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Passions Transcript Friday 2/25/05
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By Boo
Proofread by Jodi

[Kay hums]

Simone: Wait. You dropped the chocolate sauce in the car. Jess lives on this stuff.

Kay: Well, I hope this cheers her up. Poor Jess. She's grounded. She'll be on Social Security when Dad lets her out.

Simone: Well, what do you expect? She snuck out of the house to go to that party at that nightclub? That's risky behavior. Look what happened to Paloma. She was beaten up and almost raped.

Kay: I know, but I still feel sorry for her. Jess? It's me and Simone. We brought you some chocolate peanut butter ice cream -- your favorite. A whole quart.

Simone: She's in there. Right?

Kay: No way. She snuck out again? Dad is going to kill her.

Simone: Well, where do you think she went?

Kay: I don't know, but we better find out.

Randy: Hey, your drag of a sister isn't going to show up again, is she? I want to pick up where we left off. They don't call me Randy for nothing.

[Jessica laughs]

Jessica: You're bad. Don't worry. You got me all to yourself. No one has any idea where I am.

Randy: Perfect.

Paloma: Let me go! My friends are waiting for me!

Vic: I've been waiting, too. You teased me plenty. Now it's time to deliver.

Paloma: No! What am I doing back here? I must be crazy.

Man: Whoa! Well, look who's back. The senorita.

Second man: You're not afraid to visit the scene of the crime?

Paloma: Are you kidding? Nothing stops me from having a good time. I'm a party girl from way back.

Man: Oh, you want to party, honey? Well, you found the right boy.

Paloma: Honey, I don't need a boy. I need a man.

Man: Oh! Oh!

Paloma: So? What are we waiting for? I'm ready for some fun!

Fox: What are Whitney and her mother talking about out there? I should go find out.

Ivy: No. Fox, no. Just leave her be. You know, she's upset.

Fox: She's upset? Mom, tonight was supposed to be our night. It was perfect. I had candles out there, I had flowers. I got down on one knee and I asked Whitney to marry me. And what happens, huh? Chad shows up, says that he's still in love with his half sister. I mean, what the hell is wrong with that guy, huh? They can't be together, Mom. It's -- it's disgusting.

Ivy: Yes, Fox, but no more violence, please. It doesn't solve anything. It's vile. Anyone would agree, and I'm sure Chad will, too, as soon as he thinks about it. I mean, the idea of a relationship with Whitney, his sister -- it's out of the question.

Julian: You know, your lack of judgment in this matter is appalling.

Chad: You can lecture me all you want. It's not going to change my mind. I've thought it through and I'm sure. I love Whitney and I know she loves me, and we're going to be together. End of story.

Julian: For god's sake, the girl is your sister. What you're planning isn't just wrong, it's immoral.

Chad: You know, that's really funny coming from you.

Julian: I have not led a blameless life, to be sure, but we're not talking about me. We're talking about incest. I mean, you and your sister -- it can't happen.

Chad: Yes, it can. And I'm not going to give up until we're together.

Eve: Whitney, could you just put my mind at ease, please? You're not thinking about taking Chad up on this plan? You're not thinking about having a relationship with your brother? It's impossible. It's sick. You're not really thinking about this, Whitney?

Luis: I can't believe she thinks that I would lie to her. I was wrong, ok, to have come on so strong. You know, I'll even go find Sam, and then we'll go find your mother, and I'll even bring her back, ok?

Sheridan: You know what? I just don't believe you. Because I think that you would lie to me. I think that you would just tell me that you had never seen her.

Luis: Sheridan, hey, there you are. I --

Sheridan: Don't touch me, all right? I didn't come here to talk. I just came to get my purse.

Luis: Sheridan, come on!

Sheridan: No, please, Luis, just stay away from me. Look, I hate you. I hate what you've done to me, and I hate what you've done to my mother. So please do not come near me ever again!

Martin: You know, I should go to Luis. You know, maybe he could use my help.

Sam: Martin, Martin, look, why don't you do yourself a favor, ok? Let them work it out themselves.

Martin: Yeah, but he must be hurting right now. I mean, Sheridan said some awful things about him.

Sam: Look, I got a feeling you'll just make things worse.

Joe: Chief? There's something you should hear.

Sam: Ok, yeah.

Alistair: It seems my daughter has come to her senses. I guess all those years she spent slumming with the working class is at an end.

Martin: She loves my son. She doesn't mean what she said. She's just hurt, confused. Because you confused her since she was a child. You sick bastard. You warped her mind!

Alistair: Well, that's hardly news. And her choice of lovers proves that. But you have to remember something, Martin -- that truth oftentimes comes out during the heat of anger, and I'm sure that Sheridan meant every word she said. Uh-huh. And she also realizes that her father -- me -- I've been telling her the truth for years, so she can't trust Luis or any one of his ilk.

Martin: You're a sadist.

Alistair: You are just as dim as you are dreary. Don't you know me long enough by now to realize that this is just the beginning of terror that I have in store for you people? Hmm? I mean, it's -- it's going to get worse. It's going to get much worse -- not only for Sheridan and Luis, but for all of you.

Rebecca: You can cry all you want, but you are never going to bring Gwen and that baby back. You see, they're at 35,000 feet by now, and I for one say adios. After everything that the two of you have put my daughter through, she deserves a baby of her own.

Ethan: God, you are -- you are being vicious.

Rebecca: Me? How about the way that you two destroyed my little girl? Yeah, well, now you have to pay the price, and you are never, ever going to see your baby again.

Theresa: I want my baby. I need Jane!

Rebecca: Oh. Well, you know, I am sure that Ashley is asleep in her mommy's arms right now, and she is one lucky girl. So face it, tramp -- you are never, ever going to see your baby again. Never.

Ethan: Rebecca, this is not the time.

Rebecca: Really? Oh, well, what better time is there to kick your enemy than when she's down and crippled? Theresa is never going to see her baby again. Gwen and the baby are gone forever.

Theresa: I need my baby. They've got to find my baby.

Rebecca: "Oh, poor, pitiful me, I need my baby." You know, you must go through scads of waterproof mascara.

Pilar: Callate la boca. How dare you talk to my daughter that way. Don't listen to her, Teresita. They'll find baby Jane. They'll bring her home, mija.

Rebecca: Dream on! They're probably out of U.S. Airspace by now. And since no one knows where they're going, they are gone forever. So get used to it, Theresa. This is your day of reckoning. All those evil, nasty things that you've done to my daughter are coming back to haunt you. Sing glory hallelujah!

Ethan: You are being cruel.

Rebecca: No! And Theresa is going to sit there right in that wheelchair, and she is going to listen to me because this is payback time.

Luis: Sheridan, you're not making sense.

Sheridan: You know what, there you go again, making me doubt myself. Just stay away from me because I can't trust you, not ever again, and I am so sick of your lies. That's what drove my mother away, because every time I saw my mother, she told me how much she loved me. But for months now, you've accused her of every crime under the sun, and I believed you! My god, the awful things that I said to my mother, and now she's gone because you drove her away!

Luis: Now, Sheridan, come on. I know that you don't mean that. Sheridan, I love you. Now, come on, I would never do anything to hurt you, and I know in your heart that you know that.

Sheridan: Well, then my heart is a liar!

Luis: Please. Come on, let's just talk about it.

Sheridan: No! Luis, no. Not now. I can't.

Luis: Sheridan, please --

Sheridan: I just can't!

Luis: Sheridan? Sheridan, come on!

Martin: Give her time, son. She doesn't mean it.

Luis: What the hell are you talking about? You know, this is all your fault, yours and Katherine's! You're the ones who tore our lives apart!

Julian: How can I get through to you this is madness?

Chad: You know, stop. You can talk and talk until you're blue in the face. I've made my decision. Whitney and I will live together, and I'm going to raise that child.

Julian: Incest.

Chad: No, it's not incest if we don't sleep together. You know, Whitney and I love each other enough to give that up. So you know what? You can say whatever you want. It's not going to change my mind. I love Whitney, and I'm going to be with her.

Fox: Like hell you are. Let me tell you something, Chad, you and Whitney will never be together, you understand that? She is your sister, for god's sake! You know what I want you to do? I want you to take all your sick, little, twisted ideas and I want you to get the hell out of here, ok? I want you gone.

Chad: No. No, I'm not moving.

Fox: Well, we'll see about that.

Chad: I love Whitney. She's the one woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Fox: Well, you know what? She doesn't want to be with you, Chad, ok? She's in love with me!

Chad: The thing is, you don't know that. You saw her just like I did. She hesitated when you and your mother asked her if she had any feelings for me. And then she ran out the door. That's why you're upset. You're scared. You're scared that maybe she wants to be with me just like I want to be with her.

Fox: You are one sick son of a --

Eve: Whitney, say something. Tell me that Chad's plan is just ridiculous. I mean, blame me all you want to, but he's still your brother. Snap out of this! What's the matter with you? Now, tell me that you're not thinking about taking Chad up on his offer! Whitney!

Julian: All right, that's enough! Stop it! You think beating each other senseless is going to solve anything? What kind of sons do I have?

Fox: The kind that'll wind up killing each other. Go.

Ivy: Chad, I think Fox is right. You need to go.

Chad: I'm not going anywhere.

Julian: Come with me. The two of you need to be kept apart till this is sorted out. Come on. Let's go.

Fox: This is insane!

Ivy: Well, you won't get any argument from me there. Hopefully, Julian can talk some sense into Chad because somebody has got to do it soon.

Fox: You know what? You're a genius.

Ivy: Why?

Fox: No, you're right. Someone does have to get through to Chad.

Ivy: Oh --

Fox: I'm going to go make a phone call.

Ivy: Kay? Where did you come from? I didn't know you were here.

Kay: We just got here.

Simone: Yeah, we went upstairs to see Jessica, but she --

Kay: But she's still grounded, right?

Ivy: After the stunt she pulled? Yes.

Kay: Where's dad?

Ivy: He had to go out on some police business. I'm keeping an eye on Jessica. Luckily, she has been quiet tonight because I've got all the trouble I can handle right outside.

Kay: What now?

Ivy: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Jessica: That tickles! But I like it.

Randy's voice: Ahah, and you'll like it more when your clothes aren't in the way.

Man: Oh, yeah!


Second man: Yeah! Muy caliente!

Third man: Whoo!

Fourth man: Hot, hot, hot!

Paloma: You like?

Man: Oh, yeah, yeah! I like, I like, I like!

Paloma: What about this?

Man: Whoo-hoo!

Second man: I'd like you better in my truck!

Third man: Oh, yeah! Whoo-hoo!

Paloma: No, papacito, I just want to dance.

Man: Ooh!

Paloma: Jessica! Come dance with me!

Jessica: Give me a second. I want to go say hi to my friend.

Randy: Hey, she's not a downer like your sister, is she?

Jessica: Oh -- does she look like it?

Randy: Nope.

Paloma: Jess, get up here and dance!

Randy: And don't be long.

Jessica: No, not me. Heights make me woozy.

Paloma: Oh, then get me down. Whoo-hoo! Thank you! How did you get out? I thought you were grounded.

Jessica: As if. What are you doing here? Why would you want to come back here after what happened?

Paloma: Oh, look who's talking. Jess, I go where I like. None of you knows me very well. Nothing keeps from doing what I want, and tonight I want to have fun!

Jessica: But, I mean, the same place that you said you almost got --

Paloma: It's like when an airplane crashes. For a while after that, it's the safest time to fly.

Jessica: You think?

Paloma: Sure. And I'm sick of my brother and everyone else telling me what to do. They never cared what happened to me before, so they have no right to start now. They're all hypocrites.

Jessica: Like my mom. She always yammers on and on and on about what I should and shouldn't do. "Jessica, you have to be a good girl." Then what happens? Her first husband shows up, and the next thing you know it's "hasta la vista, girls, I'm off to Europe." She left us behind like garbage. And now my dad's shacking up with his old mistress. I'll never let anyone tell me what to do ever again.

Paloma: You go, girl! Give me five! Hey, these party girls need their drinks!

Jessica: Whoo!

Man: Want to go to Nancy's and get high?

Randy: Nah. You go ahead. I got lucky tonight.

Man: Her? Forget about it. She's got tease written all over her. I mean, she'll back out on you in a minute.

Randy: Not tonight she won't. And I have happy little friends here to make sure of it.

Man: Oh, you're bad.

Randy: After she licks one of these, she'll be so far gone, she won't care what I do to her.

[ Italian music ]

Randy: What's up, baby?

Jessica: Oh, hi.

Randy: Hey.

Jessica: You remember Randy.

Paloma: Yes, your old guy.

Randy: Hey, older. And I'm not that old.

Paloma: I'm Paloma.

Randy: Well, who could forget you? Hey, I'm bored with this dump. What do you say we get out of here?

Jessica: Where to? It's not like we have much options in boring old Harmony.

Paloma: Uh-uh.

Jessica: It's either this or watching the night shift gut mackerel at the cannery.

Randy: You're funny. But you're wrong. There's a new club down near the old pier. Almost no one knows about it yet. Just serious party people.

Paloma: Oh, that's me! Count me in!

Jessica: Ok, if Paloma comes with us.

Randy: Sure. The more the merrier.

Paloma: Ok, let's go! Party, party, party!

[Jessica laughs]

Man: Shoot, those girls don't have a clue what's going to happen to them tonight.

Ivy: I mean, how can this be happening? It's my own Greek tragedy playing right outside.

Simone: What are you talking about?

Ivy: Oh, you wouldn't believe me. I mean, I don't believe it. It's just -- it's all sick.

Kay: What?

Simone: What do you mean?

Ivy: Oh. All right, now your mother is outside fighting with your sister.

Simone: What else is new?

Ivy: Fox proposed to Whitney.

Simone: Oh, my god.

Ivy: No, before she could say anything, Chad rushed in saying he still loves her and he wants to live with her, even though she is his sister.

Simone: What?

Kay: Ew.

Ivy: Ew, I know, but no one can talk him out of it.

Kay: Well, what did Whitney say?

Ivy: Nothing yet.

Simone: Oh, god. How can things in my family get any worse?

Ivy: I wouldn't ask that question. I don't think any of us would like the answer.

Eve: Answer me, Whitney. Just tell me that you think Chad's plan is absurd.

Julian: No, please. Leave them alone. You've said enough for one night. Let Eve talk to her daughter.

Eve: What is wrong with you? Why won't you answer me?

Fox: So what do you say, Whitney? Will you make me the happiest man in the world? Will you be my wife?

Chad: Whitney, I love you now just as much as I ever did.

Whitney: Stop it. Ok, you have to stop. That's disgusting.

Chad: And that's the only lie that's being told in this kitchen tonight. Whitney, there's nothing about my love for you that's disgusting. It's real, it'd deep, and it's true.

Eve: Ok, Whitney, would you please tell me what you are thinking?

Whitney: I don't know, Mother. I don't know what I'm going to do.

Eve: How can you say that? There's only one right answer here. Chad is your brother. You couldn't go along with any kind of horrific plan like that.

Whitney: Yeah. Yeah, he is my brother. But you know what? We have been in love a long time before we knew we were really brother and sister. I mean, we had our whole lives planned out. It was going to be absolutely perfect. And then, what do you know, all your secrets and lies come out. And then I find out I'm pregnant by my brother. Thank you, Mother. Thank you very much.

Eve: Sweetheart, I'm --

Whitney: Will you give me a break? How are you going to sit here and pressure me about what I'm going to do when I wouldn't be in this position if it weren't for you? Now, back off!

Theresa: I can't take this.

Rebecca: Oh, please. Now, don't you think it's time to retire the little miss victim act? If anyone's the victim here, it is Gwen. You have tortured her for years, so you deserve everything, everything that you get.

Theresa: How dare you blame me for anything that's happened, Rebecca. You and Gwen stole my child from me. You started this! And every single thing that I did was a reaction to what you two bitches did to me!

Rebecca: Ah, ah, ah -- language.

Theresa: You dare say that Gwen is the victim in this mess? Why don't you take a look at me? Because I'm paralyzed because your psychotic daughter almost killed me!

Rebecca: You know, look on the bright side. You can park in those handicap spaces for life.

Pilar: Por que no te ahogaste al nacer?

Rebecca: Now, now, mamacita, huh? Speaka da English, por favor.

Pilar: You know what, Rebecca? I've had it with you!

Ethan: Pilar, it's not even worth it.

Sheridan: Don't you think we've had enough pain for one night?

Rebecca: Speak for yourself. I'm having a marvelous time.

Ethan: Rebecca, she is right. Listen, we're going to find them. Everything will be fine.

Pilar: Luis, mijo, have they found the plane? Anything?

Luis: No, not yet. Sam's talking to the controller.

Ethan: It'll be ok. My father will find the plane.

Rebecca: Hmm. Harmony's finest against Alistair Crane. I know who I'd bet on.

Ethan: They will find it. And they are going to find our baby.

Sheridan: And my mother.

Theresa: I hope so. Because I can't lose Jane. I can't.

Sheridan: And I can't lose my mother. I just can't.

Sam: Are you sure about this? Ok. Thank you.

Joe: Any news on the plane?

Sam: Yes. I have to let the others know right away.

Ivy: So that's what's been going on tonight. And I have been so busy trying to calm Fox down that I -- I haven't checked on Jessica. Is she ok?

Kay: Oh, quiet as a mouse. You wouldn't even know she's there.

Simone: I can't believe what's happened to my family. I mean, first Mom and Dad and Aunt Liz, and now this? Chad and Whitney? He's our brother. I mean, it was bad enough last fall when we found out that he was related. But this? And they still want to be together?

Ivy: I don't know about Whitney, but Chad does. Whitney hasn't said anything yet, and so Fox is heartbroken.

Simone: I got to get out of here. I -- one more minute of this and I'm going to be sick. I can't let myself get pulled into this mess. What has my mother done to us? What has happened to my family?

Julian: Are you all right?

Eve: Anything but.

Julian: What did she say?

Eve: She didn't say no, Julian. She's considering it. She's thinking about going back to him.

Julian: What?

Eve: I know. Oh, god, my son may end up in a relationship with my daughter. I think I'm going to be sick.

Fox: All right, everybody listen up. I brought someone here who can help us get through all this nonsense tonight.

Father Lonigan: Fox explained the situation. I hope I can help.

Chad: Father Lonigan, forget it. I don't want to hear it.

Father Lonigan: Chad, please --

Chad: No, no disrespect, Father. But you can't talk me out of what my heart feels. No one can. I love Whitney, and that's not going to change.

Ethan: Listen, don't worry. We'll find them. We'll find the plane. We'll bring them back.

Rebecca: Not likely. You know, Theresa, if I were you, I would bone up on those wheelchair basketball skills. Because, you know, now that the baby's gone, you're going to have a whole lot of time on your hands.

Theresa: Shut up, Rebecca!

Sheridan: All right, stop it, both of you! I can't bear to see a mother separated from her child.

Luis: Sheridan, just listen to me for one second.

Sheridan: Oh, no, no, no! You leave me alone! I mean it, Luis.

Pilar: Luis, what's going on, mijo?

Luis: Well, Sheridan won't talk to me. She blames me for her mother leaving, which doesn't make any sense. I've never seen her like this.

Pilar: Look, don't worry, all right? Just let her have some time to sort things out in her head. She can't blame you for anything.

Luis: I hope so. I'm worried about her.

Alistair: Worried about Katherine, Martin? You should be.

Martin: Damn you, where are they? Where's that plane going?

Alistair: I have no idea. But I'm sure that you're wondering if you'll ever see her again.

Martin: Of course I am. We both love each other very much.

Alistair: Oh. She has an interesting way of showing it.

Martin: You know, just shut up. You don't even know what the hell love means.

Alistair: No, I don't. I mean, it's such a sickly emotion. Really, it's prized by weak milquetoasts like yourself.

Martin: Mm-hmm, I see.

Alistair: Now -- now, pain -- now, there's a subject I could teach to someone. Yes. You have no idea how much I enjoy watching you suffer. You stole Katherine from me years ago, and I'm just returning the favor.

Pilar: Sam, what is it?

Luis: Have you heard anything?

Sheridan: Have you found my mother?

Theresa: Please, chief Bennett --

Sam: Everyone just calm down, ok? Yes, I have news on the plane.

Kay: Maria can have another bottle before she goes down. And don't let Endora levitate her, ok? It scares her. Well, do your best. Thanks, Tabitha.

Simone: Oh, my stomach.

Kay: Did you throw up?

Simone: No, but I don't think I'll ever eat again. What is wrong with my family, Kay?

Kay: Where do I start?

Simone: Yeah, very funny. You know what I mean. I mean Chad and Whitney. It's like -- this is a nightmare. I mean, I'm lucky that she stole him from me, and now look what's happened. That could be me out there.

Kay: Yeah, it's pretty gross, but you know what? My family is no better. Mom ran off to god knows where with David. And Ivy just clawed her way into my dad's bed. Noah doesn't even want to come home anymore, and now Jessica's sneaking off to dive bars dressed like a hooker. Don't even get me started on me and Miguel.

Simone: Never thought we'd be from broken homes.

Kay: Broken? How about shattered into itsy-bitsy pieces? You know what, so what? I mean, nobody's family's perfect, even when they seem to be. And our families seemed to be perfect once. Well, look at them now. They're dysfunctional.

Simone: At least your brother and sister aren't --

Kay: Shut -- don't even finish that sentence, please, ok? I am plenty grossed out for one night. Now, come on, we got to get out there and find Jessica fast.

Simone: Before your dad finds out she's gone.

Kay: And before she gets herself into some real trouble.

Jessica: Can you believe there's a place like this in Harmony? This must be what New York is like.

Paloma: Yeah!

Paloma: This is more like it. A girl could have some fun in here.

Randy: I'm glad you like it.

Man: More victims for my dungeon?

Randy: Yeah, I think they like the joint.

Man: Good. You girls look like the adventurous type. Here, take one. Join the party.

Jessica: What are they?

Man: Are they for real?

Randy: Go ahead, take one. You'll love it. Everyone's got one. It's sort of a club thing.

Paloma: Ok. Don't you want one?

Randy: I've got my own.

Jessica: What are we supposed to do, wear them?

Paloma: They stick right on?

Randy: Yeah, you lick them first.

Paloma: Lick them?

Randy: Yeah, taste them. They're sweet, like candy, only better. Much better.

Man: And no calories.

Jessica: Really?

Randy: Try it. That way you'll fit in like everyone else.

Chad: Look, Father, I'm really sorry Fox brought you all the way over here, wasted your time. But I know how I feel. And I know what my heart tells me. I love Whitney, and I know she loves me.

Father Lonigan: Chad, after all you've learned these past few months, I -- I know you hurt. But it --

Chad: Father, I know Whitney's my sister. I mean, half the town keeps reminding me. And I know we can't have the relationship we had before. I mean, if we had kids, it would --

Fox: It's disgusting.

Chad: Will you just shut up? Now, Father, I know I can't be with her in that way. But I still want to share my life with Whitney. You know, the two of us -- we had so many plans, such a bright future, and I still want that with her as friends.

Father Lonigan: That's understandable. That could work.

Fox: What?

Simone: Jessica wouldn't have come back here.

Kay: Well, where else could she go in this one-horse town? If she wants sleaze, this is it until the summer places open.

Simone: Well, do you have a picture? We could ask people.

Kay: Good idea.

Kay: Hi.

Man: "Hi," yourself. You look familiar.

Kay: You, too.

Man: You looking for some fun?

Simone: Well, we're actually looking for --

Man: Well, ladies, today's your lucky day. Because we're lonely and available, too. Let's dance.

Simone: No, thanks.

Kay: Actually, we're looking for my little sister, Jessica. Has she been in here tonight?

Man: Her? Here? Nah. No, she's too high-class for this place.

Simone: Well, she was in here before, but she was dressed a little differently.

Kay: Yeah.

Man: Even so, I'd recognize her.

Second man: Mm-hmm.

First man: Most of these babes are shot-and-beer girls.

Second man: Yeah, you know, from a frozen food plant over in Castleton, or the fish packing line down at the cannery.

Kay: Gee, thanks.

Man: Maybe you should go check the country club.

Kay: Thanks a lot.

Man: Not a problem. Sure you ladies don't want a beer

Simone: No, thanks. Where could she be?

Kay: I don't know, but I have a really bad feeling about this. Wherever she is, she's in trouble.

Randy: Go on, lick them. You'll like them. Everyone does it. It's like a game.

Jessica: Really?

Randy: They're great, aren't they?

Jessica: I can't taste anything.

Randy: Keep trying. Oh, man, you'll love them. And I'm going to love what they do to them even more.

Ivy: Pardon me, Father, but have you lost your mind?

Fox: Wait a minute, how can you say it's ok for Chad and Whitney to be together? They're -- they're brother and sister. It's disgusting. It's sick.

Chad: So you understand, Father? You know how I feel?

Father Lonigan: Course I do, Chad. Your desire to have a friendship with your sister is ok. But you must know you're kidding yourself if you think that's the way it will always be. If you live with Whitney, share a home, a life, you'll be placing yourself directly in the path of temptation.

Chad: No. No, we can be strong.

Father Lonigan: Oh, come now, Chad. It's all very well to promise that you will not be intimate with one another, but the temptation will always be there.

Chad: Jesus resisted temptation in the desert.

Father Lonigan: Do you have the strength of Jesus? You and Whitney did not end your relationship because you fell out of love. You were forced apart by cruel, harsh truths you had no control over. It's no surprise that your love is still there. And the temptation to be intimate with one another will grow and grow until it is too great for either of you to fight. And then you and Whitney will give in to your desires. And what started in love may end in tragedy. It's a sin, Chad. You don't want to hurt Whitney, do you?

Chad: No.

Father Lonigan: Then you must let go of your feelings. Let go of your love for Whitney. Can you do that?

Theresa: Tell me that you found them. Tell me you found my baby.

Sheridan: Please, Sam. I -- I need my mother.

Sam: No, I'm sorry. The plane's not showing up on radar. No tracking system can pick them up. It's like the plane has vanished.

Rebecca: Ah, good.

Theresa: Oh, Ethan, where is she?

Ethan: We'll find them. I swear we'll find them.

Pilar: Hey, Sheridan.

Sheridan: I need my mother, Pilar. I never knew how much.

Pilar: I know.

Martin: Katherine, why? Why did you leave me?

Alistair: Such whining. Well, it took a little bit of doing, but it turned out to be an excellent night's work. I have my revenge.

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