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Passions Transcript Thursday 3/3/05
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Martin: Try Australia. Gwen and Katherine might be able to blend into the populace a lot easier there.

Sam: No. No reports of the Crane jet landing nor even entering their airspace.

Martin: And with Alistair's money and influence, a whole lot of countries would turn the other way if he wanted that jet to disappear.

Sam: Look, I'm sorry, Martin. For all we know, there are hundreds of people being paid a lot of money to make sure that jet doesn't show up on a computer.

Martin: Damn!

Sam: Hey, Martin, my granddaughter's on that jet, too, ok? I want to find it just as bad as you do.

Martin: I know you do. I mean, but how could Katherine -- I mean, hell, she turned her back on me, our whole lives. We spent all those years together, and just like that, she's gone. When the person you love up and vanishes, it's unbearable.

Pilar: Now you know how I felt.

Eve: Whitney -- Whitney, please don't walk away from me.

Kay: Ugh. Yikes. And I thought I had it bad. What a mess out there. At least Miguel isn't my brother. Oh, what is Whitney going to do?

Kay: Jess, what are you doing? Gosh, I thought I was the bad one. When Dad finds out that you snuck out -- oh, you are going to be dead meat. Paloma -- she's passed out upstairs, and god knows what you're up to. You used to be so innocent. You know what? Maybe mom was right to try to protect us so much. When a girl walks on the wild side, bad things happen.

Randy: What?

Man: Time's up, Randy. I've had to turn away two different couples. Time's money, man.

Randy: Hang on.

Randy: There. That gives me time for another round, right?

Man: Depends on what you're going for.

Jessica: No more. I don't feel so good.

Randy: Here. Suck on this. It's like aspirin. It'll make you feel real good. I'm sure having a good time, Jessica, thanks to you. It's too bad you won't remember any of it tomorrow.

Simone: Jeez, Paloma, what type of drug did you take?

Kay: How's she doing?

Simone: Heck if I know. She's really out of it. Any word on Jessica?

Kay: No. Where could she be? I can't believe she'd be as stupid as senorita lump here. What was she thinking, going to a druggy dive like that? She almost got raped at that other one.

Simone: Yeah, well, let's not forget that we all got dressed up to go to that same dive where Paloma got attacked. What's going on in the backyard?

Kay: Well, they just finished round seven. Now they're in a break. Something must have happened because they're giving Whitney some space.

Simone: Daddy should know what's going on here.

Kay: Are you crazy? With his temper?

Simone: Whitney is his daughter, Kay. He has a right to know.

Kay: Your funeral.

[Phone rings]

T.C.: Hello?

Simone: Daddy?

T.C.: Simone, sweetheart, it's late. You need to come home.

Simone: Listen, I can't, Daddy. I have some bad news about Whitney over here at the Bennett's.

T.C.: Honey, what's wrong?

Simone: Please, daddy, just get over here now.

Tabitha: Oh, isn't it wonderful, Endora? All this pain makes me feel so young. And it starts the sap flowing, and spring hasn't even sprung yet. Whitney will do anything to keep secret the fact that she is pregnant with Chad's baby.

Fox: I love her, mom. She's having my baby. I asked her to marry me, and she said no? I don't understand.

Ivy: I don't understand it, either, honey. I -- any girl would be a fool to turn you down.

Eve: Whitney can't be thinking of accepting Chad's offer. She can't be thinking of having a relationship with her own brother. God, no.

Chad: That's exactly why she refused him -- because she wants me. Even if I'm her brother, she wants me.

Pilar: It's a sickening feeling, isn't it? No goodbye, no note, no message on the phone. At least you know Katherine's alive -- well, she was when the plane took off.

Martin: Please, Pilar. Look, let's not have another argument. We've gone round and round about why I left for weeks.

Pilar: Months, really. But you still haven't answered one basic question about the truth -- why did you leave, Martin? Hmm? Forget it. I don't want to argue with you tonight. I just -- I couldn't sleep, so I went out for a walk.

Martin: What, at night? You never used to.

Pilar: There's a lot of things about me now that you don't know. Sam, I saw you working through the window. Any trace of the jet? Anything?

Sam: No, Pilar, we've checked all airports and flight control all over the world. It's as if Katherine, Gwen, and the baby have just vanished.

Pilar: You have to keep trying, ok, Sam, because my Theresa -- she's just beside herself. And I'm afraid that she is going to make herself sick with worry about the baby.

Sam: Yeah, Ethan, too.

Officer: Good night, Mr. Fitzgerald.

Martin: Oh --

Officer: I hope you can find some trace of your wife.

Martin: Thank you.

Pilar: Funny -- I thought I was your wife.

T.C.: Simone, what is going on over there?

Simone: Well, I don't know exactly. First, Fox proposed to Whitney.

T.C.: Finally. Well, if she insists on being with him, they should have been married months ago. And they better get married before the baby's born.

Liz: Oh, come on, T.C., It's a wedding! First, Fox and Whitney, and then me and you.

Simone: Well, that's just it. Whitney didn't get a chance to say yes or no because Chad barged in and interrupted.

T.C.: What the hell does Chad want?

Liz: What -- what's going on?

Simone: That's the problem, Daddy. Oh, it's awful. Chad asked Whitney to come back to him, to live with him.

T.C.: I will kill him.

Simone: Daddy, please calm down. And don't come over here if you're going to just lose your temper because you're going to make things worse.

T.C.: All right, sugar bear, I'll try to calm down. Honey, you did the right thing by calling. I'm coming over right now.

Liz: T.C., What on earth is going on?

T.C.: Get your coat if you're coming. I'll tell you on the way. I am going to straighten Chad out once and for all.

Chad: Whitney wants to live with me. You'll see.

Julian: Chad, don't be absurd. Now, you heard Father Lonigan. If the two of you live together, you won't be able to resist the temptation to --

Chad: To, what, sleep together? Sure we will.

Eve: God, I can't bear this.

Tabitha: Hmm. Temptation is a subject that your daddy's an expert on, Endora. He's had children with every woman here -- well, except young Whitney, of course.

Chad: I love Whitney and she loves me. We have to be together. We complete each other.

Fox: You say you "complete each other"? You're sick. You should be committed.

Chad: You know what? Just back off me, all right? You have no idea what Whitney and I have.

Fox: No, it doesn't matter. She loves me.

Chad: Then why won't she marry you?

Whitney: Ok, stop. Stop fighting, please.

Tabitha: Oh, spoilsport!

Eve: Whitney, honey, you are the only one who can put a stop to this. Now, you've refused Fox's proposal of marriage. Is it because of what Chad said? That you're accepting his proposal instead? That you're going to have a relationship with your own brother?

Simone: You should've heard Daddy, Kay.

Kay: I did. His yells carry.

Simone: Maybe I should go down to the backyard, you know, be there when he arrives. I don't know what he's going to do when he sees Chad.

Kay: I do. We'll be able to hear every word from up here. Half the town will. His temper --

Simone: I know. It scares me, too, sometimes.

Kay: Look, don't go down there, ok? You can't stop your dad when he gets all riled up. We've got to be here for Paloma. We don't know what she took. What if it has some weird side effect or something? And we should be here for Jessica when she calls or comes home.

Simone: Well, maybe we should get my mom up here to take a look at her. We don't know what drug was on those stickers.

Kay: Are you crazy? Her mother will lock her in a convent until she's 90!

Simone: I guess you're right.

Kay: Where's Jessica? This is nuts. I mean, is she trying to get Dad crazy? Heck, he will boil me alive if he knows I've covered up for her.

Simone: I'm sure she's fine.

Kay: Are you? Because I've got a really bad feeling about this -- a real bad feeling.

[Pounding on door]

Randy: What?

Man: I got a line out here, Randy. Time's up.

Randy: I'm finished.

Man: What about her?

Randy: Take a shot if you want. She's ready for anybody.

Man: Just get her out of here, ok?

Randy: Your loss.

Randy: Pity to cover up a pretty body like yours. But then, this won't cover up much of it, will it?

Randy: Hmm. It's the x-rated version of playing Barbie.

Sam: I just got a call from Interpol. There's still no sign of the Crane jet.

Martin: Damn.

Pilar: Thank you, Sam. This is Alistair's fault, all of it.

Sam: No surprise in that.

Pilar: He had to have known that Gwen was on that plane with the baby and Katherine. He deliberately let her get away with Theresa's baby!

Sam: I wish I had proof.

Martin: He's a sadist. His only thrill is to force pain on innocent people. I know that more than anyone.

Pilar: God. You know, there you go again, hinting at some awful secret. Please, Martin, tell me. What is it that Alistair did to make you run from me, from your family?

Sam: And if it's something that could help me nail him, you got to speak up.

Pilar: Martin, please tell me. I mean, you've told all of us how you were forced to leave. We don't even know exactly what you mean by that. We all know what a monster Alistair is. Please, nothing you can say will shock me.

Martin: This would. It would shock the hell out of you -- out of all of you.

Eve: Whitney, please tell me that you have not decided on your own brother. Please.

Tabitha: Hmm. Anger, pain, and incest -- this is like the good old days with the pharaohs in Egypt. They married their sisters, too, and some of them even had a thing for their mummies.

Whitney: Mother, listen, I'm going --

T.C.: Where is he? I'll kill him! You disgusting little bastard! I'm not going to let you hurt Whitney anymore. It stops. It stops right now!

Pilar: Martin? Please, go ahead. Tell me. What is it that Alistair did that made you abandon your entire family?

Martin: You know, it's late, Pilar. You know, we -- we're not going to resolve anything tonight.

Pilar: We can if you chose to, if you'll just say the truth.

Martin: Listen, just go home and get some rest. Theresa will need you in the morning.

Pilar: One of these days, Martin, you will have to tell me why you left. Secrets always come out.

Sam: Pilar, you need a lift home?

Pilar: No. Thanks, Sam. I need to clear my head.

Sam: You know, she's right. All secrets come out. You owe her the truth. You owe us all the truth.

Martin: Maybe. Maybe someday. You know, when I left Harmony with Katherine, I didn't think that things could get any worse, but, boy, was I wrong. I've hurt Pilar so much.

Sam: And now Katherine's gone, too. Look, I don't know what your secret is, and I certainly can't beat it out of you, but if you ever want to --

Martin: What?

Sam: If you ever want to talk, you know, get some stuff off your chest, you're welcome to talk to me. I know what it's like to lose the woman you love.

Martin: That's right. I heard about Ivy. And I remember when Julian married her. It was front-page news all over the world. You know, Katherine cried for a week. She missed her own son's wedding.

Sam: It wasn't one of my finer days, either.

Martin: So Ivy dumped you for Julian's billions?

Sam: Hey. Yeah, I lost Ivy. But then I was blessed and Grace came into my life. But I lost her, too.

Martin: Yeah, but things have come full circle for you. You had all those years with grace, and you're back with your first love, Ivy. You're lucky.

Sam: Lucky? Do you want to get back with your first love, Pilar?

Man: Sure took you long enough.

Randy: Hey, you can't hurry love.

[Randy chuckles]

Randy: Whoa, honey, don't hurt yourself.

Man: Just as long as you're out of there, man. The owner needs to make as much money as he can before the weather gets warmer and everyone decides to go to the beach instead.

Randy: Give me a break. You guys are making a fortune out of that rat hole.

Man: Yeah, well --

Randy: Whoa. Where'd she go?

Man: Your girl?

Randy: Yeah, she was right here. Oh, well.

Man: Yeah.

Randy: Hope somebody gives her a ride home.

Woman: Hi.

Randy: Hi. With any luck, I'm going to be back in line soon.

Woman: Off me, skank! Watch where you're going! Go home to your jojo.

Second woman: Leave her alone, Peggy. Looks like she's got a case of sticker shock.

Jessica: Home. I got to get home.

Kay: Well, she's breathing just fine. God! Wherever Jess is, I hope somebody's taking care of her. That could be her lying there instead.

Simone: What a night. This whole town is falling apart. Do you remember how simple life used to be?

Kay: For you, maybe.

Simone: No, for you, too. We were both living at home with our parents. Your mom hadn't run away with her first husband?

Kay's voice: Mom would still be here if it wasn't for me.

Simone: My mom was still at home with Dad. I mean, we fought like every other family, but there were good times, too -- lots of them. I used to look forward to coming home at the end of every day. Now --

Kay: You miss your mom?

Simone: Yeah. Even though I'm mad at her, I miss her like crazy. Aunt Liz is ok, but she's not Mom, you know? She tries too hard. And I wish that she would stop talking trash about my mother, too. I mean, she won't shut up about it. Day in and day out, she's always talking about what a horrible person my mother is. I mean, I know what my mom did. She's already going to marry my father. She doesn't need to keep reminding me that my mother "the whore" 24/7.

Kay: I know, I know. But, see, Ivy -- she's smarter than that. She almost never mentions my mom, and when she does, she tries to stay positive. And my dad likes that, so -- you know, it's really funny because every time I think about it, it really weirds me out that Ivy Winthrop Crane lives at my old house, and is trying to become Betty Crocker to boot.

Simone: Do you remember her gourmet meatloaf?

Kay: Oh --

Simone: It probably had squirrel in it. Don't lose that number for Chinese because you're going to need it.

Kay: Yeah, I got to admit, though, she is getting better. You know, remember when we were little and we would watch her limousine drive by? I used to look in -- the windows were tinted. Man, it seems so long ago. God, I used to pray for some excitement in this town. Be careful what you wish for. Thank god that we grew up before all this stuff happened because I would hate to be a little kid right now in one of our families. Talk about broken homes.

Simone: Yep. Broken beyond repair.

T.C.: I am not going to let you hurt Whitney ever again.

Eve: T.C., What are you doing here?

T.C.: Whitney's my daughter, too, Eve. I guess you forgot about that. Damn it, why didn't you call me?

Eve: Well, I was going to, but then I figured you'd react just like you are now. And your temper wouldn't help Whitney. It's never helped anything.

Tabitha: Well, it helps to amuse us.

Liz: T.C. Has every right to be here, especially if Whitney needs some moral guidance. Now, Whitney, sweetheart, if we'll just sit down, talk it out as a family, I'm sure we --

Chad: No, no, Whitney and I don't need any of you here. All right, we'll sort out our lives on our own. Right, Whitney?

T.C.: Get your damn --

[Whitney screams]

Julian: Please, that's enough.

T.C.: I'm going to beat everything out of you!

Whitney: Daddy! Daddy!

Sam: Do you? Do you want to get back with Pilar?

Martin: You know, it's funny how life picks you up and gives you a good shaking once in a while.

Sam: Yeah. You're telling me. I thought Grace and I were all set. I thought we were going to grow old together. Then out of the blue, a husband Grace didn't even remember comes back to Harmony.

Martin: What, that Hastings guy?

Sam: Yeah. Grace had amnesia before we met. She doesn't recall anything of her former life, including her first husband, David, and her son John.

Martin: Now, listen, I'm sorry, but that's close to unbelievable.

Sam: Hmm. I wish. You know, I thought Grace would stick with me through anything, you know? But her faith in the church is so strong, she decided to abide by her marriage vows -- to him. So she left.

Martin: Well, thank god you moved on. I mean, you have Ivy, and that relationship is solid, right?

Sam: Yeah. Yeah, that's great. I'm just having a little problem with the kids right now.

Martin: Oh, yeah.

Sam: You know? It seems that no matter the reason, children always suffer when their parents split up.

Martin: Well, it's true. You know, the longer that I stay in Harmony, the more respect I have for the great job that Pilar did raising our kids.

Sam: Absolutely.

Martin: I mean, Theresa and Luis are such strong people. Pilar -- she must have been just an amazing single mom. You know, of course, I would have liked to have had the chance to, you know, know Antonio.

Sam: You know, everyone in Harmony admires Pilar for the job she did with those kids. I mean, it's tough enough with two parents. She did a great job with Miguel, too.

Martin: Hmm.

Sam: Look, I don't know the full story -- what happened with him and Kay -- but I do know this -- he sends money home like clockwork, and that tells me his head is screwed on right.

Martin: I can't wait to meet him. You know, the last time I saw him, he wasn't even old enough to ride a trike yet.

Sam: You know, how Pilar did it all those years -- I mean, my kids are driving me to drink. You know, Kay's settled down a little bit. She still won't come home. She's got that lousy job over at the cannery. Noah's a complete stranger ever since Grace left. But Jessica -- she's the one that's giving me a hard time right now. She used to have a great job with great friends. Then overnight, she throws it all away to become some wild child -- drinking, smoking, god knows what else. You know, the only reason she's home right now is because she was grounded, trying to sneak out to that lousy nightclub where Paloma was almost raped.

Martin: Hey, we should burn that dump down.

Sam: Yeah, I wish I could. But Jess, you know -- she worries me. I feel if I can't get through to her soon, something terrible's going to happen.

Martin: I'm sure she'll turn out fine, hmm?

Sam: Well, I hope so. Because if anything ever happened to my little girl, it'd kill me.

Jessica: Home -- I got to get home.

[Car approaches]

[Music plays]

Man: Yo, babe, hop in. We've got some X.

Second man: Just leave her. Look, she's a mess. Who knows if she's even legal?

First man: Too bad. Looks like she knows how to party!

[Car pulls away]

T.C.: I will kill you!

Eve: Julian, Fox, please stop T.C. He will kill him!

T.C.: Every time I turn around --

Julian: T.C., Let him go, let him go. T.C.

Tabitha: Pooh! I wanted to see some blood!

Julian: T.C. --

Fox: Come on --

Tabitha: Endora, for me? How thoughtful! Thank you, my little darling.

Chad: You know, come on. Beat me up. You know, it's not going to make a difference. I still love Whitney, and you can't beat that out of me.

T.C.: I can damn sure try. Get off of me! You know what? This is all your fault. All of you Cranes are nothing but bastards!

Fox: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on a second. I'm no bastard here. Look around you, all right? I'm trying to do the right thing. I proposed to your daughter tonight. She said no.

T.C.: "No"? Then she finally wised up. You are the one who got her knocked up in the first place. Any woman who gets involved with a Crane in their life is ruined for good. First Chad, then you. It's always a disaster. Look at your mother. Everybody knows what happened to her. Everybody in town knows how your father treated her like dirt. And my ex-wife. Her whole life is a damn train wreck, thanks to your father and your grandfather. Forget about what she did to me and the girls. Your father and your grandfather used her and then just kicked her to the side. She didn't even know that Chad was her son.

Julian: Now, see here --

T.C.: You know what, Julian? If I hear one more word out of your mouth -- one more about you being the new, improved Julian Crane, I will break your face! My daughter -- my beautiful daughter finally falls in love with someone, only to find out that it's her damn half brother and a Crane! And then you come along and you get her pregnant. I'm sick of this. I'm sick of everybody here. Whitney, you're coming home with me, and we're going to work this out. Let's go.

Whitney: Enough, Daddy. I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying right here.

Fox: Yeah, that's right. That's right, she's going to stay here with me. She's having my child. Whitney, listen --

Whitney: Look, it doesn't matter, Fox. I'm not staying here for you, either.

Chad: You hear that? She wants me. She won't marry Fox because she wants me.

Eve: Oh, for god's sake, Whitney, please say that you haven't chosen your half brother.

Pilar's voice: Why am I eavesdropping? That's something that witch Rebecca would do.

Martin: I know how worried you must be about Jessica. I mean, Paloma's behavior -- she could have died that night. But you can't blame yourself for what your daughter does. Now, Sam, I'll bet that you're a great dad. I mean, and raising a child's a bear for any single parent, and I'm sure that Grace would have had the same problems with Jessica if you'd have been the one to leave.

Sam: Leave? Are you nuts? I'd never left Grace. I'd never leave my family!

Martin: I --

Sam: Hey, look, I'm sorry. I -- I didn't mean -- I don't know what happened between you and Katherine and Alistair.

Martin: No, it's all right. It's fine.

Sam: Still, if you ever want to clear the air, I'm here. Especially if you have evidence of a crime. I mean, Katherine and you seemed to love each other very much. But she left so you could be with your family, so she wouldn't interfere with Luis and Sheridan. I mean, to sacrifice one's own happiness --

Martin: Yeah. She's truly remarkable, very special. Damn, this is killing me.

Sam: Yeah, yeah. And it must be just as hard on her to be away from you. Can she stay away? Do you think she'll ever come back?

Martin: No. Katherine's gone for good. I don't think she'll ever come back.

Eve: Whitney, please. You can't choose your own half brother.

Chad: Why the hell not? You know, everyone around here does anything for love. Why not us?

Fox: Well, Chad, it's so that Whitney won't eventually give birth to some half-wit fool, that's why. Don't they teach basic biology out on the streets?

Chad: Watch yourself, man.

Fox: Whitney, listen. We've talked about getting married, all right? My proposal wasn't exactly a surprise to you. We talked about building a life together. Why the sudden change?

T.C.: Because she realized you're just another damn Crane.

Ivy: Enough! My son deserves an explanation for your inexplicable behavior. He has offered you the moon! What is wrong?

Whitney: You're absolutely right. Fox does deserve an explanation. I'll tell you why I turned down your proposal, Fox.

Simone: She's really out of it.

Kay: Guess our little Catholic school girl bit off more than she could chew. Come on, Jess. Where are you? Get home. Oh, listen to me. I sound like my mom.

Simone: Your mom would know what to do. She always did.

Kay: Well, she's gone. Both of our moms are.

Simone: You know what we need? Grandmothers.

Kay: What?

Simone: A grandma -- neither one of us has ever had one.

Kay: Well, it would be kind of tough to come up with one now. You can't just go out and buy one.

Simone: I know, but wouldn't it be great if you just had someone who could just, like, be there for you? You know, who was a little bit removed from your daily life, who could just be there, you know? Like, a place you could go where there was no judgments or no, you know, agendas -- like a safe house. I guess you have that with Tabitha.

Kay: That's a little different. But I'll bet Pilar will be like that for Maria.

Simone: Lucky kid. But I want a grandmother of my own right now, don't you? Because I can see mine. She's on the porch in front of this little green house, and she has this big, beautiful smile. She could stand to lose about 20 pounds, but her hair is still black.

Kay: Maybe it's a wig.

Simone: Stop it. Ok, your turn. You try. Close your eyes.

Kay: What?

Simone: What does your grandmother look like?

Kay: This is ridiculous. Ok, ok. There, my eyes are closed.

Simone: Well? What does she look like? What is it?

Kay: Nothing. Nothing, I just thought that I saw --

Simone: Ok, let's try it again, ok? Start at the beginning.

Kay: Ok.

Simone: You're walking out the door to go visit grandma.

Simone's voice: Are you there yet, Kay? Can you see your grandmother's house?

Kay's voice: No. I don't see that at all.

Kay: Oh, my god.

[Kay gasps]

Kay: No!

Jessica: Where -- what did I -- home. I got to get home. Where's my house?

Man: That was some party.

Woman: The best is yet to come. Hey, looks like somebody's been shopping!

Sam: Do you think Katherine will return?

Martin: She's gone, Sam. She'll never come back. She's giving me what she believes is my best chance for happiness. I'll have to learn to deal with it somehow. I'll have to move on with my life.

Sam: What do you mean, "move on"?

Martin: I don't know yet.

Sam: What about Pilar? That's what Katherine wanted. But you didn't answer my question earlier -- do you want to get back with Pilar?

Ivy: Well, what are you waiting for? Why won't you marry my son? You said you loved him.

Liz's voice: What a perfect life you've built, Dr. Russell. Looks like your daughter wants to marry your bastard son. Daddy would get a kick out of that.

Eve: No, Julian, it just can't be true. She just can't want to be with Chad.

T.C.: Come on, sweetheart. What do you want to say?

Chad: I know, Whitney. And don't be afraid. Say it. We'll have our whole lives together.

Fox: Chad, please, shut your damn mouth!

Whitney: Fox, I said I don't want to marry you because I don't ever want to get married not ever.

T.C.: What?

Eve: Honey, you can't mean that. You can't want to spend your life as a single woman -- as a single mother?

Chad: And that's why she doesn't want to get married -- because she won't be a single mother. She'll have me. You know, we can't get married because we're related, but we can be together.

Simone: Kay, what is it? What's wrong?

Kay: Don't -- don't think I'm crazy. Please, don't think I'm crazy.

Simone: No more than usual. What's wrong?

Kay: You know those visions that Mom and Charity used to have?

Simone: You don't mean you -- you?

Kay: Yeah -- and a really scary one.

Simone: A vision of what?

Kay: Jessica. She's dead. Oh, my god, Jessica's dead.

[Car approaches]

Jessica: No -- help me! Someone, help me!

Woman: Oh, no! Stop!

Jessica: Mommy!

[Tires screech]

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T.C.: Sweetheart, are you turning down Fox so you can be with Chad?

Eve: Is that why you turned down Fox's proposal?

Beth: I'm going to make sure that Sheridan dies tonight.

Kay: Where are you, Jess?

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