Passions Transcript Tuesday 2/1/05 [an error occurred while processing this directive]

Passions Transcript Tuesday 2/1/05
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by Boo
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Julian: Yes. A witness. That's the key to clearing your name and having the charges against you dropped. I think I know who can tell us who the real would-be killer is.

Eve: Who? I mean, who would know what happened in the church basement that night between me and Liz? Who could prove that I'm not really an attempted serial killer?

Alistair's voice: Reality bites, doesn't it, Martin? You want to tell everyone why you really left Harmony, but Katherine convinced you not to, after I convinced her that the truth would destroy Sheridan. And, you, Katherine -- if only you knew what you were urging Martin to keep secret, your dyed-red hair would fall out in clumps. Pilar and Luis think they want to know Martin’s secret and are angry at him for breaking his promise to tell them. Not only would they be sickened to know what Martin did, Sheridan would be devastated by her bloody role in what happened. Now that I know my secret's safe, I can enjoy everyone's squirming.

[Tap on window]

Alistair: What are you doing here? You're supposed to be at the mansion, in my bedroom.

Tina: Well, I was.

Alistair: Oh, lordy, lordy, lordy. You look absolutely scrumptious.

Tina: Thank you. But I came by to tell you that Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald is in the E.R. She was attacked earlier, possibly even raped.

Alistair: So I've heard.

Tina: How, Mr. Crane? How do you always know everything before anyone else?

Alistair: How is unimportant. That I know is what counts. And Paloma's travails could be very useful to me.

Tina: What do you mean?

Alistair: Well, you see, I've always been afraid of Sheridan remembering why Martin actually left Harmony. Now that's all been averted. And now I can enjoy watching Katherine and Martin suffer the slings and arrows of their own misfortune.

[Phone rings]

Alistair: Oh -- hospital calling about Paloma. Shall we?

Tina: Of course.


Sheridan: Luis, your phone. Aren't you going to answer it?

Luis: No. Whoever it is, they can leave a message. Nothing's more important than dealing with you, Mama, and these two liars.

Alistair: You know, once these loved ones find out that Paloma’s in the hospital totally unconscious, possibly raped, attacked -- I mean, this is like misery marathon, and here we stand with a front-row seat.

Sam: Luis? Hey, this is Sam again. Listen, you need to call me as soon as you get this message, all right? It's very important. It's about Paloma.

Sam: Oh, my god. Paloma. Chief Bennett, Harmony P.D. How's she doing?

Nurse: Her vitals are weak. Paloma suffered head trauma, possible internal injuries.

Sam: And she could have been raped.

Nurse: Correct. We saved her clothes as evidence.

Sam: That's good. Have you been able to notify the family?

Nurse: The duty nurse attempted to contact Paloma’s next of kin, but I'm not sure she was able to. We also tried detective Lopez-Fitzgerald on his cell phone, but we keep getting his voicemail.

Sam: Yeah, me, too.

Sam: Tell me, how much more can the Lopez-Fitzgeralds take -- Martin coming back to town, Miguel leaving town, Antonio being killed, Theresa being paralyzed? And now this.

Nurse: I'll go see if there's been any luck reaching Paloma’s family.

Sam: Thank you.

Theresa: You know, we've been here forever, so I think we need to find out what's going on with the baby.

Ethan: Yeah, I know. Tell you what -- I'm going to go see if I can find a doctor, and I won't be long, ok?

Theresa: Ok.

Theresa: Maybe there's someone at the nurses' station who can tell me what's going on.

Gwen: Theresa, you are so dead when I find you.

Nurse: I'll be right with you, Theresa.

Theresa: Nurse?

Gwen: Time's up, you bitch.

Gwen: Well, hey.

Theresa: Gwen?

Rebecca: Ok, ugh. Having to fill out all these forms so my Gwen can be treated for attempting suicide makes me want to slit my own wrists -- ugh. Ok, name? Address? Yes. Insurance? Yes. "Cause of injury." "Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald."

Ethan: Rebecca? Rebecca, what are you -- what are you doing here? Why aren't you at the station house with Gwen?

Rebecca: You would know if you hadn't run off to see your trollop.

Ethan: I didn't run off to see Theresa. I came her to see my sick baby. Now, what are you doing here?

Rebecca: Yeah, well, you know, my baby is sick, too! You see, Theresa didn't just drive Gwen insane. She drove her to try to kill herself!

Ethan: What?

Rebecca: You heard me. Gwen slashed her wrists, and it's all Theresa’s fault.

Theresa: What are you doing here, Gwen? Why is your wrist bandaged?

Gwen: Well, they don't let you wear real bracelets in jail, Theresa. I mean, you should know that.

Theresa: Did you try to hurt yourself, Gwen? Is that why you're here?

Gwen: No. I'm here to see you.

Theresa: Look, if this is about me not pressing charges against you for stabbing me, Gwen, I --

Gwen: It is about me stabbing you. You know, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Eve: Well, who, Julian? Who could say what happened in the church basement that night that Liz was poisoned?

Julian: My god, it's obvious.

Eve: Well, not Rebecca. She already said that she didn't see anything that would prove my innocence.

Julian: No, no, no. Forget my soon-to-be ex-wife. She's of no help, but Father is.

Eve: Alistair?

Julian: Yes. You remember the night that he was poisoned in the mansion? The person who tried to kill him first poisoned his drink, which Father seemed to be expecting.

Eve: Oh. So since Alistair suspected that there would be an attempt on his life at the party, then he must also have suspected who would try to kill him.

Julian: Exactly, but see, his big mistake was not considering that that person would also try to poison his cigar.

Eve: Ok, and since the police have linked the attempts on Liz and Alistair together due to the type of poison used, you think that whoever Alistair suspects tried to kill him might also be the person who tried to kill Liz?

Julian: Yes, that I do.

Eve: Well, how does that connect with your being shot at the cannery, though?

Julian: Well, maybe it doesn’t. I mean, the police charged you with my attempted murder because it fit when, in fact, there could be two potential killers. If we can get Father to tell us who he thinks tried to poison him, then we can work to clear your name in his case and in Liz’s case, and then the police's case against you for shooting me falls apart and you'll be free.

Alistair: There's so many emotions in play amongst our five miserable souls. But I'll tell you something. It's a pleasure for me to watch them suffer.

Katherine: Thank you, Martin, for not telling everyone this secret of yours, whatever it is. If there's any chance that telling the truth is going to hurt Sheridan, you have to keep it a secret.

Martin: I think the truth would do more than hurt Sheridan. It would destroy her.

Luis: Lying scum. You know, Papa came up with this whole "big secret" bit to justify why he and his mistress ran off, and now he won't even tell us what the big secret is.

Pilar: That's Katherine’s fault. She stopped Martin from finally telling us the truth.

Luis: Mama, there is no truth. Now, you knew that Paloma was growing up without her mother. You could have told her that you were her father. You could have told her that you were the reason that she was sent away. But no. You let her grow up feeling unworthy, bitter for being sent away. And now? Now Paloma thinks that we don't love her, that we never wanted her. Why? You wanted her to believe those things so that she would love you instead.

Pilar: Es verdad. And now you've come back with an even bigger lie to justify why you abandoned us. There's some secret, some noble reason why you were forced to leave Harmony, that it wasn't just Alistair’s threats.

Alistair: Pile it on, Pilar. Just pile it on.

Luis: You led Mama to believe that you were a fine and noble man, that there was some big secret as to why you left. There was no secret. You just ran off with this rich woman here. You know something? You're scum. And you're no better than he is.

Sheridan's voice: There's so much that I still don't know, Mother, things that I don't understand. But Luis and Pilar -- they're just so angry at you and Martin. Maybe it is better that you do leave.

Katherine: Martin, it's time we go. We have to go now.

Luis: Yeah, go! Why don't you go? Why don't you get the hell out of Harmony and never come back?

Pilar: No, wait! Wait. I want to hear you say why you left Harmony.

Luis: Mama, please don't --

Pilar: Please, and then -- and then we'll decide whether it's true or not.

Ethan: I don't believe it. Gwen tried to -- she tried to kill herself?

Rebecca: I can't believe she hasn't tried this before, considering everything that Theresa has done to her.

Ethan: Is she all right? Is she all right?

Rebecca: Physically, yes. I mean, Eve Russell was able to bandage up her wrists, but she still wanted her brought here for a tetanus shot and some antibiotics. But, you know, with this E.R. filled with all these annoying hypochondriacs, we have to wait to see a doctor.

Ethan: Wait a minute. How the heck did she manage to cut herself in the first place?

Rebecca: I accidentally left my purse in the cell. So she took out my compact and she broke the glass and she used that to slash her wrists.

Ethan: Oh, my god.

Guard: Excuse me, Mrs. Crane? Did somebody take your daughter to a cubicle to be examined?

Rebecca: Well, no, not that I know of. Why?

Guard: It seems that she's disappeared.

Rebecca: What?

Ethan: Oh, god. Oh, god, there-- Theresa’s in the hospital. We better find Gwen before she finds Theresa.

Theresa: Somebody -- somebody! Help me, please!

Gwen: Oh, yeah, they'll really hear you in the busy E.R., Theresa.

Theresa: Gwen, please -- please don't hurt me.

Gwen: Oh, sweetheart, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm going to kill you.

Theresa: Help! Please, somebody!

Gwen: You took my little girl away from me, and now you're trying to take Ethan way from me, and there's no way I am going to let you do that, Theresa!

Gwen: Ugh! Where you going?

Theresa: You don't want to do this, Gwen!

Gwen: Oh, but I do.

Theresa: No --

Gwen: You can't go anywhere, Theresa.

Theresa: Gwen, they're going to get you and they're going to throw you back in jail, where you belong!

Gwen: I don't care where I am, as long as you're in your grave!

[Theresa screams]

Gwen: Close, not quite.

Sam: Dear god. Paloma, the hell you've been through and your family's not even here yet. I hate to think that my daughters or Simone could just as easily have been assaulted. And I hope we don't have to use that rape kit. You just hang in there. You hear me? Luis and I are going to do everything we can to find who did this to you. But you have to help us. You have to wake up. Just tell me who did this to you.


Sam: Oh, my god -- nurse? Nurse!

Nurse: We've got trouble, doctor, big trouble!

Pilar: Martin, you were about to tell us something, something that you claim is so important you've kept it a secret since before you left Harmony with Katherine.

Luis: Mama, please forget it, ok? His "secret" is just a reason to try and get us to forgive him for making our lives hell for all these years.

Pilar: I -- I want to be the judge of that.

Luis: All right.

Pilar: So tell me, tell me this big dark secret. Unburden yourself. Make us believe in you again. I dare you.

Katherine: Martin, don’t.

Pilar: Katherine, please! What is it? Why are you so desperate to keep my husband from telling me the truth? Does his secret prove you to be even more selfish, an even worse Mother than you already are?

Katherine: Think what you want, Pilar. We have to go, Martin.

Martin: Yeah.

Pilar: Wait. Why are you stopping Martin from telling me the truth? Are you protecting yourself?

Katherine: No.

Pilar: Are you afraid that if he tells me the truth I'll take him back and you'll lose him?

Sheridan: What? Is that it, Mother?

Katherine: Martin, please. We have to go now.

Pilar: Stop telling my husband what to do!

Katherine: Luis asked us to leave.

Luis: Yeah, you really should leave.

Pilar: Mijo, por favor. Martin may have lived with Katherine in sin for the last 20 years. But the truth of the matter is in the eyes of god, Martin and I are still married.  I am your wife. You are still my husband. So if my husband has something he wants to tell me, he can! Please, Martin, don't let her stop you from telling me something that I need to know, something that will explain to me why you abandoned us! Follow your heart, my husband, please? Please, tell me the connection between you leaving Harmony and Sheridan’s nightmares. Please.

Eve: You know, you're right. Alistair must know who tried to kill him, because the last thing that he said before he lost consciousness was "and the killer is --"

Julian: Exactly.

Eve: But, Julian, wait, that can't be right. If he knows who tried to kill him, then why hasn't he told the police?

Julian: Well, knowing Father, he wants to exact justice for his near-death experience himself.

Eve: Then why is Alistair going to help us? I mean, look at our history with Alistair. He did everything he could to keep us apart those years ago, to erase any trace that you had ever been involved with a woman of color, including kidnapping our baby from the hospital on the day that he was born and letting us think that he had died. Alistair hates me, and he hates you for loving me.

Julian: My father hates everyone.

Eve: And look what he did to Whitney and Chad, letting them become close, intimate, knowing all the time that they were half siblings. No, Julian, Alistair isn't going to help us. I'm going to be convicted of three attempted murders and then spend the rest of my life in prison.

Theresa: Help! Somebody, help!

Gwen: Oh, this is too much fun.

Theresa: Which way is it to the E.R.? I can't get to the E.R. This way!

Gwen: Hi, Theresa. Long time no see.

Theresa: Is that Ethan I hear calling you, Gwen?

Gwen: No, I don't think so. He doesn't even know I'm here. Theresa, he still thinks I'm in jail, where you thought you could keep me.

Theresa: Gwen, if you let me go back to the E.R., I will not press charges against you for stabbing me.

Gwen: Really? Theresa, I hope you enjoyed that, because that was your last lie.

Ethan: All right, I don't see Gwen, there's no Theresa.

Rebecca: Yeah. Some guard you are. You lost my poor demented daughter.

Guard: I'm sorry.

Rebecca: Oh, well, if you didn't fill out that uniform so nicely, you'd be in big trouble, sir.

Ethan: Rebecca, focus a little bit, please?

Rebecca: I am.

Ethan: Ma'am, ma'am, excuse me. Have you seen my wife?

Caroline: Oh, that pretty dark-haired girl in the wheelchair?

Rebecca: No!

Ethan: No. She's blond. She was wearing prison clothes. She has bandages around her wrists?

Caroline: No, sorry. I haven't seen her. Excuse me.

Ethan: Well, this is great. We better find Gwen before she finds Theresa.

Guard: Don't worry. I've never had a prisoner escape yet.

Rebecca: Ooh. Hmm.

Gwen: There's no escape, Theresa. This is the end of the line for you.

Theresa: Help! Somebody, help!

Gwen: I'll help you, all right, Theresa. I'm going to help put you out of my misery. Hmm. I couldn't have planned this better myself. You are so dead, Theresa.


Sam: Doctor, what's happening?

Doctor: Her blood pressure's dropped to a dangerously low level, probably due to internal bleeding. We’ve got to bring this up. Administer another milligram of epi.

Nurse: Yes, doctor.

Sam: If you can't bring up her blood pressure?

Doctor: Paloma might die.

Sam: Dear god, I need to get a hold of Luis. He and Pilar need to be here, and soon.

Pilar: Please tell me. Tell me the real reason you left Harmony with Katherine. Tell me this secret that you've carried. Please.

Luis: Mama, come on, you're wasting your time here. First, he denied that there was a secret. Then he said there was a secret and he clammed up, he couldn't tell us what it was. Now he says there's no secret. Mama, come on. Whatever he says now, it's bound to be a lie.

Pilar: If it is, we'll know. I don't think your father's going to lie to us. I think he's burdened by his secret. Aren't you? A secret that will explain to us once and for all why he left Harmony, a secret that will explain all about Sheridan’s horrible childhood memories, a secret that obviously is a threat to Alistair. A secret that I need to know. I deserve to know. We all do.

Alistair: Don't be a fool, Fitzgerald.

Katherine: Martin, don’t.

Pilar: Stay out of it!

Luis: Since I can't convince my mother that what you're about to tell us is a lie, go ahead and just tell us what you're going to tell us, and then please get the hell out of Harmony.

Rebecca’s voice: What is it about a man in uniform, his weapon drawn, ready to fire -- "bang, bang, bang"?

Ethan: Look, could you -- we're in a hospital. Could you put the gun away, please?

Rebecca: Oh, yeah, yeah, put the gun away! I mean, we don't want to shoot Gwen. We just want to keep her from hurting herself.

Guard: With all due respect, Ma'am, your daughter's dangerous.

Ethan: She's not dangerous.

Sam: Ethan, what's going on?

Ethan: Gwen was brought in for medical attention after attempting suicide.

Sam: What? How is she?

Guard: Well enough to escape, chief.

Rebecca: She didn't escape, ok? She wandered off when I was filling out paperwork.

Guard: The prisoner was jailed for attempted murder.

Rebecca: Yeah, which is a total miscarriage of justice, I might add!

Ethan: Rebecca, please.

Rebecca: Look, all I'm saying is that it is a very sad day in this country when a poor barren woman cannot attempt to kill the fertile fajita who stole her one chance at motherhood!

Sam: Rebecca! Look, I know you're upset, but what's important right now is finding Gwen before she does anything to hurt herself.

Ethan: Or anyone else.

Guard: I'm on it, chief.

Sam: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Put your gun away, ok? I won't have my officers running around the hospital waving their guns around, scaring the staff and the patients.

Guard: But Mrs. Winthrop is a prisoner.

Sam: And she's also my son's wife, who's temporarily not in full control of her faculties.

Rebecca: Yeah, thanks to Theresa.

Ethan: Rebecca, come on.

Sam: Hey, hey, hey. What's important right now is finding Gwen, having her checked out.

Guard: Yes, sir.

Ethan: Listen -- Theresa -- Theresa was here at the hospital because --

Sam: I know, and you're afraid if Gwen finds Theresa anything can happen.

Ethan: Yeah. Gwen is still on a tear about Theresa stealing the baby and --

Sam: That she's already tried to kill her once for. Kirkman, we're going to need your help. Look, we need to find Theresa and Gwen, ASAP. Let's go.

Ethan: All right.

Gwen: Don't rush off, Theresa. I have something to give you.

Theresa: I don't want anything from you!

Gwen: You liar! You want my husband! You want my baby!

Theresa: Stay away from me, you crazy freak!

Gwen: I am not the one who's crazy here, Theresa. Go ahead, try to get out. Where are you going to go, huh? Where are you going to go?

Theresa: I'm calling the police. You better run, Gwen, because I am calling the police.

Gwen: Listen, sister, I'm not going anywhere, and neither are you, not until they carry your dead body out of here.

Caroline: This is Harmony Hospital calling Detective Lopez-Fitzgerald. It is urgent you and your mother come to the E.R. as soon as you can. Is Paloma out of danger or -- oh, my god, don't tell me that poor girl died without any of her family here.

Luis: Let's hear what you have to say, then get the hell out. Take your mistress here with you.

Alistair: Don't do it, Martin. Keep your mouth shut.

[Phone rings]

Sheridan: Luis, it's your phone again.

Luis: Ignore it.

Sheridan: But it keeps ringing. What if something bad has happened?

Luis: Well, I don't care. I want to find out what's going on here so these two can get the hell out.

Sheridan: Oh, my god, the hospital has called several times, and now Sam is calling.


Pilar: Hello.

Sam: Pilar. I was calling Luis.

Pilar: Oh, hold on. He's right here.

Sam: No -- Pilar, wait. Look, I might as well tell you. Look, I have some bad news. It's about Paloma.

Pilar: Oh, my god! Oh, my god! No puede ser! Dios mio! No puede ser!

Luis: Mama, what is it?

Pilar: It's your sister. It's Paloma.

Martin: What about her?

Pilar: Oh, Luis, it's awful. She's in the hospital.

Sheridan: Oh, god, oh, no.

Martin: My god.

Pilar: Sam said that -- Sam said they think that -- they think that she was raped.

Katherine: Oh, my god!

Martin: No, not my Paloma, no.

Luis: My sister?

Pilar: Yeah.

Martin: We have to go to the hospital.

Pilar: No.

Luis: No.

Pilar: You stay away from Paloma.

Martin: Not a chance in hell. She's my daughter!

Pilar: Yes -- a fact that you kept from her her entire life!

Martin: And she's forgiven me for that!

Luis: Yeah, well, we haven't! So you stay away from that hospital.

Martin: No!

Luis: Mama, you come with me. I'll drive.

Pilar: Ok.

Sheridan: Wait, wait, wait. Just pull the car around back. I have to go change.

Katherine: My god -- Paloma.

Martin: No, she's my daughter. I will be there.

Katherine: Of course. I'll go with you, Martin.

Martin: Come on.

Alistair: The drama with you two never -- never ends, does it?

Martin: Just shut up, Crane! My youngest daughter could have been raped!

Alistair: Or maybe Paloma’s paramour was a little too hot for Paloma to handle. Now, you could relate to that, can't you, Katherine?

Katherine: You filthy dog, Alistair!

Alistair: Woof, woof.

Martin: Come on, let's get out of here.

Alistair: Fine. Go to the hospital to be with Paloma. But you keep your mouth shut about the secret. Then you and your mistress can run off together, safe in the knowledge that I didn't have you both killed.

Martin: You miserable son of a bitch.

Katherine: Martin, Paloma!

Alistair: Oh, and enjoy the Lopez-Fitzgerald family outing at the emergency room.

Eve: No, Julian. Alistair's not going to help us. I'm going to be tried and convicted and spend the rest of my life in prison.

Julian: It's not going to happen, Eve. I'm going to talk to the old man. I'll force him to tell me what I need to know to prove you're innocent.

Eve: How are you going to force him to help us?

Julian: No matter what I have to do he will tell me what I want to know.

Rebecca's voice: Hmm -- boxers or briefs? Boxers or briefs?

Ethan: I don't like this.

Rebecca: Well, what's not to like?

Ethan: Not only is Gwen missing, Theresa’s nowhere to be found, either.

Sam: Well, I think you're right. If Gwen finds Theresa, she's going to finish what she started. She'll kill her.

Rebecca: Well, why don't we go have a cup of coffee? My treat.

Ethan: Rebecca, do you want Gwen to be charged with murder?

Rebecca: Huh?

Ethan: Huh?

Rebecca: No! No, no, no, no, of course not! No, let's -- let's keep looking.

Sam: All right, Ethan, Rebecca, you come with me. You two go that way.

Rebecca: Ok.

Theresa: The police are going to be here any minute, Gwen. I can't get a signal.

Gwen: No police and no escape. I'm so sad for you, Theresa.

Theresa: Gwen, if you kill me, you'll never get out of jail. You will get the death penalty. Is that what you want?

Gwen: It's funny you should mention that, because you're getting the death penalty, too.

Theresa:  No, no no no no no no no no

Whitney: I couldn't be like you in a million years. I could never deceive the people that I love. I could never lie to them face to face every single day. I could never hurt Daddy the way you did. And you know what, Mom? For that I will never forgive you. Do you understand me? I will never forgive you.

Eve: Ah! I still can't believe it's come to this -- T.C. engaged to my sister, Whitney and Simone hating me, Whitney pregnant with her half brother's baby, and me charged with three attempted murders. Well, at least I have Julian and my job. That's what I'll do. I'll go to the hospital and I'll -- I'll keep busy. I'll wait for Julian to contact me, and hopefully, Alistair will have told him who tried to poison him.

Alistair: Tonight was most entertaining for me. I do enjoy so watching Katherine and Martin suffer. I mean, they're damned if they tell a lie, they're damned if they tell the truth. And then at a crucial moment word comes through that Paloma is in the hospital, victim of a possible rape. I mean, this whole thing is absolutely hilarious. I couldn't make it up even if I tried.

[Alistair laughs]

Tina: So are we going to the hospital to see what happens next?

Alistair: Oh, why bother, darling? Why don't we go back to the mansion, in the comfort of my bedroom, and watch everything on Crane-cam, hmm? But you go back now and warm up the sheets. I'll join you shortly, because the type of lingerie you wear should never go to waste, hmm?

Tina: Yes, Mr. Crane.

Alistair: Mm-hmm. Ah, to the pain I have caused today and the promise of more to come.

[Door slams]

Alistair: What is it now, my dear?

Julian: We need to talk.

Alistair: Call my secretary. I'm busy.

Julian: The days of your telling me what to do are over. I am here to tell you what to do.

Alistair: Is that so?

Julian: You give me the name of the person who poisoned you and give it to me now.

Sheridan: Oh, my god.

Luis: Paloma?

Pilar: Mi nina -- mi nina preciosa -- Luis --

Martin: She looks so small and frail.

Katherine: So helpless.

Sheridan: How is she?

Nurse: Weak, but stable for now. It's possible she has internal injuries as well.

Luis: She was assaulted?

Nurse: Yes. But to what degree we aren't sure yet.

Martin: My god.

Pilar: Martin --

Luis: This is all your fault.

Katherine: Oh, Luis, don't say that, please.

Luis: No, I've spent all my time dealing with your lies and the grief that you have caused my family. I haven't been here for the people who need me. Let me tell you something. You better get the hell out of Harmony. If we lose Paloma, I swear I'll kill you.

Guard: Chief Bennett?

Sam: Yeah? Where's Kirkman?

Guard: He thought he heard something. He went to investigate.

Sam: Yeah, a nurse thought she saw Gwen and Theresa come this way. But tonight's been so crazy, no one's sure of what they may have seen or heard.

Ethan: Well, we’ve got to keep looking.

Rebecca: Oh -- well, we've searched high and low.

Ethan: If Gwen finds Theresa in her current state of mind alone, god knows what could happen.

Theresa: You don't want to kill me, Gwen.

Gwen: Oh, are you sure about that, Theresa? Look at everything you have done to me. You stole my Sarah’s chance at life. You stole my embryos. You stole my son's chance at life, and now you are trying to steal my daughter and my husband from me!

Theresa: Gwen, I am sorry about Sarah. I really am. And your son -- I didn't choose to lose him, ok? That was fate's decision!

Gwen: Oh, that was fate's decision? Well, guess what -- now I am going to be the one to decide your fate and a long and happy life with my husband and my daughter are not a part of your future!

Theresa: Look, let's go find Ethan, ok? Let's just go talk to him.

Gwen: You want to talk to him? There's nothing to talk about, Theresa. You have taken everything from me, and now I am taking everything from you!

Sam: I just pray that we find them before --

Eve: Before Gwen does something else that she'll regret.

[Theresa screams]

Julian: Now, you tell me who tried to kill you and you tell me now.

Pilar: Please, god. Please don't take my Paloma away again.

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