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by Boo
Proofread by Jodi

Ethan: All right, it's my turn. Ready? I'm going to get you. E4.

Little Ethan: E4?

Ethan: Yeah.

Little Ethan: Hit.

Ethan: I got a hit.

Theresa's voice: Now that daddy's here, he's never going to want to leave us.

Theresa: Wow. You know, she was really hungry.

Ethan: Yeah. She's lucky to have a mother as selfless as you are, too.

Theresa: You mean not taking the steroids so I can continue breastfeeding?

Ethan: Yeah. I mean, it could've relieved your swelling around your spinal cord a little bit and helped with the paralysis. You're sacrificing your own welfare for the baby's, and that's -- that's huge. She and I are grateful, Theresa.

Theresa: Well, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Little Ethan: Your turn, Daddy Ethan.

Ethan: My turn. Ok, ready? Uh -- F2. F2.

Little Ethan: Miss.

Ethan: Of course.

Theresa's voice: Our turn is next, and we are going to win.

Theresa: Ethan, I think it's time.

Ethan: Really? Ok, I'll change her.

Theresa: No. No, no, I --

Ethan: What?

Theresa: I think that it's time that we name her. We can't keep calling her baby Winthrop.

Ethan: You want to give the baby my last name?

Theresa: She is your daughter.

Ethan: Yeah, she is. All right, Mom. What do you want to name her?

Rebecca: There. This cold should keep this cut from swelling, hmm?

Rebecca's voice: You don't want to look puffy and crazy.

Rebecca: So, Gwennie, how are you feeling?

Gwen: You know, I can't decide.

Rebecca: Good, bad? Hot, cold?

Gwen: Mother, those are awful names.

Rebecca: Names?

Gwen: I like Ashley. Ashley sounds good with Nathan.

Rebecca: Who are Ashley and Nathan?

Gwen: Mother. My babies. I know Ethan has to agree to it first, but I think it sounds nice. Ashley Winthrop, Sarah and Nathan’s new little sister.

Rebecca's voice: Oh, no. My Gwen’s gone completely ga-ga.

Kay: Jessica, what on earth are you doing here?

Jessica: Kay. Simone. What are you doing here?

Simone: Kay asked you first.

Man: So, Jess, these are your friends?

Kay: Get your hands off my sister!

Man: Sisters? Huh. What do you say the three of us go back to my place and make a manwich? You -- you can watch while you wait to be served.

Kay: Oh, no.

Man: Oh!

Sheridan: You should be dead, dead!

Katherine: Sheridan, I love you! Please don't hurt me!

Sheridan: No! Just stop fighting and die!

Luis: Sheridan? Sheridan, where are you?

Sheridan: You wicked woman! Die!

Katherine: Stop it, please!

Pilar: Oh, my god -- voices.

Luis: Came from over there.

Martin: No, no, no, they're this way.

Katherine: Stop!

Pilar: Mijo, the mausoleum, Luis.

Alistair: They figured out where Sheridan is. Hopefully, my daughter will have killed my wife by the time they get there.

Sheridan: You hurt my father! You have to die!

Katherine: I never -- I never hurt Alistair. He hurt -- he hurt me.

Sheridan: Die, you liar, die!

Pilar: Oh, my god!

Luis: Sheridan, stop! What are you doing?

Sheridan: No!

Luis: Stop!

Martin: Katherine, can you hear me? Katherine, please don't die. Please, I love you so much. I'd die without you.

Sheridan: No, no! She hurt my father. She has to die!

Alistair: Damn you for interfering, Luis. Katherine had better be dead.

Sheridan: I can't let that wicked woman hurt my father anymore. I have to make sure that she's dead!

Pilar: My god, poor Sheridan!

Martin: Poor Sheridan? She tried to murder her own mother! Katherine, please, please, my love, please come back to me.

Alistair: Wake-up call for Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald. Look at your husband mooning over my wife. Two adulterous pigs. Both deserve to be slaughtered.

Luis: Sheridan, relax. Come on, you don't want to kill anybody.

Sheridan: No, just her. She has to die.

Martin: What the hell are you talking about? Why does she want to murder her own mother?

Pilar: Sheridan doesn't know what she's saying.

Luis: Sheridan's sleepwalking. She's not going to remember any of this when she wakes up.

Martin: That's ridiculous. Why would she want to murder her own mother? Katherine, please, my love, please. Come back to me, please.

Luis: Sheridan, close your eyes. Just relax, honey, relax.

Sheridan: No, not until she's dead again!

Martin: She's obviously lost her mind.

Pilar: No, Luis is right. She has been sleepwalking ever since Katherine left her as a child to be with you.

Luis: Yeah, she said Sheridan had her first episode around the time that Katherine supposedly died.

Pilar: Es verdad.

Martin: I can't believe that you're blaming Katherine. Does Julian sleepwalk, as well?

Pilar: No. He was much older when Katherine left to be with you.

Sheridan: No!

Luis: It's because Alistair didn't blame Julian for Katherine’s so-called death. He made Sheridan think she was responsible.

Alistair: I didn't make Sheridan think anything.

Sheridan: She must die!

Alistair: My daughter's guilt is real.

Sheridan: Ugh!

Rebecca: Um -- yes, honey, I mean, Ashley is a wonderful name for your little girl. But I do think you're right that we should wait for Ethan to be here to make a final decision.

Gwen: Ethan is so happy to be a father now. I'm sure he's just going to go along with whatever I want. You know what, mother? Let's go to the hospital and see Ashley, ok? Ethan can just meet us there.

Rebecca: Uh -- no. Why don't we wait here for Ethan?

Gwen: No, I am sick of being here. I am going to put on my jacket, and then let's go, ok?

Rebecca: Oh, no, no, now, honey, you can't wear white after Labor Day. Don't be silly. No, no, we'll -- we'll just wait here for Ethan.

Gwen: Mother, he's been gone a really long time.

Rebecca: I know, I know. But we're having fun, right?

Gwen: Mother, Ethan should be here. He should be here to take me to the hospital so we can get our baby girl and bring her home to Sarah and Nathan. Where are they? Where are my husband and my babies?

Ethan: Sleep tight, sweetie. She's really cute. All right. What are we going to name her?

Theresa: Ok.

Ethan: Let's go.

Theresa: All right, I've been thinking about it, and I think that we should keep it simple, ok? Because when I was learning to spell my name, three syllables made it kind of tricky, so --

Ethan: Really?

Theresa: Yes.

Ethan: All right, then I guess Anastasia is out of the question, right?

Theresa: Yes, Anastasia.

Ethan: Ok, ok, we'll keep it simple, real simple.

Theresa: Ok, and I was thinking that I -- I don't know, I don't think that we should name her after a relative this time because, well, she's a miracle baby, so I think she should have her own special name.

Ethan: Ok. All right. We got simple, we got special. Let's go from there. All right.

Man: Ow. Bitch! All right, spanking's one thing, but don't mess with my face.

Kay: Looks like somebody beat me to it. Now, get lost.

Jessica: Kay, stop it! I can take care of myself.

Kay: Great job so far, Jess. You're underage in a nightclub making out with Pepe le Pew here. Is that smoke I smell on your breath?

Jessica: None of your business!

Bartender: Ok, people, lose the drama or take it outside. I don't want any trouble.

Simone: Yeah, don't worry about it. We'll behave from now on.

Bartender: You'd better, or else.

Paloma: Hey. What's going on?

Jessica: Paloma, what are you doing here?

Paloma: I came with Kay and Simone.

Jessica: Oh, Kay brought you here? You're younger than I am.

Kay: Give it a rest, Jessica, ok? At least she's not giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to Gramps here. What are you dressed as anyway, a hooker?

Man: I'm good for breakfast and cab fare, that's it.

Jessica: Back off, Kay. You're hardly one to question my morals. You're the unmarried mother of a small child, yet you're out clubbing, trying to pick up guys.

Kay: I am not, ok? I'm out to have a good time with my friends.

Paloma: And break a few guys' hearts, remember?

Jessica: Aha. I knew it.

Kay: Wrong, Sergeant Schultz. You know nothing. I still love Miguel, ok? I'm sorry that I wanted to go out for one night without changing baby diapers and blotting baby drool.

Simone: Maria's at home with Tabitha and Endora.

Kay: Yeah. And you know what -- quit changing the subject. This is not about me, it's about you.

Jessica: You can talk, but I'm not listening.

Man: Let's get out of here. Let's just head back to my place.

Jessica: Good idea.

Kay: Uh -- I don't think so. You're not going anywhere with this jerk.

Man: Who are you calling a jerk, slutty mama?

Jessica: Yeah, Kay, back off. I don't need you playing party police.

Kay: Yeah, you do if you don't have enough sense to know that this guy here is bad news.

Jessica: I'm over 18! I can do what I want with who I want.

Kay: Yeah, well, dressed like that? No wonder he thinks you're easy.

Jessica: There's nothing wrong with the way I'm dressed.

Man: I'll say.

Kay: Has Dad seen this little getup?

Jessica: No -- well, not that it matters. Besides, Daddy can't tell me how to dress anymore.

Kay: Oh, yes he can as long as you live under his roof.

Jessica: Who are you -- Mom?

Kay: All right, see, that's it. I'm taking you home.

Jessica: You are not.

Kay: I am, too.

Jessica: Are not!

Kay: Am, too!

Man: Ladies, please, can't we all just get along?

Kay: Don't you have a bridge to go live under?

Man: And you wonder why the guy who knocked you up didn't marry you?

Kay: Oh, you know what?

Paloma: Kay, Kay, Kay, calm down! We're all here to have a good time, so let Jessica enjoy herself.

Simone: Yeah, it's just one night out. What's the worst that could happen?

Kay: Jessica could get a disease or get pregnant and ruin her life, that's what.

Ethan: How about Yvonne? Wait, wait -- Yvette?

Theresa: No.

Ethan: No?

Theresa: Uh-uh.

Ethan: We're in the Zs now, so it's pretty much either Zelda or Zoe.

Theresa: No, no. Um --

Ethan: Well, look, we've done the whole alphabet, so I don't know what you want.

Theresa: No, we skipped a lot of names, you know? There's one I really like.

Ethan: What?

Theresa: Jane.

Ethan: Jane?

Theresa: After "Jane Eyre." You know, it was one of my favorite books in high school. It was really sad, but completely romantic.

Ethan: Yeah. No, I remember. Jane Eyre was -- she had this lousy life, and then she went to work as a governess, right?

Theresa: Yes, at Thornfield Hall for Adele, Mr. Rochester's ward. And then Jane and Mr. Rochester, they fell madly in love and they were going to get married.

Ethan: But they -- they didn't get married, right?

Theresa: No, because he had a wife who was locked up in the attic because she was crazy.

Ethan: Yeah, um -- look, Gwen’s locked up because our having a child robbed her of her last chance to have a baby, ok?

Theresa: You know --

Ethan: Theresa, Theresa, look, if you want to name the baby Jane, I think that's fine, I think that's wonderful, but don't you dare do it as a way of making a point at Gwen’s expense, ok?

Gwen: Mother, where are Ethan and my babies?

Rebecca: You know, I don't really know where they are. But I'm sure Ethan will be here soon. I mean, he loves you so much, Gwen, he does, I mean, even when you're --

Gwen: When I'm what?

Rebecca: Tired. That's it, when you're very tired.

Gwen: Mother, that's why I need to get home. You know, it's late. I need to put Sarah and Nathan to bed. I have to go to the hospital, check on Ashley.

Rebecca: Well, why don't you just close your eyes and rest till Ethan gets here?

Gwen: All right. Well, will you put my jacket on my shoulders? I'm cold.

Rebecca: Of course. Of course. Here. There. Sweet dreams, honey. Excuse me. Um -- my son-in-law, Ethan Winthrop, should be here by now. Is there any way you can check to see if he called to say he's running late?

Guard: Of course.

Rebecca: Thank you.

Rebecca: My poor Gwennie. If Ethan doesn't get you out of here soon, you're not the only one who's going to lose her little girl. I'm going to lose mine, too.

Sheridan: She was wicked, not me!

Luis: Sheridan --

Sheridan: She deserves to die!

Luis: Sheridan, rest, honey. Just rest.

Sheridan: No, no, that wicked woman deserves to die!

Luis: All right, Sheridan obviously isn't calming down, ok? Maybe we should try and wake her up, huh, Mama?

Pilar: Mijo, I don't think that's a good idea. It could be dangerous.

Luis: Well, I think it's more dangerous keeping her in a state like this. Sheridan?

Pilar: Here, let me try. Sheridan? Sheridan? It's me. Come on, it's time to wake up.

Sheridan: That wicked woman, she has to die!

Alistair: Indeed, your mother is wicked, Sheridan. Let's hope that you killed Katherine before Luis interrupted you.

Martin: Katherine, my love, please don't die. Don't leave me now, not after all these years, not after all we've meant to each other.

Luis: Papa said there was another reason he left Harmony besides Katherine. Yeah, right.

Martin: My god, thank god you're alive.

Alistair: Bloody hell. What will it take to kill that woman?

Sheridan: No.

Martin: Sweetheart, I thought I'd lost you, Sheridan killed you, her own mother.

Alistair: No such luck.

Martin: Are you all right?

Katherine: I'm all right. I feel weak, sore. Oh, my god. Sheridan -- something's terribly wrong, Martin. Why would she try and kill me?

Luis: Sheridan was sleepwalking. She didn't know what she was doing.

Katherine: She sounded pretty clear to me. She kept saying that I had to die because I'd done something to Alistair.

Alistair: Well, I see you found Sheridan. Katherine. Oh. Still a wretched excuse for a mother, I see. How could you let your poor daughter run around in the cold outside with no shoes on?

Martin: What happened wasn't Katherine’s fault.

Alistair: Oh, that's right. Defend my unfaithful wife. Oh, sorry, Pilar.

Luis: Just shut up, Alistair. Sheridan tried to kill Katherine, and this is all your fault.

Alistair: Hmm. Yes, I'm to blame for the polar bears being cold, as well.

Luis: Listen, the reason that Sheridan sleepwalks is because you blamed her for Katherine supposedly dying of kidney failure.

Katherine: She kept saying that -- that I had to die because I'd done something to hurt you?

Alistair: Well, as much as I applaud Sheridan’s love and devotion for me, I am shocked that she would try and hurt you, Katherine.

Katherine: You're just a liar, Alistair! You're the one who made her believe that she was responsible for my death! How can -- how can you do this to your own daughter? Look at what you've done!

Sheridan: Ugh!

Simone: Kay, we get your concern about the S.T.Ds and the unplanned pregnancies, and we really appreciate it, but --

Jessica: What Simone means is that we're not out to trick guys into sleeping with us so we can get pregnant in hopes of forcing them into a committed relationship like you were with Miguel.

Paloma: What? You seduced my brother?

Kay: Heavens, no.

Simone: "Hell, yes" is more like it.

Man: Let's go, babe. I got plenty of protection back at my place.

Kay: Get away from her, you perv!

Jessica: Excuse me. Please don't hold your mistakes against me, Kay. I just want to make out with the guy, not make it with him, so go hang with Simone and Paloma and leave me alone. I don't need you to act like Mom.

Kay: I think you do.

Jessica: Well, Mom was hardly a role model, leaving Dad for David Hastings, and you're no better.

Kay: Ok, fine, all right, I admit it -- I messed up. But I'm sorry that I don't want you to go through the same thing that I went through, the pain of being an unwed mother and the shame of raising Maria all by myself. Listen, I'm sorry, don't get me wrong, I love Maria, and Miguel sends money to help out, but it's still really hard, Jessica, and I don't know what I would do without Tabitha’s help.

Jessica: I said I'd be careful, Kay.

Kay: Just don't take any chances. Just go home before the missing link has his way with you.

Jessica: I didn't realize you cared so much.

Kay: Yeah, well, don't tell anybody. It'll ruin my reputation. I do care, a lot. You're my sister. I love you.

Jessica: I love you, too.

Theresa: I suggested the name Jane because I love the name. I wasn't trying to make a dig at Gwen.

Ethan: Ok, fine. Whatever. Look, I like the name Jane. If you want to name her Jane, I like it.

Theresa: Ok. Ok.

Ethan: Ok.

Theresa: Sweetheart, what do you think about naming your baby sister Jane?

Little Ethan: It's way better than "baby girl."

Theresa: Yes, it is. All right, then it's settled.

Ethan: All right.

Theresa: So I think now we should plan her christening.

Ethan: Yeah, look, before we go further, I need to go check on Gwen. I do. I need to see how she's doing.

Theresa: Right. Ok. Can I just take a quick shower and can you stay here with the children?

Ethan: Yeah, no, absolutely. Can you manage on your own?

Theresa: Yeah, yeah. You had one of the bathrooms made handicapped-accessible, so I'm going to be fine.

Ethan: Ok. Well, call me if you need help, all right?

Theresa: Ok. Thanks.

Ethan: Ok.

Theresa: Sweetheart, can you keep Daddy Ethan company until I get back?

Little Ethan: Ok.

Theresa: Ok.

Ethan: Ok. All right, buster, how's the game going?

Little Ethan: I'm winning.

Ethan: You're winning, you're winning. You're always winning. Ok, not for long. D -- D4.

Little Ethan: Miss.

Ethan: Miss?

[Makes explosion sound]

Little Ethan: This is fun.

Ethan: Yeah, it's fun. You're winning, it's fun.

Little Ethan: Mommy says that soon you'll be able to spend all your time with us.

Ethan: Yeah, well, your Mommy kind of forgets that I'm married to Gwen sometimes.

Little Ethan: If you weren't, you would be married to Mommy.

Ethan: Jane. To what do I owe this pleasant distraction from my literary pursuits?

Jane: Mr. Rochester. I was taking Adele into the library, where she could continue her studies in peace. See, I fear a small beast has taken refuge in the attic above Adele’s room, and the sounds the creature makes are most distracting.

Mr. Rochester: Yes, yes, understandably so. My sweet Adele, will you go to the library, please, as Jane would have you do? Thank you. Run along. No, Jane, please, please stay. Engage with me in intercourse, if you wouldn't mind.

Jane: Uh -- pardon?

Mr. Rochester: Just talk to me.

Jane: Oh.

Mr. Rochester: As you know, my existence here at Thornfield Hall is -- well, it's quite lonely at times, especially given my wife is forever lost to me.


Jane: Oh. See? There it goes again.

Mr. Rochester: Yes. Not only are your ears sharp, Jane, but you have lovely lobes, as well.

Jane: Oh. My earlobes.

Mr. Rochester: Yes. You are beautiful from head to toe.

Jane: If I may say so, sir, you are most handsome.

Mr. Rochester: Jane, let our lips speak in volumes, but not in words.

Little Ethan: Your move, Daddy Ethan.

Ethan: You're right, it is my move.

Theresa: Everything is working out the way I planned. Ethan will never leave me, my son, our daughter, for Gwen. He would have to be as crazy as she is, and he's not. So very soon we will all be a family. Now, Ethan said that I should call if I need help, so --

Theresa: Oops. I do. Ok. Ethan! Help! Ethan!

Ethan: Theresa?

Theresa: Help, please.

Ethan: Theresa -- oh, my god!

Ethan: God, are you all right?

Theresa: Yeah, I mean, I -- I think so. I -- well, can you -- can you check my legs just to be sure?

Ethan: Yeah, no, no, no, I'll check them.

Theresa: Make sure they're ok?

Ethan: You're --

Theresa: I mean, you know, I can't feel them, so --

Ethan: Right.

Theresa: What do you think?

Ethan: What happened to you?

Theresa: Um -- I -- I slipped off the bench, Ethan, and -- oh, thank god you're here. Thank you. Thank you for being here, because I don't know what I would've done without you.

Ethan: No, no, no, it's ok. Look, no, I think you're fine.

Theresa: Really?

Ethan: I don't think anything's broken. I mean, you might have a bruise or something, but that's it.

Theresa: That'll match my ego. I hate that you have to see me like this. So helpless, so helpless, I mean.

Ethan: It's ok. You -- you need a towel. Here you go, ok? Here. Got it?

Theresa: Yes.

Ethan: Ok -- um -- look, if you're all right and you're through, then I should go see Gwen now. Only if you're ok, though. Are you ok? You'll be ok?

Theresa: Yes, I'll be fine. Go, go to Gwen.

Ethan: What about the children? I mean, are you fine?

Theresa: I can take care of them. If I fall or I burn myself, little Ethan knows how to dial 911, so --

Ethan: Maybe I should -- you know what, I should wait till Pilar or Paloma or someone able-bodied is here to help you.

Theresa: No, please. Physically challenged people manage on their own every single day. You had the house made handicapped-friendly, so I'll be just fine. I'll figure it out.

Ethan: Ok. It's all right.

Theresa: Sorry.

Ethan: Hey, big guy, do me a favor. Will you watch over your mommy and your sister while I'm gone?

Little Ethan: Ok.

Ethan: Thanks, man.

Ethan: Look, Theresa, I will be back as soon as I can, I promise.

Theresa: Oh, don't rush on my account. I'll be fine.

Ethan: Look, I know you're upset. I'm sorry, but she is my wife, Theresa. She's having a mental breakdown because of this baby being ours, and she lost her last chance of ever having a child. Please understand.

Theresa: Well, I lost the use of my legs, Ethan, thanks to your wife. And as far as I'm concerned, I'm glad she's in jail. She should stay in jail for the rest of her life, so get out. Why don't you go to her?

Theresa: Go back to your wacky wife.

Rebecca: Theresa did this to you, Gwen. She has made it her life's work to hurt you. I mean, she stole Ethan from you, and then you managed to get him back, and then, no, she wouldn't give up. No, no, no, she had to follow you to Los Angeles, where she stalked Ethan and then she fought with you, causing you to lose Sarah and to lose any chance you ever had of having a child of your own. As if that wasn't enough, no, no, then she had to steal your embryos and seduce Ethan. And I know in my heart that when she found out that she couldn't carry both babies to term, no, she sacrificed your child to save hers. And now -- now she is trying to steal Ethan from you yet again.

Gwen: What did you just say?

Sheridan: Ugh!

Katherine: Lying to her, telling her that she was to blame for my death, confusing her terribly! I don't know how you sleep at night, Alistair!

Alistair: It appears that Sheridan is the one who has trouble sleeping.

Luis: Go to hell, Alistair.

Katherine: And I'll help send you there!

Martin: No, Katherine, he's not worth it! He's not worth it, Katherine. It's ok.

Alistair: Well, someone in Harmony thinks so. Someone tried to poison me, and the evidence leans toward Eve Russell. She's a tart -- like you, Katherine.

Sheridan: You should be dead! Dead.

Luis: Sheridan, please -- Sheridan, calm down, ok? Your mother's out of our lives now, anyway. There you go. Ok. She's gone into a deeper sleep now. I'm taking her back to the cottage.

Pilar: I'll come with you, mijo.

Luis: And you, you're coming with us. I want to hear about this big, dark secret of yours.

Katherine: I'm going.

Martin: Are you going to be ok?

Katherine: Yeah.

Alistair: "Big, dark secret"? No one can ever know the truth. Can they, Martin?

Martin: Oh, they can and they will. I'm going to tell everyone about the burlap sack that you had me bury under the gazebo.

Alistair: Oh, really?

Martin: There's nothing you can do to stop me.

Alistair: Oh, we will see about that.

Kay: So will you come home with us?

Jessica: Ok, but will you help me sneak back in?

Kay: Yes, sure. If Dad saw you like this, you would never hear the end of it.

Jessica: I know.

Man: Let's dance some more.

Paloma: As soon as I know my friends are ok.

Kay: Jessica's coming home with us.

Simone: Good, this really isn't who we are.

Paloma: Oh, speak for yourselves. I was having a good time dancing.

Man: You and me both.

Paloma: Esperate.

Kay: Well, I don't want to leave you here alone, and I doubt that your mom or Luis would approve.

Paloma: I don't care if they do or not, but if you're leaving, I will, too. Hasta la vista, baby.

Man: What kind of tease are you?

Paloma: Tease?

Man: Get me all worked-up out there on the dance floor, and now you're leaving? I don't think so.

Paloma: I'll give you my number. You can call me sometime.

Man: Don't put me on hold, sweet cheeks. This is one call you're going to complete right now.

Second man: Yeah, babe, wait, we're going to finish what we started, too.

Kay: You two guys can finish up with each other for all I care. My friends and I are going home.

Man: Back off there, big sister. This is Jessica’s big night, and I do mean big.

Kay: Leave my sister alone.

Man: She'd rather I leave her begging for more. Right, babe?


Man: You crazy -- I'm sorry.

Simone: Oh, my god, Kay, look what you started!

Kay: This isn't my fault! It's Jessica and Paloma’s for flirting with these lowlifes! My heart still belongs to --

Simone: Miguel! Yes, we know!

Jessica: I have so much to write in my diary tonight!

Paloma: If I had a peso for every time guys fought over me --

Bartender: I knew you girls were trouble from the minute you walked in. I should've thrown you out then.

Kay: Well, you didn't, so deal with it!

Bartender: Oh, I am, starting right now.

Rebecca: Gwen, I -- I didn't know you were awake.

Gwen: Well, surprise. Mother, what were you saying about Theresa stealing Ethan?

Rebecca: Uh -- nothing. No, I never meant anything by --

Gwen: Ethan, what is going on? Is this true? Are you not in love with me anymore?

Ethan: Of course I love you. Why would you say that?

Gwen: Is Theresa trying to steal you and the babies away from me?

Ethan: The babies?

Gwen: Sarah, Ashley, and Nathan.

Ethan: Honey, there are no babies.

Gwen: Ethan, where have you been? Where are our children?

Ethan: Listen, I have been with Theresa.

Gwen: Oh. Well, I knew it.

Ethan: No, listen, listen, I've been with Theresa because I've been trying to talk to her and get her to not press charges against you, honey, so you can go home.

Gwen: Look, I'm sure that Sarah and Nathan are wondering where their mommy is, but please, we have got to go to the hospital and check on Ashley, ok?

Rebecca: Well? Did you convince Theresa to drop the charges?

Ethan: No, no, I didn’t.

Rebecca: Oh, damn that tramp.

Ethan: Listen, yeah, look, she's being stubborn right now, but I'm going to do everything I can to get Gwen out of here. And by the way, what are you doing locked in here with her?

Rebecca: I wanted to be with my poor, demented daughter.

Gwen: What was that?

Ethan: What was what?

Gwen: Honey, our baby. She's crying. Can you please let me out of here? I need to go to her.

Ethan: Honey, sweetie, I -- I don't hear anything.

Rebecca: I don't, either.

Gwen: Can you please hurry up and let me out of here? Our baby is crying and she needs me!

Little Ethan: You all right, Mommy?

Theresa: Yes. Why do you ask?

Little Ethan: Because when Daddy Ethan left, you looked upset.

Theresa: Oh. That's because I just wish that he never had to leave, you know? I -- I want him to stay with us, but soon he will.

Little Ethan: Cool. I love Daddy Ethan.

Theresa: I know you do. Me, too. You know what? It is time for you to go to sleep, because you are up way past your bedtime.

Little Ethan: But Daddy Ethan said I was supposed to take care of you.

Theresa: I can take care of myself, baby, ok? You go to bed. I want you to brush your teeth for me. I want you to say your prayers, ok?

Little Ethan: I will.

Theresa: All right.

Little Ethan: Good night.

Theresa: Good night, baby.

Theresa: Huh. I don't need to be looked after. I can manage just fine on my own.

Luis: Sleep, my love. Sleep.

Luis: Alistair. See, I don't recall inviting you back with us.

Alistair: I'm here because of Sheridan.

Luis: Oh, yeah? Well, it's because of you that Sheridan started sleepwalking in the first place. And it's because of you that she's sleepwalking again, Katherine. You see, I'm no shrink, but maybe Sheridan’s psyche can't reconcile with you being alive after being blamed for your death all those years ago by you.

Katherine: Sheridan did keep saying that -- that I should be dead, but I just hated that -- that she's so upset.

Martin: That's why Katherine and I wanted to leave Harmony, so that we could spare all of you any more pain.

Luis: No, you're not going anywhere, not till I find out why you left Harmony all those years ago.

Theresa: That's ok, sweetheart. That's ok, yes. See, Mommy's right here and she's going to take really good care of you. It's ok. Oh, no. Oh, no. Honey, you're burning up with a fever.

Gwen: Don't either of you hear this? My baby is crying. There's something wrong with her, Ethan! Will you please let me out?

Rebecca: She was doing so much better. I mean, she actually calmed down, but now look at her.

Gwen: Ethan, take me to the hospital. Please let me be with my baby.

Ethan: Honey, it's not going to be much longer, ok?

Rebecca: My god, if Theresa doesn't drop the charges, then Gwen is never getting out of here. She is never going to come to her senses. My god, Theresa will have finally succeeded in destroying my Gwennie.

Jessica: Oh, my gosh, we made it!

Simone: Thank goodness we got out of there before something really terrible happened.

Kay: Wait. Where's Paloma?

Simone: I thought she was right behind us.

Jessica: Oh, my gosh, I did, too.

Kay: Maybe the bartender nabbed her. I'm going to go get her. Wait, he locked us out! Hey, open the door!

Jessica: Paloma's still in there, you guys!

Simone: Where is she?

Kay: Oh, my gosh! Poor Paloma! Hey!

Jessica: Come on, let us in!

Paloma: Let me go! My friends are waiting for me!

Man: I've been waiting, too. You teased me plenty. Now it's time to deliver.

Paloma: No!

Sheridan: I killed her. I killed her to protect Father.

Luis: Ok, you -- no more excuses, no more interruptions. You're going to tell us why you really left Harmony, what this big, dark secret is that you've carried around with you all these years and what it has to do with Sheridan.

>> On the next Passions:

Man: Bad idea. Nobody likes girls who tease. I'll make sure you deliver.

Martin: I can't live with this anymore. I'll tell you. I'll tell you everything.

Gwen: I want my baby now!

Theresa: Please let me get you to the hospital in time.

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