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Passions Transcript Wednesday 3/2/05
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By Boo
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Simone: Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me.

Kay: Any sign of Jessica?

Simone: Not a trace. I must have shown your little sister's picture to everyone in here, and nobody's seen her -- well, at least that's what they say.

Kay: Oh, god, Simone. After what happened to Paloma the other night, I'm really scared.

Simone: Look, don't do that to yourself. Paloma put herself in harm's way by hanging out with those sleazy guys and not leaving the club when the rest of us did. That's how she almost got herself raped.

Kay: I know, and I don't think Jess would act that way, but ever since things didn't work out with Reese and then my mom left town -- I don't know. My kid sister's gone from being little Miss Priss to the next Paris Hilton. Instead of learning her lesson from Paloma's attack, I'm afraid that she's looking at her as some sort of role model.

Jessica: Hey, Paloma! I was wondering where you went!

[Paloma laughs]

Paloma: This is Q! Isn't that a funny name? Just one letter, so easy to remember! I like it!

Q: Oh, whoa! Anything that floats your boat, senorita.

Randy: So, hey, hey, hey, you like the stuff we gave you before?

Jessica: I guess. All I know is I'm in a great mood.

Randy: There you go.

Paloma: Too much blah, blah, blah. Let's go! We're going to have some fun!

[Jessica screams]

[Paloma and Jessica laugh]

Q: I had a feeling their high wasn't completely natural.

Randy: Are you complaining?

Q: No, not me, man. What I love about this stuff is that when you're on it anything goes. And when the effects wear off, nobody really remembers just how far they went.

Theresa: Did you get little Ethan back to sleep?

Ethan: Yeah, finally. I tell you what, that wasn't easy. It's a smart little kid. He kept asking about baby Jane and where his little sister is.

Theresa: Oh, we've got to get her back, Ethan. See, I've been online. I'm trying to track down private aircrafts at small airports all over the world and --

Ethan: Theresa, listen, a lot of them aren't even listed. It's like finding a needle in a haystack.

Theresa: Ok, don't say that.

Ethan: I'm just -- listen to me, listen to me. I'm just being realistic about this. Not knowing where Alistair's plane was going or where it's headed, it makes our chances of finding Gwen and the baby and Katherine pretty slim -- at least this way.

Theresa: No, I have to do something, Ethan. I will not let Gwen get away with kidnapping our baby. I won't.

Ethan: Theresa, stop, stop, stop.

Pilar: Well? Which one is it? The path that you would have taken had your father never left us or the path that you actually took?

Luis: It's not that black and white for me.

Pilar: It is for me, Luis. Had your father stayed, you would have married Beth Wallace right out of high school. You only broke up with her because you had to give up college to support our family.

Luis: I know what I did.

Pilar: Oh, mijo, please. I'm just -- my point is this -- that you would have never fallen in love with Sheridan had your father not left us to fend for ourselves.

Luis: Yeah, well, the fact of the matter is he did leave us and I did fall in love with Sheridan, and I'll be damned if I'm going to thank him for my relationship with her. Look, Katherine and Papa have come back, and all they've done is cause problems for everyone. Ok, I hate them, and it's not going to change. It's not going to be any different for me.

Pilar: Not that I'm defending Katherine Crane, but I understand that one of the reasons that she left was to remove herself from your lives so that you and Sheridan would stop fighting over her presence.

Luis: Well, you know what? Then I guess her generous plan backfired because now Sheridan's so angry at me for her leaving I don't even know if she's going to talk to me again.

Pilar: Of course she will, Luis.

Luis: Oh? Then where is she? Because she can't forgive me if I can't find her, and I'll tell you something, I'm worried about her, because I don't know what she can do in this state.

Beth: Hey. You give that back to me, you hairy traitor. I sign your paycheck every week! Rude. All right, a couple more of these. There we go. That should do it. Although maybe I should use something other than tea. Last time Sheridan got all woozy by coincidence, and then she started getting a little suspicious.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, why don't you give her some of Precious' gin?

Beth: Oh. Never mind. Tea will just have to do. Besides, there's something about a cup of Earl Grey that just screams innocent. Sheridan, I'll be right up!

Mrs. Wallace: Monster!

Beth: Oh, I'd call it genius.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh --

Beth: There's not going to be any switching of the cups. Sheridan is going to be treated to my homemade Mickey Finn. But then she's not even going to wake up with a hangover because she's not going to wake up at all.

Mrs. Wallace: And this is your genius plan to make it look like a suicide?

Beth: Well, part of it, but the clincher will be my heart-wrenching goodbye note from her to Luis.

Mrs. Wallace: Duh! Like Luis is going to not know that it's a forged handwriting?

Beth: Ok, I know that you're older than mud, but try to bear with me here. It's called a computer and a printer. I'm going to print the note out, leave it with the empty pill bottle next to the bed -- boom -- the deed's done. No muss, no fuss as soon as Sheridan drinks the tea.

Sheridan: What is this "muss" or "fuss" about my tea?

Ethan: Maybe -- maybe you should try to get some sleep, huh?

Theresa: Not with my baby on a plane headed god knows where with a crazy woman? What if we never see her again?

Little Ethan: Are you ok, Mommy?

Theresa: Oh. Sweetheart, yes --

Ethan: Yeah.

Theresa: I'm -- it's just -- Ethan and I were talking. Why don't you go back to bed?

Little Ethan: I love you, Mommy.

Theresa: I love you, too, honey. Don't leave us, please? We need you.

Luis: See? Sheridan's not answering. I keep getting her voicemail.

Pilar: That doesn't mean she's in any kind of trouble, Luis.

Luis: Yeah, well, last time I couldn't find her, she was out sleepwalking.

Pilar: Ok, but there's no reason to believe that the same thing is happening now. She was really upset with you earlier. She's probably just out for a walk by herself, trying to clear her mind. Let her be, Luis, ok? You'll hear from her soon.

Luis: I just don't know how it ever came to this. Hey, you know, yes, I do. Please, don't answer that. It's because Papa and Katherine treated their families like yesterday's garbage.

Pilar: I'm disappointed in you, Luis.

Luis: In me? Why?

Pilar: All your life I have taught you that everything happens for a reason -- the good and the bad. Now, I know that this is a difficult situation to come to terms with. I know! But you have to look at this and think of it as a test of our faith.

Luis: No. That's the way that you think.

Pilar: Mira, Luis, even in times of sorrow and grave disappointment we have to stick to the knowledge that god knows what is best for us. And if you could just borrow just a little bit of my faith right now, you would see that the true path to happiness is forgiveness.

Luis: Well, I'm sorry. I'm just not made up that way.

Pilar: Then you have to work at it, because even you cannot deny that if your father had stayed you would have never fallen in love with Sheridan. So instead of being angry and so hateful towards your father, you -- you owe him a debt of gratitude.

Sheridan: What's all this about my tea?

Beth: Um -- your tea -- right. I was just telling Mother that this particular kind of tea I love because it comes in these sweet little muslin bags, and there's just no muss, no fuss.

Sheridan: Hmm.

Beth: Anyway, why don't you have some? You're going to get such a good night's sleep tonight, and you're going to wake up really refreshed.

Sheridan: No, thank you. Even tea keeps me up at night.

Mrs. Wallace: Not this blend. Three sips, you're a goner.

Beth: Please don't say no. I made it just for you.

Sheridan: No. Thank you, really. I really think I'll pass. I'm just going to get a glass of water. I'll be right back.

Mrs. Wallace: What's the matter, genius? Your devious plan not working out so well, huh?

Beth: Shut up, ok? I'm going to figure out a way to get rid of Sheridan. Think!

Kay: This is my sister. Have you seen her?

Woman: She looks familiar -- only the girl I saw was wearing a way cooler outfit.

Kay: Well, where did you see her? When? Tonight?

Woman: I think so, but it wasn't here. Oh, no, it was at the basement.

Simone: What's that?

Woman: It's this new club over on Magnolia Street. It's in the basement of some old factory building. Oh, you could score some really nice stuff over there.

Simone: It's this drug you just lick to get high.

Woman: Mm-hmm.

Kay: Well, my sister didn't have any of this, did she?

Woman: If she was at the basement, she'd have a really hard time avoiding it. Tell me you're not narcs.

Kay: No, but I will find one and turn you in so fast that your head will spin if you do not tell me how to get to that club!

Jessica: Hey!

Randy: You having fun, baby?

Jessica: I'm feeling a little dizzy, Randy. Maybe I should sit down somewhere.

Randy: Oh, maybe. I know just the place.

Man: She's higher than a kite, man. I hope you're taking her home.

Randy: I don't think so, buddy. I'm waiting.

Man: Personally, I like my women knowing what they're doing.

Randy: To each his own.

Jessica: Oh, my head. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Randy: It's nothing Dr. Randy can't fix.

Randy: How you feeling, dollface?

Jessica: Where am I?

Randy: You're halfway to paradise, baby. And I'm going to take you the rest of the way.

Jessica: I want to go home.

Randy: Well, abso-damn-lutely. Later. Didn't anybody tell you? We came out to have fun tonight.

Jessica: Fun, right. I just feel so strange.

Randy: Thanks to those little sticker lickers I introduced to you tonight. Tasty, aren't they?

Jessica: Like candy -- sweet.

Randy: Yeah. You know what I think? I think you should have another taste.

Jessica: Uh -- I don't know.

Randy: Go on. It's not going to bite you.

Jessica: My mother and father always told me not --

Randy: No offense, but your mother and father -- they don't know the first thing about having a good time. Didn't you tell me they're not even together anymore?

Jessica: My mother left.

Randy: See? There you go. Here, have a lick.

Randy: Here.

Jessica: Make it stop.

Randy: What's that?

Jessica: This room -- it's spinning.

Randy: Sure, it is, baby. I'll make it stop. I know just what to do.

Q: Oh!

Paloma: Why are we over here? I want to dance!

Q: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! We'll dance again. There you go. Look, I just wanted to take a break, you know, practice my Spanish.

Paloma: Oh, and I'm trying to learn to speak English better.

Q: Oh, are you kidding? Your English is perfect.

Paloma: Oh.

Q: Look, I want you to teach me some things.

Paloma: Teach you what?

Q: Lots of things. You know, I always heard that Latin girls were really hot.

Kay: Oh, my god! It looks like everybody's getting high off those sticker things!

Simone: I can't believe Jessica would come to a place like this. It's so gross.

Kay: Hi. This is my sister. Have you seen her?

Man: I've been working here 24/7 all week. After a while, all you kids start to look the same.

Kay: Well, she's really young and she should not be in a place like this, so my friend and I need to look around.

Man: Oh, not without paying the cover charge.

Kay: Oh, gosh! What do you have?

Man: Thank you. Enjoy, ladies.

Kay: Thank you so much for your help.

Randy: What do you want? We're busy in here.

Man: Your girlfriend's sister is here looking for her, and I got a feeling she's worried about her. I can't say I blame her.

Randy: Damn. I can't let her find the kid with me. She'll call the cops.

Kay: Oh, my god!

Luis: Well, I'm sorry, Mama, but your logic just doesn't work for me.

Pilar: "Logic," mijo? Logic means nothing. I am speaking of faith, the beliefs that I raised you with.

Luis: Yeah, exactly, and I think I'm just having a little trouble with that right now. I mean, if god is looking down on us, then I guess -- I don't know -- he's a little distracted, because why else would Sheridan have pushed me away? And I don't even know where she is, ok? I'm a little worried about her.

Pilar: Ok. I know. I won't talk about your father any more tonight.

Luis: Well, good, because I don't want to talk about him.

Pilar: All right -- for now. I know you want to go look for Sheridan. I guess I'll go check on Theresa and see how she's holding up.

Luis: Well, you tell her to hang in there.

Pilar: You, too, mijo.

Luis: Sheridan, where are you?

Mrs. Wallace: By all means, go home now! Precious can drive you!

Sheridan: Precious can't drive.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, actually, she can. Doesn't do too well at stop signs, though, but, look, I just thought maybe you were a little too tired.

Sheridan: Uh -- no, I don't think so.

Beth: What don't you think?

Sheridan: Oh, your mother was just suggesting that I go home tonight.

Beth: This again? I will not hear of it. You are exhausted. You're drained. The last thing you need is to go exchange more angry words with Luis. It will just make it worse.

Sheridan: Yeah, you may be right. You know, maybe it'll make him realize how serious I am about my mother if I just spend one night away from him. I just hate sleeping without him.

Beth: Not as much as I do.

Sheridan: Oh, I think I'll turn in.

Beth: Ok, well, up in the bureau are some sweats that you can sleep in. Don't forget your tea.

Sheridan: Oh. No, thank you. I'm really sorry at all the trouble you went to to make it. And you know what? If you don't see me in the morning, it's just because I went back to the cottage early to talk to Luis. But, hey, thanks for everything.

Beth: Ok.

Sheridan: Good night.

Beth: Night.

Mrs. Wallace: Good night, sweetheart!

Sheridan: Good night.

Beth: Damn it! That tea would have done it! Now I got to figure out another way to get rid of her!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh.

Beth: Hey. Sheridan forgot her pillows. Hmm.

Mrs. Wallace: You wouldn't!

Beth: Don't be an idiot, Mother. Of course I would.

Little Ethan: Stay here with us, Ethan.

Ethan: Buddy, I'd like to. I would. I just -- I need to try to get some sleep at home in my own bed.

Pilar: Oh, my god. Has there been news on the plane?

Theresa: No, not since the Crane jet took off.

Ethan: I keep telling her that, you know, the one thing we can be sure of is Gwen will take good care of that baby, though.

Little Ethan: Where is baby Jane?

Pilar: Well, sweetie, your baby sister is on an exciting plane trip, and she'll be back real soon to be big with her big, brave big brother. And what are you doing out of bed at this hour, huh?

Theresa: He couldn't sleep. But I'm going to tuck you in. Ok?

Little Ethan: Ethan, too?

Ethan: Um -- come here. Come here. Even though Mommy has wheels, I bet you we could beat her to the bedroom, huh? Do you want to race her?

Theresa: How about I skip this one?

Ethan: Ok. Hold on a second. I will only stay as long as it takes for him to go to sleep.

Theresa: I know.

Ethan: Head start -- go!

Theresa: All I ever wanted was a husband, a family, and a home. Why can't I have what every other woman seems to have?

Pilar: Ay, Theresa. That's not all you've ever wanted. You've only wanted one husband in particular, and that has been your problem.

Mrs. Wallace: It is not going to work! No! If you smother Sheridan, it's not going to look like a suicide!

Beth: Yeah, you might be right. Well, there's plan B.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh.

Beth: I have a sure-fire way to get rid of blondie, or at least to keep her and Luis apart.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, Precious and I -- we don't want to hear it.

Beth: Good, because I'm not going to tell you, but I will say it involves Luis and me poisoning the other well, so to speak.

Mrs. Wallace: What well? Oh, what are you talking about?

Beth: What if Luis believes Sheridan really hates him --

Mrs. Wallace: Oh.

Beth: And never wants to see him again?

Mrs. Wallace: No. No, no, no. You are never going to be able to convince Luis of that, you evil spawn of the devil!

Beth: Oh, good! I was always wondering who my real father was!

Mrs. Wallace: Ah!

[Beth hums]

Luis: Claudia. Hey. Have you seen Sheridan?

Claudia: Not tonight. Why? Is something wrong?

Luis: No, no. It's fine. Thanks.

[Phone rings]

Luis: Sheridan?

Beth: No. Luis, it's just me -- Beth.

Luis: Oh. Hi. What, is Marty ok?

Beth: Yeah, Marty's fine.

Luis: Good. Hey, listen, Beth, can I call you in the morning? I'm kind of in the middle of something important right now.

Beth: It's Sheridan, isn't it?

Luis: Yeah. How'd you know? You know, we're sort of in a fight right now, but I can't find her anywhere.

Beth: Yeah, I know all about it. We had a pretty long talk.

Luis: Then she's at your house?

Beth: Didn't say that.

Luis: Look, you're covering for her, Beth. Look, I'm coming over there. I need to see her.

Beth: Luis, I don't think that's a good idea.

Luis: Why not?

Beth: She doesn't want to see you, and I'm sorry, but she's made that very clear.

Luis: Did she actually say that? Did she tell you that she didn't want to see me or talk to me?

Beth: I didn't want to have to tell you, Luis.

Luis: Oh, my god. Oh, my god. I thought she was feeling better about me by now.

Beth: Well, I wish I could tell you she was, but -- listen, Luis, I have an idea. Why don't I come to wherever you are and then we can speak frankly. Are you at the cottage?

Luis: No. I'm at the book cafe. I thought Sheridan might have come by here for a cup of coffee.

Beth: Ok, great. Well, why don't I come over there in a few minutes?

Luis: Thanks.

Beth: Don't mention it. What are friends for?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. You are positively shameless!

Beth: I'm just doing whatever it takes to catch my man. I got to fly.

Mrs. Wallace: It'll never work, never work!

Beth: Hey, stay out of it. You, too, missy. One word to Sheridan about where I've gone and you two both are going to end up in the harbor with concrete shoes on. Do you get it?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh.

Simone: What, Kay? What are you looking at? Answer me. What are you looking at?

Kay: Get off of her, you pig!

Q: What the hell?

Paloma: Kay!

Kay: Oh, my god. Don't tell me you've been licking those drug stickers they're passing around.

Paloma: They're like candy.

Kay: No, they're not like candy, Paloma. You can barely stand up.

Q: She's tired. What, is there some law against being tired that I don't know about?

Simone: You go to hell.

Q: Oh, yeah, with you? That's not a bad idea.

Kay: Jerk.

Simone: Creep.

Kay: Hey! Not so fast! How many of these did she have?

Q: I don't know. I stopped counting around five.

Kay: You lousy bastard!.

Simone: Ask him if he's seen Jessica.

Kay:  He better not have. Hmm. This is my sister. Have you seen her?

Q: Can't say I have.

Kay: If you're lying, I will track you down and have you put in jail so fast for pushing these drugs on innocent girls.

Q: Oh, gee, I'm really scared.

Simone: Well, you ought to be, because her father, which means her father, is the chief of police around here, and anything happens to Jessica Bennett, he's going to be coming to see you.

Q: Get lost, little girls. I'm busy.

Kay: We got to get Paloma home.

Simone: What about Jessica?

Kay: Well, it doesn't look like she's here.

Simone: Thank god for that at least. This place is bad news. Anything could have happened to Paloma if we hadn't have shown up when we did.

Kay: I don't even want to think about it. How could you not have learned your lesson from the last time you were at that club and you almost got raped?

Simone: I don't think you're going to get much of an answer from her.

Kay: Well, let's get her out of here. With any luck, Jessica's home by now.

Paloma: Oh.

Kay: Come on.

Simone: Got her?

Man: All clear. Big sister's gone.

Randy: Thank you, my man. I owe you.

Man: Yeah.

Randy: Now, where was I? One... two.

Theresa: I thought you were in little Ethan's bedroom.

Ethan: Well, we -- that's where we were headed, but this guy decided that he'd like to spend the night with his mommy tonight, if that's ok.

Theresa: Of course it is. Why don't you climb in, honey.

Little Ethan: Ethan first.

Ethan: Buddy, I'm sorry. I can't. I'm -- I got to go to my own house and go in my own bed.

Little Ethan: Please?

Ethan: I really, really can't do that.

Theresa: How about just for a few minutes?

Little Ethan: Yay.

Theresa: Just until he falls asleep?

Ethan: Just for a few minutes, ok?

Theresa: Ok. Thank you.

Ethan: You ok?

Theresa: Yep.

Theresa: See? This isn't so bad.

Mrs. Wallace: Poor Sheridan. Her heart is broken.

Sheridan: Oh, Luis. I love you so much. And I hate that we're fighting. Beth is right. We both need a good night's sleep before we talk again. It just seems that I've lost everyone that matters to me. Thank you, Precious.

Mrs. Wallace: Ooh. I hope you don't mind, but look who I found, who wants to give a good-night hug to his Auntie Sheridan.

Sheridan: Hi.

Mrs. Wallace: Enjoy, ok?

Sheridan: Hey. Hi, there.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. Well, see? It's the least I can do considering what Beth has in store for her.

Beth: Oh, hi.

Luis: Just tell me where Sheridan is. Did she ride over with you? Is she out in the car?

Beth: No. Not even close. Luis, I told you, she doesn't want to talk to you tonight.

Luis: She's still that angry with me?

Beth: Yeah.

Luis: Beth, we never had a fight like this.

Beth: Ok, listen. Calm down, all right? I'm here to help.

Luis: All right, all right. I'm sorry, I just -- I'm telling you, this is getting the best of me, ok? You know, I just hate it that Sheridan would think that I would want anything else but her complete and total happiness.

Beth: I know, I know, but this thing with her mother, Katherine -- it's a very sensitive issue for her.

Luis: Ok. How much did Sheridan tell you?

Beth: Everything, I think. But you know what? I really don't want to get in the middle of this, because I'm close with both of you.

Luis: No, no, no, tell me exactly what Sheridan said when you said that I wanted to see her.

Beth: Well, I'm afraid she was adamant. She doesn't want to be around you. She couldn't have made it any clearer.

Luis: You know, this is all that damn Katherine Crane's fault. You know, she's the one who stole my father away from my mother and left all us kids to suffer, and she abandoned Sheridan, too. You know, I just don't understand how Sheridan could forgive her for this.

Beth: You know, I've asked myself the same question. If Katherine were my mom, I would never forgive her, but -- well, Sheridan's -- she's different than us, you know? For some reason, she's blaming you for everything. I mean, I've never seen her this angry.

Luis: All right, I'm going over there. I can't take this anymore.

Beth: No, Luis, listen, you're going to be wasting your time, all right? Come on. She won't talk to you.

Luis: You're --

Beth: You're just going to make things worse.

Luis: You're right, you're right, you're right, you're right. You're closer to this situation than anyone else, ok? I need you to tell me what to do.

Pilar: Theresa's dream. Dios mio, if there's any way that you can help my Theresa find the happiness that she's searched for, heavenly father, please help my children find peace.

Simone: Any sign of Jessica?

Kay: Nothing, not that anyone outside was missing her.

Simone: Is everybody still out there?

Kay: Talk about a royal mess.

Simone: Oh, I can't believe I was ever in love with Chad. How could he still have feelings for Whitney knowing that she is his sister?

Kay: Don't look at me. Anyway, I don't want to think about them, ok, knowing that Jessica could be anywhere. Oh, god. I hope wherever she is she's safe.

Sheridan: I hate to say good night, but I'm sure it's way past your bedtime, young man.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, you know, maybe Marty could bunk in with you tonight.

Sheridan: Really?

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah.

Sheridan: You don't think Beth would mind?

Mrs. Wallace: Well, actually, Beth is out for a while, you know, and what she doesn't know is not going to hurt her, will it? Enjoy.

Sheridan: Thanks. Hey, you.

Mrs. Wallace: Poor Sheridan. Once Beth gets through with Luis, she won't even have him. Here you go, Precious.

Sheridan: My mother may be gone and I've alienated Luis, but I have my son, at least for tonight. I don't even want to think about the morning when they take him away from me.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. Let me tell you, precious, I rue the day I gave birth to that demon spawn of mine, because even as we are sipping our delightful cocktails, she is twisting Luis away from the woman that he loves towards her. Evil! Unspeakable evil!

Luis: Now, do you think my feelings for Sheridan's mother are way off base?

Beth: No, not at all. I can't imagine anyone reacting differently. The woman's a home wrecker. She abandoned her family. If I were Sheridan, I would be thrilled to have Katherine out of my life.

Luis: You see? You and I see it exactly the same way. Why can't Sheridan?

Beth: Well -- maybe -- I don't know.

Luis: What? What were you going to say?

Beth: No, never mind. You guys need to work this out yourselves.

Luis: Beth, don't do this. Listen, I'm desperate here, ok? Now, if there's something that you can tell me that's going to help me in any way --

Beth: I'm just not sure that you want to hear it.

Luis: I do. Please tell me, ok?

Beth: Ok. If Sheridan knows how strongly you feel about her mother --

Luis: Well, I haven't exactly made that a secret.

Beth: Ok. Well, since she knows all that and she still wants to have a close relationship with her mother, the woman that damaged your family to such an incredible degree, well, I think she's kind of telling you where things are at.

Luis: Meaning?

Beth: Meaning I'm not sure that you need to talk to Sheridan about where you guys stand. I think she told you. Sheridan had a very clear choice between you and her mother. She chose her mother.

Luis: But, she --

Beth: Listen. If the woman that you love can't support you on this very important issue, I'm sorry, but how can you consider spending the rest of your life with her?

On the next Passions:

Pilar: We all know what a monster Alistair is. Nothing you can say will shock me.

Martin: This would. It would shock the hell out of you.

T.C.: I am going to straighten Chad out once and for all.

Whitney: I'll tell you why I turned down your proposal, Fox.

Kay: Jessica's dead.

[Jessica screams]

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