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Passions Transcript Friday 2/4/05
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by Boo
Proofread by Jodi

Tabitha: I put the babies down to sleep in your room, Jessica. I hope that's all right.

Jessica: Oh, no problem, Tabitha.

Kay: Thanks for bringing Maria over.

Tabitha: Oh, of course. I wasn't going to leave Endora and Maria home alone, and I needed to know that you girls were all right.

Simone: Yeah, we're all ok, but poor Paloma.

Tabitha: Oh, my. She does look pitiful, doesn't she?

Kay: I can't believe that some guy would do this to her.

Simone: She's just a kid. She didn't know how sexy she looked.

Jessica: She was only dancing. She did not deserve this.

Kay: Well, no girl deserves this, no matter what they do.

Tabitha: Well, I'm just thankful you girls are all right.

Simone: We were lucky. We got out just when the fight broke out and before the cops came.

Kay: Yeah, we looked for Paloma, but we couldn't find her. And my dad said that she might have been raped.

Tabitha: Oh, my, what a terrible thought.

Jessica: I just hope it's not true.

Tabitha: Oh, so do I. When I hear stories like this, it makes me want to keep my little Endora at home until she's old and gray.

Kay: I know, I feel the same way about Maria. This could've happened to any one of us.

Paloma: That's him! That's the man who attacked me! That's him!

Luis: All right, Paloma, don't worry, all right? I promise you he's not going to hurt you again, ok? I do need to ask you one more thing.

Paloma: What?

Luis: When he attacked you, did he rape you?

Paloma: No! Stop it! Don't do this!

Man: We're just getting started. Relax, babe. I got just what you need.

Paloma: No, let me go! Let me go!

Man: Not a chance! You asked for it! You got it!

Paloma: No! Let me go! He hurt me! Don't let him touch me! He hurt me! He hurt me. He hurt me! Get him away! He hurt me! He hurt me!

Theresa: Gwen is not in the hospital. My child is missing! I know she took her, Rebecca! I know Gwen kidnapped my daughter!

Rebecca: Would you stop being hysterical? Look, we don't know that's what happened.

Theresa: I do know, Rebecca! Your crazy daughter took my child!

Whitney: Ok, honey, I know you're worried, but let's not jump to conclusions, ok?

Theresa: Where is she, Whitney? Because she was right here, and now she's gone.

Eve: Are you sure that you searched everywhere in the hospital?

Ethan: Eve, I've looked everywhere. So did the police.

Eve: Well, do you think that Theresa’s right?

Ethan: Yeah, I'm afraid so. I think Gwen might have taken Jane.

Rebecca: Oh, dear god.

Theresa: You find her, Ethan. You find our baby.

Gwen: Don't you worry, my Ashley. Your mama's going to take good care of you. Thank god I got you away from that crazy Theresa. I promise you, I am never going to let her touch you ever again. You know, you should have a sister, but Theresa took her away from me. Oh!

Theresa: Oh, my god.

Ethan: Honey, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Gwen: Not our baby girl, Ethan! Not our baby girl! I can't believe she's dead. No!

Ethan: Shh.

Gwen: Oh, my god, it was you. Theresa, my baby is dead because of you! There's no way I'm going to let that happen again. No, I promise you, sweetheart, I promise you I'm going to do everything in my power to protect you from that woman. Honey, baby, say goodbye to Harmony because we're never coming back. Not ever.

Theresa: My baby.

Eve: Theresa, we're all worried, but you have got to calm down.

Rebecca: Yeah, stop getting hysterical over nothing.

Theresa: Over nothing, Rebecca? Your daughter stole my child!

Rebecca: Ethan, did you see Gwen take her baby? I mean, did anybody?

Ethan: No, no. But Gwen’s nowhere to be found in this hospital and the baby is missing, too.

Theresa: Well, of course Gwen took her! Now, why are we standing here wasting our time? Please, please go find her!

Rebecca: Look, you're just assuming the worst!

Ethan: Listen, Theresa’s right, ok? She probably took the baby, and we need to find them, for Gwen’s sake and for the baby's sake.

Theresa: My daughter is in the hands of that maniac!

Rebecca: You drove her insane!

Whitney: Honey, Gwen loves the baby. She wouldn't hurt her.

Ethan: Theresa, she wouldn't hurt her. You know that she wouldn’t.

Theresa: No, I don't, Ethan, and neither do you! She's crazy! She has lost her mind! She tried to kill me two different times! She tried to kill herself! God knows what she's doing right now or what she's doing to our child!

Fox: Whitney, I got your -- what is going on here, huh? Did you guys know there's police all over the place, no one's allowed to even leave the hospital?

Theresa: Gwen kidnapped my baby, Fox.

Fox: Wait, what?

Whitney: The baby is missing and so is Gwen.

Fox: Oh, my god.

Theresa: Gwen kidnapped her.

Rebecca: Would you stop saying that? Gwen didn't kidnap anybody.

Theresa: You probably helped her, didn't you, Rebecca, just like you helped her steal my son from me!

Rebecca: Oh, please! For heaven's sake!

Theresa: You know where she is, don't you?

Rebecca: I most certainly do not! Ow!

Ethan: No!

Theresa: Tell me where she is, damn it. You tell me or I'll break your neck!

Kay: This could've happened to any one of us.

Simone: Don't even think about it.

Kay: Well, it's true. You know what, I hope this has taught you a lesson, Jessica.

Jessica: Me?

Kay: Yeah. You were making out with that older sleazy guy, hanging all over him like a cheap suit. This could have been you.

Jessica: Well, it wasn't, and don't preach to me, Kay. You're in no position to judge what anybody does.

Kay: Ok, I've only slept with one guy, Jess, and that was Miguel, the guy that I've been in love with my entire life.

Jessica: So what? That doesn't give you the right to lecture me about what I do.

Tabitha: Now, now, girls, let's not fight. Let's just be thankful that your outing didn't end in tragedy for you the way it did for Paloma. It's a crying shame that young girls can't go out at night without putting their lives in jeopardy. I suppose it could've been worse.

Simone: How?

Tabitha: Well, look at Nicky Hilton and Britney whatever-her-name-is. They go to nightclubs and they wind up married. They wake up the next day and realize what they've done and have to have their marriage annulled.

Kay: You need to stop reading those supermarket tabloids, ok? We are nothing like Britney or Nicky. Even though some of us think they are.

Jessica: Get off my back, Kay.

Kay: Was I talking about you?

Tabitha: Now, now. I'm sure Jessica has learned her lesson from all this. I doubt she'll be sneaking out to nightclubs anytime soon, will you, dear?

Jessica: No way.

Paloma: Papi, don't let him touch me!

Martin: You son of a bitch!

Luis: Get your hands off him! Back up! Now, I already told you I don't want anything happening to him, at least not till he's locked up for a long time. Then we'll simply let the cons take care of you. You like that?

Man: I'm telling you, I didn't hurt her!

Luis: Shut up.

Man: She was dancing all sexy, coming on to me.

Luis: Shut up! Paloma, did he rape you?

Man: No, she was coming on to me all night, teasing, acting like she wanted it!

Martin: You're a liar!

Man: It's the truth. The way she was dressed, the way she danced, she was looking for action.

Luis: All right, now, shut up, all right? You hear me? Or you're going to wish that you were never born.

Martin: Let me take care of him, Luis.

Katherine: Martin!

Luis: No, I told you we're doing this by the book. I don't want some shifty lawyer getting him off on a technicality, you hear me?

Sam: Luis, is this the guy who attacked Paloma?

Man: I didn't do nothing! She wanted it. I didn't rape her. I swear it.

Sam: You better keep your mouth shut. You're in enough trouble already.

Man: I'm being set up. I didn't do nothing.

Sam: Luis, did she I.D. him as the guy who beat her up?

Luis: Yeah, this is the dirtbag.

Sam: Assault and battery charges will keep you on ice for a long time, my friend. Is there something more serious we can charge him with?

Luis: He says he didn't rape her. Paloma hasn't told us yet.

Pilar: Dios mio, no.

Sam: Paloma, I know this is difficult for you. But don't you worry about him, ok? He's going to pay for what he did to you. But I need to hear from you, ok? Did he rape you or not?

Paloma: Sueltame, maldita! Suelta!

Man: You're a tiger, aren't you? You like it rough? Ok by me. That's what I'm good at.

Paloma: No! No! No! Help! Somebody help me!

Man: Big mistake, bitch -- one you're going to pay for!

Paloma: No! No. No.

Rebecca: Ow!

Theresa: Tell me where Gwen took my child!

Ethan: Theresa, stop! Stop!

Theresa: Ethan, she knows where Gwen is! Now, make her tell us!

Ethan: Stop it.

Eve: Theresa, the police were in the hospital when the baby went missing. They are not going to let anyone leave.

Whitney: That's exactly right, so if Gwen has the baby, they will find her, honey.

Rebecca: Don't you think I am worried about my own daughter? I mean, I want to find them as much as anybody.

Theresa: That is a lie, Rebecca!

Ethan: Enough, enough! Listen, calm down. Is this going to help find Jane or Gwen?

Eve: No, it's not.

Ethan: Please, Rebecca -- she doesn't know where Gwen is.

Rebecca: I certainly do not.

Theresa: Why was she allowed to roam around the hospital, anyway? Wasn't she under police guard?

Rebecca: Yes, she was, but the guard thought she was catatonic. He wasn't paying attention.

Ethan: We all thought she was catatonic.

Theresa: Well, she was obviously faking it!

Fox: Ok, listen, what can I do to help, huh?

Ethan: Fox, we've searched the whole hospital. We can't find either of them. And, you know, I got to let my dad know about this.

Rebecca: Oh, please, Ethan, you can't call Sam.

Ethan: I'm sorry, if Gwen has taken the baby, then the police can help us find them. I just hope that he hasn't left the hospital. Oh, god.

Theresa: What, Ethan?

Fox: What, you can't find your phone? You can use mine.

Ethan: No, I got my phone. My car keys are gone.

Theresa: Oh, my god.

Gwen: Ashley, you are being such a good girl, sweetheart. I know it's hard to ride in the car for such a long time, but you're being very patient. I promise you, sweetheart, we're almost there. We're almost there. We're going to a wonderful place. It's going to be cozy and safe, and no one's going to be able to bother us and no one's going to be able to find us, especially Theresa. Honey, we're going to be so happy. It's going to be just you and me. It's going to be just you and me. It's going to be exactly the way it's supposed to be. I'm going to have my precious little Ashley with me, and no one's ever going to take her away from me ever again.

Simone: Thank you, Tabitha.

Tabitha: Oh, you're welcome, dear. I just checked on the babies, and they're still fast asleep.

Kay: Good. After a night like tonight, I need to know that Maria is close to me.

Tabitha: Oh, yes, they're such a comfort, aren't they? And they're such wonderful, good babies.

Jessica: Tabitha, did you notice if Ivy's still up?

Tabitha: The door to her room is closed.

Jessica: Oh, good. Maybe the witch finally fell asleep.

Tabitha: Witch?

Kay: She caught us trying to sneak Jessica back into the house after we got back from the club.

Jessica: And she told Dad. She had no right doing that.

Simone: She was just worried about you, Jessica.

Jessica: Who asked her to worry? She's not my mother.

Kay: No, she's not. Our wonderful mother ran off with another man.

Tabitha: Oh, there are so many delightfully wicked feelings in this room tonight. We might even be in for a little more trouble.

Simone: Come on, Kay. I mean, neither of our mothers is going to win Mother of the Year, but just because they messed up their life, that's no reason for us to…

Jessica: Thank you, Dr. Phil.

Simone: Your attitude sucks lately, Jessica, you know that?

Jessica: Who asked you?

Kay: Ok, enough. I just wish that Dad would call and let us know how Paloma’s doing.

Simone: Yeah, me, too. I'm just praying she wasn't raped.

Jessica: Oh, can you imagine how horrible that would be? I mean, it's bad enough to be beaten, but raped?

Kay: Well, if it did happen, I hate to think what it will do to Paloma -- what it would do to any of us.

Sam: Paloma, can you tell me? Did he rape you?

Paloma: He -- he hurt me. But he didn't rape me.

Man: You see? I told you.

Luis: Shut up.

Katherine: Thank god.

Sheridan: Yes, thank god.

Pilar: My poor baby.

Paloma: But he tried to. He tried -- he tried to force me to do it. He -- he kept hitting me. He kept telling me he was going to do it. And then -- then the police came. Thank god the police came, and he ran away. If the police hadn't come --

Katherine: I'm so sorry, Paloma.

Paloma: Tia, he hurt me. He hurt me so bad.

Katherine: I know. I know, darling.

Pilar: You robbed his children of their father, you bitch!

Paloma: Stop it, mama! Don't talk to Mrs. Wheeler that way.

Pilar: What?

Paloma: When I was growing up, she was there for me. She spent time with me. She read me stories. She helped me with my English. She even helped Maria take care of me when I was sick. Mrs. Wheeler loves me.

Pilar: What?

Paloma: And I love her.

Luis: It's all right, Paloma. I'm going to take care of this dirtbag. It's going to be a long time before you hurt any little girls, you slime.

Man: She's a liar!

Sam: Look, I got a cop outside to read him his rights and take this piece of trash down and book him.

Man: On what charges?

Sam: Assault and battery and attempted rape. Now, let's go. Hey, back off.

Sheridan: Oh, Luis. Paloma's so lucky to have you for a big brother, someone to stand up for her, protect her.

Luis: Yeah, I just never knew that she was the kind of girl who was brought up to need this kind of protecting.

Katherine: Thank god it wasn't worse, Paloma. Oh, darling.

Theresa: Ethan's car keys are missing? We've got to call Chief Bennett. He has to send out a search party. I know Gwen kidnapped my baby.

Eve: Honey, we don't know that for sure.

Whitney: No, Ethan’s keys could've fallen out of his pocket when he was searching the hospital earlier.

Eve: That's probably it. I'm sure his car is in the parking lot right where he left it.

Theresa: Dr. Russell, I don't believe that. I know she took my daughter.

Rebecca: Oh, my god, Gwennie, what have you done? Oh, please let Ethan’s car be in the parking lot.

Theresa: Was your car there?

Ethan: My car's gone.

Theresa: My god.

Fox: We got to get the cops on this.

Ethan: Yeah, I'm going to call Sam.

Theresa: My baby is gone, and Gwen’s running away with her.

Gwen: Ok, baby girl, here we are. We made it, sweetheart. We made it. Honey, you're going to love this place, ok? You're going to love it. It's going to be cozy and it's going to be warm, and most importantly, honey, it's going to be safe. It's going to be safe from everyone and everything, especially Theresa. Honey, no one's going to find us here -- Theresa, no one's going to find us here. Ok, let's go. Ok. Ok. That's a girl. That's a good girl. Ok. Ok. Ok, baby. Here we go.

Tabitha: Speaking of movies, I saw the most wonderful old flick the other night.

Kay: We weren't talking about movies.

Tabitha: Well, then it's time we did. I marvel at the way an old film can transport you to faraway lands filled with romance and adventure.

Simone: What was it?

Tabitha: What was what?

Simone: The wonderful old movie you saw the other night?

Tabitha: Oh. Oh! It's gone completely out of my mind. How odd.

Simone: You were just talking about it.

Jessica: You crack me up, Tabitha. No offense, but I hope I'm never as old as you.

Tabitha: Oh, I'm sure you never will be, dear. Unless you care to join me on the dark side.

[Phone rings]

Kay: Oh. Hello?

Sam: Kay, honey, it's Dad.

Kay: Oh, hey, Dad. We've been so worried. How's Paloma?

Sam: She's doing good. You know, she's going to pull through this.

Kay: Oh, thank goodness. She's going to be ok.

Jessica: Oh, what a relief.

Simone: That's great.

Tabitha: Did they catch the man that did it?

Kay: Hey, did they catch that guy?

Sam: Yes, Luis got him, thank god. He's being booked as we speak.

Kay: Dad, is she really ok? I mean, did that guy try and --

Sam: No. No. Paloma wasn't raped.

Kay: She wasn’t.

Sam: But she could have been just as easily. Look, Kay, this is my point. It could've been you, Jessica, or Simone.

Kay: I know.

Sam: And things could've turned out worse. Look, you girls acted very irresponsibly.

Kay: Believe me, we know. That's all we've been talking about tonight, how it could've been any one of us.

Sam: Yes, and I still can't believe that you were involved in this.

Kay: I'm sorry, Dad. We all are.

Sam: Ok, good. All right, but this isn't over by a long shot. We're going to have a long chat when I get home.

Kay: Ok.

[Pager beeps]

Sam: Listen, honey, I got to go, ok? We'll talk later.

Kay: Ok. Bye. Well, we're in for a big lecture when Dad gets home.

Jessica: Great. As if I haven't heard enough.

Kay: But you know what, at least Paloma is all right and they're going to put that guy in jail.

Simone: I'm so glad she wasn't raped.

Tabitha: Yes, that is good news.

Jessica: Well, I'm dead. I'm going up to bed. This whole thing has worn me out.

Simone: How can you sleep? I'm so wired, I'll be up all night.

Kay: Me, too.

Jessica: I'm tired, ok? Hot tea makes me sleepy.

Kay: Ok, then. Good night.

Jessica: Night.

Whitney: Hey, honey, it's going to be ok.

Theresa: Jane needs her mother, Whitney. She's sick. She needs her medicine.

Eve: Theresa, your diaper bag is missing, too, remember? And the medicine is in the diaper bag.

Ethan: Theresa, Gwen will see it. She'll know the baby needs it.

Rebecca: I just can't believe this. I mean, my Gwennie would never do something like this.

Whitney: Well, the most important thing is we know Gwen is going to take care of the baby.

Eve: That's right, Gwen would never let anything happen to Jane. She will see that the baby's medicine is in the diaper bag and she will take care of her until we can find them.

Theresa: Well, what if we don't find them? What if we can't find them?

Sam: Ethan, I got your page. What's going on?

Ethan: My car is gone, and I think Gwen took it.

Theresa: Gwen kidnapped Jane!

Sam: Yeah, this is Chief Bennett. I want to put an A.P.B. out on Gwen Winthrop. Mid 20s, caucasian, probably wearing a prison uniform. Yeah, that's right, she was the one we were holding on attempted murder charges. She attempted suicide and we brought her in here to Harmony Hospital under guard. Now she's gone. We think she stole my son's car -- which is?

Ethan: A silver, four-door sedan.

Sam: Silver, four-door sedan. License plate?

Ethan: License plate 624--

Sam: 624--

Ethan: R-v-A.

Sam: Romeo, victor, alpha. She's probably traveling with an infant baby girl. Now, I want to make this my top-priority case. I want all exits to the town closed -- trains, planes, airport, tollgates. No, we have no reason to believe that she's armed. But at this point, we have to consider Mrs. Winthrop dangerous.

Gwen: Oh, sweetheart, here we are! Home, sweet home. We made it. Yes, we did. Yes, we did. You're going to love it here.

[Jane cries]

Gwen: Ok. Ok. Sweetheart, this is going to be perfect for us. We're far, far away. We're far, far away and no one's going to find us. Here we go. Let me get you out. Ok. Ok. I know, I know. I know. Ok. There you go. See? You're going to love it here. You're going to love it here. And you know what? The Cranes, they don't ever come up here anymore, so no one's even going to think to look for us, ok? Yes.

Gwen: Look at this, Ashley. Look at how much food there is here for us. Let's see what's in here. Ooh! The Cranes always kept the refrigerator so full of food, so we're going to be just fine. Honey, we won't have to go anywhere for a long, long time. Ok. Now your mama's going to make a nice, cozy fire. You're going to fall asleep in your mommy's arms, ok, sweetheart? Yeah. Oh, honey, everything's going to be perfect. It's going to be just perfect, like I've always dreamed. I have my little Ashley girl. No one's ever going to take her away from her mommy ever again. That's right. Yeah. Yeah.

Doctor: Your daughter's been through quite an ordeal, so I'm going to sedate her. She's going to get some pain medication, too, but she needs to rest.

Pilar: Yes, that would be best. Come on, mijo.

Luis: We'll wait outside.

Doctor: Thanks.

Katherine: We won't leave the hospital, darling. We'll stay right here if you need us, all right? So know that we're here.

Paloma: Thank you, tia.

Katherine: We love you.

Paloma: Me, too.

Martin: I love you, sweetheart.

Paloma: Daddy.

Pilar: Paloma, mija --

Doctor: Excuse me.

Pilar: Yes.

Luis: I just can't believe this is happening.

Sheridan: It's horrible, but the worst is over, thank god.

Luis: I wonder.

Sheridan: What do you mean?

Luis: I'm just thinking about how Paloma was acting at that nightclub down in Puerto Arena. I wonder if what that scum said about how she was acting tonight was true. And if it was, I wonder if it's over.

Katherine: Thank god she wasn't raped.

Martin: I would have killed him with my bare hands.

Pilar: I hope you're happy.

Martin: Well, yes, we're very thankful that Paloma was so lucky.

Pilar: Our little girl, our baby girl was acting like a common tramp in some nightclub. And you call it lucky because she was just beaten this time and not raped?

Martin: Of course not. I never want to see her hurt in any way.

Pilar: This is your fault. You raised her. You took that responsibility away from me when you ran off with my husband, a husband who left me alone to raise five children. But I couldn't do it. That's why I sent Paloma to live with my sister in Mexico, because I thought that there -- oh, my god -- she would have a proper upbringing, an innocent childhood.

Katherine: Pilar, your sister did exactly as you wanted. She tried to raise her the way you would have done it.

Pilar: Maybe she tried. But she couldn't stop you from being an influence. You turned my precious little girl into some slut, just like you! You know, if anyone is lucky, it's Sheridan. Yeah, she's lucky that you abandoned her, that you weren't here to be her mother. Otherwise, she could've turned into some common tramp just like you, instead of the wonderful person that she is. Oh, my god. Oh, my god, no wonder she hates you! And she does hate you, Katherine Crane!

Sam: Ok, I got my search teams headed out with mug shots of Gwen. I promise you, we're going to work 24/7 until we find her and the baby.

Rebecca: Sam? Sam, they won't hurt her, will they, I mean, when they find her?

Sam: No, of course not. They're going to bring her and the baby in safely.

Theresa: Please just find my baby.

Sam: I'll do whatever I can, Theresa, I promise you that.

Fox: Theresa, do you want me to call your family and let them know?

Sam: Fox, that won't be necessary. They're already here in the hospital.

Theresa: They're here? They must have heard about Jane. Excuse me.

Sam: Theresa --

Theresa: I've got to go to them.

Pilar: It's your fault that my Paloma is lying in there.

Martin: Pilar, I know you're upset -- we all are -- but please, let's not make it any worse.

Pilar: No, Katherine’s already made everything worse. The damage is done. If my child had been with me, if I had been able to raise her, none of this would've happened. Shame on you! Shame on both of you!

Luis: Mama, don't make yourself sick again. They're not worth it.

Pilar: I know. You're right.

Luis: My mother's right, Sheridan. Paloma's just acting out. She's copying what she's seen growing up.

Sheridan: It's just hard to believe.

Luis: Sheridan, she stole another woman's husband. I'm glad she's not going to be around when we have kids. I don't want her to have any influence on them. I don't want her anywhere near them.

Sheridan: You're right. My mother has no place in our lives or the lives of our children.

Tabitha: And the river card is an ace of diamonds. Hmm.

Kay: Jessica's gone.

Simone: Gone? I thought she went to bed.

Kay: So did I, but when I went in there to check on the babies, she wasn't in her room.

Simone: You don't think she's dumb enough to go out again?

Tabitha: At this hour?

Kay: That's exactly what I think.

Simone: After what happened tonight? That would be crazy.

Kay: I know.

Tabitha: Did you check the bathroom? Maybe she decided to have a quick shower.

Kay: No, I didn’t. I'm going to go look.

Simone: Ok, I'll come with you.

Tabitha: Well, well. I was right. Jessica is definitely on her way to the dark side, and she's headed for big trouble. Well, isn't that exciting?

Whitney: I'd better go with Theresa. She's going to need all the help she can get.

Fox: Yeah, I'll go with you.

Sam: Wait a second. Pilar and Luis aren't here because of the news of the baby. They don't even know Theresa’s here.

Whitney: Wait, you didn't tell them that the baby was missing?

Sam: No. I just didn't want to add to their worry.

Fox: Worry about what?

Ethan: Yeah, what's going on?

Whitney: Why are they here?

Sam: Paloma was attacked tonight.

Eve: What?

Sam: Yeah, she was at one of those dance clubs. Some guy beat her up and tried to rape her.

Whitney: Oh, my god.

Ethan: Did you get the guy that did it?

Sam: Luis got him. Look, I know how upset Theresa is about the baby. I wanted to keep it from her, but there's no way of keeping it from her now. Luis, Pilar, and Martin are on the other side of the E.R. with Paloma.

Eve: Oh, poor Pilar. I mean, how much more can that woman take?

Fox: We should go.

Whitney: Yeah.

Ethan: Can things get any worse? Can they?

Sam: Look, we'll find Gwen.

Rebecca: Sam -- Sam, you know that Gwen’s not going to hurt the baby. You know that.

Ethan: She's not a criminal. She's just -- she's not thinking straight. She was devastated when that baby turned out not to be hers.

Sam: I know. As your father, I know. But as chief of police, I got to be honest with you -- no matter what the reason, Gwen’s a kidnapper. Now, that's a serious crime to add to the one she's already been arrested for, trying to kill Theresa.

Rebecca: Yeah, but Theresa drove Gwen insane! I mean, I can't believe the law would actually try to punish her for being a victim!

Sam: Look, let's just find her, ok? And let's just pray to god that you're right and the baby is ok.

Martin: I'm sorry, sweetheart. I know how much it hurts to hear Pilar say those things, but they're not true. You've been a wonderful influence on Paloma.

Katherine: I don't know about that.

Martin: I do. Pilar doesn't mean what she's saying. She's just upset, lashing out.

Katherine: She does mean it. I know she means it, Martin. Maybe she's right.

Theresa: Mama! Mama, Luis!

Pilar: Theresa.

Luis: Theresa, calm down, ok? Now, Paloma’s going to be all right.

Theresa: Paloma?

Pilar: Yes.

Theresa: What are you talking about?

Pilar: Paloma's here, mija.

Luis: But she's going to be all right.

Theresa: What happened to Paloma?

Luis: She was in a nightclub and some guy attacked her.

Theresa: Oh, my god.

Pilar: I thought that's why you were here.

Theresa: No, no, I thought you were here because you heard about my baby, Mama -- my baby and Gwen.

Pilar: Heard what?

Theresa: She kidnapped her, mama.

Luis: Oh, my god.

Pilar: This can't be true.

Theresa: And Ethan’s car keys -- they're missing, Mama, and my baby's gone.

Sheridan: Dear god, kidnapped.

Theresa: She's gone. My baby's gone.

Gwen: See, baby? I even found some clothes. I'm sure they were Ivy's or one of Ethan’s sisters'. And guess what, sweetheart -- I even found some baby clothes and blankies for you in the closet. Yes, I did. Oops. Let's get you out of this. Let's get you out of here. Ok. Oh, yes. Ok. Ok. So we're going to take your medicine. Then we're going to sit by the fire. Baby, I've been so lonely for you. I wish I could've been there with you at the hospital and hold you and be there for you. This precious time that Theresa robbed me -- it's ok. It's ok, sweetheart, because we're together now. Here we are, just you and me. Yes, my baby. Mommy and Ashley. It's Mommy and Ashley from now on. Yes.

Tabitha: Spring is lying in wait. Soon, the little animals will awaken from their long winter's nap.

Valerie: Make love to me, Chad.

Fox: Whitney Russell, will you marry me?

Chad: The answer is no!

Whitney: Get your hands off me, Mom. Stop it!

Eve: No, not until you understand exactly what you are doing to this little baby! He is starving to death!

Theresa: She's our baby, Ethan. Our baby.

Gwen: No one's going to put me in prison for trying to kidnap my own baby.

Rebecca: Not if I can get you out of the country before they find you.

Katherine's voice: "I'm leaving Harmony and you, Martin, forever."

Pilar: I knew you still cared. I knew you still loved me.

Katherine: My god, Gwen, what are you doing here?

Gwen: Not that it's any of your business, but I'm going on a trip with my daughter.

Ethan: There it is. That's the Crane jet, and the engines are running.

Luis: We got to stop that plane.

Sheridan: Beth kidnapped me and she stole my child. And what's more, I can prove this!

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