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Passions Transcript Thursday 2/24/05
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By Boo
Proofread by Jodi

Jessica: Not bad. Poor Reese. He has no idea what he's missing. Now, to make up for lost time.

Theresa: Please do something, Ethan. We cannot let Gwen get away with kidnapping our baby.

Rebecca: Oh, you're too late,

Theresita. You see, the Crane jet has gone vamoose, and Gwen and the baby have flown off to start a new life.

Theresa: No.

Rebecca: And since the pilot has not registered a flight plan and he isn't taking any calls, where they end up is for Gwen to know and you never to find out.

Theresa: Well, there has to be a way for us to find Jane and bring her home.

Rebecca: Hmm. Well, there isn't.

Ethan: There might -- there might be. Hold on. Patch me through to Chief Bennett, please. It's his son Ethan. Dad, yes. Listen, call off the search for Gwen and the baby. No, no, meet us up at the corporate airport. Yeah, yeah, no, I'll explain to you later. Thanks.

Martin: What am I going to do? I'm going to go wait for Katherine.

Pilar: For how long?

Martin: Until she realizes that leaving was a mistake. Katherine -- she won't be gone long. She loves me, and she'll come back.

Pilar: That's not what she told Alistair. Katherine said she wanted to go to a place where no one could ever find her, where she could be out of her children's lives and your life forever. That doesn't sound like a woman who plans to come back.

Martin: Well, I refuse to believe that.

Sheridan: I mean it, Luis. Stay away from me.

Luis: I can't believe that you're being like this. Sheridan, I love you, ok? I would -- I would never do anything to hurt you.

Sheridan: Oh, bull. You have known since the day we met how much I missed my mother and how I would give anything to have her back. And then, when the unthinkable happened and she did come back, you knew how much I wanted to have her in my life. But, no, because you were so angry at your father, you decreed my mother off-limits to me and you made me choose between her and you.

Luis: Sheridan, I was trying to protect you. I didn't want Katherine to hurt you again. I don't know, maybe you forgot, but she abandoned you and Julian. She let you both grow up thinking that she was dead?

Sheridan: My mother did not have a choice.

Luis: Sheridan, we talked about this. Katherine had choices.

Sheridan: Damn it, Luis. I don't care. I love my mother.

Alistair: The Crane jet didn't crash and burn this time, but the fabled love story between Sheridan and Luis is going down in flames.

Whitney: Chad, I don't want to ever hear you say those words again, ok?

Chad: Well, it's too bad, because they're real. Whitney, I love you now just as much as I ever did.

Whitney: Stop it, ok? You have to stop. That's disgusting.

Chad: And that's the only lie that's being told in this kitchen tonight. Whitney, there's nothing about my love for you that's disgusting. It's real, it's deep, and it's true. Whitney, I want to get back together with you. I need to be with you.

Fox: You sick bastard.

Whitney: Wait -- no, no! Don't -- Fox, stop!

Ivy: Fox, stop it!

Eve: Julian, stop them!

Fox: Now, get over here!

Julian: Fox, Chad, now, stop it! That's enough!

Chad: Why don't you let me finish with Whitney?

Fox: No, you are finished with Whitney, you know, and now I'm going to finish you!

Ivy: Fox --

Julian: Now, stop it! You're both Cranes! You're not common street fighters!

Eve: Fox, Chad, listen to your father!

Whitney: For my sake, will you please stop? I can't take all this fighting!

Chad: Ah!

[Whitney screams]

Ivy: Enough!

Julian: Get over here!

Eve: Are you ok?

Chad: Yeah, I'm cool. As long as Fox stays the hell away from me so I can talk to Whitney!

Fox: No, no, forget about it! Saying that you still love Whitney, that you want to be with her? She's your sister, for god's sake!

Ivy: Fox is right! All this talk has just got to stop! It's going to make everyone ill!

Fox: You should be arrested for trying to hit on your own sister!

Julian: Listen, I think we misunderstood Chad when we came in here. Of course, he loves Whitney, she's his half sister, but you didn't mean you're in love her? You didn't mean you -- you wanted to be with her, did you?

Chad: That's exactly what I meant. I want to be together with Whitney.

[Phone rings]

Jessica: Hello? Hi there, handsome. You are? That's just around the corner. No, don't honk the horn when you get here. I'll meet you at the curb. I don't want my family knowing I'm going out. Ok, bye.

Jessica: I don't want to get a disease or get pregnant. I just want to have fun. Lots of fun.

Alistair: Oh, Katherine left Harmony so that Martin would have a chance to reunite with his family and Sheridan would be guaranteed a future with Luis. Wrong on both counts.

Luis: Sheridan, what are you saying?

Sheridan: Why even bother explaining it to you? It's not like you listen to a word I say anyhow.

Luis: That's not true.

Sheridan: Liar.

Luis: Stop calling me that.

Sheridan: You know, I should have told you to mind your own business the first time you told me to stay away from my mother. Because I love my mother and she loved me, and that is all that mattered, not what happened decades ago.

Luis: Sheridan, I love you, too. Come on, you have to know that.

Sheridan: There you go again, telling me how I have to feel.

Luis: Oh. So are you saying that you don't love me anymore?

Sheridan: All I'm saying is that it is hard to love someone who puts their own needs and feelings before your own.

Luis: Well, that's not what I was doing.

Sheridan: Oh, please.

Luis: Sheridan, we both agreed that your mother was a horrible, selfish person for running off with my father and leaving my family in shambles. And we agreed that you should probably steer clear of her, considering the way that she hurt you when you were growing up.

Sheridan: You know what, Luis? I didn't decide that. You did. You gave me an ultimatum -- to choose between you or my mother. My god, how selfish was that? And how stupid was I to let you put me in that position? You know, I lost my mother once before, and now I've lost her again, maybe forever, and it's because of you. This is all your fault!

Pilar: You said if it weren't for Katherine, you would be with me and our family. Es la firme o la mentira?

Martin: No, Pilar, it was the truth, but Katherine is in my life.

Pilar: Well, she was until tonight. But now she's gone, and according to her note, it seems --

Martin: Yeah, I know what the note says. But I know her. And I just can't turn my back towards her, not after what we've been through together.

Pilar: Why not? You turned your back on me and our children one night. Why is it so hard for you to believe that she wouldn't do the same to you?

Sam: Ethan, I got here as quick as I could. What's this about finding Gwen and the baby?

Ethan: They stowed away with Alistair's wife on the Crane jet.

Theresa: They just took off, and we can't find out where they're headed.

Ethan: You got to help us.

Rebecca: Oh, I think Sam has better things to do with his time, you know, like give tickets to jaywalkers.

Sam: Where is the Crane jet headed? Anyone?

Alistair: I have no idea, like I told the others, and neither do these airport staff.

Joe: It's true, chief Bennett.

Alistair: Yes, it is. Katherine and the pilot are the only ones who know the final destination.

Sam: You can't be serious.

Johnny: Mr. Crane is right.

Joe: We tried tracking the plane, but the pilot's cut off the jet's transponder and all radio communications with the ground.

Sam: Isn't that against F.A.A. rules?

Johnny: Yes, but Crane pilots answer to a higher authority.

Alistair: That would be me, Sam.

Ethan: There's got to be some other way, some other way to track that plane.

Theresa: How?

Ethan: I don't know. What about -- I mean, can you call the Air Force, I mean, the Navy? Could they intercept and escort the plane back?

Sam: Look, I'll call the coast guard and the F.B.I. and see if they can help us out.

Theresa: Thank you, Chief Bennett.

Rebecca: Oh, you're wasting your time, Sam. Gwen and the baby are gone for good. Oh, and I do mean for good.

Sam: Look, I'll do my best to get the plane back, ok, but don't get your hopes up. You, either, son.

Theresa: I don't know what I'll do if we don't get our baby back.

Rebecca: Well, I vote for you dying of a broken heart. That way I can dance on your grave.

Sam: The Crane jet has to be intercepted before it leaves U.S. Airspace. Well, if the feds won't help, then who will?

Ethan: Jane is my dad's granddaughter. You got to know he's going to move heaven and earth to find her.

Theresa: I hope so, because I'll die if we don't get our baby back.

Rebecca: Can I have that in writing?

Ethan: Rebecca, why don't you ease up a little bit? She is hurting here. Have you noticed?

Rebecca: Ooh, good. Maybe then she has an inkling of how my daughter felt when she lost both of her children because of Theresa.

Theresa: I didn't mean for --

Rebecca: Yeah, yeah, no, I know. You didn't give a damn. I mean, that was so clear. What, a couple of little fake little tears and then it was back to business as usual. All you ever wanted was to get Ethan back.

Theresa: You know, I can't listen to any more of this.

Rebecca: You know, Theresa, that has always been your problem. You see, you hate the truth with a passion, because the truth is that you are a ruthless predator. And because of your lust for Ethan, two innocent little babies have lost their lives and my daughter has lost any chance or any hope of ever having a child of her own. And you know what's even worse is this isn't even about Gwen. No, no, no, it never was. In your sick, twisted little mind, it's all been about you. No, no, it is always, always about you. That's why I'm glad it's come to this. Hmm. Oh, I'm so glad that Gwen stabbed you in the back and you are paralyzed, because she is barren. And I am glad that she took your baby, because you took the lives of both of hers. So, you believe in fate, Theresa? That's good. Because this is your fate. Now, Ethan, we have to talk.

Ethan: Fine.

Martin: Katherine wouldn't abandon me. She couldn't.

Pilar: I never dreamed that you would have left me and our children, but you did. And now Katherine has done the same to you. It cuts deep, doesn't it, Martin?

Sheridan: I want my mother. I need her back. She is the only one who understands how I feel right now.

Luis: Sheridan, tell me how you feel. I'll understand.

Sheridan: I lost my mother and I've lost my baby and I lost my mother again. But she's the only one who understands what it's like to lose a child that you love with all of your being, because she lost me and Julian when we were children and she understands what I'm going through with my baby and the gaping hole that it's left in my heart.

Luis: I understand, too, Sheridan. I lost a baby, too. We lost our baby.

Whitney: Oh, god, I wish none of this had ever happened. I wish I had never been intimate with Chad. I wish I wasn't lying, saying that Chad's baby was Fox's. But god help me, I'm still in love with my half brother.

Eve: Chad, you can't mean what you're saying. You can't be together with Whitney. You're half brother and sister.

Chad: I don't care. I want to have a life with Whitney.

Fox: Hey, when did you become such a twisted freak?

Ivy: Fox is right. You cannot make a life with Whitney.

Chad: Why not?

Fox: What, do you want a list?

Chad: You know, it's not my fault I fell in love with Whitney before I found out that we were brother and sister.

Fox: Ok, fair enough, but wanting to be with her after you found out you committed incest is your fault.

Chad: It's not a crime to love someone.

Fox: Actually, you know what, Chad? When that special someone is your sister it is a crime.

Chad: I'm not sick and I'm no criminal.

Fox: Oh, yeah, you are. Yeah, you are. See, it's sick to want to be with your sister. It's so sick it's actually against the law.

Eve: Fox is right, Chad.

Ivy: I can't imagine Fox wanting to be with his sisters.

Fox: Oh, are you kidding me? I can't imagine my father wanting to be with Sheridan.

Julian: Fox is right, Chad. It's -- it's unnatural.

Chad: It's different with Whitney. It'd be unnatural for me not to love her.

Ivy: Oh, I'm going to be sick.

Julian: Ivy -- I know you're having a hard time dealing with what fate has thrown you, and I'm sure you feel the whole world is conspiring against you, but it's -- it's not. You see, I'm to blame for the situation you find yourself in.

Eve: Julian and I both are.

Julian: Along with your racist grandfather, who let your mother and I believe that you died at birth.

Eve: Oh, if we just knew then what we know now, we could save you and Whitney so much pain.

Julian: If we could turn back time, if we could undo what's been done, we would at any price.

Chad: But you can't, right? What's done is done.

Julian: Regrettably so, but in time you'll come to terms with your relationship with Whitney and you'll see it for what it is.

Eve: And you will find the right woman.

Julian: Absolutely.

Chad: No, I don't want another woman. I want Whitney.

Fox: Well, you can forget it, you freak. You can't have Whitney. I won't let you.

Julian: No --

Eve: No, stop it!

Julian: Fox!

Eve: You stop it! Let go!

Jessica: I've been looking forward to tonight.

Man: You and me both. Things got a little crazy last time.

Jessica: Oh, that was intense, the club getting raided and all?

Man: I heard that Spanish chick you and your friends were with almost got raped.

Jessica: So she said. Paloma's such a tease, it's hard to know what to believe. Of course, my dad totally freaked out, but now he's busy with the kidnapping and everyone else at home is doing their own thing, so --

Man: So, you're free to do the town with me.

Jessica: I am free to do anything I want tonight, Randy, anything at all.

Sheridan: You're wrong, Luis. You don't understand. I mean, yes, you did lose a baby with me, but you still have a son with Beth. And you can go visit Marty anytime you want, but I can't even go visit my baby's grave, because there's nothing left of him. They never even found his body, and all I'm left with is that memory of that perfect little face. And my mother understood the pain that I feel and the hole that I have in my heart.

Luis: Yeah, well, I do, too.

Sheridan: No, you know what? I don't think you do. I don't think that you do get it, because if you did, then you would understand how much I need my mother's love right now. But either you just don't get it or you're too selfish to care.

Luis: Well, I care that your mother's done nothing but hurt you your whole life.

Sheridan: She was trying to protect me and Julian, but you are too busy blaming her for your father's failings to care.

Luis: Sheridan, I was trying to protect you, too.

Sheridan: No. Luis, what you were doing is you were trying to tell me what to think and what to feel, and you know what? You're as bad as my father.

Alistair: Words can hurt, can't they, Luis? Hmm.

Martin: Katherine's leaving was a knee-jerk reaction. She'll come back when she realizes she made a mistake.

Pilar: We'll see, won't we?

Sam: U.S. Air force? Yeah, hi. This is Chief Bennett, Harmony P.D. Look, we really need your help intercepting a private jet headed out of U.S. Airspace.

Theresa: Please, god, keep my baby safe, bring her back to Ethan and me.

Rebecca: Ethan, you have got to get your priorities straight here. Gwen is your wife and should be your number one concern, not Theresa.

Ethan: Gwen is my top priority.

Rebecca: Oh.

Ethan: And getting her back to Harmony is what matters most to me.

Rebecca: Oh, yeah, I wonder about that.

Ethan: Oh, damn it, you know? Gwen would be here right now if you hadn't covered for her at the cabin.

Rebecca: Yeah, well, I wouldn't have had to cover for her if you hadn't been acting like Theresa's lap dog.

Ethan: I wasn't.

Rebecca: Please. I actually thought you loved Gwen, but you don't. No, no, you love Theresa and the baby that she cheated Gwen out of having.

Ethan: No. I love Gwen, I love my wife, and I want her back here so I can get her the help she needs.

Rebecca: Oh, you know, Gwen wouldn't have gone ga-ga in the first place if Theresa hadn't been lying in wait to destroy her, with your help, I might add.

Ethan: All right, look, look. If this about that little lapse in Los Angeles, I have apologized to Gwen a million times for that, and I vowed never to betray her over Sarah's coffin, and I have not betrayed her.

Rebecca: Then where were you last night?

Ethan: You know damn well I was out looking for Gwen and the baby.

Rebecca: You spent last night with Theresa.

Ethan: Yes, I told you that. I told you that over the phone.

Rebecca: Yeah, and god only knows what you didn't tell me.

Ethan: Nothing happened.

Rebecca: Look, Theresa's legs may not work, but her lips still do.

Ethan: All right, whoa -- stop it. Just cut it out. Theresa has been sick about what has been going on. I wasn't about to leave her alone.

Rebecca: Oh, no. No, of course not.

Ethan: You know what? I am tired of your insinuations.

Rebecca: Yeah, and I am tired of you listening to Theresa's lies at Gwen's expense.

Ethan: I am not.

Rebecca: Oh, please don't even tell me that you're not. Ethan, I know exactly how Theresa works. You see, she gets under your skin like some kind of rash that you have to scratch. Only the problem is the more you scratch it the more it spreads. And before you know it, you have a full-blown case of Theresa-itis and, oh, it is a nasty little disease. It gets to your brain and, more important, it gets to one other organ in particular.

[Ethan sighs]

Rebecca: Oh, and this is not the first time that you have been infected, but it is by far the worst, because now -- now you want them to bring back Gwen so you can have her sent to the loony bin. And then you can give that baby back to Theresa.

Ethan: You're damn right I do.

Rebecca: Oh, I knew it. You are back with that tramp, Theresa.

Ethan: No, I'm not. I love Gwen, but she's delusional right now and she thinks Theresa's baby is hers.

Rebecca: Yeah, well, that baby should have been hers, and by the way, why aren't you keeping Theresa to her agreement to give this baby to Gwen so she can have little Ethan?

Ethan: It's kind of a moot point now, now that Gwen has the baby.

Rebecca: You know what I mean.

Ethan: This is funny, because you constantly accuse me of blindly taking Theresa's side, but look at what you've done for Gwen -- trying to get her out of the country with a kidnapped baby while she's mentally unstable, endangering her, endangering the baby? Let me tell you something. Gwen needs to return Theresa's baby before she is caught and imprisoned for a long time.

Rebecca: I am so glad that Gwen is not here to hear you. It would break her heart. You know, that whole time we were up in that cabin, Gwen kept saying how much, how much you loved her and how she couldn't wait to call you to tell you where we were so you could come join us so we could be the family that she always wanted. Thank god I talked her out of it, because it would kill her, Ethan. It would kill her to see you give that baby to Theresa and then to hand her over to the men in white?

Ethan: I'm not that insensitive.

Rebecca: Oh. Yeah, well, why don't you try telling that to Sarah, huh? After you snuck around with Theresa behind Gwen's back, and why don't you tell that to your son, huh, your son that is lost? Why don't you tell him that you didn't mean to knock up Theresa while she was carrying Gwen's embryo?

Ethan: Shut up. Shut up. I want Gwen back because I want to help her. Do you understand that?

Rebecca: You want her back because you want her committed so you can give this baby to Theresa, and it is not going to happen, because Gwen is gone for good, and Theresa is never going to get her baby back -- never.

Theresa: Please, god. Help Chief Bennett find Jane and bring her back to Ethan and me.

Sam: Yes, Interpol? Yes, Chief Bennett, Harmony P.D. The U.S. Air force said you'd be expecting my call. Yeah, that's right, the Crane jet. It seems to be headed out of U.S. Airspace.

Alistair: Yeah -- "far out," Sam, as the kids used to say. Huh.

Luis: Saying I'm like your father? That's low, really low.

Sheridan: Well, you can be controlling like my father. And when it comes to my mother, you have been.

Pilar: Sheridan, what's wrong?

Sheridan: I've lost my mother again, and it's because of Luis.

Luis: You know, I didn't force Katherine to get on that plane, you know.

Sheridan: Oh, you did everything except buckle her into her seat.

Pilar: Sheridan, wait, mija. The note that Katherine left Martin clearly stated that it was her choice to leave.

Sheridan: Yeah, because Luis made her feel like it was pointless for her to stay, that we could never be close again.

Luis: Well, I told Sheridan that I didn't want Katherine to hurt her again.

Sheridan: Oh, stop trying to sound so noble. The truth is, is you hate my mother.

Luis: Yeah, you know why? Because she lured my father down to Mexico and ruined my family.

Sheridan: My mother didn't hold a gun to Martin's head. He left on his own.

Martin: Sheridan, please, listen, listen. Don't fight with Luis over Katherine and me. Your mother left again, hoping that her absence would bring us all closer.

Luis: Yeah, well, I don't see how that can happen, considering I don't want her to come back and Sheridan does.

Jessica: This place looks like it did before the raid.

Randy: I brought you here thinking we'd pick up where we left off last time -- you know, before your big sister made such a big stink about us being into each other.

Jessica: It works for me.

Waiter: What'll it be?

Randy: Uh -- two drafts.

Waiter: I'm going to need to see your I.D.

Jessica: Oh -- uh -- yeah. I left it in my other purse.

Waiter: Then I can't serve you alcohol. We had an incident the other night. The place wound up getting raided.

Jessica: Really?

Waiter: We're being extra careful.

Randy: No problem. The beers are for me. Bring the lady a soft drink.

Jessica: Ginger ale.

Randy: Careful now. You don't want to confuse your soda with one of my beers.

Jessica: Oh, Randy, you take such good care of me.

Randy: You ain't seen nothing yet.

Randy: Keep the change.

Waiter: Thank you.

Randy: Here's to a night that we'll never forget -- or remember.

Julian: You will stop threatening your brother. He needs help dealing with his feelings for Whitney. He doesn't need to go another round with you.

Chad: I love Whitney. I'm going to be with her. It's as simple as that.

Fox: No, you're going to shut your sick mouth. That's what you're going to do.

Julian: You stop this! Fighting won't solve anything, and, Chad, you really must stop making these -- these declarations of love for your sister.

Eve: Your father is right, Chad, and we know that this is a very confusing time for you. It's a confusing time for Whitney, as well.

Chad: Because she still loves me.

Fox: Shut up.

Eve: Chad, nobody doubts that you're hurting, that the price of finding your parents was losing Whitney. But the truth has cost us all a great deal, and we just have to live with the consequences. There simply is no other way. And that means that you and Whitney cannot be together the way you once were.

Chad: Yes, we can.

Fox: You're like a little pervert.

Chad: I don't want to be intimate with her. I just want us to live together.

Whitney: What?

Chad: I want to be there for you, Whitney. I want to help you raise your baby.

Fox: It's my baby. Whitney and I are going to raise our baby, Chad, ok? Not you and your sister.

Julian: Fox is right, Chad. Your vision of a future with Whitney is -- is taboo in our society.

Chad: You know what? To hell with taboos. And I don't care what anybody thinks. I'm going to be with Whitney.

Fox: Chad, stop saying that you want to be with your sister, ok? I'll simply kill you before I let that happen.

Ivy: Ok, Fox, just calm down.

Fox: I'm not going to calm down, not while Whitney's brother is still after her.

Ivy: I agree that that is troubling, but it is also one-sided.

Julian: Yes, that's a good point.

Ivy: I mean, Chad may want to be with Whitney, but surely Whitney has no interest in being with Chad now that she is in love with you.

Fox: Right. So, Whitney, tell Chad that you love me. Tell our brother here that you'd never choose him over me.

Chad: Why don't you just let her talk for herself?

Eve: Wait. Honey, please, don't even consider this. I would just never forgive myself.

Whitney: This is all your fault,  Mom. This is your fault that you've ruined Chad's life and my life.

Eve: Whitney --

Whitney: No.

Chad: Whitney.

Eve: Wait! Wait.

Julian: Chad, no. Let -- let it go.

Jessica: Good to the last drop. Yeah.

Randy: We are going to have ourselves one heck of a party tonight.

Jessica: Cool.

Randy: Bottoms up. The mugs, for now.

[Jessica laughs]

Luis: Sheridan, I love you. All right? And this thing with your mother -- I never meant to hurt you.

Sheridan: Well, you did, Luis. You drove my mother away, and that hurt me more than you'll ever know.

Luis: I'm sorry.

Sheridan: I'm sorry, too. I'm sorry that I ever loved a man who could never listen to me, who could never understand what I wanted or needed.

Luis: That is not true, Sheridan.

Sheridan: No, but you know what I'm most sorry for? I'm sorry for the way that you treated my mother, because, no, she wasn't perfect, but she had a good heart full of love for both of us.

Martin: I can vouch for that.

Luis: No one asked you.

Sheridan: But you, Luis, you made my mother feel like we couldn't be happy so long as she was in our lives, so she left. You made her feel like you would never forgive her, and now that she's gone, I am never going to forgive you.

Alistair: That's it, Sheridan. Stick to your guns, kick Luis out of your life.

Theresa: So do you think Interpol will find the Crane jet and bring Jane back?

Sam: Well, they agreed to work with my contacts in the F.A.A. and the military to get a fix on the jet and its projected destination.

Theresa: Thank you, Chief Bennett. Ethan said you would come through for us.

Sam: Look, Theresa, don't get your hopes up, ok? I mean, it's a big world. Gwen and the baby could be anywhere.

Ethan: Gwen and the baby are not gone for good, Rebecca. My father is working to track down the plane, and we're going to bring it back to Harmony.

Rebecca: Oh, she's so much better off alone with that baby than she would ever be with you -- a husband who doesn't love her.

Ethan: Oh, damn it. I do love her.

Rebecca: Oh, please, Ethan. You don't love her. Look, you may pity her, you may even care for her. But you don't love her, not the way she deserves to be loved. No, to you she's always the nice, respectable girl you wanted on your arm, huh? The future trophy wife, the one that would be so good at business meetings. But once you saw Theresa, oh, Gwen didn't stand a chance.

Ethan: That is not true. That is not true.

Rebecca: I saw the way you looked at Theresa, the lust in your eyes, and you knew Pilar's daughter was trouble, but you didn't care -- no. No, it was the kind of trouble you wanted.

Ethan: No.

Rebecca: Yeah, yeah, the kind of girl that wasn't too proud or too squeamish to do whatever a man wanted.

Ethan: Don't you talk about Theresa that way. Don't you do it.

Rebecca: And I tried to warn Gwen that you could not be trusted with Theresa, but she didn't hear me. She could never see past her love for you -- you know, even after Theresa drove her insane. Ever after that, she thought of you as her champion, huh? Her wonderful, devoted husband, not Theresa's next husband.

Ethan: Enough.

Rebecca: Oh, I am so glad I got her out of here before you found her. And I hate you, Ethan. Because of your itch for Theresa, I have lost my daughter forever. But at least I know. At least I know that she and that little girl are going to be happy and you and that bitch from the barrio are never going to see them again.

Ethan: You are wrong. I'm going to bring back my wife, and I'm going to bring back my daughter. I will bring them both back.

Jessica: Huh. Drink up, handsome. I'm ahead of you, two beers to one.

Randy: Honey, I would rather drink you in with my eyes.

Jessica: Cute, Randy. Corny, but cute.

Randy: Oh, I mean it, Jess. You are so hot.

Jessica: You're hot, too, Randy. In fact, I think I feel your temperature rising.

Randy: It's definitely getting up there. Hmm. Let's dance, show these people how it's done.

Jessica: Ok.

[Music plays]

Julian: Chad, listen to me. You cannot have a relationship with your sister. It's not natural.

Chad: You know what? No offense, but I'm not sure you're exactly qualified to give me advice on what's natural considering all the freaky sex games you and Rebecca used to play.

Julian: Rebecca is not my sister. Whitney is yours.

Chad: Look, I told you, I don't want to hook up with Whitney. I just want us to live together.

Julian: You can't.

Chad: Why not? I love her. I want to be with her. And you know what? Deep down I think Whitney wants to be with me, too.

Eve: Whitney, you can't be considering Chad's proposal. I mean, you simply can't. What, living in sin with your own brother? It's not right. It's not natural. It flies in the face of everything that the church has taught you. So, please, honey, tell me that you're not even considering it, please. Whitney? Oh, my god. No, Whitney.

Rebecca: You're never going to win this one, Ethan. It's too late to try to be Theresa's knight in shining armor, because Gwen and the baby are gone for good, and I for one say bon voyage. You see, Theresa destroyed my daughter's marriage, her chance at ever becoming a mother, and, finally, her mind. And after everything that you put her through, she deserves a baby of her own, and what better baby, hmm, than yours and Theresa's little bundle of joy? You see, Ethan? All is well that ends well. Gwen is a mommy now, and you and Theresa will never, ever see your baby again.

Theresa: No.

Sheridan: You know what, Luis? You could have kept this from happening, but you made my mother feel like she had to leave Harmony when I didn't want her to. And now I've lost her. I've lost my mother again, and this is all your fault.

Luis: All right, Sheridan. I -- I was wrong, ok, to have come on so strong. And I'll even go find Sam and then we'll go find your mother and I'll even bring her back, ok?

Sheridan: You know what? I just don't believe you, because I think that you would lie to me. I think that you would just tell me that you had never seen her. Sam, please. You've got to find my mother, because you are the only one that I can trust to bring her back.

Luis: Don't shut me out. You know, the last thing that your mother would have wanted was to come between us.

Sheridan: Well, she has, Luis, and you made sure of that.

Luis: Ok, Sheridan, I get it, ok? And like I said, I'll go find your mother and I'll bring her back.

Sheridan: It's too little too late. I'm sorry, just too little too late.

Luis: Sheridan!

Alistair: Ah. "Better late than never" is more like it.

On the Next Passions:

Chad: You're scared that maybe she wants to be with me just like I want to be with her.

Kay: We're looking for my little sister, Jessica. Has she been in here tonight?

Rebecca: Now that the baby's gone, you're going to have a whole lot of time on your hands.

Theresa: Shut up!

Sheridan: All right, stop it, both of you!

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