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by Amanda

Pilar: Oh, look at Everything!

Jessica: Oh, my gosh!

Pilar: How beautiful!

Jessica: It's beautiful. Wow.

Kay: Great. You guys look great.

Pilar: Oh, thank you. You, too.

Kay: Thanks. Sheridan, did you think this day would Ever come?

Sheridan: No.

Jessica: You're finally going to have your big day.

Sheridan: I know!

Pilar: It's a wonderful day. You know that you have always been like a daughter to me, and now -- now you will be one!

Sheridan: Oh, thank you, Pilar.

Pilar: Oh!

Sheridan: Oh, god, I can't wait to marry Luis. And I certainly can't wait to have a little baby as cute as this little guy.

Jessica: Why don't I take martin to the nursery until it's time for the ceremony?

Sheridan: That would be so great because Luis doesn't know that his son's going to be in the wedding. It's a surprise.

Pilar: Yeah -- listen to my grandson! Listen to you!

Kay: Well, Maria's in the nursery, so he can play with her.

Sheridan: Oh, great. Thank you so much, Jessica.

Jessica: Ok.

Sheridan: See you later, little guy.

Jessica: Come here! Oh. Come on. Come on.

Sheridan: You know what? And I will take my dress into the bride's room.

Pilar: Here, don't forget this.

Sheridan: Thank you.

Pilar: Here you go. We'll be in there to help you in a minute.

Sheridan: Great. Thank you.

Pilar: Bye, sweetie.

Kay: Bye. Very excited.

Pilar: Oh, thank you. Have you heard from Miguel?

Kay: He sent Maria a doll and he called us.

Pilar: Oh, good.

Kay: Yeah.

Pilar: He called me on christmas morning, too, and I have to tell you he so wanted to be here for christmas with little Maria.

Kay: Oh, I know. I know, and he really wanted to be here for Luis' wedding, too, but --

Pilar: Well, yeah, his big brother's day, right? Maybe he'll come for Easter.

Kay: Hmm. I know you miss him. I know. I do, too. It's hard raising a child with no dad. I don't know how you raised five children without a husband.

Pilar: Yeah, it wasn't easy. It was very difficult, in fact. You know that I prayed Every day for years for martin to come back to harmony, to come back to us, and now that he's here, the only thing I can think about is I want him to leave forEver.

Katherine: They look so happy, don't they?

Martin: Yeah. They do look happy.

Katherine: Yeah. I've always dreamed of watching my daughter walk down the aisle. I'd give anything to see her marry your son, martin.

Martin: I know. I wish we could be there, too, but we can't.

Katherine: No. It would create a disaster for both of them if we did.

Martin: Pilar would go crazy seeing us there together and so would Luis. He hates me.

Katherine: Yeah, and sheridan wants nothing to do with me because in her mind I took Luis' father away from his mother all those years ago.

Martin: If they only knew the truth about why we had to leave harmony.

Katherine: Oh, they know what a monster Alistair is. But what they can't imagine is how brutal he was to me. If they could only know how heroic you were, martin. You took me away and you saved my life.

Martin: Yeah, I just think that they're filled with anger right now. At least they don't have to worry about Alistair tonight. He can't hurt them or stop Luis and sheridan from getting married.

Katherine: Thank god.

Martin: Yeah.

Katherine: Still, I wish we could go to the wedding, but we can't.

Martin: I know.

Paloma: But you can go to the wedding, tia. You have to go. Both of you have to go.

Julian: You know, you really shouldn't let Liz get to you like this. You should try to let it go.

Eve: Let it go, Julian?

Julian: Yeah.

Eve: She came to harmony expressly to ruin my marriage, and she did it. It just sickens me to have to call you my sister. You should have never been born. And you're evil. And if there's any justice in the world, you'll just die. Just die, Liz.

Liz: There. Do you see it now? She was never the sweet, loving wife and mother she pretended to be. This is the real Eve, just as selfish as she always was.

Eve: You shut up, you nasty bitch or I will kill you myself!

Julian: Shh.

Eve: I hate her for what she's done. She destroyed my marriage, and now T.C. Is going to marry her. And she's trying to steal my daughters? I could kill her.

Julian: Now, sweetheart, I know how you feel, but you must watch what you say. If anything were to happen to Liz, you'd be the prime suspect.

Rebecca: Don't worry, Julian. Nothing's going to happen to Liz. I'm going to kill Eve first. Have you found out what kind of poison was used on Alistair's cigar?

Sam: Well, we did get the tox report, but I can't divulge any information. Let's just put it this way -- it's pretty nasty stuff. If someone gets a dosage of this stuff, could die in 15 seconds.

[Pager beeps]

Sam: Oh, I got to take this.

Rebecca: Sam's report said the drug is used here at the hospital. The same poison was found in the pharmacy security room.

Rebecca: Hello. Why, thank you, Eve. You just gave me the key to the closet.

Sam: Well, you've waited a long time for this, Luis.

Luis: Yeah, I have. I'll tell you something -- I can't wait to make sheridan my wife.

Pilar: Excuse me, Luis. You cannot be here, mijo, not yet. You might see sheridan and it's bad luck. You need to go to the basement and wait there.

Luis: No --

Kay: She's right. It's bad luck!

Luis: All right, look, I'm not worried about some silly superstition. I'm going to marry sheridan and nothing is going to put a dark cloud over that, ok?

Pilar: That's fine, but I don't want to take any chances. Please?

Luis: Ok. Ok, I'm going. Sheridan, I love you! I can't wait to make you my wife!

Sheridan: I love you, too, Luis. I'll see you soon.

Pilar: No.

Venn. Now, come on. Go, my beautiful, handsome son.


Luis: Ok.

Pilar: Oh.

Luis: Precious. Don't you look pretty. Don't you.

Sam: Was the monkey invited?

Kay: Oh, brother.

[Precious yells]

Luis: Hey, come on. Precious is very sensitive about being called a monkey, ok?

Beth: Oh. Hey. Precious, I told you to wait for us.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. Let Luis go, precious. This is his wedding, and you are not his bride!

Luis: She's right. I am marrying sheridan. Ah, come on. It would have never worked out between us anyway.

Mrs. Wallace: Let it go, precious. Come on. Come on, let Luis go. That a girl.

Beth: So are you excited, Luis?

Luis: Yeah. Yeah, I am. I'm really looking forward to seeing sheridan walk down the aisle.

Beth: Hmm. Well, I'm sure it'll be a day you'll never forget.

Luis: Yeah.

Pilar: You need to go.

Luis: All right.

Pilar: Mijo, please.

Luis: Ok, I'm going. I'm going. Sam?

Pilar: We need to help sheridan finish getting ready.

Kay: Yeah. We'll see you later. Ok, and no drinking the holy water, precious.

[Mrs. Wallace chuckles]

Mrs. Wallace: What are you up to now, missy?

Beth: What do you mean?

Mrs. Wallace: You were so worried before about telling sheridan that Mrs.. Wheeler was her real mother, Katherine. Now you're back to being your old cocky self, so what's going on?

Beth: I figured out how I'm going to tell sheridan. Once I do, this wedding is never going to happen.

[Mrs. Wallace gasps]

Beth: I'm going to end Luis and Sheridan's relationship forEver.

Whitney: Theresa. Hey.

Theresa: Hey.

Whitney: I got your message.

Theresa: Oh, gosh. Oh, thank goodness you're here. Thank god. Listen, the lab technician -- they called Ethan. The results are in.

Whitney: Oh, my gosh. So, we're going to find out whether you're the baby's mother or Gwen.

Theresa: Yeah. The lab technician -- she's on her way, so -- look at her, Whitney. She needs to know that her mommy's here. She needs to know that.

Whitney: You're really convinced she's yours.

Theresa: Yeah, I know it in my heart. That little girl in there -- she's mine, and I just needed the proof, and now I've got it.

Gwen: There won't be any proof, Theresa, ok? That baby in there is mine and you are not going to go near her Ever again.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and I would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

Theresa: It's time for payback, Gwen. You stole my son from me, but you will never take my daughter.

Gwen: Would you stop saying that, Theresa? She is not your daughter. She's mine!

Ethan: All right, come on, come on, calm down. Why don't we just wait till we get the report, ok?

Ivy: That's right. We'll all know the truth soon enough.

Gwen: Where is the lab technician?

Ethan: I don't know. Look, I'm going to go find someone, tell them we're here, ok?

Liz: T.C., Are you ready?

T.C.: Ready as I'll Ever be. I don't want to run into Eve, but I know she'll be at the wedding.

Liz: Just ignore her, sweetheart.

T.C.: And I can't believe she threatened to kill you, Liz.

Liz: Yeah. Eve really showed her true colors, didn't she? You're lucky you got rid of that woman.

T.C.: Yes, I am. But if she can't control her hatred for you, she's going to destroy the rest of her life and then she's going to completely alienate herself from Whitney and simone.

Liz's voice: That's exactly what I'm hoping for.

Eve: I just have to check on this one patient and then we can go to the wedding.

Julian: All right. I certainly hope Everything goes well for Luis and sheridan tonight.

Eve: Well, Alistair is incapacitated and he can't do anything to hurt them.

Julian: All right.

Rebecca: Well, hello. Ah. My. Don't the two of you look grand. Why especially you, Eve -- surprisingly elegant.

Eve: I'll be back soon.

Julian: All right. What are you doing here, Rebecca?

Rebecca: Oh, my daughter is here at the hospital waiting for the D.N.A. Results -- remember? I was just on my way to see her.

Julian: Well, so that's what you're really doing?

Rebecca: Of course. Pookie, you know, you shouldn't frown. You're going to need botox. Well, off I go. Ta-ta.

Julian: Wait a minute, Rebecca. Now, don't think I didn't see what you just did.

Luis: Oh, man! Everything's so beautiful.

Sam: They certainly did a good job decorating, didn't they?

Luis: I tell you, I want this to be Sheridan's dream wedding. You know what? Everything is going to be perfect, because I am marrying the most perfect woman in the world.

Sheridan: Wow! You are really good at this, Jessica.

Jessica: I love the makeup I sell, that's for sure. Mark is the hottest makeup around today.

Sheridan: Yeah.

Kay: Yeah, my little sis is definitely getting rich selling it.

[Women laugh]

Sheridan: So, Pilar, have you seen Luis?

Pilar: Oh, yes, and I sent him to the basement to wait.

Sheridan: Great. Ok, now let me check my list. Ok -- are all the candles set up?

Jessica: Check.

Sheridan: Ok. And the flowers for the adoration of Mary?

Kay: Oh, check.

Sheridan: Great. Ok, and what about the prayer for the faithful? Does Luis have his copy?

Pilar: Yes, he has his copy. I made sure of it.

Sheridan: Ok.

Kay: Don't worry. Everything is ready.

Jessica: Everything. Don't worry.

Sheridan: I just don't want anything to go wrong, you know? I want this wedding to be perfect.

Pilar: It's going to be perfect. Nothing will spoil your day.

Sheridan: Hey, have you seen Beth?

Mrs. Wallace: Whoa, whoa. What are we doing in here?

Beth: The church is remodelling their office, so the computer is in here.

Mrs. Wallace: What do you need the computer for? And if you say you're still thinking about how to tell sheridan that her mother is alive, well, missy, you are two feathers short of a chicken.

Beth: That's still the plan, mother.

Mrs. Wallace: Bethie, bethie? Look, I know that Katherine Crane is dead. I saw her memorial on the TV!

Beth: Well, you're wrong as usual. Katherine Crane is alive and well and living here in harmony.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, bethie, what evil are you plotting and right here in the church?

Beth: I've ordered the flowers. They should be here in a minute. Now I just have to type up the card.

Mrs. Wallace: What card? What flowers?

Beth: I ordered a beautiful bouquet of flowers for sheridan, and when it gets here, I'm going to stick this anonymous card in the bouquet and it's going to tell her that Mrs.. Wheeler is really her mother. Sheridan will be thrilled, Luis will be horrified, of course, and, voila, no more wedding bells.

Mrs. Wallace: You are evil, bethie -- pure, unadulterated evil to be hatching such a plot right here in the church sacristy and on the church computer. Oh, there's got to be a special kind of hell for somebody like you when you die.

Beth: Yeah, well, I'm not dead yet. And while I'm in this life, I'm going to be in heaven with Luis.

Mrs. Wallace: Ugh!

Julian: I know what you did.

Rebecca: Well, I -- I don't know what you mean.

Julian: You'll use any opportunity to upset Eve and I want you to stop it.

Rebecca: Julian, really, I would never --

Julian: You will not do anything to hurt Eve. Do you understand me?

Rebecca: Pookie, you wound me to the quick. I mean, didn't I tell you I would give you a divorce? And didn't I wish you and Eve well?

Julian: I am not stupid enough to believe that you'll let go that easily, but you must know if you do anything to hurt Eve, I will not be generous in a divorce settlement. On the contrary, I will destroy you in court and you will get nothing. So you leave Eve alone.

[Rebecca giggles]

Rebecca: Sorry, lover, but your plans have just changed. You're never going to marry Eve, because she's going to die first.

Ivy: If there is any justice in this world, that little tramp will lose this one.

Gwen: She is going to lose, because that baby is mine.

Ivy: Oh, honey, I am so sorry you have to go through all of this.

Whitney: You know, this is really strange. You do know that?

Theresa: What do you mean?

Whitney: Well, I mean, usually a woman gives birth and you know, obviously, that she's the mother, and you might not know who the father of the baby is.

Theresa: But I know who the father is -- Ethan, just like fox is the father of your baby.

Whitney: Yeah.

Theresa: And that little girl in there -- she's mine, Whitney. I know it.

Whitney: You know, none of this would have Ever happened if you hadn't drugged Ethan and tricked him into sleeping with you so that you could get pregnant.

Theresa: Yeah, I know I didn't use the best judgment. I'm aware of that. But I needed lEverage to make them give me my child back.

Whitney: Ok. And what if the D.N.A. Tests prove that Gwen is the biological mother and not you?

Theresa: No, that's not going to happen. Look, when I look at her, I see Ethan's eyes. I see my nose. Ok? Now, in just a few minutes, I'm going to have the results to prove that, and then Ethan and I and little Ethan will finally be a family with our little girl.

Whitney: You still believe that Ethan's going to leave Gwen to be with you?

Theresa: I'm sure of it.

Paloma: Papi, you have to go to the church to see your son marry.

Martin: Sweetheart, you know how Luis feels about me. He won't want us there.

Katherine: No, and we don't want Sheridan's memories of her wedding spoiled by Luis fighting with his father.

Paloma: What if Luis didn't see you?

Martin: I can't take that chance, Paloma.

Katherine: And your mother -- I mean, if she saw us, she'd be so upset.

Paloma: No. I have a way for you to be at the wedding without mama or Luis Even knowing you're there.

Kay: Sheridan, how's it going?

Pilar: She's almost finished getting ready. Just one more button. There.

[Pilar chuckles]

Sheridan: Here I come! What do you think?

Kay: Oh!

Jessica: You look fabulous.

Kay: Oh, my gosh! You look gorgeous.

Sheridan: Thank you!

Jessica: I think I'm going to cry!

Pilar: No, don't, don't cry!

Sheridan: Oh!

Pilar: We have to put the veil on.

Mrs. Wallace: You are going to burn in hell, missy.

Beth: You shut up or you're going to be weaving baskets at shady elms before you know it.

Jessica: Hi!

Beth: Hey!

Sheridan: Mrs. Wallace. There you are. I wondered what happened to you.

Beth: Oh, I had to go check on Marty in the nursery.

Wow. You look really beautiful.

Sheridan: Thank you.

[Knock on door]

Beth and sheridan: Oh.

Beth: I'll get it.

Sheridan: Thanks.

Beth: Hi!

Delivery man: Flowers for miss sheridan Crane.

Beth: Oh, great. Thank you. Wow.

Sheridan: Oh, wow.

Pilar: Wow. What a bouquet.

Kay: It's huge.

Jessica: And gorgeous.

Kay: Yeah.

Sheridan: These are incredible. I wonder who sent them.

Beth: Oh, well, here's a card.

Sheridan: Oh, thank you.

Beth: Why don't you find out?

Sheridan: Great.

singer: You are my passion for life

Eve: Whitney. Hi. Do you need a ride to the wedding?

Whitney: I don't think I'm going to make it to the wedding. Theresa's D.N.A. Test results are back and I'm going to stay here with her.

Eve: Yes, I heard the test results were back. You've really been a good friend to Theresa. I'm very proud of you.

Whitney: I really don't care if you're proud of me or not, mom. If you'll excuse me --

Eve: Whitney? Can we just talk for a minute?

Whitney: About what, mom?

Eve: About your baby. See, I got the information about the gene therapy and I thought that you should look it over before I schedule some consultations.

Whitney: Look, mom, you know what? If you never kept your past a secret, none of this would have happened. And no amount of gene therapy is going to change the fact that I am pregnant with my half brother's child. Do you understand that?

Eve: Sweetheart, I think that you should think about the baby.

Whitney: I am thinking about my baby. Look, I've already made all my appointments for consultations. See, my child's future and how I can affect it -- that's all I'm thinking about, unlike you. I mean, you didn't think about your daughters' futures at all, now, did you?

[Phone vibrates]

Whitney: Oh. That's Liz. She's confirming our coffee date.

Eve: You're -- you're seeing Liz?

Whitney: Yeah, I am. And she has been really great, mom. Of course, she doesn't know that I'm pregnant with Chad's baby, but, you know, she's been genuinely kind to me and gets my mind off Everything for a little while.

Eve: Whitney, my sister's a liar. She doesn't care about you. If she did, she wouldn't have worked so hard to tear our family apart.

Whitney: All she did was expose your lies, mom, so don't blame Liz.

Eve: Oh, Whitney. Please don't shut me out.

Whitney: No -- you know what? I'm here for Theresa, ok? I'm going to go find her and help her through this crisis, so why don't you live your life and let me live mine?

Julian: Are you all right?

Eve: Damn my sister. She's going to pay for making my daughter hate me. Damn her!

Sam: Well, it won't be too long now.

Luis: It sure won't. Listen, I really appreciate you standing in for Ethan tonight.

Sam: Hey, don't worry about it, ok? I know Ethan wanted to be at the hospital to get the results of the D.N.A. Test.

Luis: Well, look, if you want to go to the hospital, too, I totally understand. You know, it is your granddaughter they're fighting over. I don't Even know if I'm the baby's uncle or not.

Sam: Hey, listen, don't worry about it. Ethan wanted me to stand in, that's what I'm going to do. And I'm sure he'll let us know what happened as soon as he finds out. I just want the best for the baby no matter who the mother turns out to be.

Whitney: Here. This will help you relax, ok?

Theresa: Ok. You look upset. What happened?

Whitney: I just ran into my mother. That's all, but you know what? I'm fine.

Theresa: Are you sure?

Whitney: Yeah. I'm fine. Here comes Ethan.

Gwen: Ethan, what's happening?

Ethan: She's on her way.

Theresa: With the results?

Ethan: Yes.

Gwen: Ok, thank god. I just want this to be over so I can be in there with my baby.

Theresa: My baby, Gwen.

Gwen: She --

Ethan: Ok -- hey, that's enough. All right? We've already been warned about making a ruckus out here. If you don't settle down, they're going to throw us out.

Theresa: All right, I'm sorry. I just -- my nerves are shot.

Gwen: Well, you know, you're not needed here, so why don't you just go home so you can recuperate?

Theresa: You know what, Gwen? Can you just take a flying leap --

Ethan: Theresa, please.

Theresa: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You know what, Ethan? I need to talk to you alone.

Ivy: Oh -- why, so you can try to seduce him again?

Gwen: It wouldn't work because she doesn't have a blond wig.

Theresa: I don't need a blond wig -- Ethan loves me.

Gwen: Oh, please, in your dreams!

Theresa: Oh, really, Gwen? Weren't you the one who told me that a man knows exactly who he's sleeping with no matter what disguise she is in, and what did Ethan tell you the night that we made passionate love? It was the best sex he Ever had.

Gwen: Little slut!

Ethan: Gwen, come on.

Gwen: Get off of me!

Ethan: Stop, stop.

Theresa: Fine. I'll stop. But I need to talk to you alone, because I think it's time that we picked out a name for our little girl.

Gwen: I am going to kill you!

[Whitney screams]

Whitney: Gwen, stop it! You'll kill her!

Theresa: Get her off of me!

[Rebecca hums]

Rebecca: Ha!

Ah. Oh. You are a dead woman, Eve. Nothing is going to stop me now.

[Knock on door]

Sheridan: Oh. Hey.

Julian: Oh, there she is. Oh, you make a beautiful bride, my sister.

Eve: Absolutely gorgeous, sheridan.

Sheridan: Thank you, Julian and Eve. Thank you both for sharing this wonderful day.

Julian: We wouldn't have missed it.

Eve: And look at that beautiful bouquet. Who is that from?

Sheridan: I don't know.

Beth: Well, she still hasn't opened the card.

Sheridan: Oh, right.

Eve: Well, honey, are you just so nervous?

Sheridan: You know, I'm just so excited, I can hardly breathe! I've waited so long for this day.

Eve: Oh, I'm so happy for you, and I'm so glad that the one person who would want to break up this wedding is lying in a coma -- Alistair.

Julian: Well, we'll let you finish getting ready. I'll be back to walk you down the aisle when it's time.

Sheridan: Thank you, Julian. I'll see you in a bit.

Beth: Sheridan, don't you want to open the card?

Sheridan: Oh, yes.

Sam: Sheridan?

Sheridan: Oh, hi.

Sam: Hi, you look wonderful.

Sheridan: Thank you.

Sam: Father lonigan wanted to wish you well before the ceremony.

Sheridan: Oh.

Father lonigan: I want to tell you how happy I am for you that this day is finally here.

Sheridan: Oh, thank you, father. I'm pretty happy about it myself.

Father lonigan: They tell me Everything looks beautiful.

Paloma: Oh, there you are. Father lonigan, the organist is looking for you.

Father lonigan: Ah. Sam, would you help me?

Sam: Yeah, of course.

Father lonigan: Thank you.

Sam: Excuse me.

Paloma: Sheridan, you look so beautiful!

Sheridan: Thank you, Paloma.

Paloma: Oh.

Pilar: Mija, you look beautiful, too.

Sheridan: Yeah!

Pilar: And just think -- one day soon, you'll be in the bride's room and I'll be helping you getting ready for your wedding.

Paloma: No, mama, you won't.

Tia elite will be with me on my wedding day.

Sheridan: Pilar, I'm so sorry. That was so rude of her.

Pilar: Yeah, that's ok, mija. I'm not going to let anything spoil this day for you. We should all be happy.

Beth: And you still haven't figured out who sent these fabulous flowers.

Sheridan: That's right. Thank you.

Woman: Sheridan.

Man: Oh, you look beautiful.

Sheridan: Oh, honey!

Woman: Congratulations, sweetie. We broke Every speed limit to get here for you.

Sheridan: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Katherine: Oh, my god. You look beautiful.

Paloma: Oh, thank you. I found father lonigan. He said that it was all right for you to watch the ceremony from the sacristy.

Katherine: Oh. Well, that's wonderful. Thank you.

Martin: Thank you for thinking of it, sweetheart.

Paloma: It would be terrible if you couldn't see your own son's wedding.

Martin: I know.

Paloma: It's Luis.

Eve: Didn't sheridan look so beautiful?

Julian: Oh, just like a princess.

Eve: I am so glad that Alistair is not going to be able to ruin this for them.

Julian: Yeah, so am I.

Eve: I know what it's like to have someone that you thought you loved try to destroy you and then do it.

Julian: Eve, now, try not to think about it.

Eve: God, I can't help it. I can't believe that Liz is still trying to undermine my relationship with Whitney and simone. Why? What is she getting out of it? She's already gotten Everything she wanted -- she exposed my past, destroyed my marriage. Why does she have to keep trying to hurt me?

Gwen: I am going to kill you, Theresa!

Ethan: Gwen! Come on, enough. Enough!

Whitney: Stop it!

Ethan: Come on.

[Theresa coughs]

Ethan: Jeez.

Gwen: God.

Ethan: Stop it!

Theresa: Well, what should we call her, Ethan? Abigail, Gina, Gabriela --

Gwen: Shut up, Theresa.

Theresa: Megan?

Gwen: Shut up!

Whitney: Ok --

Gwen: Shut up!

Whitney: If you Ever want to get back with Ethan, you've got to stop this, because he's furious right now.

Theresa: Ok. Ok, you're right. I'm calm.

Ivy: Don't waste your time trying to kill her, Gwen. That's going to take a stake through the heart.

Ethan: Mother, you're not helping.

Gwen: Oh, my god -- thank god. Let me go.

Theresa: Ok. Tell us. Who's the mother of the baby?

Theresa: Please, tell us. Am I the baby's mother?

Gwen: I am the baby's mother, Theresa.

Lab tech: I don't know. The results of the test are in here.

Gwen: Thank you.

Lab tech: Good luck.

Ivy: Well, open it, Gwen.

Whitney: Theresa, open it.

Julian: Eve -- Eve, don't do it.

Eve: I'm not going to let her get away with it, Julian. Liz, you stay away from my daughters!

Paloma: Wait here, ok? Luis. Hi.

Luis: Hey.

Paloma: Hi.

Luis: Paloma.

Oh. I'm so glad my little sis is here to see me get married.

Paloma: I wouldn't miss it. I'm so happy for you.

Luis: Oh.

Paloma: I saw sheridan. She looks beautiful.

Luis: Oh, really? Well, I can't wait to see her.

Paloma: You shouldn't be running around like this. It's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.

Luis: I know. I've been told, like, nine million times.

Paloma: So? Go back to where you're supposed to wait. You don't want any bad luck.

Luis: No, there's not going to be any bad luck, ok? Sheridan and I are going to get married and nothing's going to stop us.

Paloma: Ok.

Luis: Ok.

Sheridan: Thank you so much for stopping by.

Woman: Oh, you're welcome.

Sheridan: I'll see you after the ceremony.

Woman: Ok.

Sheridan: Thank you. Well, it's almost time to start.

Kay: I know.

Jessica: Sit down so we can put on the veil.

Sheridan: Ok.

Mrs. Wallace: Ooh. It's pretty.

Pilar: It is.

Jessica: Ok.

Kay: Here we go.

Beth: Sheridan, don't you want to see who sent you these beautiful flowers?

Sheridan: Oh, yes, of course.

Kay: Stay still just for a second while I put this on.

Sheridan: Ok.

Kay: Ok, right there.

Sheridan: Great.

Kay: There you go.

Sheridan: Thank you.

Kay: Oh.

[Women laugh]

Sheridan: Oh.

Jessica: Oh.

Pilar: You look beautiful.

Beth: Sheridan, the note.

Sheridan: Oh, right. Oh.

Beth: What -- sheridan, what's the matter?

Ethan: Gwen? Honey, open it. Open the envelope.

Whitney: Theresa, open it.

Ivy: This is the moment you've been waiting for, sweetie, the moment when you can finally be with your baby.

Theresa: My baby.

Gwen: Oh, my god.

Theresa: Oh, my god.

Eve: I'm not taking any more from you, Liz. You stay away from my daughter.

Liz: Your daughter has no one else, Eve. Now that Whitney knows you're a liar and a whore, she certainly can't turn to you.

Julian: Not now.

T.C.: Julian, you might want to wrangle your lover or I'll let Liz go after her.

Eve: Liz, I will make you pay. I will kill you.

Rebecca: Oh, no, no, no, Eve. You're the one who's going to die.

Paloma: Chief bennett, you were supposed to be watching Luis.

Luis: I got caught. Come on, man. I was antsy hanging around here.

Sam: Sorry, Paloma. I had to take father lonigan over to see sheridan.

Paloma: Well, keep an eye on him. I'll see you upstairs.

Sam: Well, it won't be long now.

Luis: I just wish we could hurry up and get it over with, you know?

Sam: Look, you'll be saying "I do" in no time. Look, I'm sure you can imagine how beautiful sheridan looks.

Luis: Yeah.

Sam: She's the prettiest bride I've seen since grace and I got married, since your mom was a bride.

Luis: Ok. I was trying not to think about my father.

Sam: Sorry.

Luis: You know how much I hate him for abandoning us. Hey, it doesn't matter. I'm just glad he's not here to see the wedding.

Katherine: Oh, this is perfect.

Martin: I'm glad that we'll be able to watch the ceremony and nobody will know, just as nobody will Ever know that you're Sheridan's mother, Katherine Crane.

Beth: Sheridan, what is it?

Sheridan: It's from Luis. "I just wanted to tell you one more time how much I love you, how much I want you to be my wife. This is my dream come true to marry you. Love, Luis."

Kay: How romantic.

Sheridan: I know!

Beth: Was that the card that was in the flowers?

Sheridan: Oh, no, this was sitting here on the table.

Beth: Oh. Oh, here.

Sheridan: Oh.

Beth: Here it is.

Sheridan: Thank you.

Kay: Oh, we got to get our flowers, jess.

Jessica: Yes, it's almost time. See you at the altar, sheridan.

Sheridan: I'll be there.

Kay: Bye.

Jessica: Ok.

Mrs. Wallace: You are evil, missy -- pure evil!

Beth: Get out of here and take precious with you.

Pilar: I love you, sheridan.

Sheridan: I love you.

Beth: Sheridan?

Sheridan: Yeah?

Beth: Don't you want to find out who sent the flowers?

Sheridan: Oh, of course. It's probably from Luis. I mean, he just -- you know, he always says the most romantic things.

Beth: Yeah. You never know. It could be life-changing.

Eve: I won't forget what you've done, Liz. And someday, you're going to pay and you are going to pay dearly.

Ethan: Oh, my god.

["Wedding march" plays]

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