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Passions Transcript Friday 2/11/05
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Fox: So, Dad, is there anything you can tell me, anything at all that would help me figure out this situation with Whitney? Because I am totally confused here.

Julian: I'm happy you -- you feel you can come to me, Fox, but --

Fox: Well, you're my father. I know that we've never really been close, you know, but the truth is I -- I don't know who else to turn to for advice. And I hate myself for wondering, but I'm -- I'm really starting to think that the baby Whitney's carrying isn't mine. I even said as much to her.

Julian: What did she say?

Fox: "What did she say?" Well, she didn't say anything. She just got mad and ran off. I can't figure it out at all. Did Dr. Russell say anything to you about what might be bothering Whitney?

Eve: Julian, you can't tell Fox and Chad about Whitney's baby. This is her decision.

Julian: One that's tormenting her, one that she obviously can't make on her own.

Eve: Well, that's her choice. It's not our secret, it's her secret to keep if she wants to.

Fox: Do you know something? Dad, is the baby mine?

Whitney: Mom, I don't know what I'm going to do. I can't keep lying to Fox, letting him think that this baby is really his. And I keep lying to Chad, letting him think that this baby really isn't his, and I -- I don't know what I'm going to do.

Eve: Baby, I don't know, but we'll figure it out, ok? We'll figure it out together. Because I'm here, honey. I'm here for you. Mommy's here, baby. Mommy's here. Mommy's here.

Alistair: Join me in a drink?

Katherine: No. I just want an answer to my question. Will you help me or not?

Alistair: Yes. I'll help you disappear so that your children and Martin Fitzgerald will never see you again, ever.

Luis: All right, you call me the second you hear anything new.

Martin: Any -- any word on Gwen and the baby?

Luis: No.

Martin: God, I wish there was something I could do.

Luis: All right, fine. You want to help? Monitor the calls on this radio, but you stay out here, ok? I do not want Theresa seeing you and getting any more upset than she already is. You hear me?

Martin: Neither do I. The last thing I want to do is upset my daughter any further.

Luis: Ok. You call me on my cell phone if you hear anything.

Martin: All right.

Martin: Please, god, let my baby granddaughter be all right.

Gwen: Ok, sweetheart, let's see if we can find some music. I know the reception isn't usually so good up here in the mountains, but we'll see.

Radio announcer: In local news, still no word on Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald's missing infant who was kidnapped from Harmony Hospital earlier this evening. Police have launched a nationwide search for Gwen Winthrop, who is suspected of taking baby Jane.

Gwen: No, no, no, no, no, you are not Jane. You are my Ashley. You are my sweet Ashley and I love you so much. And very, very soon, your daddy -- he's going to come here and he's going to take us far, far away. Yes, he is, and we're going to be the family that we were always meant to be.

Luis: I hate to see Theresa going through this. Reminds me exactly of what Sheridan --

Pilar: Listen, Theresa's baby will come home safe. She has to.

Luis: I hope so. I don't know if Sheridan will ever get over losing our baby.

Sheridan: Well, Beth, I don't know how you managed to do it, but somehow you took my child away from me. Martin's my son.

Beth: No. Sheridan, don't say that.

Sheridan: It's true, and I've known it all along.

Beth: Sheridan, your baby died. Remember?

Sheridan: No, my baby did not die. My baby is alive, and somehow you stole him away from me. I don't know, but Luis will find out. All I know is that Martin is my son. Would you like another book, sweetheart? Huh? Yeah? Yeah? Come here. There we go. All right, this one's about a pony named Pat.

Beth: She's figuring out that Marty is her son, and I can't let her take him away from me! I won't. So she has -- she has to die.

Julian: You say then you -- you talked to Whitney about this?

Fox: Yeah, I talked to her. I told you how upset she got. She didn't say anything, Dad. She just ran away.

Fox: You know, I remember when -- when I first found out Whitney was pregnant. Mom wasn't totally convinced that the baby was mine. If the baby's not mine, then that means -- then that means that it's Chad's.

Whitney: Mom, you can't even begin to imagine everything I've been through. It's been pure hell. And I know I said I hated this baby, but I didn't mean it. I couldn't possibly hate my innocent little baby. You know that.

Eve: Of course not, sweetheart. You're going to be a wonderful mother. I'm -- I'm just so sorry that -- that my lies have robbed you of the joy that you're supposed to be having with your first baby. Do you think that you could ever forgive me for not telling you that Julian and I had a son, and for not knowing that that son was Chad?

Whitney: Mom, I can't just forget everything that you've done.

Theresa: Anything?

Luis: No. Nothing yet. Theresa, listen to me, though. You have to have faith, ok? We are going to find the baby.

Theresa: If anything happens to her, I don't know what I'm going to do.

Pilar: Shh. They'll find her, ok mija? I'm going to make coffee.

Luis: Sis, I told you we're doing a house-to-house search. We've got the F.B.I. involved, an Amber Alert. We put an A.P.B. out on Gwen. We are doing everything that is humanly possible, and we are going to find baby Jane.

Theresa: Yeah. Luis, I remember when you told Sheridan the same thing when your baby was missing. You never found your baby. Your baby died, Luis. My baby can't die, too.

Beth: Ok, ok, ok, ok, I know what to do. I'll lure her down to the basement --

Mrs.. Wallace: No.

Beth: I'll kill her --

Mrs.. Wallace: Uh-uh.

Beth: I'll bury her, and then I'm going to put in a new cement floor --

Mrs.. Wallace: Ugh.

Beth: So there won't be any evidence that she was ever there!

Mrs. Wallace: Ugh. No, you cannot do this! You cannot do it!

Beth: Oh, Mother. Yes, I can. Hey, Sheridan? Sheridan? I still remembered that I left a box of Marty's favorite books down in the basement. Do you want to help me carry them up?

Mrs. Wallace: Don't do it, Sheridan. Don't do it, don't do it.

Fox: Do you realize what this means if Whitney's carrying Chad's baby, her own brother's baby? My god, what a nightmare. And that would explain why she's so upset all the time. That would explain why she said she hates the baby.

Julian: Fox, what you have to understand is the pressure that Whitney is under.

Fox: Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure that's it. She's under a lot of pressure. It's crazy, right? Of course the baby's mine. I mean, Dr. Russell -- she ran the test. She said the baby's mine, so the baby must be mine, right?

Whitney: Look, you're right. I know that you didn't deliberately hurt me. But it's just hard to forget everything and, you know, let go of all the anger that I have for you.

Eve: I know, honey. I know. I just think that you should know how terribly sorry I am, that I would do anything to make it up to you. Please let me help you. Let me at least try and be the mother that you once loved and trusted, and maybe the mother that you'll one day love again.

Whitney: Ok.

Eve: Baby --

Whitney: I felt so alone, mom.

Eve: Oh, baby. Oh, I'm here, honey. It's ok, we're going to get through this together. I'm here.

Alistair: So, you can't bear the thought of leaving that peasant you ran off with, but you're willing to sacrifice yourself to make him happy.

Katherine: It isn't a sacrifice when you do it for someone you love so much.

Alistair: Oh, how noble. But who do you run back to, crawl back to, when you really do need help, Katherine? Oh, yes -- that husband you abandoned so many years ago. I guess I'm the go-to guy, right, Katherine? And not your precious Martin?

Katherine: You're the only one who could help me go someplace they'll never find me. That's all I want from you, Alistair. I'll be gone. That will make you happy.

Alistair: It's a pity. I can give you so much more.

Katherine: I want nothing more from you.

Alistair: All right. Fine. I'll help you disappear tonight.

Katherine: Tonight? No. I need one more night with Martin.

Alistair: If you want my help in disappearing, you leave Harmony tonight or you don't leave at all.

Martin: Oh, Pilar. Hey, listen, I'm sorry. I know that you don't want me to be here, but --

Pilar: Martin -- no, I'm not here to chase you off. I thought you might be cold, so I brought you some coffee.

Martin: Well, that's -- that's very kind of you.

Pilar: Mm-hmm.

Martin: You know, I didn't want to upset Theresa, so I'm staying out here. You know, I wanted to help if I could. Luis told me to monitor the police calls.

Pilar: That's good. Martin? Look, I've been thinking, and I realize that you leaving wasn't completely your fault. I know that Katherine took advantage of your good nature.

Martin: No, no, Pilar, Katherine didn't do anything.

Pilar: Please don't do -- don't defend her. Don't you dare.

Theresa: Luis, I'm -- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring it up about your baby.

Luis: It's all right. I understand. You got a lot to deal with right now. But I swear we are going to find your baby. I'm going to get back out there and join the search.

Theresa: Thank you. I am really sorry.

Luis: Don't be. I'm just going to say good night to mama.

Pilar: I can't believe you're defending that woman!

Martin: Pilar, please try to understand. It's not what --

Pilar: No, I don't understand how a woman can steal another woman's husband.

[Door opens]

Theresa: Papa? What the hell are you doing here? Get out of here! Get out now!

Beth: Well, Sheridan, do you want to help me bring that box up from the basement?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, say no.

Sheridan: You said they're Marty's favorite books?

Beth: Yeah.

Sheridan: Well, then what are they doing down in the basement?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, she is on to you, Bethie!

Beth: Well, I -- I stored them down there because I repainted his room. But you know what? You could read some more books to him once we bring them up here.

Sheridan: All right, fine. Let's go.

Beth: I know Marty will love it. Yeah.

Sheridan: You stay here, sweetheart. I will be right back. You stay here with Auntie Edna, ok?

Mrs. Wallace: You do realize that bringing her down in the basement is going to trigger her memory about being held down there? Did you think about that, huh? Hmm?

Beth: What does it matter? I am going to kill her.

Fox: What is it, Dad? What is it that you're not telling me?

Julian: No, I just -- I hate to see you stressing out about all this. Perhaps you should talk to Whitney again.

Fox: Right. You're probably right. I should. I should go talk to Whitney, right? I got to get over myself and all these crazy thoughts.

Julian: I mean, you do love her very much, don't you?

Fox: Beyond all description.

Julian: I remember when I warned you to stay away from her.

Fox: You were afraid I was going to hurt her, right?

Julian: Well, I had a rather bad opinion of you at the time, but I know now I was wrong. You -- you're a good man.

Fox: Thank you. But, you know, to be honest, if she was any other woman, I probably would've just tried to put the moves on her, you know? But she's not. She's not any other woman. She's -- well, she's perfect. My god, if I found out she was lying to me -- if I found out that she was deliberately keeping the truth from me, it would kill me.

Whitney: Well, the first thing I have to do is stop stressing out like this. It's not good for the baby.

Eve: No, honey, nor for you. That's why good prenatal care is really important. And I could make an appointment for you with a really good ob-gyn if you want.

Whitney: No. No, Mom, I'm not seeing a doctor. I can't let anyone know that I'm pregnant with my brother's child, Mom.

Eve: Ok. Ok, honey. Well --

Whitney: I --

Eve: Then why don't you let me help you? Why don't you let me be your ob-gyn?

Whitney: You'd do that for me?

Eve: Of course I would.

Whitney: I don't know what to say.

Eve: Well, I'll do some research, and I'll find out what genetic screenings we need to do to make sure that the baby is healthy.

Whitney: Ok. Thank you. God, you don't know how helpless I've been feeling, and alone. Thank you so much.

Eve: Oh, baby. You are not alone. I'm right here. You're a wonderful daughter, Whitney. You're a wonderful woman.

Whitney: No. No, no, I'm not a wonderful woman.

Eve: Baby, of course you are.

Whitney: No. Because if I was a wonderful woman, I still wouldn't be in love with my brother.

Gwen: Sleep, little Ashley don't you cry, Theresa's not around here she's gone bye-bye, if she tries to take you away no doubt, mama's gonna cut her heart right out

[Gwen hums]

Theresa: I told you to get out of here. You don't want to help find my baby! You just came here to fight with my mother!

Martin: That's not true. I want to find your baby as much as anyone, Theresa.

Luis: What the hell is going on here?

Theresa: Why is he here, Luis?

Luis: Damn it, I told you to stay out of sight. Give me my radio. Now, go on, get the hell out of here. Go!

Pilar: Yeah, go back to your slut.

Theresa: How dare you come here just to fight with Mama! Haven't you done enough to this family?

[Theresa screams]

Luis: Theresa! Theresa --

Theresa: Ow.

Luis: Theresa -- get the hell out of here! Go! All you do is cause this family pain. Theresa --

Sheridan: Help! Somebody help me! No, no! No, let me go! No! Help! This place --

Beth: What about it?

Sheridan: I don't know.

Beth: What is it, Sheridan?

Sheridan: You know, it's nothing. Where's that box of books?

Beth: Oh, it's just right through here.

Beth: There -- there it is.

Sheridan: Huh? Oh -- this tiny little box? This is what you need help up the stairs with?

Beth: Oh, gosh, I remember it being bigger. Yeah, but would you get it for me?

Sheridan: Yeah, all right.

Beth: Say good night, Sheridan.

Julian: You're being a bit harsh, aren't you?

Fox: What, you mean about not being able to forgive Whitney if I found out she was lying to me about the baby being mine? Maybe. It's how I feel.

Julian: You know, a strong relationship hinges not just on one situation.

Fox: No, it hinges on trust. You of all people should know that. Remember when you found out Ethan wasn't your son, that mother had been lying to you all those years? You disowned them both.

Julian: I regret what I did to Ethan, but as far as your mother is concerned, we had other problems, not the least of which was the fact that we did not love each other.

Fox: Well, I do love Whitney, and I value her honesty. Which would make the betrayal even worse if I found out she was lying to me. It would mean that she's not and she never was the woman that I thought she was.

Eve: What did you say?

Whitney: I said I'm still in love with Chad. I know. I know that it's wrong. I know that I'm a monster for even feeling this way, but I can't help it. I can't help the way I feel, and I love him. I even still think about being with him.

Eve: It's ok, baby.

Whitney: No, it's not ok.

Eve: Ok, you fell in love with Chad before you knew he was your brother. And those feelings were deep and strong and true, and it's just not possible that they should disappear overnight. But they will go away. You'll see.

Whitney: So you don't think I'm a horrible person for thinking this way?

Eve:  Honey. I love you, and I'm going to be here for you now, and I'm going to be here for you when the baby comes. You are not alone. You understand me?

Whitney: Yeah, I do.

Eve: And we're going to handle it all together -- the baby and your feelings about Chad. Of course, there is one thing that I think would go a long way towards helping you feel better.

Whitney: Ok. Ok, what is it?

Eve: The truth. I think that you have to tell Chad and Fox the truth about who the baby's father is.

Whitney: No. I can't do that. No, I can't. Uh-uh.

Katherine: Alistair, for god's sake, I am giving you everything you want. I'm leaving Harmony for good, I'm never coming back. I just need this one night.

Alistair: Too bad. I'll help you disappear, but you have to do it tonight. Now, if you want to leave later, the deal is off.

Katherine: All right, Alistair, if you won't help me, I'll disappear on my own. But don't you try and find me. Because if you do, I will go to the press and I will tell them every dirty little secret of Crane Industries, and I will press charges for rape!

Alistair: You'll never prove it.

Katherine: No, I won't. The publicity will kill you. Goodbye, Alistair.

Katherine: Open this door, Alistair!

Alistair: Did you ever think of reconsidering and staying here with me? I mean, after all, Katherine, we still are married.

Katherine: You stay away from me. Stay --

Alistair: All right. Ok. You win. You keep your silence, and I'll help you disappear. Oh, and you can have your last night with Martin.

Katherine: What are you up to now?

Alistair: Nothing. I'll just be very happy to see you leave. That way I won't have to be reminded of all the humiliations you have put me through. I'll tell you what -- I will contact you when all of the arrangements have been made.

Luis: Leave, ok? You're not wanted here.

Pilar: I'll go get that coffee.

Luis: Hey, don't let him upset you, ok?

Theresa: I just want my baby, Luis. I just want her back.

Luis: Well, we're going to find her. I'm going to get back out there and join the search, ok?

Theresa: Thank you.

Luis: Love you.

Theresa: Love you, too.

Luis: Good. He's finally gone.

Martin: What have I done to my family?

Mrs. Wallace: Hold it!

Sheridan: Mrs. Wallace. I didn't even hear you come down the stairs.

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah, I thought maybe you could use some help.

Sheridan: With this little box? It's not even heavy. Whoa -- where's Marty?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, he's upstairs.

Sheridan: You can't leave a baby alone like that!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, oh -- honey, he's in his playpen! He's perfectly fine, you know.

Beth: What the hell are you doing?

Mrs. Wallace: Stopping you from making a terrible mistake.

Beth: Why do you always interfere? I should just kill you and bury you with Sheridan. You know that? Now, I'm going to go upstairs and I am going to finish the job. Do not try to stop me.

Fox: Anyway, thanks for listening to me, though. I -- I feel better.

Julian: I know that I -- I haven't been there for you in the past, but I do want to be a good father.

Fox: You just were. Thank you. Listen, I'm -- I got to get back to work. I have a lot to do. I don't want to get fired again, all right? So --

Julian: Right, yeah.

Fox: Thank you. Thanks a lot.

Julian: Oh, Fox. If you ever do learn the truth, I don't think you'll recover.

Eve: Doesn't Fox deserve to know the truth? Doesn't Chad deserve to know that he's going to be a father?

Whitney: No, but, see, this is better.

Eve: Honey, there's going to be such a burden that's lifted off of your heart. And when that burden is gone, you'll be able to just concentrate on taking care of your baby. You won't have to worry anymore about Chad or Fox finding out about this some other way. Can't you see how much better that's going to be for you, for the baby, for everybody?

Whitney: You're right. Oh, my god. You're right. I guess I'll go tell Fox first.

Eve: You know, he loves you very much. He may react better than you think.

Whitney: Hmm. Well, we'll see about that. Who knows. Maybe after all this is over, I'll be able to get a decent night's sleep.

Eve: Yes, baby. You'll be able to sleep. Everything in your life will feel so, so much better.

Whitney: Thanks for everything, mom.

Whitney: Ok.

Eve: Ok.

Eve: Oh, thank god you won't have to go through your whole life looking over your shoulder, just afraid all the time, like I did.

Katherine: Martin, are you all right?

Martin: Katherine. Yeah, I'm fine. How did you know I'd still be here?

Katherine: Well, I knew you were worried sick about Theresa and the baby. They won't let you in the house?

Martin: No, I didn't try to go in. I knew it would upset Theresa. But she saw me out here, and she got upset anyway. You know, they're right. All I ever do is cause my family pain.

Katherine: Darling, I'm so sorry.

Martin: Thank god I have you. I know that I can always count on you.

Sheridan: Beth. What are you doing with that shovel?

Beth: There's a pest in the house and it's giving me a lot of problems, so I just -- I need to take care of it once and for all.

[Knock on door]

Beth: Who could that be?

Luis: Beth? Beth, it's me, Luis! Is Sheridan there? Is Marty all right?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, thank the lord Sheridan is safe -- for now.

Sheridan: Beth, aren't you going to let him in? Ok.

Sheridan: Hey.

Luis: Hey, Sheridan. I was worried about you. Hey, Marty, how you doing? How's my little guy?

Sheridan: He's fine. How'd you even know I was here?

Luis: Well, Gwen taking Theresa's baby reminded me of our baby, and it affected me. I figured it affected you and you'd want to see little Marty.

Sheridan: Yeah, that is why I'm here, you know, because of Marty, because of our son.

Luis: What?

Sheridan: Marty is our son, Luis. He's our son!

Luis: Sheridan --

Sheridan: Yeah. Yeah.

Gwen: Ashley, can you imagine how wonderful our life is going to be, sweetheart? Honey, we can -- we can go to Europe, maybe even New Zealand. Oh, let's go to New Zealand. I bet that's a wonderful place to raise a child. We can live on a sheep farm far away where no one's ever going to find us.

Gwen: Oh, my god, it's you.

Martin: When everything else goes wrong, at least I know I have you. I love you so much.

Alistair's voice: Katherine won't be there for you much longer, you loser. I'm going to send her away forever.

Julian: Eve. I'm glad I found you.

Eve: Oh, Julian.

Julian: Where's Whitney?

Eve: She went to find Fox. She's going to tell him the truth. She's going to tell him that Chad is really the baby's father.

Julian: Fox will be destroyed, but it's the right thing to do. He needs to know the truth, no matter what the consequences.

[Knock on door]

Fox: Whitney.

Whitney: May I come in?

Fox: Of course. You ok?

Whitney: Um, I -- I need to tell you something. I need to tell you the truth.

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Luis: What are you talking about?

Sheridan: This is our baby, Luis. This is our child.

[Marty babbles]

Sheridan: Yeah! Yes, you are! And I am never going to let anyone take him away from me ever again. Marty is my son and I know it. He's our son, Luis! Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Gwen: I want you to be at your best when your daddy gets here.

Eve: What did Fox say when you told him that Chad was the father of the baby?

Sheridan: And Beth did this. Beth kidnapped me, and she stole my child!

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