! I mean, look. Look how peaceful Sheridan is sleeping with her son!

Beth: Marty is my son.

Mrs. Wallace: In loony land, missy.

Beth: Put Marty in his stroller, or I am going to hammer this screwdriver through your head!

Mrs. Wallace: Since you put it so nicely -- come on, little guy. Let me take you out of here.

Beth: Unstick already!

Mrs. Wallace: Say goodbye to your mama, because this is the last time you're going to be seeing Sheridan, thanks to the fiendish daughter, your fake mama, Bethie.

Theresa: She's gone. Our baby is gone.

Ethan: Theresa. Theresa, what is it?

Theresa: It was -- it was a dream, Ethan.

Ethan: What was?

Theresa: It was you, me, little Ethan, and Jane, and we were together, we were happy, there was love and -- and warmth, and then I woke up and her crib is empty. She's still missing. We have no idea where Gwen took our baby.

Gwen: You know, I think this island is miles off the mainland. I mean, I can certainly see why Alistair chose it as one of the places for you to hide out.

Katherine: It's so remote, and being built into a cliff doesn't make it any more accessible.

Gwen: I know. It also means no one's going to be able to sneak up on us. Right? Yeah.

Katherine: I think once you're on this island, if you want in or out, it's a helicopter or a boat.

Gwen: Sounds good to me. I'm feeling safer already. Right, sweetheart? Oh, I think my baby and I are going to be so happy here.

Katherine: Gwen, there's something I have to say to you, and it may sound very cruel.

Gwen: What?

Katherine: You can't keep a baby from its mother. You have to take Ashley back to Harmony, give her back to Theresa.

Gwen: Ok. Ok, listen, Katherine. I like you, I really do. But just because you are Sheridan’s mother does not mean that I am going to take any more crap from you about Theresa being the mother of my baby, all right?

Katherine: Please don't get upset, Gwen.

Gwen: Then why don't you get it through your thick head that this is my baby! Ashley is my daughter, and I am not taking her back to Harmony. Not ever, all right? And if you try to make me take her back to Harmony, then I'm going to just take her far away, somewhere where you, Theresa, or the whole police or the whole world will never be able to find us!

Pilar: Ok. All right. I won't badger you about it anymore. I have to have faith and trust that you really are keeping quiet to protect me and our children, and Katherine’s children.

Martin: Thank you for understanding.

Pilar: Yeah. You know, despite this -- this unseemly situation between you and Katherine, I still believe that you acted nobly, up to a point. But you're back in our lives now, Martin, and you need to decide what you are going to do. Are you going to try to work yourself back into our family? Or are you going to leave Harmony and -- in the hopes that you will reunite with Katherine?

Kay: I can't believe what time it is. I mean, didn't Jessica learn anything from the last time she went clubbing?

Simone: Obviously not. Paloma didn't, either.

Kay: You know, what is wrong with them?

Simone: I think Paloma is negative attention-getting. We learned that in psych class. But Jess? I don't know. It's like she went from girl-next-door to tramp-in-training since your mom left.

Kay: Yeah. I mean, I guess it's a good thing that Ivy's tied up out back with everybody, my dad's working late. Because if either of them knew that Jessica secretly went AWOL again -- ugh -- there would be an A.P.B. out on her by now. I mean, where on earth could she be?

[Jessica moans]

Fox: Hey, Whitney, come on, tell us what's wrong.

Tabitha: Ooh. I wish I could hand out airsickness bags without making anyone suspicious. Nothing says "good time" at a party like earth shattering bad news. Well -- well, at least that's what the dark side says.

Fox: Hey, look at me. Come on, what's the matter?

Whitney: Everything is the matter, Fox.

Fox: Really? Well, can you be a little more specific?

Chad: Can you try to, you know, be quiet for a minute so she can finish speaking?

Fox: I'm trying to get her to open up, Chad.

Chad: No, you're badgering her.

Fox: And what have you been doing all night, huh? Trying to get her to live with you in some sicko siblingville!

Whitney: Ok, both of you, stop arguing, please? Neither one of you understand what I'm going through, and I hope to god you never do.

Fox: Well, I want to know, Whitney. So tell me, ok? Help me understand what's going on here.

Whitney: But I can't, ok? I'm not going to change my mind. I just don't want to get married. Now, please, will both of you just leave me alone?

Chad and Fox: Whitney --

Chad: Wait!

Julian: Don't, son, no, no.

Eve: Just give her some time alone.

T.C.: I need to talk to my daughter.

Liz: No, no, no, T.C. She said she wants to be alone. Just respect her wishes.

T.C.: All right. I suppose you're right.

Tabitha: Whitney's Aunt Liz doesn't know what secret Whitney is keeping. But we -- and Alistair -- know that Aunt Liz is keeping a secret, too. And, boy, is it a whopper.

Tabitha: I wonder whose secret is going to be revealed first. My money is on Whitney. Well, I mean, she's going to have that baby before long. And then everyone will know that the poor girl did the deed with her very own brother.

Theresa: Our little girl is gone, Ethan. Gwen ripped her away from us. We don't know where they are. They could be anywhere by now. We --

Ethan: Theresa, Theresa, calm down. You're going to wake the little guy up, ok? Stop.

Little Ethan: Mommy? What's wrong?

Theresa: Your sister is missing.

Little Ethan: She is?

Theresa: Mm-hmm. But I don't want you to worry about that, ok? Ethan and I are going to take care of everything.

Ethan: That's right. Your mommy and I, we're doing everything we can to make sure that we find her and we bring her back right here where she belongs.

Theresa: We're not going to stop until we find her.

Little Ethan: You promise?

Ethan: Yeah. We promise. We promise. But right now, you know, your mom and I, we're going to go in the living room and have a little talk. So why don't you try to go back to sleep, all right?

Little Ethan: Ok.

Ethan: Have some softball dreams, ok?

Theresa: I love you, baby. You sleep well for me, ok?

Theresa: Do you really think that we can find her?

Ethan: Well, I know this. I know that we can't break our promise to that little guy, right?

Theresa: No.

Ethan: Jane will be back in her crib before you know it, I promise.

Theresa: I hope you're right.

Gwen: You are crazy if you think I'm going to take Ashley back to Harmony.

Katherine: Gwen, Ashley is not your baby.

Gwen: Why? Because she's the one who gave birth to her? Please. Look, I don't know what kind of spin Martin's put on his daughter's shenanigans, but Theresa is not Ashley’s mother, I am, and there is no way I am going to abandon her the way you abandoned Sheridan and Julian all those years ago.

Katherine: I had good reason for leaving Harmony.

Gwen: Yeah, well, maybe you did. But do you have any idea how devastated Sheridan was when she thought that she'd lost you? Well, I am not going to do that to my Ashley, ok? I am not going to give up my daughter the way you did Sheridan.

Sheridan: Marty.

Beth: What are you waiting for? Get Marty out of here now!

Mrs. Wallace: I wanted him to have one last look at Sheridan while she was alive. You remember this, hon, ok? That is the wicked wacko that murdered your mother while she was sleeping!

Beth: Go now, mother!

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah, we're going. You're going straight to hell for what you're doing to Sheridan. Come on, Marty.

Beth: Open all the way, damn it! Oh, good. She didn't hear me. Come on. Sheridan's going to die in no time.

Martin: And there's still Katherine to consider.

Pilar: Katherine.

Martin: You know, I built a life with her while you and I were apart.

Pilar: Time didn't stand still for me, either, Martin. I raised our children, I made new friends, I made a wonderful life for our family. But your Katherine is gone. You are not bound to her anymore.

Martin: Pilar, I won't lie to you. I still love Katherine.

Pilar: Well, you went through a lot of things together. I understand that. But she made it very clear she's not coming back to you.

Martin: I understand what her note says.

Pilar: Don't deny it, Martin! I -- I heard you tell Sam that you doubt Katherine will come back, and that you need to move on with your life. So do it!

Martin: I can’t. I need time to think.

Pilar: Why? It's all so clear. You never stopped loving me or our children, and despite everything that's happened -- everything -- I never stopped loving you, either! We have a chance to rekindle our relationship, ok, just like Sam and Ivy did. They were each other's first loves, just like you and I. And if they can do it, we can, too. Please. We can rebuild our marriage together. We can finally, finally be happy, if you're willing to try.

[Jessica moans]

Julian: Fox, Chad, you heard Whitney. She wants to be alone for a while.

Eve: Let's just give her a little privacy.

Fox: You know what? She doesn't want to be around Chad. She's just too polite to say so. You know, it's true. I'm the man that she loves, ok, and I love her. I should be with her right now! She's in need!

Chad: Which is your fault, man. You keep pressuring her to marry you, but you know what? She doesn't want to!

Fox: Well, what the hell are you talking -- what about you? You keep pressuring her to live with you, raise my child! You got her so worked up, she can't even think straight!

Chad: You know what? Just shut up.

Fox: You know, why don't you shut up?

Tabitha: Oh, well, so much for Harmony being the City of Brotherly Love, huh?

Ivy: Honey, look, you're upset. I know. We all are. And Whitney’s attitude towards you and marriage -- well, it doesn't make a lot of sense. But she's pregnant, and a woman's hormones -- they can cause mood swings.

Fox: That's true.

Ivy: Yeah.

Fox: And she has had morning sickness day and night, she hasn't gained much weight, so --

Tabitha: Trying to lose her baby by starving herself could figure into Whitney’s state, as well, you know.

Ivy: I mean, Whitney’s life hasn't exactly turned out the way she thought it would. I'm sure she thought she'd be playing at Wimbledon or her C.D. would be platinum by now. Instead, she finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy. Talk about life throwing you for a loop.

T.C.: You know, I never thought I would agree with anything that Ivy says, but she's right. Whitney's agitated, and the way you two are acting is not helping any.

Fox: We understand that she's agitated. What I don't get is why.

T.C.: Damn it, Fox, you heard your mother. Pregnant women get emotional very easily, and with all the heavy-duty stuff you guys are throwing her, there's no wonder that she ran off.

Tabitha: Oh -- oh, dear. If T.C. only knew the truth. Whitney isn't running from Fox or from Chad. No, Whitney’s running from herself

Theresa: I feel like I don't know my own daughter. I mean, she was in the NICU right after she was born. And then Gwen stabbed me and left me paralyzed. And when I was finally able to come home, Jane got sick again, and Gwen kidnapped her. And now I'm still paralyzed, and I still don't have my baby.

Ethan: Theresa, Gwen had a nervous breakdown and she didn't know what she was doing.

Theresa: Well, Ethan, I don't know what to do either! Because I should be holding my own daughter, right? I should be loving her and kissing her, smelling her --

Ethan: I know how you feel. I've only known her a little while, and I love her with all my heart.

Theresa: I miss her.

Ethan: I miss her, too.

Theresa: I'm sorry I keep getting upset. It's just --

Ethan: Listen, we are in this together, ok? It's ok, come here.

Whitney: Oh, I -- I guess I should've knocked instead of using the key you gave me. I'm sorry.

Theresa: No, it's ok, it's ok. We're just, you know, missing our baby girl.

Whitney: So there still hasn't been any news?

Ethan: No, just the opposite, actually. We found out that Gwen and the baby were up at the Crane cabin. But it was too late to do any good.

Whitney: Too late?

Theresa: Rebecca helped Gwen escape with Jane on the Crane jet.

Whitney: Oh, my god!

Theresa: Yeah, and when we got to the airport, it was taking off.

Ethan: With Katherine Crane, too. She was onboard, as well.

Whitney: Well -- ok, why?

Ethan: It's just a coincidence. My father, he tried to intercept the jet, bring it back to Harmony, but the pilot had turned off the transponder, so there was no radio contact with the ground.

Theresa: And the flight plan wasn't filed. So we don't know where they are.

Ethan: Gwen and the baby could -- they could be anywhere in the world.

Whitney: Oh, no.

Theresa: I'm afraid I'm not going to see her again.

Whitney: It's ok.

Katherine: Gwen, I had to leave Sheridan and Julian behind. If I had taken my children with me, Alistair would've tracked me down, killed me, and very possibly killed them, as well.

Gwen: You know, Katherine, he may not have killed them, but he tortured Julian and Sheridan their entire lives.

Katherine: Right. If I'd known then what I know now --

Gwen: Look, I'm not judging you, ok? All I'm saying is that I could never abandon my Ashley the way you abandoned Julian and Sheridan. Ok, you thought you were protecting them by leaving, and I'm protecting Ashley by taking her with me. And why did you run away this time anyway? I mean, Sheridan must've been thrilled to have you back in her life, right? Katherine, she missed you so much when she was growing up, and I am sure she would want to make up for lost time now.

Katherine: I prayed to be close to her again. But my involvement with Martin infuriated Luis so much, she was afraid to -- to embrace me as her mother because she's afraid she'll lose him. I had to leave Harmony so I wouldn't tear them apart.

Sheridan: I could never stop loving you. You're the only man that I want to be with.

Luis: And you're the only woman I want to be with. I love you.

Sheridan: I thought I had lost you.

Luis: I thought I'd lost you, too.

Luis: I can't lose you, Sheridan. I can’t.

Beth's voice: I'll die in here with Sheridan if I don't get out.

Beth: Where are mother and Precious when I need them?

Beth: Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Can't let the gas get to the rest of the house, or we'll all die with Sheridan.

Whitney: Theresa, I'm so sorry. God, I've been so caught up with my own stuff. I had no idea Gwen left the country with the baby.

Theresa: Oh, Whitney, you know, Ethan -- he would've found Gwen and Jane if Rebecca hadn't lied to protect her sick daughter.

Ethan: Theresa, Gwen can't help that she isn't well.

Whitney: And as for Rebecca, I mean, she's Gwen’s mother. She'll do anything to protect her child. Even lie.

Theresa: Well, I can't protect my child because some other woman has her.

Whitney: Ethan, isn't there anything else you can do to help find Gwen and the baby?

Ethan: My father has the F.B.I. and Interpol on the lookout, and so far there's just been no word.

Theresa: Gwen could have taken Jane anywhere by now.

Pilar: Are you coming back to us? Try to be a family again?

Martin: Pilar, it's too soon to ask me that. Besides, Luis and Theresa are too wrapped up in their own problems to deal with something as big as this.

Pilar: It's not too soon for me, Martin, because I have waited what seems like a lifetime to know where we go from here. Now, are you coming back to me or not?

Martin: I'm sorry. I can't give up on Katherine.

Katherine: The tension I caused between Luis and Sheridan wasn't the only reason I left Harmony. With me out of his life, Martin is free to go back to Pilar and be a husband to her, and hopefully be a father to their children if they'll have him.

Gwen: Look, I don't know what's going on with Pilar and Martin, but I do know Sheridan and Luis. They've been through way too much for just one person to break them up. You know, if they could survive all of Alistair’s attempts to break them apart, you being around is certainly not going to keep them from being together.

Luis: Well, might as well call it a night.


Luis: Father Lonigan. Hey. Have you heard from Sheridan since you talked to her at the church?

Father Lonigan: No, I haven’t. I take it you haven't heard from her, either.

Luis: No, not directly. Beth said that she's spending the night at her place.

Father Lonigan: Thank heaven Sheridan didn't do anything foolish. She was in such a state when she left the church, I was concerned that --

Luis: She's very upset, Father. Beth said that she doesn't even want to talk to me again. I don't know what to do, you know? What should I do? I can't live without Sheridan.

Mrs. Wallace: Poor Sheridan! She's going to die, and there's not a darn thing I can do about it. Ah. And you, you little tyke -- you are doomed to being raised by my demented daughter. You are. But I promise you something. Precious and I are going to do everything, everything in our power to make sure that Beth does right by you.

Mrs. Wallace: Why are you panting? Thinking about having that luscious Luis when Sheridan’s dead?

Beth: I was almost overcome by gas.

Mrs. Wallace: Wasn't me!

Beth: The gas from the heater, you idiot. That stuff is deadly. And we're going to have Sheridan to prove it before long.

On the Next Passions:

Beth: I'm not going to get caught, ok? And at least I know my plan is working. Sheridan is as good as dead.

Pilar: So, what's it going to be? Are you coming back to us or not?

Whitney: No matter how hard I try, I can't get rid of the baby that I hate with all my heart.

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