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by Amanda
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Luis: Come on, tell us your big secret. Tell us why you were forced to leave Harmony.

Martin: I will, son. Just take it easy. You know, I'd hoped that I wouldn't have to burden you with the truth. I was afraid of the danger that I'd be putting you in. But it seems like all those fears -- it's too late now.

Luis: Come on, would you just get to it?

Pilar: Luis, por favor. Martin, you're frightening me.

Luis: Mama, there's nothing to be scared of. He's just trying to make it sound worse than it really is.

Martin: No, son. Nothing could be worse than what I'm about to tell you. It involves life and death. And you won't like what you're about to hear.


Sheridan: You can't be here. I killed you. I killed you, and you're dead.

Katherine: Sheridan, I want you to calm down. I don't know what you've been dreaming, but I'm here and I'm alive. You haven't killed anyone.

Alistair: Oh, careful, Katherine. It's not wise to argue with a sleepwalking person.

Sheridan: No. You're not here because you're dead and I killed you.

Katherine: Sheridan, you did not kill me. I'm your mother. I love you. I'm alive. I'm here for you.

Sheridan: No. No, you -- you should be dead because I killed you!

Katherine: Sheridan, don't!

Sheridan: Yes, I killed you!

Katherine: No!

Sheridan: Yes!

Katherine: No!

Alistair: That's right, Sheridan. Kill her.

Katherine: Sheridan, please let me go!

Alistair: Kill your mother.

Sheridan: I killed you! You're supposed to be dead!

Katherine: No, you didn't kill me. I'm alive, Sheridan!

Tina: I can't believe that Sheridan is still asleep. How can she be sleeping through all of this?

Alistair: Oh, it's probably just some protective mechanism. Because if she woke up while she was trying to kill her mother, her mind would probably snap.

Tina: Are you going to let Sheridan kill Katherine?

Alistair: Of course I am. I can't have my wife running around telling anyone the truth. It would ruin me. Go ahead, Sheridan. Kill her. The lying slut! Just kill her.

Katherine: Sheridan! Sheridan, you don't know what you're doing! You're hurting me. I love you, Sheridan! I love you!

Sheridan: No! You are dead! I killed you!

Katherine: Oh, Sheridan.


Pilar: Dios mio, Martin. The reason you left us involves someone's death? Whose death?

Martin: Are you sure you still want to know?

Luis: Look, would you stop being so dramatic and just tell us? Yes, we want to know.

Martin: Yes, Luis, I will, all right? I just want to make sure that your mother is prepared to hear this.

Luis: Oh, come on, would you stop trying to scare her with your ridiculous tall tale?

Martin: I assure you, it's no tall tale. It's a dark secret, one that -- one that I've carried in my heart for many years. I never wanted to burden you with it, but you deserve to know the truth.

Luis: All right, then tell us.

Martin: Luis, you -- do you remember when I had you help me build a gazebo on the Crane grounds? You were just a little fellow.

Luis: The gazebo again?

Martin: Yes. I didn't want you helping me because I thought it might be too dangerous, but you insisted.

Luis: Yeah, I remember. You couldn't get rid of me.

Martin: No. But I wish that I had never allowed you to help.

Young Luis: Here's some more wood, Papa.

Martin: All right, just put it down over there. You're a good helper, Luis.

Young Luis: It's fun. I like helping you build things.

Martin: Yeah, well, just be careful. I don't want you getting hurt.

Young Luis: I'll be careful, Papa.

Martin: All right. I'm going back there. You watch the saw. Don't touch it.

Young Luis: Ok. What's this? Looks like some kind of a sack, but what it's doing here buried at the edge of the gazebo?

Martin: Don't touch that! Now, you leave that alone! You don't touch that, son!

Luis: I remember I found the corner of what looked like a -- a burlap sack. I remember you really freaked out. You told me not to touch it.

Martin: There was a very good reason for that.

Luis: Why? What was in that sack?


Katherine: Sheridan! Sheridan, you don't know what you're doing! You're hurting me. I love you, Sheridan! I love you!

Sheridan: No! You are dead! I killed you!

Katherine: Oh, Sheridan.

Alistair: Yeah, Sheridan, kill her. Kill her.

Tina: Why isn't Katherine even fighting back?

Alistair: Well, because she's a fool who loves her daughter so much that she'd never hurt her, even if it meant saving her own life.

Katherine: Oh! Oh, my god. Oh, god. Sheridan! Sheridan? Oh, god, speak to me. Darling, speak to me.

Alistair: Wake up. Sheridan, wake up. Katherine has to die! Finish it!

Katherine: Darling, open your eyes. Open your eyes. Sheridan? Oh, I've got to go get help.

Sheridan: You have to die, mother.

[Music plays]


Paloma: Whoo-hoo!

Waiter: What'll it be, ladies?

Kay: I'll have a diet soda.

Simone: A regular soda for me.

Paloma: Soda? Don't you have anything more interesting?

Waiter: Like what?

Paloma: Like a tequila with a twist of lime?

Waiter: Sorry, doll. Come back when you're 21. Regular or diet?

Paloma: Regular. The drinking laws are much stricter in this country. You have to be 21 to have a drink?

Kay: Yeah, but I don't really like the taste of alcohol.

Simone: Except champagne, which our parents let us have on special occasions.

Kay: I don't really like champagne that much, either.

Simone: If you're really desperate, you can always get a fake I.D.

Paloma: I can?

Simone: Yeah, I mean, but it's a hassle and we don't really need to get drunk to have a good time, do we?

Kay: Not me.

Paloma: Well, ok.

Simone: Right.

Kay: I can get high just from dancing. Can't you?

Paloma: Sometimes. Well, remember our pact -- we're here to break some guys' hearts, right?

Simone: Right --

Paloma: Ok.

Simone: Before they break ours.

Paloma: Yes.

Kay: You guys have fun.

Paloma: Why? You're not interested in boys?

Kay: Not these boys.

Simone: She's still in love with your brother, Paloma, and she still thinks he's coming back to her.

Paloma: Oh, Kay, I'm sorry.

Kay: Look, don't be sorry for me. Miguel and I have a baby together. He's coming back.

Simone: Kay, stop living in a dream world. Miguel is in love with Charity. He's not coming back until he finds her and convinces her to come home, too.

Kay: No. Sooner or later, he's going to get tired of chasing across the country after Charity. He's going to get tired of working as a gardener to help for Maria's support. He'll come back.

Simone: "Sooner or later"? It's more like later, if ever, Kay.

Kay: Could you remind me again why I even like you? I mean, you're always trying to bring me down.

Simone: You like me because we've been best friends since we were kids, and I'm not trying to bring you down. I'm just trying to get you to face reality so you can move on with your life.

Kay: My reality is that Miguel is coming back to me, so will you just lay off?

Paloma: Girls, girls, this is not the place to fight. We're here to have some fun, remember?

Simone: Yeah, you're right. Think we should've asked Jessica to come along?

Kay: Jessica? No. I don't know where her head's been at lately, but ever since she stopped selling those Mark cosmetics, she's been so moody.

Simone: Why did she stop selling Mark? I thought she loved it.

Kay: You got me. I know she made lots of friends and she was making a fortune. I don't know, she's just been such a flake lately. She's acting like a total teenager again. You know what? Forget Jessica. I'm here, and I am definitely ready to have some fun. I mean, to be wearing perfume instead of baby spit-up for a night is a definite upper for me.

Paloma: There you go. Let's get the fun started. If you'll excuse me --

Simone: Are you sure she grew up in a strict catholic school in Mexico?

Kay: Yeah. Those nuns would be having a cow if they could see her now. Thank you.

Waiter: You're welcome.

Simone: Thanks.

Waiter: Enjoy.

Simone: You know, we are really provincial, Kay. We were never in with the fast crowd.

Kay: Our parents wouldn't let us. We were always expected to be the good girls -- get the good grades, respect our elders, dress appropriately for our age.

Simone: Stay virgins until we get married.

Kay: Well, at least you stayed a virgin.

Simone: Yeah, but it wasn't by choice. If Chad hadn't been stolen away by my sister, I would've slept with him as fast as I could.

Kay: I know. You're just like Miguel and me, you know? When it's true love, there's no stopping it from happening.

Simone: Kay, the only reason that you got Miguel to sleep with you is to trick him into thinking you were Charity.

Kay: Oh, that's beside the point. The point is I'm -- I'm a woman now.

Simone: Yeah, a woman with a baby and no husband and no prospect of a husband.

Kay: Ok, I told you Miguel is coming back to me.

Simone: God, Kay, I swear sometimes you live in an alternate universe.

Kay: Ok! Ok, ok, ok! Would you just stop picking on me so we can try to have a good time? Ugh.

Simone: All right. Can you believe how some of these girls are dressed? They look like hookers.

Kay: Yeah.

Simone: My mother would've killed me if I had left the house looking like that. Some joke, huh, considering the fact that she turned out to be worse than a hooker herself?

Kay: Hmm. Come on, Simone. Just let's not think about your mom tonight or you're never going to have a good time.

Simone: Ok. Forget about Dr. Eve Russell.

Kay: Yes.

Simone: And you forget about your mom, too.

Kay: Oh, well, I forgot about Grace Bennett a long time ago. Listen, if my mom had her way, Jessica and I would've gone through life dressed like nuns.


Jessica: Jessica, you are hot.

Ivy: Jessica? Dinner's ready and your father's home, so could you come on down? You know, at least she could acknowledge me, Sam.

Sam: Maybe she's in the shower or, you know, her music may be too loud.

Ivy: Ok, I'll give her a few more minutes.

Sam: I'm sure she'll be down in a minute.

Ivy: Sam, look, I hope you don't think I'm interfering or anything, but I just think you ought to keep an eye on Jessica tonight.

Sam: Really? Why?

Ivy: I don't know. I just sense something.

Sam: Like what?

Ivy: Just -- just something, you know? I don't -- I don't know. Look, women just know these things, ok?

Sam: What things?

Ivy: Never mind, I'll just get dinner ready. You know, I can't believe that Eve has been accused of trying to kill three people.

Sam: You know, it's hard for me to believe it, as well. You know, I've known Eve for a very long time. You know, I can't picture her trying to poison anyone.

Ivy: Oh, well, I can't either, but it's been in all the newspapers.

Sam: I wish I could spare Eve the long ordeal of a long, drawn-out trial, but I don't think I can. You know, she's been through so much already.

Ivy: Yeah, I agree. I mean, Eve and I haven't always been the best of friends, but, well, I do respect her.

Sam: Even though your ex-husband is in love with her?

Ivy: Sam, I don't begrudge Julian being with the love of his life. And I certainly don't think that Eve tried to kill him. I mean, I could understand Alistair. And she certainly had reason to want her sister dead, but not Julian.

Sam: I agree. Unfortunately, the circumstantial evidence against her is pretty incriminating. I mean, Eve had access to the drug that was used to try to poison Alistair, and Liz identified Eve as the one who gave her the glass of poisoned punch.

Ivy: Ok, but didn't Eve say she thought someone was trying to frame her?

Sam: Yeah, but who? I mean, Alistair certainly wouldn't risk his own skin to see Eve behind bars.

Ivy: Yeah.

Sam: And Liz almost died, so I find it hard to believe that she would risk her life, too.

Ivy: Exactly. And Liz had no reason to want to kill Alistair unless it was specifically to frame Eve.

Sam: Yeah, but why poison herself? It just -- it just doesn't make sense.

Ivy: Well, you know, there are certainly enough people in this town who want Alistair dead, including me.

Sam: You know, I'd watch who you talk to like that.

Ivy: Oh, yeah. I certainly wouldn't want the Chief of Police to start suspecting me.

Sam: Well, I think you're safe for now. Cheers.

Ivy: I think you're going to figure this all out, Chief. Ok, where is Jessica? I'm going to go get her.

Sam: Ok.


Tabitha: Jessica.

Jessica: Shh! I don't want my dad to see me.

Tabitha: Where on earth are you going dressed like that?

Jessica: To a club, and I am dressed just like all my friends will be.

Tabitha: Oh. Do all your friends dress like hookers?

Jessica: No. Tabitha, you need to keep up with the times.

Tabitha: Hmm. Well, I'm sure your father would be most interested seeing you all tarted up like this.

Jessica: Please don't tell him, Tabitha. I'll babysit for Endora and Maria for free if you don't tell.

Tabitha: Well --

Jessica: Come on. You were young once, weren't you?

Tabitha: A faberge egg. Oh, rasputin, you shouldn't have.

Rasputin: It was meant for Czar Nicholas, but he won't be needing it.

Tabitha: Why not? The Romanovs are on a par with the Medicis when it comes to conspicuous consumption.

Rasputin: Not for long, they are not.

Tabitha: Oh, I know that look. It's as evil as you are, Rasputin. Tell Tabitha what you're up to.

Rasputin: I'm going to rid mother Russia of Czar Nicholas and all his rotten Romanov heirs.

Timmy: [Russian accent] I'd better put in for vacation quick.

Tabitha: I have a better idea. Why not leave one of the royal family alive? That will cause mischief for years to come.

Rasputin: I like the way you think, Tabitha.

Tabitha: Oh, all right, go on. I won't say anything.

Jessica: Thank you. See you later.

Tabitha: Well, that's a turn-up for the books, girls. Jessica used to be one of the goody two-shoes, one of the last of the goody two-shoes. But it seems as though she's coming over to our side. Or maybe it's just a flash of temporary independence. Well, we shall see, won't we? Now, my pretty ones, let's get down to some serious spying and find out what our local Chief of Police has been up to tonight. You never know -- we might get some information that we'll be able to use later on.


Ivy: Sam, Jessica is not in her room.

Sam: Well -- well, look, maybe she went over to her friend's house and forgot to tell us.

Ivy: Yeah, I think there's a lot of things that Jessica has forgotten to tell us.

Sam: What are these?

Ivy: They're Jessica’s.


Katherine: Sheridan, let me go!

Sheridan: No. You have to die, mother!

Katherine: You don't know what you're doing!

Sheridan: No, you have to die!

Katherine: Sheridan -- Sheridan, stop this! I love you! I love you! Let me go!

Alistair: Go on, Sheridan, do it. Kill her!

Tina: Look, Katherine’s getting away.

Alistair: What? Come on, don't let her get away. You have to see this finished. Come on, go, go! Follow her!


Luis: Why? What was in that burlap bag? Why did you pull me away from it and bury it under all that dirt again?

Pilar: Dear god. Martin, what did you do?

Martin: I didn't do anything, Pilar. I was just following orders.

Luis: Orders? From whom?

Martin: From above.

Luis: You mean Alistair?

Martin: Luis, listen --

[Phone rings]

Luis: Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Wendy: Oh, Mr. Lopez-Fitzgerald, this is Wendy, one of the maids at the main house. Miss Sheridan received a message from Gwen Winthrop’s psychiatrist.

Luis: Gwen's psychiatrist? About what?

Wendy: Well, he wants to talk to her about Mrs. Winthrop, but he didn't give me any details. But I called down to the cottage and there was no answer, so I came down here to deliver the note, but Miss Sheridan isn't here.

Luis: Yeah, of course she's there. She was sleeping when I left.

Wendy: Well, no, sir. Her shoes are beside the bed, but there's no sign of her.

Luis: Oh, my god. I hope she's not sleepwalking.


Katherine: My god, why is she doing this?

Sheridan: Come back, mother! You have to die!

Tina: Where are we? Where are they going?

Alistair: Oh, it's ironic. It's perfect.

Tina: What?

Alistair: They're going to Katherine’s mausoleum, the place where everyone thought she was buried these many years ago. And now she's actually going to die there.

Katherine: God.


Tabitha: Hmm, well, well. It seems as if Jessica’s wardrobe wasn't an aberration after all. No, she's really defying her father, which means that we might be able to use her on our side after all. Hmm?

Sam: You found these in Jessica’s room?

Ivy: Yes.

Sam: Well, I don't know where they came from because they can't be Jessica’s.

Ivy: Well, they're certainly not mine. And I found them in a shoebox sticking out from underneath her bed.

Sam: Where would she get things like this? Wait a minute. What the hell is going on here?

Ivy: I don't know, but I told you I thought something was up with her.

Sam: Yeah, I know you did. God, what's gotten into her?

Ivy: I don't know, but ever since she stopped working for Mark cosmetics --

Sam: Wait, wait, whoa, whoa. She stopped selling Mark cosmetics?

Ivy: Yes, and I don't know why because she was really good at it and she seemed to enjoy it.

Sam: My god, that's what I thought.

Ivy: I don't know, maybe this is just a phase she's going through. You know, you -- you know what peer pressure can be like at that age.

Sam: Wait a second. You remember that girl she used to hang out with? What was her name -- Dara? Kara?

Ivy: Dara, and you didn't like her very much.

Sam: No, I didn't like her very much. I think she was a bad influence on Jessica, and you know what? I was right. These things probably belong to Dara, ok? My daughter went through the Dare program, ok? She would never smoke cigarettes. She knows the danger of them. These things are someone else’s.

Ivy: Ok, Sam, but that report card has Jessica’s name on it.

Sam: Cs and Ds? My god, my daughter never got below a B in her life.

Ivy: Look, whatever she's going through, she's just -- she's going to need our love and our understanding, ok?

Sam: You're right. Maybe I haven't been spending enough time with her. Maybe this is just a reaction to her mother leaving town with David. But I know that she would never wear these things. And these definitely don't belong to my daughter.


Man: Hello.

Jessica: Hi.

Man: Can I buy you a drink?

Jessica: Sure. I'll have a Cape Cod.

Man: Ok. You got I.D.? I mean, I don't want to get into trouble.

Jessica: Of course I have I.D., do you?

Man: Oh, yeah. I'm definitely legal. You got a light?

Jessica: Absolutely.

Man: Thanks. So I don't think I've ever seen you in here.

Jessica: I've been here. You just weren't looking.

Bartender: Sorry. You have to take that outside.

Jessica: Oh, come on, one little cigarette. Who's going to know?

Bartender: I will, and my boss will have my head on a platter if I let you smoke. Sorry. Thank you. You guys want drinks?

Man: Yeah. One Cape Cod and a vodka rocks.

Jessica: God, I am so sick of living in this small town with its small-town rules.

Man: Try having a cigarette anywhere in New York city. Not going to happen unless you're on a boat in the Hudson.

Jessica: Oh, yeah, I read about that. Where can a person go to have a good time?

Man: How about my place?

Jessica: Sounds good to me.


Paloma: Ooh -- let's get to know each other a little better first, ok?

Man: Whatever you say, sweetheart.

Paloma: Ok!

Simone: It's weird, isn't it? Here we are growing up, trying to be what our mothers wanted us to be -- really good girls -- and look what happens.

Kay: Yeah. Both our mothers should've practiced what they preached.

Simone: Who would've thought that the town saint, Dr. Eve Russell, would have a past that would make Heidi Fleiss look tame? What I can't understand is how she managed to keep it a secret from my father and me and my sister all these years.

Kay: I know. You know, my mom was even worse, Simone. She left us for no good reason.

Simone: No good reason? Kay, she found out she had a husband and a son before she met your father, and she had no idea because she had amnesia.

Kay: Yeah, but once she realized that she was married to David, she could've had the marriage annulled. I mean, she didn't have to leave my dad and us. She didn't even remember David.

Simone: True, but I guess your mother was trying to do what she felt was right. She felt she had to go with the man that she married first.

Kay: I guess. You know, the difference between your mom and mine is, is that your mom turned her life around. She was a good mother and a good wife, and she tried to make up for all that bad stuff she did in her past. And if your Aunt Irma hadn't exposed your mom's past, your parents would probably still be happily married.

Simone: Yeah, and then they'd both be trying to keep me a virgin until I dropped dead.

Kay: That's true. The bottom line is, no matter what our parents did to each other, they were always united against us.

Simone: Yep, always telling us to act like ladies and to dress like ladies.

Kay: And no matter what, make sure people saw us as good girls. Gosh, if we ever dressed like any of these girls, our parents would've sent us to Siberia.

Simone: Well, forget about the way they dress. Look at how they act. I mean, look at that girl over there hanging all over that guy. Pretty disgusting.

Kay: Totally.


Sheridan: You must die!

Katherine: Sheridan, I love you! You don't want to kill me! Please stop this!

Woman: I will kill you. I swear I will kill you, Alistair!

Young Sheridan: Don't kill my daddy.

Woman: I will kill you! I -- oh!

Sheridan: You're dead!

Katherine: Sheridan, what are you doing? What are you doing?

Alistair: It's perfect. It's only a matter of time before Katherine is actually lying in the family crypt.

[Sheridan screams]

Luis: Sheridan? Sheridan, are you here?

Pilar: God.

Luis: Sheridan? Sheridan!

Pilar: Oh, my god.

Luis: She's gone.

Pilar: You said you left and she was sleeping?

Luis: Yeah, she was right here. She was sleeping. I just went to talk to Father Lonigan about rescheduling our wedding.

Martin: I checked the bathroom, no sign of her. Did you say that you were worried that she was sleepwalking?

Luis: Yeah. Oh, god, she could be out there with no shoes, no jacket, freezing to death and not even know it. Sheridan!

Pilar: Oh, my god. Where can she be?

Martin: I don't know. Come on, let's go. We'll meet him around the front.


Tabitha: Well, Officer Sam is certainly getting a wake-up call about his little girl, isn't he? He'd have had a heart attack if he saw the way she was dressed when she went out tonight. Even I didn't dress that trashily when I was a young hottie. Attila! Oh, Attila! Attila! Come back to bed.

Attila: Not again, please!

Tabitha: Oh, my --

Attila: No more, not again! Oh, my --

[Attila grunts]

Tabitha: Of course, we didn't have clothes like that 300 years ago. Oh, no. No, things were much more stuffy back then, girls. You know, you two are very lucky to live in this century. It's much more fun. But Endora and I -- we have to be careful to keep our witch identities under wraps, don't we? Hmm? Yes, so we have to dress more conventionally. But I must say, I do rather like the hooker look.

[Tabitha gasps]

Tabitha: Oh, Endora, great goblins! What have you done to me? Change me back immediately, you naughty girl. Oh, Endora, you will be the death of me.


Sam: I still can't believe these are Jessica’s things.

Ivy: Sam, the report card has her name on it.

Sam: Yeah, well, I'm talking about the other stuff, ok? Grace did not raise her daughters to wear trashy clothes and smoke cigarettes.

Ivy: Well, Grace didn't raise Kay to get pregnant and have a baby out of wedlock, either, but she did.

Sam: Wait, wait, wait a second. Are you criticizing Grace? Because if you are, I want you to stop it!

Ivy: No, Sam --

Sam: She was a great mother. And Grace was always there for them and they knew it. Your daughters won't even come home for the holidays because they don't even want to see you.

Ivy: You're right, Sam. I'm -- I'm in no position to criticize. I just think you ought to keep your eyes open because where there's smoke, there's usually fire.

Sam: No. No. I won't believe it, ok? Look, I've got work to do. I'm out of here.

Ivy: Sam, you can run, but you can't hide. This day is going to come back and haunt you.


Kay: I think we should keep an eye on Paloma. She's on the fast train to trouble.

Simone: Yeah, I don't think she realizes how sexy she is. She could be giving guys the wrong impression.

Kay: Grow up, Simone. The girl knows exactly how sexy she is, and she's giving that guy exactly the impression she wants to give him.

Simone: Well, she can do whatever she wants. We're not her keepers.

Kay: No, but she's Miguel's baby sister. I just feel responsible.

Simone: True. But at least she's not carrying on like that girl over there at the bar.

Kay: Ew. Could she be any more trampy?

Simone: Not unless they had a bed in here.

Kay: You know what? That girl sort of looks familiar.

Simone: She does?

Kay: Yeah.

Simone: You know, you're right.

Kay: Hold on a second.

Kay: Jessica?

Simone: Oh, my god!


Sheridan: I'm going to kill you! I won't let you hurt anybody else. I won't let you hurt my daddy! Do you hear me?

Katherine: Oh, Sheridan! I -- please stop. I don't want to hurt your daddy.

Sheridan: Yes, you do! You have to die!


Pilar: My god. We have to find her.

Martin: All right, listen, we'll split up and we'll cover more ground, ok?

Pilar: Anything?

[Sheridan screams]

Luis: That's Sheridan. Oh, god, I hope we're not too late.


On The Next Passions

Theresa: Ethan said that I should call if I need help. I do.

Man: What do you say the three of us go back to my place and make a manwich?

Kay: No.

Man: Oh!

Rebecca: If Ethan doesn't get you out of here, you're not the only one who's going to lose her little girl. I'm going to lose mine, too.

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