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by Amanda

theresa: Yes.

Pilar: Is the baby really going to be all right, doctor?

Dr. Adams: I'm cautiously optimistic. She'll need to be in the nicu a while longer, but all the signs are good, and with her mother's breast milk to help her gain weight and strengthen her immune system, plus all this love, I think she's going to be fine.

Theresa: Did you hear that, baby? My love is saving you, just like your love saved me.

Pilar: Oh, and I know her presence brought you right out of that coma.

Theresa: Yeah. It was like a dream. I was somewhere very, very far away, and slowly I became aware of feeling you in my arms. And I heard you crying and I followed the sounds, and they got louder and louder, and suddenly, I was back from wherever I'd been. She's so beautiful, isn't she, ethan?

Ethan: She's the most beautiful baby I've ever seen.

Theresa: You hear that? Yes.

Ethan: Theresa, I still need you to answer my question.

Theresa: What question?

Ethan: About gwen, about the charges.

Pilar: How you can even ask such a thing? Gwen stabbed theresa. She tried to kill her, and she almost succeeded.

Ethan: Pilar, I know, and I'm sorry, but -- maybe I have no right in the world, but I'm still asking. I'm still asking despite what she did, will you please not press charges? Can you understand? Can you please find it in your heart to forgive her?

Simone: Dad.

Eve: Simone, baby, what are you doing here?

Simone: I heard on the radio that somebody tried to kill aunt liz. Is she --

T.C.: No. She's still alive.

Simone: Oh, thank god.

T.C.: She's unconscious, but she's holding on by a thread.

Simone: Well, how did it happen?

T.C.: We were at the church for sheridan and luis' wedding when somebody put poison in your aunt's punch.

Simone: Poison? Why? Who?

T.C.: Sweetheart, I want you to be strong.

Simone: What do you mean?

T.C.: The only person that was with your aunt liz at the time was your mother. And the fingerprints that were on the glass, other than liz's, were your mother'S.

Simone: No.

T.C.: She threatened to kill liz more than once.

Simone: Yeah, but --

T.C.: A lot of guests heard her.

Simone: That doesn't mean that she had to do --

T.C.: And it turns out, sweetheart, that the poison that was used came from this hospital's pharmacy closet, and your mother's I.D. Was the only card that was used.

Rebecca: It was, but eve wasn't the one using the card.

Simone: Mom poisoned aunt liz?

T.C.: She made good on her threat to kill liz. Sam, what the hell are you waiting for? Arrest her! Arrest her for attempted murder of her sister!

Katherine: No, martin, you can't tell them.

Martin: I have to, katherine. It's time that luis and sheridan learned the truth about why we left harmony.

Luis: Save your breath. I've heard it. I didn't believe you the first time. I'm certainly not going to believe you now.

Martin: That's because I didn't tell you the entire story. I was so busy trying to -- to protect everyone. But now I have no choice. You must know why we were forced to leave harmony, and once I'm done filling in all the holes, you'll understand everything.

Katherine: Martin, don't, please.

Beth: What could the truth be?

Mrs. Wallace: Boy, I don't know, but judging from mrs. Crane's reaction, this has got to be pretty powerful stuff. And I just bet you, bethie, when luis and sheridan hear it, oh, they're going to forgive martin and katherine. There's going to be hugs and kisses all around.

Beth: But if that happens, luis and sheridan are going to stay together forever.

Mrs. Wallace: Duh. You're finally catching on.

Beth: Oh, but then all the hard work that I've done will be for nothing.

Mrs. Wallace: Aw. Ain't that a kick in the pants.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

Ethan: When gwen found out that the baby wasn't hers, she was devastated, theresa. She had to confront the idea that her baby was the one that was lost in order to save this little girl, that she'd lost a second baby and, with that, her hope of ever having a biological child. You know that's what she's been dreaming about, all she's hoped for. I mean, can you imagine what that felt like for her? I mean, she lost it, theresa. She freaked out. And she didn't know what she was doing when she picked up that scalpel. It was like an unconscious impulse. She lost control. But I know she didn't mean to hurt you, and I know you know what that feels like. She has suffered. She lost sarah, she lost this baby, and she will never be able to have a biological child of her own, ever. Please don't press charges. Don't make things worse for her, please.

Pilar: Don't make things worse for gwen? What about not making things worse for theresa? She tried to kill her. What if she had succeeded, ethan? What if theresa had died? Would you be asking me not to press charges against poor gwen?

Ethan: No, I thank god that theresa didn't die, pilar.

Pilar: Yes, no thanks to gwen.

Ethan: I know gwen regrets what she did.

Pilar: Really? Is that how you would present it to a jury?

Ethan: Theresa, please? Please, don't press charges.

Pilar: This is crazy. This is absolutely crazy. Of course she's going to press charges, and I hope gwen goes to jail for a very long time. Now, tell him, theresa!

Whitney: You know what, I'm sorry, I don't understand this at all. I mean, how could you possibly try to murder your own sister?

Fox: Hey, come on --

whitney: I mean, god knows I've gotten angry at simone before, but I would never try to kill her.

Simone: You poisoned aunt liz? Who are you?

T.C.: A lying murderer, that's who. Sam, arrest her! Throw the book at her!

Sam: T.C., There are procedures.

Julian: This is preposterous. Eve could never do something like this.

Sam: Look, I don't want to believe it either, julian, but, eve, you're the only person that was in the pharmaceutical closet since the poison was delivered. How do you explain that?

Eve: I can'T. I wasn't in the closet.

Sam: Nurse, how's ms. Sanbourne doing?

Betty: No change.

Sam: I want to know the minute she regains consciousness.

Betty: Yes, sir.

Sam: Well, with liz unable to tell us what she knows and no one else able to back your story, I have to rely on circumstantial evidence. I got to tell you, eve, it doesn't look good -- fingerprints, the threats, the printout.

Eve: The printout is wrong. I wasn't there, I didn't take any poison, and I certainly didn't give it to liz. Yes, yes, I said some stupid things. And, yes, I was furious. But who hasn't said they were going to kill people when they were angry? But they're just words, sam. We don't think that we're actually going to do it.

[Rebecca laughs]

Rebecca: Ah. Oh, you are a dead woman, eve. Nothing is going to stop me now.

Rebecca: Ok, so I did try to poison you, eve. But I was trying to keep you from taking julian away from me. But, oh -- oh, this is working out so much better.

Martin: No, katherine, it's for the best. They need to know the whole truth.

Katherine: No, they don'T. Sheridan has been through enough already. She doesn't need to hear any more.

Sheridan: I already know that you chose to leave, mother, that you walked out on me and julian and left us to be raised by father. I already know that you could've come back at any time, but you didn't, so how much worse could any of this be?

Luis: Wait, she told you she chose to leave?

Sheridan: Yeah, and that she stayed away because she wanted to!

Martin: No, no, you don't understand, neither of you!

Luis: No, we understand everything.

Martin: No, you don't, luis! You hate us! You blame us for leaving!

Luis: Well, you got that right.

Martin: But there was nothing else we could do.

Luis: Oh, right, because alistair was abusive.

Sheridan: What? What do you mean?

Luis: Well, that's the story that he told me.

Sheridan: Wait a minute, is that true?

Martin: This is why I have to tell you both everything, so you know what really went on, so you can see why your mother and I had no other choice.

Katherine: Martin, please!

Martin: No, Katherine, I have to. I'm sorry, but it's time. We have to tell them why we were forced to leave harmony.

Eve: Sam, I didn't take the poison. I don't know why the printout says that it was my card, but it wasn'T. I haven't even been in the closet since before the poison was delivered. I don't know, maybe there's a malfunction in the computer and I just need to get my card checked out. I know how important security cards are, and I know it's in here somewhere. These cards are programmed so that the user can only go to places where he or she has been cleared to go. And, well, sometimes the computer has glitches and sometimes -- it's not here. I -- I don't know why. I don't know where it is. I -- I guess I must have lost it.

Rebecca: Oh, you haven't lost it, eve. I have it. But you are going to lose julian, and everything else.

Pilar: Theresa? Tell him that you're going to press charges, that gwen is not going to just walk away from attempted murder.

Dr. Adams: I hate to interrupt all this warm, fuzzy talk about stabbing, attempted murder, and jail time.

Theresa: It's not helping the baby, is it?

Dr. Adams: No. But regardless, she really needs to be back in the nicu now.

Theresa: You be a good girl, ok? Yes. And I love you, and I'll see you real soon.

Ethan: Daddy loves you, too. You be strong, ok, sweetie? Be strong.

Theresa: Oh, yes.

Dr. Adams: Here we go.

Theresa: Thank you.

Ethan: Sweetheart.

Theresa: Bye, baby. Thank you.

Theresa: She's our little girl and she's going to make it.

Ethan: Yeah, she's going to make it. Theresa, I -- I have to ask you this again, I'm sorry. I know how your mother feels, but will you agree not to press charges?

Theresa: You're asking a lot of me, ethan.

Ethan: I know that.

Theresa: Gwen attacked me. I could've died. To ask me to turn the other cheek? If things were reversed, I don't think that gwen would.

Ethan: I'm not asking gwen, I'm asking you.

Pilar: Theresa, how can you even consider this?

Theresa: I know it's a lot to consider, mama. I mean, she tried to kill me. She stabbed me in the back with a scalpel twice, she put me in a coma. Do you really expect me to just forgive her, ethan?

Luis: See, I don't care what your truth is, ok? I don't want to hear it, and neither does sheridan! Let me tell you something, nothing could justify a man abandoning his family or a woman running away from her children, especially to be raised by a monster like alistair! Come on, we're out of here.

Sheridan: No, luis. It couldn't hurt to listen.

Luis: Sheridan, nothing that they say is going to change the way we feel.

Sheridan: I guess you're right.

Martin: No, you can't go! You have to hear me out!

Luis: I told you I don't have to listen to a word that you say. See, you lost that right when you ran out with this slut.

Martin: I told you not to call katherine that.

Katherine: Martin, it's all right.

Luis: And I told you that we never want to talk to you again -- to either of you.

Beth: Oh, this is not the way it was supposed to happen. Finding out that mrs. Wheeler is really katherine crane was supposed to break up luis and sheridan once and for all. But it didn't! They're still together!

Mrs. Wallace: Praise the lord! Their love is able to survive the worst thing you can throw at it, bethie. So give it up, will you, because you've lost! You will never win!

singer: You are my passion for life

eve: My security card is always with me. I don't know why it isn't here now. I don't even know where it could be.

Julian: Darling? This really isn't doing much good. Maybe you should just keep quiet.

Eve: What are you talking about, julian? You don't think I'm guilty, do you? You don't think I tried to poison liz?

Julian: No, of course not, but the others -- I mean, I know you're innocent. Someone else had to have poisoned liz's punch, but --

eve: Oh, that's it. That's it. I know what happened! I know what happened.

Sam: Please tell me, eve.

Eve: Someone stole my security card. That's why I can't find it, because they took it and they got the poison from the closet.

Chad: So you're saying you're being framed?

Eve: Well, yes! Yes, I'm being framed, because whoever took it got the poison from the closet, first for alistair, and then for liz. I mean, that's the only explanation that makes sense. You find the person that has my security card and you will find the person that tried to murder both liz and alistair.

Theresa: Attempted murder is a serious thing, ethan.

Ethan: I'm aware of that.

Theresa: It would take an extraordinary act of forgiveness for anyone to turn the other cheek.

Ethan: I know.

Theresa: And that's what you want me to do? You want me to turn the other cheek, not press any charges against gwen just because you're asking me?

Pilar: Theresa, this is ridiculous.

Theresa: Am I correct, ethan?

Ethan: I want you to understand that she didn't know what she was doing and that she didn't mean it. She was devastated, theresa. She was upset. And you of all people should know what that feels like. She didn't know what she was doing.

Theresa: And you have said that, ethan. The bottom line is you don't want me to press charges against gwen just because you're asking me.

Ethan: That's right. I don't want you to press charges because I'm asking you.

Pilar: Oh, you have got some hell of a nerve, ethan. I thought I knew you.

Theresa: Ok. We have a deal. I won't press charges just because you've asked.

Martin: Damn it. No, no, listen to me, son.

Luis: Don't call me "son." Don't ever call me "son" again.

Martin: Luis!

Katherine: Let them go, martin.

Martin: No, not like this, not with sheridan thinking such horrible things about you. This wasn't your fault, katherine. It was alistair'S. You're a good woman. We have to find a way to get them to listen. They need to know what really happened. Sheridan must know the truth. It would be so much worse for her to go through her life believing that you just left her.

Katherine: Alistair raped me, sheridan. That's why -- that's why I had to leave. Your father raped me.

Mrs. Wallace: Holy moly! I told you the truth was going to turn out to be something pretty powerful! To do some star gazing this weekend - check out inside e - with me and su ling goh saturday at 7:30 - over on ch.



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Ethan: Thank you. Thank you. I mean, this is going to make all the difference in the world to gwen, and to me.

Theresa: Well, you're the father of my child. I would do anything for you. Anything. All you have to do is ask.

Ethan: I appreciate -- I appreciate that. Just, I mean, you know gwen is still my wife, and she'll continue to be. You know that.

Theresa: I know. But we have a connection. We always have. You know that. And our little girl solidifies it.

Pilar: Perdone, theresa. You can't do this. Gwen tried to kill you. She and her mother have tried to destroy our entire family. You have to press charges. You can't let her get away with this!

Sam: So, eve, you're telling me someone stole your card and used it to get the poison out of the pharmaceutical closet?

Fox: But who?

Chad: And why?

Rebecca: I have got to find a way to get rid of this card before somebody sees I have it. But how?

T.C.: Or eve is trying to throw us off with another one of her lies. It was eve's fingerprints on liz's glass.

Eve: Sam, I didn't deny that I was in the basement with liz or that we argued or that I had punch. Julian gave me a glass of punch. Liz dipped her own. Ok, did I inadvertently touch her glass? I don't know! I guess I could have! But that doesn't mean that I poisoned her.

Sam: Well, hopefully when liz comes to, she's going to tell me whether it was you or not that gave her the poisoned punch.

[Phone rings]

Sam: Excuse me.

Eve: It's just so ridiculous to think that I'd poison my own sister.

Julian: I know.

Eve: I'm a physician, for god's sake! I took an oath to do no harm. And if I wanted her dead so badly, then why did I perform an emergency tracheotomy so that I could save her life?

T.C.: To throw us off your tracks.

Eve: Oh, god, T.C., I don't even believe that you believe I'm a killer.

T.C.: You know what, I didn't believe that you were a liar, either, or julian's mistress, but you are -- all that and worse.

Julian: All right, that's enough, T.C. Yes, eve has made some mistakes -- we all have -- but she's paid for them. She lost everything that mattered to her!

T.C.: Except you, julian.

Julian: She never intentionally set out to hurt anyone. Her mistakes are in the past. She's trying to move on and forget about them.

T.C.: With lies?

Julian: Those lies were meant to protect the people that she loved -- you and the girls. And if you'd have loved eve as much as you pretended to, you'd have been man enough to forgive her and keep your family together. But you didn'T. You took the easy way out. You threw eve away, you threw your marriage away, and you betrayed her with her own sister!

T.C.: You turned eve into a tramp, you bastard.

Simone: Daddy, no! No!

Julian: T.C. --

Sheridan: Wait a minute, what did you say?

Martin: Alistair raped her, viciously.

Sheridan: Oh, my god.

Luis: Are you serious?

Martin: That's part of the reason why we left, part of the reason why were forced to leave. Katherine was in a horrible situation. If she didn't escape from alistair, he would've ended up killing her. He turned the crane mansion into a house of horrors for katherine. He was never really in love with her. He was in love with her sister, rachel. But she died, so he ended up marrying katherine. And all the rage that he felt at the loss of rachel became focused on katherine. There was constant emotional abuse, and then it turned physical. He began beating her, you know, never in the face, never on the arms and legs so that anybody would see. And then when the bruises were bad enough that they required medical attention, he would sneak his doctor into the mansion in the middle of the night and secretly tend to her. Then he began raping her, humiliating her, forcing himself on her in humiliating and unspeakable ways. At one point, I found out what was going on and I tried to protect her, to force alistair to leave her alone. But we all know that alistair doesn't take too kindly to, you know, people telling him what to do. So he stabbed me. He tried to kill me, and he almost succeeded.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, sheridan will forgive her mother for everything after that story, and so will luis.

Beth: Just shut up, mother.

Martin: Things just got worse and worse from that point on. You know, finally, it became clear to both of us that alistair intended to kill katherine, and there was -- you know, there was no place else for us to turn to. It was either leave harmony or katherine would die. When you have a yeast infection

pilar: Are you crazy, theresa? Gwen tried to kill you, and she could do it again. You will press charges.

Theresa: I won't, mama.

Pilar: Why? Because ethan asked you not to?

Mira, theresa, I know that you still love him, but this? It's not going to win him back. Is it, ethan? Is it? Tell her the truth!

Ethan: Pilar, I already did. Gwen's my wife. She knows that. That's not going to change.

Pilar: You see? Your fantasy is not going to happen. Now, don't be a fool! Let the law punish gwen for what she did to you.

Theresa: But my fantasy did come true, mama. I have my baby girl and she's going to be well. And I'm not just doing this because ethan asked me to. I am also doing this because I understand how gwen felt. I understand what drove her to pick up the scalpel, even when everything inside her screamed it was wrong. This feud, this madness between gwen and rebecca and our family, mama -- it keeps escalating and escalating. They do something, then I do something. Then they respond, then I respond. It's no good, mama, for anyone, especially the children. It has to stop. So I'm ending it right here, right now.

Ethan: Theresa, thank you. This means so much to me. And you are doing the right thing. You are.

Theresa: I know. And once gwen hears that I'm not pressing charges against her, she's going to do the right thing and she's going to return my son to me, to his mother, where he belongs, and then this feud will be over.

Pilar: She stabbed you, theresa. You almost died.

Theresa: But I didn't, mama.

Pilar: You know what, theresa, I have lost so much to gwen and rebecca, and I almost lost you. No, no, they're not going to get away with this!

Theresa: Mama, listen to me, I understand how you're feeling, I really do, but that's the kind of thinking on everyone's part that got us to this point. I'm tired, mama. I can't do this anymore. It has to stop. Ok? I just want to live a happy, normal, peaceful, quiet life with my children.

Pilar: Usually, we're on opposite sides of this argument.

Theresa: I know. I guess I finally got it, mama, what you always told me -- look to the future, the past is just the past. And I am. I'm looking to the future -- of raising my children, of running and playing with them, of rollerblading and swimming with them in the summer, of skiing and sledding and ice-skating with them in the winter. It's all out there, mama, just waiting for me -- a beautiful, happy future for me and for my children.

Simone: Stop!

Julian: Now who's the potential murderer, T.C.?

Whitney: Daddy, no!

Julian: The truth hurts, doesn't it?

Chad: This isn't helping, all right?

T.C.: Let me get him.

Sam: No one's getting anyone!

Rebecca: Here's my chance to get eve's card back in her purse.

T.C.: I'll get you, julian. You ruined my family!

Julian: No, you did that to yourself by giving it up. A real man would've fought to keep his family together, but you threw it away like a spoiled little kid!

T.C.: You want a fight? I'll give you a fight!

Julian: What happened to all that talk about how you loved eve? Whatever happened to "for better or worse"?

T.C.: You son of a bitch!

Whitney: Oh, no!

Fox: T.C., Come on, come on!

Sam: Come on, break it up!

Rebecca: Eve, eve, isn't that your security card?

Eve: It wasn't in there before. I know that it wasn'T.

Rebecca: Well, it certainly is now.

T.C.: You see, sam? She was conning you. That card was in her purse all this time. It was you, eve. It was you who went into the pharmacy closet and took that poison and it was you who tried to kill liz.

Sheridan: Father really tried to kill you?

Katherine: Yes. He was furious that martin tried to defend me, that anyone even knew what he was doing to me, that --

martin: You know as well as I that alistair doesn't stand for anyone defying him. I mean, even though he prides himself on his reputation as a ruthless businessman, wife-beater and rapist wouldn't have sat well in the boardroom. He threatened to kill katherine and our family, too. I wasn't thinking of myself, luis. I was thinking of pilar and you and all of my children.

Katherine: He's telling you the truth.

Martin: I mean, we all know what kind of evil that alistair is capable of. You both almost died because of him, more than once. Antonio did die. That's why we had to leave harmony -- not because we didn't want to be with our families, not because we didn't love you, but because we loved you. Because we loved you too much to risk your lives.

Luis: So you left to protect us?

Martin: Luis, son, he was going to kill katherine and you and your sisters and brothers if I stayed! I mean, who knows, he might have even killed sheridan and julian, too. I couldn't take the chance! We had no choice. No choice at all.

T.C.: You see? I told you that she was conning us with that story about her security card.

Eve: No. That was not in my purse when I looked.

Whitney: I didn't think she could sink any lower than she had, but she did.

Eve: What?

Whitney: You poisoned aunt liz, mom! You tried to kill her!

Simone: How could you?

Eve: I didn't, simone. Now, listen to me, I know how this must look, but --

whitney: Oh, it looks like what it is. You got caught in another one of your lies, mom.

Chad: You know, I finally find my mother, and she's an attempted murderer.

Julian: Chad --

eve: No. No, son, I swear to you I didn't do this.

T.C.: Sam, what are you waiting for? Arrest her!

Julian: Eve didn't do this. This evidence is circumstantial, at best.

Sam: Look, the only way we're going to get a definitive answer about what happened in the church basement is wait till liz regains consciousness, and then I'll ask her.

Liz: T.C.?

Betty: Chief bennett?

Sam: Looks like we're not going to have to wait very long.

T.C.: Liz. How is she?

Betty: Stable. I think we're through the worst.

T.C.: I'm so glad you're awake, sweetheart. I was worried about you.

Liz: T.C.

T.C.: Now we can find out what really happened.

Mrs. Wallace: Now, that's a story.

Beth: Oh, shut up. We still do not know what's going to happen.

Mrs. Wallace: Don't know what's going to happen? Earth to bethie. Did you see sheridan's face? Did you see her tears? Her heart was breaking for her mother. She's going to forgive her.

Beth: Maybe. Maybe not. Besides, luis is not an easy mark.

Mrs. Wallace: Bethie, take a deep breath with me, will you? I want you to wake up and smell the coffee! Katherine and martin had good reason to leave harmony. Your buddy alistair made them, forced them. They had no choice. And now that everybody knows it, well, they're going to kiss and make up. Luis and sheridan are going to forgive everybody and they're all going to live happily ever after as a wonderful family -- except you. You're going to be a miserable old maid. I see cats in your future, bethie. Lots and lots of cats.

Martin: We had to leave harmony. We had to just disappear, and we couldn't tell anybody why.

Luis: So before you two left, were you romantically involved?

Martin: No, never, not at all. Our relationship didn't develop until well after we'd left harmony. We didn't mean for it to happen. But we were in hiding, together all the time. We had no one else to turn to. And that's the whole truth.

Katherine: Now that you know, hopefully you can understand and forgive us.

Beth: No. No, tell them no, luis.

Katherine: Forgive us, please, for what we were both forced to do.

Pilar: You're going to just forgive gwen for what she did? She stabbed you with a scalpel, mija. She tried to kill you. She deserves to be in prison.

Theresa: Mama, I tried to kill gwen once upon a time, and I didn't go to prison.

Pilar: Well, theresa, that was different. You had a medical condition.

Theresa: And so did gwen -- a broken heart. She lost her baby, she can never have another biological child, and she's going to suffer from that for the rest of her life.

Pilar: And you? You aren't suffering in that bed?

Theresa: No, mama, there are no lasting damages. I'm going to have a full recuperation. I'm going to have both of my children. It's time to move on.

Pilar: This is not the theresa I know.

Theresa: I know. I guess this experience changed me. I'm ready to go see my little girl. So who wants to walk me down the hall?

Pilar: I don't think that's a good idea, theresa. You're still too weak.

Ethan: Yeah, your mother's right, you should stay in bed.

Theresa: No, I'm fine. And besides, it's just down the hall.

Pilar: Theresa, please --

Theresa: Mama, I'm fine. Ok. Why did they strap my legs down?

Pilar: Well, I -- maybe the doctors were worried about you when you were in a coma.

Theresa: Can you just unstrap it, please?

Ethan: Yeah, yeah, sure, sure.

Theresa: Thanks. Ok. What are you waiting for?

Ethan: Theresa, there aren't any straps on your legs.

Theresa: Ok, why won't they move? What's going on? Why can't I move my legs?

***on the next passions***

Theresa: What's the worst-case scenario?

Dr. Adams: You may not be able to walk again.

Martin: Do you understand why we had to leave harmony? Can you both forgive us?

Rebecca: Eve thinks she's innocent, Sam, but soon you're going to have all the proof you need.

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