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by Amanda

Sheridan: You know, if my father recovers, he'll be able to tell us who poisoned him.

Luis: But if he dies, we'll never know who to thank.

Sheridan: True. It's funny, though, how we're both on the same page about our fathers.

Luis: Yeah.

Sheridan: We both loved them. We've given them the benefit of the doubt for so many years. And now I hate my father for killing Antonio, I hate him for trying to kill us, and I hate him for trying to use chad to hurt julian and eve.

Luis: And I hate my father for abandoning us and running off with that woman and then coming back here to open up old wounds.

Sheridan: Hey, at least we have each other.

Luis: That's right. We always will.

Sheridan: Yeah.

[Knock on door]

Luis: I'll get it.

Sheridan: Thanks.

Luis: Yeah.

Man: Mr. Lopez-fitzgerald? Judge reilly said julian crane wanted you to have this right away.

Luis: All right. Thank you.

Luis: It's official now.

Sheridan: Antonio's legally dead.

Luis: Yeah. It's what we needed to be legally married. I'm just not used to seeing "deceased" after Antonio's name. I wasn't ready for this.

Sheridan: Oh, it's just so final. He's -- he's really gone.

Luis: Yeah. I got to call mama. I told her I'd let her know when it was official.

Sheridan: Ok.

Martin: Antonio -- I never got to know my son as an adult, killed when Alistair blew up the crane jet, all to keep Luis and Sheridan apart. You know, I can't even imagine what would have happened had Alistair revealed you as Katherine crane at that party.

Katherine: I have to say I'm glad he was poisoned first.

Martin: Yeah, well, too bad he didn't die, and your secret's still in danger of coming out. Katherine, we have to leave town while Alistair's too weak to out you as Katherine.

Katherine: And before Sam Bennett can learn who poisoned his cigar.

Martin: Yeah.

[Knock on door]

Martin: Come in.

Paloma: Papi, tia.

Katherine: Paloma.

Martin: Hi, sweetheart.

Katherine: Where have you been, honey? We've been worried about you.

Paloma: Simone and I stayed over at a friend's house. Why?

Martin: There's a lot been going on, that's all.

Paloma: What's wrong?

Martin: We were just, you know, talking about your brother Antonio.

Paloma: Mi hermano.

Martin: Yeah.

Paloma: I'm sorry I never got to know him. If mama wouldn't have sent me away --

martin: I -- don't blame your mother. She did the best that she could.

Katherine: She loves you very much, Paloma, and deep in your heart you love her, too.

Paloma: No, no, tia. I wanted to love her, but I can't.

Katherine: You have to. You have to. You have to make peace with your mother. Otherwise, you could regret it for the rest of your life.

Paloma: No, no, i won't. Tia, odio a mi madre. I hate her.

Pilar: Martin, his whore, and my little girl. How could he do this to me? How could he make it so my own daughter hates me?

[Phone rings]

Pilar: Hello.

Luis: Mama. Hey, I just wanted to let you know we just got Antonio's death certificate.

Pilar: So now you and Sheridan are free to marry.

Luis: Mama, I know Sheridan said it before, but I'll say it again. We don't mean Antonio any disrespect.

Pilar: I know. All Antonio wanted was for Sheridan to be happy. Th 's why he let her leave the crane jet before Alistair blew it up and killed him.

Luis: Do you want us to come up to the mansion and keep you company?

Pilar: No, mijo. I want you to come to the cemetery. I've had Antonio's memorial marker on hold until his -- you know, until his death was official, so father lonigan said that I should call him as soon as we were ready to say goodbye to your brother.

Luis: Sure, mama. We're just going to get changed and then we'll be over to pick you up, ok?

Pilar: Thank you, mijo. And I'll -- I'll call Paloma. Antonio was her brother, too. This is a time for the family to be together, you know.

Luis: What about Theresa?

Pilar: No. You know, she's got a lot going on right now, between the baby and Ethan and Gwen.

Gwen: Ethan, answer me. Did you sleep with her?

Ethan: Yes, but I can --

Gwen: Oh, my god!

Oh, my god!

Ivy: Damn you, Theresa!

Ethan: Listen, listen. Hear me out. Hear me out.

Gwen: Ethan, if you slept with Theresa, are you the baby's father?

Ethan: If Theresa's the baby's mother, yes, I'm the baby's father.

Gwen: You bastard -- ugh!

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

Pharmacist: Call me if you have any problems -- but you won't. I'm that good. See you.

Beth: Bet that pharmacist could help me find out a way to get Alistair to talk.

Ahem. Excuse me. I hate to bother you a strong, busy man like you. I was just hoping you could help me.

Pharmacist's voice: Golly, miss molly, those herbal testosterone supplements I've been taking actually worked!

Pharmacist: Rick Kubarek, at your service.

Beth: Oh. Well, thank you, Rick.

Rick: My pleasure. Believe me.

Beth: Listen, I need some input on a paper I'm writing for a graduate class in law enforcement.

Rick: Law enforcement, eh?

Beth: Mm-hmm.

Rick: You want to frisk me? I'll bet you find I'm packing some heat.

Beth: Oh. I would love to after I get this damn paper off my mind.

Rick: Oh. Right. How can I be of service?

Beth: Is there a drug that could help an unconscious patient in critical condition be conscious just long enough to reveal evidence about a crime committed against them, like the name of their attacker?

Rick: Actually, there is. But this drug wouldn't be used for what you're asking.

Beth: Oh. Why not?

Rick: A few minutes after taking the drug, the patient would die.

Beth's voice: So what if Alistair bites the dust? At least I'd know how to keep Luis and Sheridan apart.

Sheridan: You know, it's strange how things happened. I married Antonio because he was dying, and then he recovered.

Luis: Yeah, only to have your father kill him.

Sheridan: And now we'll be getting married.

Luis: The day after Christmas.

Sheridan: I love you so much. I can't wait to march down that aisle on julian's arm and see you waiting for me at the altar.

Luis: Oh, that's going to be the happiest day of our lives.

Sheridan: Hmm. I can't wait.

Luis: Hmm. And look, I want this wedding to be everything you ever dreamed it would be, ok? Go all out, live it up. I'll find a way to pay for it.

Sheridan: Oh, no, no. The bride's family traditionally pays for the wedding. Julian or I will take care of it.

Luis: Well, ok. Well, you know, we'll hash out the details later. The bottom line -- I want it to be the most beautiful day of your life.

Sheridan: As long as I'm marrying you, it'll be picture perfect.

Luis: Hmm.

Martin: Sweetheart, don't say you hate your mother.

Katherine: She loves you so very much, Paloma.

Paloma: Tia, I told you I don't care. I just want to be with you and papa. That's --

martin: Yeah, and, honey, we love being with you. We always have. But your tia and I will be leaving harmony soon and we'd feel a lot better if you'd at least try to make up with your mother.

Paloma: can't I come with you instead?

Martin: No, sweetheart. Your place is here.

Katherine: Paloma, I know it's hard for you to see it now, but your father is right. Pilar gave you life. Don't live it in anger. I want you to try and find the joy in forgiving her. There's fulfillment in loving her. It's not in the anger, Paloma.

[Phone rings]

Paloma: Bueno?

Pilar: Paloma, es mama.

Paloma: Hola, ma.

Pilar: Paloma, I was calling you because -- I know that you have felt excluded from the family.

Paloma: Uh-huh.

Pilar: And -- well, tonight we're having a small service to honor your brother Antonio's memory, and I would want you to be there.

Paloma: Si, si, claro. I'll be there, on one condition.

Pilar: What?

Paloma: That papa can come with me.

Gwen: Ethan, I lost sarah when I found out that you and Theresa were fooling around behind my back in los angeles! And you swore on sarah's coffin that you would stay the hell away from her! Not only now have you lied to me, but you slept with her?

Damn you! How dare you do this to me! How dare you do this to sarah!

Ethan: Listen. Listen. I thought Theresa was you.

Gwen: Don't you dare stand there and insult my intelligence.

Ethan: I'm not. Listen to me, listen to me. You have to believe me. I didn't knowingly cheat on you. I would never do that. I was drunk and she came into our bedroom with a blond wig on wearing your perfume. She tRicked me into sleeping with her. She wanted me to think that she was you.

Rebecca: Well, how, what? Did Theresa kiss like Gwen? What, she felt like Gwen? What?

Ivy: You're not helping, Rebecca.

Ethan: Honey, it was dark. I was drunk. Between the perfume and her blond wig, I thought it was you. I swear to god. She played on our love. She played on my love for you. I slept with her because I thought she was you. You have to believe me.


[Rick gags]

Rick: Oh.

Beth: This is too good to be true. All I have to do is get the drug, I give it to Alistair, he wakes up, he says the word that will torpedo Luis and Sheridan, then he dies. What could be easier?

Rick: So, babe, where were we?

Beth: Oh. Well, i was just going to write down the name of that drug you were telling me about. Could I have the vial just to make sure that I spell it right?

Rick: Let's just have each other instead. You can write down the name of that drug later, along with your phone number.

Beth: Oh, sure. Whoa. Oh.

[Rick groans]

Rick: Wow.

Beth: Ok. Ooh. I just got really hot all of a sudden.

Rick: Me, too. Oh.

[Beth chuckles]

Beth: Hey, do you have anything cool to drink?

Rick: Is spring water ok?

Beth: Perfect.

[Rick giggles]

Rick: Here's to us.

[Beth giggles]

Rick: Getting hydrated together, huh?

Beth: Ok.

Beth's voice: And to me getting Luis.

Pilar: You want your father to come to the cemetery?

Paloma: Claro. Antonio was your son with papa, right? If you want the family to be together, he should be included.

Martin: What's going on?

Paloma: Mama, espera un momento, si? Mama's having a marker placed at the cemetery tonight in memory of Antonio. She wants me there for the service, and I'm willing to go only if she lets you come with me.

Martin: No, sweetie. You know, I don't want to cause any more trouble for your mother than I already have.

Paloma: I won't go unless you come, too.

Martin: Ok. If your mother says it's all right, then I'll go.

Paloma: Entonces, ma? Can papa come?

Pilar: Yes. Yes. Bring your father.

Paloma: Ok. We'll see you at the cemetery.

Gwen: Theresa, you're a monster.

Rebecca: A scheming slut.

Ivy: A shameless trollop.

Rebecca: You know, people say I'm cold and calculating? I mean, my god, Theresa, how could you do anything so callous, so evil?

Theresa: You took my son from me, Rebecca!

Gwen: Sarah is dead, Theresa, because you seduced Ethan once before! But that wasn't good enough for you, was it? No, you had to rape my husband to get what you wanted!

Ivy: What Gwen says is true. You did an unspeakable --

Theresa: I had to do what I had to do to get my child back, Gwen!

Gwen: Well, you know what, Theresa? Now I'm going to do

singer: You are my passion for life

Gwen: You are a dead woman, Theresa.

Ethan: Gwen, stop, stop.

Gwen: Get off of me, Ethan! Get off!

[Theresa coughs]

Nurse: What on earth is wrong with you people? We can hear you down at the nicu. Now, either conduct yourselves as adults or it will be a matter for hospital security.

Ethan: No, we -- look, we understand. We do. I'm glad you believe me. She did -- she tricked me.

Gwen: You are a slut --

Ethan: Honey, stop.

Gwen: You are a tramp! You are a low-life slut!

Theresa: No, Gwen. Actually, I'm not a tramp. I don't sleep with men who don't love me. Remember, Gwen? Ethan was going to marry me, but he only married you because you turned up pregnant? Now I'm giving him a daughter, Gwen. So who do you think he's going to want to be with? A barren, bitter you or me, Gwen, the mother of his child?

Rick: Where were we?

[Beth chuckles]

Beth: Well, you're the pharmacist. What do you prescribe?

Rick: I've got an oral remedy that's relaxing as well as stimulating.

Beth: Oh. Well, give it to me. Hmm.

Beth: Oh, my gosh. Oh. I don't know what came over me. I need to go.

Rick: Wait a minute. You're not going anywhere, not after what you took.

Sheridan's voice: I did love you, Antonio. We all loved you.

Pilar: My firstborn son, gone without a trace. I miss him so much.

Luis: We all do.

Katherine: Martin, it's best that your family not see me. It's all right. I'll go visit my sister's grave.

Martin: Hey, go ahead, sweetheart.

Luis: I guess you can start whenever you like, father.

Pilar: Luis, wait.

Luis: Yeah, you're right. Don't start till he gets the hell out of here.

Theresa: I will have Ethan, our daughter, and little Ethan. I'm going to get back everything that you and your overripe mother stole from me.

Rebecca: "Overripe"? What does that mean?

Ivy: Not now, Rebecca.

Gwen: You are a fiend. You drugged and raped my husband so you would get pregnant. That is so twisted, Theresa, it's frightening.

Theresa: Well, Gwen, if Ethan was as drugged and drunk as he claims he was, how could he have risen to the occasion -- not once, not twice, but all three times?

Gwen: Oh, my god.

Ethan: What?

Gwen: "What"? She's telling the truth.

Ivy: It's not possible.

Gwen: You knew. You knew it was her!

Ethan: No, I didn'T.

Gwen: This all making complete sense now. Ethan is drunk, talking about how he'd had sex earlier and that it was just the best sex of his life.

Theresa: Well, of course it was, Gwen. He was making love to me, the woman he really loves, the woman he has a passion for.

Ethan: Wait a minute. Gwen, I was drugged. I could have said anything, any kind of crazy thing.

Gwen: No, Ethan --

Ethan: It doesn't mean it was true.

Gwen: You were specific. You said I was so fiery, really like a wildcat.

Ethan: Oh --

Gwen: I'm sorry. Those are not the words of someone who is tricked into having sex with someone. You knew exactly what you were doing. Admit it, you knew it was Theresa.

Katherine: Rachel. Oh, I miss you. My beloved sister.

Katherine: Even after all these years, Alistair does, too. He loved you so intensely, Rachel. It's the same way Luis loves Sheridan. Alistair never got over losing you in that boating accident off the cape just weeks before you were going to get married. That's why Alistair has you buried here instead of in Boston with the rest of our family, because even in death he can't let you go. You're his perfect, true love. If you'd lived, we never would have had all this pain.

Luis: Leave. You have no right to be here.

Paloma: Papa has every right to be here. Antonio was his son.

Luis: Papa left him when he left us.

Paloma: No, he didn't leave us. Mama drove him away.

Father lonigan: Paloma, Luis, whatever martin's reasons for leaving, he is now here to mourn his son. I believe it is his right to do so.

Pilar: Thank you, father.

Dios mio. It's ok. I'm sorry, I -- I told Paloma that he could home since she wouldn't come without him.

Sheridan: Luis, if Pilar is ok with martin being here, then you should be, too.

Father lonigan: In the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit, listen to our prayers for your servant, Antonio Brain, whom you have taken out of this world. Lead him to your kingdom of love and light and count him among the saints in glory. We ask this through Christ our lord, amen.

All: Amen.

Beth: I don't know what you're talking about. I didn't take anything.

Rick: Yes, you did! You took my heart!

Beth: Oh! Oh, honey, you can have it back, ok?

Rick: Babe, I'm serious! You can't just kiss me like that and leave!

Beth: I'm sorry. I was just overwhelmed. I've never experienced a --

Beth's voice: A vacuum cleaner should have such suction.

Beth: Oh, Rick, Rick, wait, really. Listen, if we're going to be involved, you've got to promise not to tell my husband.

Rick: Husband? But you aren't wearing a wedding ring.

Beth: Uh -- I hocked it to pay the lawyers, but he was convicted and sent to prison anyway.

Rick: Oh. Well, if he's in prison, then we're safe.

Beth: Yeah, as long as my boyfriend doesn't find out.

Rick: You have a boyfriend, too?

Beth: Mm-hmm. He just got out of prison, but if he doesn't find out, he won't hurt you like that other guy.

Rick: What other guy?

Beth: The guy my boyfriend killed and made it look like my husband did it.

Rick: Mercy!

Beth: That's what the guy was begging my boyfriend for. Witnesses said he couldn't hear him over the chain saw.

Rick: Speaking of chain saws, I've -- I've got to get back to work.

Beth: Well, what about our next date?

Rick: I'll check with my mother and call you!

Beth: Ok, Alistair, it's time for your last word.

Beth: Wake up, old man. Start talking. Damn it. That pill-counting jerk said this would work.

Alistair: Speaking of wood --

[Alistair coughs]

Beth: Alistair -- you're up.

Alistair: Yes, Beth. I'm up and raring to go! Come here! Let me take you for a ride!

Beth: No, no, not until you tell me what that word is that starts with an m that could tear Luis and Sheridan apart. What is it? "Measles"? "Mudslide"? "Machete"? What?

Alistair: Pleasure before business, Bethie! I've never felt so alive, so powerful, so -- ha, ha! -- So potent! Come on! Let me show you why they call me the man of steel!

Beth: No, not until you tell me what the word is, Alistair.

Alistair: Oh, fine. The magic word that can tear Luis and Sheridan apart is "mother"!

Beth: "Mother"?

Father lonigan: Follow god's example. As he forgives us our sins, so should you forgive each other.

Sheridan: Thank you, father. We will all try. I'm going to go to my mother's crypt for a little while. I'll meet you at the car.

Katherine: Sometimes I envy you, Rachel, being at peace. Honestly, I don't know how much more of this I can take. The Alistair you knew died with you, and the Alistair who took his place is a cold, heartless, cruel, angry man. You know, he was almost murdered, and he still might die. I hope he does, because then he can't tell everyone that I'm really your sister, that I'm Katherine Barrett crane. If Julian and Sheridan knew that I was alive, they'd think that I just left them to Alistair's mercy. They'd never forgive me for not taking them with me. And if they did, Luis would never forgive Sheridan for forgiving me. Oh, my beloved Sheridan, if only -- oh. I'd give anything if we could be close again.

Sheridan: Mrs. Wheeler?

Katherine: Oh, my god.

Sheridan: What's wrong?

Katherine: Oh, Sheridan -- oh. Yeah, I'm fine, really. Don't worry.

Sheridan: Look, I -- I need to talk to you. God. Why do I feel so connected to you? Who are you?

Martin: Thanks for, you know, letting me be here to say goodbye to Antonio.

Luis: You got a lot of nerve.

Martin: I'll leave.

Paloma: No. Luis, you're as bad as mama, treating papa like dirt, forcing him to leave, and blaming him.

Pilar: That's not what happened. I loved your father. I never treated him mean, and I certainly did not force him to leave. He abandoned us.

Paloma: No.

Martin: No, Paloma, honey, just let it go.

Paloma: But, papi, she's lying! She drove you away!

Luis: The hell she did. He bailed on us. You weren't old enough to remember what happened. I was.

Pilar: Luis is right, you know? I don't know who filled your head with this ridiculous notion, but I did not drive your father away. Tell her, martin. Tell our daughter the truth. Tell Paloma how you left us all to just fend for ourselves!


Luis: Yeah, why don't you tell us the truth for once.

Martin: Ok. I'll tell you what happened, and then you'll understand. Just don't say that I didn't warn you.

Ethan: Honey, you have to believe me. I swear, I swear I did not know I was being intimate with Theresa.

Gwen: You are such a liar. Ethan, we already went through this with Theresa. Remember? I told that stupid story about how my sorority sisters tri d to tRick you by putting on my perfume? You knew that they weren't me. Come on.

Ethan: Gwen, I wasn't drugged or drunk then, remember?

Gwen: Ethan, a man always knows who he's sleeping with, always. You knew it was her.

Theresa: All three times.

Gwen: Ethan, how long have you known that you could be the father of this child Theresa is carrying?

Ethan: I've known a while, even before the procedure. Eve did the D.N.A. Test, and one of the babies was definitely mine with Theresa.

Gwen: Which one? Which one? The baby that was taken or the little girl that survived? Which one?

Ethan: I don't know.

Theresa: I do. The baby who survived is my daughter with Ethan. I know it in my heart.

Gwen: Do you have proof of that?

Theresa: Proof?

Ivy: Yes, Theresa -- proof.

Rebecca: Yeah. We haven't seen any.

Ethan: No, we haven't.

Gwen: So you don't know for certain that that baby is yours? Theresa, she could just as easily be mine. That little girl in there -- I could be her mother and not you! She could be my baby!

Beth: How can the word "mother" keep Luis from marrying Sheridan?

Alistair: I'll tell you when we're finished! Now, come on, up and at 'em!

Beth: Business before pleasure. Now, tell me about "mother."

Alistair: You remember that new painting that I had hung in the living room at the mansion?

Beth: Yeah, the one with the woman with the veil and the baby. What about it?

Alistair: A mother and daughter. Now, isn't that obvious?

Beth: No.

Alistair: Stupid, but pretty -- my kind of gal! Now, come on, climb aboard! It's time to ride!

Beth: You're going to be riding solo if you don't tell me what the word "mother" and that painting have to do with tearing Luis and Sheridan apart.

Alistair: Ok. I'll tell you everything you want to know.

Sheridan: No, wait a minute! You said there were so many things that you wanted to tell me. Now, what are they?

Katherine: Oh, Sheridan, I wish I could open up to you, but I can't. Do yourself a favor. Please just forget me. Focus on your future with Luis.

Sheridan: You make it sound like one has to do with the other.

Katherine: Listen to me. I want you to have a wonderful life. I want you to be happy with Luis.

Sheridan: Mrs. Wheeler, wait!

Please! Oh, god. Who are you? Why do I feel so connected to her? I mean, I know that she knew my mother and father from before, but it's more than that. Just now she was at someone's grave, but -- oh, my god. That's my mother's sister rachel. That's who my father was going to marry, but she died before he could. Ok, now what is the connection between my aunt, mrs. Wheeler, and me?

Pilar: Make us understand, martin. If you didn't leave harmony to be with your whore, then why did you abandon us?

Martin: I'm sorry. I'll never be able to make you understand why I did what I did.

Luis: Because there is no excuse.

Martin: Pilar is right. I have no right to grieve for a son that I abandoned.

Paloma: No, papi! You have every right to be here. You loved Antonio.

Luis: He didn't love Antonio. He didn't love any of us. Now, go on, get the hell out of here. Leave us alone, will you?

Paloma: Papa, no -- this is all your fault. You act like you want the family whole, but all you do is run everyone off. You pushed papa away again just like you sent me away.

Pilar: Paloma, that's not what --

Luis: Mama -- no. Listen, this isn't your fault, ok? This is all papa's doing.

Pilar: Oh, my god. This is not what I thought it would be like when martin and Paloma came home, not at all. I feel like I've lost my little girl all over again.

Theresa: That baby is mine. I know it in my heart.

Gwen: Theresa, that doesn't mean a damn thing. I mean, she could be mine.

Ivy: Absolutely!

Theresa: No. I feel a connection to her.

Rebecca: Well,

screw your feelings, Theresa! We are going to find out the truth, and then we are going to squash you like the nasty little bedbug you are. Now, my Gwen is going to raise her daughter with Ethan and your son, and that's going to leave you with nothing, nada.

***On The Next Passions***

Theresa: I am going to get everything. You, Gwen -- you're going to lose it all.

Tabitha: Enjoy it while you can, you two lovebirds. Pretty soon you're going to be blown out of the sky.

Norma: Santa Norma's on her way

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