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by Amanda

Valerie: Mr. Crane, I know your assistant's on vacation. Is there anything I can help you with?

Fox: Um -- no, no, I'm good, thank you.

Valerie: All right, just let me know.

Fox: All right, will do. Thanks.

Valerie: How's it going on the danmu project?

Chad: Oh, great. I finished it, sent a copy to Julian for final review.

Valerie: You finished it?

Chad: Yep. Sure did. Why?

Valerie: I was just wondering. Because if you finished it, how come your half brother's sitting at his desk working on the Same file?

[Christmas music plays]

Ivy: This was a wonderful idea to throw a surprise shower for sheridan.

Gwen: Well, it was very sweet of you to host it here.

Ivy: Well, I think we all needed an occasion to get our minds off of other things, especially you.

Gwen: Yeah.

Ivy: I know how worried you are about the D.N.A. Tests. Any word?

Gwen: Not yet. Theresa still insists that that baby is hers. Ivy, I think I'm going to die if she's not mine.

Ivy: No, don't say that. I know in my heart that you and Ethan are going to get the baby you deserve.

Gwen: And you will finally get that granddaughter you've been wanting.

Ivy: Oh.

Gwen: Ivy, Everything looks wonderful.

Ivy: Oh, thank you.

[Doorbell rings]

Ivy: Oh. I'll get it.

Gwen: Ok.

Beth: Hi.

Ivy: Hey. Hello. Oh, and Mrs. Wallace.

Mrs. Wallace: Yes! You remember Precious, don't you? And you can call me Edna, honey. Oh, I like the jewel.

Beth: Everything looks lovely, ivy.

Ivy: Thank you. You can just put your coats right over there.

Beth: Ok.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, there you go, honey.

Beth: Precious.

Mrs. Wallace: We'll put our coats over here.

Ivy: I had no idea Beth was bringing the monkey.

Gwen: She's a simian. You should've seen her decorating the Christmas tree at the skating pond.

Ivy: Ok -- bizarre.

Gwen: Yeah, and why did we have to invite Beth Wallace? I do not trust that girl.

Ivy: Well, she is the mother of Luis' child. I kind of had to include her.

Gwen: It's really unfortunate that she's going to have to be in their lives forever now.

Beth: Hi!

Ivy: Hi!

Beth: Listen, don't worry about Precious sitting on your furniture. She wears a diaper.

Ivy: Oh. I wasn't really worried about the monkey.

Beth: Hmm.

Gwen: So, Beth, isn't it amazing that Luis and sheridan are finally getting married?

Beth: Mm-hmm. Yeah, it's amazing.

Gwen: Yeah. I'm going to go help ivy.

Mrs. Wallace: You had better accept it, Bethie. There is nothing you can do to stop Luis and sheridan from getting married.

Beth: Oh, I will stop them as soon as I find out what that word "mother" means. And why Alistair says that it will tear them apart.

Mrs. Wallace: Ah, good luck.

Gwen: Kay, hi.

Kay: Hi.

Gwen: Hey, listen, I hope you didn't mention anything about the bridal shower to Tabitha. You know, I didn't send her an invitation and I really don't want to hurt her feelings.

Tabitha: Did someone mention my name?

Gwen: Tabitha, hi! I am so glad you could make it.

Tabitha: Oh. Well, I think my invitation must have got lost in the mail, but --

ivy: Yes, of course.

Tabitha: Kay thought I'd be welcome anyway, so --

ivy: Of course.

Kay: Of course.

Tabitha: Well, you're all so gracious. Oh, excuse me. I think I see Beth's mother over there.

Mrs. Wallace: Hi! Tabs!

Tabitha: Hi.

Mrs. Wallace: You know something? Oops. This punch really hasn't been bad at all. Would you like to join me in a little drinky-poo?

Tabitha: I won't say no.

Mrs. Wallace: I'll just get one of the kids to bring extra cups back for us.

Tabitha: Ok.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, oh.

Tabitha: Precious? Precious, has Beth made the connection yet between Mrs. Wheeler and sheridan, huh? Oh, well, tonight, I'm going to make sure she does.

Kay: Tabitha, it creeps me out when you talk to that monkey.

Tabitha: Simian, dear.

Kay: Whatever. Ok, why did you want to come to this party anyway?

Tabitha: Hmm. Just to watch the pain.

Kay: Well, I don't see anybody in pain.

Tabitha: Hmm. Watch and wait, watch and wait.

Beth: Hey.

Theresa: Hi.

Beth: Theresa.

Theresa: Beth, thank you so much.

Beth: Nice to see you.

Theresa: Where is she? Thank you.

Beth: Oh, right inside.

Tabitha: Round one, about to begin.

Tabitha: And round two, coming up.

Beth: Hi!

Eve: Hi, Beth.

Beth: Dr. Russell, how are you?

Eve: Good.

Whitney: Oh, hey! Hey.

Beth: Oh! Hi. How are you?

Tabitha: My, my, Kay, we have a full card tonight. Let the pain and games begin.

Julian: Hello, Sam.

Sam: Julian.

Julian: Is Luis here?

Sam: He's in the back.

Julian: Would you have him come out, please.

Sheridan: Julian, look, what is this about? Please, tell me you're not here to cause trouble.

Sam: Luis has spent months on suspension without pay because of your wife. Hasn't he suffered enough?

Julian: Would you just have him come out here, please.

Sam: Luis? Get out here, please?

Luis: Julian.

Julian: Hello, Luis.

Luis: So what's going on? Why'd you want us all here?

Julian: I want to give you this.

Luis: What is this?

Julian: You have your job back with a promotion to detective.

Luis: Detective?

Julian: That's right. And I understand there's a substantial increase in pay.

Sam: Yeah -- yes, substantial.

Luis: Yeah, but why?

Julian: It's my way of apologizing for allowing Rebecca to get away with what she did to you and your family. I know it was wrong and I'm trying to rectify the situation.

Sheridan: Julian, thank you! This is the best Christmas present Ever. Honey, you're back on the force and you made detective!

Rebecca: You cannot do this. Julian, if you let Sam give Luis his job back, I will destroy you.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and I would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life hmm.

Rebecca: I swear you will regret this, Julian Crane.

Julian: Oh, right, and what are you going to do, Rebecca? Are you going to expose my past with Eve? That's already done. Are you going to destroy Eve's marriage? That's done, too. If you really think this through, without hurting yourself, there's nothing more you can threaten me with, so I suggest you pull in your horns, you pick up your pitchfork and tail, and you go somewhere else.

Rebecca: You cannot do this, Julian. Alistair will kill you if you try to help Luis.

Julian: My father may not live through this night, but if he does, I will deal with that. In the meantime, I'm reversing Every terrible thing you Ever did to the lopez-Fitzgeralds family.

Rebecca: Oh! And what about what Theresa did to my Gwen? She killed Gwen's baby Sarah.

Julian: Oh, please. Sarah's death was an accident. It was a horrible tragedy, but nothing you have done to get revenge against Theresa has brought her back!

Sheridan: You know what, Rebecca? Gwen has never wanted to punish their family. Yes, she might have problems with Theresa, but you are the one that's hurt innocent people.

Julian: And it's gone on for far too long. You have used the Crane power to punish for the last time. I am divorcing you. And as soon as Eve will have me as her husband, you will be thrown off the Crane estate on your derriere for good.

Julian: Luis? Congratulations. I'm sure harmony will be a much safer place with you back on the force.

Luis: Well, thank you, Julian. I really appreciate Everything that you've done.

Julian: Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, sister.

Sheridan: Merry Christmas.

Julian: Sam, I have to go back to the office, take care of some things. I will see you all later.

Sheridan: Mm-hmm. Well, congratulations.

Luis: Thanks.

Sheridan: You're finally -- you're on the force. You're a detective, finally.

Luis: Yep. Yeah.

Sam: Congratulations, my friend. Welcome back.

Luis: Thank you.

Sheridan: You know, we should all go out and celebrate. Oh, wait a minute -- I can't. Ivy called me. She said that she wants me to come over to your house. Do you know what this is about?

Sam: No. No.

Sheridan: Oh. Ok, well, I guess I'll find out.

Luis: Yeah.

Sheridan: Ok, what are the smiles about?

Sam: Nothing.

Luis: Nothing. What?

Sheridan: All right. I'll see you later.

Luis: All right.

Sam: See you. Hey.

Luis: Hey.

Sam: Congratulations again. Welcome back. Luis: Yeah -- that's "welcome back, detective."

Chad: Fox is working on the danmu project? Why?

Valerie: I have no idea, but he's at his desk reading it.

Chad: Oh. Oh, well, he's just reading it, you know, trying to catch up with Everything. He did just get his job back. You know, I kind of thought you were trying to tell me that he was working on it, trying to take it away from me.

Valerie: But that's exactly what I'm trying to say, Chad. Danmu is a high-profile project, and if it makes the kind of money we expect it to, Crane industries' stock will go sky high.

Chad: Yeah, that's what Julian told me when he gave me the project to work on.

Valerie: And you don't think fox would rather get the credit than let you have it?

Chad: Yeah, but I did all the work.

Valerie: Exactly. The Cranes are very nasty when it comes to this company, and fox wants to be C.E.O. Someday.

Chad: So you really think fox would try to steal the project away from me?

Valerie: I think fox would do anything to get ahead, including stepping all over you to get there.

Fox: What are you two talking about?

Beth: Who is that Mrs. Wheeler? And what does she have to do with the word "mother"?

Whitney: Nice bling-bling, mom. Your sugar daddy buy that for you?

Eve: Julian bought it for me.

Whitney: Oh, yeah, I know. And I'm sure you earned it, too.

Eve: It's not like that, Whitney. Julian loves me.

Whitney: Daddy loves you. And you betrayed him.

Gwen: I cannot believe you had the gall to show up here.

Theresa: My brother's marrying sheridan, Gwen. I have Every right to be here.

Gwen: Fine, but you do not have the right to take my baby, do you hear me?

Theresa: She's my baby. The test is going to prove it. I'm going to have my baby and I'm going to take my son back from you and you will have nothing.

Ivy: Theresa, what are you doing here? Who invited you?

Pilar: Como tee arrives. How dare you bring your father's whore here.

Paloma: She's here because I invited her. I want her here.

Katherine: Paloma, darling, I really must go. I'm very uncomfortable here. I don't want to cause trouble.

Paloma: Tia, I won't let you leave. I need you here.

Katherine: Paloma --

Pilar: It wasn't enough, huh, that you brought her to the tree-lighting ceremony and embarrassed me in front of the whole town? Pero, ahora, le traes aqui? How could you bring her here, paloma?

Sheridan: Oh, my goodness. What's going on here?

Tabitha: It's your bridal shower, dear. Surprise.

Chad: I heard you were working on the danmu project. What for?

Fox: Just reading, you know, catching up. Anyway, listen, I wanted to give you this before you went home.

Valerie: Oh.

Fox: Merry Christmas.

Valerie: I already got my gift from Crane industries.

Fox: That's -- that's completely from me. It's to thank you for all your hard work this year.

Valerie: Thank you.

Fox: You're welcome. Merry Christmas. All right, you two. This would be yours -- I know you're in here somewhere. There you go.

Woman: Thanks.

Valerie: You realize what he's doing, don't you? He's building goodwill with all the employees so that he can call in favors, get information.

Chad: Or maybe he's just being nice because it's Christmas.

Valerie: Chad, wake up. Fox is ruthless and he'll stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Chad: Look, Valerie, I appreciate your concern, really. And I have to admit there has been some tension between me and fox lately.

Valerie: Because of Whitney?

Chad: Yeah. I thought he moved in on her way too soon after we found out we were half brother and sister. He took advantage of her when she was vulnerable, and I'm trying to deal with that. Now, we're both Julian's sons and he made it very clear that he wants us to get along, and fox knows that if he does not stay on the straight and narrow, Julian will throw him out of Crane industries again.

Valerie: I still wouldn't trust him. Those people out there getting those presents -- they don't Even realize fox is using them. And if you're not careful, he'll use them to destroy you.

Kay: Jessica? Look at poor sheridan. This is terrible. You have to help me stop all this fighting.

Jessica: You're right. This is supposed to be fun.

Ivy: Theresa, you are not welcome here, you little tramp.

Theresa: I have Every right to be here, ivy.

Kay: Theresa, ivy -- yeah. The guest of honor is here.

Gwen: Oh, no.

Ivy: Oh.

Gwen: Sheridan's here -- Yay!

Mrs. Wallace: Luis' future bride -- congratulations, sheridan!

Gwen: Surprise!

Theresa: Congratulations.

Ivy: Surprise, sheridan.

Sheridan: So, this is a surprise shower for me?

Ivy: Oh, I'm so sorry, sheridan. I wanted this to be so much fun for you and tempers have gotten a little out of hand.

Gwen: We have a few party crashers, but -- congratulations!

Sheridan: Thank you.

Gwen: Oh!

Sheridan: This is so sweet of you but, I mean, you didn't have to throw me a bridal shower. I feel like I've had a thousand of them over the years.

Tabitha: No kidding.

Gwen: But this is the one that really matters. You are finally going to marry Luis!

Sheridan: Yes, I am!

Ivy: Ok, Everybody, why don't we all have a -- a bite to eat and then sheridan can open up her gifts?

Gwen: Great.

Sheridan: Thank you.

Ivy: Oh -- Mrs. Wheeler, paloma, where are you going?

Paloma: We are leaving.

Ivy: But you just arrived.

Paloma: My mother continues to attack my tia. And if she's not welcome here, I am not welcome here.

Katherine: I'm sorry. It really is best if we go. Thank you.

Paloma: Tia, don't apologize. You have done nothing wrong.

Pilar: Paloma, please, don't go.

Paloma: We are going, mama.

Sheridan: Pilar? Look, if it's a problem for you having Mrs. Wheeler here, I will ask her to leave.

Pilar: No, because then paloma will leave.

Sheridan: You can talk to her later, just the two of you. Look, you're Luis' mother and you've been like a mother to me and I want you to enjoy yourself. I will ask Mrs. Wheeler to leave.

Pilar: No. I want her to stay because I want paloma to stay. I have to mend my relationship with my daughter. I can't bear it that she hates me.

Sheridan: Someday, paloma will understand how lucky she is to have you. I wish my mother were here to enjoy this with us.

Kenojuak is a living legend.

officer, Marie knows how to p it's fun!

Classic beauty and make a

memorable entrance t thrilled. The dress fits perfectly. My hair and my make-up,

Everything, it's

sophisticated, exactly what I wanted.

[Playing theme music]

singer: You are my passion for life

fox: Oh, ladies, here we go. From me to you -- merry Christmas, happy holidays. No thanks necessary. You deserve it. Enjoy.

Valerie: I guess you'll just have to learn the hard way, then, Chad.

Julian: What, are you playing Santa this Christmas season?

Fox: You know, just spreading a little goodwill.

Julian: I've already given them their Christmas bonuses.

Fox: Well, I wanted to give them something from me, you know.

Julian: And the money for this --

fox: Is totally taken care of.

Man: Hey, thanks again, Mr.. Crane.

Fox: Oh, you bet.

Man: Appreciate this.

Fox: Enjoy.

Julian: It appears you're building your own little fiefdom, huh? Well, I'll see you later. I'm meeting with Chad about the danmu project.

Fox: Oh, well, actually I was just reading that file.

Julian: Yes? What do you think?

Fox: Well, you know, I think if you let Chad run with it, it'll be a total and complete failure.

Sam: All right, these are all the pictures of the people who were at the party the night Alistair was poisoned.

Luis: Mm-hmm. Well, I've been thinking that the Same person who went after Julian might be the person who went after Alistair.

Sam: You know, I had that thought, as well. You know, maybe all the Cranes are being targeted. Remember, someone tried to kill Julian.

Luis: Oh, yeah. I could think of one person who'd like to go after Julian about now.

Sam: Well, at least she won't cause your family any more problems. You know, maybe Julian has put a stop to her manipulations.

Luis: Hmm. Right. But you know, people like Rebecca always like to cause other people grief.

Rebecca's voice: Maybe that's how I can get rid of Eve -- frame her for trying to kill Alistair. But how?

Theresa: Hi, yes, I am calling to get the results of the D.N.A. Test that was done on my baby.

Gwen: Hi, yes, this is Gwen Winthrop. I was wondering if you have the D.N.A. Test results that you did on my daughter.

Pilar: Theresa?

Theresa: Yeah?

Pilar: Any news?

Theresa: No, I'm -- I'm still on hold, but you know what? I know the results already. They're going to prove that that baby is mine.

Pilar: Theresa, I don't know how you can be so sure.

Theresa: Well, I am sure. She's mine and you know what? I cannot wait for Gwen to hear it.

Eve: Sweetie, you know, we need to discuss the baby.

Whitney: Not right now we don't.

Eve: Honey, we have to discuss gene therapy options.

Whitney: Mom!

Eve: Honey, you're having your half brother's baby.

Whitney: For god's sakes, mom, are you crazy? Do you want someone to hear you?

Eve: No, but we have to discuss it.

Whitney: I don't want to talk about my baby right now, ok?

Theresa: Thank you. "Baby"? Oh, my god. Whitney, are you pregnant?

Whitney: Yeah. Yeah, I'm pregnant.

Theresa: It's not --

Whitney: No, no, no, it's not Chad's. It's fox's.

Theresa: Oh, my god. That's wonderful. Oh, my gosh. You must be so thrilled -- congratulations!

Whitney: Oh.

Theresa: Oh, my god.

Gwen: All right. But you have my cell phone number, so please call me as soon as you know something. Thank you.

Ivy: Any word?

Gwen: No, not yet. I can't believe this is happening, and it's all Theresa's fault. You know, I could kill her for this.

Pilar: Gwen? You and your mother drove my Theresa to do what she did. You took little Ethan away from her.

Gwen: Pilar, the courts declared her an unfit mother.

Pilar: Right, thanks to your mother's doing.

Kay: Ok, come on, you guys. This is Sheridan's bridal shower. Can you just cool it for now?

Gwen: You're right.

Tabitha: All this tension, all this anger. It makes watching all this Christmas rubbish almost bearable.

Kay: Yeah. Well, I'm glad somebody is happy. I'm going to eat some food.

Beth: Who is Mrs. Wheeler? What is her connection with sheridan?

Tabitha: I swear that Beth is as dumb as dirt. I think it's time I took matters into my own hands. Ahem. May I have your attention, ladies? In celebration of Sheridan's upcoming big day, I'd like to make a little speech.

Sheridan: Tabitha, that's so sweet.

Tabitha: Actually, I would like to tell you a little story about your mother, sheridan, and where she is today.

Katherine's voice: Oh, my god. Tabitha is going to expose me as Sheridan's mother.

Valerie: Here's that balance sheet that you wanted. And I just saw your father talking to fox in the hallway. They both had copies of the danmu file.

Chad: They did? Well, you know, they have Every right to have the project file.

Valerie: The file for your project.

Chad: Look, Valerie, stop trying to cause trouble, ok? I can't always be worried that fox is trying to outdo me.

Julian: Yeah, fox, I know how difficult it's been for you finding out that Chad was your brother and my hiring him to work here, but don't try to undermine him just because you're jealous.

Fox: Oh, well, come on, I'm not jealous. I'm actually -- I'm concerned about Crane industries. To tell you the truth, I'm concerned about Chad falling on his face his very first time out.

Julian: How altruistic.

Fox: Well, not at all. I think we both understand how important it is for Crane industries that this project succeeds. And I'm sure if we compared notes on this file, we'd -- we'd probably come up with the Same problems -- and probably the Same solutions to fix that problem.

Julian: Go on.

Fox: Yeah, um, I don't think Chad has the business expertise to handle a project of this magnitude. Now, I know you want him to do well, and that's why I think it's a big mistake if you put him in charge. Dad, he's going to fall on his face before he Even gets his feet wet. Now, this project needs someone heading it that -- that has a clear vision, someone who can see it clear to the end.

Julian: And who would that be?

Fox: Well, that would be me, of course.

Tabitha: Sheridan, dear, I'm an ol-- mature woman with a baby daughter, and I don't have very much money. So in lieu of a gift, I want to tell you a story about your mother.

Sheridan: You knew my mother?

Tabitha: Oh, yes, yes, I knew her. And on this particular day, I remember walking past sty. Margaret Mary's church and there was a wedding in progress. People were gathered around the bride and groom throwing birdseed, and -- and your mother came by pushing you in your pram. And I remarked on what a beautiful baby you were. And we started talking. And she told me that you were the light of her life.

Katherine's voice: I don't remember this at all.

Tabitha: And I remember your mother told me how much she looked forward to the day when she would watch you walking down the aisle. And I'm sure that she was watching from heaven the day that you married Antonio. But I -- I think this wedding is going to be different. I -- I don't think she's going to be watching from heaven. I have this strange feeling that she will actually be there.

Luis: Well, maybe we should rethink the idea that Julian's attempted murder is connected to Alistair's.

Sam: It could be someone not on this board. You know, the Cranes have enemies all over the world.

Luis: Yeah, but the thing is Alistair said he thought someone in the room was trying to kill him before he collapsed.

Sam: So that definitely narrows the field.

Luis: You know, it's too bad he never got a chance to say who it was.

Sam: Well, I'm convinced somebody on this board tried to kill Alistair. Maybe if we find that person, maybe we'll get lucky and find the person who tried to kill Julian.

Fox: Now, I know you're too smart to ignore the objective, which is the bottom line, but I know you want to be supportive of Chad.

Julian: Yes, I do. Perhaps I'll help him with the project.

Fox: Well, I mean, there's an idea if you can spare the time away from the lovely Dr. Eve.

Julian: Look, I know what you're doing, fox. I was in your position once -- young and ambitious. But don't try to climb up the ladder at your brother's expense.

Fox: I'm not trying to push him out, dad. He'll always have a place here. He can be vice president for all I care. But I want keys to the building. I'm capable of running this place, and that's exactly what I want.

Valerie: Fox and Mr.. Crane are still talking.

Chad: Valerie, don't worry about it.

Valerie: And they're coming this way.

[Knock on door]

Julian: Oh.

Chad: Julian, fox. What's up?

Julian: I would like to talk to you about the -- the danmu project.

Sheridan: Tabitha, what are you talking about? My mother is dead. How could she be at my wedding?

Tabitha: Well, you know, sheridan, our little town is famous for its miracles, and maybe the next miracle we see will be your mother at your wedding.

Sheridan: Oh. Ok. Well, thank you. That was a -- a nice story.

Katherine's voice: Thank goodness she didn't tell sheridan I'm her mother. But I am more convinced than Ever that Tabitha knows.

Tabitha: Well, if Beth doesn't get it after that little speech, she truly is dumb as a post, huh?

Theresa: This is wonderful news, Whitney. I couldn't be happier. Congratulations.

Whitney: Thank you.

Theresa: Oh, my gosh.

Rebecca: Well, hello, Eve. How are you?

Eve: Why do you care?

Rebecca: Well, I'm just trying to be civil. And look at you. Hmm, hmm. My, my, my. Did you run into the sultan of Brunei or did my handsome husband buy you all these beautiful baubles?

Eve: Julian took me shopping. On rodeo drive, if you must know. Do you like them?

Rebecca: Oh! My goodness, does a polar bear like ice? I love them. They are fabulous. And you -- you look fabulous.

Eve: Now, what do you really want, rebecca?

Rebecca: Oh, come on, now, Eve. Can't I be nice without you being suspicious?

Eve: No.

Rebecca: Really, I'm just trying to be adult about this. You know, bury the hatchet. Let bygones be bygones.

Theresa: Mama, Whitney is pregnant. She and fox are going to have a baby. Isn't this wonderful, mama?

Pilar: Yes, it's nice.

Theresa: Ok. That's it. I've had it with that little brat. Excuse me.

Paloma: What are you doing?

Theresa: I'm going to stop you from being a little bitch!

Beth: Mother?

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah?

Beth: Mother, do you remember when Katherine Crane died?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, yeah. They had a private burial. Oh, but a memorial service fit for a queen!

Beth: Wasn't it about the Same time that martin Fitzgerald disappeared?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh! Oh, yeah. When he disappeared, boy, it was the talk of the town. But then, you see, all that talk died down when Katherine Crane croaked. Why are you asking so many questions about this?

Beth: Just wondering. Alistair said the word "mother." Sheridan, Mrs. Wheeler, Katherine Crane -- martin Fitzgerald.

Tabitha: That's it, Bethie. Keep working those tiny little grey cells.

Beth: Oh, my god. Mrs. Wheeler is Katherine Crane! She's Sheridan's mother.

Tabitha: Yes!

Luis: I can understand why my father hated Alistair. But why his mistress? Huh? This ellie wheeler, or whatever the hell her name is, why would she want to kill him?

Sam: Luis, why don't we start on this first thing tomorrow? Look, your bride-to-be is having a party at my house. Let's go join in the celebration. Ah, and -- this is for you.

Luis: What's this?

Sam: It's your first pay check.

Luis: Well, I haven't Even started work yet, Sam.

Sam: Look at the check, Luis.

Luis: What, are you kidding me? What -- what's this?

Sam: Julian arranged for you to get retroactive pay for all the time that you've been on suspension.

Luis: Are you serious? What -- I can't take this. This is Crane blood money, Sam.

Sam: Luis, it's a lot of money. Besides, you have a honeymoon to think about. And you would have earned Every penny of that money if  Rebecca hadn't had you put on suspension.

Luis: You're right. I just can't believe that Julian is doing this.

Sam: Maybe with Julian in charge of Crane industries now, things will change. Hell, maybe the Cranes will be more about helping people than going after the almighty buck.

Chad: What about the danmu project?

Julian: You've done good work on -- great work, in fact. But I've decided I -- I need you on some other projects. Like the record label, for one. If you remember, that's when you were originally brought on, was to head up the label.

Chad: Yeah, I remember. And I'm looking forward to getting it going. But this is a project I think I can handle.

Julian: Well, I know, but actually, fox is going to take over the danmu project.

Fox: Listen, Chad, I think my father just wants your time here to be more flexible.

Julian: Right.

Fox: But -- but I am going to need your help on it, so I'll tell you what, I'll give you a call, and I'll let you know what I need from you.

Julian: Chad, I -- I hope you understand. In business, it's -- well, it's always about the bottom line. You have a great talent in many areas. I don't want you bogged down and spending all your time on one project.

Chad: Yeah. Yeah, I understand. Ok.

Chad: Damn it. That did not just happen.

Valerie: Don't let them see you lose your cool, Chad. I told you it was coming.

Chad: Yeah, well, it stinks. Look, I can't play these games. I won't.

Valerie: Well, that's why you have me. I'll help you navigate the minefield. You and I can rise to the top together, hand in hand.

Eve: I don't think I'm ready to bury the hatchet just yet, Rebecca, but you have a good time.

Rebecca: Oh, I will, Dr. Dirtbag. I'm going to figure out a way to get rid of you for good -- somehow.

Eve: Baby, are you ok?

Whitney: I haven't been ok since I found out I'm having my half brother's child, mom.

Eve: You know I'd do anything to help you, honey.

Whitney: No one can help me. I'm having Chad's baby, and my life and my child's life is ruined.

Theresa: I want you to stop parading papa's mistress around, hurting mama Every single chance that you get.

Paloma: I don't care about mama's feelings. Why should I? She threw me out like a sick puppy!

Theresa: How many times do I have to tell you, paloma, that she did not want to send you away? We did not have money. Papa is the reason you didn't grow up with us, not mama. She loves you. You don't deserve it.

Katherine: I was so sure Tabitha was going to tell sheridan that I'm her mother. That can't happen. That just can't happen. What it would do to Luis and sheridan --

Pilar: You may have stolen my husband, but I will not let you take my daughter, too. Leave paloma alone.

Sheridan: Mrs. Wheeler?

Katherine: Yeah?

Sheridan: Are you all right?

Katherine: I'm fine, thank you.

Sheridan: Why do I feel so drawn to her?

Beth: I'm sure of it. Mrs. Wheeler is Katherine Crane. She's -- she's Sheridan's mother.

Mrs. Wallace: You are a loony. Katherine Crane is dead. If that is the best you can do, missy, Luis and sheridan -- they're going to be walking down that aisle before you can say "cuckoo"!

Beth: No. No, no, no, no. I'm sure of it. Mrs. Wheeler is Katherine Crane. I just know it.

Tabitha: Yep. It's all over for sheridan and Luis.

Luis: Hey!

Sheridan: Luis!

Luis: Hey.

Sheridan: You knew about this, didn't you?

Luis: Well --

Sam: Were you surprised?

Luis: Huh? You having a good time?

Sheridan: Yes, I was totally surprised. It was wonderful.

Luis: Good.

Tabitha: So, Precious, Beth's finally onto Katherine's secret. Hmm. Sheridan and Luis -- their relationship is over, finito, kaput. Cheers, Precious.

***On the next passions***

Eve: Oh, god. I really have lost Everything.

Sheridan: I never noticed it before, but Marty and I do have the Same eyes.

Theresa: I'm not backing down Ever again. I want Every single thing that Gwen has taken from me. And as god as my witness, I will get it!

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